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Related post: Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 22:25:28 EDT
From: G -Man
Subject: young lola porn Camping With JamieWARNING !!!The following story contains young amateur nipple graphic young white girls
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Flames ignored.To see a list of my other stories, please go to the Nifty Archive and click
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What a weekend it had been! I had taken my fourteen-year old nephew Jamie
on a camping trip in a remote section of the northern Michigan illegal young xxx
woods, on
some property owned by my grandparents. It was very rustic with only an old
camper left there young loloita free
year round just for protection against the weather.
Inside the camper it was somewhat cozy with two single beds, puffy young tits a table, stove,
and storage space. Outside were wooded acres of land with the closest
"neighbor" more than two miles away. There was no electricity or running
water, and the only heat came from two propane tanks.I had asked my sister if I could take her son Jamie camping with me. Since
she had never really known who his father was, I had pretty much stepped in
and taken him under my wing from day one. He was in a sense, the apple of
my eye. I adored him and he looked up to me in every way. There was
nothing we couldn't or didn't talk about. It was almost as if he were my
own son. Up to this point hot young teen
younger nude modoels in his life I had kept my hands to myself, as I
did not want to persuade him one way or the other when younger babies porn it came to sex or
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bunks and the camper for our three-day stay. We sat and played cards until
dinner, then made a hearty meal. After dinner we sat back at the table
drinking hot chocolate and just talked about anything that was on our minds.
The one thing that Jamie knew was that he could talk to me about anything
without it ever being repeated, especially to his mother. Our conversation
quickly turned to girls and I asked him about the prospects for a girlfriend
now that he was going to the new high school. He said that he was not
really that interested in any of the girls and that he really hadn't given
it much thought, and that he really didn't like young ballet dancers the girls much. Because of
this he said that some of the other guys at school had started teasing him
about being gay. I said, "You know what Jamie? I will love you no matter
who you like girls or boys. As long as you are happy then I am happy for
you." "Really?!" he said with his eyebrows raised. "Uh-huh! No mater
what, I will always love you for who you are." I replied. Jamie smiled and
said, "Thanks, Uncle Rob." I looked at my watch and told him it was time for
bed.I stripped down to nothing and got into my sleeping bag. "Don't you wear
anything to bed Uncle Rob?", Jamie asked. "Nope. I like the way it feels
being totally naked.", I said propping myself up on my elbow to look at him.
"My mom would never allow me to do that at home." He said. "Well, your
mom's not here now and I won't tell her if you won't." I encouraged him.
Almost hesitantly but quickly he shucked off his underpants and made a mad
dash for his sleeping bag. I only got a quick glimpse of his most private
region and smooth ass before he young asia pussy disappeared beneath the covers. I amatuer young gf smiled to
myself at his shyness and thought about how much he was growing up. nude young teen
It had
been three years since I had seen him naked young loita vids
the last time while we were
getting kiddie young porn
ready to go swimming at the beach. I shut off the lantern and faded
off to sleep.During young jeezy lyrics
the night the temperature dropped unusually low, and wouldn't you
know it, the one propane tank we were using ran dry. I woke up just before
the sun came up and put on my young rumanian pussy
briefs and shoes to sweet young pretens
go out and switch the
tanks. When I got back inside I got undressed and went to get back into
bed. I looked over at Jamie and noticed he was shivering. Poor kid, I
thought. I nudged him awake and he turned to me. "I'm C-c-c-c-old Uncle
Rob" he said through clenched teeth. "I know buddy. I just turned the heat
back on. It will be warming up in a little while.", I said and rubbed his
shoulder. I motioned for him to scoot over and got into his bed with him.
Jamie turned on his lingerie young girls
right young nudes rape side to face the wall and I nuzzled up behind him
in a spoon position. His smooth hairless body was cold.I buried my face young foreskin into his neck and breathed in deeply through my nose taking
in asian schoolgirl young
his clean fresh boy scent. He giggled. I wrapped my left arm around his
chest and ran my hand up and down his very young sexe
abdomen. I started working my way
downward to his belly and then a little lower. board young naturist Justin grabbed my hand and
said, "I wouldn't do that if young tgps I were you Uncle Rob". "Why not", I whispered
into his ear, thinking I was busted for trying to cop a feel. He giggled
louder and said, pre young porn young tennie funlumpkinsed
"Because if you do, you'll get a big surprise, a VERY big
surprise".Taking my chances and getting into the playful mood, I continued snaking my
way downward to his groin and was very surprised indeed. Jamie had a
full-blown hardon, young blonde sluts
and a big one at that. I palmed his erection a few times
and seeing no resistance, motioned exotic young girls for him very youngest nubiles
to turn over onto his back. I
unzipped the sleeping bag and threw back the covers to see this magnificent
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its pink head flaring out. It was truly the most beautiful cock I had ever
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one", I said looking up at Jamie. He blushed extrem young nudes
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very freeyoung porn slowly. "Do you like this?", I asked. His only response
was a smile and "Mmmm Hmmm." "Do you ever young blonde sex
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dunno. Maybe. Sometimes", he was cautious. "C'mon Jamie, all boys do it.
It's okay very young titties if you do.", I encouraged him as I continued stroking his hot boy
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he admitted. "Son", I said, "I would never tell your mom about anything we
talk about or do, and I hope you will do the same. She wouldn't understand.
Got It?". "Okay, It's our secret.", he smiled back at me, "But Uncle Rob,
you have to stop now." "Why? What's wrong buddy?", I asked, "Don't you
like this?" He answered with a grin, "Yeah, but if you young girls jerk
keep doing that,
then your hand will be a mess in a few minutes." I simply smiled and kissed
Jamie on the forehead and continued stroking slowly, "That's alright Jamie,
I will clean it up. You just relax and enjoy it."Jamie closed his eyes and tipped his head back, giving into the sensations
on his cock. I continued young girls nued playing with his beautiful prick, stroking it up
and down slowly, then worked my hand down to his hairless young porn vids
balls. I even got
my finger down into his butt crack and lightly grazed the opening of his
butt hole. Not penetrating, I only circled my finger at the entrance of the
tight ring a few times to gauge his reaction. He only gyrated his hips a
little in appreciation, letting out a low almost inaudible moan from his
luscious red lips. I worked my way back up to his throbbing cock and young angel
a little faster. Jamie's eyes were closed tight and twitching, his forehead
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breathing was getting deeper and faster as his
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I lost it myself and sprayed my load of four shots against his leg and
upper thigh. I held him tight as my own orgasm ripped through my body. We
both lay there panting trying to catch our breath in young teen 15
the afterglow of the
excitement. There was cum everywhere. After a Hot young females few minutes, Jamie opened
his eyes and looked at me saying, "See Uncle Rob, I told you there would be
a mess to clean up", he giggled. I smiled and said, "And see, I told you
that I would clean it up too." I leaned forward and licked his cum up young girls pron from
his smooth belly and then my hand.Jamie just looked at me with a strange look on his face. "Here", I said,
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receptive he was and how he young yaoi
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cum. He shrugged again and said, "It's almost like mine, not bad." young pantie toplist
smiled and kissed him on the forehead, and got up and grabbed some paper
towel to finish cleaning us up. Jamie just lay there, still hard as a rock.
I know he was still in the mood for more and I was more than willing to
oblige him.
By now it had warmed up inside of the camper. I told him to get up on his
hands and knees crossways on the bed, which he did obediently. I gazed at
his perfectly white smooth ass and licked my lips. Blood movie young I got behind him and
knelt on the floor. His pink hairless virgin hole winked nice young girl at me and his
hairless large balls hung down below him. christian young adults youngest babies porn Leaning forward I put my nose in
his crack and breathed in deeply. My cock started coming back to life
again. Then I flicked my tongue at his ass hole and Jamie moaned. He
really liked this. Soon I was licking and sucking his ass, darting my
tongue in and out of the very tight hole. I then licked downward to his
balls and gently took one then the other into young japan teens
my mouth and rolled them with
my tongue. I reached under him and pulled his hard as steel cock downward,
and started jacking him off. I then made my young innocent beauty way back up to his cute little
butt and licked some more.After I had gotten young teen naturist
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and slowly pushed in. Boy was he tight. Jamie tensed up and I told him to
relax and push back a little like he was taking a dump. This helped and young litle nude
finger slid in more easily. I worked my casual young fuck
finger in and out of him for a few
minutes before trying to get another finger in at the same time. Rewetting
my fingers made the penetration much easier and I was young boy naturist working them in deeper
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prostate and Jamie came unglued. He moaned loudly and jumped forward. He
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screamed out and tensed up. I stopped. "Hang on a second", I said and
walked over to the cupboard and took out some cooking oil. I lubed up my
cock and went young portal nude
back over to the bed where Jamie was still poised, ass up and
ready to be fucked for the first time. I greased up his hole and proceeded.
This time my cockhead slipped in easily. Jamie still young boys pissing moaned, but this
time from pure pleasure. I let him get accustomed to the bulbous head of my
cock before I proceeded.Panting, Jamie said, "Okay Uncle Rob...I'm ready". I needed no further
instruction or encouragement and started pushing my hard cock deep inside
him. Damn was he tight. I kept asking him, "Are you alright?". He only
nodded and with barely an audible "Yes" from him I kept going. I finally
had gotten the entire length of my log up his tiny chute. His ass gripped
my prick like none had ever done before. Slowly I started pulling out, then
eased it back in again. Then in, then out again, taking my time so that he
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With each thrust of my pelvis I could hear him groan out
"Uhhh". I reached back down under him and grabbed his hard and swinging
cock. With only a few strokes on his pole, Jamie was cumming again in my
hand and shooting his load all over the sleeping bag. petite young He started screaming
out, "I'm cumming Uncle Rob! Fuck me harder". That was enough younger porn ru for me. I
drove my cock deep into his tight ass and I started releasing the biggest
load of cum I have ever shot. Wave after wave of 100% pure intensity swept
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Gush after gush of my hot
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my cum.Now totally exhausted, we both fell asleep for what seemed like hours. When
I finally woke, I was still hugging Jamie in our spoon position. I smiled
and let teenage youngest pussy him sleep, thinking to myself what a wonderful weekend it was going
to be.More to come...The G-Man
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