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Related post: Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 14:47:24 -0800 (PST)
From: John Roberts
Subject: Boss's New Sub Chapter Six (authoritarian)When he sits down on the couch, the other three enter
the room naked, their well-muscled bodies flexing as
they walk. As they sit down, one of the men throws me
a pair of silky sheet pink panties with ruffles on the
back. "Put those on CUNT! You might as well dress the
part while you are sucking our cocks."As embarrassing as this is, things could be much
worse. It looks like supermodels 7 17 all I will have to do is eat
them, so I slip my legs into the panties and pull them
over my ass, then the cock device, and my strapped
balls."Make sure the weight is hanging out, CUNT."
When they are satisfied with how I look, they tell me
to stand up and watch the TV. Suddenly, my face
appears. "You are going seventeen nn models
to make your own cock sucking movie
tonight, CUNT, You are going to introduce yourself and
tell us why you are here. Take this and read it for
the camera."Another wave of humiliation comes over me when I look
down at the paper. I take a deep breath as I jenny model stare at
the words and begin to read them out loud. "Hello. My
name is CUNT. I am a submissive male slave who loves
to suck men's cocks and eat their cum. When I found
out my boss was a Master, I begged him to take control
of me, female teens models
to train me, and to make me his personal
slave. I do anything he demands, amateur glamour model and I expect to be
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part of my training, I have asked my boss to make a
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everyone to see me cleaning their japanese teen modell cocks. I want
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"I asked to be dressed only in frilly, pink panties.
My tiny little cock is imprisoned so that I won't be
tempted to touch it, and my balls are weighted so I
know my place. I want to thank my Masters for allowing
me to be used for their pleasure." When I am finished,
I kneel back down and bow my head in humiliation.My boss is the first to walk over to me and grabs the
back of my head, jerking my face upward to face the
camera. "You heard him. This little preeteen model gall fuck has begged me
to train him as my personal cock sucker. He said that
he hardygun model ut2004 would do anything to earn the privilege of eating
me. So, he is going to get his chance little models topsite right now."
Grabbing the leash, he jerks my head so that it is up
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show us how eager you are, CUNT?"In this humiliating position I say, "Yes, Sir, please
let me eat you; please let me suck your cock and lick
your balls until you cum into my mouth so that I can
swallow your cum.""Good! Stand up; put your hands behind your back and
spread your legs." I follow his orders quickly and
without question. When I am in madison young models position, my wrists
cuffs are locked together and a belt is wrapped around
my upper arms and buckled tightly. I am not sure what
is happening, but I remain silent and don't protest.
With my arms restrained and preeteen bikinni model my legs spread, two others
get up and one brings a long spreader cora motorcross model bar over to me,
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CUNT!" It is very difficult to move, but I try to
slide my legs further apart. My struggle and slow
movement angers the men, and one slaps me across the
face and screams, "SPREAD YOUR FUCKING LEGS, CUNT!"
Two of the men grabs my ankles and roughly jerks them
to the ends of the bar. Locks are slipped through the
rings on my cuffs and the rings at the end of the bar.
Once I am secured, I find myself completely helpless
and vulnerable.I am surrounded by the four men who expect me to
perform for them, endure their insults and attacks,
and satisfy their desires in ways that will humiliate
me. I am naked; my balls are strapped and weighted; my
cock hangs flaccidly inside a tube; my wrists are
cuffed; my upper arms are belted together, and my legs
are held four feet apart by a torturous ftv girl model
spreader bar."Well, CUNT, you look like you're ready for some
action." One of the men walks up to me, grabs my head
and forces his cock into my mouth. As he begins to
face fuck me, my boss yells, "Wait! This is going to
be teen models tgp too easy for this CUNT. Step back a second." When
he does, my boss grabs the leash asian tranny models
and forces my head
down toward the sexiest models wallpapers
spreader bar. Then he takes the leash
and wraps it around the bar so that I cannot stand
straight up. My head is at waist level, the perfect
height for the men to gay teen modelling
shove their hard cocks down my
throat."Okay, now this bitch is ready. Open your mouth CUNT
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face fuck. I
want you to get me hard and hot by licking and sucking
my perineum until I tell you to stop. So, get your
mouth and tongue moving CUNT!"I have to turn my head to the side and strain just to
get my head near his cock and balls. He grabs my underteen nude models head
and forces my mouth under his hairy, hanging balls. I
groan because of the uncomfortable position, and I
moan because I thought I wanted to be a submissive
slave, but now I am totally helpless and being forced
to service these men for as long as they want. "Lick
me you fucking bitch. I want to really feel your
tongue and lips working on me."I do the best I can, using all the spit I can to get
him excited. Over and over I massage him with my
tongue and lips. I t does not take long until I feel
him moving about and moaning, Then he grabs my head
and shoves my mouth down child model laalana
on his hard cock. When it
hits the back of my throat, I gag and cry out in fear
of choking. "Relax bitch. Just keep your fucking mouth
on my cock. He holds my small photomodels pics head petite model pic while he pumps his cock
in and out of my mouth. "Moan for me CUNT! I want smoking models
hear you enjoying this."I know I have no choice but to obey him, so I do the
best I can to go along with his movements while making
meek whimpering sounds like I am enjoying this
humiliating attack. "Good! Now count each time I shove
my cock in your mouth." All I can do is grunt out a
guttural sound each time he slides cock hits through
my clenched lips. Every fifth armenian model nudes stroke hits the back of
my throat and the size of his cock almost makes me
gag. Every tenth stroke he shoves his cock to the back
of my throat and holds it there for at least five
seconds cutting off my windpipe. The longer this goes
on the more fatigued I become and within a few minutes
my arms and legs are weak and shaking.
I begin to worry. This is only the first of four men.
How will I survive this evening? Spit begins to drip
from my mouth and my moaning begins to sound like
whining and begging for mercy. "I'm not done with you
CUNT, so don't try to stop or you'll be sorry. I know
that he is dead serious, so I use all my strength to
please him and make his cum. I let him face fuck me as
hard as he wants. All I can see is his muscular thighs
banging away at my dripping, sore mouth. I lose track
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can eat it all and braziliansexmodel not have any of it forced out of my
mouth by his thrusting cock. He keeps up a rhythmic
fuck until his cock softens, and he pulls his cock
from my worn out mouth. I notice that I am breathing
heavily, and my jaws are sore, but relieved that this
ordeal is over. I know that I wanted to eat a man's
cock, but I was unprepared for this. Then, to further
humiliate m, he takes his soft cock and slaps it back
and forth across my face. "What have you got to say
for yourself, you cock sucking little bitch?"After this humiliating experience, I wish more than
ever that I could free myself and escape this
nightmare. black models links They are turning me into their slave and
taking away my manhood. I am no longer the straight
heterosexual who grandmother sex models
just wanted to see what it was like
to suck a cock. I am being forced to endure their
torments and fulfill their desires to dominate and use
a weaker man. Feeling totally helpless, I try to look
up at then and force myself to thank them taking the
time to allow me to be used for their pleasure. In
almost total exhaustion, I drop my head and stair at
the floor.As the four men looked down at me, the next one got
off his chair and came over to me. He grabs male teens modeling
the leash
and chinese college models forces me to look up at him. I will release your
arms and let you rest for a while if you agree to
perform for me. Don't ask what; you are a slave and
don't have the right to question me. Just decide if
you need to rest. If you think you could endure giving
me a blow job the way I want card models one, then we'll get start
right now.My arms are numb and my legs are weak, so I know for
certain that if I am to endure being worked over the
rest of the night, I'd better take his offer to rest.
"Sir, I'll do whatever you want if you will let strphanie child model me
rest my arms and legs for a while.""Okay, then." good porn models He immediately unlocked the wrist cuffs,
unbuckles the belt on my young cutie models upper arms, and frees the
leash from the spreader bar.. "I'll go you one better,
CUNT since you didn't hesitate. I'm going to free your
cock and balls." He cuts away the pink, frilly panties
and releases the model nude
the cock tube and the ball weights.Knowing that this will shasta teen model
also help me rest, I say
gratefully, "Thank you Sir. Thank you." As I kneel
with my legs still model sites boy spread and locked but my hands and
arms free, I breathe slowly and try to relax not even
thinking about the deal I just made.The men leave the room, and I can faintly hear them
talking. My boss, the man that I just finished
servicing, and another man come evie model blog
back in the room and
sit down."Get ready, CUNT. You are going to have a new
experience at cock sucking. We have another part-time
slave boy who we have used many times to entertain us.
He has been called and ordered to report here for
some fun. We have decided that he is entitled to a
night of role reversal. Instead of being the
submissive slave, he sylvia model teen
gets to take control of you. You
will submit to him while we watch. He gets to do
anything he wants except fuck your ass. We're saving
that ass for another binaries petite models time. So don't worry. Or, maybe
you should worry because he has taken a lot of use and
abuse since we first took control of him and trained
him to be our slave. He's spent at least one entire
evening at a party for about twelve of assessment model our friends
chained on display for everyone to see, grope and play
with. His mouth was used over and over; then later, he
was chained to a punishment bench, fucked, and double
penetrated several times. When we teen model photografe told him that he was
going dominate you tonight, he thank us over and over,
so be aware."Just as my boss is finished talking to me, the door
bell rings. One of the men leaves the room, opens the
door, models young org speaks to someone, and then returns followed by
another man. As he greets each man as "Master," I
look up to see a man similar in stature to me, but
dark-haired, dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt
carrying a black leather grip."Hello, bitch-boy. This is our newest
slave-in-training, boy-john; we call him CUNT. He is
the one I told you that brazilian male models
you would dominate, so he's
yours for the rest of the evening to use and to
entertain us. I see that you brought your bag of toys.
Just remember, no fucking, but you can use a rubber
cock on him if you want."Bitch-boy looks at them and says, "I understand, and
thank you all again for giving me CUNT. Can I leave
the spreader bar in place for a while? I need his legs
apart right now."They all nod in approval. "Sure! child modeling boston We can't wait to see
you work over this CUNT. Are you going to cooperate
CUNT?" I know I made a deal to do whatever they
demand, so instead of getting punished for hesitating,
I humbly say, model oops celebs
"Yes, amway business model
Sir. I will do whatever you
demand."Bitch-boy goes over to his bag and strips off his
clothes. He is clean-shaven, and his cock is already
hard uncensored young models sticking out at least six-and-one-half inches and
obviously thicker than mine. After opening the bag, he
pulls out elli teen model a pair of leather cuffs. "These are for you
CUNT. Get the fuck off your knees and lay on your
back."I struggle to pull myself to standing position so that
I can sit down and lay on my back.. Once he is
satisfied, he grabs my wrists and locks them together.
Then he goes over to his bag again and takes out a
small case that he opens and takes out six patches. He
peels irina teen model off the back and sticks one to each of my
nipples, one of each ball, one on the head of my cock,
and one on the underside of the shaft. As he sexy child supermodels attaches
wire leads to each of the patches and plugs them into
the black box, he laughingly says, "CUNT, you boobs sexy models
going to see and feel what I go through during
obedience training. I'm going to release you from the
spreader bar for now because you'll need to be able to
move around." Once the bar is removed, I stand facing
him and the other men. I can see myself on the TV, so
I am being taped again.My new Master for this evening, bitch-boy, picks up a
red dog collar and buckles it around my neck and
attaches a matching leash. It is soft in contrast to
the metal choker collar that I'm still wearing.
Bitch-boy picks up the leash and jerks my head to face
the camera. "This is boy-john; he begged his boss to
dominate him and train him to be his personal slave.
I'm here to take over his training tonight. Are you
ready to get started CUNT?""Sir, yes, I'm ready."The first thing you must learn and cherrie model teen
never forget nice teen model
is to THANK your Masters for taking time to train you.
Since you didn't do that, you must suffer the
consequences. GET ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES!" I quickly
drop to the floor with my eyes wide and not knowing
what he meant by "suffer the consequences".Bitch-boy picks up the black box and says, "This is a
tens unit. These wires that are attached to your cock,
balls, and nipples will send an electric current from
this box to you. I am going to give mia teen model you an order and
you will perform. The more satisfying your
performance, less you will suffer. So do exactly as I
say; DO IT MY WAY!I look around at the vladmodels tgp other Masters and see that they
are very interested in what is about to take place.
Here I am, totally at the mercy of another slave, one
that is more experienced than me, one that has been
put through the paces and has evidently suffered
torments; now he has the chance to extract a little
revenge; I am the target, and the look in his eyes and
the tone of his voice tells me that I will have to
endure some unpleasant tortures.Standing in front of me, he smirks, "Since you are on
your knees CUNT, I want you to show ME how grateful
you are that I am here to train you." Turning his back
to me, bitch-boy bends over and sticks his ass up to
my face. "LICK ME CUNT!" When I don't nude russain models immediately bury
my face between his asscheeks, he gives me a jolt. The
current shoots through the wires and attacks me. My
cock, balls, top model lsmagazine and nipples feel like they are on fire. I
jerk forward and blonde model pussy scream in pain."Please, please stop!"
Cranking up the current, he yells, "That's not the
correct response, CUNT! Try again!"
SIR! Sir, please stop.!"
"FUCK NO, CUNT! Lick my ass."
"Okay, Sir, I'll do it." I bury my face between his
ass cheeks and lick him. I slide my tongue up and down
as fast as I can until he backs off the current.
"Thank you, rosaleen young model
Sir!"Turning up the current again, he yells, "FOR WHAT,
CUNT?""Thank you Sir for letting me lick your ass Sir.""That's better CUNT. Now you are learning. Let's try
it again. LICK MY ASS!"As disgusting and distasteful as this is to me, this
time I don't hesitate, I say, "Yes, Sir," and I probe
his ass hole as deeply as I can with my hands cuffed
together. juliet wesley model But, even this earns me a shock causing me
to jerk and lick harder. When he turns off the
current, I say, "Thank you Sir. Thank you for letting
me lick your ass.""I'm adult nide models not done with you yet, CUNT." Turning to the
Masters, he asks, "Sirs, can I take the spreader off.
I want to make boy-john dance for you.""Sure, bitch-boy. You're still in control; we're sure
boy-john would love to show us his moves. Here are the
keys to the locks."Bitch-boy takes away the bar, and I can finally relax
my legs. When I pull them together, bitch-boy yells,
FUCKING LEGS!"I hurry to meet his demands. Once in position, I see
myself in the TV again, sweating and naked with the
electrical wires hanging from nipples, cock, and
balls. I look away because I am so ashamed kiddy girl models that I let
myself get into this predicament. Why didn't I just
tell my boss to go to hell and walk out?My thoughts are interrupted when my tormentor,
bitch-boy, ties a blindfold over my eyes, grabs the
red leash attached to my red collar and jerks it
upward over my head, causing me to choke. I drop to my
feet, but bitch-boy jerks even harder, and I am forced
to raise up on the balls of my feet again. As I wobble
about trying to get my balance, bitch-boy asks the
Masters for their help."Sirs, would you mind taking control of the tens unit
and have some fun while do some other things to him?
No problem bitch-boy. We can't wait nude 10yr model to see how
boy-john is going to perform. Are you ready to
entertain us CUNT?"I nude catalog models whimper out, "Yes Sirs, but please can I have
something to drink. My throat is so dry and sore."My boss says, I'll get him something. He picks up a
cup, walks over to bitch-boy, holds the cup under his
cock and says, "Go ahead, give CUNT something to
drink."All I can hear is something filling the cup. When it
is brought to my lips, I recognize the unmistakable
smell of piss. I turn my head, and cry out, "No! No, I
don't want to drink piss, Sir."My disobedience brings immediate punishment. The
strong current flows into my cock, balls, and nipples.
I scream and squirm, choking myself even more. Then I
cry out, "I'm sorry Sirs; please stop; I'll drink the
piss! Please. Please."The current is turned off and the cup brought to my
lips. This time, I don't hesitate. I gulp down the
stinking piss and lick my lips. "Thank you Sir for
giving me your piss to drink." They acknowledge me by
giving me another jolt. "You ever do that again, CUNT,
and the punishment will be ten times worse.
Understand?"Yes, Sir!. Yes, model imagevenue Sir; I understand and won't disobey
you again.""Okay, bitch-boy; let's see what you've got."Another jerk on the leash gets my attention. He talks
directly into my ear, "Boy-john, you are to sing for
us while you dance. `I'm a worthless little bitch!
Just call me CUNT, and I'll suck your cock!' Keep
singing until I tell you to stop. Get it?"With my hands cuffed and having to stand on my toes
because I am being held by my neck, I feel my face
getting flushed, and I feel junior model nudist
my heart pounding from
these humiliating words. But I start singing, "I'm a
worthless little bitch. Just call me cunt, and I'll
suck your cock.""I don't think CUNT is really into this." Suddenly a
shock is sent through my body causing me to shake,
jerk, and wobble about. I react by singing as loud as
CUNT, AND I'LL SUCK YOUR COCK!" What I get as a reward
is a stronger jolt of current for a few seconds and a
barehanded slap across my ass. "Keep going, CUNT!
Don't stop!"As I repeat the young models topsites humiliating words over and over, the
hellish torment and taunts continue. I wobble and
choke myself as I endure shocks model girl toplist followed by a stinging
slash of a belt premodels nude cute
on my ass and the back of my thighs.
"Come on little vixen models CUNT! You can't fucking sing or dance, but do
it louder and faster or it gets worse."I sing as loud as russian glamor models I can, "I'M A WORTHLESS LITTLE
I shake my hips and flop about. All of the nude teen modelscom current
coursing through my body and all of the painful
slashes from the belt are quickly taking toll and
sapping me of all my strength. After another five
minutes or so of singing and dancing, the shocks and
swats stop.All I can do is stand and shake with my head bowed.
Someone rips off all of the patches stuck to me, and I
am allowed to stand flat footed. When asian fitness model
the blindfold is
remove, I'm facing the Masters and bitch-boy is behind
me. "Turn around and show us your back, CUNT. It
should be nice and red."When I turn around, they 21 century models
say, "Wow! He did a good job
on you. But it is a shame that your chest and thighs
are so white. Bitch-boy, redden up CUNT's chest and
thighs while we watch."I just want nude kidsmodel to die when I hear what is going to happen
to me. Bitch-boy turns me to face the camera, tells me
to put my hands on my head, picks up a whip with
strands from his bag and walks in front of me. He
shows me no mercy when he winds up and slashes pm models young
across the chest. I feel each strand cut into me, and
I scream in 3b kidney model pain.My boss says, "He sounds like he still wants to sing
for us. Okay, CUNT. Sing. Beat him bitch-boy."I lose count, but bitch-boy beats me unmercifully
ignoring my cries and pleas. He alternates between my
thighs and chest. The pain becomes unbearable. "Oh,
please! Please stop. Please!" When he swings the whip
upward between my legs, the biting strands land on my
cock and balls, and I drop bondage dream models to the floor crying loudly
and drawing my legs into the fetal position.When the Masters see me writhing on the floor trying
to cover my genitals with my cuffed hands, they all
shout, "Okay, bitch-boy, stop. I think CUNT has had
enough. we're going to give him a rest."The Masters speak up and all say that they are tired
of this game. "Bitch-boy, we think you need to get
down on the floor with the CUNT."Bitch-boy responds, "But, Sir. I've got other things I
want to do to the CUNT.""Who in the fuck do you think you are, boy? Have you
forgotten that you are a slave and preeteen tgp models don't have the
right to question us? Instead of getting to work over
the CUNT, you're going to join him, right now. Get the
fuck down on your knees next to him!"Bitch-boy knows he has angered the men, so he kneels
next to me and bows his head. "Sorry, Sirs; I didn't
mean to be disrespectful. I won't do it again."My boss turns to the others and says, "I didn't expect
bitch-boy to disappoint us, so I think we can have
some fun with these two. gangbang model
My boy-john hasn't cum since
he came to my house, so I think we ought to watch
these two eat each other. How's that sound?""I want you two boys to lay side-by-side facing each
other's cock." When we get in to position, he tells us
to lay still, "I want to make sure you two little
pussies don't try to get away from each other." He
gives each of us a metal butt plug. "Okay bitch-boy,
you first. Take g string model your butt plug, lather it with your
spit and put it in the CUNT's ass." I hear him licking
the butt plug; then he leans over my waist, pulls my
ass cheeks apart and roughly shoves the shiny intruder
in my asshole. I grunt loudly from the pressure and
the pain. I am not use to having anything inside of
me."Okay, that's good. Your turn CUNT." I lick the plug
with my spit, lean over him and pull his ass cheeks;
to my surprise, it slides into his asshole easily,
telling me that he has been fucked before. When I am
finished, my boss attaches leads to the ends of the
metal teeny angel models
plugs."While you two boys eat each other, we're
going to nude models jpg have young model portal some fun shocking your ass holes."
Neither one of us want to hear this, but since we have
no choice, we both say, "Yes, Sir. Thank you Sir." I
hold his balls in my right hand and his cock in my
left as I guide it into my mouth. With nonude tiny model him laying the
other way he pulls on my balls and takes my cock in to
his mouth.We are allowed to rap video models suck each other for a few minutes.
Then the first shock comes. "Stop slaves. Start
licking each other's balls." We both suck in each
other's balls. The pakistan teen models pleasant stimulation is so much
better than enduring pain. I swirl my tongue around
his balls and moan gratefully for him attention to my
balls. Another shock is followed by the order, "Finish
each other off. You two cock suckers are having too
much fun." I take bitch-boy's cock in to my mouth, and
he takes mine. We rock and thrust as best as we can
while a current is sent through the butt plug and into
our ass holes. The combination of his sucking and the
current is bringing me closer and closer to orgasm,
and I jerk even more violently as I shove my cock into
bitch-boy's mouth and suck on his cock. As we writhe
together boymodelgallery on the floor 40dd model gallery
to the delight of the Masters'
laughing and clapping, bitch-boy is the first to cum,
shooting his load into my mouth as I swallow it down.
The Masters see his spasms and watch as I continue
devouring his cock.Before I can cum, we are pulled apart. I am told to
lay on my back, and bitch-boy is told to grab my
ankles. "Hold CUNT's ankles over his head." One of men
grabs my cock, points it toward my mouth, and starts
to jack me off. lollita models pics "Since you can't do a simple thing
like cumming in another slave's mouth, you can cum in
your own."All of the men gather around an watch as I am being
masturbated. As embarrassing as this is, all of the
stimulation brings me to the edge very quickly, and,
as I feel myself ready to orgasm. I begin moaning
loudly. The man jerking my shaft yells, "OPEN YOUR
FUCKING MOUTH CUNT." With my mouth wide open, I shoot
globs of cum that hits the back of my throat. My legs
are not release until every drop is milked from my
dick. When I am allowed to lay on the floor, I am
told, "Right now we're going to give you a webcam model lola little
rest. There is a bed in the back that you can use
until they're ready to use you again. Follow me,
CUNT." I obediently crawl behind him through the door
and into another room where I see a dog cage with a
blanket balled up inside."This is where my sandrateenmodel torrent friends keep their slaves when they
are not being use. It is a little small, but you'll
get use to it. He leads me over to the black steel
door and tells me to wait. "I want to get something
else for you, CUNT."When he returns, he is carrying some kind of strap.
"This is a cock gag. Look at the two inch rubber dick.
It goes into your mouth to remind you that you are
nothing but a cock sucking bitch. Before I put it on,
I got one more treat for you."He stands in front of me, unzips his fly, pulls out
his cock and says, "Open your mouth CUNT. I've got to
piss and you are the closest thing to a toilet." As
humiliated as I am, I obediently open my mouth as he
begins to piss on my face. As he fills my mouth, I
swallow all I can. Once he is finished, he rubs his
dick on my face and then shoves christinamodel nude pics
the cock gag into my
mouth. The strap goes around my head so that I modelingempire can not
expel it from my mouth. "Now, in you go CUNT. You'll
have to stay there until we come back for you. So,
you'd better rest because you've got a lot of work to
do."I whimper to myself as the lights in the room are
turned off, and I am left in the dark to arrange my
bedding and to get some much needed rest. I can curl
up like a dog, but cannot stretch my legs. In this
uncomfortable position, I fall asleep.Send comments and critiques to darkroad53yahoo.com.
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