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Related post: Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 07:14:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: MASTER bndmaster13
Subject: "I Had No Idea" - Part 19 "I Had No Idea" - Part 19
BY - BNDMaster13yahoo.comAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for personal
enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by any
means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the
author. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the
author, BNDMaster13yahoo.com. This story contains descriptions of
consensual sexual contact between adult preteen virgins pics males. As such it is homoerotic,
designed for the entertainment of mature adults. If you are not of legal
age to read such material, or if the subject matter would create
unresolvable personal moral dilemmas, please exit now. It was really strange to read a couple of the responses I received to
the last post of Alex's journal. I would have assumed, that everyone would
have been glad to find naked preteens girls
out that I only made Alex suffer for a week. That
the whole thing was just about teaching him a lesson. Yet, several people
were disappointed that I let Alex go so quickly. Obviously they have never
been in the position Alex was. Remember, Alex was chained naked in the
middle of a room, hands locked behind his back, pregnancy preteen pictures mouth gagged, chastity lock
on, and totally ignored by me. It might be fun to fantasize about it but,
believe me, the reality that Alex endured is totally different. In my
opinion Alex did exceptional being able to take the entire week. I
challenge anyone out there to actually be put in the same position and nude fresh preteen
it the entire week. One week with no break, fully documented, I challenge
anyone to prove to me they preteen fantasies stories outlasted Alex. Anyway let's get back to this entry in Alex's dairy. I think I will
come back to that weekend again latter. As I recall we left Jose hanging in
a rather bad situation. How did it all nymphets preteen bbs turn out? As I said I think I will
save preteen girlie videos
that account for another entry. I want to move a week forward in
Alex's journal. You might have all been wondering why I had been trying to
get Alex tanned. Well it was for the purpose of a rather interesting
exhibitionist adventure I had planned for the three of us. We were going to
be out in the sun quite a bit and I definitely didn't want Alex preteen panties moddling getting
burnt. Hopefully by now you are wondering what it is and hopefully your
fantasies are stirring up all kinds of images. However, I really doubt that
you will ever envision what I had planned. Would you like to know what it
was? Well then let's turn this account over to my beloved slave boy Alex: Wednesday morning I came awake snuggled deep into Rick's side my head
on his shoulder. Having his body pressed against mine, feeling the muscles
of his chest under my check felt so wonderful. It had been so awesome,
everyday, since Rick released me from that chain, he had allowed me to
sleep in bed with him. It had been five glorious nights. He had allowed me
the pleasure of sucking his cock just preteen vladmodels torrent before he fell asleep and then again
as soon as he woke each morning. I felt totally fulfilled crack illegal preteen and happy. What
more could I want. I didn't even notice my own useless cock locked away in
it's prison, all I russians preteen clips cared about was being able to be with Rick and make him
happy. As he stirred next to me I moved my head greedily toward his cock,
but he pushed me away. "Not this morning Alex. I have a surprise I want to
tell you about," Rick said. A surprise? After the last few months that word had come to scare me
just a bit. Sometimes it was good, like getting Jose, but usually it meant
that something I wasn't going to like was going to happen. However, after
my week chained up I didn't even care which it was preteen photo bitch anymore. Whatever Rick
wanted was what I wanted. "Alex guess where we are going this weekend?"
Rick asked stroking my head. Where could Rick be planning on going? Maybe up to the cabin? Maybe to
his parents? We had actually pedo preteen zoo done that once before. That weekend was a real
trip. Hopefully Rick has shared that preteen kds bbs story with all of you. I never really
know what he publishes nude preteen photography and what he doesn't. The confused look on my face
must have been enough of an answer for him, so he said, "Alex, this is
opening weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival. Don't you remember? We
have never missed opening weekend and I intend to go. Besides, Jose hasn't
ever been to it. We are going to have a great time. I have taken Friday off
class and Jose has taken off work so we can drive down and settle into the
campground Friday." Actually I had forgotten. Somehow when you have spent as long as I have
tied up and naked days tend to run together. The only days I really
remember is the number until our contract is over and the number of days
until I get to cum. In my little world those are the only important dates
to me anymore. But Rick was right, we loved the Renaissance Festival and
had been going for years. We lived growing up, only a few miles from it sex japan preteen
went almost every weekend. Now that we had moved to attend college we were
still only a few hours away. To be honest I was excited. We always dressed
up in period costumes and really got into the festival. Then it hit me,
wait, how was I going to be able to candid photos preteen go naked and tied up? "Sir, permission
to speak, Sir," I asked. "Permission granted, but I bet I already preteen small pussy
know what your question
is. How are illegal preteen girl
you going to go looking like you do? Well I have it all
planned. I am wearing my usual sword fighters outfit, Jose is going as my
servant, and you are going as my barbarian prisoner. I even preteen daily model
have your
costume all ready for you." Rick got out of bed and went over to his dresser. He pulled out a small
rabbit fur preteen babysitters photos loin cloth. It would be just big enough to cover my ass and
crotch, nothing naked blondes preteen
else mind you, but it would cover enough to get me into the
festival. Over the years I had seen other people with less than that on,
parading around the festival grounds. I wasn't sure how comfortable, I was
going to be doing it though. It was one thing to be naked in front of a
group of guys. I had learned to preteen alena models do that as Rick has forced me to, but to
have that little amount of clothing on in front of normal everyday people
was a bit frightening. I am not an exhibitionist. I hadn't even liked
having to wear a Speedo for swimming in school. I had hated having to stand
around with people watching in the skimpy thing. I have always been a very
private person and even the things that Rick had already made me do had
been hard. This was going to be harder. But then what had Rick just
finished teaching me? What I wanted did not matter. The only thing that
mattered was what he wanted. Perhaps, if I could remember that, this might
just be fun after all. Just as Rick had promised we left preteens nn bikinis
Friday. He and Jose got the car
packed and everything together. I of course being tied up wasn't a lot of
help. Rick then tied Jose and I up in the back seat for our drive to
Houston. When we got preteen model costume to little preteen beach the festival campground Rick found us a camping
spot. We had stayed before and he knew what area the other african preteen vid
gays tended to
stay in. There was several distinct groups. One was the druggies, one the
guys and gals that only were there to get laid, the somewhat normal group
families, etc., and then our group the guys who wanted to get laid by each
other. Each group tended to stay secluded in their own part of the
campground. As long as they did, no one really cared what the others were
doing. Over the years we had actually met a couple cool guys that 3d porn preteens we had
played with. I was almost hoping they were there. I wanted them to see me
as Rick's slave. I had realized over the last two days that I was proud of
being Rick's slave, I wanted to be shown off by him, and I would do
everything I could to make him proud of me over the weekend. I already felt strange. Here I was sitting naked in a car and would
soon be getting out into a public campground. How did Rick intend to carry
this off? Well as usual, Rick had everything under control. Rick first
released Jose from the back seat and set him to unloading the car and
getting the tent put up. Rick had instructed him , before we left the
house, to wear a pair of cut off jeans. Rick had picked them out himself
and they fit Jose snugly. If you looked close you could make out the
outline of Jose's cock and balls strapped in their harness. Then Rick turned his attention to me. He released me from the seat belt
and helped me out of the car. preteens sex passwords I really didn't care for this idea, as I was
naked. What if someone walked preteengirls in thogs
up and saw me? However, Rick hid me from
view in the open car door. He pulled the key to my chastity belt from his
pocket and removed it, throwing it on the car seat. He then pulled a small
black g-string from his other pocket. Holding it up for me to see he said
with a russian preteen upskirts wicked tone to his voice, "Here's what you get to wear, Alex. Do you
like it? I bought it special for you." Dangling in front of my eyes was the smallest thing I had ever seen. It
consisted of a small black pouch that I assumed was for my cock and
balls. Though I really didn't think it would hold them, let alone cover
them up. Attached to the pouch was a waist strap and another small strap
that I assumed would go up the crack of my ass in an attempt to hold the
thing on. As I looked at that particular strap I realized, that once on, it
would disappear into my ass crack and I would have nothing cover me at all,
except the small pouch in the front. russian barepre teen Rick wasn't really serious, was he?
There was no way I could be out in public, in the campground, dressed in
this tiny sexy preteens toplist
little thing. But as always Rick was very serious! He bent down
and helped me get my feet through the straps and then pulled it up around
me. He adjusted my cock and balls until they were just barely contained
withing the pouch. He then made sure that the ass strap was firmly in my
crack hiding it from view. When he was done, Rick lightly tweaked at my
nipples. As he did this I felt my cock hardening in the pouch. Rick dropped
his hand down and rubbed it over my cock making it respond even more. As he
did he said, "Alex, we can't have this now preteens hot nasty
can we? If real preteen sexpics you get hard, the
whole world is going to know it. So you'll just have to make sure your cock
stays soft all weekend. And no, I am not going to let you run around only
in this. You are going to wear you loin cloth all weekend. I will just tell
everyone tonight that you are trying to get into your character for
tomorrow. However, believe me the loin cloth won't cover to nude preteen young much more than
this pouch does right now. The only thing the pouch is really for is to
keep your cock from poking out of your loin cloth and scaring anyone
tomorrow. So I guess that means you are just going to be forced to not get
an erection all weekend. Think you can do that, slave boy?" preteen picture sets As he said this, he continued to rub my video innocent preteen now stiff cock. God, no I
didn't think I could do that! sandramodel ru preteen When you only get to cum every other weekend
and you're always horny as hell, how in the world was I going to do that? I
could just picture myself walking around in a crown of 16,000 people with
my cock jutting preteen gallery index
out in the air in front of me. I must admit over adri preteen model
the years
I had seen some pretty weird things at the festival. Me wearing a loin
cloth, collar around my neck, hands preteen pics bbs cuffed behind me, and being led on a
leash wouldn't be out of place at all. I had seen lots of wives over the
years dragging there husbands around like that. But me sporting a hard on,
making my loin cloth stand up in the air, just might get people
noticing. It also might just get us kicked out. Dear god, nn preteen com
if that happened
Rick would kill me. So I knew that I would find a way and make sure that I
didn't even think about getting hard tomorrow. Tonight I was hoping Rick
would just let me sit quietly on the ground were no one would notice what
my crotch might do. Because at this point my cock was hard and most of it
was out of the pouch sticking up in the air. beach preteens
Rick stopped stroking my cock
and gave me a long kiss. Then he said, "You'll do just fine, Alex. I know
you'll make me proud." Damn yes I would make Rick pre teen board proud! He sat me back down on the car seat
until my erection had subsided. Then he returned with my small little loin
cloth. It consisted of two pieces of rabbit fur one that hung in the front
covering my crotch and one that hung down the back covering my ass. Let me
add when preteens gallery site I say covering, I mean just barely covering. The two pieces were
held together with a narrow leather cord at the waist. This left my entire
thigh exposed on each side. Once Rick had me in the costume he helped nn top100 preteen my
over to where he and Jose were setting up the tent. Rick let me sit on the
ground and watch them finish with the tent and then move all our things
inside. I won't say anymore about Friday evening. Suffice it to say it was
a black hairy preteens great evening. We had dinner around our campfire and then the three of
us crawled into one large sleeping bag and I fell asleep with Rick's arm
around me. As I have said before, when I am laying next to Rick's warm hard
body, all is perfect in my world. Saturday morning started out normal. After breakfast we went back into
the tent so Rick and Jose japanese preteen gallery
could change into the costumes they were going to
wear that day to the festival. Rick always looks great. He dresses like a
sword fighter from medieval times. He wore leather pants that laced up the
sides and a leather doublet that buttoned up the front. His strong muscular
build looked great in the snug fitting pants and tight doublet. In addition
he wore a sword belt and a black leather hat. To me he looked like a member
of the nobility. Someone I would have no problem being on my knees in front
of, in more fake preteen nudes ways than one. Rick planned on dressing Jose as his servant,
but before he did, he decided to do something different with Jose cock and
balls. Since Jose has lived with us he has worn a cock and ball harness
almost nude preteen portal
all sex porn preteen
the time. Rick likes this, as it keeps Jose's cock semi erect
most of the time. But in the pants Rick had for him his cock and balls
would show preteen tgp incest through the material if left in the harness. So Rick decided to
put Jose into a leather waist harness. It preteen pron came down the front of Jose's
crotch and his cock and balls went through a small built in metal cock
ring. The harness then went up the back and locked at the waist belt. The
front panel, behind Jose's cock, was a hard piece of leather. Attached to
it were straps that went around Jose's cock securing it tight to the
panel. This, along with the cock ring, had the effect of keeping Jose's
cock hard. Once Rick had Jose's cock strapped down he produced another
piece gothic preteen vid of leather that snapped onto the back panel. It completely covered
Jose's now hard cock and made his crotch look like nothing more than a flat
panel of leather. The inside was lined in such a way that preteen videos erotica during the day it
would provide just enough stimulation to keep Jose's cock hard. Once Rick
had fully locked Jose into the harness he preteen nudes 10yrs
had him put on his pants. You
couldn't even tell Jose had a cock and yet I knew, it was still hard, only
now it was hidden behind it's covering of leather. Rick added a small open
leather vest to Jose's upper body and finished it all off with a hat and
boots. Jose looked great. The vest showed off his hard upper body muscles
and with his natural dark skin he looked hot! Now it was my turn. Rick had taken off my loin cloth and pouch to sleep
but had already replaced them so I could come outside of the tent for
breakfast. I was sitting on the floor of the tent so he knelt beside me and
slipped a pair of leather moccasins onto my feet. I would have preferred to
stay barefoot but the Festival insisted everyone have shoes on. As I
already had my collar on I assumed that I was now wearing my entire outfit
for the day. I really wasn't excited about walking denmark preteen models
around among all romanian preteen sex
people that I knew would be there, in the little bit of clothing I was
wearing. Of course, as I should have known, Rick had more to add so I would
be even more uncomfortable. He went to the car trunk and removed something
I had never seen before. It looked like a long piece of black steel but was
hard to really make out through the open tent door. He brought it inside
to were I was sitting and I was able to get a better look at it. It was
about two feet long. In preteen intercourse pics the center was a place that looked like my neck
would go and at each end were places for my wrists. Rick removed my collar
and placed the bar across the back of my hot preteens girl neck. He put another piece around
my neck and then attached the two pieces with small bolts. In other words
Rick literally bolted my neck into the device. It wouldn't come off until
he removed the bolts. He then released my hands and removed the leather
cuffs. He pulled each wrist up and bolted it into a manacle at the end of
the bar. When he was finished my hands were affixed into the steel about
one foot on either side of my head. I couldn't move them or lower
them. They were locked tight to the metal collar encircling my neck. Lastly
Rick hooked a chain to a loop in the collar and handed the end to
Jose. Rick gave me a kiss and then bent down and kissed my tits, linger
over each one. As usual any sensation on my nipples goes straight to my
crotch. Rick dropped his hand down to feel my cock starting japanse preteen to expand
inside the pouch and said, "Remember we are to have none of that today. If
this get hard you are going to be showing it top preteen nudist to the entire festival and we
cannot have that can we. If you get top preteen cp us kicked out because you can't control
your cock I am going to be very unhappy. And you don't like it when I'm
unhappy, do you?" No, I hated it when Rick was unhappy because it usually meant I would
get punished severely in some way. I fought down the feelings in my crotch
until I had my cock once again under control. This was going to be nonude preteen erotic
trying all day not to get an erection. Especially, if I knew Rick, he was
going to try and make it as hard on me as he could. When Rick had us all
ready to his satisfaction we headed off toward the festival gates. One
slave, who was being forced to have a hard cock all day, leading the other
slave on a chain, who was being forced to not let his cock get hard all
day. preteen masterbation galleries What an interesting pair Jose and I made. I was sure our mutual
predicament was causing Rick nothing but sadistic pleasure. Again I won't really dwell on the details of that day. I bathing preteen suit will just
attempt to give you the high points. I was led around all day on my
chain. I was fed lunch out of a bowl placed on the ground. I was stopped
for pictures by average people who though I looked neat. I remember one
picture in particular. I was posed on my knees, between to kids. They
wanted a picture with the captured barbarian. The first few hours Rick left
me alone and just let me get used to being almost naked on display in
public. I eventually got used to it and started actually having fun. I knew
that was going to change when we sat down to watch a performance and Rick
leaned over and rubbed his hand across my chest, letting it drop slowly
down until it was swirling around preteen nudist kids my belly button. Needless to say, my
cock immediately responded. Rick knew it would, that was his intention. As
he did this he whispered in my ear, "You better not be trying to get hard
slave. Not here with all these people around." He ended that comment by gently laying his hand on my thigh. He didn't
stroke me, but just feeling his hand there made my cock want to continue
it's rise. I heard nothing of the performance as we sat there, I spent the
entire time mentally thinking of anything I could to get my cock to loose
the erection it was trying so hard to get. Thankfully when my chain pulled
me back to my feet I once again had my cock under control. However, that
was the way the entire afternoon went. tiny preteen twats Rick would do things to try to get
me hard and I was forced to little preteen cameltoes control myself and not allow it to
happen. Needless to say it was a very difficult afternoon, but thankfully I
made it through it. The only problem was that I was so preoccupied with
keeping my hormones in cheek that I failed to notice the plans Rick was
making for latter. All I really noticed was guys coming up to him, them
glancing my way, and then hearing the word, tonight. As we walked back to
our camp site Rick pulled me close and said, "Alex, I am so proud of
you. You were the perfect slave today. You learned how to control yourself
when you need to. I think we might just have to try that again
tomorrow. However, tonight I have a special treat planned for you and I
know you will make me proud." As usual I hated that expression, "I have a treat for you," it usually
meant I was not going to like whatever it was. I had no idea what Rick was
planning but I would soon find out. When we got back to the camp it was
already getting dark. We went into the tent so we could get out of our
costumes. Rick removed my metal collar and replaced my leather one. He once
again naked preteen bathroom put my leather cuffs back on my wrists and locked them together
behind me. He removed the loin cloth and pouch then sent Jose out to the
car to get my chastity belt from the back seat. When he returned, Rick put
it back on me and then I heard the now, reassuring click of the lock as he
secured it in place. This might sound strange, but after wearing it as long
as I have I almost feel lost with out it's hard plastic confinement
pressing around my cock and balls. He then had me sit down on the floor and
turned his preteen eroticart models
attention to Jose. He had Jose remove all his costume and then
Rick unsnapped the leather piece covering Jose's cock. There was Jose's
poor cock still hard, strapped just as it had been this morning. Rick
released the straps and then unlocked the back of the harness so he could
remove it. In order to get Jose's cock and balls out of the small metal
cock ring Rick was forced to use some ice out of out ice chest to shrink
his hard cock. When the harness was off Rick replaced Jose's usual cock and
ball harness locking it on. He then handed Jose the cut off jeans he had
been wearing yesterday and ordered him to preteen tgp sites put them on. Rick then sent him
out to get a fire started and turned his attention back to me. nn preteens vids Rick rummaged in our bag of toys he preteen sex pantyhose
had brought with us and produced a
ball harness and several leather straps. babe pre teen He also pulled out a ring
gag. Whenever I see the ring gag come out I know exactly what Rick is
intending. As I looked naked preteen blonde at the gag I realized what had been going on all
afternoon while I was busy trying to keep myself from getting an
erection. Rick had been arranging for me to spend preteen pic posts the evening services all
the cocks in the campground. I wished I had been paying more attention to
just how many guys I had seen Rick talking to. He had told me this weekend
was going to be all about him exhibiting me and now I knew just how far he
intended to push me. I had been forced to do this before, but always in our
apartment and usually for guys I already knew. Even doing that, I felt amateur child preteen
nothing more than a mouth, not a person. Now Rick was pushing it one step
further. I hadn't known any of the guys I had seen him talking to, so I
would be sucking cock x preteens photos
for total strangers. My mind was in conflict. I
really didn't want to do this, yet I knew that Rick wanted me to. If
nothing else I had learned that what I wanted and felt wasn't
important. The only thing that preteen girls tease mattered was what Rick wanted. As badly as I
didn't want to be used by total strangers, the overwhelming need that I
had, was to please Rick and make him proud of me. As Rick made me open my
mouth and he buckled the ring gag in place I swore to myself that I would
prove that I really was worthy to be preteen boy ped
his slave. I would do this, and make
him proud. Once the ring gag youngest preteen model was in, Rick strapped the ball harness on me. He then
attached one of the straps to the harness running it between my legs. He
pulled an end through my wrist cuffs and tightened my hands down tight to
my ass crack. He tied it off so that I couldn't raise my arms without
yanking my balls. He then added a strap around my upper body that held my
arms tight at my side. Rick then topped it off with preteen bottoms a set of tit clamps. He
then made me kneel down and tied straps around my thighs, thus preventing
me from doing anything but kneel there on the floor of the tent. As I knelt
there, mouth held open by the ring gag, hands strapped behind me, and my
tits already aching from the clamps the only cock I really wanted in my
mouth was the one in front of me right now, Rick's. But despite that, I
would make him proud and pretend that every cock I was given tonight was
his. Rick patted my head and said, "Alex you know what is going to
happen. I'm not going to tell you how many guys you are going to do, I want
you to be surprised. preteen nude swimming And I sure don't want you counting to see when you
will finally be done. Alex, I know how badly you dislike this. But I expect
you to do this because it is what I want. Because of that I am going to
give you the option of having me blindfold you. Then you don't have to see
them, you just have to suck them off. It will be easier for you to tune out
and not be scared." I shook my head no. I wanted to see each and everyone of the guys. I
wanted to blog pictures preteen
take this like a man and make Rick as proud of me as I could
possibly make him. He nodded in an understanding way and said, "Good
boy. You can do this. I have every confidence in you. Trust me I will make
sure that everyone wears a condom and that no one hurts you. I want my
slave to stay healthy and know that I love him." With that he left, leaving a small lantern burning in one corner. I sat
there and prepared myself. preteens sweet pussy As always, the crazy part to any of Rick's
pushing of my limits was my cock trying to get hard. The more I thought
about this the more I was getting turned on. Rick wanted this and I wanted
to please him. The more I thought about that the more excited I found
myself getting. I shortly heard voices outside and then the tent flap was
pulled back. A guy I had never seen before came in. He looked at me and
then dropped his pants. His cock was already hard as he pulled a condom on.
He then leaned forward and slide his hot rod into my waiting mouth. I
looked up at him and started working his cock for all I was worth. I
pictured Rick in ukrainian preteenz
my mouth, and tried as hard as I would have sexy preteen yo for bbc preteen models Rick, to
give him the best blow job he had ever had. When he finally erupted in my
mouth he pulled out. He dropped the used condom on the floor next to me and
left the tent. No thank you, no acknowledgment that I was even a person,
just a mouth. I felt degraded but yet I felt preteen little russians fulfilled, I was making Rick
happy. And I was still turned on by the whole scene. Over the course of the
next few hours child preteen pics I sucked one cock after another until I lost count. Then the
tent flap opened and Rick walked in. He was still wearing his leather pants
but had no shirt on. boy preteen rollyo He looked like a god standing there in front me, at
least my god anyway. In the light from the lantern he was so beautiful that
I was almost overwhelmed with my need for him. Rick slowly removed his
pants. Sliding them slowly down his hips. What I had been imagining all
night was now standing right in front of me. He knew that he was driving me
crazy with desire for him. He finally dropped his pants and I saw his hard
cock. I wanted it so badly I could hardly stand it. Rick slid his cock
into my open mouth. As he did my entire being swelled with joy. After all I
had been through I was finally getting what I really wanted more than life
itself, Rick's delicious cock in my mouth. Trust me, cherish preteen model for Rick, I pretty preteen fucking
gave him
everything I was worth. With the others I was imagining Rick, now I
actually had him. What more could I want? As he finally shot his load into
my mouth I was the happiest slave in the world. It had been a perfect
day. At one time I couldn't have said that. I had been drug around almost
naked all day, then made to suck off, god knew how many guys I didn't even
know, and of course my own cock wouldn't get to cum, it was locked securely
away in it's prison. But none of preteen alt binaries that mattered now, my life existed only to
serve Rick. That was my purpose in life, that was the only thing that
mattered. Let me stop Alex there. He is right it had been quite a day. Watching
him deal with all it was an incredible thing. If you could have seen the
looks he would get on his face every time he was fighting to keep his cock
soft. A couple of times he looked like he taking a shit right there in his
loin cloth. But he did it, that was the important thing. Then when I
offered him the blindfold and he turned it down, my heart swelled with
pride. My boy was actually learning. He was learning to take pride in what
I wanted. He was learning to actually get off on being a free petite preteen slave and serving
his master. From my point of view, as a master, Alex is almost perfect and
I love him! Anyone want to know what happened to Jose that same night? Remember, he
had been hard all day, needing to cum. Did I let him? Of course not! He
spent his evening waiting on blogs preteen nude the guys around the fire. He served beers, he
sucked feet, he had his ass beaten, and anyone that wanted to was allowed
to play with his tits and stroke his cock through his pants, but they were
not allowed to let him cum. Alex, is my slave that knows that no matter
what he does he only cums every other week. Conversely he knows that every
other Sunday he will cum. Jose on the other hand knows that he can cum, but
only when I will let him. That could mean everyday or once a month it just
depends on my mood. So he is always trying to please me in the hope that I
will let him. That makes it fun denying him the privilege. Does Jose ever
try to jerk himself off? I am almost sure not. His previous master taught
him very well the price he would pay if he ever tried it. I have reminded
him that I will punish him just as severely. I have also told him that if I
ever catch him I will lock him into a belt like Alex's and I won't let him
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for at least six months. So then if you think about it, I have the best
of both preteen model amelia worlds. One slave that knows he can't cum, but gets to every other
week and one that knows he can cum, but never gets to. As I have said
before, I like my slaves horny. When the balls are full the mind is
empty. Thus the empty mind can be filled with thoughts of serving me. As always if you want to read more of Alex's journal please let me
know. When I read some of the e-mails to him it makes him so happy. Please
don't deprive him of that small joy. Because depriving Alex of things is my
job. BNDMaster13yaoo.com
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