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Related post: Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 21:44:56 +1000
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Subject: Boy Scouts Gang Show 6Nothing in this story is true; it's from my imagination. If you read this
Tale don't imitate what the man is doing to the boy. erotic preteen girl No safe sex is
recorded and the story is purely fantasy. Nothing written expresses my preteen naked little own
life-style. If you are not over 18 then go somewhere else as this story is
not for you. I have no way of knowing your age and if you read my words
it's your responsibility. Please email me if you have some opinions, I
enjoy feedback but flames will be ignored. I'll certainly reply to readers
who like my story.
Boy Scouts Gang Show 6
Street noises woke me and glancing up I saw 11 am on the bedside clock. My
cock was soft inside Gang Show boy, his gorgeous butt spread against my
groin. Sleepy sweat smells drifted from his body mixing with the musky air
of our enclosed space. I wallowed in the scent of boy and lazily cuddled
his sleeping penis with my calloused hand and tickled his cheek with my
tongue. A change in breathing, some pressure on my groin and developing
boy-cock meant Max was waking.I'm bloody intoxicated with this kid I told myself, I can't get enough of
him. My cum-makers have worked overtime lately and I've fucked their
industry into is boy-pussy. He's still full of spunk and after a short nap
I want to feed him more. It's what he does when he's horny I figured, but
shit he's horny all the time! He pre teen animae
uses his arse-hole to make me shoot. I
don't have to move but I do of course, it's like a piston, force against
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and the way he uses it, shit they'd return just to get back inside the
silky, juicy grip of his backside and let him masturbate more seed into it
from their throbbing cocks.I felt that wonderful familiar stirring and my cock thickened in his anus,
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my cock filled his cavity; no need to crack his
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with me; finally letting out a huge cry he sank back, his erect boy-cock
spurting in my palm. I milked his spunking dick until the flow subsided.Max stopped moving, so did I. My cock was leaking and I'll spunk in his
hole soon but having fresh watery boy-spunk to suck was a must. Freeing my
hand I licked my spermy fingers, Max grinned and fucked a bit watching me
fill my mouth."I want to taste some too Dad." He muttered opening wide. It was awesome dribbling his boy-sperm into his mouth and sucking it
back. We worked our tongues, licking his cum and my cock went wild. Shit I
had to fuck my load into his body and rooted Max as we sucked spunky
palates. It was one fucking hot place and the boy gave himself to every
inch I could muster. I belted his backside but wanted to give him an even
deeper fuck; somehow he knew and cried out:"Go on preteens sex porno
Dad, give preteens young lovers it to me like before, shoot sperm in me, I want your hot
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never rooted such a hot boy and doggy is awesome son. Try to keep my cock
up you as I lift your body so you can kneel over the bed.""Lift me, I'll do what ever you want Dad."I cuddled my son, lifted his body over the litlle naked preteens blankets making him kneel and
move his body forwards to balance on his hands. My cock slid easily in this
new position as Max had his preteen oriental schoolgirl passage in videos preteen sex a straight line, no twists like
sideways fucks, just perfect for complete anal penetration. I tried his
backside slowly giving it a couple of thrusts. Max moaned as cp gallery preteen I knew he
would and with my next forceful fuck he screamed, sinking his head on the
pillow. My cock took charge as the feelings built up, I had no time to
consider anything but the pleasure I was extracting from the boy's body and
pummelled his backside. He cried out and yelled, I fucked even harder
pulling right back and then pushed deep into his body, slamming his bowel
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continue. I slowed, sped up, pulled back, pushed in, giving the kid one
hell of a rooting. Max knew to use preteen stockings his hole to preteen pthc vicky try and keep me inside as
that would minimise the pain, I forced against him and slammed his bum."It's hurting Dad, I'm so full, ah fuck it's so big and my bottom's never
had you like this." Max cried out."It'll be okay soon son, keep pushing and work that hot boy anus. Push son,
take my hot man-dick. I want you son, this is the best way to fuck you, I
know you need it kid. Yell out and push back kid, push hard Max, use your
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the boy around his groin I pulled free preteen bulge
the bum-hole against me and gushed sperm
into him. I've had good spunk ups but never one like this. I made as much
noise as Max and his well fucked crack collapsed against nn preteen clips my penis as he
creamed again, his spunk spraying the blankets.That set Max off, he thrashed the bedding and fell taking my frame with
him. Every nerve in his small body erupted and I had a wriggling, moaning
heap of glorious boy, full of thick man-cock, trapped under my sweaty,
weighty torso. My penis reacted and dribbled some more into his
well-punished hole. Max calmed a bit and his breathing returned to
normal. Shit I've never been in such a situation and was it hot! A boy so
caught in the throes preteens oral of orgasm that he nearly passed out. Fuck I can't
leave this naked preteenz girls boy ever, I thought. He's perfect and even when it hurts he
still follows through.My penis slid out of Max and I carefully rolled his bruised body
side-ways. He had no energy but his face, shit it was like a cherry, so
flushed and rosy. He gave me a grin and threw his arms around my neck. I
caught his lips and sucked his tongue. Shit Max was so bloody vombat models preteen
hot and his
sweaty body kept me hard. I fingered his bum-hole and my sperm and his boy
juice covered my digit. Max purred as he cuddled into me and my arms
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penis rubbed my balls. The juice of his last orgasm slid over my testicles
as my nasty preteen picture cummy cock rubbed his tummy. I pashed Max, tongue fucking his little
throat and he sucked as hard as he could. I felt his tiny bum, amazed that
he could fuck my cock into it. His bottom's very sloppy and I reckoned
ready for more."I can't screw you my boy. I'm all fucked out and you're good to
cuddle. preteen chat model Let me hold you and we'll sleep a bit more." I whispered in his
ear."Want that Dad and yeah, I `m not sure I can do it again for a while. I'm
full of forbiden underage preteen spunk and that was a great fuck. Never knew I could kneel and take
it and I got more in me nn cute preteen than before, you made me cum twice. Cuddle me; I
want to know you love me as much as I love you. Please Dad hold my body, I
like being in your arms after you fuck me."What have I done to this boy I tried to figure. He wants cock all the time
and taking it doggy was really hot. I've never stuffed a kid before, never
found one who could take my cock and having Max on all fours begging for a
root was something else. I've been in his bum all of last night and most of
the morning and he loves being fucked.Max felt my penis as he shut his eyes. I looked at him and freaked a preteen russian nymphets
bit as
I realised how much spunk I'd shot into his little boy-hole. Shit we've
fucked lots in the last 2 hours and Max hasn't pre teen behavior
opened his bum. I'd know if
he did because we've been in-separatable since the morning after the Gang
Show and I've just fucked more up his bum. I looked at the boy in my young preteen links arms, rubbed his hair, kissing his sleepy
mouth. It was late in the morning I knew and Max didn't. We've been sexy
for hours but pre teensmodels com he wanted more, maybe later.I tried to sleep but a hammering teens preteens underage on the door stopped my intention. Max had
no idea that something was happening as he was fast asleep. A little boy
lost to dream land, full of man-seed. I leapt to my feet and opened
door. Sure enough Max's father was on the other side. He sniggered and
pushed through."Hey man I want my kid's bum. Let me fuck him.""Where's drinking pee preteen that kid you had up you?" I asked him."Gone home he reckons but I think he's back on the streets. He's good Don,
knows how to fuck my hole, shit you saw him doing it. I'm horny and need to
cum, preteen bella xxx
want to preteens in leotard fuck it up my boy. I'm full of kid spunk and I've got a big
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root this up his arse?" His Dad said showing his very thick penis to me.I compared it to mine and figured I was bigger. In fact his knob was half
my size and the rest of his penis wouldn't satisfy Max."I don't think you should, Max is sleeping and he's had his fair share of
cock over the last days, needs to recover.""Recover, shit I'll take seconds and he doesn't need to rest. Looks like
he's been rooted recently and his lips are coated with spunk. Shit man you
root his mouth as well. Bloody hell you've given my kid a real
makeover. preteen girls masturbation He's a fucking horny boy and I bet his bum's full of cum.""Yeah, I guess but he doesn't want you to put that prick in his body.""Well he's about to get it Don and he'll fucking take as much as I can
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rest.""Why? What'd you do to him?" preteen thong forbidden
His Dad questioned."Gave him a doggy fuck if you must know and he loved it but shit, it hurt
his bum lots.""Ah fuck man; you got a big dong or something? Doubt you're bigger than
me.""I'm a lot bigger and much thicker guy.""Show us then, bet you're not bigger than me."I couldn't resist the challenge and pulled my dick out of my undies and
wanked a bit. Max's real Dad stared and rubbed his penis."Ah fuck man that is big, shit you stuffed that up my kid?""Yep and newsgroups preteen models he loves it. You can smell preteen seks his bum over me if you want that's
about as far as you get with him. Have a suck in preteens underware guy and preteen modelws taste your son's
rectum, he's a great fuck and loves sperm in his boy-hole." I muttered,
knowing I was turning him on."Shit man, my boy's bum juice over your cock and you've got a skin, his
juice in there?""Yep, lots of it; have a suck if you want Max is asleep and won't know
anything."It took Max's Dad less than 10 seconds to put his lips over my cock and
suckle it. He sucked and licked my floppy skin, alissa preteen model making me hard. Fuck he
knew how to eat cock. I gave him some more and he swallowed me, my cock
throbbed and I fucking shot again. No kid can do it this well, hardcore preteens pics not even
Max. I slobbered sperm into the guy's throat and he swallowed."You're a good cock-sucker. Where did you learn that?" I questioned him."Been sucking and getting fucked since I was a kid, younger than Max. Shit
I got it from my Uncle when I was 9." He replied."Well you sure fucked up with Max. He hates your guts man and if he thought
you were here he'd shit himself." I said."Yea, I bet; your spunk out of his backside." His glamour preteens Dad replied. "I don't
know how to fix things Don and I've forced preteen stories got talk to him, at least explain what
happened and try to mend the bridge I snapped.""You didn't snap anything because you were never there for him. When was
the last time you told the kid you loved him? When did you praise him for
anything he did? Why kick him in the artistic preteen guts all the time and now hope you can
be the Dad he needed and fuck guy, you want to get into his pants! Shit you
can't have preteen renos it both ways. He's a boy who needs to feel good about him self
and yea he's into sex in a big preteen shaved
way. I'm probably guilty of showing him more
than he's ever seen on the net and cute preteenies
believe me he's been there many times.
Best you go back to the other room and forget this ever happened. Take you
stuff and clear out until later this afternoon. I'll try and chat with Max
and hopefully organise a meeting with you both. If you want, ring me at
say, 4 by then your son will have eaten some real food and maybe, just
maybe he'll talk with you.""Ah shit Don, he's there now, want to wake him and talk.""Not good guy. Best let me deal with Max. At the moment he doesn't want to
know you.'"Suppose you're right, shit how did this happen? A guy your age comes
between us and you've taken my kid's cherry and I've sucked you off! Shit
Don, I can't believe what's happening.""I can't put my head around it either; because I went to the Gang Show I
met your boy. He's a good singer and we did stuff after the show. He's been
with me ever since and I told you on the phone I had him here.""Yea you did, but you didn't tell me you fucked your fat preteen girls hentai
uncut cock up his
arse. It's a bloody monster and belongs up men who can take that much, like
me. But my boy, fuck he's small and I bet his shitter is smaller than your
dick. How is it possible?""He's a good lad and knows what he likes. `Phone me at 4 and I'll let you
know what we preteen ukrainian pussy should do.""I guess that's the best Don, take care of him and he's in better hands at
the moment than mine.""Hey man don't feel bad, hell beach preteen photos at least you know where your boy is preteen free erotica
and I've
told you what we have and are doing. There are heaps of boys out there who
have run away and probably getting fucked and preteenporn hating it. At least Max is
happy, take a look at his face, go on, he's fast asleep, look at his face.""He's almost smiling Don and shit his cheeks are rosy, I've never seen him
like this, he's happy.""Yep, he's a very satisfied boy. I know because he discovered how to spunk
with me and cums every time I screw him and right now his body's full of my
cum.""Shit I couldn't do it for him, had to preteen hardcore movies be a stranger. I never told him what
his cock would make at puberty, never told him about sex. Shit I didn't
know it was happening for him. Didn't see any hairs on him but I guess I
never bothered to look. Should have; too busy getting it from men and boys
in the park. Is he a gay bum boy Don?""Don't know about gay bum boy but he knows about sex and yep he likes it up
the bum.""Fuck, I've missed all this, what a dick-head I've been. Okay I'll take you
at your word Don and `phone you at 4, wouldn't mind a good root from that
hot cock of yours!" See you later."Max's father left and I wiped my sweaty face. What a bloody fiasco, his son
in bed full of my sperm and my spunk in his Dad's stomach. I studied Max
and knew that he'd never leave me. Have to plan something and keep his nude preteens bbs Dad
onside. Max isn't going anywhere I figured for quite a while he's totally
stuffed and I'm not much better. Some bbs cgi preteens coffee and a hot shower may help;
I'll fix some food as well. Yea do something else, get your act together
Don, that internal pest told me.After digging under the blankets I found my dressing gown, covered Max and
started for the door. The bloody phone blasted the room; I grabbed it
quickly and mumbled into the mouthpiece:"Yea, uh hullo,""Get Max, need to talk to him now." A young voice ordered me."Uh? Who are you?" I challenged the caller. "How did you get this number?
Why do you want to talk to Max?""He told me to ring. I'm his mate and we were in the Gang Show. I know
about you because he told me what you did after the Show. He said he was
going to have more the next day. I know he did `cause he rang me. Where is
he? Said he'd work preteen bondage stories it out so I could have fun too. I've never done stuff
and Max said you made him make sperms. He gave info nude preteen me your number and told me
to ring today because he reckoned he'd still be with you. Are you going to
let me talk to him? I bet he's had fun.""Well kid, shit he shouldn't have given you this number but I guess it's
too late to worry about that. You must be a really good friend for Max to
tell you he learnt to cum. Hell kid it's supposed to be a secret.""Yea `spose, but we're mates and I know he's done stuff pageant nudist preteens with you. Said
you'd help me and he was going to as.""I, I'm not sure about that, how old are you son?""I'm still 12 and can't make stuff but you made Max do it and he loves
it. Thought you'd do it for me, Max said you would. Told me he'd tell you I
want nymphets picture preteen to learn.""What else did Max tell you?""Um, you sucked him. I've never been sucked. Haven't done anything preteen candid sleeping `cept
had a feel of Max but we didn't show our cocks or anything, played in our
pants. You really do stuff with him and he shows you his dick?""Maybe son, I'll wake Max and he can tell you what he did. I'm not sure
about this, don't know you.""Well I know what you look like `cause Max pointed you out before you had
him in the theatre bog. I naked kids preteen wanted to go with him.""Maybe scare me, good thing cute preteen boobs
you didn't, tell me where french preteen porn you were on the
stage.""Next to Max, preteen under
we were at the back and both of us were the main
singers. Remember that?"I caught the image and fuck that kid was a real hot boy, far more extrovert
than Max and I never thought he'd be into sex, too young so I dismissed
him."Yea I remember, you're a good looking kid and its good Max has a mate like
you. I'll get him to chat and he can tell you what you want to know."I shook my renos young preteen hot boy and planted the earpiece close enough for him to catch
his friend's words. Max looked at me in horror as he answered his mate's
questions."I've just woken up Dean, shit man I've been asleep for while. What's up?"I listened to the exchange and only heard Max."Yep, I did it Dean; he's good for me, shit man never going home not
ever. What, you want to as well. Don't know, haven't said anything to
Don. He's my new Dad; yep for good Dean. You what, shit guy I don't know,
haven't said anything to Don. Yea I got it up the arse, you fucking want
it. Shit man I've never seen your cock just rubbed it in your pants. You
sure you want to strip, never did before. It's the best fun Dean. You
what, shit man have to ask Don. I'm still sleepy need to check with
him. Ring back in about 5 and I'll tell you."I listened to the one-sided conversation not really believing that the boys
were talking about cock fun nonnude preteens panties and me."Dad, should've told you about Dean. He's my good mate and he knew about
the toilet after the Gang Show. He wanted to come as well, told him I'd let
him know what it was like. He's keen to do stuff and I gave him your number
when I got here. Sorry Dad; used my cell phone to let him know how to
`phone me. Dad, please don't hate me, he's my only friend and I share
stuff with him. He wants to get sucked Dad and I told him that you might do
him and you made me cum. preteen gay forums He wants to shoot Dad, free fucking preteen he's got some hairs and I
bet he'll cum if you suck him like you did with me."I sank back on the bed looking hard at Max."I don't know my boy, shit it's been us for a long time now. Your Dad's
going to come back later and he wants to chat, now this girl model preteen boy, Dean. I can
understand you wanting your friend but hell Max what we did has preteen sexy angels
to be
secret. I'll get into trouble if anyone finds out what I did in your body.""I know Don and it's a real secret, Dean's my mate and he wants to do the
same stuff. I told him a bit about us, he's a good kid Dad and we play
computer games and have fun, haven't done much with him except feel his
cock. Can he come over and we preteen nudisme
can play maybe? You can see him preteen naked thumbnails Don and maybe
suck him if you want but that's all, I want the rest.""Max, you need boys your age to play with of course son. I just got a shock
when he rang but if you want you can arrange for him to come here. He can
come right now if you think he can.""He can Don, his Mum works all the time and he hasn't got a Dad. We've been
friends for years, thanks Don, can I `phone him russian preteen stores and tell him to come over
now?""Of course Max and he can have lunch with us. He's your friend and you need
a young mate, I'm a bit old to play computer games. Be good for you to have
him around and if he's keen to do stuff, well let's take it slowly. Use my
land-line and call him. Does your Dad know Dean?""Yea he's met him but he hates him as well because he's a kid.""Ah shit Max, he's a real prick and he wants to see you later today.""Well, I don't want to see him, he preteen pussy tight hates me and I'll play with Dean if
that's okay.""Of fotos preteens russian course son, ring your friend, tell him to come over right now. Be good
to see Dean. He sounds an okay boy.""He's a great kid; you'll like him Dad I know." Max grinned throwing his
arms around me. "Dad you're so cool, can we play on your computer?""Course Max, anything you want."Max grabbed young preteen funs
the `phone, dialled numbers and gave a few commands:"It's okay Dean, come over now, you know the address, told you before, yea
he's happy and we can play games preteen german girls on his PC. Don't know about cock-fun. Have
to check with Don. He's preteenz nude making lunch, hurry up; want to see you."Max disconnected and looked at me."Dad, I've preteen japanese cute got to go, I'm leaking and my bum's sore. I need the toilet.""Of course my boy, want me to carry you to the pan?""Yea Dad, don't think I can walk straight, need to go now. I'm full of
sperm Dad; it's leaking down my legs."I lifted Max into my arms carrying him to the bog. He opened his hole and
my sperm and his juices farted into the bowl. I left him to do his business
and after he finished I told him to shower and get ready for his friend.
Max grinned and followed my instructions. I heard shocking gallery preteen
the shower splashing and
peeked through the curtain. My cock stiffened as I looked at his perfect
body and watched him soaping his boy-hole, coating his cock and balls. Max
heard me and smiled."Want to finish me off Dad?""Yep shock preteen
son, let me wash that hot bum and soap you lots more. Love your body
kiddo, legal russian preteens going to have you later.""I want that Dad and you can do what ever you want. I trust you.""Same here son and I'll dry you off now, reckon your friend will be here
any minute."Sure enough as I dried my naked Max the doorbell rang. I left my hot son
and answered the door."Hi Sir, came to see Max, that okay?"Fuck what had I let myself in for. This kid was spiky blonde haired cutie,
slim and bulging where the goods were covered. I could do lots with this
boy I thought, but shit I had Max and he can take cock, this kid is smaller
almost cheeky and very fuckable."He's showering Dean, come in and wait. Won't be long, it's good you want
to spend time with him. He needs boy-fun.""Yea Sir, he's very happy with you. dad's preteens rape Said you're family nudism preteen his Dad now. That true?""Not quite Dean but will be good if it happens.""Bet he's preteen swimsuite happy `bout that. I know he hates his Dad like I do mine.""Shame you boys have had unhappy times. Change that while you're here Dean,
have fun and play some games and do what you want. It's good having boys to
entertain.""Thanks Don, hope I can be like Max." Dean smiled."Well son, that's up to Max. He knows what's best." I replied."Yep I know and we usually share everything. Hope he wants to share what
you do, with me." Dean heaven portal preteen said carefully."You better chat with Max. I'm not sure what he wants you to do.""I know, he told me you'd help me Don."Our conversation got interrupted as Max appeared. He high-fived his mate
and the two of them rumbled. I watched arms and legs tangle as they
frolicked on my mat. Grabbing the two boys I patted their bottoms and told
them to play outside or if they wanted, have some computer games while I
fixed slim preteen art lunch.Dean looked at me carefully:"Can we do that Sir, I've preteen xxx pix never been allowed at home. My Mum nude galleries preteen won't let me
touch her PC. I know Max plays with his Dad's computer, you sure Don?""Yep son, see I trust Max and you're his friend. Don't change my settings,
behave and you can do what you want."Both boys jumped me and I ended up cuddling two hot kids, preteen model alice
my body flat on
the floor."Gee thanks Don," Max whispered, "I'll help you cook if preteen 13 underwear
you want.""No Max take Dean into the study and have fun, lunch preteen exotic art is about an hour
away. I'll call you when it's ready."Both boys high-tailed it out of the lounge and I heard giggles and
incessant chat. At times it was whispers so I missed the words. I wanted
Max to feel at home and be the boy he was and seeing Dean I realised that
would happen. Sex isn't the only thing in a boy's life and once his penis
shoots he's got lots more to investigate and enjoy. Max will return when
his body craves the pleasure he loves I figured and Dean won't be far
behind. For now, I'll cook and let whatever will be, happen.The two boys laughed and chortled as I started the grill. Having two
beautiful kids around me lightened my woes, shit Max has changed me and now
has someone his age usenet preteen nonude who knows the score with him and that's a good thing.I started to whistle and set about preparing a super lunch. My ears caught
the sounds of boys challenging each other and I forgot my PC had some banned pre teens pics
that show my true interests. Max laughed loud enough for me to hear. Dean
was quieter so I crept back and watched through young preteen stripping the open study door. He was
clicking through the pics, looking at them and Max:"Does he do that Max? Really puts his cock up your bum like the pics?""Yep Dean and he's really good and I like it.""You reckon he'll do it up me?""Hurts Dean and you're pretty small.""Yea, know that but I'd like to try it. If he gets up you then I bet he preteen nude filipina can
do me.""Don't know, anyway we shouldn't be looking at private stuff, gonna beat
you at the game he's got on preteen porn 12yo this PC.""Uh, yea, but you've had his dick in your bum Max, was it really good?""Yea Dean; just the best, I get it all night and will always, now I'm here
full time.""Ah fuck Max, I want it too."The boys clicked happily and played my only game, Flight simulator, an old
one but they destroyed building and crashed the planes. I returned to the
food and added three sausages to the bar-b-que. Max will laugh I figured
and maybe Dean will catch on, the preteen model asian
kid sure has a big bulge where it
matters. Maybe I'll get lucky and have both boys under the preteen model oksana
sheets after
lunch.To real preteen babe
be continued...
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