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Related post: Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 20:27:20 EST
From: Gojackgoaol.com
Subject: Bonding with Coach I had my first sexual experience with a grown man when I was 16 years old.
I was a sophomore in high school and in Coach Ray's last period PE class. I
had stayed after as instructed to begin a week of after-school locker-room
cleanup, a duty I had earned for cutting his class lolit mpeg free the previous week. Coach
Ray was a tall, powerfully built man of 45. A rugged Vietnam veteran, he had
become a man early in his life, and was well respected and admired by faculty
and students alike. I was attracted to him and intimidated by him at the spanish model lolicon
time, and as a sat in his office waiting for him, I eyed the various military
awards and teaching plaques that hung on the wall. A window in front of his
desk looked out into the dressing/shower area, and 16 yo loli pic I could see as a few of the
stragglers from the final period gathered their belongings from the benches
and exited through a door in the corner. Suddenly Coach Ray emerged from the sweet loli porn gallery
athletic field through a private
entrance and nodded at me as he placed teen little loli a netbag of baseball equipment in a
corner. When he turned around to face me, he removed his cap, exposing his
sexy salt-and-pepper military buzzcut which was rapidly thinning. young loli sex pics Sweat
rolled down his face and neck, gallery loli pics
and trickled beneath his shirt. The back and
underarms of his shirt were drenched, and as he sat down in the chair
beside me, he pulled the shirt off and tossed it into the corner with the
sports equipment. He leaned down to look at real lolicon sex my discipline report, and I
used the opportunity to steal a glance at him. His entire upper body was coated in thick, dark fur. It started where
his short haircut left off, covering the back of his tanned neck and
thickening across his back and shoulders, obscuring a few tatoos he'd
gotten some years before in his war days. Body heat and a ripe, musky odor
emitted from him. A sure sign of an honorable, hardworking man. The acrid
stench of his sweaty, hairy armpits teased my lolitta naked nostrils as I watched
droplets of liquid run from under his arms loli dance down onto his furry chest,
stewing his smells together into an intoxicating aroma. He finished
scanning little loli model the paperwork, and let out a deep breath. He leaned back in his
chair, lifted his big, furry arms behind his head, and swiveled around,
face to face with me. I had to purposely avoid looking straight into his
furry pits, which were inches from my face, in order to avoid exposing the
boner in my gym shorts. Coach Ray looked hard at me for lolitta sex sex pics a few seconds, his ice blue eyes
piercing mine. Finally he spoke. "Well, Roger," he began. "You want to say
anything about this?" I didn't know what to say. I teen flash loli porn looked at the floor
nervously, so Coach Ray continued. "I naked girls loli guess I don't have to tell you child loli nudes that I
think you're better than this, Roger. I don't know what is going on with
you, but I do know that you are too intelligent a young man to let yourself
start getting into trouble." Sensing the shame and embarrassment I was beginning to feel, he eased
up a bit and placed a strong but gentle hand on my shoulder. "Well, I'm not
going to read you the riot act, son", he told me. "I just want you to know
that I'm here for you if you need me. I know your father has never been
there for you, and well...I guess I've grown rather fond of you..." He
stammered for sex loli kids
the words he was looking for. I could tell it wasn't his
nature to open himself. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would be
willing to, uh, spend time with you loli 15yr old if you need to talk to someone about
these things." He gave me a wink young lil loli pics
and a grin and teens lolit sex
told me to get started with
my duties. "I know it's kinda hot in there, so you can grab a shower
afterwards if you want." lolicon free mpegs
I thanked him and left his office, grateful that
he had extended himself to me that way. loli teens angels porn Coach Ray was not a hard man by board ls mag loli
any means, but he was not one to open
himself to others. I felt priveleged to have seen a side of him that no one
else had, and cheerfully began picking up the litter of towels and
jockstraps as Coach sat at ls island loli his desk behind the window, grading papers from
his morning History class. After a half hour of changing paper towels,
toilet paper, and mopping the showers, I was sweating pretty heavily and
grabbed a fresh towel from a bin. I undressed on a bench in front of the
Coach's window, feeling bold from the ego boost he had given me. I moved
about slowly, taking my time, enjoying my nakedness and the rush I felt
from being natural and open in front of such a masculine, complete man. I
was loli rompl net
too nervous to check and see if he had seen me, so I kept my gaze
elsewhere as I stood up to head for the shower. fuck loli video free lolicon hentai gallery By the time I'd reached the showers, I had a throbbing loli ls teen
erection, and
could feel my heart beating, rushing blood to my head. I felt high with
adrenaline. I stood under the warm water, soaping up my dick. My lathery
hands carressed my balls and stroked my cock as the steam enveloped me. I
reveled in the pungent smell of crotch and sweat that permeated the
room. free hot lolitta Suddenly I felt a familiar hand on my shoulder. I spun around
instictively, startled, and inadvertently exposed my erection. Before me
stood Coach Ray, wearing nothing but the silver dog tags around his neck.
For a moment I forgot my own erection and stood before him, knowing I was
busted but unable to take my eyes off him. I could see the dark, erect
nipples sticking up beneath the thick forest of hair. The fur was endless,
it even covered his sides, completing the carpet that spread around and
obsured his back. His big, strong legs were just as hairy and between them
hung nine glorious inches of thick, uncut cock, surrounded by his thick
pubic bush and huge testicles. As I regained my composure and romanian sex loli turned around to hide my erection, Coach
Ray chuckled and lolicon film
spoke softly to me: "Don't worry," he told me. "You don't
have to feel embarrassed. You're becoming a man, and what you're doing is
completely natural. Hell, I choke my load in here every afternoon, boy." loli pt gallery I relaxed a bit, but my erection had subsided. I was shaking now, not
knowing how to feel. Coach Ray broke the tension, asking me to wash his
back. I took the soap from him and he turned his back to me. I stared for a
few seconds, unable to touch that beautiful hairy back. But I slowly
brought the bar of soap to his strong, chiseled shoulders and began slowly
lathering him up. His thick fur felt good under my hands, and I played them
over every part of young lola loli his back, going as slow as possible so that this
wonderful task would last. video porno lolity
Soon, I discovered that my hands were working firmly over his muscles
under the hot water, and I could hear his grunts of pleasure as I caressed
the hard days work away from him. He placed his arms against the wall in
front of him and rested on them as I continued working down his back. I
leaned in closer behind him, trying to get more of that strong, sweaty
stink russian loli teenie
emerging lolits blog from his underarms, and soon I was completely hard again,
precum oozing from my head. After finishing his back, I fell to my knees instinctively, staring
straight into his fur-covered round ass. I lathered up the backs of his
thighs, and suddenly realized that his big young lolitta handjob cock was no longer swinging
freely between his legs. He was erect, and I knew it. Nervously, I told him
to turn around and rinse. I knew there was no turning back now. I remained
on my knees, and when Coach loli hxxp turned around to face me, I was blog ilegal lolicon staring into
the biggest erection I had ever seen. nudism loli He was looking down at me with a
smile and I knelt there, transfixed by his long, thick manpole. It stood
perfectly erect, the head slightly protruding lolicon fucked
from his foreskin. I watched
in awe as his nonude loli forum
pisshole slowly crawled out of its hiding place, a huge rope
of precum oozing out forum nude loli and hanging from him. I caught it on my finger and
slipped it into my mouth, sampling his intimate offering. Coach Ray put a
hand around the back of my neck and gently guided my head into his loli pedo top
crotch. "Just do whatever you can handle, son." Now, at my young age, I had seen a few uncut cocks and were intrigued
by them. Even my father had packed a nice uncut unit, which I had stolen
curious glances at in my younger years when he board3 tag loli
was nude around the house.
But I had no concept of the way an uncircumcised penis worked. An
uncircumcised man is a very sensitive lolits model one, the foreskin full of nerves that
give him an advantage in pleasure. Uncut men tend to emit large amounts of
precum because of this added sensitivity, and are constantly oozing, even
when soft. The fluids, when loli 12 yr allowed to collect under the foreskin for a few
days, thicken into a pungent cheesy substance called smegma. For many it is
a turnoff. Not every man can porno lolitta handle the pungent, overpowering smell and
taste of cock cheese. It is a deep commitment to serving that brings a man to his knees
before another man, willing lolitta boys and eager to accept any and every natural
flavor offered him. I was dedicated that way from the start, sliding my
tongue under Coach Ray's skin to sample him. At that moment, I was kneeling
there with Coach Ray's big dick in my mouth, in love with cock bbs loli girl
and with all
uncut men. I wrapped my arms around his powerful legs and went down further
on him. He pushed his cock deeper, and I could feel his big head filling my
throat, sliding in and out of its foreskin inside me. My nose was buried in
his pubic hair, his nuts slapping against my chin, and soon Coach let out a
throaty lolit free foto moan and began spurting loads of hot semen down my throat. I couldn't hold it all, and he pulled out, giving me air preteen pics loli
and free nude loli pics
rope after rope of hot sperm into my face and mouth. Coach Ray was in
ecstasy as he came, young lolia bbs board his head thrown back as his whole body shook to drain
his nuts on loli pics logon hack me, and he was muttering things under his breath I could not
understand. He picked me up and carried me back to the dressing room,
kissing me softly as his come stretched between our mouths. He laid me down
on a bench with him, holding me tightly in his sweaty, hairy grasp, and
collapsed in sleep on ls mag bbs loli top of me. That night Coach Ray and I began a new stage in our relationship, and
he took me home with fuck a loli him. I will share the events of that night in my next
BONDING WITH COACH--PART 2 young loli vids
Coach Ray and I crawled into his black pickup in the school parking lot.
My legs were still shaking and my mind was still racing over the shower-room
encounter we had shared just a couple of hours ago. I could not believe it was
not a dream. I had actually had sex with the object of all my boy-jerk
fantasies, my coach. His semen, now dried, still decorated my face and chest
and I could smell his scent on me, and inside the truck. Coach Ray started his
truck and we were soon rolling down the street, his strong hand resting on my
thigh. I was honored that he had chosen me hymen loli
to be with rusian loli
on this night, after
all, a man of his looks and magnetism had an unlimited number of entertainment
options on a given night. Coach Ray asked me if I was up for a little action,
and I told him yes. He asked me if I had ever heard of a bathhouse. I shook my
head curiously. He looked at me uncertainly and asked me if pearl loli it would bother me
to be around a lot of naked gay men having sex. I was instantly intrigued, and
my adolescent cock ranchi message board loli began coming to life in my jeans.
As we drove downtown, Coach explained bathhouses to me. He said that gay
men frequented these places to get a workout or jaccuzzi, and to see the local
naked men. it was an environment in which gay men had the freedom and privacy
to be themselves, to let go of their inhibitions. There were many facilities
in the bathhouse where you could have sex openly, and even join in. A man
could visit a room which featured porn films, or take a hot steam in the
company of naked, sweaty men. He could take a swim in lolicon links the pool to relax after
spending hours on his knees sucking cock in the glory hole maze. I loli porn teen listened in
amazement, expressing my eagerness to Coach. Coach loli child pedo told me that he felt this
would be a growing experience for me, and open me up to a world that he felt I
was ready for. In short, he explained, I would walk into this place a boy, and
leave it as a man. Before I knew lolicon preteen tgp
it, we had reached our destination. Coach Ray
pulled into the crowded parking lot. He put an arm around my shoulder as we
walked toward my newfound manhood. I walked with Coach through the front door and into a small room where
there was a cashier window. preteen loli portals The attendant was a bearded man with no shirt on.
He looked me over and then looked at Coach Ray.
"You know I can't loli boards let your friend in here."
Coach Ray leaned in toward the window.
"Now, don't you worry about him. That's my boy and I'm going to look after
him". He pushed a hundred dollar bill through a crack under the glass. "He's
young, I know, but I'm going to be completely responsible for him."
The attendant pocketed the money and passed a key back to Coach. "Room 209",
he said. He offered Coach a couple of towels, but Coached raised a declining
hand. "Don't need 'em."
The attendant lolity toplist buzzed us through a big metal door that led to a changing/locker
area. This room, in turn, opened to the right into a long, dark corridor lined
with rooms on either side. These were private rooms for sex or rest. As we
walked down the corridor, Coach pulled me tightly to him. He found our room
and opened the door. Once inside, he stripped off his t-shirt, jeans and
boots. I got out of my clothes and Coach put his arms around me. I pressed
against him, kissing his hairy chest. He asked me lolit top if I felt okay with being
there. "As long as japanese loli imgboard I'm with you, everything's okay," I responded. Now we were at the end of the long hallway, and entering an open shower
area. As we passed, I could see two men using the facilities, and further
back, in a corner, there was a tall, muscular black man with his back to us.
There was another man, who was white, kneeling on the wet tile between his
legs, getting mouth-fucked while jerking his own meat. I looked up at Coach
Ray as we reached a steamed-over glass door, and he nodded me through. I
opened the door, and stepped in, the thick steam immediately enveloping the
two of us. Coach patted me on the ass, as if telling me it was safe to
proceed. Once inside the dimly-lit sauna, I could make out shapes of men
sitting on a lolicon no tits brick bench that ran all the way around the room. Most of them
sat wrapped in towels at the waist, their features obscured in the dense fog.
Coach Ray took me by the hand, and led me through the haze, his naked, hairy
body glistening with sweat and his nine thick inches swinging proudly between
his legs. I could hear his military tags lightly clinking on their chain loli teen 13
the roar of the sauna. When we reached a corner, Coach took a seat on the wet
bench and I sat beside him, sporting a pretty nice hard-on for a sixteen year
old boy. I leaned into Coach, running my hands through his fur-covered
shoulders and chest, exploring him. Sweat was breaking out on his smooth bald
head. He leaned down and brought his mouth to mine. I buried my mouth in his
thick, bushy mustache, and then free loli clips post placed my hand on his cock, squeezing him to a
full blown erection as we loli toplist cuties kissed. hot lolicon sex
Through the steam a man approached us. He underage preteen pedo lolitta was about 6', strongly built,
but not as hairy as Coach. He stepped up to us, video little loli porn looking at me. "Nice boy you
got here," the man told Coach. He put a hand on my cheek and looked lolitta pornmovies over at
Coach again. Coach Ray nodded his approval, and the man pulled free the towel
and it dropped to the floor. The man's cock was an average length, and I
watched as it slowly awakened, stiffening and rising up under my nose. A drop
of precum crawled out of his piss slit and free loli cartoon
I scooped it up with my tongue.
Coach Ray slid in behind me, putting his arms around my waist from behind. I
leaned my jap lolicon
back into his hairy chest, blanketed in warmth and the smell of man.
I ran my tongue around the stranger's nice cock head, causing him to illegal preteen lolitta jerk in
pleasure. Coach watched intently behind me as I took the cock into my mouth
and slid my face up and down over it, tasting the spent load that smeared his
cock from an earlier orgasm. I moaned softly as Coach whispered lolit porno photo
words in my ear, kissing my back and shoulder. "That's sex lolitta little my boy," he whispered.
"Give him all you've got." Hearing Coach's praise, I dedicated myself to this tasty cock, and the
stranger whispered something to Coach about wanting to put it inside me. "No,"
Coach quickly responded. "This is my boy, and my dick is the only one lolitta girl stories that's
going inside him. At least for now." The stranger nodded and fed me more of
his cock. I slowly managed to get him into my throat, and began milking him
like mad. Suddenly the man pulled out of my mouth and began pumping his dick.
His load spurted from his pulsating cock head, drenching my face with his
come. Load after load shot onto me, and soon the man was done. He patted me on
the head approvingly and walked away. Coach was hot now. dark lolitta mpeg He stood up and
guided me onto my back on the bench and threw my outer leg over his shoulder,
pressing his hairy mouth to my asshole. The sensation of that bushy mustache
grinding my crack and tickling the bottom of my nutsack drove me wild. Then he
raised up, pulling my other leg over his opposite shoulder and I could feel
the head of that loli model bathing suit
huge uncut cock pressing my asshole. His entrance was fairly
uncomfortable, but the mixture of his saliva and precum, combined with his
gentle reassurances, eventually paid off, and he was in me to the balls.
Holding me in his arms, he stood up and I was in his complete grip, my legs
thrown over his shoulders, my ass impaled on his loli girl pic cock. He kissed me softly and
I could feel his dick thickening deep inside my virgin ass. I began to get
used to his meat in me, and it became more comfortable. Coach slowly removed
the support of his hands from under my ass, and my full weight was on his
cock. Man, it was big. It felt like a tree trunk inside me. I wasn't aware of
it yet, but at that moment Coach could feel a slight trickle of my blood
running down his 14yo loli movie
inner thighs. preteen loli index Coach loli pre kds dark was excited now. I had sacrificed my boyhood to him, giving him
something no other man could have. Still inside me, he sat back down on the
bench, my body still straddling his. He moved his hips up and bbs sex loli forums down, moving
ever-so- slightly in and out of me, and soon a group of several lolicon video free men had formed
a circle around us, watching this boy get fucked for the first time. The black
man who we had loli preeteen pussy seen in the shower stepped forward, pulling his towel away and
exposing a huge, fat, uncut cock, a good two or three inches more than what
Coach had inside me. He moved up and stuck his cock over my shoulder. Coach
stared at the big dick, unable to take his eyes off it. Slowly it moved
forward, until the head was grazing Coach's thick mustache, smearing a thick
rope of precum deep into it. Coach moaned a sweet, hungry moan and opened his
mouth to allow the big dick inside. fuck cute loli The black teen loli nn
man teased Coach, pulling out of
his mouth whenever Coach attempted to suck it. Coach Ray's moans became more
desperate, and finally the man gave him what he wanted. Coach ran his tongue
under the moist foreskin, getting the full, natural flavor of this uncut black
dick. Soon he had the man deep in his throat, and the black man reached down
and took my hand lolitta sex sites and guided it to Coach's throat so that I could feel him
getting throat-fucked from the outside. I could feel his own cock still
fucking my ass, its big, oozing head sliding in and out of its foreskin inside
me. Coach Ray was in a state of complete ecstasy, and, from the look in his
eyes, I knew that he was absolutely in love with what he was doing. He
whimpered sweetly, like a hungry puppy. I got off on watching this powerful,
strong, hairy ex-marine break under the command of this black cock. loli videos pictures The black
man threw his head back and began pumping the Coach's throat full of come, and
Coach took it like a pro. He took a few huge globs of sperm on his face, and
then drove his face Hardcore lolits into mine, kissing me deeply as ropes of the black man's
sperm stretched between our mouths and faces. Suddenly, all the men around us
began getting off, stepping up to blow their loads on us. I opened my mouth
and took as much as I could from every direction. Coach was amazed, watching a
newly made man take load after load of hot semen. He soon began shaking
underneath me and I felt his come flood my guts. He came long and hard, our
sweat-and sperm-drenched bodies clinging together in a mutual orgasm. As the
last of his load spewed into me, Coach confessed his love for me. I did the
same, knowing that something deep within me had changed. Without pulling out
of me, Coach Ray picked me asian girl loli
up and made for the sauna door. We were both
exhausted and anime erotic lolicon needed fresh, cool air. The group of admirers who had so
generously shared their loads with us cleared a path to the door. Coach took
me into the shower and held me under the water to clean all the come off me,
his big dick finally softening inside me. At that point, I don't think it was
possible for two men to feel as close as we did.
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