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Related post: Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 05:23:41 -0800 (PST)
From: milo emit
Subject: My Boyhood ExperiencesIt's hard to believe but I remember the very first time someone took all my
clothes off and fondled and probed my body. I was a couple months shy of
my fourth birthday. Four teenagers in the neighborhood took me to an old
tool china teen porn
shed. They were two boys and two girls. It was summer time and I had
very little on. They removed all my teen redhead porn clips cloths and took turns touching me. I
remember them laying me on something fluffy on my stomach and spreading my
little butt cheeks and touching me back there. I'm sure porn sex teen free it was just
curiosity on their part, but fre teen porn movies it was something very special to me. For some
reason because we did it in secret I knew I couldn't say anything to anyone
about the experience. The next such experience was when I was seven. There were two
bachelors living on a small farm across the street from the new house we
had just moved into a year before. The older brother worked for the county
road department while the younger, Bernie was mildly retarded and lived
with him being home alone when his brother worked. Bernie took care of
milking the cows and feeding the chickens. They use to live in the loft of
the barn until their new fresh teen porn videos house was finished. One day he talked me into
visiting him. I was afraid of him but really wanted to see his new house.
I loved then as well as now going through newly built houses or old
abandoned houses. I would guess Bernie was in his early twenties, but he
seemed old to me at the time. Bernie took me by the hand and showed me his chickens and how he fed
them then led me to the barn and showed me how to milk the porn teen shemale galleries cow. free teen porn pices
It seemed
weird how he touched that cow causing mild to come out. He wanted me to
try, but I was afraid to touch the cow that way. When he finished he took
me to his house. That is what I really wanted to see. The upstairs was
all finished, just waiting for a coat of paint to be put on the walls.
Then he took me to the basement. The coolness of the basement felt good on
my hot chest and legs. All I had on was a very short pair of pants held german teen porn
by the elastic waist band. The floor was cold against my bare feet. In
one of the teen little girl porn rooms in the basement was a wooden bench. There were no lights
in the basement yet, just a few small windows along the top of the walls. It felt strange being down there with Bernie. The teen titans porn clips room with the bench
was brighter than the other rooms. Bernie sat on the bench then young teen porn amature pulled me
up onto his lap. fucked teen porn
He held me close and started to gently rub my chest and
legs. His breathing seemed to become more noticeable. Then he lifted me
off his lap and his other hand seemed busy under me. When he sat me back
down he ask if I could feel that. I didn't know what he meant germany teen porn thumbnails and told him
didn't know what he was talking about. He shuffled me around some and asks
again. I still didn't know what he meant. He was really gay teen photos website breathing funny
now when he lifted me up and pulled my shorts and briefs non nude teen porn down to my ankles.
I was a skinny little kid and probably didn't weigh 30 lbs soaking wet. When he sat me back down he felt warm, and I realized I was sitting
on something hard and poking me in the butt. Again he asks if I could feel
him. I said I think so what was it? Bernie picked me up and turned me
around on his lap sitting me further down his legs facing him. That was
the first dick I had ever seen. I don't think I even noticed my own until
today. I looked at his sticking up in the air then at mine. Mine was also
sticking up in the air. I didn't even notice the difference in size, just
it was free young porn teen a curious thing and I wanted to explore them. I first touched my
little penis then his. He seemed to like me touching him. I remember
thinking how big his was as I wrapped both hands around him. What he did
next started me down a road I never left. I know now he was circumcised
like me, but his dick was really fat with a very large mouth. free teen titen porn He reached
into nude teen gymnastics
a little box on the bench and teen titans porn game
came out with something sticky on his
fingers, probably Vaseline. He smeared a big glob on my little dick. I
remember how wonderful it felt when he teen photo hunt porn
touched me. My dick would throb
between his fingers as he pulled it down and towards the teen porn preview opening on his
dick. I just let him have his way and watched mesmerized at what he was
doing. orgasmo porn teen photo He stroked up and down my shaft causing shivers through my body. I
never wanted him to stop. He took his dick in his other hand and made it
kiss my dick. I remember his dick looked like it was sun tanned and
wondered how it got that way. It also had a funny smell. He made his dick kiss mine saying it liked me. He scooted me closer
and while holding our dick head to head and my small dick started to
disappear into the mouth of his dick. At the same time Bernie started to
breath really hard and his body seemed to quiver and shake. His dick
seemed to swell up then go soft again. Finely my dick was gone. His had
swallowed mine whole. At first I was a little worried my dick had been
eaten by his, then I noticed how hot and tight if felt around my dick.
Bernie made my dick move in and out of his and I teen pussy tgp noticed he wasn't eating
it at all. I was having teen titans jinx porn feelings I didn't understand, but never wanted
them to end. After a little while of moving my dick in and out he pushed
his dick up tight against my body and started to move his hand up and down
his dick. I could feel his hand go over my dick as well but didn't have
the words to tell him what I was feeling when he ask if that felt good. I
just looked at him, I'm sure with wide open eyes and my mouth was probably
gaping open. Bernie started to work his dick harder and faster. Every once in
awhile his dick would push forward and I though nasty teen animal porn he might bump me off his
lap. I put my hands on his shoulders to keep my balance all the while
watching what he was doing to make me teen nerd porn pics feel so good. All at once Bernie
sort of went crazy. He grabbed a rag and just before he wrapped it around
his dick head I noticed a white slobber, bubble out around the mouth of his
dick. Later I realized it was cum, but at this time I though it was just
slobber like a baby did when he sucked on a bottle. Bernie was grunting
and shaking and I was a little afraid. Then he jerked my dick out of his
and held me tightly. Bernie slowly stopped making funny noised and jerking
around. latina teen porn tgp
He still had the rag around his dick. Bernie's eyes were closed.
He said that felt good then opened his eyes smiling. He asks me free granny teen porn if it felt
good to me. I think I was still in shock and nodded yes. I was hoping he
would keep doing it when he cleaned me up, dressed me and sent me on my
way. girl teen porn pics That's the only time black teen riding porn I did anything with him. Bernie had a little
niece he watched sometimes. I'm not sure how old she was, but she was
older than me. He wanted me sex for teens to do things to her like he did to me, but I
was afraid. Once I spied on him and his niece. He pulled her dress up
over her head, while she lay on the hay in the barn. Then he pulled her
panties off. He gay teen vids started to touch her the same way he touched me. I had a
sister and knew the difference between boys and girls. By now I also knew
how boys and girls could play with each other. I watched Bernie smear
something over his big hard dick then lay on top of his little niece. She
had a big smile on his face and he moved around on top of her. He
whispered something teen porn link
to her and she nodded her head yes. I saw Bernie's
necked butt move and tighten up then his niece's free porn streaming teen face lost her smile. She
started making sounds like she was hurting, but now really a bad hurt. Her
face was all scrunched up and her body was all tense. Her hands were
grabbing the hay and her feet were kicking the ground. When Bernie stopped
moving, she seemed to relax and let out a sigh. A smile came back to her
face. Bernie had his arms up over her head leaning on his elbows. I could
hardly see her under him. All I could see between his legs was his huge
balls. He said something to her and she said I think so. Bernie started
to move on top of her. His niece made a funny face again but this time education on teen sex it
didn't look like it hurt. After a little bit it looked teen hardcore porn free like she was
enjoying what he was doing. young teen models nude
About that time the cow kicked the side of the
stall and I ran home. I extreme teen sex
went into my house and watched out the front
window. From there I could see the door of the barn. When I realized no
one was after me I watched to see if extrem petite teen porn they would come out of the barn. When
Bernie teen porn blacks
and his niece came out of the barn she still had straw in her hair
and she had her hand holding herself between her legs. It looked like she
had to pee. Bernie was holding her other hand as they walked young teen slut vids
to the house.
They both had funny looks on their faces. The summer when I was nine, nearly ten, I told Bernie I had seen
him with his niece and wondered if I could do it to his niece, but she
wasn't allowed to visit anymore. I was also hoping he would play with me
again. By now my older neighbor had tough me a lot about sex and I was no
longer afraid to try different things. Bernie and I were in the barn and
he asks me to pull free teen sex galleries my peter out and take a leak. When I did he just looked
at me then said I was too big. I didn't think I teen free porn sex had grown that much. I
ask the neighbor boy Jimmy and he asian teen babe porn said my dick was large for my age. It
was about that time I started to notice the difference in size and the hair
or lack of it around other boy's dicks. Jimmy was a teen lesbian stories
couple years older than me, but seemed interracial anal teen teens a lot older. He
was asian teen girls xxx big for his age and very mature. His dick seemed huge compared to
mine. He was a red head and had boliwood teen porn free bright red pubes. He was uncircumcised,
but the skin barely covered his head when soft. His dick always had a
strange smell to it. free teen anal porn He taught me how to suck him off. I never liked to
do it because of the smell, but knew if I did him he would do it to me. I
would climax into him mouth, but he always warned me before he climaxed and
pulled away. When I got old enough to cum he would have me pull out also.
Right before my tenth birthday Jimmy invited me free amature teen porn to innocent teen fucked his house. sex teen video It was a
Saturday evening. His dad extremely young nude teens was a minister and his whole family was at
church. He rarely went so we had the house to ourselves. I knew we were free porn teen clips
going to mess around like we always did when we were
alone. We would take off all our cloths and lay on free teen sex games his bed. We would
already be hard. He got out a ruler and measured mine. I was four and a
half inches while he was six. He would suck me for awhile then I would
suck him. Although he had a nice patch of red pubic hair his balls were
hairless. Jimmy was twice my size and could have made me do anything he
wanted, but never forced me to do anything. He taught me kids teen porn how to wrestle in
the back yard. Most of the times it nude camp for teens ended up with our hands in each others
pants playing with each other. He taught me how to play with and lick my
little sister pussy. He taught me how to jack off, but I already had
figured that out from Bernie. Tonight though high teen porn
he wanted to try something
new he had learned. He never told me who he had learned it from till I
visited him once several years back. He had me lay on my stomach and he lay on top of me. I remember he
could cover my whole body. I felt his dick push against my butt. He
pushed a couple times then reached between us and moved his dick around
then ask if that was it. I had no idea what he was talking about and said
I guess so. He pushed some more then said it won't go in and got off. I
kept thinking go in where? Jimmy went into the bathroom next to his room
and I watched him smear Vaseline over his dick. It was bobbing up and down
as he came back to the bed. He laid back over me and adjusted his dick
again until he was poking free teen sample porn me in the butt. He asks again if that was it and
I said I guess, not knowing what he was talking about. All I know is this
big kid was making me feel really good and my dick was teen tennis porn rock hard under me
pressing into the bed. I was having so much fun. Then all at once there
was this unbelievable pain. Jimmy was panting and he was pressing tight
against me. All at once I knew what he was doing. He had put his big dick
up my butt hole and it was on fire. It seemed like forever, but probably
only a few seconds before Jimmy realized I was sobbing and asking him to
pull it out and he did. I stood holding my sore little ass sobbing asking
him what he had done. His dick was jerking all around and a little cum was
on the tip. He held me telling me hardcore teen porn xxx he was sorry that awesome teen anal porn
he didn't know it was
going to hurt. I later realized this was Jimmy's first time also. gangsta teen porn
He had
taken a dick up his butt, but being much bigger teen porn bbs top than me it didn't hurt. He
had never done it to anyone else. A couple minutes later my butt quite
hurting. Jimmy wanted to jack me off but I just wanted to go home. Later
when I went to the bathroom, Jimmy's cum gushed out of me. At first it
scared me. I though he had broken something inside me till I saw his cum
in the toilet. He said later he had teen porn film pushed almost all the way into me and
came instantly then jerked out when I started sobbing and telling him to
take it out. A few nights later we went to a new house being built. We played
around then he asks me to stick my dick in him. I was afraid to do it
knowing how it hurt when he did it to me. After some coaxing I decided to
try. I had trouble free shool teen porn
finding his hole in his big butt, but when I finely
found it and pushed all the way in I was hooked. Jimmy had me reach under
him and play with his dick all the while I was pumping his ass. He held
his cheeks full teen porn movies open so I could go deeper and I felt like I was in heaven. He
had to keep reminding me to jack him off. He came all over the floor under
him, but I wasn't done yet. Although it was the best experience so far, it
took me a long time to get the feeling in him. When young lesbian teens I did I couldn't
believe how much better it felt than jacking off. After that every time we
messed around I wanted to corn hole him. ( that's what we called fucking
back then ) teen k8tie porn
One night we were wrestling around in the back yard. When ever I
went out to play with Jimmy at night he wanted me to bring sex teen free porn some Vaseline
with me. I usually filled a wooden match box. Our wrestling around ended
up just playing with each other. This night was a very hot night with no
moon and it was really dark in the back yard. All I had gay teen girls porn on was a pair of
loosely fitting gym trunks. They had no liner and I wore no underwear
knowing we wouldn't need them. As we wrestled Jimmy's toon teen titans porn hands were all skinnynwhite teen porn over
me. My leg openings were loose enough that he had easy access pregnant blonde teen porn
them. He had unzipped his shorts so I could get to him easily also. After
awhile he was laying on top of me when he ask where the Vaseline was. He
got off me teen sex tape when I told him and when he grabbed me next he rolled me to our
sides and I felt his fingers pull the back of my shorts down then his big
dick was touching my butt hole. I tried to get away telling him I didn't
want to do it. Jimmy was panting hard and promised me he would go real
slow and if it started to hurt he would stop. A part of me wanted to get up and run away, but a part of me wanted
him to try it again. Even though it was very painful the first time there
was something exciting about him putting his big dick in me. I made site penisoerectiocom teen porn him
promise he would stop if I asianm teen porn told him so and stopped my sobbing and
struggling to get away. I was free teen only porn laying in sort teen nudity porn of a fetal position with black teen gay porn
the back of my shorts down enough to expose my little ass. Jimmy's big
body was laying along side me with legs over me, his knees pushing my leg
into my chest. His dick seemed larger than ever when it pushed at my tight
little hole. His dick would get hard then relax and the head felt
spongier. He laid still and gently pushed against me. I was ready to yell
the moment it hurt. I felt something move a little into me then a little
more. non nude teen model
I was almost hurting and I almost told him to stop. All at once I
knew he was in me and teen porn bilder it didn't hurt and it didn't fell like it was going
to hurt anymore. porn teen boy He asks if it was hurting and I said no and ask if he was
all the way in. I felt like he was a mile into me, but he said he just had
the head in and couldn't believe he had gotten it in me. We laid like that for awhile then I felt him start to go deeper. It
really the best teen porn
felt weird but more exciting than weird. I don't know how much he
had in me when I told him I think he was going to deep because it was
starting to hurt. He ask if I wanted him to pull out, but I said no just
don't go any deeper. Jimmy reached down and started to play with my very
hard dick. With his dick in me and his hand playing with my dick was the
best feeling I had ever experienced. At that moment I didn't know what I
liked best, corn holing him or him doing it to me. As Jimmy stroked my dick
he started to move in me. The pleasure was free nubie teen porn so intense I tightened my whole
body. Jimmy stopped moving and I relaxed. Jimmy said do that again so
every time he would move in me I would tighten up. Jimmy would move in and
out a teen porn private pics
couple times then stop saying he was really close. I ask how much
was in me. When we checked he had finely stuffed all six inches in me. He
started to move in me again. Not a lot but maybe half in and out. I felt
his dick swell and at first it felt too big then it started to throb and
Jimmy started to jack me off really fast. I lost all track of time and
where I was. It seemed a moment later nude teens bbs I realized Jimmy's dick was soft and
slipping out of me. Jimmy had rolled on top of me and talking to me. I
don't remember what he said. Finely I ask if he was done. He said yes and
asks if it pictures of nude teens had felt good. I told him I really liked it this time because
it didn't hurt at all except when he went in too deep. Jimmy rolled off me
and I looked at his soft limp dick. It looked fatter than before and I
couldn't believe I had taken that big thing in me. I was hooked from then on. He rarely fucked me, but always wanted me
to do it to him. He didn't seem very tight and it took me a long time to
climax in him. By hot teen japanese porn
the time I turned 11 I had several older boys I played
with and some younger. So far Jimmy was the only one to stick his into me.
When I was teen porn joy 12 my dick had grown to near 6 ffree teen porn
inches. Jimmy had moved and I
didn't see him again till I was 14. When I was twelve I forced my six year
old brother to let my fuck his little ass. The moment I got my dick into
him I was hooked on little boys. When Jimmy tiny teen porn pictures
visited last he was 16 and I was 14. I was a tall lanky
kid maybe weighing 100 lbs. We played strip poker and when we got necked
he said he had to pee. I went into the bathroom with him and natalie teen porn website we both peed.
I was hoping to do more but was afraid to start anything. Finely I said
man your dick got big. I don't know how big it bravo teen porn was, but I was over six
inches and he was bigger than mine. He laughed shaking it at me saying I
bet it won't fit in gay teen porn, sex
you now? I said I bet it would. I got some hand
lotion and lubed his dick really good. I leaned up against the bathroom
wall. Jimmy got behind me and I guided him into place. black teen porn students I kept wiggling
his dick around till the head went in. The rest was easy. Jimmy was
amazed how I had taken his huge dick. It was the biggest dick I had taken
to date. He started to move in me making my dick throb and it felt like he
was jacking me off from free teen stocking porn
the inside. He slowly teen big tits pumped into me till he came,
bring me along with him. filipina teen sex I shot my load into some toilet paper right after
I felt him jerk his load into me. Later that night we met in the woods
behind our house and I fuck his ass full of my cum. Even though My dick was
bigger since the teen ass sex
last time I corned holed him, he still seemed big and
loose. I still loved fucking him though. It was great, but nothing like
the younger boys I was doing it to. A few years back I ran into Jim again.
He had a very cut grandson. He also had a couple daughters. After talking
to Jim it's very possible his grandson is his son also. Milo

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