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Related post: Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 02:18:19
From: Erik Asman
Subject: Brandon's Life 5: Realizations & Exposures For pedo naked fuck
the next two weeks, Logan & Brandon settled into a routine. Each
morning, Logan came by and had breakfast with him. He would pick up
Brandon's schoolwork, sneak a bit of affection when Lois had her back
turned, and head off to school. He would usually not give in to the urge to
stop and jack off along the way. One close call with Mrs. Ferrinni, who
lived three blocks from Brandon's pedo xxx kids house, had broken him of that habit and
destroyed her prized azaleas. He would then race back to Brandon's house
after the last bell, have a snack and deliver his schoolwork, and sneak
whatever more they could get cartoon pedo sex away with. Usually this consisted of nothing
more than a chaste kiss or some sneaked touching under the table. The next
day, the routine would begin anew. Although he was up and slowly moving
around and getting back to feeling better, in fact, better than he had felt
in a while, Brandon begged off going back to school for the last week of his
convalescence. It had been Logan's brilliant idea of feigning antibiotic
side affects to achieve this. Logan spent the weekends at Brandon's house,
but Lois & Frank didn't give them much chance for anything and both boys
were too frightened of making noise and attracting attention to attempt
anything. Logan was glad to see his friend looking better, and not limping
about like an mega_shok.gif-year-old. It looked as if Brandon were finally on the
He was also confused yet elated about the new emotions he was
experiencing. At 14, he wasn't sure what to make of it. He'd never thought
much about sexuality, other than the fact that he had been whacking off for
almost 2 years and that he enjoyed the anal stimulation that he received on
a weekly basis from his enema therapy. With a slow anxiety that slowly
sneaked up on him over the latter 3 weeks of Brandon's incapacitation, Logan
realized that he was gay and that he was head-over-heels in love with
Brandon - a boy who had been his best and only real friend since
Kindergarten. He was also afraid. Afraid that someone would find out,
afraid that something happen to Brandon, afraid that something would go
wrong. Music and TV were filled with relationships that died in some way or
another, but Logan found that it was different when one actually cared so
deeply for another person. Brandon had been put through so much so quickly.
What if he were only acting this way because of what he was going through?
What if he got depressed? What if ... what if ...
Finally, on the day that Brandon was to get his catheter out, the
pressure simply got to be too much for Logan. Again, Brandon had asked
Logan to go with him and he had hastily agreed. But what if the Doctor
caught on? It wasn't normal for a boy to be escorted by his friends to a
visit at the Doc for something this major ... what if ... what if ... it
kept racing through his mind. Thursday night, Logan couldn't sleep. Friday
afternoon was the appointment with Brandon, but how was he going to get out
of school? Would his mom buy the 'help' excuse again? She didn't even know
what was wrong with his friend. Around 1AM, Logan ran to the bathroom and
puked his socks up. He was flat on the floor on his back, naked, shaking
and crying and gasping for breath. He was holding his chest, and he was
incoherent. His ragged breathing was so labored that he couldn't even talk.
It was only his asian pedo files
father's visit to the toilet at about 1:30AM that saved
Of course, they had been through it before. Logan was a high-strung
boy, and it was nearing the end of school. Finals, soccer coming up,
Brandon's illness ... it was not the first anxiety attack that he had had in
his short life, but it was certainly the worst. Fortunately, his father was
ready to deal with it. A few hits off of an Albuterol inhaler, some Tylenol
and a suppository sedative were the usual. Very calmly (outwardly) he got
Logan to inhale the vile tasting mist, and then rolled the boy over onto his
stomach. It helped matters a great deal that Logan was not modest (nor was
his father) and that he was also used to having enema tubes, thermometers
and suppositories inserted into his rectum on a regular basis. It didn't
take much to get the bullet shaped pill up into Logan. His father simply
put a bit of Vaseline on his finger and inserted it as far as he could; he
was practiced at it, after all. Logan seemed to breath a sigh of relief
when he withdrew his finger and went to wash off. And within a few moments,
as he cleaned up the boy from his puking spell, Logan became limp and his
breathing eased substantially. His eyes drooped, and Logan was carried
naked back to bed like a helpless toddler. His father then tucked him in,
kissed his forehead, and quietly left the room. He also put in a call to
the Doc, who suggested, in a pedofilia porno little girls sleepy voice, to have Lois top pedo tgp
bring him in at the
same time with Brandon the following day. It was a grand plan, and that in
itself would have put Logan at ease without the pharmaceutical intervention.
Wearily, Logan's father went back to bed, happy that he didn't have the
pressures of being a boy to live through again. His wife mumbled at him
when he returned, "What was all the commotion, dear?"
"YOUR son seized up and erupted again," he replied.
"Bad?" she asked groggily.
"No, this time he actually HIT the bathtub. It's a bigger target."*** Brandon stood staring down at the still form of his best friend.
Logan's pale hair was spilled down across his face as he lay on his side.
One eye was half open, and he had the blanket pulled up to his chin. His
face was pale, and Brandon could see the blue/green veins just under the
surface of the skin. Were it not for the small whistle that Logan's left
sinus made when he breathed, he could have been mistaken for dead - unless
one touched him. Brandon did that, running a hand slowly from the sleeping
boy's ear, down the jawline to his smooth chin. His fingers lingered there
for a moment, and he felt a stirring in his crotch. Logan's skin was smooth
and warm, and Brandon loved the feel of it. He wasn't hard, but it was
certainly trying. He shifted his leg, trying to get the damn catheter to
situate right. Today was the last day for it, and it wouldn't be long until
the annoying thing was out.
He wasn't sure how long he stood there, just watching Logan sleep. His
own mother had told him that they were going to stop and pick up Logan to
take him with them, as he had had an attack of some kind the night before
and that the Doctor wanted to see him too. Since Brandon's appointment was
a simple one, he had had ample time to see Logan as well. Brandon, of
course, had nearly gone into hysterics and wanted to go straight to his
friend first, but his mother Lois had assured him that his friend was fine,
sedated, and needed the extra few hours of sleep. Brandon had accepted
that, breathed a sigh of relief, and went off to harass his PC until it was
time to go. As he climbed the stairs to his room, happy that he COULD climb
stairs unaided now and also that the pain was gone, Brandon had remembered
the one time he had seen Logan have an attack. It had been the previous
summer, during a particularly close and heated semi-finals soccer game. He
had really believed that Logan was going to die, from the looks of him.
However, the next day, the boy had been fine and looked as if nothing had
happened. Brandon smiled as he recalled that game ... a game that they had
won by only one point. A game that had also sent one boy out with a
terribly aching set of balls. It had been an object lesson in not
forgetting one's phtc pedo
cup. As he smiled adolescent pedo nudist illegal at this memory, Brandon had slipped a
hand down the front of his blue jean shorts to feel at his own empty
He was jerked out of his reverie by Logan's gasp as his gray eyes
popped latin pedo sexy kids open. "Hiya!" he shouted, plopping himself down on the edge of the
bed and giving his friend a shake. Logan screamed.
"Hey, dude, get a grip!" Brandon ordered, tightening his own on
Logan's shoulders and shaking him again. Slowly, flecks of blue began to
appear in Logan's gray eyes as they struggled to focus. He wiped at them,
shook his head of pale blonde hair, and stared at Brandon. The slight
hangover from the sedative was still with him a bit, but in a few seconds he
recognized who had invaded his bed and sat up quickly. With a low cry, he
enfolded Brandon his a tight embrace, burying his face in his shoulder.
Brandon was a bit taken by his friend's reaction, but returned the embrace
all the same. After a few moments, Logan pulled back. "Heard you had a
seizure last night," Brandon offered.
Logan nodded. He stared at his friend, his eyes jumping from the
contrast of the blue to green bars of Brandon's pullover. He looked down at
the jean shorts, past the hairless legs, and saw that Brandon was wearing
his Nikes again. He surmised that it must be a bit chilly outside. A
glance out the window confirmed his suspicions; it looked like rain. A
glance into Brandon's face again, however, was like the sun coming out from
behind a black cloud. The fears and worries of the previous night seemed to
fall away. Brandon looked so much better; he had color again, his face
wasn't so drawn, and he seemed to moving around just fine. Logan just sat
there, unsure Sex porn anal pedo of what to say. "Earth to Logan," Brandon said, waving a
hand in front of his eyes. Logan sighed.
"What?" Brandon asked, 'Not the sigh again!' he thought.
"I was upset last night. I was thinking ... and school ... and you ...
and the tryouts ..." but Logan just couldn't put it all together. He
stumbled through half completed pedo world fotos gratis thoughts and jumped from pedophilia naked pics idea to idea. The
more he talked, the more unwound he became. Slowly, Brandon began to put
together what it was that had gotten his friend into such an uproar. He
also realized, with his own stomach sinking, that he had been thinking the
same things, among others. He just tried not to dwell on them. As he
listened to the 'what ifs,' he understood. He l pedo top list nodded as Logan tried to
talk, watching the tears come to his friend's color-shifting eyes. His own
set of 'what ifs,' the foremost being the exposure of his castration, came
strongly to the forefront. Finally, unable to see Logan suffering like he
was any longer, Brandon simply fell in beside of him and enclosed Logan's
chattering lips with his own, driving his tongue deep into Logan's mouth.
It was an instant cure-all.
Brandon felt his dick trying once again to harden, and he could feel
Logan's morning wood through the blanket. They almost forgot themselves
when a bellow from down the hallway startled them back to reality. "You're
going to be LATE!" Logan's mom screamed. Both boys came flying up off of
the bed, hearts pounding. Logan was, of course, still naked from the night
"Go shower," Brandon said, "I'll pull out some clothes."
Logan nodded and did that. Brandon looked through Logan's closet, then
checked the back of his door. He pulled a pair of white socks from a drawer
and a pair of the tight white briefs that Logan liked to wear. He then
picked out a pair of jean shorts not unlike his own, pulled Logan's Vans
from the closet floor, and selected - with a grin - the gray/blue pullover
that almost matched his own from the hook on the back of the door. He
gasped as he pulled the sweatshirt off of the hook. Hidden behind it was
Logan's own personal enema bag and hose. Brandon stared at it, animal sex pedo listening to
the water running across the hallway. young pedo teens ilegal He grabbed the end of the hose, which
unlike the one that the Doc has used on him, ended not with a blunt tip but
with a strange looking nozzle that was fatter in the center - slim at the
back -and had a large tunnel running all the way through it. It was smooth
and silver colored, and it had a large ring at the very back of it to keep
it from being inserted too far. Brandon's heart pounded as he held it,
imagining what it must feel like to have that thing trapped in one's ass
while it filled one with hot soapy water. He wondered how many times that
strange looking nozzle had been up Logan's ass. His dick was stirring
again, and he adjusted the catheter. It wouldn't be long until it was out.
He shook his head and gathered up the clothes. Almost forgetting, he
pulled Logan's glasses from the nightstand and put them on his own face.
The world skewed. "Jesus, the poor kid's blind!" As he opened up the
bathroom door, Logan jumped, dropping his towel. He had just gotten out and
was drying off. "NOT you," he said, seeing Brandon in glasses. Brandon
looked back at him, and for the first pedo kids video time noted that the boy was beginning
to develop the first signs of increasing musculature. His body was wet and
hairless, except for a very pale dusting of hair just above his erect penis.
He stared at Logan's balls, hanging in a red scrotum, loose and lower from
the hot shower. As bad as he wanted to, and with a pang of regret and loss,
there was no time for anything other than having his friend stand still as
he dried him off. Logan quickly dressed, stuffing his dick down into the
shorts which almost didn't cover him. Brandon laughed and shook his head
while Logan simply combed his pale skater cut down and out of his eyes. He
put his glasses on and smiled. They headed down the hallway hand in hand,
but stopped thai pedo movies
when they heard voices. They decided to eavesdrop a bit.
"Logan's been such a help, Rita," Lois was saying.
"Well with all the time he's been there, I feel like we're imposing,"
Logan's mom replied.
"Oh, not at all! Brandon's been such a chore these past few weeks, and
I tell you, Rita, I don't know how I'd have gotten along without his help,"
Lois answered.
"You know, now that Brandon can move around and all, why don't you
bring HIM back over sex pedo files pics here tonight, sort of a return favor? He can spend the
weekend with Logan, and you and Frank can ... well ... you know, catch up a
"Your mom's talkin' dirty," Brandon whispered.
Logan's face, however, was a mystery. His eyes were blue specks
dancing on green.
"Oh, that's too kind, Rita! Of course they'll love it," Lois agreed.
"You know, I don't know how this is going to sound, Lois, but Logan
doesn't have many friends. I'm so glad he's got Brandon to keep him
"Well keeping Brandon active is going to be a challenge, the Doctor
said, so I think they're good for each other. You sure you don't want to
come?" Lois offered, "We could shop while the boys are in for repairs and
..." the she turned, as if sensing eyes upon her. "Spies at 2 o'clock," she
said in a dark voice.
The guilty parties slunk from around the corner. Brandon, from
experience, kept his face down and eyes averted. Then he saw something that
he never suspected from Logan. He pulled out 'The Sigh' and the puppy dog
eyes on both mothers and it worked! "How much did you hear?" Lois asked,
her tone softening. Brandon was stunned. Normally, the skin-chaffing
scolding should have set in by now ... but it didn't. Logan pedo sites real was far more
devious than Brandon had given him credit for. "Just about Brandon
coming over and keeping active," Logan replied, "I'm sorry, pedo phtc we didn't mean
to," he offered meekly, although his voice was dripping with sarcasm. He
grinned, a thin and shy grin that instantly destroyed Lois and Rita both.
Logan was a devious kid, Brandon realized.
"Geez, I'd give my left nut to be able to do that," Brandon thought,
"if I still HAD it, that is."
Brandon watched, stunned, as his mother's face softened. She looked at
both of the boys, then simply said, "Alright, into the van.!"
"Don't forget to bring them BOTH back here tonight, Lois," Rita
reminded her. Logan, however, jerked his head around and stared at her.
"TONIGHT?" he asked in a shocked voice.
With a sly smile, Rita nodded at her son.
At that point, as Brandon gave him a gentle push towards the door -
with a hand on his ass so that no one could see it - Logan began to
seriously consider another sedative.*** Brandon & Logan sat in the waiting room, as usual. As usual, they were
both anxious and were reading sports magazines. pedo porno gratis
When their names were
announced together, both of them jumped. As they made their way to the
door, they met another boy on the way out. For a moment, all three of them
just looked at each other and Brandon was profoundly grateful that his jean
shorts were just long enough to hide his leg-bag.
His name was Stevie, although he hated to be called that, and he was
slightly older than Brandon and Logan. He was also a few inches taller, and
more developed. His voice had stopped breaking and squeaking, but it had
not yet settled into a deep baritone. Over the past few months, puberty had
really torn Stevie up. He had grown more than anyone else, developed more
musculature and body hair, and was probably the horniest of the group.
Stevie was also of a rougher cut than the rest. He wasn't exactly a friend,
but he wasn't an enemy either. He kidz porn pedo was just one of those fellow boys that
you wanted to approach, but didn't really know how to. Not only was he
bigger and stronger, but he had an attitude and a swagger to his walk. Add
to that the fact that he wore a large gauge gold loop earring in his left
ear and that he shaved his head. He had dark menacing eyes, black eyebrows,
and no one was really sure what color his hair was and of what race he was.
He could only be described as "American Boy." He was also fond of heavy
black boots and leather coats/vests, except for the summer months. He was
athletic and attractive in a strange sort of way, and Brandon and Logan both
were terrified of him.
As they met in the doorway, however, they both put on congenial faces
and pedo pre greeted him. He looked them both over and asked simply, "So you two
finally coming in for growth hormones, or is it for dick transplants? Oh,
wait, physicals? Yea ... guess what, kids? I'm in perfect health and going
out for soccer this season. Really like to play football or something where
I could HURT people, but I'm bored you know. I got a clean bill of health
too!" Brandon swallowed hard, trying not to stare at the pedo doujin zit that was
threatening to take over Stevie's nose. It was Logan who spoke.
"Yep, physicals. Soccer, too. Maybe we'll be on the same team?"
Stevie smiled, his white, perfect teeth flashing. "Pray for that,
shrimp," he suggested, ruffling Logan's pale hair and turning to stalk away.
Outside, thunder rumbled somewhere and girl pedo naked the clouds grew darker. It began
to rain steadily as Stevie set foot outside the door. "FUCK!" the whole
office him yell.
Brandon & Logan laughed once the door had gone shut and they felt safe
again. It was the usual procedure : strip, put on gowns, get weighed and
checked for vitals. The nurse thanked them for saving her some time by
going in together and left them to wait upon the Doctor. As they waited,
they chatted about their brush with Stevie. "Wish I was that built," Logan
said plaintively.
Brandon nodded. "He's older though."
"Not by that much," Logan replied.
"He's got more muscles and hair on him."
"That's because it's so damn BLACK," Logan commented, remembering
stealing glances at Stevie in the showers after PE class, "He's not got THAT
much, it just looks like it. There isn't any on his chest, and only a bit
on his belly and underarms." Brandon grinned.
"So that's why you look so bald all over then, Blondie?" They both
"You ever seen his dick?" Logan asked quietly, looking around.
Brandon nodded again. "Like I said, he's older. He's had more time.
You notice he usually goes in first and stands sorta sideway?"
Logan nodded agreement. "He isn't circ'd either, I heard."
Brandon's jaw fell open. "You got a GOOD look at it? He usually
doesn't give anyone the chance to see anything but his ass! I thought he
might not be, but I couldn't tell."
"That's why he keeps to the corner, stands like he does, and gets in
and out fast. He noticed YOU though, I saw him staring a few times. How'd
you like to help him whack off?" Logan asked.
"As long as that was all there was, dude. I think pedo asian sex
he'd choke me or
About then, the Doctor entered. He was his usual jovial self. "Hello
again, boys. You two are becoming quite a pair, I see. Now, what have we
got? Catheter out and samples, and Logan had another panic attack." He
shook his head. "Let's start with Brandon. Logan, you go teen yong sex pedo
sit in a chair
and wait. Brandon, you lie back and let me get that tube out of you. I
have to tell you, it's going to sting a bit!"
Brandon did that. "As long as it's out," he said.
Logan watched as the Doctor felt Brandon all over, as usual. He looked
him over closely, the usual exam, then put on the rubber gloves. He picked
up a small syringe. "Deflation," he explained, inserting it into the
smaller secondary pedo hardcore illegal tube on Brandon's catheter. He pulled the plunger back,
and it filled with saline solution from the anchoring balloon. He gave it a
gentle pull, not much, then said, "Relax and let it slide out on its own."
Brandon did that, his face strange. He could feel it sliding out slowly.
Brandon gasped as it slid, making small pedo kds trailer noises of discomfort. As it moved,
Logan watched too. He was getting hard, but he didn't move. Brandon
winced as the tube slid out, free of jpg pedo blood. He smiled. Through gritted
teeth he said, "Thank you!"
"Just take better care of yourself, son. Now," he mused, examining
Brandon's scars and empty scrotum, "that's looking good. Been depressed or
hot or tired more than usual yet?"
Brandon shook his head, wondering what he meant.
"Good," was all he said about that, then he said, "Roll over."
"So I can take a semen sample and the nurse can come get some blood
again so we can test it for the hormone levels. Need to see if it's time to
start you on patches yet," the Doctor explained.
Logan was getting worked up, and HE felt hot. He still didn't move,
however, as the Doctor lubed up a finger. "Do you HAVE to do it that way?"
Brandon asked, his voice pained.
"Unless you can jack off for me, yes. Want to try it?"
Brandon looked at pedo nude images Logan, his eyes pleading. Logan swallowed hard. He
looked at the Doctor, then back at his friend. It was clear that Brandon
didn't want that finger up his ass again. "I'm gettin' hard now," Brandon
offered. The Doctor nodded and handed him a cup.
"I'll look Logan over while you see to that then."
Brandon nodded, rolled back over, and uncovered himself as the Doctor
began to look Logan over. He pulled up the gown and felt him all over,
listened to his heart, the usual. Brandon watched his friend's body. He
thought about Logan as he hardcore little pedo vids
worked his stiffening dick. gallery sex pedo anal It wasn't totally
hard, and it did sting like hell from the catheter. "So are you keeping up
on the enemas?" the Doctor was asking Logan. Brandon got harder, and he
jerked faster, his eyes locked on Logan. He noticed how different jacking
off felt without a foreskin almost immediately. His thoughts ran back over
and over their recent explorations, and he felt himself beginning to sweat.
It had been over a month since he had jacked off, and he suddenly realized
how much he had missed it. He remembered the taste of Logan, the feel of
his warm, soft skin ... and his free hand moved down to his empty scrotum.
He felt the small scars there, felt the familiar tightening as he recalled
when his balls began to rise when a climax approached. This time, it was
different though. The feeling was there, but nothing was there to rise.
His dick stayed almost totally hard, only flagging once to about half, when
he looked over and saw that the Doctor was examining Logan's balls.
He was carefully rolling them back and forth in his fingers, looking
closely. Brandon remembered that same exam, how he neglected it, and how he
had paid for it. He was jealous of Logan, it was true, but he was also
fascinated by him. He saw that Logan was hard, his 4 inches standing back
against his hairless belly as the Doctor continued to work him over.
Brandon closed his eyes. He felt like he could cum, like he had to cum ...
he was close. He moved the cup to catch it as the Doctor asked Logan, "So
tonight IS the washing out night, on schedule, right?"
Brandon realized something then - he was spending the weekend with
Logan! Tonight was the night? Enema night, as Logan referred to it? He
thought about watching, thought about the feeling of the hot water and the
cramps - then he remembered the nozzle on Logan's personal red bag. His
dick stiffened up the rest of the way, and he shot. The feelings that
spread upwards from his so-changed groin were very different. What he felt
was more internal, but he shot illegal pedo nude galleries nonetheless. It was if the pleasure slowly
spread and was not entirely confined to his crotch. He shot only twice
more, the third time having almost no pressure behind it at all. He groaned
and laid back, having captured it all. He was rather proud of that. He
wasn't proud of how it looked though.
For one thing, it was thin and runny, almost clear with white streaks
here and there. There was no blood, thankfully, but there was also little
to no odor. "Well!" the Doctor congratulated him, "success, and without
balls to help!" he said, taking the cup from Brandon's trembling hand. The
nurse then entered, and took the semen sample and blood from both boys. She
handed the Doctor a clipboard.
Both of them sat up and listened as the Doctor explained things to
them. "Brandon, you're hormone levels are steadily falling. You're down
15% from last week, and last week was 10% lower than the period before.
That period japanese illegal pedo
was also 10% lower than when you came in here, and you were
borderline then. In the next few weeks, all of the testosterone will be out
of your body. What remains, from other glands, will be negligible. At this
rate, you're going to have a booster shot today, and we'll put you on
patches in about a month. It will take a month or so for the shot to work,
it's time released. After the ONE shot, you can start on the patches.
You'll develop normally, as any other boy with working balls would, don't
worry. BUT, the next month is going to be rough. As you lose hormones due
to the castration, you'll note a slowdown is sex drive. Erections might
stop, and if they don't, getting off will be very, very hard to do. As for
the rest, well, IF you were NEVER to get the shot and patches, your voice
would revert to childhood pitch, your body hair would all fall out, and
you'd grow taller and be less muscular and never ever have to shave your
face. We won't let that happen though. That's why they used to castrate
young boys intentionally in the olden days of history, to prevent them from
becoming men, to keep them from having sex pedo lola porno or to preserve the boyhood
voice," he concluded, reaching for a needle.
Brandon's face went pale. sex pedo gratis He was shaking. "I-I hate sh-shots!" he
"It's only one," the Doctor said softly, "Now turn a bit so I can
inject it."
Brandon shook his head, his face paling more. "No!" he begged, staring
at the long needle.
"You have to, Brandon," Logan chimed in. russian baby pedo "You don't want all THAT pedo 11 yo to
happen to you do you?"
"Can't we just do patches for starters?" Brandon pleaded, "Anything but
that shot!"
Logan had never realized how frightened of needles Brandon was before!
He found himself growing harder and harder, and the things the Doctor had
said to Brandon excited him. He thought of his friend, unable to become
hard - unable to jack off ever - never shaving - being thin and hairless ...
he felt a bit of precum leak out and he hoped that the Doc was done with
HIM. He watched as the Doc moved closer to Brandon with the needle.
Unable to face it, Brandon's eyes rolled up in his head and he fainted.
Logan couldn't help but laugh. The Doctor shrugged his shoulders and
injected Brandon's left butt cheek, pushing the long needle all the way in.
Logan gasped. "We'll make sure he stays a boy," the Doctor said, "and as
for YOU," he stated harshly, staring into Logan's near-green eyes, "settle
down! Stop worrying! You're too young for ulcers. I'm going to prescribe
low dose Ativan for you. You take one when you feel yourself getting kidz pedo nude pics worked
up, alright?"
Logan nodded. The Doctor turned back to Brandon and smacked his face
gently. Brandon groaned. The Doctor shook his head, sat the boy up, pulled
his gown off, and half carried, half dragged him to the shower area. He
laid the insensate boy on the floor and turned on the cold water. Logan
laughed as Brandon jerked awake with a yell, his eyes wide. In a moment, he
figured out where he was and rubbed at his naked butt pics pedo illegal cheek. "Dammit!" he
declared, "what was in that thing?"
"Hurt?" Logan had to ask.
"No shit," Brandon retorted, turning off the water and reaching for a
towel. Then he remembered that it was 'enema night' and that he was staying
at Logan's. No shit? They'd see ... He then dried off, his dick limp and
quiet, but still stinging up inside a bit. They dressed and headed out.
Lois ran them by the pharmacy to get Brandon's last round of antibiotics and
Logan's tranq's. There was only a day left before first tryouts for the
soccer team.*** They stopped by Brandon's house so that he could pack a bag and pee.
It felt so liberating, being able to stand up and feel control over his
bladder again. It burned like hell the first time, but Brandon was too
happy to be free of the catheter to mind it. As he zipped up and headed
back out to the van with his backpack, he thought of sucking Logan off the
last time. Now that his dick was free again, Logan could return the favor.
He wondered if Logan wanted to. Strangely, he found that he was looking
forward pedo rompl pics to sucking Logan off again more than he was looking forward to BEING
sucked off by Logan. And since he was 14 and easily distracted, his mind
wandered baby pedo pic mazok away from the subject by the time Lois had made it back onto the
road, very nearly running down a jogger in the process. Logan swallowed an
Ativan and closed his eyes.
For the rest of the day, after Lois dropped them off at Logan's, they
sat indoors and watched it rain. They both hoped that it would pass, since
Logan's family had a pool, but it didn't. The rain settled into a drizzle,
and the day remained gray. They passed the afternoon with video games and
TV. Brandon's stomach reminded him along about 5PM that it was time to eat.
He was surprised, however, when Rita informed him that he and Logan were
only going to be allowed a light snack and thick shake of some kind.
Brandon raised one pedo baby daddy cunt eyebrow and looked at Logan, whose face was flaming.
Then he remembered. "It's not a good idea to give a boy an enema on a full
stomach," Rita stated matter-of-factly.
"So it's THAT night, huh?" Brandon asked in hushed voice, "And does she
mean ME too?"
"Yes on both," Logan replied, "take what you can get, buddy. When dad
gets home, he'll help with it, and it's gonna pedo rompl terra es take a while."
"I feel like I been set up," Brandon said, a bit too loudly.
"You were," Rita replied, with a strange grin on her face.
Brandon followed Logan back to his room as Rita prepared a small dinner
for herself and her husband. When they arrived, Brandon wasn't sure what to
do. He was pedo boy movies
just a bit perplexed that Logan had included him in his plans
for his weekly cleansing. He stared at his friend and Logan sighed again,
lowering his eyes. "I'm sorry," he murmured.
"He did it to me again," pedo porn preeteen
Brandon thought, feeling like a slave being
led to the block by that one sound of Logan's sighing. That and those eyes,
which were green flecked with blue and so pleading. It was more than either
of them could resist, however, despite the fact that the danger of getting
caught was very high.
They moved closer to one another. The boys slowly started to kiss each
other on the lips. Brandon parted his mouth and Logan slipped his tongue up
into his friend's mouth. The boys played some tonsil hockey and they rubbed
there hands all over each others clothed bodies. They broke the kiss long
enough to pull off there shirts, then started to kiss once again. This time
it was Brandon's turn to push his tongue into Logan's mouth. As they kissed
and sucked each others tongues, both boys used there hands to feel up each
others now bare chests. They played with each others nipples until they were
rock hard little pebbles. Ever so slowly there hands slid down and down
until they reached each others shorts. As one, they unsnapped the button on
each others pair of shorts and then pulled down the zipper. The shorts being
loose fit jean shorts just fell down to the boys ankles, and still kissing
they kicked there shorts off. Both boys now dressed only in there shoes,
socks, and Brandon in his boxers and Logan in his briefs. The boys hands
fell to each others crotches and the both moaned into each others mouth as
they rubbed each others dicks. Logan's cock became rock hard in his tight
white briefs and the tip of his dick escaped the waistband of his underwear.
Logan could feel Brandon's dick became a little harder, but not much.
The boys stopped kissing and pulled apart. Their eyes glued to each
others crotches as they each pulled off their underwear. Logan's penis was
so full of blood that it was pressed up tight to his belly. If he had to pee
he would of pissed on his own face his dick was so hard. Brandon's dick was
only half hard and drooped over his empty ball bag. Brandon's dick gave a
small jump as he looked at the empty scrotum and a clear drop of pre-cum
came out of the tip and oozed down in a long string until it broke and fell
to the floor. Seeing the pre-cum drip made Brandon's dick a little bit
harder and the boys watched as it tried to raise, but then fell again.
"Maybe I can help it," said Logan as he dropped to his knees and took
the wilting boy cock into his mouth. "Besides, I owe you one, remember?"
Brandon felt his friend's mouth entrap his tool. He felt some good
feelings and he started to pedo child fuck fotos
play with his own tits. Logan sucked the boy toy
and used his right hand to feel and rub Brandon's empty scrotum. His left
hand rubbing Brandon's upper leg from his knee and up to the top of his
thigh. Without even touching his own dick, Logan started to fire off some
thick ropes of boy cream. The ropes were white and thick as the hit
Brandon's lower right leg. When Brandon felt the wetness he looked down to
see the last three blasts of cum splurt out and land on Logan's own upper
legs. Even after shooting all the sperm out, Logan's dick never got soft.
Logan never stopped sucking on Brandon's now half hard dick.
Logan pulled off of Brandon's dick. He bent down and licked his cum off
of his friends leg. When his leg was clean, Brandon knelt down and he then
licked pedo movies download the cum off of Logan's upper legs. Once the cum was cleaned up the
boys kissed once again. After breaking the kiss again and sharing the taste
of Logan's seed, Brandon said to Logan, "Dude that was so cool. But I think
... what I mean is ... I want you to fuck me. I didn't really like having
the Doctor's finger and the enema tube pedo defloration up me at first - but now - I don't
know, now I want you up inside of me. I mean, pedo pics forums
if it's OK with you and all?"
Logan heart almost stopped. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.
Although he'd had several jack-off sessions with Brandon and the others, and
he and Brandon had become very intimate lately, he had never received nor
given anal sex. It was the last step, he realized, and suddenly he realized
that he wanted to do 12 yo sex pedo it.
His eyes turned to sky blue in color and a big grin formed on his lips.
Logan only nodded his head as a yes and got up and with his dick pointing
the way walked to the bathroom. He returned with a small jar of Vaseline
that he found. Logan had Brandon get on his hands and knees. Brandon used
his hands to pull his ass cheeks apart, and Logan used a finger full of
Vaseline to lube around and then into his friend's ass. Logan's finger soon
felt loose, so he added another finger with more lube on it up into Brandon
as he loosened up. Brandon was feeling his ass getting stretched by his
friend and he gasped in pain. He did not want to scare Logan, but he
couldn't help it. Logan now slipped in a third finger and he heard his
friend gasp again and felt the ass clamp shut onto his fingers. He knew it
would hurt a little and he wanted Brandon to get used to it, so instead of
pulling out his fingers, he pushed all three of them in further.
"Stop!" Brandon said in a cracking kids site best pedo voice, "That hurts!"
"Trust me," Logan replied, going a bit easier.
"I don't think I can do this," Brandon replied. He was shaking now,
more out of fear that Logan was REALLY going to do what he had asked.
He was confused. For a while, HE had wanted to be the one fucking
Logan in the ass, NOT this other way around. However, he now couldn't get
or stay hard enough long enough to do it. He silently cursed his eunuch
status, and wished desperately that the damn hormone shot would do
something. That however, was at least a month off.
"Sure you can. Just trust me." Logan reassured him.
Logan started to pump his fingers slowly in and out of Brandon's ass
pussy. Brandon started to moan in pleasure and his now soft dick started to
respond to the stimulation of his prostate and anus. His dick raised up to
half mast as he got finger fucked. Logan used his left hand to scoop out
some more lube and started to rub his own cock. Once his power tool was well
lubed, he pulled his fingers out of his friends tight ass and he started to
slid his dick up into the hole.
Brandon felt the fingers pull out and be replaced by Logan's cock.
"That's not so bad, is it?" Logan asked.
He could not believe how good Logan's dick felt. He felt Logan's low
hanging balls on his butt cheeks and he also felt a small tickle of Logan's
pubic bush and he knew his friend's cock was as deep as it would go. Logan
had his dick all the way in Brandon's ass and he had never felt anything
like it before. He could only describe it as a silky feeling as he felt
Brandon's ass muscles grip his tool. Logan started to slowly pump his hips
back and forth, and he felt his dick slide in and out of the silk glove of
Brandon's ass.
Both boys moaned as they both felt sexual feelings they had never felt
before. Logan pulled fully out of Brandon's ass and had his friend lie down
onto his back. He put Brandon's legs up onto his shoulders and then took
hold of his dick and pushed back into Brandon's hole. Brandon's dick had
gone soft once again, even thought he was getting some major prostate
stimulation from Logan's cock child erotica pedo rubbing it. As Logan pumped his dick into his
friend, he took hold of Brandon's soft cock and started to rub and play with
it. His left hand went straight to the empty scrotum and started to play
with that also. Brandon's cock started to respond to the stimulation pedo illegal kiddie rape and it
got about half hard when Brandon had his orgasm. Brandon's whole body shook
with the orgasm and his ass clamped super tight to Logan's invading dick.
That was to much for Logan to take, and he started to fire off blasts of cum
up into his friends hot boy pussy.
Brandon cried, loudly, more in please than pain but in shock as well.
"BOYS! What's going on in there?" They heard a shout from down the
Logan, however, was not so far gone in pleasure to not be sly. The
last thing he wanted was for his mom to find him with his dick up his
friend's ass.
"Brandon just got me killed on the last level, stupid game!" Logan
"It's only a game, boys," she said, and they could hear her heading
back down the hall. Their hearts were pounding in having gotten away with
Logan kept on pumping Brandon's dick, and one little spurt of clear
fluid shot out and landed just below Brandon's belly button. Two more small
dribbles of clear fluid came out and dripped down into Brandon's thinning
pubic hairs. Logan pulled his now soft dick out of the warm embrace of
Brandon's ass and he lay down next to his friend.
No words were said out loud as the boys looked into each others eyes
and they smiled at each other. The last step had been taken. Both of them
knew it, and they both realized that there was no going back. Silently,
they cleaned up some and headed back downstairs for their very light dinner.
Logan's father arrived home around 6PM. The boys were just finishing
up the last of their shakes, which were quite good, Brandon thought, when he
came in and embraced his son, kissing him soundly on the cheek. "What'd the
Doc say?" he asked.
Rita answered for Logan. "He needs to calm down. He put him on low
dose tranq's."
Logan's dad turned to ruffle Brandon's bleached out hair, then patted
his head. "You OK too, Sport?" he asked. Brandon found Logan's parents
just a bit too happy for his liking. They'd probably be a LOT less happy
had they known had just transpired in sites fotos pedo Logan's room as well.
"He'll live, so Logan says," Rita replied. "Why don't you two boys run
along to the bathroom now, and Logan, you get the stuff ready. You go first
so Brandon can watch and see what happens. We'll grab a quick bite while
you do that."
"Why me?" Brandon asked suddenly, underground pedo free his ass still a bit sore from Logan's
surprisingly hard screwing.
"Because it's good for you," Logan's dad answered.
"AND your mother thinks it's a good idea, too," Rita commented. Logan
got up and waited in the doorway for Brandon, who joined him nervously. He
looked back at Logan's dad and shivered. "I don't know about this," he
said to Logan when they reached the bathroom across the hall from Logan's
room. "I mean, he's YOUR dad, not mine." Then he looked around. The
bathroom was much larger than his own, and it was carpeted, all except for
the area in front of the tub where it was tiled. In fact, the tub was very
large as well and sunken. It looked deep.
"You could almost live in here," Brandon thought.
Then Brandon noticed the small padded bench along the wall, which Logan
pulled out a bit. He then opened the closet door and handed Brandon a new
red bag and hose. The smell of the fresh rubber stuck in Brandon's mind.
He took it, his hands shaking. "I'm gonna go get mine," Logan said, "You
might as well get naked, because dad doesn't waste time. Besides, we can
get pedo pics gallery free more to eat a couple hours after we're done."
Brandon laid the bag and hose on the bench and stripped. He felt funny
being naked in front of someone, other than the Doc or his jack-off buddies.
He couldn't believe that Logan's parents were so casual, while his own
were usually so uptight and not nearly as affectionate. Brandon realized
that he really didn't remember his own father ever kissing him like Logan's
had him. And what was worse, Logan's dad was going to see what they had
done to him. He was going to see that Brandon had been castrated. He'd
probably assume he had been circ'd at birth, but the thought of Logan's dad
seeing him naked with his empty scrotum was too much. He had to think of pedo child tgp a
way out of it. He was still thinking, sitting on the bench when Logan
returned with his own bag.
Logan casually laid the bag, hose and nozzle on the bench beside
Brandon's bare leg. He then got a large and deep pan out of the pedofilo pic closet and
placed it in the tub. He dropped a bar of coconut scented soap into it, and
turned on the water, carefully measuring the temperature with his hand.
Brandon stared at his ass, imagining that large nozzle going in. He
wondered how it would feel, since 'his' bag and hose didn't have one. He
wondered how his own dick would feel in there as well, as Logan had just
done to him, but all he could do was wonder. Logan's bare ass looked so ...
He gasped when Logan's dad suddenly entered the bathroom. He was
dressed only in a knee-length robe and slippers. Logan had just finished
filling the pan, and Brandon could see the suds and smell the coconut scent.
He pulled his knees together and put his hands over his crotch. Calmly,
as if nothing were wrong at all, Logan filled the bags from the pan and
screwed the hoses onto them. He then clipped the white hoses shut and hung
them from child pedo teen sex two hooks in the ceiling which was lower than most. "Ready?" his
dad asked.
"Yes, sir," Logan replied, handing him a box of free movi pedo sex
rubber gloves and a
tube of KY Jelly.
Brandon's heart pounded as he got free dark pedo up carefully and watched Logan lie
down on the bench. It tilted back a bit as his mpegs pedo
weight pressed on the end.
Brandon took a seat on the edge of the tub, the tile cold under his bare
ass. It felt good though, since the injection spot was sore; not to mention
his hole in general. He held his legs closed. His dick was twitching, and
he was embarrassed. He couldn't believe he was there, much less believe his
parents had been in on it! Carefully, Logan's dad put a glove on and lubed
his son's ass. Brandon watched as he slid his finger in gently, covering
the opening. He then picked up the large nozzle which hung nearby and lubed
it. He released the clip to fill the line with water and purge the air in
it, then clamped it shut again and began to gently probe at Logan's hole
with it. From experience, Logan relaxed. He moaned as the tip of the
nozzle slid in, and exhaled heavily as the fat center of it was pushed in,
effectively plugging his ass to prevent leaks. Brandon's dick grew fully
hard, as did Logan's, and the plug/nozzle slid in all the way. It extrem pedo porn looked
too large to go in, but it had.
"OK?" his dad asked.
"Yes, sir, ready," Logan answered, his voice quaking. His dad
reached over and released the clip. Brandon noted the 'snap' sound it made
as the hot soapy water began to flow up into Logan's belly. His 4 inch dick
was hard and twitching in time to his pounding heart. Brandon found that
his own dick was so hard that it hurt, and he wished he could exploit it.
"Logan, must you always have an erection when we do this?" his dad asked in
a jovial voice. Logan's blushed, but said nothing. Slowly, the red bag
deflated and Logan's belly swelled. Brandon stared, fascinated, as Logan
had his belly massaged to help the soapy solution up into him. He cried
softly as a few cramps hit him, but obviously he was used to it. His dad
counted four minutes off on his watch, then slowly pulled the plug out of
his son's ass. He helped the boy up and told Brandon, "Vacate, and get the
lid up, please, you're closer. You're next, Brandon, c'mon." Logan smiled
at him as they passed and Brandon took his place on the bench.
He couldn't believe he was doing it, but he also couldn't believe he
was seeing Logan's dad change gloves, take the plug/nozzle off of Logan's
tube, wash it in strong smelling orange soap, and attach it to the one he
planned to use on Brandon! He lubed up a finger as Logan relieved himself,
then Brandon realized something. In his fear and sitting naked on the cold
tile floor, his empty scrotum had contracted to almost nothing! There would
be no hiding it. Logan's dad was going to see it. He was lubricating the
nozzle now. Time seemed to slow down to Brandon, and then Logan's dad was
saying, "Lift you knees, Brandon, and spread them out." Brandon did that,
numb with fear. He flinched as the finger penetrated his hole, spreading
the lube all around it. He felt the finger slide in. He felt the tip of
that intimidating nozzle/plug being pressed against it, and his dick began
to harden a bit as it began to penetrate him. Brandon resigned himself to
the humiliation. "I am not going to let this rule my life," he thought, "If
they see me, they see me. I'm a eunuch. I can deal with it." The look on
his face must have said otherwise, though, as Logan's dad finished inserting
the nozzle. pedo girl animal He then bent down, placing a hand on Brandon's warm and heaving
chest. The boy was shaking and squirming, but not in pain. The plug felt
great ! He realized immediately why Logan had this done every week !
Still, he was embarrassed.
"Relax, Sport," he said softly, but Brandon couldn't help but blush as
his eyes teared up. "What's wrong? Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt
you, Brandon." He then bent down closer, and to Brandon's total surprise,
kissed his cheek. "You don't get much affection at home, do you?" he asked
sadly. Brandon shook his head. "Look, Brandon," he continued, "We won't do
anything to you that we wouldn't do for Logan here. The Doc suggested this,
showed us how to do it, and YOUR parents agreed with it. Frank & Lois are a
bit too stuffy, if you don't mind me saying so. They were so grateful to
Logan for helping take care of you. And, yes, I know what happened to you,
Sport. Your dad told me. You're not the only boy in the world who lost a
nut or both. My brother, Logan's uncle Dale, lost one to a strangulation
when he was only 10. Now relax."
And with that, Logan's dad released the clamp. Brandon could hear a
flush and the shower running as the hot water filled him. Logan was done
emptying his bowels and was dark little pedo cleaning up. As he had done for his own son,
Logan's dad massaged Brandon's pedo foto sex belly and helped him through the worst of the
cramps. Brandon opened one teary eye and saw that Logan, still naked, was
refilling his own bag with clean salt water. He was smiling too. Brandon
couldn't help but smile, seeing Logan's half hard dick pointing at him. He
grinned. "That's a good boy!" Logan's dad said, "Just a bit longer, the
bag's almost empty." Brandon groaned as the cramps hit him, and he found
that he liked the feeling of being so full. He also discovered that the
plug/nozzle that was filling his colon with soapy solution felt good -
really good - as his ass-muscles contracted around it. His dick twitched,
and he began to sweat. Logan's dad's touch was not unpleasant, and Brandon
found himself wishing black pedo family that his own parents were so 'touchy.' It felt nice.
It wasn't the same as when Logan touched him. It was NOT a sexual touch,
but it touched something deep within him that had been neglected pedo kds topsites
for a long
Then it was over and he felt the plug pulled out. That was a fantastic
sensation as well, and he was helped to the toilet as Logan took his place
on the bench.
The process was repeated twice more for both of them with salt water,
and when they had showered and dried off, Logan's dad said, "It's 8:00PM
now. You two take a nap and then you can get up and have a small meal.
Remember, tryouts tomorrow at 1PM!" Then he left, with Brandon bewildered
and standing next to Logan. Logan took his trembling hand in his, and led
him to his bedroom. "That was WILD, man," Brandon breathed, as they lay
down together on Logan's bed.
"Every week," Logan offered. "You horny as I am?" Logan asked.
Brandon nodded, although his dick was soft and his butt was still a bit
sore inside and out. "I thought I was gonna cum when that nozzle went into
me for the third time."
Logan laughed. "I illegall pedo fucking pics
did once, my dad just about shit!" They laughed,
then stared for a moment at each other. Brandon kinder child pedo felt his eyes tearing
"What?!" Logan demanded, "You OK? Anything wrong?"
Brandon shook his head. "I saw how he looked at you, how he touches
you. How he kissed you when he got home. Your dad loves you, Logan. Mine
just tolerates me." Brandon hung his head and gave up. His own dad had
told Logan's dad about his castration. How could he do that? Brandon
didn't understand, and he suddenly felt cold and unwanted. His parents had
said they were grateful for Logan's help during his convalescence. It was a
bit too much. He also felt tired, yet exhilarated. He understood why Logan
enjoyed his weekly enemas so much. It had felt so good.
Then he felt a warm hand on his thigh, very near to his crotch. He
opened his eyes to see Logan's blue eyes staring back at him, very close to
his face. Logan leaned forward, his other arm reaching around Brandon's
shoulders to pull him close. "Talk to them," Logan suggested softly,
pressing his lips to Brandon's and kissing him rather seriously. Brandon
saw that Logan was fully erect, and that teen naked cam pedo his own dick was only about half,
but twitching. Logan grasped it, trying to coax a bit more from it. "Be
more open with them, and maybe they'll be with you."
"They'll hear us," Brandon then said, letting himself be embraced.
"No, actually they won't. I usually take a nap afterwards and they go
out and get something special. Listen."
Brandon heard the car start, and Logan squeezed his dick. "I want you,
Brandon," he said, in a voice uncharacteristically firm and demanding.
Logan dropped to his knees and took Brandon's soft 2-1/2 newly-cut inches
into his mouth. Brandon felt the warm wetness of Logan's mouth on his penis,
and felt some good feelings, but not total sexual feelings like he used to.
Logan sucked the stiffening soft penis and he took hold of the empty
scrotum. Logan's cock became rock hard and he was wishing in his mind that
his was empty also.
Brandon's dick would not get fully hard, so Logan pulled back to suck
just on the head of the tasty tool. He reached to his night table next to
his bed and pulled open the drawer. To Brandon's surprise, he pulled out a
large tube of KY jelly and put some of the lube on his index finger. The
little shit had been prepared! Obviously he had placed it there when he had
come back to fetch his bag! He slipped the finger up his friend's hot ass,
clean from the enemas, and pedo baby porno found Brandon's prostate, remembering what he had
seen the Doctor do. He started to suck the whole cock again as he nude child cp pedo rubbed the
small prostate.
Now the cock in Logan's mouth started to respond, and Brandon felt the
good sexual feelings. Ever so slowly the penis became hard in Logan's mouth.
When Brandon's dick became just about half hard it stopped raising up. Logan
did his best to make his friend feel good. He was now able to insert a
second finger up Brandon's hole and he thrust his finger in and out of the
boy pussy. Logan used his left hand to play once again with the empty ball
bag. He would rub and pull on it, then he would slide his hand down
Brandon's leg until he reached the ankle, then slide it up the other leg
until he got back to the empty scrotum. Brandon let out a moan as he rubbed
his hairless chest and played pedo lollita teens
with his hard nipples. Even though his dick
was not fully hard he was enjoying the feelings his friend was giving him.
He started to thrust his hips and started the "fuck" motion to thrust his
cock in and out of Logan's hot mouth. Logan held his head still as the cock
thrust in and out of his mouth. He used his tongue to rub the magic spot on
the underside of Brandon's dick.
Brandon's asia pedo porno thrusting became faster as he felt the feeling start. He
closed his eyes and he felt his balls start to pull up, getting ready to
shoot there boy cream. Brandon opened his eyes illegal pedo brasilian and looked down at his
scrotum. It was still flat and empty in Logan's left hand, but he could
still feel his balls, he did not understand and at the time he could not
care. pedo teen He closed his eyes again and then let out a small yelp. Vaguely he
remembered something called 'phantom pain' he'd heard about amputees, but he
felt too good to dwell on it. Logan felt Brandon's dick get just a little
bit harder in his mouth, then it gave a twitch. A small splurt of fluid shot
out and Logan tasted the fluid. One more smaller dribble of fluid came out
on the next twitch of orgasm. the next three and the last twitches were dry,
but Logan got enough fluid from his friend to enjoy the taste of his friend.
It was so different from the first time, but it was still good.
Logan pulled his fingers out of Brandon's ass and pulled off of the now
soft again dick. He looked up and smiled at his friend who was looking down
and smiling at Logan. Logan stood back up and both boys hugged each other
and then kissed. This kiss was not a lust filled one, but a loved filled
one. With this kiss Brandon knew he was loved and that he loved Logan. It
wasn't hard to understand, given how Logan's father had greeted him when he
came home. Logan's life had been filled with affection, and he was ready to
give it to someone else. This boy had touched some tender spot deep within
his heart, not just his ass.
Logan moved Brandon over to his bed and without breaking the kiss, he
lowered his friend onto 3d pedo toon
the bed. No words were said as Brandon lifted his
legs. He bent his knees and his feet were now by his head. Logan grabbed the
tube of KY jelly and put some on his hard cock. He jacked his cock to make
sure it was rock hard and fully lubed up. Brandon looked momentarily
confused, then he realized what his friend was going to do. His heart
skipped as he realized that Logan intended to screw him again.
"Wait!" he asked in a hushed voice.
"Trust me," Logan smiled.
He slowly guided his throbbing cock into Brandon's fuck hole. naked pedo kids
He pushed
it in and this time there was no pain for Brandon as the hard boy cock
entered his ass. When Logan was in all the way, he started the small
thrusts. It was awkward at first, until Logan illegal fat pedo established a rhythm and
Brandon relaxed a bit more. The boys' hands roamed all over each others
bodies as they kissed and Logan thrust his dick in and out of his friend.
Because of the stimulation to his prostate by Logan's cock, Brandon's own
dick got a little hard, not as hard as when he got sucked, but it did grow
a bit bigger. Logan felt this and took hold of his friends dick and jacked
it off to the same timing as his thrusting cock. Both boys were in heaven as
the need to cum filled Logan's balls. Logan started to thrust faster and
faster. Brandon's dick got a bit harder as it got jacked by Logan's expert
hand. Both boys were moaning and the sweat started to drip off there bodies.
Logan's body became stiff as a board as he started to fill Brandon's ass
with his teen cum. Brandon felt the hot sperm start to fill his guts and he
had another orgasm. This time it was fully dry. With his balls gone, there
wasn't much left in him and what had been had long since been shot out or
pumped out by the Doctor. No fluid came out as Brandon's dick twitched in a
dry orgasm. Instead, his entire body spasmed and he cried out in ecstacy.
It was the best thing he had ever felt, and he felt silly for having been
When the orgasm died away, Logan pulled his deflating dick out his
lovers ass and he laid down next to him. Both boys kissed each other again.
Logan stood up and put out his hands. Brandon took hold of Logan's hands and
got pulled up. The boys walked hand in hand to the bathroom and took a
shower together. Logan used a well soaped up finger to clean out Brandon's
butt of his cum. When both boys were clean and all the hot water was used
up, they got out and they dried each other off. They went back to Logan's
room and got back into bed. They then lay down for japan pedofilia gallery a nice nap. dark free pedo Brandon fell
asleep staring into Logan's perfect face with a strange feeling in his ass
and a stranger one in hsi heart. *** Brandon was awakened by a shake to the shoulders. pedo illegal movie Temporarily
forgetting where he was, he mumbled, "I can't go to school, I'm hurt!" He
felt a hand on his cheek. Slowly, he opened his eyes and saw Logan's room.
He looked up and saw Logan's dad looking down at him with a gentle smile on
his face. He then sat up slowly, the blanket sliding down to his waist.
His face flushed as he realized that he was still naked from the enema
session. Logan's dad smiled and pointed. It didn't seem to phase him a bit
that his son was in bed, naked, with another boy. Brandon turned and looked
his friend. He was lying beside him, close, on the twin sized bed. Logan
had somehow pulled his side of the blanket off of his smooth and hairless
legs and managed to have it only covering him from about the waist up to his
chest. Seemingly sated for the night by the round of wild lovemaking, Logan
was out cold, his genitals soft and small looking. Brandon glanced at his
flaccid dick, amazed that something so harmless looking could have done what
it did to him, twice in one day! His chest pedo child porn picks hardly moved, and Brandon
watched his eyes darting this way and that under the lids. He was on his
right side, facing them, and father and friend both watched him for a few
minutes, listening to the delicate whistle that his one sinus made. He
looked, to Brandon, suddenly so fragile and helpless. He wasn't a large
boy, and he looked so different without his glasses. His pale hair was down
over his eyes, and his red lips were slightly parted. Then, to his
surprise, Logan's dad took Brandon by the hand and coaxed him out of bed.
Embarrassed by his nudity, Brandon stood up slowly and his hands moved
to cover himself. He found one of those larger, rough hands stopping him,
however, and the other taking him around the shoulders. Logan's dad was
tall, Brandon realized, taller than his own dad. "He looks like an angel,
doesn't he?"
Brandon recalled Logan's work on him only hours before with his 4-inch
tool, and he felt a dull ache in his asshole. "More like a fallen angel,"
he thought, but he nodded. underground love pedo "I-I dunno wh-what to say," Brandon offered,
uncomfortable at being naked and being led by Logan's dad. He was painfully
aware of the fact that he tiny pedo cp was castrated, and being found naked in bed with
Logan, well, Brandon figured that he was being illegal pedo childs porno sent home and that all hell
was about to break loose. He began to tremble. "Cold?" Logan's dad asked?
Brandon shook his head. He felt that rough hand holding his, the other
messing with his hair. He was confused. Then Logan's dad laughed. "You
think I'm upset with you, don't you?" He grinned broadly. Brandon looked
down at his bare feet and nodded. "Well I certainly didn't expect you to
sleep on the floor, and Logan wouldn't have let you anyway. You know, he's
never had anyone spend the night before. And when he spent the night with
you, that was his first time out. Did you know that you're about all he
talks about, fetish forums pedo
Brandon? Ever since he took up with you, he's been a different
boy altogether. I don't know what there is between you two, but I hope it
never ends."
Brandon had no idea what to little girl pedo fuck
think. If this man only knew what his son
had done to him a few hours ago! In spite of himself, Brandon smiled.
"That's better!" Logan's dad said, pulling holland pedo him towards the door. "Did he
take a tranq today?" Brandon nodded.
"In the van. My mom's driving scares him."
Logan's dad laughed, a warm rich laugh. "He won't wake up until
morning then. He usually sleeps for two hours after an enema session, then
wakes up, eats, and goes back to sleep for the night. Tell you what - let's
let him sleep if off, and you come down and eat. I know you're hungry, I
can hear your stomach."
"OK, just let me get my clothes," Brandon said, pulling away. But that
firm hand didn't release his own. Brandon stared up at Logan's dad, who was
leading him naked out into the hall. Once he had closed the door, he
laughed aloud. Brandon just stared at him, painfully conscious of his own
nudity and shrunken empty scrotum.
"Logan didn't mention this, did he?"
Dumbly, Brandon shook his head. He was getting worried.
"Don't be so modest, Sport. Rita and I are Naturists ... well, how
about Nudists? Logan's never had anyone teach him to be ashamed of his
body. If you want to put some clothes on, that's fine, I just thought that
he would have said..." Then it was Brandon's turn to laugh. His own
parents would just shit if they knew! It was so funny that as Logan's dad
led him down the hall, Brandon had to ask him why he was still dressed.
"Well, we DID go get a Playstation 2 game for you and Logan, and the video
stores frown on naked customers!" As they passed by the door to his
bedroom, Logan's dad took off his robe and tossed it in the doorway.
Brandon glanced over, and realized that if Logan had inherited his father's
genes in the dick department, then his ass was in for some serious abuse
later on in life. When they arrived in the kitchen, Brandon gasped.
Logan's mom was a knockout, and his confused dick little girl tits pedo began to stiffen. His
face flamed. Rita laughed at them.
"I see you told him, where's Logan?" she asked, handing him a plate of
some kind of veggie-pasta.
"He's out cold, took a pill. Lois scared him in the van."
Rita laughed again. "I'm glad you're so open minded, Brandon."
Brandon had to laugh at the situation. He had just been fucked in the
ass - twice - by his best friend after having an intense enema session at
his dad's hand, he was sitting there naked eating, as if nothing were wrong,
and he was pedo 15 nude ru 14 and a eunuch! It was almost to surreal to be happening, but
Brandon found that he didn't mind at all. In fact, he felt better than he
had in a long time.
"Thank you," he said politely, cleaning his plate, " and thanks for not
laughing at me."
Rita looked puzzled. "Why would we laugh pedophile photos at you?"
Brandon's face flamed, then Rita came to him and knelt down beside of
him, placing a very large breast near his face. Brandon's heart pounded,
and his dick twitched. "Oh, dear, I'm sorry. Logan asked us about that, he
said you were really sensitive about it. He was so scared you'd run
tonight, and he was so happy about having you over. He's never had company
before because of this and he was worried that you ... and you must have
thought that we ... I mean ... Listen to me, Brandon. What happened to you
is just awful, but trust me, no one in this house is going to laugh at you
over that. If anyone knows how to handle a sensitive or sick child, we do."
"Sick?" he asked, suddenly afraid. Then he realized that Logan's folks
might be just a bit paranoid about their only child's health.
"I'll tell you about it later, Sport," Logan's dad offered, "But for
now, ukrain pedo incest it's just that Logan's always been a small boy and very shy. Until YOU
came along. You bring out the best in him."
Brandon simply couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. Shy?
Logan? For such an open family, they didn't seem to now their galleri pedo art own son very
well! Then, finally, he understood where Logan's warm-hearted nature had
come from. Logan had been raised with almost constant attention and
openness, and he wanted to share it. He wasn't sure how to do that, so he
went about it in a devious way. Brandon smiled and politely excused
himself. "Can we play that game tomorrow?" he asked.
Logan's parents both nodded. "Tired?" Rita asked.
Brandon found that he was, and he suddenly yawned. He had never felt
this way before, and even though his ass felt funny, he was happy. At that
moment, he wanted nothing more than to go back to bed with Logan. He was
unsure how to ask, though. What if Logan's parents suspected something?
Luckily for Brandon, Logan's dad spoke up. "When you get back in bed, make
sure Logan's all covered up. It's a chilly night, you know." Brandon
smiled and nodded, yawning again. He resisted the urge to run back to
Logan's room, but when he got back into bed and had covered them both again,
he moved closer to Logan's warm body and kissed his cheek. He fell asleep
with his arms about Logan's narrow chest, listening girl pedo cp
to the soft whistle of
his breathing. When the boys awoke the next morning, late, they dressed and just
watched each other without saying a word. They devoured a huge breakfast,
and since it was close to noon already, Rita drove them to the porn pedo boy
soccer field
where the tryouts were pedo porno galleries
to take place at 1PM.
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