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Related post: Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 10:20:32 EDT
From: Wyzman34aol.com
Subject: Brothers Like Us Chapter 18BROTHERS LIKE US
By Lawrence Michael MartellChapter 18
Shane and Sean were seated in the interrogation room of the detective's
squad room. They were both in girl teen loli jap
shock about the events that had taken place
earlier that day. Sean still couldn't believe it. One minute they were on
their way to the hospital to be there for Mo-Mo and the next thing they
knew they were stopped by the police and in less than fifteen minutes
Victor was dead. Sean turned to Shane who still seemed to be in a state of
total shock. When Victor was shot and killed Shane fell silent and said
very little and as Victor was taken away in the ambulance he broke down and
sobbed and wailed. Sean had tried to console his twin brother but there was
nothing he could do and that was the most helpless feeling he had felt
since he was raped. As he sat in the room that they underage lolita jailbait nude
had put him in with the
huge mirror on the ls model magazine lolita end of the wall he couldn't help but wonder what was
going to happen next.Captain Gladys Brown and Lieutenant John Wayne "Duke" Dennis watched the
two young loli pre teen gallery men through the two lolita naked school girls
way mirror along with Detective Julien Linton
and Detective Sergeant Cecil Montgomery. Capt. Brown was a thirty year
veteran of the police force and the first woman to head the homicide
division. She was known as being tough but fair and able to get the job
done. She was 60 years old and as each year drew closer to retirement she
was more and more ready. Tall, matronly, handsome and gray haired no one
crossed Captain Gladys Brown. Lieutenant John Wayne `Duke' Dennis was the
lieutenant in charge of the homicide squad. He stood 6'6" tall and weighed
300 solid pounds. He had a shaved bald head and the reason he was called
`Duke', which had extreme little horny lolitas nothing to do with the fact that his name was John Wayne
but because he walked and at times sounded like the late star and for a
black man it was odd to see sometimes. He liked the comparison and tried to
live up to it.
"So tell me again what only lolitas free pictures these two had to do with this,
Sgt. Montgomery." Capt. Brown asked for the fifth time.
"They were just there ma'am. When the officers radioed in that they
were stopping the subject..." Captain Brown raised her hand to stop
him. She had heard that before and she knew the story well. Montgomery felt
that it was a righteous shoot but this entire thing had a smell she didn't
like. In her interrogation room is the victim of a rape and possible
suspect in the murder of that rapist. The detective investigating the
murder case is involved in a shooting that resulted in the death of another
man, who has a connection to these two and the weapon that the victim had
was supposedly used kdz loli top sites in the commission of a murder. Capt. Brown had been
around too long, way to long and lolly preteen model gallery something about this just didn't sit right
but she could see nothing wrong and on appearance it did seem like a legit
"So Cap," Dennis said, chewing a big wad of gum. "What are we going
to do with these two?" Captain Brown scratched her chin. "Did they break
the law?"
"No ma'am." Julien answered quickly, too quickly. He didn't like
what he was feeling right now and what was going on disturbed him. He could
see that Shane Jackson pt loli models tgp was in shock and was probably close to falling
"Cut them loose then." She ordered. She turned to leave, stopped
and turned back around. "See that they get home...safely." And she
departed. Lt. Dennis nodded as she left and nude french lolita pictures then he turned to Montgomery
and Linton. "Okay, I don't know what happened out there but I expect
reports on my desk before the close of business. Montgomery, you have desk
"What?" Montgomery spat. "Why?" charming angel nuded lolitas
Lt. Dennis chewed his gum
faster. "You just shot a man and considering your past situations I think
you need to ride naked lolita teenage pics
the desk until everything can be checked out."
"L.T! It was a righteous shoot." Montgomery declared.
"Then you have no worries." Dennis replied. "Do I need to remind
you that it wasn't that long ago that I.A.B was all over your ass. Just sit
tight. Everything will be okay." Dennis said as he smacked the gum in his
mouth. He looked at Linton. "Julien, can you ride them home?"
"Sure, L.T." he replied.
"Aight, do that. Montgomery, start your report." Dennis ordered.
Montgomery nodded and slowly left the room. Julien was about to follow him
but Lt. Dennis stopped him. "I want to talk to you." Julien stayed behind
as Lt. Dennis shut the door. He pulled up a chair and invited him to sit
"What's up L.T?" Julien asked.
"Julien, I've known you and your family for years. Your dad and I
rode together for years. Hell, I remember when you were born. It was the
proudest day of Frank's life."
"I know, sir."
"He was proud of you."
"I was proud of him."
"Julien..."Dennis smacked his gum. "Do you feel like this was a
righteous shoot?"
Dennis smiled. "Julien, you heard me."
"Yes sir. I don't know, I wasn't there when it..."
"Julien, you are Frank Linton's son and the one thing your father
had was this sense of what was right and what was wrong. What felt right
and what felt wrong. You have that Julien. So tell me what you think."
Julien looked around as if to make sure that no one was around. This was
his opportunity to let it out but if it got out, if it got back to
Montgomery there could be tension and trouble. He pink lolita thumbnail galleries
looked into the
interrogation room and saw Sean and Shane and the sadness on Shane's face
and the concern on Sean's. These two have been through hell and they didn't
deserve it, they didn't deserve this. He turned back to Lt. Dennis and he
knew what his father would have wanted him to do.
"No." Julien said. "I don't think it was a righteous shoot but I
don't see where anyone can prove otherwise." Dennis smiled ruefully. "I
know." He rose to his feet and zeps bbs lolita pics
extended his hand to Julien, who shook
it. "You made your dad proud again and me. Take these gents home will you
and we'll talk some more." When the door to the interrogation room opened both Sean and Shane
looked xxx lolita russian 6yo
up to see Det. Linton walk in. He wore a somber expression, lola models non nude Sean
noted. He wanted to know what the hell was going on.
"I've come to drive you both home." He said.
"Drive us home?" Sean asked in disbelief. "Someone close to us has
just been killed and you lolita incest pedo sex are here to take us home. And after keeping us
here for hours?"
"I understand how you both must feel." Sean snapped. "You don't
understand shit! A man was gunned down in the street like a goddamn dog and
instead of you motherfuckers telling us what the fuck is going on you just
stuff us in this goddamn room and tell us nothing." Julien stood and
"This is fuckin' unbelievable. The man that my brother loved was
savagely murdered by one of you motherfuckers..." Tears began to form in
Sean's eyes. "This is so..." Shane's voice was small like an innocent
child. So small that neither men heard him at first until lolita bear hug forums
he said it
again. "Why?" Julien and Sean looked at him, Shane was still seated but
as he looked up at them tears streamed down his face and his nose was
running, his body trembled and yet he sounded very calm. Too calm.
"Why did they kill him?" Shane said. He wanted and answer and
Julien knew it but what could he say?
"All I know is that it was just a routine traffic stop..."
"Routine?" Sean exploded. "The brother in New York was routine and
look what happened to him, 44 bullets in his ass."
"The officer's said he had a gun." Julien tried to explain. `What
were they supposed to do?" Sean shook his head. "There was no gun in that
car when we left for the hospital."
"According to the officer it was under the seat." Julien said.
"And that was the reason he had to die?" Sean demanded.
"He fired first." Julien said. "He struck an officer." Sean
laughed harshly. "I can't believe this. Victor is killed and you are
blaming him for it? You motherfuckers are out of control. When I get raped
and the rapist is murdered you clowns come suspecting me and my friends and
family and now Victor is gunned down and you still don't want to
acknowledge what you guys did it...it's all your fault."
"I still want to know why." Shane said. He rose to his feet sexy nude young lolita and
walked towards Julien with tears in his red eyes. "Why did they kill my
Victor?" Julien had no answer and the last thing he wanted to do was free nonnude lolita pictures get
into a conversation about who was responsible. He took Shane's hand and
squeezed it, answering as truthfully as he could. "I don't know." Shane
turned to his brother. "We have to go. I have to get to the
hospital...there is so much to do and prepare."
"Please let me drive you both, it's the least I can do." Julien
said. Sean turned on Julien. "If you want to do something, tell us what
the fuck happened and if you can't do that...leave us the hell alone."
Julien stood in silent understanding as both Sean and Shane walked passed
him. He would find out what happened, why it happened because he had an
idea about who was responsible and he would get him.Mohammed sat next to his son's hospital bed, holding his hand which felt
warm. Jamal looked like he did when he was a baby. He was sound asleep and
any minute now Mohammed knew that he would wake up with that morning sleepy
smile he had, kiss his cheek and say good morning. He just couldn't believe
this was happening. He held on to his hand tightly trying to keep the tears
out of his eyes. He wanted his son to wake up. He wanted him to speak; he
wanted him to be okay. How could Allah loli nude forbiden pics do this to him? How could he bring
this beautiful boy into his life and then take him away from him? NO! Jamal
wasn't gone...not yet...not now...he had to remain positive. The doctor
said virgin lol pussy bbs that there was a good chance that Jamal would be okay but it all
depended on Jamal. He kissed Jamal's hand and wiped his hand across his
"My beautiful, beautiful baby boy." Mohammed said to himself. He
became aware of Teena's sobs behind him. He turned and saw her standing
against the wall by the door; her arms wrapped around her body her tears
streaking her makeup. She looked pitiful, she looked vulnerable, and she
looked like a mother afraid and scared and all alone. He rose to his feet
and went to her. He offered her the seat where he sat but she tensed up.
"No...No...I can't...I can't sit there." Teena cried.
"It's okay." Mohammed encouraged.
"Mohammed....my baby..." She sobbed, "Our baby....OH GOD!" Teena
collapsed in Mohammed's legion of doom lolita arms and he held her as she gave way to body
racking sobs. He held her tight and rocked her slowly.
"Everything will be okay." Mohammed said as he held her tight in
his arms. Teena looked up into Mohammed's face looking hopeful. "Are you
sure?" Mohammed smiled. "Yes, Jamal is our son. He comes from strong
stock. He'll make it." Teena slowly moved to the chair that Mohammed had
offered her. She sat in it and took her the nude lolitas paradise son's hand. She kissed his hand,
his wrist and placed his hand against her cheek. She cried and prayed but
she never let his hand go. Mohammed lolitas young girl nude squatted down next to her and held her
hand and Jamal's in his and he held their hands tight as he prayed to
himself that his son would recover and that everything would be alright. He
never really believed in miracles but he certainly wanted one right now.
"Mohammed," Teena said looking at the father of her son. "Can I ask
you something?" Mohammed smiled. "Sure."
"Do you think I'm a good mother?" Mohammed had not expected to
hear that. Did he think she was a good mother? What do you tell a woman who
was holding the hand of her son, free lolita boys pics who was in a coma? Do you tell her the
truth or a little lolita preteen anal
lie? He had problems with parenting skills but loli child top list was this the time
to bring that up?
"Teena, we're not perfect rape lolita preteen brazil as parents." Mohammed replied. Teena
shook her head slowly. She looked at her son. "He thinks you are."
Mohammed looked down at his son and back at Teena. "I don't think Jamal
thinks..." Teena got to her feet and walked to the window. She stared out
at the city street below. It was getting late in the day, it was rush hour.
"Mohammed," Teena said looking out of the window still. "The most
wonderful day in my life was the day Jamal was born." Mohammed joined
Teena at the window. "Mine too." She turned and smiled at him. "I
know. There is something else I know."
"You're gay." Mohammed was speechless. He my lolita non nude didn't know what to
say. His first response was to lie about it but what was the use of lying,
he had nothing to lie about since it was true.
"You wondering how I found out?" Teena asked.
"Yes but it doesn't matter." Mohammed lied.
"Jamal told me. He told me awhile ago." Mohammed looked back at
his son. "Really." Teena turned Mohammed's head back towards her. "I asked
him about it one night and he told me. It's all your fault."
"You always raised him to tell the truth." Teena said with a smile.
"I know." Mohammed replied with a warm smile. "So why didn't
"Why didn't I ever say anything? I started to. I started to cuss
your ass out and keep Jamal away from you but I realized something."
"I realized that you loved Jamal and Jamal loves you and that
without you, he would be nothing. That his life would be different...it
would be worse." Mohammed placed his hands on Teena's shoulders in
support. "Teena, he has you and you are..."
"Not the mother he needs." Teena said walking away from the window
and going back to her son. "I'm not the mother any of my children
need. I've got problems Mohammed. Big problems...major problems."
"Teena what are you..."
"Mohammed, I know in my heart that Jamal will be okay and I know
that if I want my son to have a better life that he can't live with me."
"Mohammed, I want you to take full custody of Jamal."
"I will sign anything...see any judge."
"Wait...Teena will you please listen lolitas gallery russia 456 to me." Teena was fighting
the tears. "Please Mohammed...don't fight me on this. I'm admitting to you
that...that I am not the best parent for our son."
"Teena...listen to me...you have problems we all do but that
doesn't mean..."
"Mohammed...pleases will you let me do this. Will you stop trying
to be so goddamn nice and understanding and say that you will take care of
your son." Mohammed smiled sadly. "Okay, I will take care of OUR son."
Teena wiped her eyes and smiled. "I'm gonna hold you to that Mohammed
Moyenda and if you don't...I'm gonna kick your football wrestling ass."
Mohammed smiled. "Yes, ma'am."
"One thing though."
"Yeah, what?"
"This Brett person that you are living with, Jamal doesn't like
him." Mohammed nodded his head. Teena smiled.
"I never could see you with a model but that brother out
there...the light skinned brother."
"Sonny?" Mohammed asked.
"Yeah...now he's the type of brother young lolita gallerie free for you." Mohammed couldn't
help smile. "So you tiny young loli bbs matchmaking now? Can I say something?" Teena
nodded. "That brother you came here with is not for you. He's bad for you."
"I know."
"So if you know then why are you with his ass?" Mohammed asked.
Teena's expression was sad. "Cause I can't be alone. I have to have a man
in my life and a no good man is better than no man. Besides the man I wants
doesn't want me...or any other woman." Mohammed took her child lolita preteen nude hand. She
deserved better. She'd had a rough life, he only hoped that she could find
the happiness that she seeked and deserved.Jermaine lolita sex porn rape and I were sitting in the hospital lobby talking to Sonny born
Sionne and learning a great deal about him and liking him a great
deal. Sonny had no problem discussing the fact that he was gay nor did he
hide the fact that he wanted to have Mo Mo in his life but that he knew
that there was some unfinished business between Mo-Mo and Brett. We learned
that he had a teenaged son, who was also gay and that just blew my mind, a
gay father and son. Sonny was charming, funny and sensitive and caring.
"I can imagine what he's the best love lolitas
going through." Sonny had said when Mo-Mo
and Teena had left to virgin teen young lolita see Jamal. "I would be beside myself if anything
happened to my son." The conversation continued and was going so well that
I didn't notice neither Shane nor Sean enter until I heard them talking to
the nurse. I looked up, where had they been? I excused myself and went to
the nurses' station.
"Well, better late than never." I said. "Where have you two been?"
The looks on both of their faces concerned me. Something didn't feel right.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Something happened." Sean began. I looked to Shane, who looked
almost catatonic. I turned my attention back to Sean. "What happened?"
Sean gripped Shane's hand. "I don't know how to tell you this so I guess I
will 10 years naked lolita just have to say it..."
"Victor's dead." Shane said beating Sean to it. I was stunned. I
didn't really care for Victor but ever since Sean had been raped he had
been wonderful. He had taken care of Shane and Sean and I was starting to
see a different side of him. I couldn't believe what I had heard. Jermaine
and Sonny came over and when I told Jermaine what had happened he showed
genuine concern. Sonny, who didn't know Victor, remained silent and tried
not to be in the middle of this.
"What happened?" I asked.
"He was shot by the police," Sean said. "A few blocks from here."
"OHMYGOD!" I gasped. "That must have been the traffic that we ran
into coming here." They both nodded their heads. Then they told us the
entire story. About how the cops had stopped Victor's SUV and how best lolita and boys
they had
got out of the SUV while Victor stayed inside and as pictures of nude lolitas
they were taken back
to the patrol car all hell had broken loose and when it was over Victor was
dead. Shot and killed by Det. Sgt. Montgomery, the same cop that had
insulted all of us at Sean's welcome home party. Sean explained how they
were taken to the police station and placed in the interrogation room with
no one telling them a thing. It was a terrible experience.
"Well, where is Victor now?" I asked.
"They brought him here." Sean lolita preteen toplist 100 said. I looked at Shane and I wanted
to hold him. I knew that he loved Victor with all his heart, even while
Victor was in prison. They had gotten back together and Shane was happy and
now it was taken away so lolita nude pics board
"There is so much to do." Shane said but his voice sounded so far
away and lost. "I don't naked little lolitas pics know where to begin."
"We'll help you." I said. Shane smiled at me and gave me a hug. He
held me young lolita children cunny tight and didn't let me go for awhile.
"How is Mo-Mo?" Shane asked. That startled me back into remembering
what we were here for.
"He and Teena just went in. They're doing as well as can be
expected." I said. I noticed Sonny and remembered my manners. "Oh...this is
Sonny DeVine. He is a wrestler with Mo-Mo. He came down with him." Sonny
shook both of their hands and expressed his condolences. We stayed with
Sean and Shane as they got the information they needed about claiming
Victor's body and making arrangements for his funeral. Once the authorities
were finished with their investigation they could get his body and begin
burial arrangements.
"Oh God," Shane exclaimed. "I have to notify his family and I don't
know all if any of them." Sean took his hand again. "We'll check Victor's
stuff when we get home. Do you know how to contact hardcore lolita porn pics Errol?" Sean
asked. "Maybe he can help?"
"Yeah...I forgot about him. He was very close to Victor, we have to
tell him." Shane said. He looked like he was ready to collapse but he was
trying to stay strong for his brother and for us. He didn't want us to be
worried about him. That was just the way junior lolita blow jobs Shane was.
"How's Mo-Mo?" Sean asked. I was about to answer when Mo-Mo and
Teena appeared down the hallway. They stopped before they nude euro loli models
got to us. They
hugged and Teena went back to her man and Mo-Mo came to us. Everyone wanted
to know how Jamal was doing.
"No change but the doctor is very optimistic." Mo-Mo said. He
reached out and took my hand and turned around to the rest. "I'm glad you
all came down. It means a lot to me."
"Hey, we are there for you like you are there for us." I said. "And
Shane needs you know." Shane gave me a look that said that he didn't want
Mo-Mo to know about this now. But I didn't care.
"What's going on?" He asked.
"Nothing Mo-Mo. You need to take care of your family." Shane said.
"Well that includes you and Sean. What's going on?" Mo-Mo demanded.
Sean spoke up. "Victor is dead."
"What? When?"
"It happened this afternoon." Shane said.
"He was shot by the police." Sean added.
"Man, that's terrible." Mo-Mo said giving Shane a hug.
"Thanks Mo-Mo." Shane answered back.
"Is there anything that we can do?" Mo-Mo asked as he absently
reached out and took Sonny's hand. Shane forced a smile. "Just pray. Just
pray." And right then and there in the hospital lobby we all prayed. We
prayed for Victor, we prayed for Jamal. preteen jpg 10yo loli We prayed little lolita nymphet video
for Shane and Sean and we
prayed for our friendship and brotherhood.The word of Lt. Dennis still rang in Julien's head. He was Frank little lolitas being dirty
son and Frank Linton was one of the best detectives on the police force and
he could tell when something wasn't right. When something was a crock of
shit and stunk to high heaven. Something about this was a crock of shit and
stunk to heaven. Something wasn't right about the entire situation. Julien
Linton was at his home going over everything that happened. According to
Cecil, Victor Du Bois had a gun, the same gun that killed Silk Mitchell but
that wasn't right. Ballistics said that Silk Mitchell was killed with two
shotgun slugs scholgirls sex child lolitas that didn't mean that Victor did the shooting. Witnesses did
say they saw two men running from the house. Okay, so maybe Victor and
another art loli kids nude person went to Mitchell's house and the other person could have
killed Mitchell. The weapon would be of no consequence at any rate. An
officer was shot and Cecil could explain away the discrepancy. Okay, so why
would Cecil Montgomery kill Victor Du Bois? What was his motive? Julien
thought back to the night at the Jackson home. Something about it was too
confrontational...too personal. Something was going on and he was going to
find out. Wow! He just realized that he had decided in his mind that Cecil
Montgomery...his partner...a fellow cop was guilty of murder and that he
would have to prove it and provide the motive the opportunity the lolita young toplist samples whole
shebang. What had he done? Maybe it would be best to let it go. But youngo lolitas model free then
the faces of Sean and Shane Jackson popped into young loli nymphy legal his head. They deserved
justice. They deserved the truth and so far they had both been screwed by
the police without a bit of Vaseline.`What up, dawg?" Cecil Montgomery sat in his unmarked police cruiser which
was parked next to the black SUV with the tinted windows. They were out in
a deserted part of the outskirts of the city known as `The Bottom', which
was an abandoned lime pit that was so deep lolita free galleries xxx
down that no one was even sure
if there was a bottom to it. Cecil looked up at the tall, dark lolita dolls nude young skinned bald
headed and gold toothed man called `Bund'. Tony Bundy was a low life
loser. He had busted asian lolita girl peeing him many times for minor shit. Bund wanted to be big
time but he had a small time brain just like Jamar and Carlos. The big time
was Yul "Rasta" Bennerman and he wanted that connection but it was Victor
who got it. Well, not anymore. "Nothing, Bund." Cecil said lighting up a
cigar. "I thought you were gonna put Victor behinds bars...not kill his
ass." Bund said "Things change." Cecil replied. "So now what?" "It's time
for the big time, Tony." Cecil said. Bund broke out into a big gold tooth
smile. "Now that's what I'm screamin'." "I want to meet with Yul
Bennerman." Cecil said. "Damn dawg," Bund said. "He ain't gonna meet with
no cop." Cecil grinned. "He'll meet with me and there is one more thing."
"Sup?" "Do you know where Errol is?" "Yeah, why?" "Have your boys kill
him." "Bet." He watched as Bund got into his SUV and drove off. Once the
deal was made with Bennerman, Bund was a dead motherfucker.Once Bund's SUV was out of `The Bottom' the passenger in the back seat sat
up. Bund was silent as was cute little lolita girls
the passenger. Then after looking into the
rearview mirror at his passengers face he smiled. "He told me to have my
boys kill you." Errol grinned. "You gonna do it?" "And have granma mad at
my ass? Hell naw!" Bund smiled. "Glad to hear that." "You should have
killed him, cuz. Out there at photos lolitas 14 yo `The Bottoms'...no one would have ever
known." Bund said. "Nope. I want him to think he done something." "You
gonna get him for killin' Victor?" "Yeah." "You gonna kill russian 12yr lolita photos me for settin'
you up with Ryan and passin' on the information? I mean...a brotha gotta
get a lil sumthin sumthin." Errol looked at Bund through the rearview
mirror. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his favorite weapon. A
.44 caliber, gun metal blue Magnum with an eight inch barrel. He aimed and
as Bund's eyes grew large he smiled and put it away. "And have granma mad
at my ass? Hell naw! But I got something for that Detective." "He wants to
meet Rasta." "Let him." "He wants you dead." Errol smiled. little asian girls lolitas
"Yeah...And I
want him dead. We'll see who does it first."Jermaine and I had stayed at the hospital as long as we could. Mo-Mo and
Teena visited Jamal one more preeteen lolitas bbs board time and then he came out and suggested that
we all go home and get some rest. I tried to get Mo-Mo to do the same but
he refused saying that he had to be with his son. I understood that. Shane
and Sean had to begin the process of claiming Victor's body and making
funeral arrangements. Victor didn't have any family in the city much less
the state and no one had any way idea of how to contact any living
members. I called Theresa on my cell phone and she said she would call the
Department of Corrections and then get back to me. Within thirty minutes
she called back with information.
"Your Victor Du Bois has four living relatives in New Orleans. free lolitas site preview
mother, Vidalia, a sister, Vivienne, a brother, Vincent, and a
grandfather...Victor Sr." For some reason this information seemed to
surprise me and I don't know why. I guess preteen lolita modelling bikinis
I never pictured lolitas toplist dark links Victor as really
having a family. He never spoke of any and I guess I just lolitas girls photos bbs assumed he had
known and then to find out that he was named after his grandfather. The
Department of Corrections gave Theresa the information they had to contact
the family and I gave it to Shane and Sean. Victor's family had a right to
know loli porn angel teen what had happened to him.
When Jermaine and I got back to his place we were just mentally and
emotionally drained and tired. We pre teen core lolita had stopped by The Red Dragon Chinese
restaurant and picked up our take out order but now we just weren't
hungry. We sat on the sofa in the living room with only the soft music of
Jill Scott playing in the background. I put Jermaine's feet in my lap and
removed his shoes and socks and began massaging his feet. He closed his
eyes. It felt nice being with him and when I thought about what had
happened to Victor and what Shane must be going through. I never really
liked Victor but I respected the relationship they had and I felt Shane's
loss. I looked at Jermaine, who was lost in the pleasure of my touch on his
feet and I wondered what I would do if he was out of my life the way Victor
was out of Shane's. Unlike Shane, I knew a lot about Jermaine's family. His
mother, Donna, and his father, Jefferson, lived in Alabama. His sister,
Sarah, and her husband and their two kids lived in Georgia and his brother,
Marcus, was in Pennsylvania. And Of course his son, Jermaine Jr..."J.J"
lived with his mother in Alabama as well. We had shared so much about each
others life and family that I really felt that I knew him and that was when
I realized that losing him in such a way that Shane had lost Victor would
probably be the most traumatic thing to ever happen to me.
"Baby?" Jermaine said sitting up. "Why are you crying?" I didn't
even realize I was crying. I touched my face and felt the tears. I looked
at him and before I knew it I had collapsed into his arms and just cried. I
cried for Mo Mo, Jamal and Teena. I cried for Sean. I cried for Shane. I
cried for Victor. And as I little lolita hq hardcore
cried I realized I was not alone in my
tears. Jermaine was crying too. We held onto each other for what felt like
eternity as we cried and sobbed for what seemed like forever. We went to
the bedroom and laid there holding each other in our arms.
"I love you, Eric." Jermaine said.
"I love you too." I repeated.
"I'm glad because I have something to say to you." For some reason
I tensed up and prepared for bad news. If Jermaine sensed it he didn't say
"You know that I have a son, who is very important to me and my
life." God, where was he going with this? I thought.
"I have worked hard and I have so much to offer. My career is going
great and everything in my life is going well except one thing."
"What?" I asked. I didn't look up. I was afraid that bad news was
about to be delivered.
"The two important men in my lolita loli model paysites life have not ls magazin lolita pictures met and I think that
needs to happen before I ask you to marry me." Yep...I was smiling and I
was shocked. I looked up at Jermaine and when I saw the love and tears in
his eyes I let loose again. Marry? I had never thought about being married
especially to a man like Jermaine. Yeah, two men being married isn't legal
in most states however we could move to Hawaii cause I ain't feeling no
cold ass Vermont. Okay, I know most brothers aren't down with the marrying
another man thing but let me say this. The definition, according to
Webster's, of Marriage is a union between two individuals...usually man and
woman but not exclusive to. A mutually agreed upon union between two or
more people or companies. What I'm saying is that if you and your `man'
have an understanding...an agreement you are already married. A wedding is
just the ceremony to present and announce the marriage. So brothers, some
of you cats are married...right now! Anyway, I kissed Jermaine...long, slow
and passionately and he kissed me back the same way. His tongue entered my
mouth and laid claim to it as it had done many times before and my body
tensed with pleasure as electricity went through me body and soul. Deftly
and slowly we removed each other's clothes until soon we were both naked
and ready to go. I sat up and gazed down at Jermaine's magnificent body. I
looked at that handsome with those sexy eyes and beautiful lips and then I
moved down to his muscled chest with all that sexy hair that taunt and
tight body and I realized I had to get back in the gym. But my brother as I
looked at Jermaine it was not out of just pure sexual lust and desire there
was something else in the mix. Something that had crept in that I had not
noticed. Right there lolita children pussy pics
as I looked preteen lols sucking cocks at him I knew that there was no other man
in the world for me but this man here and that young lolita nude sucking was when I realized that I
was in love with and loved Jermaine Anton Williams, Sr. I lowered my face
to his and kissed him again and as I did I let my hands travel where they
wanted to go. They cruised down his chest and played with his
nipples. Jermaine whimpered as we kissed. He loved the attention I gave his
nipples. They started getting hard as I caressed, rubbed and gently pulled
on them. My wandering hands made the trip to his belly...that tight six
pack that I was jealous of and loved. My fingers tickled his belly and
giggled that boyish giggle that I love so much. Tickling Jermaine was fun
because unlike many brothers that I had dated he loved being touched and
tickled. I moved from kissing his lips to kissing his nipples and then
sucking them. He arched his back and sighed and cried out. My hands found
his hard 8 and a half inch dick and it was ready free lolita thumbnail pic for business. I wrapped my
fingers around it and slowly played with it, the same way he does when he
jacks off. Jermaine doesn't pull his dick hard and fast like he's trying to
tear it off but he's preteen lolita free photo
slow and free xxx lolitas picture gently and caresses with his fingers and
strokes with his hand. That drives me crazy when he does that to me cause
I'm a yank it hard and fast brotha and when he slow works me it's a
delicious torture but you drunk loli pussy pics talk about a brother cumming hard...that does it
for me. As I played with his dick, fiddling with his dick head which causes
him to twitch and really whimper and moan, I nibbled his nipples.
"Ahhhh...yeah baby...yeah...I like that." Jermaine moaned. My body
was on fire and I wanted Jermaine more now than I had ever thought I could
want another man. I moved down his body and I licked and teased his dick
with my tongue, lips and mouth and then as I spread his legs I went
straight to his ass with my hungry mouth and Jermaine's reaction was a loud
yelp as he rose up and let me in. My tongue and mouth claimed his ass and
with each lick and tongue thrust he bucked his hips, wiggled, whimpered,
moaned, groaned and begged. Before I knew it I was sticking my finger into
his hole which I had lubricated down with my asian lolitas galleries own saliva. It was lolita art magic lolita my pointing
finger at first and Jermaine tenses his ass cheeks up for a hot second
before relaxing them. When my middle finger went in he was ready to
"Yeah...yeah...do that...do that..." He moaned. I did that and
then I began sucking his dick and Jermaine just twitched, jerked and
shook. It was feeling that damn good to him. He couldn't speak anymore. All
he could do was howl and growl, moan and groan. I turned my body so that we
were in the 69 position that way I could suck his dick and work his hole
with my finger better. Jermaine now had access to mine ass and dick and he
went right to work sucking my dick while he played around my ass. It felt
great. I licked my lips as lolita small girls pics he went to work and then I went back to sucking
his dick and fingering his ass.
Our sexy moans and groans filled the room and with Jill Scott
singing away in the background I felt like I was in a love scene in a
romantic movie. We didn't sound like wild animals going at it but too
lovers who wanted and loved each other and who had to have each other.
The time had come. Jermaine had pulled out a condom from jpg lolitas 13 rusia the
bedside stand and slipped it on and then after making sure my ass was ready
he slipped in his dick. My legs were on his shoulders and I arched my back
and took him in for all he had. As he rocked my world we kissed. I could
feel his huge dick inside of me and it felt wonderful. It filled me up and
made my entire body tingle. He wasn't fast and brutal but slow and
romantic. It was a slow jammin', slow rammin', slow groovin' love makin'
goin on and I didn't want it to stop. As he rocked me his tongue and hands
caressed and roamed over my body which was hot for his touch. On fire for
his loving touch. I moaned and grunted as he threw his hips. It felt great
but I was about to blow his mind. I lowered my legs and wrapped my hands
around his neck and then in one smooth and quick motion I flipped up so
that Jermaine was under me and I was on top with his dick still in young little lolita pussy me. The
stunned and surprised look on his face made me smile. I began to gyrate and
roll free lolita girl galleries my hips and Jermaine's eyes bugged out and he gasped. He clawed at the
sheets and gritted his teeth. I was working my body and my ass...I was
trying to put a curl in his toes and make him sweat and explode. I looked
back at his feet and those toes were curling up. He was sweating and
panting and I rolled and wiggled faster and harder. He began to moan louder
and louder and I bounced up and down and around and around. He was begging
for mercy but telling me not to stop. I bent over and licked his face and
kissed his lolita teen models gallery
lips. I flexed my ass and tightened the muscles and he yelped. I
started a quick-quick-slow rhythm on his dick and all he could do was lay
there. When his eyes shot open and he began to scream I knew he was about
to cum. I keep it up and then I went fast...bouncing, grinding and working
that ass and before long he sprang up and grabbed me as he came. He kissed
me as he screamed and as I swallowed his scream I knew that I had rocked
his world. We laid in each others nude lolitas 12 yo arms kissing and caressing and declaring
our love for each other when I asked.
"So when do I get to meet your son?" He smiled and gave me a
kiss. "Soon. Very soon."Andre had walked into The Midnight Lounge, a local neighborhood bar on the
black side of the city not far from The Ashley. He wanted and needed a
drink. When he walked in all the women turned and checked him out. He
wasn't feeling them right now. He wasn't feeling anyone right now. russian lolitas having sex He had
things on his mind and things to deal with and he was not about to be
bothered by no chicken heads nor any knuckleheads. He went to the bar and
ordered a double E&J straight and downed it and then got another. A sister
with a bad weave and underage lolita schoolgirl toplist gold teeth walked up. The body wasn't bad to look at
but she had a `butter' face. Everything was fine `but her' face. She had
been drinking as well and drunks coming lolita incest porn stories up to him turned him off
anyway. She had a proposition for him. A blow job for a drink. Another time
he would have jumped on that but he was not feeling no blow job from no
ugly faced chick right now and he told her that. She stomped off mad. He
had hit his fourth double E&J and was feeling loose and a bit horny. If he
could find `Butter' face he'd probably take her up on the offer. That's
when he noticed the brother across the room checking him out. Damn, even
out here in the hood niggas were up in his face. The brother had that
ruffneck attractiveness to him, a shiny bald head with a mustache and beard
and an intense look about him. Andre turned away annoyed and ordered his
fifth drink. When number six arrived he had company. The brother had taken
the recently vacated stool next to him. Andre could help but notice his
powerfully sexy cologne and the sexy masculine sensuality he was giving
off. He nodded to the brother then downed his drink.
"Sup lolita porn top list man." The brother said.
"Chillin and juicin'". Andre said.
"Cool...cool." The brother said. "Never seen you around here
before." Andre shrugged his shoulders. "I comes in every once and awhile."
"Yeah? Me too."
"Aight." Andre said and sipped little lolitas forbidden link
his drink. He couldn't help notice
that this brother had sexy lips. Thick and sexy and he wondered how they
would feel on his dick. The brother looked around and smiled. "Whatcha
thinkin' about?" he asked. Suddenly Andre said. "How those sexy, thick
lips would feel on my lolita young hardcore pic dick." He drew his hand to his mouth quickly and
looked around to see if anyone else had heard him. They didn't the music
was loud and everyone was getting drunk. But the brother heard and little kids bbs lolitas he was
"I wonder how that dick would feel between these lips."
"Damn man...I'm fuckin' drunk...I better go."
"Do russian lolitas preteen naturalist you want a ride...I mean you are drunk bruh."
"Naw man...I'm straight...all the way round." Andre said trying to
send this brotha a message.
"Really? I you look a little crooked to me. I can give you a lift."
"Naw cat..." Andre said. "I'm aight."
"Aight...say, have you ever thought about modeling?"
"I'm a photographer." The brother reached into his pocket and
pulled out a leather business card case and pulled out a card and handed it
to Andre. Andre looked at the card. It read, Dalziel Jackson,
Photographer. It had a cell lolita models bbs list phone number and an email address. "If you ever
want to give modeling a try...or me...hit me up...aight?" Before Andre
could say anything the brother was gone and walking out of the lounge. Hell
that seemed like a good idea. He finished his drink and headed out. As he
opened and walked through the door he collided into someone and shy little lolitas stories
they both
went down.Julien beam to lolita bbs had not meant to go into The Midnight Lounge. After all it was a
seedy place that had problems with drugs, alcohol and prostitutes of both
sexes. But he wanted a drink. He needed to get out of the house and he just
had so many things on his mind. His partner, the Mitchell case, The Jackson
Brothers and even Andre Robinson. He had opened the door and was about to
walk in when he collided with a guy coming out which knocked him down as
well as the guy.Andre jumped up. "What the fuck! Why don't you look where you're..."His
eyes fell upon Julien Linton. "WHAT THE FUCK!"Julien looked up and he couldn't believe his eyes. Andre Robinson.
"Man what the fuck?" Andre snapped, " Are you following me?"
"No...this is just a coincidence." Julien replied.
"Well whatever...I'm out of here." Andre turned to leave but Julien
stopped him. "Mr. Robinson...I just wanted to apologize for my...conduct in
the dressing room at the Gym."
"Hey man...kill that noise aight. Whatever happened in there is
over so if you please...I gotta go." Andre all but ran to his car. Once he
was inside he could breath easy. That damn Julien Linton. That damn sexy
and fine. When he mentioned the gym and the steam room his dick twitched
and was coming to life and he wanted lolita russian top tgp
to be far away from Julien Linton
before he noticed it or before something else happened.
Julien watched Andre drive off and he couldn't help but wonder what
was up with him. He also could help but notice that he was strongly
attracted to Andre Robinson and he couldn't shake it no matter what he did
and he wasn't sure if he wanted to.
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