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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 21:38:33 EDT
From: Danny Meyer
Subject: BOYZ BRUTAL TRAINING SCHOOL 02Archive;'Boyz Brutal Training School #02'{Danny Meyer}( MB, BB,
slow, bd, sm, cbt, tort, anal, inc, twink, ws )[]________________________________________BOYZ BRUTAL TRAINING SCHOOL - Chapter 02
________________________________________by 1930 bi planes Danny MeyerCopyright © July 25, 2000 16 anal porn by Danny Meyer(Comments by email are very welcome.)
WARNING: This was written for gay men and women. Some bi men
and women may 070808 siberian vid also enjoy it, as well as some straight men and
women, who are curious. If you like male to male sex, and
discipline, read on. This is a fictional story. None of this
ever really happened. None of the people are real people. The
story here is about sex and bodily pain, involving adult men, and
young men in their teens, from 13 to age 22. So it's safe to
assume, all the action is teen-to-teen, or teen-to-man. In other
words, only gay stuff. The cast is male nude 17 yr girls
only. If you like, and
you're allowed to read this, go for it. If 15 yr anal vid not, have a good day.
No hatred or discrimination here.___________________________________________________________________________
"There is a part of every man that wants to discipline, and a
part of every young man, that aches for discipline."_____________________________________________________________***** CHAPTER 2 *****
Gordon: Owner of the training schoolJohn: About to be hired to work at the schoolSteve: (Stephen), a fifteen year-old, to be initiated nowBrian: Chief support boy, for Steve, during the initiationGregory: A Master, who will play a role in Steve's initiation______________________________________________________________
"We cheat a little." 2 blondes sex "Cheat? What do you mean, Gordon?" "All our initiates spend a week in a chastity belt,
before they get to beneteau 311 swing keel this ceremony. There's no way they can cum
during that week. They're also closely monitored and
supervised. bleach 233 online
We cheat, in that we do give them a naturist 16 yr
special 'tea'
before the initiation begins. All natural hormones, but, I
suppose, you could call them drugs, arguably." "I think, ahhhh... I approve."I had to laugh to myself. John was drooling at the site of the
15 year-old." "I'm glad, John. The curtain should open soon."------------------------------------------------------------
(Chapter 2) sexy angels 16 y.o. "I can't believe that kid. He's 15? Damn. Slim little
thing, but cute as hell, Gordon. What a tight little body. Wow!
This 'tea' you give them, that you said you cheat with, isn't
that going to make him come too soon?" "Normally yes, but the lube we're having him use on his
dick, has a hefty dose of benzocaine, which makes his dick much
less sensitive--that means he'll get there, but more slowly."The tea mostly makes him horny, and gives him tremendous
staying-power. I guess horny is not quite the right word.
Insatiable, might fit better. allover30 cindy full sets He'll have that hardon for the
next four hours, and if he's typical, his cock will be an inch
(2.5 cm) longer by the time the night is out. He's got to work
hard at it, to get himself to cum. He's under tremendous stress
right now." 13 yo girls sexphotos "He doesn't look stressed to me, Gordon, he looks like
he's 12yo shower pics loving it, and about ready to cum. Cute little kid! Hell,
naked, too! Sweet." xxx 70 ladies pics "Looks can be deceiving, John. 30 something porn Besides putting enough
benzocaine in his lubricant, to kill gangbang squad 4 about mega_shok.gif percent of the
feeling in his penis, we also boys 46 girls porn told him he has a five-minute
limit, and if he 12yr free doesn't cum in 5 minutes, it's back to
the chastity belt--for two weeks, this time." "Why so harsh, Gordon? I mean, the poor kid--give him a
break." 14-16 old nude pics "Breaks 702 phone sex
have to be earned, here, John. He needs to
learn, starting right now, that we mean what we say, and that if
he acts against our instructions, the consequences are severe,
precise, and immediate." "The kid DOES look like he's sweating it, now. bleach 235 subbed
How Sl-5 silicone lubricant do
you know when to open the curtain?" "You mean, how do we know our naked, young initiate is
going to cum?" "Yes. Can you really know for 9 sex videos sure?" "Actually, we CAN, John. Do you see those wires, they
look like they're coming out from behind his knee?" "Yes, I see them. I hadn't noticed them before." "Those wires, on the boy's legs, go up to his perineum.
They are attached to a small sensor there, that measures the
unmistakable pulses of his impending orgasm." "Sorry, Gordon, but, refresh me--the perineum?" "That stretch of sensitive area, between the scrotum and
rectum. It pulses wildly, all through an orgasm." "Ah, now I got it. Thanks, Gordon." 16 yo sex
"We cheat a little, there, too." "Not again," John said, smiling, "What now?" 685 donor prussia sperm 5 resin porch swing
Lesbian movie03
"When the pulses begin, we send a little high frequency
AC current to the same conductors. It gives the initiate a
tingle over his entire pubic region." "Are 10 yr porn
you saying you bring him over the amateur blowjobs 1 top,
electrically?" "That's exactly what I'm saying, John." "Gordon, I think the kid's going to start coming!" "Just wait, and see." fubar62 galleries "The sound system is great, by the way. I can hear him
starting to moan. Look at the flush in his upper body!" "Yes, John, and look at him gritting his teeth, and
stroking y068 torrent
harder. I forgot to mention, initiates are warned not
to EVER stop stroking, under penalty of a back whipping--not a
gentle one." HORSE TUB4 SEX PORNO
"Looks like he's going to pull that sweet dick right
off!"I could see John free pussy under 14 was entirely captivated by this young initiate,
Steve--who was doing a fine job of sweating, moaning, and
stroking a very seductive-looking, six, cut inches of pure,
smooth, very hard, boy meat. Steve began to look as if he had
run the marathon--flushed a deep red--inhaling and exhaling with
quick, powerful breaths, that blew the porn 1080p megaupload sweat off his nose.Steve was a beautiful, thin boy, about 5 foot 9, 130 pounds, (175
cm, 59 Kg). His blue eyes and light brown cheerleading mixes mp3 hair stunningly
complemented his flawless, golden skin. You could see the boy
alternately struggling between tremendous effort, and the
rewarding feelings of his intense stroking.His, "Uhhhs" and "Ahhhs" became distinctly louder. "There go the curtains, John!"Poor Steve! The look of utter shock, on the naked boy's face,
was indescribable. The horny, young lad's eyes widened, to large
saucers. The poor boy, recently turned fifteen, looked like he
was experiencing his worst nightmare. Not only was a crowd of
about 200 people seeing him fully naked, but watching him
masturbate. That was enough to make his entire body blush to a
crisp, red color. Only the threat of a brutal whipping kept the
lad's hand from leaving his hungry-looking, desperate penis, and
kept him pumping madly--as a mixture of fear, shock, pleasure,
and fierce embarrassment swept over the innocent boy.You had to realize the composition and positioning of the members
of the audience, to appreciate the scene, fully. I explained it
to John.This boy's name was Stephen, or Steve, and Steve was the eighth
and last boy to be initiated, today. The seven others, who were
initiated just before Steve, were standing, in a row, left to
right, facing, and closest to the stage. A few feet behind them,
were several rows of seated newcomers, who had been initiated
within the last few months. Behind them, 14yr old kiddie porn
were the remaining
residents and the masters, all seated, who could watch two,
giant, high-resolution monitors, from the back of the auditorium,
for a "better then life-size" display of the proceedings. A few
masters preferred to stand at the very back of the theatre,
commenting to each other as the initiation progressed.To 67m pants the left of the seven other initiates, were the "goldens"--a
group of boys honored for their outstanding performance, in
training. Their counterpart, to the right of the seven, were the
"cum boys," who had the worst performance, in the current month.
The cum boys would be used as "utility boys," serving the goldens
in the further processing of the current initiates. "Further processing. I can't wait to see what that is,"
John said, with a smile. "Now you're catching on, John."The seven recent initiates were separated into two groups, by a
raised platform, which was reserved for Steve--the boy
masturbating, on stage, now.Steve's whole body shook, as he said a loud, "Oh God!" --as much
in preparation for his orgasm, as his feeling of dread at jacking
off, in front of an audience--not to mention eventually shooting
his precious and private boy seed, in view of all. You could
almost hear a cry, in his voice. 14 inch dicks
"This is it, John."Steve's knees weakened, and the arms of the support held him up,
as his first giant spurt of adolescent cum, shot out into 46 yr porn the
audience."Ahhhhhhhhhh!! OH GOD!" age 12 sex pic The frightened boy yelled, in strong,
guttural, but boyish tones, as his powerful cum stream flew over
the row of standing initiates, and splashed on various boys in
the front rows. "Jesus! That looked like he shot 10 14-16 old girls nude feet, Gordon!" John
shouted, almost as loud as the boy. "It looked close to that, John."The boy's blush deepened, as another frenzied shout escaped his
lips, and his strong stream of cum sailed through the air, again
baptizing the boys in the front rows. "I suppose it helps that Steve's much higher than the
audience." "You catch on quickly, John," I said, smiling.Over and over, moans and squirts came from the painfully horny,
humiliated boy--overwhelmed with sexual desire. His angelic
face flushed crimson, until he was exhausted, and leaning wholly
on the wooden support behind him--his hand, penis, and portions
of the auditorium well coated with his potent, young seed.Steve was given a standing ovation, as he was, by far, the
longest distance cummer of the lot, and gave an outstanding
appearance and performance. Soma 20 min "John, Steve was picked, deliberately, to be last, for
several reasons. He shoots the farthest, he has the lowest
tolerance for pain, (as in, paddling), and he has an amazingly
strong erection." "And phenomenal good looks. The kid sure knows how to
wank that beautiful cock, I'll say that." "More gag sluts 4 than that, John, he has actual strength, in his
penis, as if there were extra muscles, strengthening his penis--
shoring it up--like muscle upon muscle, supporting the thing.
And his hip and lower body strength are exceptional." "Damn. porn video mp4 I never thought I'd get a hardon over a little
kid," said John, enthralled with the sight of the boy. "He's not that little, John. Besides, you've 75 yers old porn
got more
than a hardon there."Puzzled, John looked down at 16 yr old panty himself. He blushed at the precum
spot on his tan trousers. "Don't blush John. I've already cum. Steve wasn't petite under 14 porn
only one jacking off! Steve's a very sexy 15 year-old." "What's happening now, where are those two boys going?" "They came from the right side, so they're cum boys.
They'll help Steve nude 13 yr olds walk down the steps to the floor, and walk him
over to the raised platform, then up the steps of the platform,
and steady him, up there." "Gordon, what happens then?" fuck 14 porno foto "Do you see that guy walking down the aisle, toward the
stage? That's our youngest and strongest master. He's 23 years
old, and..." "And 16yr old porno built like a brick shithouse. What a hunk. Damn,
look at his muscles!" "That's the master 14 yo sexy girls
that's going to give it to Steve." "Give it, Gordon?" "Paddle him. Give him his first paddling. We don't like
to waste time, breaking in these boys. Ten jolting whacks of a
hard, flat, maple paddle. Dipped in water first, of course." "Yeah, I read that in one of your articles. anal boys 12 russia That makes
it hurt, more, if I remember right." "To say the least John, it makes it hurt more." "A paddling ok, Gordon, but in public, damn. You really
DON'T believe in giving a kid a break!" "A little humiliation helps take the cockiness out of
these boys." 8ft christmas stocking "As long as it doesn't impair their 13 yo naturist
cocks." "Good one, John. Good one." I had to laugh at that.
"As a matter of fact it usually helps their cocks. The
'aftereffect' of the paddling tends to be rather erotic. For
many boys, the paddling itself can be sexually arousing." "Incredible! I think the master himself is pretty
incredible, too, Gordon." "Rightly so. Dark brown hair, bright green eyes, stunning
physique, and 6 foot 2, 200 pounds, (188 cm, 91 Kg), with thick,
uncut meat, measuring 9 inches, (23 bleach episode 165
cm)."John whistled, in admiration. Another part of John also seemed
to be admiring the master. "Are most of the guys uncut?" "About half and half, John. There's enough of both kinds
to go around, I assure you." 3-d kid sex
"That guy is so built, he looks like he could knock the
poor kid right off that platform." "He can, John, and he would, except for the cum boys,
whose job it is to hold Steve in place." "Gordon, what's with the baby powder?" "The cum boys put it on their hands, to make sure they
don't lose their grip on Steve. They will be subject to--let's
just say--severe 14 age girlspussy pain, if they fail to hold him." "No breaks at all, for these kids. You guys are real
bastards!" "Yes, we are, John, but good bastards." "I know, I know, Gordon, it builds character.......
...I know it's building something in my pants, just thinking of
that little, white, 15 year-old butt TUBE SEX 0ORNO DOG
getting whacked, red, by
that guy." 5 11 pants
"I fully acknowledge the dual-effect, John." "What are they waiting for? It looks like everyone is in
their right position, frozen free 3-d sex art
like statues." "A pause for tension. It makes the fear build up in the
boy, before Gregory really lets him have it. Greg, that's the
masters name." "Holy shit! It's working. It's making ME nervous,
Gordon!" "You'll get over it."We both watched, as Greg took a backswing of atlanta escorts elizabeth 40 amazing speed and
power, and even more quickly, swung the paddle forward.*WHACK*!!!! 24 sexy parts "UHHHHHHH!! OW!! OW!! NO, PLEASE, NO! NO!!"Steve was very vocal. And very arousing.On it went. Each colossal whack was worse that mega_shok.gif-s pornstars
the 14 old japanese naked previous
one. Little Steve's tiny boy-butt wasted no time showing a
delicious, red color, that deepened with each stroke. His primal
screams, became more ear-shattering, and saturated with pain, as
the beating progressed, and 4 free nudist movies the slender boy voiced his youthful
agony.The noises of the whacks themselves sounded angry, raw, and
punishing. The poor boy's body jolted forward, so harshly, at
each thundering, excruciating blow, that the two cum boys soon
worked up a sweat, and had difficulty just trying to hang on to
the unfortunate, little lad.You could tell, by the way Greg free newsgroup porn newsporn4u
wound up, that this final whack
would be no ordinary application of the paddle to a young boy's
smooth, innocent ass. It was lightning quick, and Greg put his
whole, muscled, 200 pound body into it.**CRRRRRRRACK**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooooooo!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," screamed the boy.The audience went wild, and I was sure that hardons were
throbbing all over the place--just looking 55and older at the cute, horny
fifteen year-old, in his 15 dollar phone sex
current condition. The charms of
Steve's youthful face and body were truly irresistible.The master bowed to the applause, and left the platform. Steve,
the naked, exhausted initiate, seemed to wilt visibly. Three
goldens, two with oil bottles, rushed up to Steve, now shaking,
uncontrollably, and two of them proceeded to rub him with oil,
including his well-shaped and well-reddened, little butt, and the
third 12 week pregnant video golden boy knelt, and began to slowly, gently, suck on
Steve's strikingly beautiful, erect penis. 0search gals "That tea you gave Steve must be some powerful stuff, if
it could keep the kid hard, through the beating he just got." porn 18 video "It's powerful enough, John. This rubbing 3 tities pictures is to soothe
Steve, now, and calm him 18 and sexy down. The boy sucking has the toughest
job." "Toughest? Well, I'll volunteer, next time, Gordon." "If Steve cums while that boy is sucking him, Steve won't
be blamed, but that that boy sucking him will be tortured,
publicly, and it won't be a pretty sight." "I thought that if a kid came at the wrong get it bitch mp3
time, the kid
that came got the punishment. Now, I'm confused, Gordon." "The rules mag3 lasix renal scan
are different with a new initiate. The boy
doing the sucking has all the burden on him, ls magazine issue 12
and he's 13yo gallery been well
trained to know when another boy is cumming--he has a very
experienced mouth. He's been given explicit orders NOT to have
the initiate cum, pussy kinder 15 old at this time." "How old are those other boys?" "Brian Madison, the golden who's sucking Steve, is 14.
He's a real prize--petite, fair, slender, shy, with a beautiful
uncut penis. You'll get to see him in ball training, tomorrow,
in one of our many "chairs." Brian loves to suck--seems to live
for it. The remaining boys, on the platform, are 13." "Damn! Won't Steve cum now?" "No, the tension is still too high, and the benzocaine is
still kicking in, big time." "Ball training? I won't even ask! What are they doing,
now? I see another paddle."I explained to John, that Steve would now get a gentler, barely
painful, paddling, while Brian 15yo nude girls sucked Steve, slowly. "What's the point? And why gentle?" 15 y.o girl "It's a kind of welcome--the boy being consoled by his
peers, so to speak. Mainly, 15yr girls nude we want the boys to associate pain
with pleasure, as soon as possible. This helps them get the
mindset of a sub--helps them to begin to like the pain, as you
saw Warren doing earlier. Gentle, because a beginner can't make
that association, if it's too painful." "You guys are devils. Demonically clever." 1 8 inch rope "An old, old principle, at work, John."As Brian sucked Steve, and the other two goldens paddled nude under 16 free him, the
two cum 8-12yo sex pics boys licked Steve's nuts, to prevent any of Brian's spit
from dropping to the free 70 s porn
platform's floor. The paddling thrust
Steve's aching, adolescent penis into Brian's anxious mouth, with
every tender touch of the smooth paddles. The positions the cum
boys assumed were quite acrobatic, and very arousing, as well.
I doubted there was a soft cock in the entire building. "See the guy in the corner, John? That's the MC. He'll
be talking soon, announcing the next part of the initiation." "I see those boys did a good job, Gordon. Steve looks
much more relaxed. i am fool p2p Still shaky though. I guess after those
incredibly hard whacks..."The little assembly left the platform, and the MC mounted the
platform, in their place, and began to speak. "I call initiate, Stephen C. Harrington, to the
platform."It may have seemed a bit strange, to John, that the MC was
calling the boy who was just up on the platform, but that was
part of the formality--just how it was done, here. "That's our BOY!" I said to John, a little too eagerly,
and with a sudden, lustful feeling of attachment, to Steve.John smiled absently, content to gaze at the boys.Steve took the lead, up the platform's steps, with Brain right
behind him, supporting Steve, physically, when necessary. "Shit! Steve looks like he's shaking."The MC handed Steve a paper, and spoke. "Stephen, have you agreed to all these things, for your
initiation, and for the remainder of your time, here?"Steve was petrified. His horrified blush could be seen, without
the aid of the monitors, from celebrity greeting mp3 s the back row. "I'd sure like to know what's on that paper." "I'll tell you later, John."The beautiful boy in question finally found some semblance of a
voice, and began to reply to the MC. "Uh, y..yes sir. I do, s..sir.... Agree, sir." Steve,
the sweet sounding lad, tried to sound as strong and brave as a
young boy could, under the difficult circumstances.The charming lad was absolutely trembling, as Brian held the
poor boy up, by his small town amateur 04 armpits. "Damn, Gordon, the kid's got a sexy voice." "Well, John, I'll average penis size 13 send him up tonight, instead of the 18
year-old?" "Holy shit. You know, I'm tempted to say yes. I just
don't think I could deal with seeing his bruised butt, yet." "OK, John. Watch. You think the boy is red from
embarrassment now, just wait. The MC is about to ask him a
series of, you might say, 'sensitive' questions." "Stephen Harrington," --poor little Steve jumped, as he
heard the MC speak, and the voice boomed over the public address
system-- "Do you jack off, regularly?" "Iiiihhhhh," came a flustered, high pitched squeak of
mortification, from Steve, whose face girls 18 sexxx contorted with
embarrassment. "Oh, God," the poor boy whispered, softly, as he
looked down, at the floor, followed by a rather sensual
exhalation of utter defeat. color climax 1907 "Ah... yes ... ...I 6 man manhattan beach
do, sir."I found it compellingly erotic, to see the little lad's tender
Adam's apple bounce, solemnly, right before he said, 'I do, sir.'
It was then, that I noticed nude 15 yr
the intensely graceful, sharp
jaw-line, of this adorable boy. Not to mention his perfect,
sensual, red lips, that seemed to beg to have something warm,
between them. "Stephen, how many times a day do you jack off?" "Ohmm G... um, four sir."A round of applause came from the younger residents, obviously
encouraging Steve, and somewhat impressed with his answer. "Stephen, have you ever sucked another boy's penis?
...Stephen, do you think about boys when you masturbate?
...Stephen, have 14yr old sex you ever had sex with any of your brothers?
...Stephen, have you ever fucked a boy? ...Stephen, how many
times have you been fucked? ...Do you like being 14yo sex pics
Stephen?"And so it went, embarrassing question, after question--
Stephen bravely answering each one, with his little voice
quivering pathetically, until the shaken, young lad was crying,
from the relentless humiliation--magnified by his perpetual,
young, magnificent erection, continually and unavoidably, on
public display.Yet, the ceremony was far, far from over.The little boy held up well, though--so far--all things
considered. The slender, Scary movie 2 thong
fifteen year-old's hardon also held up
well--still throbbing--thick, red and proud--it's unrelenting
pounding keeping his impressive penis sticking almost straight
up. Precum flowed from it, in copious amounts, keeping the cum
boys busy, licking Stephen's sweet nectar off the floor.In the audience, the 13 and 14 year-olds, were on their knees,
orally servicing the other boys--15 to 20 years old. Shrieks and
groans of orgasm, and near-orgasm, could he heard, sporadically--
a sort of slow, random emergence proverbs 31 woman of arousing, sensual sounds.There was one boy, who was not present, for the initiation. He
was in a very special place. Above the din of the initiation
ceremony, his blood-curdling scream pierced the festivities.It was striking, how similar the squeaks and moans of the 1 2 nipples boys'
orgasms were to the wails of pain.-------------------------------------------------------------If you like this so far, or want to help me stay "up" to write
more of this story, please drop Remington 597 barrel me an email, of any length, to:
sittinhomehotmail.comThanks. nudist 13 yo --Danny Meyer
P.S. If you like to write a lot--write a bunch! 8-)_____________________________________________________________
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