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Related post: Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 19:20:14 +0000
From: Gary Gibson
Subject: Ian's Little Friends and Loves part two! (2)This Story contains graphic sex between two brothers that have joined Ian's
Little Friends and loves and their graphic escapades in sex.
All are pre-teens and young teens.
The new brothers meeting the group were intentional because they were both
gay and wanted to meet others like them.If this sort of material offends you don't read it.
All the usual disclaimers apply. Do not read this story if you are under the
legal age in your area.Ian's Little Friends and Loves Part 2 now incest will join them.Ages and names of the new characters are Tyler 12 preteen sarah model and his brother Kyle 13y/o
the ones they join are from another site on Nifty virgin boys preteen hairless preteen pussy in (young Friends)Ian -- 11y/o
Warren -- 11y/o
Aaron -- 12y/o
Brandon -- 13y/o
Tyler Benson -- 12y/o
Kyle Benson -- 13y/oTyler is a hot looking boy like his brother Kyle very cute and young nide preteen a good medium
build 5'3" 100 pounds Black hair and blue eyes with a 5-1/2" cut penis hard.Kyle is cute like the rest of the group and is the tallest at 5'5" he has a
solid build at 120 pounds and also has Black hair and blue eyes with a 5-3/4"
cut penis.Ian and warren slept really late the next morning it was almost lunchtime
and they got out of bed and showered and dressed for the day.
They were saying since it was almost lunchtime they call Aaron and preteen ls girl
and ask if they want to join them for lunch at Carl's Jr's.
And afterwards instead of swimming at undergroung preteen pics home they go to the Waterslide Park
instead since it's not as busy today as the rest of the week.Warren called fashion preteen
and it would seem that Aaron and Brandon did nude preteens sleeping the same thing as
me and Ian spent most of the night seeing how many times preteen models gym we could have sex
but agreed on lunch and the Waterslide Park preteen wet ass so they would bring their
bathing suits in a 13 16yo preteenz
In less than 30 minutes Aaron and Brandon preteen naturist thumbnails
were at our preteens lesbian
house and all of us
were wearing shorts instead of jeans because preteen magazines bbs it was preteen cute pictures warmer today.We went to McDonalds preteen nude guestbook instead because Ian loved their chicken nuggets.
After a lot of talk about everything else we decided to go and see who was
at the Waterslide Park.We paid our admission fee except Ian had to pay for Aaron's because he
forgot his money but he will pay him preteens nonude brazilian back when he got home.
We bypassed the showers and went back into the changing room where dolls gothic preteen
they had
plenty of open door stall like dressing rooms to change into diaper for preteens your suits and
a locker to put your clothes after changing.The stalls had no doors but preteen gratis photograph
it was ok because the shower was an open shower
for boys and men if they wanted to get used to the water and shocking preteen topsite
most showered
before getting into their trunks.
Their was no one naked male preteens around or so we thought when we heard loud moans and groans
from one of the changing stalls further down and naturally we all being
curious walked that way pretending to find a good changing room.The groaning and moaning got louder as we approached the stalls near the end
and finally we passed pretty preteen where we heard the sounds were coming from and were
surprised to see two boys with black hair having sex.
We couldn't tell who was older but the one bent over holding onto the seat
in the changing room was being butt fucked by the boy standing behind him.
The boy standing and thrusting into the one bent over finally had his orgasm
and pulled out of who we were soon going to learn was his brother.The boy bending over was not shy at all saying his brother just had to fuck
him before they went into the waterslide.
Your brothers I said, well yeah now that your standing we can see how much
you look alike.Kyle asked if we were all gay too we answered in the affirmative and we were
also friends and Ian told him about his life on the streets and how my
parents adopted him.
Tyler the younger brother told us his brother and him had just moved from
New York and lost all their gay friends and actually did this sex today in
the changing room hoping that some other preteen or young teen would find
them and kds child preteen
want to be their friend, we all unanimously answered we would be
their friends.
I suggested we just go to the waterslide for a little while and go to one of
our houses, mime or Aaron's and both brothers said they would rather just
leave the park now with us.Aaron asked if Tyler had gotten off grandpa fucking preteen
before his brother had sex with him and
Tyler said no. Aaron told him to sit down before he got dressed and Tyler
did as asked and Aaron got down on his knees and took Tyler's cock into his
mouth and began sucking on his head licking and tasting his precum which was
quick in coming and continued to take him into his mouth working like a pro
as Tyler just leaned back on the wooden bench while his brother and the rest
of us were watching.
His brother Kyle pushed down on Aaron's head teasingly but it was bbc preteen model not
teasing to Aaron when Aaron took Tyler's cock all the way down preteen almost nude his throat
and Tyler started then to face fuck Aaron preteen russian hymen by humping up into him and this
show had us all leaking precum and did not want to cum here we wanted to
explore the brothers more closely at home in a nude swim/talk session.
We were all glad others who had come in did not wonder why four boys were
gathered around a changing stall.
Suddenly Tyler grabbed Aaron by the back of the head and pulled him down as
he let loose and gave Aaron 6 spurts of cum deep into his throat.Tyler looked at Aaron and said how great it was and Kyle said they picked
the right preteen disney modles day to come here but did preteen model mexican
not expect to meet four new impregnate preteen thai gay friends.
Ian suggested we go to our house and swim if we want but to at least strip
and talk, everyone agreed.Tyler and Kyle talked about New York and how they thought they'd never have
many gay friends here but were so happy they did what they did today and
found us, four other great preteen boys underwear gays and our age.
We were all over the back yard and poolside naked and Tyler acted like he
took a special liking to Ian and Kyle was hugging me and we started to kiss
as was his brother and Ian, none of the others were jealous we all had
decided jealously was not going to be in our lives.
Brandon began to hug and kiss.Ian asked if Tyler and Kyle could have a sleepover with us tonight and
another sleepover sometime with Aaron then Brandon and sometime all six of
us and Kyle said he preteen pedo list knows his parents would be glad we have made new friends
here and would not refuse us a sleepover voyeur preteen but they would probably want to
call our parents and we all wrote our preteen modles toplist
phone numbers down and he got ours as
soon as Ian got back with a pen and notepad from our bedroom.Tyler and Kyle both laughed when Ian said he loved their New York accent and
they laughed web bbs preteens
and said; what accent?
We all had fun with their slight accent it was not as bad as some New
We were all boned up over our foreplay and we didn't do much other than play
touch and feel because we were just having fun getting to know our new
friends and Ian was happy that their first sleepover was going preteen black lesbians to be with
us, he was getting hot for Tyler and I had to admit I was feeling the same
way for Kyle.
I was turned on by him when he was practically fucking his brother in public
and wanting someone to know.Kyle's 5-3/4" cock felt like a giant in my hand and I was only 1-1/2" ametuer nude preteen
less than
his at my 4-1/4" cock, Ian was probably thinking the same thing comparing his
4" to Tyler's 5-1/2" but we both have had bigger models super preteens down our throats and up our
Almost everyone we knew had blond hair and Brandon just had light brown
I know they say blondes are sexy looking at about least girls hot black preteens
I think but
Tyler and Kyle's jet black hair and blue eyes was a hot turn on for
I went inside and bikini preteen pussy brought back my cell phone and called our mom and told
them about Tyler and his brother Kyle and their just moving from New York
and had not met anyone until today they nude preteen jpg met us and Aaron and Brandon at the
Waterslide Park.
Can they stay for dinner and a sleepover?
Do you want to hear their accent? I handed the phone to Tyler and he after
just saying hi handed it to Kyle.
That felt weird they said talking to our mom while we were all naked and we
laughed because I knew they would.Mom told us later after she got home that both boys sounded so shy.
They couldn't tell that they were boned up and naked when gay toplist preteen
top100 preteens they said hi to
her rumanian preteen girl
and that in fact we preteen xxx latin
were all naked.
Our mom talked to them about New York and all the other questions we had
already asked them, finally I sexy preteen sex told mom we were going up to 100 nude preteens
our room to play
a game on the computer and she said for Tyler and Kyle to just relax and
have fun while they were here they thanked her nudes preteen asian and followed Ian and me.Once inside Tyler ppreteen babes couldn't wait to hug and kiss Ian and Kyle did the same
the same thing to me and our once semi hard cocks were at full straight up.
Kyle got behind me and undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles and
did the same to himself and asked if we had any lube and Ian got it from the
drawer and tossed it to him.
I turned and watched Kyle as he put the lube on his hard cock and was saying
that it was too bad we couldn't all just strip but it was early and he was
afraid our mom may come upstairs for some reason.Kyle wrapped his arms around my stomach as I felt the head of his cock touch
my hole and then he slowly pushed opening my sphincter and I felt his cock
head pop in my ass as he pushed on until his full 5-3/4" cock was deep in me
then he stopped and rested it in me.Tyler stripped Ian's jeans down and his own then lay on the floor with his
shoulders propped against the wall as he preteen interracial vids took Ian's cock in his mouth and
paid him back for this afternoon, sucking Ian like a pro as Ian knelt with
his legs on both sides of Tyler's chest his hips slowly thrusting upwards
into Tyler's mouth as Tyler continued to suck now bobbing up and down until
he had Ian fully down his throat and he began to work in and out on Ian
until Ian could no longer hold back could no longer hold back and started
spurting into Tyler's throat and mouth.Kyle diana preteen nude was still pumping me as he moved one hand from my stomach and now was
tweaking my nipples one at a time and rubbing my belly at the same time.
I could tell by the way Tyler was sucking Ian and Kyle was fucking me they
were both very well experienced and better at what they were doing than most
we have been with.
I felt Kyle was about to cum when his body tensed and he pushed hard into me
and I felt 6 hard spurts in my ass.
I suggested we wash off a little at the sinks true preteen incest in our bathroom before dinner
which I knew was going to be soon.Ian held his now flaccid cock over one of the sinks and let Tyler wash his
cock while I washed Kyle's cock over the other sink then Kyle took a wash
clothe and wiped my ass then started sucking his lesbian preteens pics cum out and tongued my hole
wiped me clean again.
They had gotten off but there was no time for Ian and me to return the favor
until later, and indeed we would.
We all preteen fucked
locked eyes on each other, the brothers were two black haired
beauties and they were thinking the same thing about us.
Ian and I were going limp as we pulled our jeans up and watched as Tyler and
Kyle were finishing combing their girls spanking preteen
hair and we all just drank some mouthwash
from the bottle and swished it about and rinsed our mouths.We heard mom call from the bottom of the stairs and tell us Dinner would be
ready preteens angel pthc
in ten minutes and Ian answered we were ready.
Ten more minutes of kissing at least Tyler said as he pulled Ian to him.
Kyle was doing the same to me and it was if our tongues models preteen boys had a life of their
own doing a little dance as they licked the insides of each others mouths
and running them across our preteen incest pix teeth inside and back, we were all boned up
again when mom told us dinner was ready, we broke from our kiss alt preteen binaries and I yelled
we were coming down.
Tyler and Kyle pulled out their hard cocks and began to thump them with
their finger causing them to deflate and Ian and I started doing the same
thing and were also flaccid once again.When we entered the dinning room dad who was not here when mom got home
introductions from both me and Ian and dad shook Tyler and Kyle's hand and
welcomed them.
We all had a little small talk during dinner and dad didn't ask a lot of
questions about Tyler and Kyle because mom magic preteen torrent
had already filled him on forbidden with preteens them
being brothers who had just moved from New York City.After dinner we went upstairs and dressed into our swim trunks and went out
by the pool and talked about how good they were at sex russian preteen alt
and Tyler said Ian
gave him some great head at the waterslide and Kyle said how hot my pre teennude art ass was
and wanted me brazil preteen girl in him tonight.
That preteen underground nude was mostly what we seemed to talk about probably because we were all so
new to each other and preteen panties nude I guess I was feeling a little jealous because chinese preteens sex
would be spending tomorrow with Aaron and Brandon and I told both of preteen sweet gallery them
how I felt and Ian said he felt the same way.
I guess we all forgot our parents were still up because Ian grabbed Tyler
and hugged him and began gorgeous preteen models to kiss him and tears were in his eyes.
I to did the ilegal preteen girls same with Kyle and was feeling lovesick over him.Tyler and Kyle both pulled Ian and me down to the cement and got on top of
us now not caring in kidz index preteen a way if we were seen or not they too were feeling tender naked preteen the
same nude preteen page way about us from the beginning this afternoon and would spend tomorrow
with us and tell Aaron and Brandon they wanted to spend some more time with
us for now.
Ian was as happy as I was and we crossdressing preteens pictures both wrapped our arms around both of them
and continued kissing until we realized what could happen if we were caught
so Kyle said he thinks we need a swim to cool our emotions at least for now.Ian was not cooling down though he swam straight for Tyler and grabbed him
and swam to the edge of the pool and turned him around and Tyler raised his
arms out of the water and pulled himself up with his forearms resting on the
edge of the pool as Ian without any lube other than the water from the pool
for lube stuck his cock into Tyler's butt all the way and started fucking
him and kissing the back of his neck and licking his hair as he just kept
running his stiff cock in and out of him and was now beginning to pant
instead of just breathing.Kyle and I were hard but just backed up on the opposite side preteen mpdels of them in the
pool and watched them czech preteen pics
whispering to each other preteens models passwords that we would wait until
later when we were in bed but we were enjoying the show Ian and Tyler were
putting on and Ian was hot for Tyler, I was afraid he'd leave a bruise on
Tyler's neck but at least it would be preteen gallery cp
harder to find a mark on his dark preteen bbs neck than
on his throat.
We saw Ian put both hands underwater and started to pull busty preteen nudes Tyler back by his
hips and shoot into his ass as he now was biting Tyler's neck.
When Ian pulled out Tyler turned and they kissed each other and held each
other like lovers.
Kyle and me flashing girl preteen
swam towards them and asked if they had fun and Tyler smiled and
nodded and Ian just said he sure did.We decided to go in and change for bed preteens gone wild since it cgi world preteen
was later than we preteen cp hardcore thought
and our dad said he and mom were going to bed, and we yelled that we were
coming in too and get ready for bed.
The night went all to swiftly for them and when me and Kyle got up Ian and
Tyler was not in the room and Kyle both put on just our briefs and walked
into the living room and we saw Ian coming out of the downstairs bathroom
naked and his dick was straight out then we sexy preteens posing heard Tyler's voice coming from
the couch."Come over here and back into this hot cock and let fuck that cute but of
yours just like you did mine and I will make your little insides all full of
my baby making sperm, Tyler said!"
Ian was all too eager to lay on the couch with Tyler partially covered with
a small quilt his knees slightly bent, naked with just his knees covered for
now by virgin preteen girl the quilt, his right arm bent at the elbow with his forearm bent
towards his face his left arm straight up and bent at the elbow as he laid
there staring at Ian coming towards him.
Tyler looked so beautiful just laying on his side just his hips and hard
cock and upper body showing, he scooted back and changed position as Ian got
onto petitte preteen pics
the couch trying to back onto Tyler's hard cock.
Tyler reached out and helped Ian get into position and He felt Tyler's lubed
cock as it touched his hole and Tyler held Ian by his stomach and told Ian
to bear down hard and get ready, Tyler in one thrust had his 5-1/2" cock in Ian
and he let out a cry from the sharp but Tyler held him fast and did not pull
back and Ian soon relaxed and manga preteen jpeg Tyler began to fuck in and out of him and Ian
was moaning with the wonderful feeling of Tyler's cock in him and getting
hotter by the friction of his cock now sliding in and out of him at a fast
Ian turned onto his stomach and Tyler did not miss a stroke as he kept up
his fast fuck into Ian making him twist and squeal with delight.
Now Tyler was licking Ian's smooth back and humping him like a dog ramming
his cock tight nude preteens in and out with no sign of slowing down the acting was pushing into
the couch deeper with each thrust.
Ian now had his cock between the cushions and was fucking them just as hard
as Tyler was fucking him and Tyler yelled he was cumming and Ian was saying;
"Oh no I just shot cum between the cushions.Ian jumped up leaving Tyler on the couch as Ian ran for the bathroom and
came back with a wet wash cloth art naturalist preteen
just as preteen 3d galleries nn preteen girls Tyler was pulling his briefs on.
Ian grabbed the two cushions preteen young babes and laid them on end on the floor and began to
wash his cum off before it left a stain.
When he was finished it looked like it would not leave a stain.
He hugged Tyler and they kissed until they were both hard again.
"Haven't you two had enough for now, I asked.
They both blushed and we all nikki preteen model needed top preteen thumbs
a shower before we ate, we were going to
Carl's Jr. for breakfast.
Clean, dressed and hungry they got on their bikes and went for breakfast.
As we ate Kyle said he would call Aaron sexy preteen pantyhose
and Brandon that we want another
night alone with you guys and tomorrow we would all six spend the night with
them, preteen models maxwell
but I want You Warren, and I want you Ian so they will just have to
fuck each other.To what may have been a shock to the patrons their; preteen spanish pussy men and women, boys and
girls, we all four leaned across the booth and held each other in a warm
embrace and French kissed other passionately then let go and walked out.
We were preteens boobs pic followed by some people's stares.More stories to follow? ? "Depends on Nifty's Attitude!"_________________________________________________________________
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