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Related post: Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 13:24:02 +0100
From: Storyteller_2Yahoo.com
Subject: The Breakfast Meeting part 7New story "The Breakfast Meeting" (m/t) (t/t) (con)This story was inspired by 3 zeps pedo pages stories I read on the Nifty.org a site which I
recommend. The stories were On a wing and a prayer, Caring for Cody' and
Codys Companions. In the story that follows all the kidsporn sex pedo
sexual parts are pure
fiction and should read as such. It does not mean the author promotes
sexual relationships between men and teenage boys. Some of the other stuff
is factual, Well Amsterdam is still there and aeroplanes fly. If sufficient
interest is shown it could be the first nude 4 pedo of a series.If you are not of a legal age etc. or are offended by homosexual behaviour,
man/boy relationships etc. etc then go away and read the works of
Dr. Sigmund Freud it might open your eyes and mind. The Breakfast Meeting
by Storyteller_2Part 7I woke up busting for a pee, it was very quiet and still topliste site pedo boy dark. Wim was
still beach pic pedo
sleeping the sleep of the just in his usual position wound round me
like a vine, his mouth slightly open dribbling warm saliva on to my
chest. I had to move or pee pedo porno movies the bed. I need not have worried as I
extricated myself very slowly as not to wake him he just sighed and turned
on to his back. It must have been all that coffee earlier. I moved to the
bathroom and without turning on the light relieved the pressure on my
bladder and with a smile said "O" for a pee and "P" for relief. I could see
the luminous hands on my watch pointing to 0230, my eyes must be getting
better or maybe it was because it was pitch black. I went back to bed.Wim had turned to face away from me so I slipped in behind him reversing
the spoon of our earlier position. It was the first time we had been in
this configuration. I put my arm over his waist and let my hand slide down
to his pubic hair. My fingers played with the patch of hair which was still
soft with tight curls. It felt beautiful as I teased my fingers through the
hairs and slowly let them find his boyhood. In that space of time I had
become as hard as a rock. Wim still slept on but I felt his penis start to
respond to my gentle lollipop pedo
caressing. I could feel it getting harder by the
second, sufficiently so that I laid it in my hand and curled my fingers
round his 5". His subconscious must have been working because, I know he
was still asleep, he moved backwards to get closer contact. So doing his
buttocks came into contact with my manhood which slipped between them. The
sensation that went through me was akin to my first sexual intercourse
experience over 36 years ago and she was something else! I thought I loved
her but we both realised later it was pure lust on both our parts.I was sure this was not pure lust, this sex cartoon pedo
was definitely something more. I
searched for a word: surreal! I made up my mind at the beginning of my
relationship with this gorgeous creature that I would not do anything
physical to harm him nor would I do anything without his consent, nor would
I use psychological blackmail to make him do something that he did not want
to do but thought he should do just to please me. That was my Rule number
3. Even if he said that he did not want to continue with our games' I would
respect his wishes and still love him and look after his welfare. So I just
laid there and enjoyed the physical contact. I let my lips caress the back
of his neck and felt him shudder and his penis expand. Aha! Another
erogenous zone and he doesn't even know I've found it.I awoke to the sound of whispering voices."Are you going to wake him then?""No let him wake up naturally, he is not a morning person", I heard Wim
whisper."He does like a cup of tea, doesn't he?", that was Pauls voice."Yes, of course he does, you don't think I would have got Henk to go pedo japan graris to the
kitchen and get the tea if he didn't like it.""Well he had better wake up soon or it will be cold and breakfast for 4 is
due in 15 minutes", that was Henk.I opened one eye to see 3 beautiful teenagers sat on the end of the bed,
all in bathrobes, looking in my direction. Wim saw my lollita videos pedo
eye open and he
scooted up the bed and gave me my morning kiss."Tea or cigarette first?""Oh, tea please and--" he interrupted me."I'll get your cigs as you are having your first mouthful," he grinned.I sat kids pedo sex up and Paul put a cup in my hand, "Tea with milk, no sugar, sir", he
said.I took a big swig, "Oh lovely, Good morning gentlemen, you are all up
early.""It's 0830", they all chorused.They were correct I had slept like a baby. pics childlover pedo
"Breakfast in 10 minutes", Wim
stated."I won't be forbidden pedoland porno able to make the dining room in 10 minutes", I cried."You don't have to love ilegall pedo it's breakfast in bed for you today, Sir", the boys said.I laid back against the headboard, held out my cup to be refilled and lit a
cigarette. I was being pampered and I loved it! Both Paul and Henk wriggled
up the bed, one at each side and simultaneously planted a kiss on pron pedo my
cheeks. I put my arms round their necks and pulled them close and returned
the kiss to both of their lips at the same time. Wim returned my cup full
of tea and I took another mouthful and started to feel compos mentis. I
lit another cig and all the boys shook their heads and Tut Tutted."Do you want the same Kris as you had yesterday?" I questioned."Yes", they said in chorus."Then shut up `tut-tutting' about my ciggies, then. Let this be a lesson to
you, don't start smoking!"Again in chorus they said, pedoland site
"We won't."There was a knock at the door, which was opened by Wim, and a trolley full
of plates and covered serving dishes and a smell that I would have killed
for, was pushed into the room by a young girl from the kitchen. Wim thanked
her in both Dutch and English and told her he would take it from there. Wim
set out 4 plates and started to dish up. He looked over to me and I knew
what he was thinking. I nodded and let my eyes wander over to Paul. Wim
smiled and put slightly extra on Pauls plate."Lets get at it," I said little teen russian pedo with enthusiasm.I don't know why it pedo young is, but when I'm at home all I have nude pedo galery
tea and toast, in
an hotel I can eat a full breakfast. Everyone tucked in and in short order
all the plates were clean, including Pauls. I looked at Wim and he at me
and we both smiled."What was that smile for?" Paul enquired, looking at me."Well, for two reasons, one did you notice I didn't get any fried bread and
I love fried bread, Wim is putting me on a diet, the other reason I want to
talk to you about."He pedo ilegal teens blushed and said, "Is it because I'm very thin?""It is, so do you want to speak to me in private or shall we discuss now in
open forum?""Now I suppose! I don't know why but over the last few months I just didn't
want to eat, maybe it was because I thought I was getting fat. It wasn't
till I saw all of you naked that I realised how thin I anime porn pedo had got and really I
wasn't fat after all.""Paul everyone needs a balanced diet and the odd treat now and then and
especially at your age as you are growing and going through puberty, diet
is important. Your weight will fluctuate so don't worry if you put on a
few grammes you will grow and it will settle down. Promise me you will eat
properly from now on.""I promise," he whisperedBoth the other boys said that they would keep an eye on him. I got out my
camera and told Paul to strip to his briefs. He took off his bath robe and
all he had on was his briefs. I took some shots and showed him the results
on the screen, I think even he was shocked to see how thin he looked. I
told him the next time I came over I would do the same and we would compare
them to see the difference. Wim quick as a flash latched on to what I had
just said."When you come over again!""Well, I hope I will have to sign some papers, if you play your cards
right", I said darkly.He knew exactly what I meant and I saw his grin showing his beautiful teeth
just before his mouth was buried in my neck."Oh they are at it again", the other boys groaned but with smiles on their
faces."Do you have a games machine, Wim?" Paul asked."Yes, I've got one in my room. Do you want to see it?", Wim looked at me
with a knowing look and said, "You don't mind if pedo elite boy
I show Paul my MegaDrive
for a little while.""No, not at all, about how long will you be?""Only about 45 child pedo kids minutes or so.""Are you going with them, Henk?""No, pedo pics home
I'll stop with you if you pedo virgin sex don't mind.""That's fine with me we can talk about the telephone system your Dad wants
for the workshop. Okay, off you boys go but be back in an hour -- I want to
go out for a while, I need to buy a few knick knacks for the family at
home."Henk let them out and locked the door and put the chain on the hook. I was
still on the bed and all he had on was a bath robe and boxers. He took off
his bath robe and climbed on to the bed and slid close to my side. He half
turned and put his arms round my neck. I children hot pedo
put my arms round his waist and
pulled him close."I've wanted to do this since you came to the workshop," he whispered.
"When you left I had to go up to little girl pedo se
my room and beat off and I did it just
thinking about you and shot the biggest load I had ever produced.""You are very sexy young man," I said in a low voice.Before I could say anything else his lips met mine in a hot passionate lip
grinding kiss his tongue darting in and out of my mouth like a rapier."Make me naked," he gasped lifting his free pedo nudes hips so I could slide off his
underwear.I pulled his boxers to his knees and he rolled in the foetal to aid the
complete removal. Totally naked still with his lips glued to mine he slid
his legs down either side of one of mine gripping it with his thighs and
forcing his now rigid sex nude pedo site
member against my thigh. I slid virgin kids pedo
my hand down his back
two fingers either side of his spine massaging the muscles as I went.
Whimpers of pleasure escaped from his throat and as my finger slid down the
crack of his buttocks.He broke the kiss, buried his head in my neck and groaned, "Oh yes, more,
more please."His hand came down my chest, the tips of his fingers just brushing the
skin. He squeezed my rock hard nipples and continued to images of pedo my manhood. I let
my finger press gently against his anus and his hips jerked upwards to
force my finger inside."Deeper, deeper," he groaned, "touch my spot.""Not yet, later; it will be better later."I let my other hand stray down his leg as far as I could reach and then
pulled his leg sideways. He got the idea immediately and xxx toplist pedo
moved pedo sexo kids round to the
69 position. I could feel the heat of his erection against my cheek. We
turned on our sides facing each other, his mouth clamping round my manhood
and pedo pics cute
sliding it down his throat till his nose was in my pubic hair. He
applied suction pulling back till just the head was in his mouth. His
tongue whirling round the glans sending rivers of pleasure through my young asian pedo whole
body.The fingers of one hand cupped my testicles and gently kneaded them
whilst the other hand moved over my hips and I felt his finger start the
search for my anus. I relaxed and his finger slowly moved into me.He mumbled, "please" and I knew what he required. I slowly stroked his
pulsing boyhood and put my lips against his glans. He thrust forward porno kiddy illegal pedo
and I
let him enter my mouth, putting pressure with my lips until he was entering
the back of my throat and I was down to his pubic hair.We set up a rhythm, our mouth and fingers in total synchronisation. Our
fingers searched for the magic spot as we speeded up. I could tell that he
was near his climax and I was near mine. On an outward stroke we both
pressed the prostate simultaneously causing both bodies to go rigid,
sphincters clamped on our fingers, shudders running up and down our frames
and we exploded in each others throats pumping shot after shot of hot fluid
till we male pedo collapsed in each others arms. Henk moved round and laid half on
and half off my body still breathing hard and in gasps. I held him and
massaged the back of his neck feeling him relax and his and my breathing
come back to normal."Paul didn't exaggerate when he said it was electric, he was absolutely
spot on.""I need a shower," I said, "coming?""No, I've already cum" he chuckled and got up and went into the bathroom and
turned on the shower. We showered together with the door open and suddenly
realised that we had been joined by two other bodies."I'm pleased you had the shower going," Wim top 50 pedo
quipped, "we need one too!""Are you hot and sticky?""Well we were pedo nimphets sticky," he grinned."When we have finished this shower I want a serious talk with all of you.""Oh dear that sounds ominous," Paul said. "I thought you had your serious
talk with me.""Can I do the usual?" Wim said.The other boys looked with questions in their eyes."OK."He turned off the shower and grabbed a towel, "lets go" he cried, dashing
into the bedroom. I looked pedo videos rape at the other boys who were stood bemused."He likes to dry me and me to dry him," I explained."Will you dry us?" they chorused."If you want.""Oh, goody" and they dashed into the bedroom with their towels.The now morning ritual of each drying each was completed and clean
underwear covered our not so private parts and the boys sat down sexy pedo kids with
expectant looks on the faces. porno pedo foto I knew they were waiting for my serious talk."Is this talk about shocking underground pedo porn sex 'cos if it is we have done it at school and my dad
has talked to me already"? It always seemed to be Paul asking the questions
in our group situation."It is but I don't think your dad or sex education at school will cover
what I am going to tell you," pedo girls 14
I replied."Shut up and listen," the other two retorted. Paul fell silent."You know what we have been doing is against the law."They nodded and was about to say something but I held up my hand and
stopped them. "The age of consent here in Holland for gay sex uncensored pedo foto free
is 16 in the
UK it is 18 and various other countries it varies from 16 to 21. We all
know it goes on so darkcollections pedo we have to be careful on two accounts. One make sure
what you do is in strict privacy and your partner pedo underground porno can be trusted. Two,
always practice safe sex with a partner whose history you don't know.
Condoms are freely available and pedo suck pics fotos you boys are big enough to dark pedo portal wear one
without it coming off. Now I know it is a bit late but let me ask you and
Henk:" I said looking pedo incest video at Paul, "how many sex partners have you had?"You could see him thinking, "Do you count mutual jerk off's?""No, only the ones teen little pedo
where bodily fluids have passed between you.""Three, you, Henk and Wim.""The same with me", Henk replied, "but do we know you are safe?""You pedo bss see what I mean, it's a bit late now asking that question. As it
happens about a month before I came here I had to have dark sex pedo a check up to keep
my pilots licence and every so often they give you the works, ECG, chest
X-ray and blood test, reaction time, eyes, blood pressure, in fact a full-
blown medical. Apart from the fact they moaned I was smoking too much every
thing else was better than average for my age. Oh, except my weight," I
added as I saw Wim about to say something."Now who is reading who's mind," he grinned."In a group like young pedo cunt
us we must be very honest with each other and be very
safe." They all nodded and I am sure they took everything I said onboard.
The three of them dashed over and hugged me so tight I could hardly breath,
covered me with kisses and said we all love you in our different ways and
never want our friendship to end."I feel the same," giving Wim a knowing look and getting one russian gay pedo of his
heavenly smiles. I broke the sombre mood, got up and started to dress
asking what we were going to do for the rest of the day. There was a babble
of voices all talking at once."Whoa, whoa, one at a time."They all started again and what appeared to be an argument in Dutch started
between the three. Now illegal pics pedo I have heard of double Dutch but Treble Dutch was
too much. I playfully swatted three heads with the flat of my hand and said
"If you are going to argue in triple Dutch let me know what conclusions you
have come to when I have finished my ablutions," and I retired to the
bathroom.When I came out they were all fully dressed and sat in a row like the three
wise monkeys and with angelic looks on their faces."We are ready to take you on the town," said Wim acting as spokesman.I got dressed and we left. I was taken on a tour of the gratis pedofilia lesser known Red
Light district and we finished up for lunch at a Cafe. As I entered I could
see the boys looking at me intently and once through the door I realised
why. I didn't say a word but just sat down at a table and read the menu.
The boys joined me. We ordered and had a good snack type lunch. I paid the
bill pedo kiddi porn
and we left. Win and Paul could not contain themselves any longer."Do you know where we have just been?""Yes, not a bad children pedo sites little Cafe that did a good snack meal, and, if we had
stayed much longer, we would all have been spaced out, man, as the smell of
hashish was so strong I could taste it.""You said you have never done drugs in any form," Wim said with frown on
his face."What is our Rule Number 1?" I said."We don't tell each other lies.""Correct and I haven't told you a lie in all the time I have dark pedo gallery known you!
That doesn't naturist pedo pics
mean I don't know what drugs do to you and how some of them
stink. I remember siting on the grass by the banks of the River Charles in
Boston listening to the Boston Pops Orchestra outdoor concert and having to
move because of the pot that was being smoked all around me and I tell you
again," and I said this quite pedo pix xxx forcefully, "I've never done drugs of any
sort and I haven't told you any lies."He and the other two looked quite shocked at my tone. Wim came over in the
middle of the street, put his arms round my neck, gave me a nuzzling kiss
and said,"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have porn pedo girls doubted you, please forgive me.""You are forgiven. If you want things to happen with us then you must trust
me.""I will," he said meekly and I returned his kiss with interest."Just look at them, nude of pedo they're at it again," Paul piped up."Jealous!" Wim retorted sticking his tongue out at Paul."I suppose I am," he said thoughtfully.The rest of the afternoon passed without incident. I bought my knick knacks
for the family back home. When the boys were distracted with other things I
bought Henk pedo film gallery and Paul a little token. We sat in a coffee house for our final
drink together, no pot this time, young pedo amateur child apart from the pot of coffee and it was
decided that the two boys would catch a tram home and Wim pedo sex bilder and I would
return to the hotel. As they got on the tram I gave them my little present,
nicely wrapped by the girl in the shop and told them not to open it till
they got home. It was teen porno pedo
good to see the look of complete surprise on their
faces as each gave me a big kiss on the cheek and asked for my address and
telephone number. I told them that Wim pedoworld galleries would give it to them at school on
Monday and off little teen pedo sites they went.
Chapter 11Saturday nightWe made our way back to the hotel."I'm hungry.""So am I," I replied to Wims statement. "Where do you want to eat?""Lets eat in the hotel dining room tonight.""That's fine with me."We entered the hotel and Wim got the room key from behind the desk as I
called the lift. There was no sign of his father. Wim opened the door and
we went in. I looked around."What are you looking for?"I smiled at Wim and said "no letter!"He dashed across the room put his head in the Wim position, his arms round
my waist and said with tears in his eyes, "You've never mentioned them
before, did you like them?""I shall keep them forever, pedo 16 I think they are wonderful."He looked up into my eyes, still hugging me round the waist with a look of
contentment that made him sexy illegal pedo teen
seem totally at peace. I leaned down and kissed
him on the forehead, on each of his eyes, on the end of his nose and then
his lips found mine, his hands flew to the back of my head and our lips
were crushed together for what seemed an age. We came up for air."It's a good job the other two are not here," I said."Why?""They would be saying they pedo child porn are at it again!"He grinned and said "I really do think that they are jealous, well Paul
anyway.""Why Paul?""Well when we went to my room the other night to leave you and Henk
together, we had pedo f a bit of a session.""I gathered you did", I said."Well all he could talk about was you and how lucky I was. I'm sure he
fantasied that I was you. When I come over in two weeks time, I bet he will
want to come with me.""What about Henk?""He is a bit of a dark horse and doesn't talk to me as freely as Paul, so I
don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to come over for a holiday
in the summer though.""Enough of them," I said, "it is you and me from now on till Sunday. Lets
have a quick wash and go down for dinner.""Just a wash, not a shower.""Do you want to eat tonight?""Yeah," he paused for thought, "wash it is then."We sat at a table for two in the corner of the dining room and a very
pretty waitress pedo virgins russian
came and took our order. The meal was good and the service
was excellent. Half way through pedo child pix the meal I saw Wims father come in the room
and glance across at our table. He paused and you could see the wheels
going round in his head. He was behind Wim so he didn't see him there. He
made his way over to the table. I warned Wim he was coming. "Oh, shit," he
breathed very quietly.As he got near I looked up and said, "Good evening, Mr. Van der Valk.""Good evening, sir, I trust everything is all right.""Most excellent, service and food could not be better.""May I join you for coffee?""By all means.""Right I'll see you later."Wims face was a mixture of horror, trepidation and anguish."Why did you agree to that?!""Why not? It can't do any harm and I don't want to antagonise him for
obvious reasons."He thought for a minute, "Suppose not."He looked glum. "Cheer up.""You don't pedo boys collection
think he has changed his mind about me coming over for the
holiday, do you?"The thought of his father coming over for coffee had ruined Wims meal."No, I'm certain he hasn't.""I wish I was.""Well you will soon find out pedo asian movie here he comes now.""I've brought the coffee, may I sit down?""Please do."He sat pedofilia free sex photos at the end of the table with me on one side and Wim on the other. He
thanked me for giving Wim a good time whilst I had stayed there and said he
had noticed how much happier he had seemed. He was looking forward to
hearing how he would get on when he was in England. At this Wim visibly
relaxed and a slight smile came to his lips.He asked me what I thought of Wim. I told him the truth. I said I thought
he was an intelligent, well mannered, thoughtful and kind boy. Over the
week I had become very fond of him and I would be willing to have him with
me in England at any time he wanted to come over. Van der Valk smiled. He
said something to Wim in Dutch and Wim reminded him in English that fucking little boys pedo I
didn't speak their language. I told him that was OK and not to worry. I
asked him if would be OK for Wim child porn pedo crack to come and see me off at the airport
tomorrow and he said no doubt Wim would want to stay with me till I left
and that wasn't a problem. With that he said good night and left. Wim
breathed an audible sigh of relief."What do you think he was on about?" he said with a puzzled look on his
face."Come on lets go up to our -- ooops -- my room."I could see that Wim was frantic to ask me what I thought so as we got in
to the room I told him that I thought he was checking me out to see if I
still felt the same as I did when we had the other chat. Now that he knows
I do, I reckon that when I've left he would talk to him (Wim) about a
permanent arrangement."Oh, Kris, I'm frightened.""Come here, you silly sausage," and I hugged him for all I was worth."Can I call you on the phone when you go home?""Of course you can."Wim pulled the duvet down and started to get undressed. He was down to his
briefs when he stopped. Lifting an eyebrow he said, "Shall I leave these
on?""Yes and I'll leave mine on too.""I want to do something special with you tonight" Wim said."If it is what I think it is, as much as I would like to try it, I think
not"!"Are you reading my mind?" questioned Wim."I think so.""But it would be the final act of pedo porn hot love.""True, but it is still no.""Don't you love me enough to do it then?" he begged."You know better than that."I could see that we could be heading for our first argument. He was laying
on the bed on his back looking very sad. I went over and laid by his side
and pulled him close to me as he moved to the Wim position I explained why
I wouldn't do what we both wanted to do."You know what our ultimate goal is, you becoming, in effect, my adoptive
son.""Mmm," he sighed."Think of the questions you would be asked if you had to have a physical
medical examination before they would allow the papers to go through and
they could see that you had been having anal sex! They would want to know
who, when, where, how many times petit russian pedo etc., etc. I don't think that I could
forgive myself if I lost you through something incest boys pedo
like that.""I never thought of it like that.""That's why rule number 2 exists.""You are a clever old sod, aren't you, and I love you so much.""Don't ask me why, because I don't young pedofilia know why, but in the short time I have
known you I have come to love you like my pedo nude incest
own flesh and blood," free alfa pedo sex
I murmured.He moved his leg over mine and laid on top his hands running up and down my
arms gently pulling the hair on my forearms. He rolled on to his side and
ran his fingers through the hairs on my chest."This will be our last time for more than two whole weeks and I want it to
last as long as possible," he whispered in my ear."Oh, so do I.""Just lay there and enjoy it."He moved his lips to mine in a feather like kiss, his hands still working
magic on my inner thighs. He moved his lips down my throat, nibbling as he
went reaching my now very erect nipples. He let his tongue swirl round and
tease the nipple applying the most subtle suction to each one in turn. I
was now really getting turned on. I moved my hands to the back of his
shoulders and moved the tips of my fingers slowly to the centre of his back
moving them with scarcely imperceptible speed towards the back of his neck.He meantime had worked up to the top of my boxers and was working towards
my erogenous zone. He found it just as I found the one in the back of his
neck that even he didn't know was there. We both went as stiff as boards,
bolts of pleasure passing through our shuddering torsos, toes curling and
breath exhaling in groans of delight."Oh my God," he cried. "Is that another one?""It is."I slipped my fingers into the top of his briefs and he moved upwards
allowing me to remove them. He finished up kneeling with one leg either
side of my chest, his boyhood sticking up at 45 degrees pulsing with each
of cp pedo newsgroup his heartbeats and leaking pre pedo illegal chat
cum. I put my hands on his buttocks and
pulled him forward slipping my mouth round his rigid member. He arched his
back and threw his head back as I applied gentle suction and squeezed his
buns. I let my finger stray between the mounds and caress his anus which
twitched and pulsed as he forced himself back allowing my finger to enter.He knelt there motionless, his hands flat on my chest, back arched, knees
gripping my sides and holding his breath. He must have stayed like that for
well over a minute when he exhaled with a long drawn out Ahaaa! that could
have been heard in the street outside and collapsed across my chest.Our lips met again this time with no pretence of gentleness, pure
unadulterated passion on both our video pedofilia
accounts. Tongues moving over each others
desperately seeking out every part of the insides of our mouth. Rapid in
and out movements and as our tongues touched wrapping round each others we
both applied kids pedo incest suction.Wim broke the bond and gasped out in an urgent whisper, "69, Oh God, 69.""Yes, yes, now, now," I moaned.I went to remove my finger but he said leave it there. If retro pedo porn he couldn't have
the real thing then the finger would have to do and he didn't want it
removed yet. He moved round slowly allowing my finger to remain inside
him. He realised that I still was wearing my boxers. He used his teeth to
pull up the front and his hand slipped down the back. I assisted by lifting
my hips and he pulled off the offending article of clothing allowing his
body to slowly come to rest on mine, his chest pressing my very hard penis
between our bodies.His hands came to rest on my shins. He pressed down and lifted his upper
body walking his hands up my legs over my knees and on to my thighs. He
forced my thighs open, spreading my legs and buried his head between them.
I gently squeezed his head between my thighs and bent my legs with my knees
up and my feet flat on the bed. The position gave him full access to my
pubic area. He put his hands on my knees and pulled them wide apart,
turning his head he started to porno pedo young lick the insides of my knees working his way
slowly down to my testicles.His hands slid behind my thighs free biz sex pedo
and moved with his head until he reached my
buttocks. He kneaded my buns from the outside working slowly to the centre
where he placed his finger on my sphincter. The thrill send another shudder
through my body causing me to thrust my finger further in to his anus
finding his prostate. His hips bucked upwards forcing my finger deeper and
allowing me access to his throbbing member which was dripping with pre cum.I licked the glans and along pedo children sex the underside of his boyhood feeling it pedo movie preview twitch
with each administration of my tongue. I felt his lips free illeagle pedo porn
surround my member
and deep throat me to my pubic hairs. I did the same to him and we both let
out a groan that came from somewhere deep inside. His finger penetrated
deep into me immediately pressing my prostate. We rolled on to our sides
and started to buck our hips back and forth. I knew neither of us would
last child modles pedo nude much longer. Our synergy was such we knew that we were both right on
the edge. I felt the rush at exactly the same time as Wims throbbing member
started to expand in my mouth, we both let out a Mmmmmm! and sucked hard.At exactly the same time we both shot streams of hot white liquid in each
other's throats, pulse after pulse matching shot for shot.We both started to soften and let our lips relax. Staying close together we
collapsed on our backs. After about a couple of minutes when our breathing
had returned to almost normal Wim moved round and climbed into my arms with
his head on my chest and one leg between mine and said,"That was the best yet and I love you, I love you, Oh, my God, how I love
you!" and he started to cry. Tears ran down his cheeks wetting the hairs on
my chest, his little body racked with sobs."I love you too my son, more than you will ever know," I whispered, lifting
his head cradling it in my hands and silencing his sobs by covering his
face with quick, gay hentai pedofilia tender, gentle kisses finishing lips to lips in one of our
tender kisses which he responded to in kind and stopped crying."It's not just sex, is it?""No, it isn't," I breathed. "I've said this before if we stopped sex now I
would still love you.""I know you would."He closed his eyes and drifted off free foto pedo
to sleep with an angelic smile on his
lips. I drew up the duvet, turned off the light and joined him in the land
of dreams.
End of part 7comments to storyteller_Yahoo.com
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