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Related post: Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 22:17:44 -0800 (PST)
From: P G
Subject: Mutation: Chapter 5Disclaimer*
I do not own the rights to any of the characters in this story, and make
no claims to the artistic visions of the marvel universe. I know nothing
of the sexuality of any of the creators, actors, or characters involved
in the Marvel universe. Similarly, this story contains graphic
descriptions of gay male sex. If you don't like that, they you should
probably avert your eyes.This story takes place in an alternate X-Men universe from the one in
which the 3rd movie took place. Certain events occurred preteens posing underage after X2 which
changed the timeline. Jean, Scott and Professor X are fuck preteens girls all still alive,
and there was no portal model preteensnude
cure. The specifics of the timeline changes may be made
apparent as the story progresses.
Chapter 5 -- "Awakening"
I could not even begin to process what the Professor had just said to
me."Hydrogue, you are the only Class 5 mutant in the world besides Jean
Gray."My mouth hung open for a moment until I managed to stammer out the word
"what?""Alex, your powers are unlimited" Echo answered. "You have universal
control over all water, book pre teen everywhere. Anything you can think of using
water to do, you litle nudist preteen are capable of.""That's completely untrue. I nearly killed myself trying to control a
large amount of water today." I refused to believe what preteen party activities
I had just been
told. It could not be true, I wasn't like The Phoenix. I had felt the
barely contained anger and evil inside of it, and I wanted to have
nothing in common with that creature."That is not because your powers were incapable of doing what you
wanted" the Professor explained. "You were limited orgy preteens by what your mind
could process. You did too much too fast, and nearly lost yourself. You
will find that if you try again, you will fair better. You are capable
of anything you can imagine, but you must learn how to do them without
killing yourself.""Ok. nn preteen russian But, wait, preteens tongue gallery I thought you said there were other Class 5 mutants?"
We had discussed the topic in class only the day before. "What about
them?""No, I said that I had encountered others. I did not say they were
still alive." The Professor took a breath before he continued. "Every
Class 5 mutant that I have discovered through Cerebro or found historical
accounts of has been destroyed by their own powers, except for you and
Jean. It seems that there is a common problem with doing too much too
soon among Class 5 mutants. They commonly seem to discover that they are
very powerful at a young age, and experiment with their abilities. Also,
many of them have had similar problems to Jean, and developed dual
personalities.""There have been other Phoenixes?" Echo asked, clearly fascinated by
the whole virtuell preteen porn
conversation."No, I am happy to say that Jean is unique in that respect. No other
Class 5 that I know of has had a fully split personality like Jean has.
Inside Jean live two completely separate entities, Jean and the Phoenix.
In most of the others, there was just a tendency for a more dark and
primal version of themselves to come to the forward when they used their
powers. The more their powers were used, the worse the situation grew.
These were facets to their personalities, not different entities
entirely.""What about me?" I asked. I couldn't recall falling into a place of
anger and darkness while using my powers, not even with the bigger and
more powerful things. preteengirls nude pics
And I certainly hadn't realized the enormity of
my powers at any point, and was having difficulty accepting it even now."That may be due to the nature of your powers" Echo offered. "Your
personality suits it perfectly, you ARE water. You are tranquil and
accommodating, calm and gentle, like a river. And when angered, you are
cold and ruthless like a blizzard of ice, but you quickly melt back into
water again." I was touched by the kind words from my new friend."Yes, I do believe that you are the most unique Class 5 mutant that I
have seen or heard archive link preteen
of" noted the Professor. "This may be another
reason why the Phoenix has taken such an interest in you. I think I have
given you enough to think about for now Hydrogue. We will talk again
soon in the future, because we must discover what the Phoenix wants.
Until then, please go and enjoy your Saturday night." Echo and I got up
to leave, and proceeded to the door."And Hydrogue," I turned to look at the Professor again, "please do
not treat Dr. Gray as suspect in any way. She is an innocent in all of
this, and I doubt that she even knows what her alter ego is doing."
Both Echo and I agreed to this, and we left the office.Echo and I went to bikini photo preteen the cafeteria so that we could eat and so that I could
deal with what I had just learned. We sat at a small table by the window
and ate for a few minutes before Echo broke the silence."Are you alright?" I looked up from my mashed potatoes that I had been
smearing aimlessly around my plate without eating. I looked at him, and
I assumed that his eyes were full of concern, but all I could see was my
own reflection in his dark metallic blue sunglasses."Can you at least take off your sunglasses if we're going to have a
heart to heart?" I asked him nicely, my voice slightly amused, but
mostly meek. He hesitated for a moment, glancing around nervously, and
then complied. He took off his glasses and I looked into pussy rusian preteens
the dark pools
of his completely black eyes. A lot of people were probably
uncomfortable with the fact that his eyes were completely black; lacking
an iris or the white of a normal eye, and that was why he hid them. But
it did not bother me at all, and I preferred not to have him hide
himself. "And no, I'm not very alright.""You know, most people here would be thrilled to have found out they
were a Class 5.""Yea, well, I'm not most people. Besides, you heard the Professor;
most Class 5s turn evil or are killed by their own powers." Echo winced
at this, but to his credit he never broke eye contact with me."We both know that you are not like the others. preteen little bikini You don't pedo preteens model have preteen gallery links that
part of you, and you are not power hungry.""How do we know that? I've never preteens schoolgirls dug deep into my abilities before,
what if all I need is to realize what I can do, and then I become like
her?" Echo knew who I meant."Well, being a Class 5 mutant doesn't make you automatically a god. It
means you have the POTENTIAL to do anything you can think of. You have
to work on it to get to that level. And that doesn't mean that you have
no choice, you can choose to not develop your powers.""That could make me a ticking time bomb if something bad happens nn preteens cheerleaders and I
can't model russians preteen control myself." I put my head in my hand for a moment, and took
a breath. "You want to know the real reason I hate this?" Echo nodded
an affirmative. "When I realized that I was gay, it made me separate
from everyone else. I had to hide myself for fear preteen forum galleries of reprisal. When I
discovered that I was a mutant, it happened again. There were even fewer
people that I could relate to, and almost nobody who would ever trust
me. But then I asia preteen supermodels found this place, with all these other mutants, and I
felt like maybe, just maybe, I could belong someplace. But no, now I had
to find out that I am set apart form them, because I am one of two living
gods on the planet. Now the mummybook preteen only person I can relate to the most is the
bloodthirsty alternate personality of Jean Gray. Now, I am even more
completely by myself than I was when I left home." I hung my head low,
though managed to keep my hair out of my potatoes. I hated to despair,
but I preteen kds video couldn't help it.Echo reached across the table and took my right hand in his. "You're
not alone. You are a wonderful guy and you will never be alone. I
promise." I looked up and saw him smiling, and I noted how great he
looked with a smile on his face, especially without the sunglasses
blocking my view."Thanks." I looked at him, ignoring the single small tear which made
its way down my right cheek. We ate the rest of our dinner (and I
actually ate some this time) in content silence. I liked his company,
and it comforted me to have him there, even if we didn't talk.When we finished, we left the cafeteria and headed upstairs to meet with
Echo's friends. We found them in a small lounge in the corner of one of
the top floors. The room was round and mostly surrounded in windows,
though the curtains were closed against the night darkness. When we
walked in, we were greeted by 2 guys our own age seated around a round
poker table set for 7. One was a somewhat tall guy with black hair and
pale blue eyes who introduced himself as Barrier. He was built small but
athletic, and had a hot lean jock look to him. The other guy was fairly
short, about 5' 4", had preteen pedo jpg light blonde hair, and gray eyes. He was
actually very cute, and I was impressed with how broad his shoulders were
for such a short preteen jailbait video illegal preteen nude
guy. He introduced himself as Ghost, and shook my hand
in a strong, firm grip. Before we could talk any more, the door opened
and in walked 3 more guys. The first one that I noticed was Demon, who
was apparently friends with one of the other guys. preteen supermodel videos
He is a difficult guy
not to notice, since he is over 6' tall, very muscled, and red. Oh, and
the tail is a giveaway too. He noticed me and greeted me warmly, pulling
me into a bear hug. He enjoyed doing this, because my small frame
practically vanished inside his vastly well-muscled physique. He
released me and turned to the guys he had come in with."Hey man, let me introduce you. This is Psionic," he said, gesturing
to a dark haired guy about 5'10" with emerald green eyes. He nodded in
greeting, and I did the same. Turning to the other guy he said "and
this is Will, a friend of mine." Will was a guy about my height, with
dirty blonde hair. He had strikingly attractive features, perfect skin,
and beautiful seafoam green eyes. He smiled and showed hardcore preteen cp off a line of
brilliantly white teeth and a pair of dimples. He reached forward to
shake my hand, and I noticed how well muscled his forearms were. I shook
his preteen nymphet art
hand, but was utterly captivated by his eyes, they were hypnotic."Dude, focus" said Demon, shaking me from my reverie. I blushed
brightly, and then apologized."Sorry. But wait, how come you introduced preteen link list everyone by their mutant name
except Will?" Everyone else chuckled at this, and I blushed a alt sex preteen bit more.Will spoke up to explain, saying "Will is my mutant name. My given name
is Lukas.""Oh, ok." I was very curious as to preteen preteen list
what powers would earn the mutant
name Will.Echo introduced me saying, "Everyone, this is my friend Hydrogue."
Everyone's attention preteens bbs board piqued, to my own confusion. Have they all heard
about me? I decided nonude preteen sluts
to let it drop and took my seat at the table."Ok guys, standard rules preteen wet lingerie tonight" explained Barrier. cute little preteen "Demon and
Hydrogue, since today is both of your first times playing with us, I will
explain how we play candi preteen girls
the game. We preteen underage nonude are playing Texas Hold'em, which means
you get 2 preteens beautiful cards to yourself, and there are 5 community cards. Everyone
can use as many of the community cards as they want in conjunction with
their 2 private cards to make the best possible 5 card hand. You know
the basic rules of poker?" I nodded yes, as I had played plenty of
poker with friends in high school. "Good. Now, our own added rule is
the No Powers Rule.""It really just means that everyone preteen movies tgp is honor bound to not use their
powers in any way that could help them cheat." Echo explained. "For
example, I promise not to echolocate through your malyshok preteen
cards to see what you
have, and Psionic promises not to read your mind and learn your hand.
Any questions?" preteen twinks tgp Demon and I shook our heads, and so the game began.We played with chips, not real money, since none of us had jobs. The
first warez preteen sex set of hands were pretty tame, each of us getting a feel for how
the others were playing. We broke out snacks, and one of the guys had
acquired beer for us, which we also cracked open. We chineese pantyhose preteens got to know each
other, chatted about this and that. I started to forget about preteen porno freephoto
that had happened to me in the past 24 hours. The guys and I shared
stories, like how we had discovered our powers, and what exactly we could
do."So Hydrogue, what's your power?" Ghost asked me while he shuffled
between hands."I can control, manipulate, and summon water. I can even turn into
water if I want to." I decided to keep my newly discovered Class 5
status to myself for now. To demonstrate what I could do, I held my hand
out, palm taboo preteen art upward, and began to summon water molecules together. As the
molecules condensed, they slowly began to be large enough to be visible
to the naked eye, and appeared as a swirling mist around my hand, which
coalesced slowly into a perfect sphere of water the size of a medium
orange in my hand. I held the membrane of the water solid, and put it
down on the table. Rather than splash, it held its shape, and appeared
to be made of glass. I commanded the ball to roll around the table, and
eventually settled it In front of Ghost. He tentatively touched the ball
of water, and tapped it with the knuckles of his fist."It's hard, like glass, or metal" he commented. I got impressed nods
in response from the guys.I explained, saying "normally the membrane of water is flexible, which
is why it flows around everything. But I can command the water to hold
its membrane firm, and it becomes as solid as the hardest of metals."
Ghost picked up the ball and admired it. At that moment I released the
water, which began to obey the laws of nature again, and splashed all
over Ghost's shirt. The guys all howled with laughter at this, and I
grinned mischievously. Ghost looked surprised but amused, and I have to
admit that I liked the look of this chest muscles as seen through his now
clingy wet shirt. He was short, but he had a muscular build, with nice
full pecs and broad shoulders, and I enjoyed the site."Cool" said Will. "Of all elemental powers, water is the least common
for some reason. You are the first I've ever met." For some reason I
could not stop staring into Will's eyes whenever he directed them at
me. They were such a beautiful and unusual color, and they naturalists preteens pictures drew my
attention at every pass. Eventually he broke contact, which broke the
spell over me."How about you guys, what can you do?""Well," Ghost started, as he began to deal the cards out, "this is
going to sound weird. I can separate my spirit from my body." preteens portal What?
"I can actually walk out of my body in spirit form, and wander through
the world around me. When I am in spirit form, I am completely
invisible, inaudible, and intangible. I can walk through walls, over
water, even float preteen bikinis tgp into the air.""Wow, so you're like the world's best spy." He laughed."Yea, pretty much. Very few people even feel me when I pass them by,
and the few who do almost never notice. Some of the more powerful
psychics will feel my mind pass by them, but they usually just think that
it is another psychic reaching out towards another person.""So, what happens to your body when you are spirit walking?""My body kind of goes to sleep when I leave it. Once I get back in, I
wake right up feeling refreshed.""Cool man." I was genuinely impressed. "How about you," I asked
Barrier."My name kind of says it all. I generate force fields. I can use them
to pick things up, or as protective shields.""That would me really useful in a fight.""Yea, I hope to join the X-Men and fight against the Brotherhood. I'm
taking the aptitude test in 2 naked preteen filipinas weeks.""What's the aptitude test?""It's a test that you can take if you are interested in joining the
X-Men. preteens germany pics They test your control over your powers, and you ability to fight
competently. Anyone at the nymphets preteens
school who is over 18 can take it, and if you
pass, they will train you to eventually join the team.""Wow, that's awesome man, good luck." Barrier smiled and thanked me.
I enjoyed how his pale blue eyes twinkled when he smiled. I resolved to
drink a little slower, since I was already seriously into several of the
new guys I had just met."My turn then" chimed Psionic, who's wonderfully deep voice was a
pleasure to listen to. He looked at me with his beautiful emerald green
eyes. He knew he had my attention, and so continued, saying "I have the
limited use of several psychic abilities. I have limited telekinesis, so
I can move things with my mind, but it isn't that powerful. I can't
lift cars or anything. I also have limited telepathy. I can't probe
your mind deeply, but if you think loudly in your mind, I can hear you.
I can link several people together, artistic erotic preteen and we can have silent telepathic
conversations as a group. preteen pregnancy stories And lastly I can teleport. This is my most
useful asian preteen images
ability, because when combined with my telepathy, I can teleport
to places that I cannot see, which is a problem for most teleporters. I
can extend my mind to a place I am familiar with, and teleport there once
I know the space is unoccupied. I can also teleport long distances, as
long as someone I know well is there, and I have established a link with
them." He was very proud of his powers, and I couldn't blame him."Wow, that's impressive. I wonder how you got preteen kdz multiple powers, when
the rest of us all get one." He shrugged in response. "Will you join
the X-Men too? Your skills seem like they would be useful to them.""I might. I am going to take the test soon, maybe start some training
if they accept me. You can back out at any time, so if I decide against
it, it won't be a problem."Next I turned to Will. I was very interested to know what sort of power
would grant someone the mutant name Will. He smiled adorably at me,
flashing his sexy and compelling eyes."My turn" he said. "But my powers are best shown, not explained."
With that, he took his beer bottle and placed it in the center of the
table. Now I was very curious. When he next spoke, his voice was
different. The voice which came out of his mouth preteen nudiest was the very essence of
authority. The voice commanded obedience, and the desire to resist melted
before it, and was replaced with the pure urge to listen to what it said.
"SHATTER!" he preteen cumshots
said, staring directly at the bottle. The brown glass
blew apart with a violent force, shattering into tiny pieces which flew
in all magazine models preteens
directions away from the center. Not a split second after he
spoke, he said "STOP!" And everything did. The shards of glass froze
in place, some of them mere inches from the faces of those around the
table. My eyes were not the only ones wide with surprise and
excitement. Even the remaining beer in nude preteen gymnasts the bottle, which still held the
shape of the bottle, was frozen in place. Everything remained very
still, and I looked over at Will, whose seafoam green eyes were
practically glowing with intensity. He uttered one final command,
"REPAIR", and the glass shards flew back where they came from, reformed
the bottle, and fused together perfectly, as though nothing had
happened. I was speechless at what I had just witnessed."That is where I get my name" Will explained. I can command anything
or anyone to do my bidding, I can make things happen out of sheer force
of will, as preteens bbs child long as I make eye contact and speak with enough
conviction.""Wow." It was really the only thing I had to say. He smiled at my
reaction. "So, you can pretty much do whatever you want then." That
is a lot of power, I thought to myself."Well, it has its limits. For example, I have to be able to speak the
word, which takes time. I can only control inanimate objects with one or
2 word commands, otherwise it doesn't work, or goes awry. I can make
people highheeled preteen girls
do things, but it does not last forever. Sometimes it only lasts
a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. It depends how much they want to
resist what I am telling them.""Still, that is pretty amazing" I commented. He fre preteen asien laughed."Yea, I guess it is.""Well, I may not be able to manipulate the world and fuck up mother
nature," Demon started, "but I think my super strength will get me far
enough.""Don't forget a body so dense you would survive being hit by a truck"
I added, and we preteens candid photos tapped our beers together in salute.The night continued on, with more bonding, more joking, and many more
beers. We shared stories of growing up as mutants, and of our families,
old friends, and love lives. preteen dance vids We played until Barrier had won all the
chips, and decided to call it a night. We disbanded on the stairs as we
headed towards our different rooms. Demon and I walked drunkenly toward
our room on the 3rd floor, talking and laughing a bit too loudly for
3am. We went young nympets preteen
inside the room, and I changed into my pajama pants,
leaving me shirtless. I decided that I needed a drink of water before
bed. I told Demon that I would see him in a minute, and continued down
the hall towards the kitchen. I pushed through the swinging door,
stumbled towards the wall a bit, and the righted myself and went to the
refrigerator. I leaned against the island in the kitchen while I drank
my glass of water, and looked around at the empty dining area. I was
slightly startled when the door swung open again, and in strode Colossus,
clad in a pair of loose gray sweatpants. My mouth hung open obscenely as
I raped him with my eyes. His torso was a huge expanse of swelling
muscle and smooth skin. His pecs preteen nude virgins preteen paysite videos
were large and full, and the black preteens gallery swelled
out like pillows from his body. His shoulder archives gay preteen muscles bulged up on either
side of his neck, and flowed smoothly into large, round deltoids. His
biceps burst forth from his arms as if he had a baseball underneath his
skin. His stomach was sex preteen thumbs flat and solid and perfectly smooth. The solid
muscle flowed into a sal preteen stories V shape near his waist before it dove into his loose
grey sweatpants. The front of his pants bulged out impressively, and my
mouth watered at the sight. I drank in the view of the huge and amazing
man before me. Colossus seemed startled preteens models angels
by the fact that I was there,
obviously expecting the place to be preteenboy nude tgp
empty at this late hour. We
exchanged greetings, but he was not a big talker. I was so drunk that I
could not even disguise my leers at his half naked body. I watched him
hungrily as he got himself a small glass of milk, drank it, and placed
the cup in the dishwasher. He nodded to me on his way back out, and I
gladly admired the view of his big round meaty ass as he passed through
the swinging doors.In that moment, I made a decision. I don't know what possessed me to do
it, but I set off like a man on a mission. I left my glass of water
abandoned on the countertop, and followed Colossus out the door. I
followed behind him silently, my drunken awkwardness vanishing by the
moment. I channeled my powers and used the water in my body to filter
out the alcohol and alcohol metabolites from my blood. My head began to
clear with each step as clean blood flowed into my brain. Colossus
reached his doorway and stepped through, and I was right on his heels. I
stepped through the door as it swung shut. He turned around and looked
at me in surprise as I jumped up against him. He caught me in the air,
his arms under my butt, my arms around his shoulders, and my legs tight
around his waist. Time hung still for a moment, as I hung in his arms.
Our chests were pressed tight against each other, the heat between our
bodies building. Colossus's deep brown eyes were wide with surprise,
and a little bit of fear. His lips were parted slightly, and glistened
in the moonlight. His strong jaw and masculine features were softened by
his gentle disposition, creating a preteens anal movies beautiful statuesque figure in the
silvery-blue light. Time hung still for just that moment, until I leaned
my head down and kissed him gently, but firmly, on his soft and full
lips.I felt him suck in air, recoiling at first, but then quickly his
resistance melted and I felt him kiss me back. His tongue slipped
between my lips and met my own, and we shared in each other's mouths.
His hands gripped my butt more firmly, this time feeling them instead of
merely holding me up. One of my hands entangled itself in his short,
dark hair as I held his head firmly against mine. The other hand
explored the hard muscles of his shoulders and upper back. Colossus
broke the kiss after several minutes and threw me bodily across the
room. I landed hard on my hermanas preteen torrent back on his bed, and bounced six inches into
the air before settling on the cushion. Stepped up to the bed and loomed
over me, the sheer mass of him causing me slight apprehension. He
grabbed my pajama bottoms and tore them off of me, tossing the ruined
cloth aside. This left me clad only in my black boxer briefs, with my
erection clearly showing. Colossus pushed his own sweatpants down,
revealing his tight white briefs which were stretched to the limit by a
large, thick cock. He climbed onto the bed, and was over me, his massive
body completely covering mine, dominating my small frame. He kissed me
forcefully, claiming my mouth with his large, strong tongue. I wrapped
my arms around Colossus's torso (or as far around as I could), gripping
the massive muscles of his back. He ground his pelvis into mine, causing
our hard cocks to rub against each other. I groaned inside preteen wet his mouth,
which prompted him to shove his tongue even deeper into me. It was as
though I had unleashed all of his pent up sexual energy, he had been so
shy and now he was being powerful and forceful. It could not have been
hotter.I lowered my hands down to grip the large, solid musculature of this
ass. I squeezed it and pulled on it, grinding him harder into myself.
Colossus looped his arms underneath my legs, lifting my pelvis into the
air. bbs darkcollection preteen We continued to make out as he pulled off my underwear, exposing my
naked body to the night. My hard 8" cock leaked precum all over both of
our stomachs. We made out this way for some time, until he gripped me by
the legs and flipped me over. Suddenly I jpeg youngest preteen
was lying on my stomach on the
bed, and Colossus was on top of me. He pulled my hips up, raising me
onto my hands and knees. He gripped my ass cheeks and pulled them
slightly apart. He admired the view of me in front of him briefly before
diving in to rim my ass. His tongue touched me oh so gently, and then
built up more preteen naughty models and more pressure. I was squirming and moaning with
delight as he loosened me up for what was to come. The rimming was over
much too soon, but what followed it up was even better. He pulled back
slightly on my hips, and nestled his now bare, hard cock between my
cheeks. He must have preteen models websites taken his briefs off while he rimmed me, because we
were both how fully nude. His thick cock felt massive against me, and I
was intimidated by its length when he ran it up and down my crack. I
shook slightly with anticipation, and goose bumps spread across my body.
Colossus took his dick in his hand, and positioned the nn preteen wallpapers head against my
ass. I drew in a breath to prepare myself for the huge invasion of his
cock. He pushed forward, and the pressure built against my entrance, and
at first it seemed like he was too preteen galleries 16
big. Then suddenly he popped in, and
I gasped from the sudden sensation. Colossus moaned in a deep, sexy way
in response to the tightness around his dick. He gave me a moment preteens nude photography to
adjust, and then started to force more of himself inside me. When I
thought that I could take no more, I felt his muscular torso rest against
me, which meant that he was completely inside of me. His cock felt
enormous, a huge invasion, especially after weeks of nobody topping me.
Colossus leaned forward and kissed me on the back of the neck and
shoulders. The sweet gesture made me smile even wider than the amazing
feeling of his large cock inside my ass. He gripped my narrow hips with
his huge hands, and started to fuck me. He gripped me firmly as he
rocked back and forth. His very thick, 9.5" cock pumped all the way in
and out of my ass, generating a loud slapping noise when he was all the
way inside. The deep, strong fucking drew me further and further into a
sex-crazed mania, causing hot preteen naturists me to buck back for more and more asian preteen picture of his cock,
and to beg him to give it to me harder. preteen imageboard I wanted his cock so badly I
couldn't stand it. My own cock remained hard and dripping the whole
time, though I dared not touch it for fear of cumming too soon.
Colossus, in turn, grew more and more dominant, fucking my ass more and
more illegal childs preteen savagely. He gripped my hip with one hand and my shoulder with the
other."I love fucking your muscular little ass. Your tight little body is
mine." He preteen fucking picture punctuated each word with a plowing from preteen model nude his cock. His nonude preteen pantyhose
was thick with his Russian accent, which only added to his sexiness. We
built each other up more and more, the speed and force increasing, until
at last we both reached the preteenmodel lycra point of no return. Colossus began to slam
himself into me in short, hard fucks, myusenet preteen models and I began to work my ass
backwards harder and harder, twisting my ass around slightly until I
found the perfect angle for preteen titties pics his cock to rub my prostate. Sweat was
pooling down my back, and mingled with the sweat of Colossus' chest,
which was pressed up against me. He grunted louder and deeper than
before and forced his cock deeper than ever into my ass, and held it
there. He forced his huge cock against my prostate, and together we shot
our massive loads. I felt his cum shoot preteen nude sandra inside me, filling me with
warmth, and at the same time my cock shot its load all over the sheets
below me. We came together, and we came forever.When at last we finished, we collapsed on the bed, with Colossus's huge
and heavy body on top of mine. After a nudist beach preteens moment he rolled over and I lay
with my head on his huge chest, feeling the amazing muscles covered in
sweat. preteen petite sex He held me in his massive arms and kissed me sweetly on the
forehead. Tired after and amazing fuck with an amazing man, and wrapped
safely in his massive arms, I fell g string preteen
into a deep, contented sleep,
forgetting all the troubled thoughts which had bounced through my head
that day. For that night at least, I was at peace.*******************************************************************Elsewhe
re in the mansion, Jean turk preteen models Gray lay in a fitful sleep. The objects
in her room floated in circles in the air, and her bed shook violently.
Her head thrashed back and forth, her long, deep red hair forming a
curtain over her face.Jean shook her head in defiance, unable to fight the words in her head.A small mirror shattered in the air, reformed itself, and shattered
again. Jean's eyes danced back and forth behind her closed eyes, her
brow was wet with perspiration.Suddenly Jean sat up straight, and all the objects flew straight upward,
smashing against the ceiling. Her hair hung about her like a halo,
almost as if she were underwater. Her eyes opened.They were red.
Ok, there it is, Chapter 5. Sorry about the delay, but I hope it was
worth it. As usual, please let me know what you thought, and any
suggestions you might have. My email is Phoenixfire543yahoo.com.
Thanks again everyone.Matt
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