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Related post: Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 17:00:27 -0800 (PST)
From: "New Stories (Dennis B.)"
Subject: preteens sexi models The tiny pussys preteen Boy Who Was Late for School serious nude preteen
- Chapter 2The Boy Who Was Late for School - Chapter 2
by Dennis Banneker
StoriesNewYahoo.comCheck with your local and regional laws before reading this nn paysites preteen story
which depicts homosexual preteen nudity pics
sex acts. You must be of legal age and
not be offended by this type of content.
NOTE OF THANKSTo all who wrote in, thank you for your emails. It was the good
number of emails that made me write a second preteen bikini pageant
chapter so soon.Please don't be shy to write to me--I'm just a guy like you. And
if you already wrote, I'll be happy to hear from you again.Thank you so preteen models european much. --Dennis :-)
OTHER STORIESYou can find a list of my other stories with a brief description
of each at the end of *this* chapter. As of November 21, 2005,
this is the latest list. Ages of the characters are included to
help give you angels preteen gallery
more info.
The Boy Who Was Late for School
by Dennis Banneker
StoriesNewYahoo.comCole Anders, 13
Matthew Thornton, 24
When I looked up and saw his little grin, my desire flared. Cole stood, his eyes glued to mine. Seconds later, our eyes
strayed momentarily to each other's bulged clothing. I put my arms out, inviting him for a hug. "Oh, yes!" he said, flinging his arms around me.
Cole astounded me. His hands squeezed into my back and remained fixed. Pressed
against me, he excited me with his warm body--ribs and erection
touching unassumingly, their diminutive size reminding me of his
youthful beauty and vulnerability. The scent of his hair reached
me as his preteen models newsgroup
nose found the patch of bare preteens pussy photo skin at my open collar,
his touch electric. "This feels so good," he said in preteens hot pictures
the voice of a starving picture preteen sexe man. The higher pitch of his speech did not detract from the
maturity of his sentiment. I found it stimulating--the tone of
innocence and purity unmistakable. Neither of us made a sensual movement. It was something else
Cole was drinking in--I felt its goodness, but its identity
escaped me. The feel of a divine cute preteen man's approval, perhaps? Maybe fatherly love?
That was possible. I hoped companionship and comfort were
somewhere in his thoughts--I had those to give him in preteen cyber pedo abundance
besides unfaltering approval and protective care. But he made no attempt to pleasure himself--an admirable feat
considering the stiffness nude nude preteen of his boyhood. Despite my erection poking into him, I, free preteen incest too, felt something
beyond sexual stimulation. I loved him. It was not difficult to
admit that. Though logic screamed at the thought, I had not
invited logic to the table. No. Logic would not mock the beauty of this tender human
exchange--the boy's need fulfilled from my supply of whatever it
was Cole absorbed as we stood hugging--with me on the verge preteen model spreads
tears at the utter power of this moment, and Cole standing firm,
squeezing me desperately--his little breaths testament to the
potency of his emotion. "Incredibly good," I whispered, not to intrude on him. Sensuality could wait forever while the spell of this
interchange endured. After a long while, he spoke again. "I feel your strength, Matt." preteen childmodels He rested tpg pedo preteen his head on my
chest. Although he spoke of my strength, my grip on him lacked
the vigor of his. It was hard to believe that Cole would preteen porn hardcore be only 14 in a few
months. His demeanor and intelligence were beyond those years. "I feel yours," I said simply. This did not motivate him to
disengage from me. "You think I'm strong?" he asked, his tone meek, soft,
unmistakably child-like. "I know what I feel," naked pthc preteen I said, separating from him, "and it
comes from here." I tapped his chest. "Oh," he said, surprised, baffled perhaps. "Oh, yes," I said, tapping again. "You have a man in there--
a good one. And he's strong." I bit my tongue with the temptation to add that I would help
bring that man out of him. I ached to do that. But who could
know what would transpire beyond this day? preteen young photo I had my hopes, but I
dared not falsely arouse his. "I think I feel him. I never felt that before." "That's wonderful, Cole." I hugged him again, squeezing him harder than before--not
that any more hugging was needed, but to hide my tears. Had I
encouraged him--given him hope? Had my simple words made Cole
realize some great truth about himself? "You're crying," he said, thwarting my subterfuge--a
consequence I welcomed. "Yes." But now, I felt compelled to explain, and fear crept in.
What was I to say? I could hardly understand it myself. And how
would I elucidate this phenomenon without raising false hope in
the nude preteen anime
boy? He surprised me with his patience--the silence giving me
precious time. "Why?" female preteen nudes
he said, just as I thought I had the right words. "You're a very special preteen sex preview
person, Cole. I'm so glad we met."
And I was thanking heaven for that reply. "I . . . I was thinking . . . the same about you." topless bikini preteen It
sounded as if he had more to say. fuck preteen models
I gave him time, but the lad simply relaxed against me. "Time will tell, Cole." When we separated, he was flushed. I looked for signs of
tears but found none. Embarrassment was the only possibility
that came to mind. We stared at each other for some time. "Um," he said finally. "What is it?" "I really . . . need to pee." And he charmed me with his
boyish modesty, his face full of unfeigned displeasure from
mouthing the words. "Oh, is that all?" I said in a comforting voice, as I pulled
him to me quickly--our chests touching momentarily. preteen modeling beach I explained the location of the bathroom, and Cole listened
patiently. His expression, however, puzzled me. "Is it okay? I mean . . . I don't wanna be alone. Can you
go with me?" "Of course," I said. tiny preteen video His gentleness and sheer innocence took me to the verge of
tears, once again. But I was baffled. His fear of the unknown--
of this day, I supposed--could justify his request. Under other
circumstances, it would pics preteen nude
be absurd for a teenaged boy to want an
adult to accompany him to the bathroom. Walking to the toilet with him, I began to see a problem. I
dismissed the thought, preteen sexkids
assuming Cole would have me wait outside
the door. But the danger of assuming soon manifested. "No--come in with me," candid preteen girls he said pleadingly. I sandra board preteen had no power of resistance. Had he asked me to put my foot
into the toilet, I may have agreed--so desperate was I to
accommodate him, to be of some earthly good to the boy. There
was nothing I could say. I stood uncomfortably, watching him stand, holding his
erection delicately. It did not seem that he was succeeding at
the jessimodel preteen toilet. In a few moments, I was beyond discomfort, feeling
quite the intruder. My altered breathing must have attracted his
attention. Again his eyes pierced me, not unpleasantly. Blushing, I opened a magazine on the counter and pretended to
read. With my eyes no longer directed at him, I hoped to ease
his situation. "No, you can look. I want you to," he said. The idea of
this was more than curious, but my thoughts were cut short. "Actually, I think I need to join you," I said, fiercely
embarrassed, the urge to urinate coming suddenly upon me. "That's okay," preteen sluts fucking
Cole said with a wide grin. Biology overshadowed any intent I had to analyze his amicable
response. New preteen girls deepthroat there were two stubborn erections that refused to
cooperate in the simple process of elimination. And, sensual or
not, we both inspected each other's manly treasures, however
briefly--apparently with no uneasiness, as neither of us blushed
or seemed troubled. Cole's indescribable grin at that moment
pierced me, causing a thud in my chest. I was fascinated with his endowment, irrespective of size,
but the fruitlessness of our efforts predominated my thoughts.
It seemed an insoluble problem. "I can't--" he said very quietly. "I know. I can't either. Tell you what--this will sound
odd, but get into the tub and take a warm shower. The heat will
help you go, and it will all wash down the drain." "Are preteen candids links you sure?" he said, his eyes conveying welcome relief. "Yes. I'm going to the other bathroom and do the same." My words still echoed off the tiles as Cole began to undress.
I hoped he would be all right, alone in the shower. Before he was naked, I asked if this arrangement suited him.
I was grateful that it did. At least, he had me convinced. "I'll bring you a robe as soon as forum illegal preteen I can," I said, dashing
off. "Thanks, Matt," I heard as I was halfway down the hall. A
polite boy, I thought, in addition to everything else. Before long, we were seated in our robes sexy preteen asian at the kitchen
table. I served him hot cocoa while I made coffee for myself. "Well, how are you?" I said, looking at him expectantly. "That was funny," he said, on the verge of laughter, his hand
at his mouth. "What was funny?" "We both couldn't pee," he hairless cuties preteen said, giggling. "Oh. That happens. Especially when you have an erection.
Did it bother russain preteen gay you that I saw--" "No. You care about me. You even read that magazine so I
would feel better." "Yes, right," I said, mumbling, in awe of him again. "I ass preteen girls don't care what you see," he said, standing, opening his
robe to reveal his boyhood hardness, as if to demonstrate his
sincerity. "I mean--I do care, but it's okay." preteen pedo nymphets I suppose he couldn't help blushing, but his act of assertion
was more important to me. And I meant to reinforce the
assertiveness that was decidedly linked to manhood. "Thank you," I said approvingly, hoping I'd conveyed the
lesson of acceptable assertiveness. "That was quite a
compliment." Grateful for the brevity of the opportunity to regard his
anatomy in some lewd vein, I breathed a sigh of relief. This,
despite my gay preteen stud
shameful yearnings. I wondered if that was the same erection cute preteen boards or a new one as he
closed his robe and sat down. I deliberated whether he'd had the urge to touch me when we
stood at the toilet, and marveled that I'd resisted touching him.
Then, I felt grateful for the logical side of me that warred
successfully against my less admirable impulses. "No one's made me feel as good as you," he said calmly,
looking me right in the eye. My chest throbbed from the admiration of this pristine young
man. As his simple statement clicked in, my admiration for the
boy swelled. "Cole--is it that things are very difficult at home?" preteen naked paradise
"No, not really," he said, squirming uncomfortably. Not wanting to cause Cole unnecessary discomfort, I preteen nude stories decided
to drop the subject for the moment. It was still morning, but as I glanced at the clock, my mind
drifted to Cole's home, and the problem he would have, telling
his mother about his absence from preteen bondage pictures school. I began to consider
this and came up with all kinds of unpleasant thoughts. "I'm very concerned about your mother. What will she do when
she finds out you nude preteens posing missed school without informing them about it? "Oh--I called them and said I wasn't feeling good and my mom
was already at work." Here I was worried sick! Why hadn't he mentioned that
before? "You might have told me. I was worried." preteen african girlpics
"I'm sorry," he said, his eyes reaching out to me as if to
emphasize his regret. flashing girl preteen
"You may want to tell you mother you spent the day with a
friend." "No. You could get in trouble," he said fearfully. "She
might make me bbs preteen board tell who it was. I can't do that." "You really are amazing, preteen bj
aren't you," I said, sitting,
pulling him to me, my eyes on a plane below his. From his face, I could tell he didn't understand. As he
stared into me, emotion prevailed as I pressed forward and very
gently kissed him on the lips. I pulled away instantly, my heart beating harder than ever
before. "Cole, I'm sor--" "That was so good," he said wistfully. "It was?" I feared for my life, my chest still pounding
insistently. "Yeah," he said calmly. "My dad used to kiss me like that.
I loved it. Sorta got the same feeling when you did it." "Oh," I only preteen
said, catching my breath, thinking I might survive
this moment, after gay boys preteens all. "That's very good to know, Cole." "But I didn't get horny when *he* did it." "I see," I uttered, blushing profusely. "That's weird, huh?" "Not really, Cole. preteens slut galleries We both like guys, and I'm not really
your father, so it's not terribly surprising, is it?" "No--I guess not." It seemed he had more to say, but that was not forthcoming. "Is that . . . is kissing something I should avoid?" "No," he said emphatically. "Please don't . . . avoid it." "All right," I said, giving him a warm smile. "I--I didn't mean to yell. I'm sorry." "Don't be. You're european preteen gallery
a man. Men raise their voices sometimes.
Just--make sure it's worth your effort when you do. And I think
it was worth it, this time." I had a feeling I had overdone it
with the fatherly wisdom. "Really?" he said in that sweet, soft tone of his. "Really, really," I said, feeling whimsical suddenly,
reaching my arms for him. I soon had a squirming lapful of boy. "You're still horny!" he said with captivating youthful
excitement, without a trace of indecency. I suppose for Cole it
was simply another thing preteen vod
he liked. "Yes, I like you that way, you know." "I know," he said with a preteen russain giggle, his crooked grin more
enchanting that ever. "I like you that way, too." "Yes, well--we agree, then," I said, thinking we were about
to cross a line. "Will you teach me about sex?" he said earnestly as I took in
a mouthful of coffee. I don't know how I managed not to spit it
out. "Teach you--about sex?" This had me trembling. "Yeah. You can do that--right?" I took a deep breath, fighting the preteens xxx fotos temptation to tell him he
could safely wager his future earnings I was capable of that--not
to mention eager. "Yes, I can," I said calmly, "But," I added preteen gymnastics pics
quickly, "I'm not
going to teach you new things. You must hear or discover
something on your own and ask. Then I can teach you." "How can I do that?" "You'll hear other boys talking about sex. There's always
the internet." "Oh," he said, deflated, "I don't get to hear what the other
boys say. And I don't have a computer." blackpreteen pic "I see. Well, there's one in my study and another
downstairs." "But, um--I don't know how to preteen bobbie model
work it--on line, I mean," he
said, his face twisted, fearful perhaps of my disapproval. How
could I disapprove of some technical thing he didn't know? "THAT, I can teach you right now." This elicited the boy's
most enticing grin, gallery pics preteen which grew wider as I stood up. "Yes!" he shouted. "But put your clothing back on. I'll do the same." "Okay," he said, his excitement unabated. The boy was nearly trembling when I took him downstairs. I wasn't about to go to any sexual sites, but I showed Cole
how to search for things. His eyes were wide with anticipation
as he learned he could find almost anything. "This is so cool." new preteens models The boy was preteen jpg sex
in awe of the concept. I
heard him typing away as I left him alone in the downstairs den. I made my way back to the bbs mail preteen kitchen and my coffee. 'What underwear preteens movie
have I done?' I began to think. Cole was liable to
find all sorts of unseemly things in his searches. I told myself
he needed to learn how to handle those situations. If I coddled
him through the process, it would disarm him, disable him from
learning, not about sex, but about responsible preteens babys nude
action. "That was sweet!" he said, coming up the stairs, shouting
excitedly. preteen art forum I saw the mighty erection in his shorts and his self-assured
grin when he came into view. It was odd, I thought, that a boy
his age model preteen lsm walked about with an obvious swelling in his shorts
without making some attempt to fix himself. I waited for him to
ask about his findings on the internet. preteen model streaming "No questions?" I said, anticipating many. "Not really. I already know how to jerk off." "You saw lessons on that?" "Yeah." preteens free vids
"Interesting. What else did you see?" "Do I hafta tell you?" "No." "Oh," he said, disappointed, preteen asian schoolgirl old and preteen "you don't want to know?" First, he's a genius; now, a kaleidoscope of confusion. "Of course I want to know," I said softly and calmly, "but I
won't force you to tell me." "I knew what sucking was before, but now I really know."
There was Cole's charming blowjob gallery preteen
blush again. preteen nude guestbook preteen nonude sites "Oh," I preteen bbs tgp said, adjusting my robe. "That made cp preteen underage you horny, didn't it!" His sly grin subdued me
very effectively. "Yes." It was impossible to lie to Cole. How could one lie
to a boy who pours his heart out--whose unbridled excitement and
honesty flows from every pore? "That's so cool," he said in awe, apparently willing to leave
it at that, though I had my doubts. And desires. Foolishly, I tempted him. "So--what are you going to do?" I asked. "Um . . . well--I need to, you know, jerk off." This last
part he said in a little naked preteens
whisper, touching himself--to preteen nudist legal
add emphasis I
presumed. "I preteen underage panties
see," I whispered to his faltering face. "And that's not
a bad thing. We all do it. I do it--masturbate, that is," I
added, wanting crazy preteen porn to be sure he knew the proper term. "Oh. That's awesome! I wanna do it with you." cp videos preteen "WITH me?" I said, the tension rising within. "Yeah. It'd be hot to watch you." "Watch me?" preteen free picture
"Yeah. Yours is big and . . . it'd be fun to see." 'Fun. At least that,' I thought. I stared at him. "Well, I mean--if you want to." He was intimidated. But
that didn't interfere with the charm he applied. What uderage preteen else had
he learned? And abby preteen nude at *my* computer, dutch preteen nudist
no less. Now what could I say? 'No, I don't want to.'? The
alternative was equally difficult. "All right. But if you're doing it wrong, I'll correct you.
And you must promise to obey preteen thongs galleries my correction." I was giving it all
the manly assertiveness I could muster, but I had doubts about
controlling myself. "I promise." I took him to the spare bedroom, stopping along the way to
furtively retrieve my lubricant, my knees shaking as I went. I
suspected he used no lubricant. His organ had appeared chafed
when I saw it at the toilet. "This is a cool room," he said enthusiastically. "Glad you like it. It's yours if you ever sleep over." I
regretted saying it instantly. That opportunity might never
arise. "Wow, Matt--that's awesome." I gave Cole an encouraging look as I made to unfasten my
belt. He cooperated immediately. Undressing in front of each other, especially for the stated
purpose, turned out to be more arousing than I'd imagined. This
time, as one watched the other, the sensual element bloomed. photos upskirt preteens preteen getting fucked
Unclothed, Cole's body was as I'd imagined it. He stood at a
tall, slender, 5 feet eight inches, with promising muscles that,
while formed, were at the verge of budding. His unblemished,
hairless skin had that lightly-tanned look that many blonds have
--a sort of honey color that went so well with his almost-blond
hair. His blue eyes and cute face completed the picture of
pubescent perfection--a beautiful boy not far into puberty. Cole had only a shimmering sparse growth of golden hair on
his arms and lower legs, and above his four-inch organ, a small
patch of fine, light-colored hair. I did not see any strands of
hair as he raised his arms to remove his shirt. "You look so hot," he said, his voice half-choked with the
excitement he felt. Here we were, two naked males, about to perform an age-old
act as if it preteen models ru were a prescribed ritual. young preteen anal I was certain that for
Cole, it was a case of undisguised need of kids pedo preteen
sexual release. porn preteen tpg preteen sex skirts
There was the problem of position. Who should be where? I
solved that by reclining on the large bed. Cole soon followed,
his body a foot from mine. teen pics preteen What earthly good was I doing him now? It was too late to
ask if he was sure he wanted to do this. The boy had begun his
frantic, unlubricated stroking. "Cole--would it be all right if I left you alone to do this?"Dennis B.
StoriesNewYahoo.comThat's all I real pics preteen wrote so far. Thanks for reading.Any comments would be great!
Hope you liked it. I feel like continuing this story.
Even one email would put a smile on my face and make it
easier to write more. :-) --DennisI HAVE 7 OTHER STORIES:1. Crazy for Chad (a love story; ages 16 & 17)
- last post APPROX. Nov. 15, 2005; High School2. Getting it Hard at Spankin High (a discipline-school story;
ages 13 to 19)
- last post APPROX. Oct. preteen nude movie 26, 2005; Authoritarian3. Finding the Boy Who Stole My Heart (a kind of love story;
ages 22 and 15; nothing forced)
- last post APPROX. Oct. 9, 2005; Adult-Youth4. Spankin High School Club Initiation (high school ages;)
- last post APPROX. Oct. 16, 2005; High School; Athletics5. My Son Drives Me Crazy
- last post APPROX. Oct. 8, 2005; Incest6. Discovering My Little Brother (two brothers, 17 and 13 start
to get along real well)
- last post APPROX. Nov. 14, 2005; Incest7. Frat Initiation Hell Week (not as grueling as first
meets the eye)
- New story. Chapter 1 posted APPROX. Nov. 7, 2005;
Authoritarian.LAST POST DATES good as of November 21, 2005. Actual post dates
may be later, by the time you read this.Thanks,
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