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Related post: Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 young nude 13 year
06:44:35 +0000
From: Douglas DD DD
Subject: The Boys of 14 year grils Lady Lex teens year 15 desnudas
Chapter 37Greeting 10years old girl porn loyal readers. Thanks for hanging with us and our slow posting
schedule. This is the last of Ben's trilogy of chapter on Trev the Hawke.
How far does our feathered friend fall? Ben will take you on a nice ride to
find out.I will be on vacation for a week, so unless I 14 years rusian sex can sneak one more posting in
before I go, the next one wont be for a couple of weeks, so please bear with
us. As I said before we keep a seven chapter reserve, though I might cut in
it by a chapter since I'll be gone. It depends if I can naked 16 year girl get it prepped by
the time I leave.For those of you who have written to us, thanks for you kind thoughts and
comments. It's nice to know you are enjoying 16 years nude pics
the adventures of our space
faring deliquentns.The Boys of the Lady Lex
Chapter 37
"The Fall of the Hawke"
Written By Douglas DD and Benjamin TC
Chaplain Kyle looked at his calendar. It was Wednesday, May 23, 2277. It's
been two days since the Lexington left Phosphorus Prime. Chaplain Kyle
noticed that the general mood was of the ship wasn't the best. The boys were
excited to hear that Ian had brought sex hardcore 14years back the Orion's flag and their own
flag, but soon that wore away. The reality of them losing the preliminary
games, some personal defeats and 11 year old naked setbacks, and the idea of being stuck on
the dull gray ship again was beginning to weigh heavily on the boys. He
knew he wanted to virgin 14 years sex get the boys' minds 5 year old porn
off of their defeats and start
focusing on things they could accomplish in the future. He had an idea.
Although it wouldn't involve all the boys of the Lady Lex, it would involve
quite a few. And now it was time to propose his idea to Captain Hatcher.
Chaplain Kyle grabbed some paperwork from his cluttered desk and went to
see Hatcher. He had talked to Hatcher many times before over the past few
months on matters such as morale, the spirituality of the boys and crew,
chapel services, and other issues, but he had never been nervous talking to
Hatcher. This time it was different. He was going to recommend something he
knew wouldn't sit well with Hatcher. Chaplain Kyle had stood silently and
watched certain happenings around the ship. He had labeled them as family
business, not ship business, so 18 years girls porn he had left it alone. Now he knew that with
his recommendation he would be setting a course for both worlds to collide.
Chaplain Kyle just 12 years young pussy hoped he was ready to pick up the pieces. ***** Trevor stood in front of Commander Creevey's desk. She was sitting at it
looking over a few items. Trevor just stood with a blank look on his face.
He hated standing in front any person in authority.
"Cadet Collins, do you know why you are 15 year old twinks
here?" asked Creevey.
"Because I was captured?"
"N, that is not the reason, not that the capture was one of your shining
moments as a cadet. I have been looking over the grades to the cadets. I
notice that you are failing History and Math and barely passing Science."
"But I am doing good in English and phys ed."
"Yes, you are doing WELL in best teen years porno those classes. I must commend teen years porno you on that, but
that doesn't make up for your shortcomings in the other three subjects.
Excelling in English will get you far in your life. But phys ed has its
limits. Excelling in phys ed won't have the profound impact on your life as
math, history and science will."
"It will if you want to be a professional baseball player. And that is what
I want to do."
"I am glad you have a dream like 12year old horny that and I encourage you to keep aiming
for that dream. But it is always wise to have a back up plan. And a backup
plan isn't any good if you are failing three subjects in school."
"But I'm not failing three subjects."
"Okay, failing two subjects and barely passing the third. But the point of
the matter is failing classes regardless how many is totally unacceptable.
I wish you put your energies and spirit into math, history and science like
you do with English, sports, and being the Hawke." Trevor showed a look of
surprise on his face when he heard the word Hawke mentioned. "That's right
Cadet 8 years pussy pic Collins, I know about the Hawke. Being an XO, it is my responsibility
I know everything that is happening on board this ship. It is also it is my
responsibility to ensure that the cadets on this ship sets their priorities
straight and to excel in their studies. So I feel the best course of action
here Cadet Collins is to suspend you from all extracurricular activities and
put you on academic probation."
"You can't do that!!!" yelled Trevor.
"Oh yes I 12 year pedo pic
can, cadet. And I just did."
"But I didn't get to play baseball last week. teen 14 year tgp This is totally unfair."
"Say what you want, but it is my decision Cadet Collins."
"History sucks!!! There is need to know it. And I hate Sister Agatha. She
is meaner then the Marines. I bet Sister Agatha put you up to this because
she teens 12 years porn don't like me. Nobody likes me. Everyone hates me!! Well I hate everyone
and you can go sixteen years old porno
fuck yourself. I don't give a shit anymore about school,
baseball or this ship. I quit!" Trevor stormed out of Creevey's office.
Creevey sat at her desk. She felt badly for the boy, but facts were facts.
She had made a decision and she had to stick by it. She knew that Trevor
would calm down in due time and hopefully this would get him to work harder
to get his grades up in his classes. She didn't want to take him off the
baseball team again, but she had 12years babys porno no choice in the matter. It was the right
thing to do. Besides, at all the schools back on Earth, you need to be
passing all of your subjects in order to be on a sports team. This was no
different. She straightened her desk and decided to make her rounds around
the ship. Once Trevor had a chance to calm down, she would deal with his
temper outburst. ***** Chaplain Kyle walked into Captain Hatcher's ready room. Hatcher was busy
going over some paperwork and planning out the course for the ship. There
was so much to do and never enough time to do it in, yet some how it always
get done.
"Good morning Captain," said Chaplain Kyle happily.
"Good morning Chaplain. What can I do for you?"
"I understand that on August first, second and third we will be hosting an
open house during our layover in sex porno 20 year Earth."
"That's right. During those days shuttles will be coming to and from earth
bring people to see our ship and the boy's accomplishments. It will also be
a time for parents and guardians to come on aboard and have parent/teacher
"How many parents do you think will show up?" Chaplain Kyle knew most of
the boys didn't have parents 16year girlsex with boy to speak of and even if they did most didn't
care about academics and parenting."
"I hope all of them, but realistically, probably a third if we are lucky."
"Maybe with Gordon Starr renting out a cruise liner to orbit Earth during
this time and offering shuttles to and from the `Lexington' will help
encourage parents to come. I mean spending three days on a luxury cruise
liner for nothing is quite an incentive."
"Hopefully it will. But something tells me that most parents will take
advantage of the cruise liner, but not of the shuttles that will be
transporting them to and from the `Lexington'. Any how, what can I do for
"Captain, over the past few months I been working with the ship's orchestra
and 16 year girl porno
they are coming along pretty well. Plus, I know there are some boys out
there who have other talents, like nonude 13 years acting."
"My nephew Ben is an actor. His parents say he is pretty good."
"I understand your son is an aspiring actor as well."
"Who Mark? Nah, he's a hockey player like his old man."
"I meant Jesse."
"His mother does say he is a ham on stage. I wouldn't know."
"I have an idea that will give you a chance to find out, Sir. I thought on
the evening of August first, we would have a concert. My orchestra has been
practicing hard and doing a performance will sure raise their morale. Then
on the second evening, I thought we could have a dinner theater. A group of
boys would put on a play while another group of boys cooks the meal and a
third group of boys serves the meal to the guests. Then on the third we can
have a talent show with refreshments girls years pics afterwards. We can even hand out prizes
for the top three best talents."
"I don't know Chaplain, I am not big into the fine arts. I am a sports
kinda guy."
"With all due respect Captain, not everyone is a sports kinda guy. This
will give the boys who don't excel in sports to excel at something they are
good at. I for one can't score a touchdown in baseball to save my life. And
I probably nude sixteen year olds
wouldn't make it through the first round in hockey if you gave me
cleats and a five iron. But you sexo teens 13 years put a musical instrument in my hands and
that is where I come to life. That 13 year old nymph is where my talent lies. When I am
playing my instrument and giving my God given gift to others, it brings
great joy to me, which I assume is the same kind of joy you experience when
you score a basket in hockey."
Captain Hatcher laughed. "Chaplain, I do hope your knowledge of music is
better then your knowledge of sports. I know for a 12 year old pussy
fact that your tgp 15 years boys 16 year porn gallery
working hard in the orchestra. Dr. Daniels been bragging about Nipper and
his violin. So your concert twelve years old naked is a go. I think that will be good. As for the
play, I don't know about that."
"Captain the play will be so much fun. Boys can get involved with it so
many different ways from stage crew, to acting, to working in the kitchen,
to serving the guests and many many other ways."
"But don't plays have girls in them? We don't have any girls to fill those
rolls. Tina is virgins 15 years photos
the only girl on board and I know she isn't into acting."
"I thought about that. I came up with two ideas. The first one was we could
do a Shakespearean play and act it out like they did in his time where men
played the parts of women."
"Absolutely not!" insisted Hatcher.
"Don't worry Sir. I chose a play called `Twelve Angry Men'. It is an all
male cast."
"'Twelve Angry Men'? I never heard 16 years teens blowjob of it."
"It's a most excellent play Sir. porno girls 14 years
It's about a jury. The entire play takes
place in the jury room. The audience will learn all about the trial through
the discussion and, yes, arguments the twelve jury members have."
Captain Hatcher thought hard about the Chaplain's idea. 12 year pussy pics He could already
hear his wife telling him it was be a good idea. Chaplain Kyle was right.
Not everyone was into sports like him. "Okay, Chaplain, you can have your
concert, play. and talent show. But there will be some conditions."
"What's that Sir?"
"Rehearsals don't interfere with school."
"No problem, Captain."
"Secondly, under your supervision, I want this to be done completely by the
cadets. Let them plan the menu, let them cook, clean, build the set,
organize everything."
"I already teen 14 year porno
planned that, sir. These boys will make you proud."
"They already do, Chaplain, baby nude 17 years t hey already do." ***** Brian McDowell sat on his bed wishing his father never accepted this job.
He was wishing that he never met Zjan-Ren. He was wishing he never started
sword fighting again. He just wished that his life was over.
"Young McDowell," said Zjan-Ren as he entered Brian's room uninvited.
"Go away," said Brian not looking at his visitor.
"You haven't been to 16 years japan porn
practice since your last match on Phosphorus Prime."
"I'm done. I quit. I can't do it."
Zjan-Ren left out a long sigh. "Is that your final decision?"
"Yes it is."
"Very well Young McDowell. I will honor your decision." Zjan-Ren turned and
started to head out. Brian went to say something, but had second thoughts
about it and didn't. He just sat on his bed as he watched 15 years sex photo
Zjan-Ren leave. ***** Trevor was lying on his bed with his face buried in his pillow. Ian came
walking in wondering where nude schoolgirl 16 years
Trevor was. He hasn't seen Trevor all day.
"Hey, Hawke!!"
"I'm not the Hawke anymore," sniffled Trevor through his pillow.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm not the Hawke anymore, okay?"
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, now leave me alone."
"It's about being captured because you rescued me, isn't it?" Ian was the
only one on the Lady Lex who knew the real reason why Trevor was captured.
Trevor didn't want anyone to know the real reason. He 15 year old non-nude
knew Ian had a hard
enough time fitting in and he didn't want the boy he loved being blamed for
the Hawke being captured.
"Just leave me alone!!"
Ian turned and left, stunned and hurt by Trevor's outburst. ***** Jesse and Ben stood in the music room. They have been asked to meet the
Chaplain there. As they entered the music room, 12 13years illegal porn
Chaplain Kyle was sitting at
the 16 year old girl
piano banging on 13year old fuck the keys, taking time to scribble something on a page
filled with musical notes and nude pussy 16 year then back to the keys. Chaplain Kyle made one
final notation on his page and then turned his attention to the boys.
"Sorry Boys, but I had a new tune enter my head and I wanted to write it
down before I lost it."
"That's okay," said Ben and Jesse as they marveled at the Chaplain's
musical talents.
"The reason I called you to see me is that I need your help."
"You need our help?" asked Jesse.
"Yes I do. I understand both of you love to act and entertain."
"I love to act," said Jesse.
"Me too," Ben said, "but I haven't young nudists 14 years done any of it since I got here."
"Now you will have your chance. In August we are hosting a three day open
house with a teacher's conference. On the first evening the ship's orchestra
will be putting on a concert. On the second evening I convinced Captain
Hatcher to let us put on a dinner theater and finally the third night we
will put on a talent show. Now I need two boys to head this up. They will be
in charge of 13 years pedo making all the arrangements, getting the actors and setting up
the talent lists and being responsible to ensure everything is covered in
all aspects. I would like you two to be co-chairs. So what do you say? 12 year old whores I
will be here to help you and guide you both in the right direction."
"I think that's great," said Ben. "I'll do it." Ben couldn't wait to tell
Douglas that they could do a play. Ben loved acting and he missed it a lot.
"Jesse?" asked Chaplain Kyle.
"I don't know. I have to think about it."
"That's fine. You can let me know by Friday."
"Okay,, thanks." Jesse then left with Ben.
"You're going to do it, right?" asked Ben.
"I don't know Ben. It will be a lot of work. I have school work and 16 years teens porno
"You're afraid porn 13 years gallery
that your dad is going to get mad at you for doing it,
aren't you?"
"My dad isn't a big fine arts fan."
"Jesse, you love acting as much as I do, if not more. You and I both know
that if you don't do this you will regret it. teen 16 years fucking Come on, let's show the 10 year nude teen
what the dolphin and beluga can do. Let's 15 year old incest
give them the best entertainment
possible. You and me."
Jesse took a deep breath. Then he smiled. "Okay,, I'll do it."***** "GO AWAY!!" came a muffled voice as Trevor had his head buried into his
pillow. The door open and in walked Harrison Wolfe.
"Master Collins, other than in class, I haven't seen you all week." Trevor
didn't answer. He didn't want to see his teacher. He was ashamed and
embarrassed. "How come you have been avoiding me?"
"Because," said Trevor as he lifted his head slightly off his pillow. It
was obvious that Trevor had been crying.
Wolfe sat down at the foot of the bed. "Would you care telling me what
happened on the Orion?"
Trevor buried his head into his pillow again. He just knew he had let down
his favorite teacher, his mentor, by being captured.
"Master Collins, I just had a talk with Ian. He told me what happened. You
have nothing to be ashamed of."
"But I got captured."
"You did it to save your friend from humiliation. Let me ask you this, if
Ian would have been caught instead, how would things be different?"
"I don't know."
"Did the Orion cadets try getting information out of you?"
"Yeah, but I wouldn't tell them a thing. They wanted to know how I got on
the ship and if there was anyone else with me, but I wouldn't say a thing."
"And if Ian had been captured instead, how would have he done?"
"I don't know. He might have told 16 years pedo just to try to keep out of trouble. But
Ian isn't a bad person."
"I didn't say Ian was. Ian is a very good person, but in this case you were
the better person to be caught, because you saved your friend as well as the
rest of the Birds of Prey. You stayed strong and you didn't give anything
"But I 14year nude pics was captured."
"And why were you captured? Young adult years Did you do something wrong?"
"Well, not really. Ian fell through the vent shaft and I jumped down to
help him get out. But then those creeps came in before I could escape
"Then you were sexy kids 15 years captured while in the act of saving a friend. There is no
shame in that. There is no embarrassment in that. There is only honor 14year old teens sex in
that. I'm proud angel nonnude 12 year of you Master Collins. You may not know it now, 10 year boys porno but I
believe you made the right decision. Most of the cadets on this ship would
have left Ian to deal with the lions on his own. But you jumped into the den
with him and helped him out of it. I am proud and honored to have you as my
Trevor smiled a little bit. He thought for sure that Mr. Wolfe would have
been mad at him and disappointed at him for being captured, but it was not
the case. Trevor was japan 13 years porno
starting to feel a little better now, but he still felt
awful because he was girl 11 years on academic probation.
"Beep, beep, beep." Harrison Wolfe looked at his watch and turned it off.
"I have to go Master Collins, but I expect to see you in class tomorrow."
"I'll be there."
Harrison Wolfe smiled and left.***** Harrison Wolfe went back to his cabin. He went to 13 year young fucked the bookshelf that had
the hidden radio transmitter in it. He removed a few books and he read the
message that was coming in from Myrna. He knew what had to be done after
reading the message. But he knew he couldn't do it alone. Because if he did,
he would risk exposing his past to the SFA and he didn't want that. It was
almost time to bring in some help. But not quite yet. He needed to find out
some more information before he moved his next piece.***** All day Thursday, Ben and Jesse were busy 13 year sexy teen spreading the word about the
dinner theater and talent show. Chaplain Kyle pretty non nude 12-16 years much took control of
the orchestra concert. Ben and Jesse felt that they needed to hand pick
certain people to be responsible for certain aspects of the dinner theater.
But for other participants, like waiters, kitchen help, and set crew they
would look for volunteers. When it came to casting the play, they would 10 years pussy pic
Their first choice to be on their dinner theater committee was Gary. Ben
had heard that Gary liked to cook and hoped that one day he could go to
culinary school. pussy 12 years old So Ben and Jesse asked Gary if he would be in charge of the
kitchen and come up with the menu and of course help prepare the food. Gary
volunteered instantly.
There next stop was someone to be the maitre'd and responsible of the
waiters serving the guests. He would also be in charge of getting volunteers
to help serve and set up the dining room and to decorate the dining room as
well. Their first choice was Toby Boswell the sophomore department head. But
he respectfully turned them down. No sooner had Toby said no then Mike came
up to Ben and Jesse and said he wanted to help out with this new theater
adventure. He said he didn't want to be on stage, but wondered if there was
a position for him. Ben told him about the maitre'd position and the Donkey
gobbled it up in a heartbeat. Mike started making plans for setting up the
dining facility. He had visions of elegance. His servers were going to wear
tuxedos if he could figure out how to get them.
Jesse knew from hockey, that one of their goalies, Tad Evans, was very
talented at building things. He and Ben went to see him. He agreed to be in
charge of building the set. He said he never worked stage lighting and
recommended someone else do that. Jesse and Ben took his recommendation and
Ryan agreed to use his engineering skills to create stage lighting and be in
charge of it.
Ben and Jesse already knew that Chaplain Kyle would be the main nubiles 16 years old director
for the porno 16 years nude
play, but they needed a cadet director as well. Neither Ben nor
Jesse wanted this role because they both wanted to be on stage and they knew
that it would be too much to try to be a director and actor, not to mention
all the other work they have to do. They thought it over and discussed it
with Chaplain Kyle. After talking to him, TJ the Hamster agreed to be the
cadet director. He had never directed before but he was game to try
anything. Ben and Jesse both told TJ that they will be 16 years girles trying out for the
play, but that he wasn't to give them a 15 years nude boys part just because they were in
charge of the entertainment. They wanted everything to be fair.
By the end of Thursday, all the positions except for the actors and serving
and cooking staff was filled. Scripts were being passed out so the boys
could look over them before tryouts on Monday would happen. Ben was hoping
to get the part of Juror three, the loud mouth, hot tempered, asshole. Jesse
was hoping to get the foreman who was a mild mannered man. They both knew
that they had to earn the roles. They couldn't wait for tryouts.***** The senior staff came out of a staff meeting late Friday afternoon. It was
a typical boring meeting, but a lot of items were covered. Amanda Creevey
sat teen nudes 13 years at her spot at the 14 yearsold nude image conference table reviewing some notes. Everyone had
left except for Major Zjan-Ren.
"Yes, Major."
"I was just thinking about that academic probation study group lead by the
teachers that you are developing to help out those thirteen boys on academic
"Yes, did you want to help out with it?"
"Not exactly. I was thinking about Brian McDowell."
"Brian McDowell isn't on academic probation. According to my reports, he is
at the top of his class."
"Oh no, I wasn't thinking of him needing academic help. But I was thinking
about him helping the other boys. Especially one nude 12 years teen
in particular."
"You want Brian McDowell to become a tutor to the boys?"
"Only to Cadet Trevor Collins."
"Why only to him?"
"I have my reasons Commander. But I think it will benefit both of them."
"All right, I will allow Trevor Collins tutor time with Brian McDowell as
long as Brian is willing to do it."
"Thank you Ma'am. I will discuss this with Brian tonight and let you know
first thing in the morning." With that said, Zjan-Ren left.***** Brian was sitting on his bed reading. There was a knock on the door. "It's
open," said Brian expecting nude 16 year old to see his father. He was surprised 17 year naked pics to see
Zjan-Ren standing in the doorway. "I told you I quit and you can't talk me
into taking up the sword again."
"I didn't come in here to convince you to continue on with your lessons. I
came in here asking for your help."
"My help?"
"There is this cadet who isn't doing well in his studies. He needs
tutoring. But most suck pussy 15 year boys around here are too busy with sports, studies of
their own, and 16 years naked pedo shipboard responsibilities. Since the only thing you have to
worry about is your studies, I thought maybe you could tutor this young
"Who is it?"
"Cadet teens 14 year xxx
Trevor Collins,"
"The boy who was captured?"
"Yes, that's him."
"How often would I have to help him?"
"Every night for at least an hour. More if you need it."
"And if I don't help him?"
"Then he risks the chance of failing school."
Brian thought for a minute. He was wondering if Zjan-Ren was trying to pull
something over on him, but as much as Zjan-Ren was a thorn in his side, he
felt the Kriton was on porn 13 year picture the up and up. He agreed to sign on as Trevor's
tutor.***** The first few tutoring sessions went smoothly. Trevor fought the idea, but
Commander Creevey told him that if he attended tutoring every night he would
be allowed teens 16 years sexgallery to attend baseball practices. However, in order to play in the
Olympics he had to be passing all of his subjects.
Trevor and Brian did their best to get along. Trevor kept wanting to talk
about sports and baseball and being the Hawke, while Brian tried to focus on
academics. Trevor was also trying to find out more about 13 years girl sex Brian and why he
had a bad leg and arm, but Brian ignored the questions every and got Trev
back to studying. Neither boy wanted to be there, yet something inside told
them they needed to be teen nude 12 years there.***** They days went by slowly for the boys even though things were very busy and
hectic. Auditions for the play was held and soon the cast list was hung on
the wall. Ben, Jesse and Douglas were the first to see the list.
"YES!!!" yelled Ben. "I got the roll of Juror Three. That is the role I
Douglas looked down the list, but 17years nudes
he didn't have to look down too far, for
his name was the first one on the list. He was given the part of the
Foreman. Douglas smiled and was happy he made it in the play. He looked down
farther and saw that his brother, Nipper, got the 14 years fuck role as 14year old teen pic Juror Eleven the
juror who spoke with a German accent.
Jesse's heart stopped when he saw his name. He had received the role as
Juror Eight, the lead role. He couldn't believe it. He was all smiles and
totally excited. He couldn't wait to start practice. He never thought he
would get the lead role.
Later on that day, Greg and Tyler checked out the list to see if they made
the play. Greg was excited. He received the role of the quiet Juror Five
while Tyler got the role of the guard. Even though the guard only had four
lines and was on stage no more then ten minutes, he was excited that he got
a role.
Rehearsals would begin soon and everyone in the play couldn't wait to
start.***** It was Saturday evening, June ninth, and Harrison Wolfe was sitting in his
recliner reading a book. The buzzer on his watch went off. nude 16 years gils He calmly got up
and went to his book case. He had expected to hear from Myrna over a week
ago, but she had never contacted him. He looked at his transmitter. It had
the message he was expecting. Myrna had done well. It was time to 12 years old nubiles
Captain Hatcher.***** Trevor was crawling through the vent shaft. He was going to return a book
that Mr. Wolfe had given him. As he passed a vent, he stopped. He heard Mr.
Wolfe's voice. He kept very quiet and peeked through the slits in the vent.
He could tell that Mr. Wolfe was talking to Captain Hatcher, Colonel Stone,
Master Sergeant Flint, Commander Creevey, and Kalon Masters.
"How do we know if this information you received is reliable information?"
asked Stone.
"Trust me it is. If my source says the acting ambassador to Kriton's son
was kid napped, then he was kid napped. I trust my source 100%," said Wolfe.
"The ransom is simple; the Ambassador does exactly as ordered if he wants to
see his son alive again."
"Why should we trust you? After all Mr. Wolfe, you are just an English
"Colonel, you 10 years old pussy have no reason to trust me. I'll give you that. But this
young boy, Matt, is in trouble. We can't go to SFA for help, because as I
had told you, I believe someone in SFA is behind the kidnapping."
"Hey Wolfie," said Kalon. "I understand not having Zjan-Ren in on this
meeting because the Kriton's could be behind this kid napping. But why am I
"Mr. Masters, if Captain Hatcher and Colonel Stone agree to send in a
rescue team to save Matt, they will need you. According to my source, this
is where Matt is being held." Wolfe pushed a palm 40 year old amateurs computer pad across the
table to Kalon. He picked it up and glanced at it.
"I can see why. I use to go there all the time when I was growing up. This
was one of Jake's favorite spots to hide."
"It's still is," said Wolfe.
"What do you mean teens 15 years porns still is?"
"Jake Masters is still alive," said Wolfe in a matter of fact tone.
"That's bullshit!!" said Kalon as he stood up in protest. "Jake died almost
ten years ago. I saw it with my own eyes."
"Jake Master still lives, Mr. Masters. He is the one who kid napped Matt."
"That is a fucking lie!" Kalon 15year old nude was losing patience..
"Did you ever see a body?"
"You said you saw Jake die. I was curious if you ever saw a body."
Kalon 15 year girl xxx hung his head down low. "No."
"Ensign Masters, I know you are being pulled apart by so many mixed
emotions right now," said Hatcher. "But if this 15 years porn lollita young boy is in trouble, we
need to rescue him. Ensign, will you help?"
"I don't now if what this English teacher is saying is true or not. But for
argument sake, if it is true, you're asking me to betray my father. I can't
do that."
"You mean you would let a boy stay locked up and 16 years old erotic probably killed just so
you didn't have to betray a man who deceived you into thinking he was dead?"
asked Stone.
Kalon thought for a minute. "All right, look. I will fly the rescue team to
this place. I will get you on the planet. I will even get you off this god
forsaken place. But during your time on the planet, you're on your own. I
stay with the 'Raptor'."
"Raptor?" asked Commander Creevey.
"She's a stealth ship. The 'Raptor' is our best chance on getting into this
place undetected.
"Colonel Stone, I want you to work with Ensign Masters and Mr. Wolfe in
coming up with a rescue plan. Have it on my desk first thing in the
"Yes Sir," said Stone who still 14 year porno photo wasn't sure if this was a kind of mission
he wanted to lead his Marines on.
Trevor waited until everyone left the room before he scurried down the
shaft. He couldn't believe a rescue mission for some unknown boy was going
to take place. He was wondering if they needed the Hawke.To Be Continued.......
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