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Related post: Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 10:41:51 -0500 (EST)
From: destiny model mori jane
Subject: Flames to Ice- Chapter 7Yeah Okay. I seriously suck. I would be SO pissed to have to wait so long
for a chapter, but I guess all I have to say is that the past few months
has been...distracting. Starting uni, learning interesting things about
someone who screwed with my head, going though so many theories. But I
think I'm okay now, I think that I've come to my conclusions and that that
will help me write. Because before, almost every day something would happen
that would make me confused again, in regards to how I felt about
relationships and whatever. But I think that now I xxx model girl can maybe write
something richer due to what I've learned and experienced. This won't be
just a story now but hopefully something people can identify with and maybe
even learn from, and if my theories have some huge holes in them that I
haven't seen then, maybe I can learn from readers that want to write to me
in response, which I'd 16yo models teens love. So I hope you guys forgive me for taking so
long, but I think the story could be better now, and I hope that my style
improves as well cause frankly, I wasn't too happy with it. But to those of
you who are still reading this story. Thanks for waiting and I myself hope
that I won't take this long again.And I'm going to try to keep details proper but if I mess up a few things,
please let me know. For some stupid reason I'm one of those ppl that can't
read over my own writing for shit--which is probably why my English mark
could be much better. It's been a long time homosexualmodels though so please....try and be a
little understanding if I mess anything up. Personality and the character
development of Damien, model 10yo password however, is something that I think I'm keeping
pretty consistent because well...a lot of it is based on me. However, anschutz model 1770 I
totally understand if it doesn't seem consistent, and there might be times
when it doesn't seem like he's the same person but he IS. Theres many
facets to ppl, and they act very differently in different situations and
there are reasons for why they do so (or at least I do), but if you want to
talk internet modeling teen
to me about jav models teen
it cause it bothers you or just want to write me fourteen models gallery for no
reason at all I would love it. Morijane3004yahoo.ca
Chapter 7I was numb. My body was sunken into the mattress that I had laid in for
around 20 hours. I was hungry, but too exhausted to move.I hated this. I hated how easily I cried. It was never like this
before. Before HIM. Everything seemed to hurt me bikini models beach now, if I let it. There
were some things I had learned that didn't deserve emotional involvement. I
rarely if ever got mad anymore, actually felt rage inside cp model tgp of me. It was
always an act. Everything seemed like an act now. Except for when it had to
do with love.I had never been able to glamor models toplist conquer that emotion. No matter how much pain it
brought me, no matter how much energy it took away from me, even though models 14yo nude
KNEW that it was so bad for me, my fight against it never resulted in a
win. And I needed to win. It was such a volatile force that was too much of
a threat. Maybe other people could be taken by its force, ride it out and
still be okay in the end. But I wasn't one of them. Nor top prteen models was I immune to
it. That was what was making my heart hurt so much right now. Well that,
and that I teen cg models was pretty sure I was clinically depressed. What I hated most
about that was how uncontrollably emotional I was prone to becoming at the
most random times when my nonenude teens models thoughts would drift towards thoughts of love.Not just romantic love, but just love. Any form, the lack of little angels model
it, the
consequences, what it meant, what it didn't.David was someone I loved. I knew nale models nude that for sure and nice model imgboard
I had for years
now. What I didn't young muscular models know was what kind of love it was. I loved the person
he was, I loved that he appreciated me, was there for me, was so incredible
in so many ways. cute adult model But was I in love with him? I didn't want to be. I wasn't
sure yet how I felt about love. ls models porno
Whether or not I wanted to experience it,
regardless that I'd end up pained, or if hot petite models
it would be smarter to just live
life without romantic love and limiting the number of other loves in my
life so that my life would still be full but without that pain.Until I knew for sure I didn't want to be involved in anything that might
result in my emotions getting out adult model katrina of hand. It wasn't safe for that to
happen. Especially with David. He meant too much for me to lose. And I knew
I was stupid enough to hurt him too if I were to be involved with
him. Fuck, I had already hurt him. And we weren't even involved! Not to
mention he might not be gay, which frankly I was starting to doubt. Even I
wasn't that stupid. He really seemed to care about me a lot, more than just
a friend. And the more I thought about it the more evidence I was finding
from the past.Alex wasn't the first guy I've been with that hot models anal he seemed to hate. Well, I
was never really with Alex, but still. But all the others he choculate models nude just hated. He
would hott nude models say that they weren't good enough for me or that maria cristina model there was just
something weird about aubrey lee model them whenever I would confront him about how cold he
was to them. But I always took that for overprotectiveness. After all, he
was there during the "Brian-fuckiness" period. He knew what happened and
how messed up I had become. He didn't want them to hurt me, but could it
also have been more? He HAD been unusually hostile to Brian when he had
found out that we'd become involved. He had been fine with him alex slater model before, when
all Brian had been was Kat's cousin. Granted he hadn't thought of Brian as
more than an acquaintance, but he had tolerated him. It was too much to
hope that maybe David's initial hate had been spurred by some kind of
affection for me.Not that I really wanted kris jacob model
that to be the case. Or actually I didn't know
what I wanted the truth to be. I needed time to sort it all out. But I
couldn't be that selfish, because David was being hurt. Decisions could
wait. I had an apology to make that I wasn't even really airwood media models
sure was
appropriate. I wasn't really out of line, but David was obviously
angry...and it was David so there had to be a reason. But I wanted to hear
it before I apologized so that I could know what I was apologizing for. I
mean sure, I adeliade models
knew that David for some unknown reason just started hating
Alex, but they pre young model had model pics boys used to be pretty tight from what I could tell, so I
knew Alex couldn't be that bad a person. And he shouldn't take it out on
me. I asked, and he told me to forget it. I had seriously just assumed that
they'd get over whatever they were fighting about. Apparently that wasn't
the case.When it came down to it though, I would give up any possibility with Alex
for David.Sighing, I got up. fashion models nonude
Lying down all day wouldn't help depression.Hopefully David would have calmed down by now.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------He shut the door in my face. He fucking shut the fucking door in my fucking
face. And locked it.And his diaper model teen
was right after he shoved me out of his room.All of my shocked anger dissolved when I finally registered the sad
expression that had been on his face when I'd walked in. The music had been
so loud he hadn't heard me knocking and his mother didn't seem to think
anything was wrong between them when young models nude she had opened the front door to let
him in. She instead smiled warmly at me and told me to run along and see
him, and if possible get him to turn his latina bbw model hawaiian pantie models music down a bit. So naturally, I
assumed things were okay, cause his mom is one of those freakily intuitive
people that can tell when your sad even when you're putting up a front
worthy of an oscar. She would have known if Dave was upset...unless she
didn't know that it had to do with me.He had looked so incredibly sad. And I was responsible for that. I'm not
fucking worthless--I'm harmful. Fuck.I leaned back on the wall opposite to his door, and closed my eyes. I
stayed there for a moment, before I decided that if I was going to make
things okay, I would have to toppless models female be a little more aggressive about getting into
his room and talking.My hand was raised to knock again when he swung open the door. This time,
his face was a blank slate. What was he trying to play? Another day,
another person, I might have been willing to join the game, but this was
David, and I was in no mood for hannah model elitecom this shit."If I try to come in, are you going to play nonude model thumb nice?" I asked a little icily.I decided not to wait for an answer, and instead prevented oxi nn model any kind of
retaliation by shoving him further into the room and onto the bed. Yes I
know. Just a few minutes ago I was sad. I'm a complicated human being with
lots of mood swings. Not a lot of people could keep up with me when they
got closer to me and started to get to know the me that wasn't the me that
acted cool and collected--basically emotionally monotone--around most
people. However, David was one of the people that did understand me. And I
wasn't about to skye model
let him go. And if he wanted to play games with me, misery
could wait until I had more control of the situation. Which I think was
beginning to happen due to his stunned model rape video expression. Good."Now. Care to tell me why you were so angry last night? And why you just
locked me out of your room just now? young seductive models And why the hell you looked so sad
before?" He knew how I felt about depression.He opened his mouth but I cut him off before he could say anything."And don't tell me that it's "nothing" and "not to worry about it" cause I
know you and I know your stupid excuses and they are becoming more and more
frequent and it's beginning to piss me off. I don't like that I hurt you
and I sandra model imagefap
know that I did `cause that's the only reason that you would act like
that. And I want to apologize only pussy future models I don't know what jessimodel com
the fuck I did
wrong. So tell me the truth." I was nearly yelling by this point, but I
calmed myself down and added softly, "Please."He looked down at his hands for a while. Just when I was about to inform
him that I was not going to leave without an explanation he exhaled heavily
and lifted his gaze to meet mine. And I was floored by how beautiful he
looked then. But then I felt my heart sink as I saw how tired he
seemed. Not physically but something else. And it hurt so bad."D...I'm the one who should apologize. I really don't know why I was so mad,
and I don't know...I've just been feeling really...and you took me kind of by
surprise when you came in. I'm okay just kinda tired. I'll get over it."He said all this slowly, like he wasn't sure what to say. He didn't. I
didn't get a proper answer to any of my questions in all that. And I knew
that I wouldn't get one. At least zelda teen model not today.I got up, resigned. I looked at him for a minute before I walked over to
the door. I paused, my hand resting gay model pix
on the open door's handle before
saying, "I hope you don't think this is brazilian nude model over. I'm not an idiot, and I can
see that you aren't okay. And I know you know why you're feeling this way,
and while I respect your privacy and everything, I don't appreciate being
lied to. We were fine until last night. I just want for you to be okay, and
for us to be okay. Out of everyone in the world, I can't stand not being
friends with you. I know its only been a day but I want this over. My
parents aren't going to be back until late tonight. So if you want to come
over and deal with this..."I closed the door firmly behind me.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
When it reached 8pm I finally gave up waiting. I was starting to get a
little rapidshare child models more than irritated with the fucker. I grabbed my coat, an umbrella
and the keys before I strode out of the house. Mumbling under my breath
about stupid morons I started walking the five blocks to his house. It was
pouring rain so hard that the smacking noises being made on my umbrella
were starting to give me a headache. nacked models It was pretty hard to make anything
out besides the light given off by the few streetlights adorning the night
sky. Which was why I ended up walking into something big and hard. I
quickly realized that no, I wasn't stupid enough to walk into a pole, when
I found a very soaked person sprawled on the sidewalk."Oh my God, I'm so sorry. Here," I offered my hand.He looked at it then looked up at my face. I sucked in a breath."You stupid fucking moron! What the fuck are you doing walking outside
without an umbrella or nude aussie models a raincoat? You're fucking soaked thin!" When I was
finished yelling at him, I realized that he must have been walking over to
see me--which made me very happy. But then I frowned. Stupid fucker was
going russian fashion model to get sick.I grabbed his hand, hauled him up next to me, under my umbrella, clutched
his hand tightly and started pulling him along with me as I ran models lilitas back
towards my house. I fumbled with the gay bear modeling
key a bit since I was using model kits my left
hand to open the lock, since my hand was still firmly clasped in his
freezing hand."You have a car," I stated bluntly once we were safely inside."My dad's broke down yesterday. He's using mine."I absorbed this quietly. He had kids models toplist
walked here in the pouring rain. Without
anything toplist model fashion to keep him warm and dry. I didn't know whether to be pleased that
he really wanted to see ls models cp
me, or angry that he was just that stupid. So I
chose to be neutral."Come on, let's go downstairs."His wet clothes were making puddles in the hallway but I didn't care. early teen modeling I
could get him out of them downstairs."Here, give me your clothes and I'll put them in the dryer." I didn't turn
to look at whether or not he was complying. Instead I pedofilia models went into my room and
told him to hop in the shower and that I would get him some dry clothes in
the meantime.I heard the shower turn on while I got out some boxers, a t-shirt, a
hoodie, sweatpants and some socks. I wanted him to be bundled up nice and
warm.I left the clothes in a pile outside the bathroom door, and decided to wait
for him in my bed. I was drifting off when the phone rang. I groaned. I had
left the portable just out of my reach. Then I remembered that I had gotten
an answering machine for my phone line, and happily settled back in my warm
cocoon."BEEP.""Hey Damien....It's Alex."I shot up out of bed. All I could think was that David was here, and why
was Alex calling me, and that I couldn't let David hear or else he'd get so
mad. And wait. How the hell did Alex get the number to my personal line?"...just wondering how you're doing, and if you want a ride to school
tomorr..."Shit. It took me forever to find that aeromodelisme announce petite volume slide.Shit. The shower wasn't still running."Was that Alex?" he said it softly from bikini model shannon
behind me, but it still made me
jump.Fuck. I closed my eyes and turned around slowly."Yeah it was...Look I don't even know how he got my num--AH" I yelped. He
was standing right in front of me. Six inches away. I started breathing
faster."I don't even like him."He still wasn't saying anything. He just looked at me very intensely and it
was beginning to make me nervous. The pitch of my voice started to rise."He doesn't matter to me. He kissed me!"The muscle in his jaw started to tick at that, kiddy modeling gallery
and my mind scrambled to
think of something to say to calm him down. He was really starting to scare
me. Oh!"I--"Couldn't even finish that sentence. David lunged at me with a primal growl,
making me fall back onto the bed and he climbed up on top of me to rest models panties on
my stomach. He was only wearing the boxers."Dav--"He shut me up again. This time he kissed me.He attacked my lips with his lips and his tongue. I gasped and he thrust
his tongue into my open mouth and against my own. christina model vids I moaned. He was so, so
sweet. I wanted sexy little model to taste more. I wrapped my arms around him and plunged my
tongue into his mouth but before I could explore too far, he sucked on it
hard, and I groaned and thrust my hips upwards.He drew his elite models amanda
mouth wetly across my jaw, as he slipped a finger into my mouth
to suck. He lifted off briefly to rid my of my shirt before quickly
latching onto my neck, marking me, making me gasp for air. He started
grinding and humping into my abs, as I ran my hands down his back grasping
his tight, round ass pulling him nude italian models closer to me as I kneaded.Fuck. I needed him so fucking bad. I gripped him ass through videos hairy models his boxers,
shoving my finger tips into his tight crack, brushing his hole and felt the
shock go through his body. But he didn't stop. He grinded even harder into
me, clenching his butt cheeks together as though to prevent my russian virgin models fingers from
leaving. God he was making me so hot. I could feel teen models jizz
his hard cock against
me, the heat burning me. Fuck and now he had my right nipple in his mouth,
sucking on it insistently. It was going straight through to my cock that
was reminding me that it was trapped painfully under my jeans.I moved one hand down to my teenie nude models
pants to unzip them airplane flying models but he beat me to it. He
slid down my body, still pressing his cock into me, and I gasped as I felt
it drag over mine, until he was nude models cunt sitting on my thighs. He roughly yanked
down the zipper and I swear his eyes were glowing. He slid off of me and
the bed, but I wasn't worried, not when he was looking at me like he laptop model 400 wanted
to devour me whole. He grabbed my jeans and yanked them off of me.He smiled slowly as he this time reached for my boxers, this time letting
his palm brush me lightly. I groaned his name and pumped my hips into the
air, but he ignored me and waited for me to settle before lifting my boxers
up and off me. I was naked and panting under his intense stare.He stood there just looking at me, before he lowered a hand down his abs
and unto his own boxers grasping his cock in his hand before jacking it
slowly hidden from my view. I couldn't breathe. I should be doing that to
him!I started to sit up but he stopped and instead grabbed my legs and spread
them open enough for him to crawl in between. He eyed my cock intently as
his mouth neared it. He was so close I could feel every breath on me. I so
badly wanted to shove my cock into his mouth but something told me that he
was in control. I slammed my head back on the pillow in frustration,
fisting my hands as I fought not to shudder as I felt another hot charming nn models breath.I screamed as I felt a hot wet tongue run languidly over my inner thigh,
and clenched my hands so tight they were white. It lifted and I tried to
breath in my now russian t nymodels
short choppy breaths before I felt it again and I was cut
off by a low moan leaving my throat. This was torture for me. I mature german models needed to
feel his mouth on my cock so damn bad.And I did. At the same slow pace, he licked up the underside from the base
to the tip. Before swallowing the head in his mouth, flicking the tip with
his tongue repeatedly as he sucked.I lost control. I grabbed his head, fingers shifting through softy silky
hair, holding him there before thrusting up into his mouth. I only got
halfway into that hot, moist tunnel when he placed his hands on my hips and
slammed me back down onto the bed. Then child erotica models he we teen model removed my hands from maxwells models innocent his hair
and grasped each in one of his own pinning ptl models them to the mattress, before
resuming his tongue work on my sandrateenmodel tgp
dick.After a moment, however, he seemed to think that that was enough, and he
moved forward nonude kiddy models to kiss me. I could tell that he enjoyed girl model plus the pedo pretty models
shudders that
went through my body as my cock dragged across his moving chest, leaving a
trail of precum playtoy child models behind.He kissed me hotly before nude asian model
getting off me completely. Before I could
protest, he was facing away from me, taking off his own boxers and my eyes
riveted on every inch of skin as it was revealed. Oh shit that ass was so
tight. Two perfect globes that I couldn't wait to get in between. He turned
around and I gasped. His cock was so perfect. He was big, with a long
straight shaft that was nice and thick, with a mushroom tip.I licked my lips slowly. I wanted that cock so bad.He was on top of girl model preenteen me again, sitting on my upper thighs as he rested his
upper body on mine and ground our naked cocks slick with precum,
together. I grabbed his ass and took control humping into him, and this
time he didn't protest. I was dying to feel his ass against my cock so I
pulled his teenagers model top body further up my chest, until my cock was free from under
him. I took hold of his thighs, pulling them towards our chests as well, so
that now my cock could rest in between his cheeks.We moaned together as I gripped his ass cheeks in my hands and moved his
ass up and down my cock, loving the feeling of his asshole rubbing against
my cock.It took all my willpower not to shove my cock up his ass when child models porno he reached
back behind him, wrapped his hand around my cock and pointed the dripping
tip at his quivering hole.Then he leaned down and mission model 70 whispered the sexiest thing I've ever heard into my
ear."Oh God, Damien. I've wanted to feel your cock in me for so long. I've
dreamt about you taking my ass so fucking hard and fast from behind, like
an animal as you bite badass bettie models my neck and work my cock. Do you want it, D? Do you
want me to take your cock in my tight, hot ass and fuck you until we both
scream?"I was mindless. I needed to be in him so bad I was shaking.I grabbed his hips and began to thrust up--"Damien, honey, we're home!"FUCK. Every part of me was screaming, 3d model marsh "NO!!".We froze, but our bodies were still shaking with desire and
frustration. But we couldn't do anything.Finally he moved off of me to lie down beside me. model young preeteen We were still panting."Damien? Are you down there? Why is the floor so wet?"I licked my lips a few times, and looked over at David.`Answer her,' he mouthed.I swallowed and yelled back, "Coming Mom."
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