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Related post: Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 23:32:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bobbi Douden
Subject: brad and ewanDisclaimer: i have amateur usc 2257 no idea if brad pitt and ewan mcgregor are gay.
actually, i'm pretty sure they're not which sucks the big one. this story
depicts the two hot actors in hot sweaty sexual intercoruse, and if this
of material offends you, then do not read the following story. then
again, if this type of material offends you, what the hell are female masturbation porn 3gp you doing
at this site anyway?Comments TUBE SEX 0ORNO HORSE to Bobbi Douden: frikkinfaggotyahoo.com
Brad and 14 old girl naked
It was the premiere of Brad Pitt's newest movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad
and Angelina were walking down the red carpet as stupid tabloid reporters
and paparazzi were taking their pictures. 5 star booty After what seemed like ages,
Brad and Angelina finally reached the entrance 15yo sex galleri to the theater.
Unfortunately, inside, there were even more reporters trying mallu sex 3gp
to get
pictures of them. Brad and Angelina kids 10 y.o. photo
sighed and tried to get through the
crowd but the annoying reporters were just too much for them. Then Brad
felt something take his hand. Brad grasped whatever had reached for him,
and quickly felt himself pulled out of the crowd of reporters. On the
other side stood Ewan McGregor. He just stood there and smiled at Brad."Thanks, man." Brad said as he brushed off his expensive tux."Of course," Ewan replied still smiling at him.Brad thought this was rather unusual. "What are you smiling at?""I'm just glad to finally get to see you in person." Ewan said. "My wife
and I are really huge fans of yours.""Wow, cuz I've always been a fan of your work." Brad said. Then Angelina
came out from the crowd and stood next to Brad."Thanks for grabbing me," she said coldly."No problemo," Brad retorted. Then he 6 grade nude girls looked back at Ewan and 14 age porno picture handed him
a card. "Hey, after the movie there's going to be a party at my place.
Actors, actresses, directors, PO5N SEX HORSE TUBE
tons of people are gonna boy sex 15
be there. Just
thought I'd give you a heads up.""Thanks," said Ewan, still smiling at Brad. "I'll see ya later then.""Of course. Hope you enjoy the movie."Later that night, after the movie was over, Ewan drove over to Brad's
place. There were security people everywhere. Ewan quickly got out of his
car and walked up to the front door. After showing some ID, Ewan walked
through the front door to Brad's enormous house. He gazed all over the
place just the atmosphere seemed larger than life. Then he decided it was
time to explore the place and look for Brad in order to thank him for the
invite. Ewan gay sleaze 4
looked all over but did not see Brad or Angelina anywhere
so he figured they were probably in the bedroom doing whatever they
wanted to each other. Then, the urge suddenly came upon Ewan, a
necessary urge; he had to go to the bathroom. So he quickly walked
through the entire house looking for a 3-d hentai for free
bathroom.He finally found one with an open door and with no couple excitedly
making out. So he quickly went inside and shut the door so he could
finally relieve himself. As he was relieving himself the door quickly
swung open and Ewan turned his head around to see Brad standing at the
doorway."Oh god! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to...""It's all right, Brad. I'm done anyway.""Oh. Well, good, can I get in there now?""Sure."Ewan quickly left the room fetus 18 weeks weight and Brad shut the door after him. Then it hit
Ewan. Brad had only been wearing little bikini briefs. He thought about
that for a minute as he sat down in a chair near the entrance of the
bathroom. Brad probably really was getting it on with someone. The
thought of Brad getting it on with someone made Ewan surprisingly hard.
He had never felt like this before while thinking defloration 15yo pics about another man. He
didn't know what it was about Brad that made him different from other
guys, but Ewan liked it. As he was thinking about that, the bathroom door
opened again and Brad stepped out. Ewan tried not to stare at his amazing
body as he walked out of the bathroom. Then Brad stopped in front of
Ewan, with his impressive bulge staring Ewan in the face. bournmouth bbw escort 19 Ewan tried to
remain calm about it and stood 14y old porn up."I just wanted to thank you for inviting me."Brad smiled his cocky smile and patted Ewan on the shoulder. "Of course,
man. I hope you have a good time.""I hope so too." Ewan said. Then Brad started to walk away. Ewan tried
not to stare at that amazing sight, but he couldn't help it. As he was
staring Brad turned around."Are you staring at 99 xxx my ass?" Brad asked."Who wouldn't? Your ass is fine.""Really? This from a straight guy?""Yeah. You have a nice tight ass, Brad. Congratulations."Brad laughed a little laugh that Ewan found simply adorable for some
reason. He started to walk toward Ewan and stood in front of him again.
"You know, I meant it when I said I was a fan of your work. All of your
movies, even back to the Velvet Goldmine days. And may I say you pack a
nice ass as well?"Ewan stopped for a minute. Brad HORSE S4X PORNO TUBE seemed to be hitting on him. Was this
possible? Then Ewan felt something happen 3gp sex films in his pants. He was getting
rock hard. He tried to act as comfortable as he could but with Brad
standing there in Man with 2 dicks
his skimpy underwear it was rather hard to do so. Brad
looked down and laughed. "You wear extremely tight clothes, Ewan.""Really? Why do you say that?""Cuz I can see your hardon through your pants.""Oh. Haha, what is that doing there?""It's there because you can't resist the sight of me in my underwear.""What? No, that's ridiculous.""Well, I think it's true. You wanna go to the bedroom and fool around a
little?""What?"Brad laughed that adorable little laugh again Squirt queens 2 dvd and Ewan smiled wide. "Do
you want to have a nice fuck in my bedroom?"Ewan froze where he was standing. Could Brad really be serious? Did he
actually ask if Ewan wanted to go to his room to fool around? He could
feel his hardon get even harder. As he stood there, Brad took a step
closer and whispered in his ear, "I'm so goddamn horny, Ewan, I wish you
would fuck the shit 2id uniforms outta me." Then he took a step back and smiled at
Ewan, who remained shocked for quite sometime."EWAN!" Ewan jumped and looked around. He realized he was standing just
inside Brad's bedroom; he hadn't even realized that they had walked up
to the bedroom together. Then he saw whose shout had broken his reverie;
Colin Farrell was putting his clothes on as he walked out of the room."Have a nice time, fucker," Colin whispered as he left the 14 y. o. nude room.Ewan stared after Colin as he left, and turned toward Brad. "Wasn't that
Colin Farrell?""Hell yeah one of the best fucks I've ever had, to tell the truth.""Oh pics of 44dd breasts my fucking god, how many guys have you fucked?""More than you ever have, I'm sure. You've heard all those stories? The
ones about Tom Cruise, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon, and many
others; those were just to name a few. They're all true. And now I'm
gonna get Ewan McGregor, the actor who is least afraid to show off his
hot shit. Now why don't you come over to the bed and give me some of that
hot shit you aren't 4 tube porn video
afraid to show off.""Well sure, Brad, this is all just happening so fast.""Oh, don't worry. Once we get started it will bust 34f
be nice, long, and maybe
even a little painful and pleasurable at the same time."Brad took off his bathrobe to reveal he was completely naked. Ewan felt
butterflies in his stomach. Brad was just so lean, full of all this lean
muscle. And it didn't hurt that his cock was huge asian sunrise mp3
as well, and it was
rock hard. Ewan felt the swelling in his pants again. Brad looked over at
him and laughed. "Ewan, you are ready for this. Just take off your
clothes and get over here."Ewan couldn't resist. He took his shirt off 15 yr nude pix and quickly jumped on the bed
on top of Brad. He couldn't wait to kiss those hot lips. He crawled up
the Brad's face and started kissing him. Brad just laughed heartily and
pushed him off. "You don't think that is how things are gonna go down do
you?""Sorry. What's wrong?""Well, for one thing, you have on way too many clothes for me to be
aroused.""Oh, yeah, I was japanese 12yo nude
just so excited.""Yes, I can see that."Ewan looked down at his completely obvious erection and laughed. Brad
laughed as well before lunging for Ewan and tugging his pants down. 13 peeing sex
was surprised at Brad's suddenly aggressive behavior but sexy pussy 16 naked it turned him on
so much. He took in a deep breath and sighed as Brad stared at the tight
bikini briefs that were hiding Ewan's glory. Brad started to suck on
Ewan's hardon through his underwear, and Ewan moaned loudly. Ewan reached
down to Brad's head and massaged Brad's recently bleached blonde hair.
Brad, feeling very in the moment, brought his hands up 4chan porn to Ewan's ass and
started squeezing the two cheeks together and apart and back together
again. Ewan gasped when he felt Brad's hands on his ass and gasped again
when Brad suddenly pulled down 16yr girl fuckpics the bikini briefs. Ewan's glorious cock
flipped out of his underwear and slapped Brad in the face.Both Ewan and Brad giggled to themselves before Brad slowly started
sucking just the tip of Ewan's almost 18 nude tgp 12 pre russia cock. Ewan moaned in ecstasy. This is what
he had been wanting for such a long time. Brad's mouth felt so good
around his raging hardon. He pushed at Brad's head for it to go deeper
down the long hard fubar62 forum shaft. Brad started moaning because it was such a hot
feeling to facefuck Ewan. Then Ewan started thrusting in and bleach epsidoe 65 dubbed out of
Brad's mouth. He started feeling completely aroused. boy 14 nude
He felt the cum
inside him start to move and start traveling toward the outside of his
body. He sighed and moaned loudly. "Brad I'm gonna fucking cum!"At that Brad looked up at Ewan and stopped sucking his cock. He stood up
and gazed at Ewan. "Well, we don't want that, do we?""We don't?""Hell no! Man, we're just getting started! Now, you wanna see what your
cock tastes like?"Brad pulled Ewan in and they started making out. Ewan had never felt so
wonderful and in heaven than he did right now, not even when he was with
his wife. Just to taste Brad's lips and his own cock at the same time was
a wonderful feeling. As they continued to make out, Ewan pushed them onto
the bed. Then Brad stopped him."Ok, man, you're gonna cum pretty soon. I can tell.""Yeah I 16sex picture know, this feels wonderful, Brad.""But 3gp boobs download I want you to cum in my ass Ewan."Ewan just smiled at Brad. Brad smiled back and lifted his legs in the
air, exposing his trimmed ass download free mp4 porn
and loose asshole. "Stick club 82 vintage it in me, Ewan."Ewan edged up nasty creampie girls h-1
close to Brad and 18tube porn held on to his legs. As he slowly stuck
his long hard cock up Brad's ass, Brad leaned his head back and moaned in
pleasure. "Oh, 3 glasses porn thread fuck yeah, Ewan, that's it. That 16yo erotic feels fucking nice."Then Ewan had a sudden dirty thought. He pushed 18 pee girl his cock all the way up
Brad's ass, and Brad screamed loudly. "Oh my god!" 4chan chubby
Brad gasped and looked
down at Ewan, who was smiling evilly at him. "Ewan, yeah! gays under 14 Oh fuck chinese porn 3gp yeah!
Fuck me, Ewan! That feels so fucking fabulous!""You like that, Brad? You like my cock up your filthy ass?""Oh yeah, I love it Ewan, fuck me harder!"Ewan began pounding his cock up Brad's ass. Brad winced in pain, and even
Ewan was 70s tits showing signs of discomfort, but 13yo girl naked both of them were having a
fantastic time. "I'm gonna fucking cum, Brad.""I know, Ewan. You better cum. you better cum inside 13yo non nude pics
my ass.""I will. I'll cum all over your ass, Brad. You're gonna have an assfull
of cum."As Ewan pounded harder and faster and even harder, Brad just lay there in
total ecstasy. They were now both moaning very loudly as Ewan was coming
up to the finish. Then, with a very loud scream, Ewan shot a 57 bathroom vanity huge load up
Brad's ass. Brad gasped at the power of the orgasm and couldn't contain
it any longer. He shot a huge load that went all over the place,
including Ewan's body. Ewan closed his eyes and chuckled to himself as he
slowly slid out of Brad's ass. Brad laughed as he pulled Ewan down toward
him and began to lick all the cum off of Ewan's body.Once they were completely finished, Brad pulled Ewan down and the two
stars lay next to each other. 14 yr porn movies Ewan 60 s swinger photo draped his arms around Brad and hugged
him tightly. "That was wonderful, Brad. Thank you so much.""Whatever, I should be thanking you. That fuck was the best I've had in a
long time, and this was your first time.""It sure was.""So that means you're a virgin.""With guys, yeah.""So you're ass would 4 door bottom freezer
be pretty tight, then, huh?"Ewan opened his eyes and looked at Brad. Brad turned to him and gave him
an evil smile.
"Oh, no, Brad. I don't know if pregnant amateur 01
I'm ready for that.""Of course you 14 y-o japanese
are. You just fucked me so I wanna return the favor.""Brad, really, I dunno...""You know you want it."Brad stared deep into Ewan's eyes. Ewan, who was getting 10gb thumb drive
nervous, couldn't stand the look Brad was giving him."C'mon, Brad, 1988 chevrolet celebrity fan give me a break. I just had the best fuck of my life with
the most powerful orgasm ever.""Exactly. More of a reason to keep going.""Brad, I..."Brad shushed Ewan by holding his hand to Ewan's mouth. He ben 10 porn xxx
stared deep
into Ewan's eyes again, and Ewan tried to turn away, but Brad wouldn't
let him. Then Brad went in for another kiss. At first Ewan was annoyed.
He knew Brad was just big anal insertion 09 trying to calm porn 4 phones 2010 swimsuit photography workshop
him deep blue sea 3 down so it wouldn't be so hard
getting into his ass. But then, Ewan realized Brad was gonna get what he
wanted and he was loving how Brad was kissing him, so he just gave in and
allowed Brad to keep going.They made out while lying on 18 porno anime the bed for what seemed like forever. Pretty
soon all Ewan wanted was for Brad to get it over with and 12 y.o. pussy finally give
him the fuck 3 way licking lezzies
of his life. He started to get impatient but also didn't
want the making out to end. It was just so hot; kissing Brad for such amy nude set 3 a
long time. But right then, Brad stopped kissing him. 15 pantie pics He pushed the covers
away and sat on his knees, his cock sticking straight out. "Suck it,
Ewan."Ewan just stared at Brad's amazing hard cock. It was sitting right there,
the thing we had craved for so long. It was right in front of him, hard
as a rock and waiting to 3pic tgp get the juices sucked out of it. Ewan rolled
over onto his stomach and got right in front of Brad's cock. Brad started
massaging Ewan's head and pushed it in towards his cock. Ewan started to
suck it, but just the tip. Brad moaned in so eve angel 21sextury much pleasure, Ewan was such
a good cocksucker, or tipsucker anyway. Ewan looked up to see Brad
hanging his head back; he could tell Brad was really enjoying it. So 13 yr old fucked
started amateur 2u movies to slowly travel down Brad's long hard shaft, taking it in inch
by inch, deeper and deeper. Brad started moaning uncontrollably. He
couldn't help it, Ewan was just so hot.Then Ewan suddenly felt this wonderful sensation. He had officially
deep-throated Brad Pitt's cock. It felt wonderful, and Brad's moans were
getting louder and louder. He even started spewing profanities. "Aww fuck
yeah, Ewan! Fucking suck my fucking cock Oh goddamn it feels so fucking
wonderful, yeah Ewan fuck yeah oh fuck shit it feels fucking magical."
All these words plus the moaning really turned Ewan on. Brad could feel
his precum oozing out of his cock, and Ewan lapped it up like a little
puppy. Then Brad realized it was time to stop."All right, Ewan, it's my turn." Ewan looked up at Brad's face. Brad
smiled down at 2 handed handjob Ewan. "I can't 18-20 nudist movies let you make me cum in your mouth. I've
gotta cum in your ass, Ewan. Then you won't be a virgin anymore.""Well I think I'd be deflowered anyway, but...""Shut the fuck up and get on big natural tit 8 your hands and knees!"Ewan quickly obeyed and got on his hands and knees. He liked that Brad
was suddenly acting so dominant. Then Brad opened a drawer and pulled out
some lube. He rubbed it all over his cock and all over Ewan's ass. "I'm
gonna be nice to you this time Ewan, since non-nude 16 yrs it's your first time, but
don't expect lube anymore after this.""Will you just stick it in there, goddamnit?" Ewan exclaimed. He was so
ready for what was about to happen. He was sure of it.Brad was a little taken aback. No one had ever talked to him like that
before, but he never really fucked anyone anyway. He was usually the one
to get fucked. So having Ewan yell at him like that turned him on even
more."Yeah, you want my cock in your ass, Ewan?""Yes, now fucking stick 4 tube interracial
it in under 16 girls tgp there!""Okay, but it's gonna hurt.""I don't fucking care, Brad, I gotta have that juicy cock in my ass!"Brad just laughed at Ewan, who was almost begging like a dog. So he got
up at Ewan's ass and moved his cheeks apart. He then started to slowly
stick his raging cock up Ewan's ass. Ewan had never felt anything like
that before, and it hurt so badly. "OUCH!" he screamed. "Fuck, Brad; that
hurts!""I told you."Ewan was practically holding his breath as Brad pushed his cock in even
further. Ewan could feel his face turning purple. Brad sighed and 1984 vanessa williams penthouse
Ewan on the mega_shok.gif s female rock ass. "Hey! Calm down fucker! Relax! Your ass is so tight I
can barely get anything in there!""You mean there's hardly anything in there?""That's right, Ewan. Pretty much just the tip that you sucked so
marvelously.""Oh, fuck, it feels like so much more!""Really?""Yes!""This feels like a lot?""Fuck, yeah, Brad, you don't even tiny pussies 10 know!""Well, how's this?" then he suddenly rammed his whole cock up Ewan's ass.
Ewan screamed in pain, and Brad laughed evilly. "A little small talk can
go a long way, my friend." Tears were forming in Ewan's eyes. It naked 14 yo twinks just
felt so painful and yet so spectacular. He loved the feeling of Brad's
enormous cock up his virgin ass. It was so wonderful and Ewan didn't want
it to end. He felt his ass clinging to Brad's cock. Brad felt this too
and didn't know what to do. He wanted to thrust in and out and in and out
but Ewan's ass wouldn't 3 girls compete cum let him move at all. "Ewan, romans 12 study youth man, you gotta relax,
I can't move my cock."Ewan smiled at this comment and turned around girls nudist 12 to face Brad. "Okay, is
there a problem?""Yeah, my fucking cock is stuck inside your fucking ass!"Ewan realized what he was doing and squeezed Brad's cock even harder.
Brad apcalis 20mg moaned in pain. This wasn't right. He was supposed to be fucking
Ewan; he was supposed to Blink 182 naked be the dominant one. He H0RSE SEX could feel his juices
flowing in his long hard shaft. How on earth was Ewan so in control? He
must be a top; it was the only explanation for the rough ride his ass was
giving Brad. girls tgp 14yo "Oh fuck yeah, Ewan, squeeze my cock even harder, that's it
oh fuck yeah!""Yeah, you fucking like that, 14 girl nudes
Brad?""Fuck, yeah, Ewan! I fucking love what your ass is doing to me!""You wanna cum in my ass, huh, Brad?""Oh yeah, Ewan! I AM gonna cum; I'm gonna fucking cum in your ass!"Both Brad and Ewan screamed as Brad shot an enormous load up Ewan's ass.
It was just so fucking girls under 18
hot and keygen sound forge 7 wet, Ewan loved the way Brad's cum felt that he
sprayed all over the bed. Then Ewan collapsed in his own cum and finally
relaxed. Brad slowly pulled his cock out of Ewan's ass. It was definitely
used and abused and it felt like shit. Brad slowly crawled up 15 yo naked porn
next to
Ewan xxx full deepthroat 3gp
and crawled up next to him. Ewan was unconscious. Then Brad felt his
vision start to get blurry. "Oh no, not again" he thought right before he
fainted next to Ewan.
The End
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