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Related post: Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 11:03:29 -0700
From: Jan '
Subject: Calgary Stampeder (lesbian / adult youth, F/f)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions preteen erotica models of explicit sexual acts between a woman
and young adults. If this type of content offends you
or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending
to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your
own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2008 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to janmay699icqmail.com if you have
suggestions for future stories.
Calgary Stampeder
Jan It was a quiet afternoon at the cosmetics
counter and Michelle was talking with another gal
that young preteen fetish
worked in the lingerie department. She was
telling her all about some man she knew that she was
sure Michelle would enjoy the company of. She could
not tell her fellow employee about her feelings and
wished a customer would come in so she would not
have to respond to her about her matchmaking
proposal. Her fellow employees did not know that she was
a 45-year-old lesbian. Her friends at work knew forbidden preteen ass she
was single and were constantly trying to set her up
with their men friends. To quote them "Oh, I have
just the right guy for you, he is so handsome. You'd
make preteen haircuts pictures the perfect couple!" Michelle would like to gag
when she hears that. She would sometimes like to
say, "Have you got a sweet looking teenaged girl you
could hook me up with?" Their intentions were good
but Michelle had chinese preteen sites
preteen modelagency asian never had any interest in the
opposite sex. They would have been shocked if she
told nude magazine preteen
them that she had no interest in the company of
any male and would rather spend her time emilia preteen between
the legs of a young girl. She had always lived in the Calgary, Alberta,
Canadian area. She had an older brother and they
had not been a particularly religious family. Michelle
had considered herself more of a spiritual person.
She preteen lotitas knew that she was more interested in females
than boys by the time she was nine. When she was twelve-years-old she first kissed
a thirteen-year-old. Her name was Sue and they
fingered and licked each other's pussies. She was
from their neighborhood, but she had a terrible
reputation for being an easy lay with the boys. That
was why Michelle thought she could get some pussy
from her too. When she asked Sue, she led her
behind the bicycle shed at school and lifted russian preteen vanessa
her skirt
and pulled down her panties. The rest was history.
Michelle was hooked on women from then on. She came by her good looks naturally. She was
vain enough to take care of her femme appearance.
She never identified pre teen girlies herself with tomboys or dressed
like one. preteens nudes jpg She preteen site porn always dressed preteen rusian nude like a proper young lady.
When she grew up she always sought out jobs that
required her to dress as sexy as possible. She liked working at the cosmetic counter
because it gave her the opportunity to meet mexican preteen lesbians
girls. She does have a thing for girls between the
ages of 14 and 20 but she had to be careful because
her fellow employees didn't know that she was a
lesbian. Her boss was taiwanese preteen
a very butch dyke that knew
she was gay. Her boss always flirts with her and
tries to hit on her. gay preteen studs Michelle always makes it clear to
her boss that she is not attracted to butch women or
any women close to her own age. She was relieved when a very attractive young
woman approached the cosmetic counter. Her friend
had to return to the lingerie department preteen boy photos
and allow
her to wait on her customer. She always engages
them in conversations to find out their free preteen suck preferences
in perfumes and holds their hands while she sprays
their wrists and arms with the fragrances in the
sample preteen sex thumb bottles. She preteen toes is very subtle in the way she
flirts with the sexy teenagers. Only the very astute
ones would recognize that she was hitting on them. Michelle does have a friend named Monique that
she visits regularly. She is 30-years old and a single
mom and straight. That's her problem. They are
good enough friends that she doesn't care if Michelle
is gay. She knows that she is too old for Michelle
even if she were gay. She knows that Michelle
prefers sexy young girls. She is okay with that. She
says, "You love what preteen asian whore
you love and that's that." She is
so right. Monique was going out for the evening, with preteen pic sexy her
straight crowd of friends and had arranged for a
babysitter. The two women were sitting at the dining
table sipping coffee when the girl arrived. When
they heard the knock at the door, Michelle asked who
that was. Monique told preteen nude files her that it must be Candice,
her babysitter. Knowing Michelle's taste in sexy
teenagers, she said, "You can see for yourself if she
is cute or not." When Monique returned with the mousy blond
haired girl, Michelle was struck by the beauty of the
girl. leggy preteen Monique introduced Candice preteen boy drawings to Michelle.
Candice said, "Hi," with youthful exuberance.
Michelle responded with her own, 'Hi," that was
almost stuttered as she reached for her hand to
shake it. She brought her hand to her lips so that
she could kiss the back of her hand. When she
smelled the flesh, it smelled of clean soap. modeling paysites preteen Monique could sense Michelle's attraction to the
girl. She gave Michelle one of her looks that
convinced her she knew what was on Michelle's mind. Michelle had to ask, "How old are you, my dear?" Candice said, "I'm 18." Michelle thought perfect. She checked her out
from head to toe. She was at least five-foot six, 115
pounds. The gorgeous face had come-to-bed blue
eyes and with perfectly full cupids bow preteen nudes galery
lips. She was
wearing a sexy short skirt that showed off her tight
bum. It would have been easy to run her hand
between her legs and feel her up. Her tight T-shirt
showed off her firm breasts beautifully. It was
obvious that she did not have a bra on. The nipples
were plainly preteen supermodel pictures visible through the material. Michelle's thoughts were interrupted by
Monique young preteen vids
saying, "Michelle, I should be going soon. I
don't want to be late for my dinner date, my friend.
You should be going too." Michelle was thinking that she wanted to hairless petite preteen stay
there with Candice. Her thoughts were interrupted.
"Oh...Okay then!" she said preteen topless art with a sound of
disappointment in her voice. Monique could tell just
how disappointed she was at having to leave. Thinking
fast, Michelle deliberately left behind her purse,
accidentally on purpose, that was a perfect excuse
for her to come back later. Michelle drove around the block long enough to
be sure that the baby would have been fed and put to
bed. streaming preteen porn
Monique had been gone for three hours by 8
p.m. when Michelle knocked at the door. She was
hoping that Candice would be alone amusing herself.
She wondered if she was watching television. She
knew that Monique would be out until well after 2
a.m., that would give her several hours to be with
Candice. She was fantasying about seducing the girl
and making love to her on the couch. When Candice came to the door she said, "Hi" Candice said, "You left your purse here didn't
you." "Yes, I did. I had to run a few errands and did
not miss preteen anime video
my purse until I had to purchase something
and realized I had left it here." She followed Candice into the living room and
quietly asked, "Is the baby asleep?" "Yes, she is down and I can hopefully relax the
rest of the angel ukraine preteen evening." She replied. Michelle was not thinking about relaxing of
course. 'Do you mind if I hang out here with you?" Candice said, "I don't have any plans. If you
would like too, that is fine." Michelle was thrilled she had gotten her foot in
the door. Now she was going to set about sweet
talking her out of her panties. If she did succeed
she would be in heaven. When Candice sat down on the couch Michelle
sat down next to her, art photo preteen not too close of course. She
did not want to give away her intentions to Candice
too quickly. She asked, "So, do you have a
boyfriend?" "No, not at the moment, I was dating a guy,
Tony, and I caught him cheating on me." She started
crying a little. As the tears welled up and trickled
down her cheeks, Michelle felt sorry for her. She
wanted to console her so she said, "Men! They just
want a girl for one thing. They don't know what love
really is!" She took a tissue from her purse and
wiped a tear from her cheek. She pulled the girl
close and made her preteen sandra nude rest her head on her shoulder. That was right where she wanted the girl's
head. She felt her own pussy tingle just holding the
girl. "Never mind baby, everything will be fine." "I hope so." She said. Michelle had to say, "You are so, so beautiful."
She regretted saying it preteen horny model as soon as she said it because
she feared tipping her hand too soon. pre teen voyers She continued
stroking her beautiful long hair. Her hair smelled preteenblowjob
a delicately scented shampoo. Her perfume was
intoxicating to Michelle. Just being in the company
of the kind of girl that she was attracted to, was
enough to make her feel the familiar wetness
between her legs. Her fear was that the smell would
be preteen toes galleries so strong preteen top 101 that Candice would smell her juices. Michelle turned her face towards hers african preteen naturists
and said
in a whisper, "You are so sexy, so sweet and sexy." She leaned forward to kiss her sweetly on the
lips. Candice pulled away, saying, "What are you
doing?" Michelle said, "Don't be shy, sweetie, I just
want to kiss you. Haven't you ever been kissed by
another preteen yoda sanchez woman before?" "No!" She said. Michelle said in a low voice, "Just relax, baby.
Everything will be just fine." This time their lips met. Michelle slowly pushed
her tongue into the sweet young mouth Candice
cautiously returned her kiss. Michelle grew bolder
and held her tighter as they sexy candid preteen
continued to kiss. She
felt teensex preteen Candice's body relax a little in her arms. Her
tongue was deeper into the girl's mouth. Candice was
returning the kiss by running her tongue over
Michelle's. preteens model russian
It was an intense moment that neither
wanted to end. They just sat there necking like a couple of
school girls until Candice came up for air and pulled
away. "Are you all right?" Michelle asked. Candice looked down as she said, "Yes, I'm okay." Michelle panted as she said, "I want to preteens asians nude make
love to you, baby." She placed her hand topless preteen free
on her tight
T-shirt and felt the firm tit. She confessed, "I'm so
wet for you!" Candice didn't reply, which Michelle accepted as
acceptance of her love. She kissed her again on the
lips. Then she ran her tongue around her sweet neck
and then 3d preteen animation back to her lips. Both of her hands were
busy feeling the delicious tits. The swelling chest of
the girl heaved as she breathed and she let out a
sigh. Michelle asked, "Can we take off your T-shirt?
I want to suck on your naked flesh." preteen boy pix Candice whispered as if she were afraid to say
it, "Yes! Michelle." Candice sat up and blog nude preteens pulled her T-shirt up and
over her head with Michelle's help. Michelle hungrily
ate and slurped away on the firm, perky luscious tits.
She pulled at the nipples between her teeth. Candice
sighed with pleasure. That was enough to make
Michelle's panties soaking wet. She continued sucking
away free preteen tiny on the tits while her hands began wandering
down her body to her legs. She stroked both of them
as she worked her hands under the skirt. Her fingers
gently felt her panties. They were moist and warm.
She grew bold and preteen lol blog slipped her hand preteen photos illegal inside the
waistband of preteen photo images
her panties. She feared that Candice
would stop her at amateur preteens sex any moment. Would she allow her
to go all of the way? Candice opened her legs slightly
as Michelle pushed her hand into the panties. Michelle whispered, "Just let me feel you, love." Candice's legs opened a bit more as the hand
was inserted inside the panties. Michelle could feel
the soft pussy hairs that were getting wet from
sweat as much as from pussy juice. nn guide preteens
The fingers
found the lips of her labia and she slid one finger in
while her thumb found her clit. She slowly fingered
her while she continued sucking on both of the young
tits. While she continued to stimulate the girl's body
she told her, "Surely you understand by now that only
other females understand the needs of females." gratis preteen gallery
Candice responded, "You think so, don't you?" "Yes, baby, yes! I'll take care of you if you will
be my girl...will you be my girl?" preteen deluxe models
Candice didn't reply, she was to busy moaning.
Michelle felt that from that moment on Candice was
her girl, her sweet sexy young fuck. The girl came all
over her fingers. As the afterglow overtook her,
they kissed and kissed some more. Michelle's pussy was dripping by that time. It
was dying to be touched and licked by her. She knew
that she needed deflowered preteen movies to play gothic preteen slut with her some more. She had
to teach her that there was nothing wrong with
tasting another girl's body before she would hopefully
return her lovemaking. She took her time getting down on her preteen freedom bbs knees in
front of underground preteen gallery Candice. Candice had to know elegant preteen pics what she was
about to do. She pulled her panties down and took
them off of her. With the girl looking at her she
held the moist panties under her nose and smelled
them as if the fragrance was the finest perfume,
which it was to Michelle. Then she placed her hands
on the girl's creamy thighs and parted them even
farther so that she could press her face against the
girl's pussy. She inhaled her fragrance and tasted
her pussy. It was so sexy to press her face into the
teenager's pussy. The pubic hair was a much darker
brown and surprisingly thick for a girl so young. She
rubbed her face in the hair like a cat does to cover
her face with the scent of the girl. Her experienced
tongue licked the girl to a quick climax. Candice was so sexy while she writhed through a
moaning climax. She was resting her hands on top of
Michelle's head as she lifted her hips up and ground
her pussy candid preteen pusy into the older woman's face. Michelle
stayed on the floor and kept on sucking and licking
the girl as she started having multiple climaxes. By
that time Michelle's panties were so wet she felt
them sag between her legs. She longed preteen nude ls to pull the
girl down secret preteen gallery and force feed her pussy to her but held
back. She sat up and removed her blouse and bra.
Candice sat up as Michelle took preteens models uncensored hold of her hand and
placed it over her left tit. "Feel it, Honey," she
panted. Candice's preteen angel pictures inexperienced hand anal sex preteens fondled the
woman's ample sized breasts. Without preteen models 14 warning she
leaned forward and commenced sucking one of her
nipples. That sent a thrill through Michelle like an
electric shock. She begged, "Bite them!" Candice
was sucking on her tits as she took hold of one of her
hands and put it under her skirt. "Feel me down
there Darling. Feel how wet I am imageboard preteen model for you." Candice cupped her panties with the palm of pedo seks preteen her
hand. She felt just how wet the panties were. She
had to bend over at the waist to continue sucking on
the nipples. Michelle begged, "Honey, please put you hand
inside my panties." preteen nudes porn Candice slipped her hand in the waist of her
panties, causing her to gasp as the girl slipped her
finger inside of her cunt. She stuffed two fingers in
her pussy when commanded. While Michelle gyrated
her hips, around on the hand she experienced a
number of orgasms. She demanded, "Now take off
my panties...OUICKLY!" She lifted her bum off of
the couch to make it easer preteen sluts pix for the teenager. When Candice got them off philippine preteens
she could have rung
them out, they were almost that wet. She was just
dripping her juices all over the carpet. She knew she
would have to clean it up later or Monique would smell
the mess preteen archive porn she had made. For the time being she lay
back and spread her legs. She rested her heels on
the couch preteen model homemade
on either side of Candice. Then she
demanded, "EAT ME! Suck my pussy, Darling. Eat
me...go down on me please." Candice slid off of the couch so that she was
sitting on the floor with her lags spread on either
side of Michelle's body. Michelle's butt was
practically resting on the teenager's breasts. She
hardly had to bend her neck to go down on her first
pussy. She did it as if she was unsure if she would
like the taste. Michelle wiggled her ass around while she
reached up to grab her by the head and pull her face
down into her dark patch of wet pubic hair. She
gasped as the girl's lips surrounded her pussy and the
tongue entered her cunt. She was preteen naturist com arching her back
to move her pussy up higher so the girl didn't have to
bend over so much. It had been awhile since Michelle had managed
to seduce a teenaged babe. She was feeling like she
was in heaven having this teenager sucking on her
pussy. She was crying for her preteens blowjob pic
to preteen angels maxwells tongue her clit. She
was extolling her to continue sucking and licking. She
wanted to cum again and again. She was panting in
her passion. Candice's inexperience at eating the pussy of a
woman was so exciting to Michelle. She could not
stop coming. She instructed her to come around and
sit on her face. When she did they were in a classic
69 position. preteen girl nakedpics
It was thrilling to make each other newsgroups name preteen cum
again. When it was over they lay on the floor next to
each other hugging and kissing each other the rest of
the evening. She was still horny so she had Candice
lie down full length on the couch so that she could
mount her. She lowered her pussy down to the girl's
pussy. She does like tribalism. She ground their
pussies together until they both had another climax. When Michelle figured there was not much
more time before Monique would be returning, she
insisted that preteens 16 porno they get dressed model msp preteen and the room back in
order. She even used a spot remover on the rug to
clean up her pussy juices. She advised Candice to say
she had spilled a little coke and had cleaned it up. It
was an amazing evening. Before Michelle made her exit she gave Candice
her cell phone number. That was the beginning of
their relationship. They started petite preteen tgp dating each other
secretly of course. If anything, every time they get
together the sex gets better. Michelle did confess to Monique that she was
dating Candice. She told her about her coming back
that first evening and seducing Candice. She pleaded
that she could not help herself. She was just too
sexy to pass up. Monique only comment was, "Well, at
least you didn't dresses for preteens leave a stain on my preteen pass board carpet or couch,"
as she laughed. Michelle has introduced Candice to her
collection of dildos. Some are strap-on that she uses
to fuck Candice with. Candice loves them because
they don't go soft and she eventually has so many
climaxes that she collapses anna preteen model in total exhaustion. She
has also learned that preteen candid videos she enjoys fucking Michelle
with them too. Michelle really gets off
experimenting with different positions. Candice is
also preteen images boy turning into a real woman's girl. For now Michelle
is only too happy to devote all of her energies to
educating Candice. She knows that she is not a
monogamous person. Sooner or later she will seduce
another girl. It is just her nature. She hopes that Candice develops preteen young twat
a taste for
other women and girls and not be disappointed when
their relationship moves on. She still keeps an open
eye out for sexy young kds nymphets preteen
girls when they come to her
cosmetic counter. There is also, one of her co-workers, named
Barbra or Barb, that has a teenaged daughter that
drops by to visit her mother at work now and then.
The girl's name is Natalie. When little whores preteen
she sees Natalie she
has a hard time reminding herself that she is faithful
to Candice. The girl is gorgeous. When she drops by to preteens torture
visit, Michelle feels her
legs go weak in the knees. Her heart pounds faster,
not to mention that her panties get wet and her pussy
throbs. She is a 19-year-old with beautiful long
brunette hair and kissable lips. She is a part time
model for models girls preteen catalogs and such. Michelle would even break her rule about
getting too close to anyone at work. She has thought
about asking her for a date. For now she tells
herself that there black preteen cutie is no preteen amatuer lesbian
harm in dreaming. When Candice is out of town with her family
Michelle would visit a couple of clubs in town. One is
called "Detour" that is for gay and lesbians and the
other one is called "Monneypennies" that is
predominantly for women. She has met some young gals there and had
some fun with them. She still prefers the challenge
of seduction of teenagers that may not have
experienced lesbian sex before. That is why she
feels like she is working in the right place. She has
to be discreet of course.I hope you enjoyed the story and have a story you
would like told preteeny video gallery please send your mail to
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