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Related post: Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 12:34:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: MASTER bndmaster13
Subject: I Had No Idea part 34 little fantasy preteen "I Had No Idea" - Part 34
BY - BNDMaster13yahoo.comAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for teenage preteen
enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by bbs preteen galleries any
means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author.
Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author,
BNDMaster13yahoo.com. This story contains descriptions of consensual
sexual contact preteen young photos between adult males. As such it is homoerotic, designed for
the entertainment of mature adults. If you are not little nudepreteen girls
of legal age to read
such material, or if the subject matter would create unresolvable personal
moral dilemmas, please exit now.
I was surprised how few responses I had to the last post regarding
Jose. With as many readers who had asked for it, few actually responded. I
must tell you nn preteenz I felt a little sorry for Jose. It was a hard thing for him
to write and he got so few comments of support, I think he was
disappointed. But then he is a slave and should get used to
disappointments. It's not about what he wants sexy breast preteens but what I want. As for this journal entry we will get back to the trip we took to
Ft. preteen bbs thumbs
Lauderdale. You, the reader, seem to enjoy it when Alex's journal is
full of hot bondage action and not the ones where the mentality of being a
slave is featured. I believe that preteen models usenet we left off during our first day at
Robert's house. I had just worked Alex over royally. I am going to pick up
Alex's legal undressed preteens journal starting from there, however he didn't write about that
evening instead he picked up the next shocking preteen videos
morning. So without further
introductions, let me turn this over to Alex: I awoke to the sun streaming in the high windows on the far side of
Master Robert's playroom. I felt so comfortable. I had been snuggled into
Jose's chest with his arm draped around me. My hands were, as always,
cuffed behind me so I couldn't put my arms preteen chill models around him. But thankfully Rick
had not cuffed Jose's hands so I had been able to lay my head on his
shoulder last night and preteen models underaged have real young preteen him wrap his arm around me to fall asleep. We
were both of course naked. Naked that is except for our chastity devices
that Rick had replaced last night. And I, of course, was wearing my ever
present wrist cuffs. We were laying on the floor in one of preteen girls top
the large
cages. Rick had locked us inside saying he would see us in the morning. I
know Jose had been cold laying on the floor, but his arm around me and his
warm chest under my cheek had helped keep me somewhat warm during the
night. I lay there with my head pressed against Jose listening to his
steady breathing and the quiet beat of his heart. I don't often say this,
but I really love Jose. He has preteen family xxx become someone very special to me. We share
so much. We share Rick to begin with. Then we are brothers in slavery. We
share pain together and we share pleasure. Over the time he has been in our
family I have come to depend on him as much as I depend on preteen models incest Rick. preteen little videos I think I
would be just as lost if I ever lost Jose as I would be if I ever lost
Rick. My eyes caught movement in the cage next to us and I remembered that
the slave had been locked in there by Master Robert the night before. I sat
up quietly so as not to wake up Jose and looked over to see the slave
looking at me. I wished so badly his mouth wasn't always gagged as I would
love to have been able to talk to him and learn girl bbs preteen more about him. But, as I
think I wrote before, I never so much preteens sites as heard him speak a word the whole
time we were there. I never even found out what his name was. The slave
looked at me. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he hurt and was
exhausted from getting little or no sleep all night. Master Robert had made
sure of that last night when he locked the slave away in the cage. First the cage next to us was one of preteen sample the smaller ones. The slave
couldn't even stretch out. He was forced to lay in a curled up position. I
could just imagine that after spending the night like that his leg muscles
must be cramping and need to be stretched out. However, that wasn't the
reason I knew he was hurting. Let me tell you about how Master Robert made
sure the slave would spend a miserable night. He started by locking the
slaves hands behind him. Then he bent the slave over and inserted a metal
butt plug in his ass. From the plug trailed a long wire. Seeing the wire
gave me a pretty good idea what Master Robert had planned. He then placed a
metal cock ring on the slave, again a wire trailed away from it. He then
made the slave crawl into the small cage and curl up so as to fit. Once
inside Master Robert cuffed the slave's feet together. He then reached
through the bars and attached a set of tit clamps to the slaves
nipples. These he pulled outside the cute preteen porn bars and tied off in such away that
they were constantly pulling on the slaves tits. sex toons preteen Next came the tens
unit. Master Robert attached the wires from the butt plug and cock ring to
the machine. Once done with that he told the slave that he was setting it
on a random setting. All night long, at random intervals, it would send
shocks to the slaves cock and to his ass. Master Robert set the time and
intensity at random. preteen c p Then wished the slave a good night and left him like
that. I could tell as preteen fake Jose and I laid there trying to fall asleep every
time the slave got a jolt. Sometimes it was just a quiet groan behind his
gag and other times I knew he was screaming into it. I felt sorry for him
because I could tell he was going to have a long painful night. I was so
thankful though preteen twin pics
it was him and not Jose or I. I will admit I felt just a
little guilty snuggled up all warm to Jose while in the next cage the nude sexy preteens slave
was suffering so much. Just then I heard Jose stirring and I turned my attention back to
him. I looked as his beautiful face that preteen bitch models
looked so happy and content. His
eyes lids fluttered and then opened. He gave me a look of such love then
said, "Good morning nymphet preteen pics Alex. Do you know how much I love you?" I didn't answer. Instead I leaned over him and slowly lowered my head
down until my lips met his. I let my lips part as I pressed them hard
against Jose. He responded by pushing upward and letting his tongue slide
into my mouth. I felt overcome with desire as I lost myself in the caress
of Jose's kiss. His arms came up and around me as he pressed me hard
against him. I could feel the heat of his body under me, the firmness of
his muscles, and the hard tips of his nipples as they pressed into me. I
felt my cock try and respond to the overwhelming need I felt as I continued
to kiss Jose. Of course that was all my cock could do was try and get hard,
locked as it was in it's prison. But knowing Jose's cock was locked away
just like mine made it all right. When Jose finally pulled his lips away
from mine I started kissing my way down his body. I started with his left
ear, kissing and nibbling at his ear lobe. Then I moved down the slope of
his neck, slowly kissing my way down to his chest. I heard Jose's breathing
quicken and I knew I was turning him on. I finally reached his tits and let
my tongue play with them. Taking one then the other into my mouth and
sucking on young slut preteens the hard tips. Jose's hands reached out for me and he started
stroking my hair as if to encourage me to continue. I eventually pried
myself away from his tits and continued down his body. Slowly kissing my
way over the hard planes of his stomach until I reached his imprisoned
cock. It was straining hard at the confines of the cage and a steady stream
of pre-cum leaked from the tip. God how badly I wished Jose wasn't locked
up right now. I wanted, and needed, so much to take his cock into my mouth
and feel it's hardness fill me. Then experience that incredible feeling of
having him cum. But as that was not to be, I contented myself with sucking
his balls. This succeeded in driving Jose even columbian preteen pictures
crazier with desire. Perhaps
this sounds cruel of me to turn Jose on knowing he couldn't cum but it was
what he and I did. We are only allowed to cum when Rick let's us. So if we
want to show our love for each other all we can do is turn one another on
and just enjoy the incredible feelings. Yes, it can make you frustrated
that you can't cum, but then again just enjoying the feelings together can
be pretty awesome. I facial pre teen kept this up until a loud banging on the cage bars scared me shitless
and I quickly pulled away from Jose. We both sat up and realized that Rick
was standing at the bars black preteen pictures looking at us. "So this is what my slaves get up
to when I am not around," Rick said. I could tell by preteen funlumpkins video katia model preteen his voice that he wasn't mad, brazilian preteen galleries in fact he had a most
distinct pleased tone ebony preteen nymphet
to his voice. I had always known that the fact Jose
and I really cared for each other pleased Rick but his tone and actions
that morning convinced me I was right. "I am glad you boys love each
other," Rick continued, "That makes us one big happy family. You slaves can
kiss all you want. After all I have your cocks locked away so you can't do
anything else. You can share each others kisses but your preteen modelling sites
asses and cocks
belong to me. Besides it is so much fun to play you to one against preteen sister nonnude
other. I can make you do almost anything if it keeps the other one from
having to suffer. You two are a Master's greatest treasure." Rick unlocked the cage door and ordered us both out. Once we had come
to attention in front of Rick he checked our chastity cages to make sure
they were on secure then ordered us to use the toilet bucket. Then we were
to go get cleaned up in the small bathroom area off the playroom. Once we
had done all this we returned and again resumed an attention position in
front of Rick. In the preteenmodels ebony mean time Master Robert had come down and was
letting the slave out of the cage. Master Robert got the slave out and then
helped him stand and stretch his cramped legs. The slave looked so
exhausted I was sure he just wanted to curl up right there on the floor and
go to sleep, but instead once he live preteen porn could stand he was at attention waiting
for Master Robert's preteen sexys orders. Master Robert released him from everything but
the gag and ordered him upstairs to fix breakfast for all nude preteen piss
of us. Master
Robert followed him leaving Jose, Rick, and I all alone. Rick walked around us a couple preteens nakked of times inspecting his property. Then
he bbs preteen movie
stopped in front and said, "Well boys what should we do today? Actually
it really doesn't matter what you want to do, does it? So let me tell you
what preteens nud asian
we are doing. This is forum bbs preteen going to be a fun day for all of us. We are
going to the beach. Yes, boys just a normal day at the beach. I am even
going to let you both play and have some fun. But first Alex we need to do
something about your tan lines." What tan lines was Rick talking about? I tanned nude in our backyard, I
had no panty stories preteen tan lines. Rick unlocked my hands from behind me then removed my
cuffs. As he did I realized what tan lines he was talking about. There at
my wrists and ankles were glaring white lines where my cuffs always
were. My cuffs had become such a part of me preteen kds that I never thought of the
fact that I would have tan lines under them. I always wore them, so the
skin under them was never exposed to the sun. Funny, but now that Rick had
pointed this out I felt so naked and vulnerable without my cuffs locked on. Rick had brought some instant tanning spray which he used to hide my
lines. I was amazed at how well it worked. Once I looked good enough for
Rick's standards preteen models derams
it was time for pedoph preteen
Jose and I to get dressed. That, needless
to say, didn't take very long. sandra preteen mode First Rick removed our chastity cages then
handed each of us a speedo, mine was white and Jose's was black. For myself
I had no problem with the idea of wearing such a small bathing suit preteens models blog
to the
beach. I had been on the swim team and was used to it but Jose, I could
tell, was not thrilled with the idea. Jose could be quite modell child preteen modest for a
slave that was kept naked most all the time. But then again that was preteen bbs collection in
front of me and Rick, not out in public. But as Jose knew he had no fisting blacks preteens
rushian preteen nude choice,
he slipped it on. Trust me when I tell you that he looked awesome! They
rode just below his hips and showed his cock and balls in all their
glory. They clung tight to his ass highlighting the beautiful shape of his
cheeks. It made me almost drool, Jose looked so awesome. I always preteen cameltoe tgp thought
he looked great naked but somehow covering him up with just enough to show
off what he had made him look all that better. I knew Rick was pleased as
well when he said, "Nice boys, really gallery free preteens
nice. I am going to enjoy showing you
two off today." preteen boy videos Rick then ordered us upstairs into Master Robert's house. Our breakfast
was waiting for us on two plates sitting on the kitchen floor. Jose and I
dropped down and placing our hands behind our backs proceeded to eat. The
slave had fixed bacon and eggs for all of us. While we, Rick, and Master
Robert ate the slave babyj preteen stood at attention next to the table in case Master
Robert or Rick needed anything. When they had finished the slave cleaned up
their plates, then picked Jose's and mine up. He then starting cleaning the
kitchen and I realized that he still hadn't eaten. Rick had Jose and I wash
our faces then we sat on the floor at Rick's feet while he and Master
Robert discussed Rick's plans for the russian preteens pics day. Finally the slave finished his
work and came to preteens illegal pedo stand as preteens videos next foros preteen to Master Robert, he still had not eaten, at
least that I had seen. Master Robert got up and went to the
refrigerator. He pulled out a container that looked a lot like the stuff I
had been fed hot preteen archives
in the bowl yesterday downstairs. He dumped some of it in a
dog dish and set it on the floor. He snapped his fingers and pointed. The
slave dropped to his knees desire preteen models and crawled over to Master Robert who removed
the gag. Once the gag was out the slave started eating forum preteen nude the slop like nymph preteen it was
filet mignon. Believe me it didn't look very appetizing nor did it smell
very good. I was so thankful I wasn't being made to eat it for
breakfast. Again I felt sorry for the slave. He had cooked bacon and eggs
for us all. Been made to smell that wonderful aroma of bacon, then be
forced to eat whatever it was Master Robert was nymphets ukrainian preteens
giving him. I was so
thankful Jose and 10yo preteen boys I had such preteen stories gay a wonderful master like Rick! Rick left us kneeling on the floor while he went into his bedroom to
get dressed. When he returned he was wearing a swimsuit and a
t-shirt. Rick's swimsuit of course wasn't a speedo, just a normal suit. He
still looked awesome in it, but he definitely wasn't showing near as much
as Jose and I were. Rick had a large duffle bag in his hand which he handed
to Jose to carry. He then ordered us downstairs to the garage were we got
settled into the car Master Robert was letting Rick use. It was a small
little sports car that looked like it would be fun to drive. Rick had me
get in the passengers seat and made Jose climb in the back. Rick started
the car and we were off to what amazingly was just a fun day at the beach. I had assumed that Rick would have some devilishly torturous thing
planned for Jose and I but he didn't. We actually spent the day like three
normal guys at the beach. Well sort of normal anyway. Jose and I were
wearing skimpy bathing suits and sporting rings free busty preteens in our tits, but for us
that was about as normal as it gets. Rick even took us to a late lunch at a
real restaurant. In his bag he had brought shirts for us to put on so we
could get in. We sat on the outside patio preteen flower girl and ate like normal people. For
me this was the strangest preteen dad
part preteen pics hc of the entire day. I had not been to a
restaurant for little black preteens a very long time. But what amazed me was that as much fun as
I had, all I really wanted was for the day to end so I could go home pre teen costumes
have Rick lock me back pussy kid preteen up. I literally found myself craving the feel of my
cuffs locked on my fucked preteen girls wrists. preteen petite movies
At one point after lunch we were sitting under the shade of an awning
and I had fallen asleep. I remember my dream vividly even preteen nude videos
now. When I woke
up I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. What incest preteen xxx was I dreaming about and
why do I bring it up? Well it has preteen boys
to do with just how much I crave being in
bondage and just how strange it was for me to spend an entire day totally
free. In my dream Rick had bound me in our most stringent arm binder. The
one that when pulled tight it feels like my arms are being pulled out of
their sockets. In addition he had my legs strapped tightly
together. Cinched to the point that it actually hurt. He had a huge plug
wedged up my ass and the most severe binding on my cock imaginable. He had
incredibly painful clamps on my tits and was standing over me yanking the
chain for all he was worth. preteen nudes 13
In my dream I could feel every muscle ache from
the stain of the bondage. There was no imaginable preteens by sex comfortable position I
could get in my lola preteen just a constant montage of intense mind numbing pain. preteen picturies I
remember though, despite the pain, how hard my cock was and how
overwhelmingly happy I was. But what really stands out the most was that in
my dream I was praying that Rick would never release me. I wanted to stay
just like that, lost between intense pain and happiness forever. Then I
woke up and as I said I wanted to cry over losing that feeling. To go, in
that blink of an eye, from being so tightly bound and so happy to being
totally free and feeling so miserable. preteen nude rape
Miserable, because at that moment
all I wanted was to go home as fast as possible and have Rick tie me up,
just like in my dream, and never let me go! After that the day lost it's joy. We did things that should have been
fun, but my heart just wasn't it. europes preteens nudes
All I really wanted was the day to be
over so we could go home. When we finally got home the first thing I did
was beg Rick to lock my cuffs back on me. Needless to say he happily
obliged. It was just weird, as excited as I had been for this trip and the
chance to be a normal person, I nude preteens tgp realized that my normal was being tied up
as Rick's slave. As he locked my cuffs back on I felt so happy. Then as he
pulled my hands behind me and I heard that wonderful noise of the lock
snapping closed I finally lost it. I started crying illegal preteens sluts
because it just felt so
right. Rick pulled me into his arms and held me as I cried into his
shoulder. This was the way it should be, his arms around me holding me. My
arms lock securely behind my preteen daddy girl back were they belonged. I know I tend to stop Alex at places where you, the reader, usually
want big breasted preteens more. But isn't that the point? Always leave the person desperate for
more so they will keep coming back. To me this entry means a lot. I love
how Alex naughty preteen movies has grown as my slave and what I am turning him into. preteen agers model I want to add a little side note here. Someone japanese preteen supermodels asked how Jose's
modeling is going. It is going great. However, he is starting college this
year. But will continue to model. I for one kind of like the nymphets preteen preteen extra money it
generates. Jose gets paid quite well and of course since he jpg preteen directory belongs to me
his income is my income. As always if you have any thoughts or comments
PLEASE send them along. I am learning that Alex has quite a large following
out there. God, if I could have preteen dirty pantys a dollar for everyone who reads this
account it would pay for Alex's college.
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