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Related post: Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 19:11:05 -0500
From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 14 of First SeasonWelcome to my latest post of First Season. As of now there are 18 chapters
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nothing else give us a look. There are open forums for everyone to read and
the rest is there to view if you care to join. Thanks and enjoy First
Season... Dwedno.Chapter 14. Things get worse before they get better.
I put Nick on my bed for now and went in to the still warm bathroom and
started the water. I returned to my bedroom and stripped down to my boxer
and then Nick got up and I held him while he slid off his girdle and
stepped out of lolicon little innocent hardcore
it. The front of his underwear was soaked and stained."Wow that's some mess you got there." I said with a smile."Yeah I know I wonder how it happened."We both giggled."Come one lets get you in the shower.""And you too?""Yes and me too."I helped him into the bathroom and then he looked at me."Take them off for me please JR."He put his hand on my back as I bent over to steady himself and I yanked on
them once and down they fell to the floor. He still seemed to be a little
hard but it didn't show through the underwear. After he stood up I grabbed
mine and pulled them off. He looked at me and I too was semi-hard from all
the fun I had downstairs. Since I did little to myself after that I still
had a partial erection."Come on stop looking at my hardness and let's get you in the shower.""Why I like looking at your big thing.""You better be careful mister or one day it might bite you right between
your butt cheeks.""Mmmmm I might like that." He said to me with a sly look on his face."I will remember you said that later as loli child pedo I slide a finger in there."I grabbed him and he lifted his sore leg over the side of the tub and I
held him as he put a little weight on it and loli art magic bbs
followed with his good one. He
held the wall and slid under the water to get wet while loli preteen models
I climbed in after
him and pulled the curtain shut. As he got wet I grabbed the wash cloth and
soaped it up."Okay cutie I am going to move the water hose and wash your back.""Sure."I started to wash his back and then I did his neck and moved down to just
above his ass. Then I went up and did his left side and he giggled and then
his right up to his pits. He was very ticklish it seemed. His pit hair was
just starting to develop too."Okay turn around.""What about hentai lolicon film my butt and legs?""After I do your front."He held the wall for support again and turned to face me. As expected he
was standing straight out at attention. I looked at it and then up into his
eyes."That why you didn't want to turn around?""Hell no that doesn't bother me at all anymore.""All I can say it damn it doesn't take much for you to get hard!"I started washing his neck and then did his chest and down to his belly. He
giggled as I ran the cloth over his belly and tickled him once again."Shall I lolitta watersport go lower now?""PLEASE!!"I took the soapy cloth and ran it down his belly and over his fine patch of
pubic hair and then over his jutting out member. I went past it and down
under to wash his balls. He jumped a little as I ran the cloth sex lolit porn over
them. It must have tickled or been a bit rough. I then took the cloth and
wrapped it around his hard tool and stroked it clean about five or six
times."Yeah you can do that all you want to it really feels great with the soap!"I then went down and washed his balls and I must have caught him right
because he stood up on his toes from the touch almost trying to get away
from the cloth."Feel weird?""Yeah almost like you are tickling them. Really weird."I spent a little extra time on them just to tease the piss out of him and
finally he reached down and pushed my hand away."You have to stop I can't take that anymore it's just too weird.""Okay I will. Turn around I am going to wash your butt squeaky clean so be
ready.""I am I promise. That doesn't tickle nearly as much.""Now I am going to wash you very clean so if I go too far you let me know.""Only if it hurts otherwise I family loli sex totally trust you JR."I leaned in and kissed his ass."Now you can tell everyone your coach kissed your ass one time."He laughed."Yeah right I can hear them now."I laughed."Try and spread your legs a little bit for me."Without saying anything he moved a leg out some."How you feeling? Any pain?""Just a little but not as bad as it was.""Great, I am glad." I said.I took the wash cloth pushed it through his legs to his balls and he jumped
again."JR!" he sounded mad."Sorry it slipped.""Yeah right..." he scoffed.I went back and pulled his cheeks apart and slid the cloth in and went up
and down his butt crack several times. He was quiet now. I had plenty of
lather in there now so I dropped the wash cloth and went in with my fingers
and started to rub up and down nice and slow. After a few passes I asked if
he was ready and he said yes. I took a very soapy finger and gently and
slowly slid the tip in up to my nail."How's that?""Weird but loli nu porn
okay.""Good."I pushed farther and I was in up to a knuckle."Now?""Still okay.""Shall I go farther?""Sure it doesn't hurt." I pushed again and I was about three quarters of my index finger into him."Wow." He said"Wow what?""Its starting to feel just weird not hurt but really different.""Really then how does this feel?"I wiggled my finger back and forth."Ahhhhh!" he yelled out in a low tone as he moved forward a bit trying to
get away from me..He scared me and I stopped immediately pulling out of him."What's wrong?""Nothing... honest... it just felt really strange but in a good way.""Then watch what you say you scared the crap out of me.""Sorry.""Okay I am going back in all the way this time.""Okay JR."I pushed again and this time my entire finger was in all the way."Okay I am all the way in I am going to do a few things. If it hurts tell
me.""I will."I started to pull out and push in slowly and then a little faster."JR you are making my dick hard. I am not even touching it and whatever you
are touching inside me is making some kind of pressure on something inside
me and it feels good and it's making me grow really hard again.""That's called your prostrate sweetie. I can explain it later but just know
for now that any pressure on it the right way can make you cum sometimes
without even touching yourself.""Wow can you do that to me?""I can try but sometimes it takes a lot of pushing and poking back here to
make it happen.""Oh... well if you wanna try its okay like I said I trust you and I know
you won't hurt me on purpose. Besides as weird as it feels loli pd kds fun it kinda feels
good too."I wonder if I have an anal boy here. Not everyone like it when you poke
around inside them, that's for sure!"Okay I'll try."I was rock hard now too from all the prodding I was doing inside his ass. I
felt like I wanted to cum so badly after getting him to cum before and now
doing this but if I do them I might spoil it for Matt. I hate not knowing
what to do now to myself. Well anyway back to Nick. I started to push my
finger in and out faster and faster but under control."I think you are doing it JR its feeling really good now."Every time I went in I felt around and moved my finger a lot and I think I
had what I lolicon real photo wanted. Then I would pull out and push in again with a little
more wiggle and force. I did this about five times and he spoke out again."You are getting me close JR its starting to make me tingle in my free lolicon sex
again."Again I pushed this time just a bit harder and I reached out and grabbed
his balls and started playing with them."Ahhhhh, that's gonna do it..." he panted to me...As I continued to finger fuck his ass I started squeezing his balls more
and more and I could tell he was losing it now big time. He gasped and let
out a second moan. I positioned myself so I could watch and kept going. He
was almost there... no soap no hand and no touch and he was rock hard. His
cute four plus inches stood straight out like he was about to
erupt. Seconds later with one last push sun bbs loli and a little more tugging on his
balls and he yelped out something I couldn't understand and he began to
squirt out his load for the second time tonight. Two nice streams of cum
flew out into the shower wall. I lolit naked pulled out of his ass and he almost fell
onto me as what seemed like a massive orgasm shook his body. Finally a
third shot of cum came out and then he just dribbled the rest out as he
couldn't quite make a fourth. I was now holding him but loli sex archive only to steady
him. He was totally out of it for a good minute while I waited and steadied
him. Finally he stopped shaking and responded some to regain control of his
balance. Only by guessing I would have to say I loli underage toplist
gave him something he never
had before in his life the way he reacted just now."Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God..." He said it two more times as he looked
at me.I thought something was seriously wrong. He was red as could be in his
cheeks and he looked almost like he was going to faint."JR... that was... impossible to explain... WOW!"He finally smiled."I guess it felt good?" I said with a smart ass tone."Good? I know I haven't been able to cum for long but I swear JR I never
ever felt something so powerful and such an movie loli school teen awesome, awesome feeling. I
swear it took my breath away and I thought my brain was going to explode
out of my head. I was ready to pass out! Whatever you touched up there I
want more. Can you do it again now... no wait I don't free 3d lolicon think I could deal
with that feeling again!!..."He went on and on like he didn't know what was happening. I listened and
watched as his cock got soft but still leaked out a little cum. He was
totally spent."I guess that loli teenie
was special?" I said as I got up from the bottom of sandra board cgi loli
the tub."JR if you never made me feel good again I swear this was the total bomb!
The best I ever felt in my life. WOW!"He hugged the stuffing out of me and pushed his soft cock into my thigh. He
pulled away and his cheeks were still a tad red from the overwhelming
orgasm I just gave him. I can only imagine how good it was. He was holding
me tightly again now."JR that was so awesome my leg doesn't tgp loli doujinshi even hurt now."I laughed."I am sure it will in a bit. Come on cute boy lets get that teenage body
rinsed off nudist young loli
the water is starting to get cold and I still want to wash.""Sure, sorry."He went under the water and rinsed off and then soaped up the wash cloth
and did my back for me. He didn't play with my ass he just washed it
quickly for some reason. I turned and he did my front and my cock was
standing straight out rock hard. He washed it with the cloth a few time and
teased me. I was so close I almost came too."Do you want me to get you off JR?""Thanks but no I want to save it for Matt. Next time bd loli okay?""Sure JR no problem."He was still smiling. He dropped the wash cloth and I rinsed off and then I
told him to make sure the soap was out between his butt or he would be
itchy later. He rinsed again and we both got out just as the water was
getting ice cold. He took a towel and so did I. He was still smiling
nothing could shake that smile off his face right now. Finally we were dry
and out of the shower. I went downstairs and Matt was asleep on the
couch. Damn I bet we won't do anything now I knew I should have cum in
there! Nick headed to bed I didn't want him on his leg anymore so I went
over next to the cuter of my two loves Matt and sat down. As I sat the
couch moved and it stirred his sleep. His mouth opened and closed and then
his eyes opened."Sorry JR I was tired and you guys took loli kid preteen forever I fell asleep.""That's okay love I understand."I leaned in and placed several kisses on his face and even though his eyes
were closed he smiled at me."I love you Matthew."He opened his eyes."I love you too JR."Slowly he sat up and stretched."Will you hold me for a while please?""Sure sport."He leaned on me, I put my arms around him and gave him a gentle squeeze,
and he stayed there. It lasted a while and he fell back to sleep. As much
as I enjoyed it I couldn't stay here all lolicon underground xxx pic night so I had to wake him again."Come on love I need to get in bed.""Carry me up please JR."The things I do... I lifted the heavyweight just enough to get him safely
into my arms."Boy loli pics bbs you lolis pd pics
are getting heavy. Are you getting fat?""No he giggled. I poked at his belly and he started to laugh.""Stop... you are waking me up."I reached down and grabbed his cock through his PJ bottoms. Now his eyes
were open for sure."Okay now you woke me you better make me happy when we get upstairs. You
grabbed it and its getting hard now!"I whispered into his ear..."You stay awake and I will make you cum and moan..."He didn't say anymore. I reached the top step and went into my room and put
him on my bed as gently as I could."Thanks JR."I smiled at him."I have to secure the house I will be back shortly.""Okay preteen image board loli I will try to stay awake."I went and tucked Nicky in and gave him a kiss on his forehead."Thanks JR, nite.""Night love."I put on a night light and turned the overhead off and then I headed down
and locked the house, put the lights off and headed back up. I set my alarm
and got into bed next to my sweet boy."You still awake?""A little bit."Not wanting to disturb him I told him to go to sleep. He didn't say
anything. It was just before 11pm and I knew I wouldn't sleep much
tonight. Damn!!! But lolity preeteen it sure was worth it!"Okay cutie good night."I leaned over and kissed his mop. It smelled like fresh shampoo. He didn't
say anymore and I turned off the light and got under the cover. He rolled
over and reached out for me."Rub me JR, please?"He took my hand and placed it on his belly. I did what I could not to
tickle him and he seemed to be okay loli girl with it. I thought about going lower
but for now this would do. I was teen loli girls bbs tired loli anal and wasn't sure if I wanted another
half hour of sex play or not...right now. I stopped and pulled him tightly
to me and he cuddled into the curve of my body as I lay on my side."That feels so good. I feel safe here." He said to me.I placed several kisses on the back of his head."It might feel safe but I have never felt anything better this close to
me."He giggled a little and it got quiet. My cock softened and we both feel
asleep that way. Almost as fast as I fell asleep the alarm woke me. DAMN! I
thought to myself as lolitta naked pedo
I reached over and turned it off... five freaking am
already!! Matt was still close by but not touching me. I rolled over and
put my feet on the floor trying to shake the cobwebs from my head. Finally
I got up free loli tgp
and stumbled to the door and into the bathroom. I had to
pee. After I flushed I went to look in on Nick. I walked in quietly but he
was awake."You're up pal?""Yeah most of the night... I got a little sleep but my leg is pounding.""Okay I will be right back I am gonna get you some aspirin.""Thanks JR."I went to get it in the bathroom and brought back some water."Sit up love."He sat up, popped the pills into his mouth, and drank them down."Okay look I have to leave soon but let's try this. Lay on your back."He did as I said. I put a pillow under his leg and one under his foot."Try that and see if it helps. If it gets worse I want you to call me at
the firehouse okay?""Sure JR.""Okay I have to get dressed I will look in before I go.""Thanks. I turned to walk away...JR?""Yeah cutie?""I love you, thanks for taking such good care of me and thanks for that
awesome feeling last lolit porn russian children night I can still feel videos de lolicon gratis you doing it."I smiled at him."You're welcome love."I went back in my room and dressed. Matt didn't move an inch. After I
dressed I kissed his forehead and left the room shutting the door behind
me. He was an angel sleeping there. I tried not to use too much light but
he didn't move anyway so we were good. I went over to check on Nick. I went
in just a little and he turned to me."Feel better?""Not really.""Okay well like I said if it still hurts call me. If I have to I will take
you into the hospital and they will x-ray your leg.""Okay I will, I promise. Bye JR.""Bye love."I shut his door too and headed downstairs it was 5:40 and euro teen loli starting to get
light outside as I left the house. It was barely a ten minute drive so I
stopped and got coffee and then headed in. No sooner then I got in the
alarm went off. I got two sips of my coffee and we were out the door
heading to an accident on the highway. We got there and we had a roll over
with entrapment. The other engine company was trying to pry the door open
and we hooked up for the gas that was leaking from the tank. They couldn't
get the door open and the gas was starting to leak seriously. It was
becoming dangerous now. Two of the guys worked on the door as we sprayed a
fog of water on the leaking gas. You could hear the woman inside moan in
pain but we couldn't do much to stabilize her at the moment with so much
danger. Finally after five minutes of prying the door popped. We were just
about to get the Jaws of Life and pry it open with pressure but that was
risky too. We didn't need young loli teenie any sparks right now. They cut her belt and held
her as best as could be after putting a neck brace on her and brought her
out and to the ground a good thirty feet away. We waited for a tow to come
and kept the gas as diluted as possible. Finally a tow showed and pulled
the car back over onto its wheels and that stopped the leak and we were
able to open the highway up on two lanes and stop the five mile backup from
getting any worse. Another forty minutes and we were done and heading back
to the station. We got in and I heated my coffee in the microwave for a bit
and finally got to drink it. We were all sitting and chatting at the
kitchen table. There isn't much to do in the morning before 9am so we just
chatted about the aftermath of the tornado the other day. One of the guys
asked me how Nicky was doing and if he was missing his father so I
explained that to him and the others listened. That made the whole place
totally somber including the captain who was sitting with us for a while
when they heard about the abuse and all. Thankfully an alarm came in for a
lockout and it broke the monotony some. The engine headed out for someone
who couldn't get back into their house over on Sylvan St. We like these
because usually no one is at risk to get hurt. We arrived to a woman
standing outside in a bathrobe and her hair in curlers. She was mad and a
bit frantic and needed to get back into the house and get to work. She went
out to get the paper and apparently the door shut behind her and locked. It
took the guys five minutes to get inside through an open window on the
second floor after she begged us not to break the door down. She thanked 14yo loli us
and we headed back to quarters. When we got back we were there for no more
then ten minutes when the phone rang. lolitta mpeg porn
Someone yelled for me and it was
Matt."JR Nicky is in pain and he said he can't move his knee we need you here
now.""Okay you hang in there I will be there shortly."I hung up the phone and turned around the guys were all looking at me and
the captain asked what was wrong."Capt we need a still alarm at my place Nicky got hurt last night at the
scrimmage and his leg is worse now.""No problem Scott. You and Roberts take the rig and we will call for the
ambulance to meet you at your house.""Thanks Capt."We scrambled to the squad and took off while the captain called for the
ambulance in the background. We were there in five minutes and Matt was at
the door. I went in and Roberts followed me. He is an EMT too but in
training. We rushed upstairs and Nick was in bed and I could see the pain
in his face."I am here Nicky. I checked his leg and it was swollen. Just relax pal we
are going to take you into the hospital."I stabilized his leg with a brace from the truck and we waited on the
ambulance."Matt I want you to go next door and stay at Bastions when we leave okay?""Sure JR no problem."He stayed with is until the ambulance got there and they brought a
stretcher up and secured him into it. The hospital had us start an IV to
ease his pain and by the time we were bringing him down he said he was
feeling better. Bastion and Bonnie was outside the door when we wheeled
him out young fuck loli on the gurney and I quickly told her what was happening."I know JR Bastion told me he got hurt last night I was going to check on
him this morning but by the time I got here you beat me. I'm sorry I had
errands to run.""Forget about it Bonnie its fine Matt had it under control."She smiled at Matt."You did good young man.""Keep him with you for now okay Bonnie I'll call you from the hospital and
let you know what is going on if possible.""Sure JR.""Thanks Bonnie. See you teenie loli fuck under later Bastion."I went with him in the ambulance and called his mom while we were on the
way in. She was a little upset but understood these things happen. When I
told her it wasn't serious she sounded a little better. She was heading in
and would meet us in the hospital. We arrived there quickly and they
wheeled him into ER. I had Roberts call in and tell the captain we will be
back in service as japanese loli girls sex soon as Nick's mom arrived. He said no problem we were
covered, we should take our time. He was a real softie at heart even if he
yelled sometimes. Nancy came over, she was on duty and she saw me and
immediately came over to see what was wrong."Hi JR.""Nancy, hi we seem to be spending a lot of time here lately.""Yes I see what happened?""Football injury from last night. I pedofilia loli didn't think it was serious but he is
still in pain.""Okay we will take good care of him. She looked at Nick and smiled. I
remember teen lolit
you from last week Nick. Sorry you are back again.""Yeah me too. Thanks though.""How's the pain?" I asked."Better now since they put the needle in me.""Good mom is on the way and I will be here till she gets here.""I am glad you are here JR."A doctor came over and gave it a free lolicon movie archive
look. He knew me from being here so often."JR you seem to loli pthc pedo be here a lot lately.""Hi doc, yeah I know."He looked at Nick and the nurse filled him in. He felt his leg carefully
and checked it out."We need an x ray and then we will know more but I honestly think it's just
a bruise right now. No promises until I can see more.""Thanks doc.""You are welcome JR."He moved svens place loli guestbook
on to his next patient I looked at Nancy."It pays to have friends. I said, he came over fast.""Yeah you aren't kidding. Most would have had underage lolicon stories
to wait an hour or more just
for that normally." She said.I smiled at her and looked at Nick. Just then his mom came in. She looked a
bit frantic. She looked at me and then at Nick and went over to hug him."How you feeling baby?""Better now mom. I am glad you are here."She hugged him again.I was going to come and see you today but not here. I would have liked to
visit at JR's house.""Sorry mom.""Oh nonsense, she said I am just glad you are okay.""I am too mom.""Okay sport we are going back in service so my captain doesn't get mad. Mom
will take care of you. I looked at her, and call me later.""Sure I will JR thanks again for taking care of him."I leaned in and gave her a kiss."He has been an absolute angel Margaret I love having him there." I said
quietly into her ear."Thanks JR I need to talk to you about that anyway something has come up
but I don't want loli video 10yo
to talk here so how about after work?""Sure I'll be done at 2pm.""Okay I will be at your place with Nicky then. lolitta porn preteen
Thanks."I waved to Nick and her and walked out with Roberts. We called back in
service and headed back to the station. After backing the squad in it turk loli galleries
already 11:30 and most of the day was over. The engine went out on a brush
fire while we were gone otherwise it was quiet. We were sitting for lunch
now and it sure smelled good. We ate and did some chores around the
station. Around 1pm the phone rang it was Margaret, someone yelled out to
me."Hello, yes hi Margaret. How is he?""He is okay the x ray came back with no break just a bad sprain. I am
taking him out for lunch and then we will see you after two.""Great, thanks for calling I feel better now. See you in a bit.""Okay JR, bye.""Bye.""So he is okay Scott?"I turned and the Captain was there."Yes sir, thanks he is fine it's just a bruise.""I am glad, that boy has gone pre teen loli sex
through way too much to have more problems.""I agree, thanks Capt."I went back to my chores and at 1:30 an alarm came in. We headed to the
truck and started out. Something with a car fire on Essex St., we arrived
but only had to stand by while the engine put the fire out. It wasn't lolicon uncensored adult
and we were back in house by 1:55. The midday shift had arrived and we were
let go after we little bbs loli pics
parked the squad. I said my good byes and I headed directly
home. Matt loli nn bbs had let Margaret and Nicky in and they were watching TV and
waiting for me to get there. He met me at the front door with a hug as I
walked in. Margaret saw and smiled."I went next door for a bit and Bastions mom told me I could come back here
after I promised her I would be okay so I just watched TV.""No problem big guy, you know I trust you. Hey Margaret, Nicky how you
feeling big guy?""Better thanks. The doctor game me some pain pills and said no practice for
a while.""Yeah I already knew that but it never hurts to hear it from the doc."I looked at Margaret she smiled at me."So what's so important you had to come here?""Can we go somewhere so I can talk privately JR?""Sure. You boys stay here we are going outside for a bit.""Yes sir." Matt said."Okay, I really can't go anywhere for now." Nicky said.I went out back on the porch with her. We sat down."What's wrong Margaret?""Well JR I hate to ask but...here goes... I have exhausted everything and
for now the insurance company isn't budging on the claim until they check
things out further. When that bastard killed himself in the house he did
more bad than good so they are really giving me a hard little loli xxx time so I am not
getting a penny for at least another week. I wanted to know if you minded
if Nick stayed here for that time."I smiled."Are you serious? I'm sorry about the problem but I love having him here
sure its fine. We are getting along very well.""I know JR he told me he has never been happier. Thank you so much for all
this. It's been loli tgp imgboard cgi a long time since I saw such a big smile on Nicky's face
and that's even with his leg hurting. So you really are okay with this?""Totally, I bbs lolits love the company and Matt loves having someone alt binaries loli his age around.""Oh speaking of Matt how is Eileen?""I think okay but I haven't had a chance to check today. As of yesterday
she was supposedly improving from the poisoning her body took.""That's good news I hope she is okay. I met her a few times at sporting
events tiny young loli and we got along well. Please send her my best JR when you see her.""Sure I gladly will."Just then the phone rang."Excuse me Margaret, I got up and answered it. Hello this is JR. Toon incest shopping loli Yes... oh
I see, oh no!! Oh this is horrible... okay thanks for calling I will tell
him Mary. Yes we lolii nude will be over as soon as we can. Yes at the
hospital. Sure... I understand. I will tell him. Yes. Bye,"I hung up the phone and walked over to Margaret."What's wrong dear? She said to me. You look like someone just died."I looked at her. She read my mind."Please tell me that what I said isn't true...""I wish I could. That was Mary, Matt's aunt. Something went horribly bad
and Eileen died an hour ago."A tear ran down my cheek brazilian lolis and I looked at her and she was extremely upset."How am I going to tell Matt Margaret? How?""I don't know JR but you are strong I know you can handle it."I was at a loss for words but this had to be done now."Margaret I am going to bring him out here will you go in with Nicky?""Of course dear. I will be here if you need me.""Thanks I just might need you."I wiped the tears from my face as did she too and I went inside. Nicky
looked at me and saw something was wrong immediately. Matt has gone
upstairs to the bathroom and I had to wait."What's wrong JR?" he said."Matt's mom died an hour ago."He immediate started sobbing. His mom went over and sat next to him trying
to comfort him."I am gonna go upstairs and tell him there.""Sure JR do what you have to. We will be here for you."She held Nick and consoled him as I turned to go upstairs. By the time I
hit the top step Matt was there and he heard the crying downstairs."What happened? When I left everything was okay."I looked at him."Come with me bud."I put my arm around him and we walked into my bedroom and I shut the door."JR you are scaring me what happened?"I went password adult site loli over lolicon mpg free
and sat next to him on the bed."Sweetie while you were in the bathroom your Aunt Mary called.""Really? Is my mom okay?""No honey I am porno lolits 18 afraid she called to tell me that your momma passed away a
little while ago.""NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!""Please??? PLEASE JR... Tell me you are teasing me! Tell me you are
lying... tell me she is okay... please??""NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"He buried his head into my chest and began crying uncontrollably. I too was
crying as I held him. I just let him go and he didn't do anything more than
whale russian lolitta and cry for a good five minutes. I just held him tightly and tried to
do whatever I could to console him. He was shaking horribly as I squeezed
him to me, he wrapped his arms around me and cried some more. After a loli sites
fifteen minutes I finally got him somewhat under control. He finally pulled
away from me and I handed him some tissues. He wiped his face."What happened? You said it wasn't a bad operation and when I talked to her
she was okay yesterday. What happened?""I don't know sweetie, I just don't know. We can go to the hospital and see
her if you want.""NO! Ummm okay... No I can't. I don't want to... I don't know what to
do!!!" he started crying again and again I held him tight and let him get
it out of his system."I felt like I wanted to die. So many things and questions crossed my
mind. Who was going to care for him now? Would Mary want him back, would
his father come back? What am I going to do if his father wants him now
that she is dead? I was flooded with emotions and questions I couldn't
answer myself. Finally he stopped crying, got up and went into the bathroom
to be alone for a bit. I wiped my face and headed down to Margaret and
Nicky. She came over and gave me a hug and Nick waved me over and gave me
one too. They had both been crying I could see it in their eyes. About five
minutes later Matt came downstairs and he seemed better until he saw
Margaret and then he just let loose again and ran to me and held me
tightly. I carried him to the couch and sat down and loli ilegal gallery
held him. This wasn't
going to be easy at all. Nicky was at the other end of the couch japan loli site and trying
his best not to cry for his friend and I was trying my best to calm him
down some. After a minute he broke away from me and sat up."I'm okay... I have to be okay for my brother and sister... he sniffed back
tears and looked at me. Can we go to the hospital and see her JR?""Sure we can pal. Sure we can."I looked at Margaret and didn't know what shy loli illegal
I was going to do with my couch
ridden boy over there."Look JR I have nothing to do for the next few hours. I'll call my sister
and tell her what happened and stay here with Nick.""That's great, thank so much.""It's fine JR. I should be the one thanking you. Go take that sweet boy to
see him momma and we'll be okay here till you get back.""Thanks, come one Matt lets go."It was just after 3pm when we reached the hospital. We went inside and I
found Nancy. She was still working and I told her what was happening and
she already knew. We followed her upstairs after she got permission for us
to see his mom's body."I am going to leave you here JR. Eileen is inside and you can stay as long
as you want. By the way Mary left about twenty minutes ago. She didn't seem
very happy.""I am sure, thanks Nancy thanks for everything."She walked away and I went to go inside by Eileen. Matt grabbed me and
pulled me back."I'm loli thumbnail tgp
scared JR... really scared big time. I don't wanna see mamma this way
but I know I have to. Will you hold me; I mean be close to me?""Of child loli course love, I will be right next to you.""Okay then lets do this."I opened the door and we walked in slowly and cautiously. She was still in
the bed that we saw her in last time but alone this time. It was deadly
silent in the room as we approached the bed. So far Matt was holding it
together just fine. We walked up to her and he stopped. He looked at her
from about six feet away and he couldn't move any closer. I put my arm
around him and told him it was okay."Come on Matt its okay nothing is going to happen.""No JR...No I can't do it. I want to but I can't. My legs won't let me get
any closer.""That's okay sweetie you can do whatever you want to."I stood there waiting on him but no youn lolit sex matter how hard black kinder loli
he tried he couldn't
take another step towards his mom. After about five minutes he looked at me
and was as white as a ghost."I am ready to go now JR, I have seen enough."With that I took him and put my arm around him and we walked out of the
room and headed down to the truck. The entire time he didn't say much of
anything or cry. I drove all the way home and we got inside. Margaret met
us at the door and tried to smile. It was close to 4pm when we lolicon videos gratis got
back. Matt went directly upstairs to be alone for a bit and I sat down with
Margaret for a little while. Nicky had fallen asleep on the couch which was
probably for the best. About ten minutes after I got home the door bell
rang. I went and opened the door. It was Bastion and Tommy."Hi guys come on in but be quiet Nick is asleep in the living room.""Sure coach..."They walked in quietly and finally Tommy girl loliats spoke up."Coach what's wrong did something happen here it feels like something did.""Yes free lolite sex
I am sorry to say but no one knows yet other then us. Obviously you
know Nick free loli forum bbs is hurt and won't be at practice tonight and neither will I.""Why not coach?" both asked."Because Matt's mom died today and I have to be here with him."Neither boy knew what to say and Bastion looked like he was going to cry."Wow coach we are sorry to hear that." Bastion said porno loli 3d to me."I'm going home to tell my mom.""Okay pal you do that.""Tommy are you staying here lolias pics or going with him?""If its okay I would like to be here for Matt.""Sure pal. He should be down in a bit.""Okay."He went and sat at loli cp first pics the kitchen table not wanting to bother Nicky; he looked
at Nick for a second but didn't do anything else. No sooner did I go to be
with Tommy the doorbell rang again. I went to answer it and it was Bonnie
and Bastion."Hi JR, Bastion just told me what happened. I am so sorry to hear that how
is Matt?""He is upstairs and taking it pretty badly. I am going to check on him in a
few minutes. tgp lolicon Please come in.""Thanks."They went in and Bonnie started talking to Margaret while Bastion went over
by Tommy and sat at the kitchen table too. I went upstairs to find Matt. I
entered my room and he was on the bed half asleep. I sat next to him and
rubbed his belly a little."Hey love... Wake up."He opened his eyes."Hey JR what's up?""Tommy, Bastion, and Bonnie are here to see you they want to tell you how
sorry they are.""Oh okay I guess I have to go downstairs then.""You don't have to do anything you don't want to sweetie but it would be
nice to see your friends.""Okay I'll go."I walked him down and immediately Tommy and Bastion came over to him and
tried their best to do something. It was odd and sweet at the same time
because they were all boys and at best lolis tgp the age where they tried to be macho and
still kids. They patted him on the back and did what they could saying they
were sorry."Thanks guys. I'll be okay eventually." He said strongly.Then he looked at Bonnie. He had known her for a few years with sports and
all. She had driven him home from practices a few times... hell many
times. He went over to her and she hugged him loli under nude
and he finally broke down and
once again began to cry. She held him while he let it out and I felt a
little better knowing he wasn't holding it all inside and bottling it
up. Bastion and Tommy both came over to me and I put my arms around both of
them and gave them a hug. Nicky woke up with all the commotion and saw what
was happening. He wanted to get up but his mom told him to stay put for a
while longer."Its okay sweetie stay put till 5pm like the doctor said then you can get
up some and walk around on the crutches.""Okay mom." He sat still and watched free nude loli from his seat.Finally Bonnie calmed him down some and he broke away from her and wiped
his face."Thanks for coming over Bonnie," he said."Your welcome sweet boy. If you need anything at all you loli littles
just let me
know. I will be here for you I promise.""Thank you Bonnie.""I have to call coach Fergus and tell him what happened. I said. I almost
forgot."I grabbed my cell and went out on the back patio and rang him. I filled him
in on everything and he was sad and upset but he understood he pre lolitta preview wouldn't
have Matt or Nicky tonight. He sent his best and we hung up. I walked back
in and tried to lighten the mood."Is anyone hungry?"That seemed to do it. Both Tommy and Bastion immediately said yes. I looked
at Nick and then Matt."I could eat." Nick said.I looked at Margaret."HE can always eat. She said. You can take him out after five JR the doc
wants him off it for a bit more."I looked at my watch it was 4:30. then I looked at Bastion and Tommy."I would love for both of you to come with us but I am sorry boys you both
have practice in an hour."They both sighed."I almost forgot with everything..." Tommy said,Bonnie got up from her seat."Come top 100 teen lolis on boys lets go back home and I will give you both something quick
and light to eat before practice.""Sorry guys." I said.They both waved and Bonnie went over and gave Matt a kiss and hug before
they left. Margaret got up from her seat."I am gonna go too JR I need lolitta movie to lolit list porn
get preteen non nude loli back to the other brats."That made Nick laugh. I gave her a hug and then she went over to Matt and
gave him one too.""See you all soon." She said and she kissed Nicky and then left.I was real doll loli once again left with Nick and Matt."Okay boys at 5pm instead of practice we will go to dinner."They both agreed. Then my phone rang. It free lolicon incest art
was Mary and she wanted to talk to
Matt. I handed him the phone. He listened and said very little. When he
finally hung up the phone he was upset again."What happened love?""Aunt Mary is being a jerk. She said that tomorrow at 2pm they are going to
have the wake for my mom and she wants me there. She told me to ask you if
you could bring me to her home tonight so she can get me dressed for the
wake.""Well Matt I have to work tomorrow so I can't argue with her but I will be
there for you right after work okay?""Yeah I guess." He said."So tonight free lolicon sample pics
I will bring you over and drop you off at her house. Did she
say any time she wanted you there?""Yes by 8pm and it SUCKS!" he yelled out.I wasn't quite sure but I think he is just mad that he has to go there."Look Matt I know you lolipop model are upset but don't you think your brother and sister
need you right now?"He looked at me. I had him cornered with logic... after all he did love
them."Yeah I suppose dark loli pics you are right. I should be with them now. I am their big
brother and I need to be with them JR.""I know love. You are their BIG brother and I am sure they could use your
help right now understanding what happened to their mom."I gave him a quick hug and we went over and sat down."Let's just relax till 5pm and then we can go have some dinner.""Okay JR." Matt said.We sat next to Nick and watched some cartoons on TV for the next twenty
minutes. I put an arm around both boys and both boys leaned on me while we
watched TV. All was quiet now but I have a feeling some real trouble is
stirring at Mary's house and it's not going to be fun at all.
To be continued...dwednomailhotmail.com
MY website for most chapters: http://dwedno.altervista.org/

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