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Related post: Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 13:02:48 +0000
From: crnhskrfn77comcast.net
Subject: Municpal Pool, part 2If you aren't supposed to read this due to the laws in your area, best jav models then what
are you doing here? I you don't like stories of this type, why would you
click on Nifty in the first place? Hopefully, you will enjoy chapter 2 if
you choose to stay. Oh, and yes, this is all fantasy!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI was looking forward to Jory coming back this afternoon, but in the
meantime I decided I would edit the footage sub teen model
I got the earlier from the
girls locker room. As the camera looked on, and unknown to the 2 girls, 13
year old Cara had vladmodels torrent been feeling up her 11 year old sister Rachel while they
changed to go swimming. preety models
As Rachel had taken her t-shirt off, Cara came up
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nipples were nice and stiff, small though they were. Cara then let her
hands run down Rachel's devansco model v10 smooth torso, big sexy model
sliding her hands inside her younger
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smiling.Cara slid her sister's shorts down, letting them slide to the ground as she
fingered young Rachel's hairless pussy. Turning Rachel around, Cara leaned
over and ran her tongue over the smooth, hairless flesh until sweet japanese models
suddenly they
heard the door to the locker room open, warning them that someone else had
come in. Quickly, Cara released Rachel and they got into their swimming
things, stowed csm child models their clothes in a locker, and headed out to the pool.This had taken place about 3 hours sexy modele earlier, and as I looked out the window
overlooking the pool area, I could see the girls were still there.
Currently they were sitting on a couple of lounge chairs, flirting with a
few boys who had gathered around. On the other side of sandra model net the pool, amateur ebony model I noticed
Jory had arrived, and was just getting ready to cannonball into the pool
next to 10-year-old Drew, intent on model nn news
swamping his young friend.Picking up the phone, I called the front desk and asked studio models boy them to send Cara
and Rachel up to the office when they got ready to leave. That being done,
I sex model children decided to get a little paperwork caught up. Can't let the business part
of this adventure slide!I had just finished best models playmates up with putting a help wanted ad together to run in the
local papers as I needed some additional help for the concession stand when
there was a knock at kiddiee models nude the door. lia model nude Going to the door, I opened teenmodel forums it, and Jory
was standing there, grinning."Hi child model info Jory, come on in bud."Jory came in, saying "Thanks Mike. You said I should come back up and see
you today.""That's right Jory I did. Come over here to nude beach model the couch with me."I led Jory to the couch in the seating area and set him down. tiffiny teen model Kneeling in
front of him, I reached for the waist of alternative model his bathing suit to pull it off of
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my lap, stroking his smooth flesh."Jory, I have an assignment for you.""What do you need me to do Mike.""Today while you are at the pool, I want to go into the locker room at
least 5 or 6 times when you see someone going in. You have to see how many
guys you sexy mature models can get to let you suck them off between the lockers.""But Mike, if I'm not lucky, I could get beat up for asking the wrong guy.""Not if you're careful Jory. Just start peeing next to them, be obvious
about peaking at their cocks, and make sure yours is out there where they
can see it. You will know who might be interested.""Do I have to Mike?""Nope you tiny model pics don't have to do anything. We can just end all of this now, and
I will start e-mailing elmir male model out your fine movies to your folks and everyone you
know.""OK, OK Mike. I'll do it. Just don't send any of this stuff to anyone!""As long as you do as you are told, you nude littlemodels won't have a problem. Now, it
won't be easy for you to need to pee so often, so I am si models going to give you
some slips for free sodas at the snack bar. Drink as much as you can so
you can pee every time you go to the locker room.""Ok Mike. Can I get dressed now?""Yea. Go ahead and get dressed while I get you the comp slips."I gave them to Jory and sent him on his way. I returned to my desk, still
savoring the sweet and salty taste of his cum. I was just checking the
locker room cameras when there was a knock at the door again.I went to the door and opened it and Cara and Rachel were standing there.
They had gotten dressed, and were ready to head home when the front desk
had told them they needed to come up to my office."Hi girls.""Hi Mike. The front desk said we needed to see you before we went home,"
said Cara."Yes, come in girls. Have a seat on the sofa; I wanted to talk to you for
a minute. Do you have time?""Sure, we don't have to be home for a couple of hours. We just decided to
leave a little early pristine teen model because model teen smoking Rachel was getting a little tired. What did
you need to talk to us civil engineering models about?""Well girls, I wanted to show you something that I found a little
disturbing. I am hoping you can explain it to we models little me.""We will if we can," Rachel offered."Good, thanks girls. Hang on just a minute. I need to get something from
my ebony model porn desk." I retrieved the DVD I had usenet teen models burned earlier of them in the locker
room and put it in the player in the sitting room."I'm thinking I should probably show this to your parents girls. girlmodels pre t
Tell me
what you think." With that I hit play on the remote, and their little
locker room scene began to play on the television.A look of horror crossed erin child model
both of their faces as they saw their little
sisterly locker action play out on the TV before them. 12yo girls models
Rachel started
crying right away, but I have to give Cara credit in holding in her
emotions, though she was obviously nervous best lol model
about the thought of their
parents seeing them in action.I let the scene teen amelia model
play as they watched in horror, until it ended with them
quickly dressing and leaving the locker room. "Care to explain our anal models this
girls?"Rachel just kept softly crying, while Cara nervously stuttered, "Well, uh,
um, well.""What do you think your folks are going to do when they see this"?Cara's eyes began to mist over a bit as she said, "They'll probably model beauties beat us
both. Not to mention grounding us for the teens non models
rest of our lives. Please don't
show them Mike.""Yuh, yuh, please bikini fashion models Mike," Rachel sobbed."I'll give you money Mike. I can get some, my Dad keeps money in his
dresser. nonnude kids models How much Mike? I'll get you as much as I can if you don't torimodel show
them.""Thanks, Cara, but I don't want your money. I dean rodgers model don't need your money.""Then what Mike? We'd do anything if you don't show that to them.""Yea Mike, anything," Rachel echoed, her sobs beginning to taper off.Ah, just the words I was waiting to here. The same words Jory had uttered
yesterday that were music to my ears."Please Mike. Really, we'll do anything. If you want us to clean the
toilets or anything.""Well girls, I might be able to let you do some things for me, but I don't
know. If you didn't do exactly as I told you, we'd still have usenet nn models
a problem.
No, I better just e-mail this to your naked lingeriemodels Dad at his office.""NO" both girls chorused."Please Mike. Don't do that please. I told you, we'll do anything.""Yea Mike. Cara is right. We'll do anything you want us to. Just please
don't show Mom and Dad this.""Ok girls. Ok. new child model You'll do everything you are told, right?""Yes! Yes! Anything!""Ok then. But you must obey me in everything I ghild nude models tell you to do, and none of
us say anything to anybody about any of this. Agreed?""Yes Mike. You just tell us what to do. We'll even scrub the floors on
our hands and knees.""Yea, or any other work we have to do.""Well, you might be on your knees at some point, but it won't be scrubbing
floors."Cara vlad pantyhose models kind of looked at me. "What do you mean Mike?""Stand up Cara." She stood and models teen russian
I walked over to her. I reached out and
fondled her romanian bondage model
small breasts through her shirt. Instinctively, she pulled
back, her legs hitting the edge of the sofa, and she amanda shine model
sat down hard."No Mike, not that. Anything else, but...""Well, never mind then. I'll just go start e-mailing this off to your
parents." I turned to head to my desk.Cara jumped up and grabbed my hand. "No, wait." She pulled me back around
and brought my hand up to her breast. "It's ok. I'll let you juliette model touch me if
you don't tell on us.""What about you Rachel?" I asked as I fondled her sister's chest.Showing great wisdom for 11 years, she said "I don't guess we have any
choice, do we?""You are right, my little friend. Now come stand by your sister." Rachel
stood and moved next to her sister. I put a hand to her chest while
continuing to feel up her riccardo gay model
sister. I let my hands slide down both girls
until I was fondling both of them through their thin shorts. I began to
undress the girls.After pulling both of their shirts off, and removing Cara's training bra, I
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arab model girl I leaned back a little so I could look at my two young
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stark naked 11 and 14 year old in front of me."Sit down on the couch girls and spread your legs." They did as they were
told. "Now I want you to play with each other's pussies."They looked at each other, and then littleteen models slowly moved their hands so that they
were rubbing each other's bare slits. Rachel had premodels scholl yet to develop any hair
and had a completely bald twat, while Cara had a fair amount of light downy
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ever tasted you sister's pussy?""No Mike, that's gross.""No honey, it's not. And now you are going to find out. Get down on your
knees in front of your sister and lick her pussy.""No, please Mike. I don't want to do that. Please?""Do it or else Rachel."Rachel began to cry a little, but got down on her knees between her sisters
wide spread legs. Slowly she leaned in and just barely touched her tongue
to her sister's slit.Pulling back, she turned fourier demand model to me and said "Is that good enough?""Not by parametric modeling definition a long shot kiddo. Get back in there, and keep licking until I
tell you to stop."Rachel, her eyes spilling silent tears, leaned back into her sister and
began licking up and down Cara's sweet girl pussy. Cara, for her part,
closed her eyes, and began to get into having toplist nonnude models her sister servicing her
orally.As Rachel continued licking teen model portfolios
up and down, she encountered her sister's clit,
which was beginning to poke out from the stimulation. "Lick that little
button of Cara's for her honey, she'll like that."As Rachel did as she was told, Cara began moaning and squirming around.
Instinctively, she reached down and pulled her sister's rap models nude
head into her pussy
even more. "Oh, shit Rach, little amateur model that feels, uh, oh, shit, uh, that feels so
good."As Rachel was learning little josephine model to eat out her sister, I quickly removed little bambi model my clothes.
The girls were so involved they young 13 model
didn't even notice that I was now as naked
as they were."Ok Rachel, that's enough for now. Sit back up next to your sister. Both
girls noticed me naked for the first time, and both gasped."Do you like what you see girls?""We don't know", said Cara. Chimed Rachel, "Yea, you teen model child
are the first naked
man we ever saw.""Well, that's not really true Rachel. I saw dad naked once in the
bathroom, but he's, well, he's just Dad.""Oh, you saw him naked? Was his thing all hard and stiff like Mikes?""Nah, he was just drying off from his shower, and I left right away before
he saw me.""Oh.""Now girls, I think we have time for a short lesson in blowjobs.""What's that Mike?""Cock sucking honey. Cock sucking.""You mean...""Yes girls." I sat down in the lounge chair and instructed them to come
stand on either side of it."Cara, lean down and lick my cock. Rachel, lean over and lick my balls."
Slowly, 6yo tiny model they both followed instructions, bringing their tender young
tongues into contact with my throbbing prick and aching balls. Fuck, I was
in heaven!As Rachel continued with her assignment, I artistic models cute
instructed Cara how model alexandra sullivan
to take the
head of my cock into her mouth, an how to avoid her teeth scraping my
sensitive cock. I had her use her tongue on my slit, giving her a taste of
my precum. Then I had the girls switch, sending Cara to my balls and
giving Rachel her first cock sucking lesson. Her small mouth was stretched
wide, even though I am not that large. As the girls did as they were told,
and quite japanese bondage model well I might add, I reached over to both girls and fingered their
young, tender pussies.With these two nubile young girls working on my equipment, I was quickly
reaching the point of no return. I had both of them move index young models in front of me on
their knees. I grabbed my rock hard dick and jacked myself to orgasm very
quickly, spraying my baby makers all over the faces glamour models sex
of the two cute girls.After I came teen model sweety down completely from my shattering orgasm, abercrombie male models I game them their
final lesson of the day, having them lick my jism off of each other's
faces, so they could begin to acquire a taste for cum.I dressed each of them, taking seiest bikini model my time to feel their bodies a little more.
They were both a little angel anderson model surprised that I dressed them without models pree females
their cotton
panties. I told them I would keep them for myself for now.I instructed them that if I heard anything about them saying anything to
anyone, that not only would their parents get a copy of their video, but
their principals and teachers would too. They both agreed that nothing
would be said. I told them they were free to go, that I would let them
know when I wanted to see them again.As they headed out the door, I told them "Girls. You can play around in my
locker room anytime you want!" They both blond teen models
grinned sheepishly, turning red,
before heading out the door.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXDear Readers -Thanks for all the models teen lenceria great feedback about chapter 1. Sorry it took so long
to get another chapter out, but time is scarce. Hope you topless tiny models enjoyed it.
Please continue to let me know what you think of the story - contact me at
crnhskrfn77comcast.net. Pics of my readers, or pics to 'inspire' future
chapters always welcome!
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