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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 16:45:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joe Parker
Subject: I Think I'm in Trouble Chapter 22This chapter is dedicated to the amazing Mr. Jacka, slayer of dragons
FELIXWow it's been an amazing morning! My heart feels like it's about to burst
from all the rumanian preteens
emotion of the funeral. What an amazing woman Miss Carol was
and I can't think of anyone more deserving of such a huge send off than
her. I have never experienced something like it in my whole life. I know
I am still just a lil spring chickadee but somehow I don't think it will
matter what age I get to, I won't see anything like today again in my
lifetime. It was a privilege to sing with the glee club. I have really
enjoyed going to music appreciation and jez singing it out with the other
muso's and I wish Jake would do the same. He would be far and away the
best pianist there but y all know what Jake's like. He's like 'No way am I
gonna run with that crowd of weirdos!' - sigh. He didn't think did he
because with that typical Jake style blanket statement he labeled me a
weirdo too, and we ain't even weird! - well not like crazy weird at least.
There are just as many weirdos among the wrestling and football crowd. Big
Hec Johnstone likes to eat paper! I tell you no lies.I was encouraged by our musical director to take more of a lead in the
funeral item we did but I am still new to this town and don't feel
comfortable yet doing somin like a solo or lead performance. For the
moment, I prefer to be with a group of people when performing. I hope Miss
Carol enjoyed our tribute to her. I believe that she was lookin down on us
today and is still watchin over us all from above. I so wish I had more
time to spend with her and get to know her but I'm grateful for what I
have. I wonder if anybody will be all that interested in doing anything
near as special for me when my time comes? I hardly think so but I don't
really wanna think bout that, I got years and years to go before that kind
of stuff will come into the equation. I hope!You see, last night I was approached by Lenore. And with her was Jake,
Mark, Junior and even Elroy.
It wasn't just the usual shootin the breeze kind of conversation either.
They wanted to talk bout Ms. Georgia the principal and Ms. Aimee Lewis.
They looked real concerned. Now it was only yesterday morning that I had
gone through this whole trouble with Jake and although I had buried the
hatchet with him, (in sensational style I might add), here they were - at
it again. I notice that Jake stood at the back and wouldn't look me in the
eye. Something told me that this was real important to celeb preteen sexy him and them so I
made a conscious decision to hear them out. The mere fact that it was all
of them told me that no matter what I thought bout it, they clearly
believed I needed to think on it again. Lenore looked at me carefully
trying to gage how I would respond to what she had to say."Felix we need to talk honey and I can tell that you know what it's about
too." "Yeah this is bout Ms. Aimee and Ms. Georgia and how y all think
they are eeevil." "Do you know why we have concerns about them Felix?"I frown and shake my head coming to the realization that actually I don't.
It alarms me that each time Jake has attempted to broach the subject, I
haven't really wanted to hear him out and so either I haven't listened or I
have walked away."Tell me what y alls concerns are then please?"A great deal of what they subsequently told me had to do with the strange
powers of Miss Carol and the kids and even Lil preteen in nylon Mikey whose name was a
definite surprise to me. Hearing this off the cuff would convince anyone
that these guys are all on some pretty trippin happy pillz but best tits preteen I knew
better. Their story was quite loose and unfounded when you took the
supernatural element out of it and even with that element nude preteen nudost
included, it was
still rather dubious. preteen free galleries Nobody had seen nothing, nobody could prove
nothing.., young preteen naturist they just 'knew'... And now I was supposed to know also.Now I consider myself quite a good lil detective and I like a good spooky,
crazy story just like the next guy but I really am not feelin this
particular tale."Lenore, if this is all so serious why ain't y'all gone to y alls Dad?" I
shrug. She shrugs back"Surely he needs to know what y all suspect?"It's Junior who answers. "Dude we have already spoken to him but he wants
more evidence before he even begins to entertain notions of investigating
those two old witches."I can see he is definitely of the view that gallery nymphets preteen
the ones responsible for nearly
killing Clarke are Ms. Aimee and Ms. Georgia. But it's so hard to believe
that! What would they get out of doing somin like that? What's in it for
them? They both have lucrative careers to protect, preteen de
somin like this would
destroy everything they've worked so hard to have."OK so how bout telling Mr Ryan or someone else?"Utter silence greets that particular question..."Felix all we are asking is that you think long and hard about going off
alone with either of these ladies and watch them carefully for anything
that might be suspicious." Elroy this time.Part of me feels ganged up on yet another part of me is kinda grateful they
have approached me coz it shows that they must care bout me."OK then I promise to be extra careful around those ladies and I do promise
to keep a weather eye on them too just singles preteens panties in case they are up to no-good-nik."
"Thaaaankyou Felix it's all we're askin and you know that we would not tell
you this if we didn't think there was legitimate cause for concern."Mark's pretty blue eyes glow making me feel all warm and fuzzy. He is
really really handsome and has the looks and demeanor of someone who could
sell cast iron trees to a colony of termites. He is the classic boy next
door walking blond fantasy."Yep OK I will listen to you guys but I also have somin I wanna throw in
the pot."It's Jake who answers."What's that Felix?""If and when these ladies prove to be completely innocent, y all are to
admit y alls suspicions to them and then apologize to them." I cross my
arms, determined to make a stand somewhere.
"Baby, if it means saving another persons life, particularly yours, then I
will get down on my knees and kiss their fat lardy asses."The first time he called me baby. I think I failed to notice straight
away. But not this time. My ears turn red though because he said it in
front of the others and the various smirks and smiles make me feel more
than just a lil bit self conscious. I recover myself in time to rebuke
him."Jake don't say bad words like that bout those ladies! We ought to show
some respect""Aight sorry."His dazzling smile demolishes me utterly. But I can still tell he's
anything but sorry. I feel that I should call him out on that too but I
let it go. Good Lord that smile could sell millions of tubes of toothpaste
(which would be right up his alley), why am I so crazy bout him? I have
said it before and I'll say it again. It's so hard to say no to Jake
Maxson, and it's so easy for me to love him. But I am determined to stand
up for what I believe in when we disagree. I will have to choose my
battles but choose them I will. Just pray for me because I am a bee and he
is my honey. My natural instinct is to do whatever it takes to keep him
happy. I hope he feels at least a lil bit the same bout me.So I took my place alongside them and promised to look out for myself and
also keep an eye on them agreeing to let them keep watch over me as well.
Jake still didn't look totally at ease with all the details but what more
could I do? I know that if he had his way he would lock me up here or at
least chain us together 24/7. The way he's staring lasers at me makes it
almost beyond my ability to remain in control of my own mind. Shucks, it
ain't Ms. Aimee and Ms. Georgia I need to be wary of, it's ultraviolet boy
I need to be careful of! It still amazes me that somehow I have
miraculously been able to make him my own.Don't ask me how because I don't really know myself. First he hated me and
beat me up, the maniac! Then he decided he wanted to be friends, and then
more than friends and now look at us! Cousins, enemies, frenemies, friends
and now lovers. He willingly let go of the most amazing and beautiful gal
you could ever meet jez to be with lil ole me! He had to overcome his own
'straightness' (and mine I was straight too remember). If somebody
had told me six months ago that this was what life had in store for me..,
well I wouldn't have quit laughing from then till now. The whole idea
seems so preposterous!But yeah - when preteens naked posing he has that look in his eye it's all I can do not to melt
into him and just be swept away to wherever he wants to take me. There
really is some kind of inherent power that Jake possesses which makes you
wanna just obey him and never question. I ain't lyin. And when he has that
look in his eye, I often find myself givin in and abandoning all of my
previous plans. Please don't get mad at me. I'm brand new to this love
business and how many of you can say you always get your own way?Well actually, I did manage illegal preteen nubiles to get my own way yesterday when I had Jake in
his bedroom! Yes I do use the word 'had' because to my mind I was the one
in control of the situation. Well at least until almost the end when
he... well when he kinda took over. But that was only coz I wanted him to.
Honest! I had made plans to go visit Clarke with him yesterday but after
our morning spat I decided to beg off. I really did need to work on my
project for Ms. Aimee. I could see him considering whether to go bananas
over the situation at the time. His eyes went very dark and for a moment
it was clear he was struggling internally with my decision. He was most
probably fighting the urge to say something horrible about Ms. Aimee or at
least myself for choosing her over Clarke.That's the way Jake would have seen it too. To him it would have been me
picking Ms. Aimee over Clarke and ultimately him. But in fact it was me
choosing a less confrontational situation. Better to stay away from a
surly, upset and already outraged Jake. One thing I know for sure, it's so
hard to deal with Jake when he's got a bee in his bonnet. Best to get some
distance between us and try again later when he's calmer and has had time
to think. Yes I felt bad about Clarke since in a way he was the innocent
victim of mine and Jake's cattiness. And I did feel bad for Jake because I
love him and I hate seeing him sad and upset bout anythang! Especially if
I might be partially the cause of it. I do not consider myself wholly to
blame but I know I could have handled things better for my part. That's
why I went up top and waited in his quarters for his return.I love being in Jake's room. It's the closest I can get to being nubiles preteens lesbian in his
arms without actually being with him. The whole place is air conditioned
and every room in his quarters has those scent dispenser thangs that spray
air freshener out every 30 minutes you know? But my nose can still trace
his distinctive clean fresh masculine scent. His room service goes through
each day tidying up and keeping things in japanese sexy preteen order according to his
specifications. Ooh I have to tell you somin else I have discovered bout
my Jakey!Remember when he first brought me to his room? Well he carried me
actually. I'm embarrassed bringing this up again coz of the reason he
brought me to his quarters (my lil maloletak beam preteens accident in the garden). Well anyway I
remember thinking some unflattering thoughts bout him being some damn lazy
and spoiled rich kid an all. Well I may have mentioned it in passing
previously but here preteens pics forums
is what I discovered one night when I stayed up top.
We were hangin out in his room. It had been a wonderful night of kissing,
touching and stroking. We had spent a good half hour with our hands down
each others pants, our lips languidly locked together before finally
getting them off, and then getting each other off! Anyway afterwards we
both got all showered up and had brushed our teeth (naturally). We had not
long been settled into bed and he began to fidget. I was like,'Oh my goodness Jake whassamatta!?!'He then said he had to go to the bathroom and I was like,'Fine then go on now weird boy!'So off he went and for a while I just channel surfed but twenty minutes
later when he still hadn't returned I started to wonder if he had flushed
himself down the toilet. This place is fully soundproofed so I couldn't
tell what was goin on in there. What I walked in on was somin I wouldn't
have guessed in a million years!There he was, my gorgeous alpha baby wearing a pair of janitors coveralls.
He was down on his all nude preteens
hands and knees scrubbing the Roman tiles of his fully
appointed shower enclosure! Yes that night I discovered that my baby is an
OCD cleaner hee hee! His secret passion is cleaning his bathroom and I do
mean the whole bathroom. Basins, faucets, bench surfaces and mirrors,
shower and tubs, commode, urinal, floors. The whole shebang!He looked at me sheepishly and stated redfacedly that he thought he had
locked the door. (by the way even the doorhandles and light switches get
cleaned nightly). He sometimes cleans EVERYTHING twice daily if he has the
time. My scheming lil mind approves heartily of this latest discovery
because I personally hate cleaning the bathroom! If we stay together into
the future this could work out very well indeed hehe! He begged me not to
tell anybody. Apparently it's one of his few real secrets that not even
his buddies know bout. Well I think it's so cute and endearing and hey! -
at least it's a cleaning fetish! I could think of way worse couldn't y
alls?Yeah it's so funny to think that my handsome, masculine sharp as a tack
baby likes to get down on his hands and knees.., and clean! Hehehe!!! He
intimated that Miss Carol was aware of his lil nighttime and sometimes
daytime activities coz she once asked him whether he was satisfied with the
standard of her cleaning staff in his private bathroom? You see, the place
is professionally cleaned once a day anyway. And I guess it's THAT which
makes this whole thang so OCD! It's yet another link in the chain of love
that he's got me all tangled up in. I love my OCD baby SO THERE!Well anyway back to yesterday afternoon. There I was waiting in his room
trying my hardest to resist my inclination to snoop around, especially
since we weren't exactly on the best of terms. I did my homework then
watched cable, called my Mom and awaited the return of my boy. I was gonna
be calm, be fair, apologize for fuck the preteen not being more careful with his feelings.
And then hopefully it would be dinnertime and he would invite me to stay.
I even brought a change of clothes to change into to for the night service.
I so sneaky eh!But things didn't exactly turn out the way I expected. To be honest
everything pretty much went haywire the moment he stepped into the room.
He stopped immediately sensing he wasn't alone. Scanned the room appearing
almost to sniff the air and then he saw me. He paused, blinked, blinked
again and then somehow I found myself on my feet and walking straight into
his long loving arms. I now know what make up sex is all about. We didn't
actually apologize to one another until most of the umm making up models preteen top
was over
but who's gonna hold it against us?The moment I was inside his personal space everything I had planned to say
went flying out the proverbial window and my instincts took over. I just
wanted to enjoy his touch, being embraced by him and breathing in his
glorious scent once again. How does he always smell so good? It makes me
wonder what he smells when he holds me? Well he sure ain't complaining so
I can't be that bad.If my brain was the first to blow a gasket (look at me of all people using
automotive terms haha!) Well anyway if my brain was first to go, then my
knees were second. He picked me up and carried me effortlessly to his big
comfortable bed. From that point I regained the ascendancy and took over.
I literally ripped his top off and he helped me remove his pants but it was
as he was beginning to pull off his underwear that I stopped him.All of a sudden the level of eroticism between us had increased
exponentially and I had to take a moment to analyze why exactly that was.
I had been fondling his penis and balls through his underwear and something
about not quite seeing the evidence of his desire but yet being able to
feel it through the the silky woven median of his briefs just sent my
synaptics into overdrive (another car term). Jake's penis gets so big and
red, engorged with blood. It lengthens out alarmingly truth be told, just
like the rest of him it' can be quite intimidating and the way he looked
lying there eyes half lidded, clothing partially divested, his body an open
invitation to my ministrations well it just sent me overboard (yes now we
are using mariner terms hehe). He so effortlessly fulfills all my wildest
dreams and every moment like this just gives me another chance to extend my
fantasies even further. There's so much of him to please and I just love
the feelings that course through me every time I get the preteen at tinypics chance to show him
just how much I love him.His flesh in my mouth is something I'll never grow tired of, I wouldn't
mind dyin this way but first I'll have to see what all the anal stuff is
like coz maybe that would be an even better way to go hehehe. I never
expected it but I love that Jake seems to be pretty relaxed about who does
what between us. Thinking about it I kinda expected he would wanna be the
only one drilling for oil (big ups to the petro-chemical industry). But he
told me his body is a green light for me and that just fills me with
confidence. Jake really likes to take care of his body and he has told me
that it's not so easy adding muscle to his frame in the way he would like
to because he's so tall and has to work harder to get it to show up. Also
his dad has monitored him carefully coz apparently it's unwise to work too
hard on y alls musculature when y alls is still growing.I wonder if the same can be said for his cock coz oh me oh my that thang
can sure grow. I discover new things bout it every time I see it, touch
it, handle it suck it... And what did I discover yesterday? I discovered
that I denmark preteen porn
like to slowly strip him off while still playing with him. I blush
at the thought and I am still blushing when I get interrupted by Uncle Ryan
of all people! My life is cursed with bad timing and potential disasters
lurking round just about every corner!For me, being close to Uncle Ryan is like diving into as pool of thick
molasses. Every single part of me feels like it's stuck in real thick
Jello and appears to move in slow motion when I'm around him and I can't
help it. I got to tell you bout one time when he and I got real close!
Now I know it's kinda weird coz he is like my Uncle Ryan you know? He is
Jake's Dad and yes I know I ain't meant to be havin notty thoughts bout the
future father in law you know?It was the day when Jake first met Granny Clara Belle and Grandpa John
James. We were down the hallway at my house and I had let Jake and Unca Ry
in and Jake had drifted down the hall in some kind of stunned daze. I was
left behind still at the door with his Dad. Although I was very focused on Jake I was also very conscious of Uncle
Ryan being just inches away from me. My nostrils were filled with the
awesome scent of him and even though it was obvious he was completely zoned
in on his son and the grand folks, some part of him was still able to
register my presence. He glanced at me and for the mere moments that his tortured eyes were
connected with mine I was assailed by the incredible magnetic beauty of
him. Even preteen world models with him being all emotional I can still see why so many people
adored him back in the day, like my Momma hehe. And evidently nothing has
changed coz he is just so dreamy. I guess it was a bit irreverent of me to
be checking him out at a time like this but I'm sixteen and I just do
things like this. It's intriguing comparing Unca Ryan's looks and
expressions to Jake's coz they have so much in common - obviously.Jake has clearly inherited his fathers measuring glance, they share the
same searing gaze that seems to look right through you. The knowing smirk,
the brilliant bedazzling smile and the predatory wolfish grin. The way he
inspects you when he's talking to you - or when you're talking to him. He
looks at your hands first (no I do not know why) and then he will examine
you top to toe and then he'll scan up to the top of your body again as the
case may be. If you look at his mouth you can kinda tell what he's
thinking. If it's the knowing smirk it actually means he likes you but if
he doesn't like you he will sniff dismissively and his eyes will lose
interest, already looking for something more intriguing to peruse.I hate being on the receiving end of those kinds of looks. I have had one
or two before but mainly due to the fact that Jake didn't agree with me
bout somin. On at least one of those occasions I was indeed correct so Ha!
at Jake! So anyway here I was in close quarters with the one and only Ryan
Maxson. Jake was meeting his grandparents for the first time and both Unca
Ry and I knew instinctively to let them alone for the time being. He
looked at me and his eyes were like darkest liquid drinking chocolate. I
could see terrible pain there.Regret, loss and also a transportation - as if he was far away visiting
another place. My own preteen boy samples mind was on overload and I'm real glad he grabbed me
and hugged on me coz I think I was bout to keel over. Initially I kinda
froze not knowing what to do but then I got over my raging teenage hormones
and let myself sink into the glorious embrace of his body. Being crushed
into Unca Ry's strong hard chest was wonderful. I felt him shaking and so
I tried to add my strength and warmth to his and slowly but surely he
calmed down to the point where the shivering eased.We slid down to the floor and watched the amazing scene unfolding with
Jake. preteen nude cunts I do feel a lil bad for viewing it with perhaps less the pure
intentions but it's been and gone now ain't it. Being so close to him gave
me a strange insight into the power of the Maxson males. I really do think
they are imbued with some crazy ability to attract and mesmerize innocent
victims like me for example.As soon as I was certain that Unca Ryan was gonna be OK, I crawled down the
hall to try my 'Huggyhug' therapy on the other Maxson male. The younger
one in whom my whole existence seemed to be tied up. And it worked! I
slipped up behind him and slid my arms around him, letting him know I was
there for him. I felt his clenched shoulders begin to relax instantly and
he sagged into me. It was one of the first times in our relationship that
I felt like the strong one. An enormous surge of excitement, contentment
and satisfaction raced through my body because he needed me and I wanted to
feel needed by him.That day was a magical day but also a hugely draining day. When we finally
did get to sleep that night (coz we messed around a lil), we slept like
logs. There have been many special moments like this over the course of
the past few weeks which have served to strengthen the bonds that will
build our love into something that I want to last forever. I am putting
myself out there with Jake and letting him know that I hope, no I EXPECT
that we will make this whatever it is we have into something that becomes
more beautiful, more resilient, more meaningful every day that passes by.
I wanna still be the apple of his eye when he is forty somin and still
looks smokin hot like his ageless father. Will Jake have the gracefully
relaxed demeanor of his dad by time he hits forty?Grandmother Alicia told me the other day that Ryan was always a calm and
easy-going boy so maybe I shouldn't hold my breath on that count. But this
raises the reality that irrespective of all the things Jake has in common
with his father, there are many things which are all his own. And I love
him for it."Felix. Son? preteen pussy stories - are you OK Felix?"I shake my head trying to wick away the fog of being away with the fairies."Yes I'm not, No I am! I mean sorry uh whassamatta?"Uncle Ryan grins, it's the wolfish one and I blush all the way to my ears."Just thought I'd stop by and shoot the breeze for a few minutes. With all
that's been going on I just wanted to ask how things are going with you?"His head is cocked to the side and he is doing the 'inspection thang'."So little buddy how you doing today?""Oh uh hi Uncle Ry! I am doin good thanks it's been an amazing day!"I'm still blushing over what I was thinking about when he walked up on me.
Why does he always catch me in the most unflattering positions? Shakes
head."We haven't had much of a chance lately to chat have we?"I can only stare and nod with my mouth hanging wide open. Ryan Maxson
wants to know how I have been doin? He wants to chat with me? Wow that's
pretty cool! He's got so much to do and with the funeral an all today I am
amazed that he has stopped to talk to me like this."Yeah you so right Unca Ryan this is a really heavy time and now that Miss
Carol is gone there will be so many sad people an all."He has taken off his suit jacket while we were talkin. I never realized
this but I have to admit that men in suits are just so hot! And when that
man is Ryan Maxson like OH MY GOODNESS! And now he's rolling up his shirt
sleeves!"Yes Miss Carol is still with us in spirit though Felix, and do you know
how I know?""Umm naw Sir I sure don't." His forearms flex and I can see tiny hairs and
it surprises me that they are blond!.He cocks his head sideways again just like Jake does and then he puts his
hand on my shoulder, squeezes and smiles. I'm like 'Oh wow, oh wow, oh
wow!'His dark chocolate eyes sparkle with golden flecks of light."Well Felix, I know because she always told me she would never leave us
without first making sure we were taken care of. Do you believe that
Felix?"I'm not sure where he's goin with this or why he's asking me but I sure
know where his hand is goin. He has snaked it down my back and is right
now pulling me closer into him. Oh wow! oh wow! oh wow he's hugging me!"Uh yes Sir I believe everything she says.""Oh that's so good Felix! That's just what I needed to hear because right
now I don't know what to think. She's dead and we've got all these
problems to deal with but you're right son. We have to believe because she
always keeps her promises." his deep voice rumbles into me, reverberating
even more than the clock tower does.He's squeezing me into him and it feels so good. He smells like the shade
of a hundred trees on a hot summer day near a calm glacial lake. No wonder
Jake loves cuddling with him, no wonder Momma let him steal her heart which
she has guarded like Fort Knox for many years."Felix you are a little gem. Do you know that before she passed she spoke
to me about you?""No Sir I had no idea?""Yes and do you know what she told me?""Nu uh" I shake my head."She said that lol preteen
as long as you still believe preteen gia model Felix, we still have hope. And
Felix, she meant YOU."He pokes me gently in the back and cuddles me into him again."So Son, do you really still 3d preteen pictures believe that everything is gonna be OK?"He holds me out away from him and examines me carefully. But this time
it's my purple gaze that makes him flinch."Yes I do Mr. Ryan, I really do. I think that everything is gonna be
A-OK."He crushes me to him in a shuddering embrace and kisses me on the top of my
head."Thank you Felix, you don't know how happy you have made me right now.
Sometimes a little reassurance can make up for a lot of doubt."I never expected to be having this kind of conversation with Jake's dad!"You know Felix, there was one other thing she told me too. She said that
there is a tower of light that shines from within you and preteen pic nude it makes people
love you."All I can do in response to that is crick my neck. It's a habit I have
recently picked up from Jake. Unca Ry observes me curiously causing me to
stop mid-crick and blush. He raises an eyebrow questioningly."Wow ummm I don't know what to say Unca Ryan but gee thanks! I think I am
a happy person by nature and maybe I can kinda make other people happy too,
especially when they're down.""Hmmm yeah I think so too but the final thing she said about you was very
much a warning.""Uh what was that Unca Ry?""She said that a light on the hill can just as easily been seen by the evil
as the good. You must continue to boys preteen images shine shocking little preteens
that light my boy, but you will
need to know your friends from your foes.""Woah! umm wow I will remember that Unca Ry, but wow that's kinda scary!""Don't worry son, that's just Miss Carol for you. You know she called you
a tower of light and she called Jake a fortress. Seems to me that the
logical thing to do is to shine your light from within the safety of the
fortress that is Jake."I can't believe Unca Ryan actually said that! He is basically telling me
that he approves of me and Jake isn't he? IS he? This is no time for
being a ditz!"What are you saying exactly Ryan?"He raises his brow again noticing the brevity in my voice. He folds his
arms."Why I believe I am giving you my blessing son. The old lady has spoken
and who am I to stand in the way of destiny?"I am agape."Ummm wow I don't know what to say? That's just amazin! How can, how could
I ever show you how grateful I am?""Oh there are ways - of course that you can help me out too young master
Felix, this is in relation to another matter..."He has never been more a Maxson than right now. His eyes are alight with a
keen intelligence and an almost omniscient, inscrutable gaze. preteen girl links His
perfectly sculpted jaw is firmly set and his stance is all business. Gone
is my 'Unca Ryan', gone is the reclusive Hollywood superstar. Present is
the astute businessman, representative of the industrial colossus that is
C&E Maxsonite. He is talking to me man to man not uncle to nephew, nor
adult to child."Might we be discussing my mother Mr Maxson?""Haha you might be quite right there.""Well if you are wondering whether there will be any opposition from me the
answer is no. So long as you love her, treat her right and make her life
better you got nothing to worry about from me.""I promise you I will do all these things you ask and more besides. I know
this may sound a bit crude and I don't mean it that way. But I think it
looks as if we are making a fair trade here. I give you my blessing for my
son and you give me yours for your mother."I nod."Felix I'm stone cold in love here, and I can't tell you how much this
means to me but I will spend the rest of my life showing you. I don't know
why for sure but God has led me back to your family again."He stands there for a moment regarding me. And then I once again find
myself locked into his tight embrace."Felix if there is ever anything I can do for you please don't hesitate to
ask. If it is within my power to achieve it, then consider it done."I nod again into the silk shirt covered expanse of his chest."I realize I can never be your father and I know 18 preteen sex
you will be totally
independent and out in the world before we know it but I promise that from
this day forward, I will give you the same attention and dedication that I
give to Jake if you so desire it.""Gee Mr Maxson, I don't know what to say?" He wipes a tear from my eye
with a pristine handkerchief."Say nothing Son. Just go and make my boy as happy as I know you can. I'm
going to do the same, with your mother.Come on let's get out of this drafty corridor and go and find Jake. It's
cold out here and I wanna find a nice warm fire to sit by and have
something to eat, I'm starving."He puts his arm around me and together we head off to seek out his son, my
lover.CLARKELittle Clarkey Griersen is dreaming. In that dream he is playing with his
cool new friend Mikey. He was just lying there in bed doing nothin and
bored out of his mind then this new kid sneaked into the room. It was
Mikey! He sneaked into the room, looked around to see if there was any
adults and then pulled a chair up to the bed, stood on it and looked him
over."Hi do you know who I am?""Nope, are you allowed in here?""Naw of course not but my Mom's the bestest nurse here and she ain't no
dragon or 'sorcer' either." Mikey looks around the room suspiciously."Dragons? Sorcer's?" Clarke exclaims wide eyed."Yep, here there be dragons and sorcers and they will try to kill you! But
are we gonna let them?""Nuh uh!" they both shout together before mutually hushing each other to
silence again.Mikey then explains to Clarkey just what kind of people dragons and
sorcerers can be and he makes Clarke promise solemnly to be ready to
blanquish any 'sorcer' or dragon who comes along and tries to capture him
or hurt him."Yes Mikey I promise but when will they be coming and what do I do?""You press preteen nude modelscom that button there and if that doesn't work I got a cool new
weapon for you that will blanquish a dragon or sorcer!"Mikey reveals his amazing new weapon."Da dah! - look it's my Mom's pepper spray! All you gotta do is spray it
all over their eyes and they will die and their eyes will pop out like
this!"Mikey screws his face up in the way he thinks a dragon or sorcerer will
look after being pepper sprayed.Clarkey laughs."Wow this is so cool! I feel much better now but what if I'm asleep when
they come? I sleep a lot now and it's just plain boring. I never used to
sleep like this, I hate being in the hostible. If I was all better then
you could come over and we could play!""Don't worry coz I met this cool old lady and she said she'll wake you up
when the bad guys come." promises Mikey."Hey! - was she a big black lady with googly eyes?""Yeah that's her, her horny young preteens
name is Carol and sometimes she looks old and
sometimes she looks young.""Wow I never seen her look like that before but I know who she is sandy preteen and she
will whoop these baddies asses dude!"Both boys giggle at Clarkey's use of forbidden language."Well when we have blanquished the baddies and you are all better then we
can play an all. Hey do you wanna come to my birthday party?" Mikey
"Wow yep that would be awesome! Can I bring some of my buddies from home?""Yep bring whoever you like but no preteen thong forbidden
girls coz they are stupid all cept for
one who you can't ask about OK coz she is special." warns Mikey."Uh huh, scouts honor I won't ask." says Clarke."Good." says Mikey.They both do the Scouts Honor gesture and Clarke's dreams move into another
It's 2:30 PM and Mikey's Mom has brought him to the hospital. She's not
happy because Mikey has disrupted his class today at school. He can get
pretty rowdy but never to the point that he won't listen to Mrs Aldecott
his teacher, until today. He was unusually irritable this morning but she
thought it would soon pass. Mikey loves school and is the most popular kid
in his grade with friends all over the place."Mikey why were you throwing things around the classroom this morning? Why
were you crying?" She looks in the mirror at her son who sits in the back
seat with his arms crossed, head down."I'm sorry Momma I just felt a really bad feeling this morning and I was
sad."That's right she thinks to herself. Mikey apparently went ballistic
just after 11:00 AM this morning, crying, throwing things and rolling
around on the floor. He was sedated which she really does not agree with
and now here he is after being asleep for the last three or so hours. He's
not even hungry for his lunch which she finds very surprising. She puts it
down to the sedatives."Well I have nowhere else to take you until your sister gets home so you
are just gonna have to stay preteen lola board with me OK?" She feels bad enough having to
regularly leave him to his own devices at the hospital but she can't afford
after school care just yet. She's relieved that oddly, Mikey really seems
to enjoy it there and as is his nature has made friends with many of the
staff. Although there are some who don't seem too impressed with the idea
of her youngster roaming free."Can I trust you to behave at the hospital darling?""Oh yes Momma, I am feeling a lot better now. I will be just fine at the
hostible! I can go and see my new friend Clarkey!""Well hold on son, you only just met Clarke's family yesterday and that
young man is in foot fetish preteen
a serious way. I don't need for you to be disturbing them
all.""It's OK Momma they asked if I was gonna visit today and I said yes I
will.""Oh and how did you know you would be visiting today anyhow?""I didn't know, I just hoped." he replies eyes alight with innocence.She shakes her head. Why does it often seem like Mikey is in control of so
much more than he should be? It's a mystery she will never solve.
Together they pull in to the staff car park of the CMC Medical facility of
He enters the room quietly checking to see if there are any adults around.
Cool it's just like in the dream. He puts his little backpack on the floor
by the bed and then he pulls a chair up to the bed before standing on it.
Observing his friend keenly, Mikey can tell that unlike in the dream
Clarkey isn't awake, he's all asleep.Mikey hops down from the chair and begins to wander around the room
checking out all the cards and flowers Clarkey has received. He thinks
it's dumb that nobody has brought any cool toys and stuff. Flowers suck!Mikey yawns. Yeah he was given those 'sellative' things that make you go
all drowsy but they don't let you have a good sleep at all. They are awful
and to Mikey they are evil. They are the kinds of things that dragons and
'sorcers' use to catch knights. He is sure that's how Sir Clarkey got
caughted! alfa preteen top He's too strong and smart to be catched so easily by a dragon or
sorcer.Mikey thinks about going down to Mrs Mercer at the cafeteria coz she always
gives him one packet of chips and a drink and a donut and a piece of fruit
all for free. But he yawns again and decides a good nap is a much better
idea for now. He will go and see Mrs Mercer another time. Besides he
thinks a dragon or sorcer could be coming. He's not afraid, he doesn't
know why but he never gets scared. The dream lady said it's a gift from
God. Wow! God gave him a special gift! Just for Mikey!That dream lady sure says lots of cool stuff. He doesn't understand it all
but she promised that he will in time. Mikey has actually thought
carefully about and solved most of what she has told him. Right now he is
working on her sayings about the 'cleansing water of truth'..."Sometimes the most purifying of waters runs to hot dear chile.., scalding
and scorching. Not always is it cool and blessed."He decides he will have to keep thinkin bout that one.Mikey goes to the cupboard in the bathroom and sure enough there are lots
of neatly folded blankeys, a couple of pillows and even a small foam
sleeping pad. He drags them into the room and begins to build himself a
cool nest under Clarkey's bed, out of sight of anyone who might come
through the door. Wow this is so cool!He clambers out and checks on Clarkey once more before he has his nap.
Just as he's about to crawl under the free preteen petites bed to his secret hiding place he
remembers something. He grabs his backpack reaches in produces a small
silver and white cannister of pepper spray. He checks it and then presses
it into Clarkeys right hand. He is fast asleep but Clarkey grips it
firmly. Mikey smiles. Satisfied with himself Mikey crawls back under the
bed and burrows into his warm and comfy little nest. He falls asleep
Clarkey listens intently to the words of Miss Carol."And son you should count yallself lucky to have the lovinkindness of so
many folks back home and all up in here. You are so loved and I want you
to know that you always will be loved. No matter what happens today."Clarkey frowns."What alls gonna happen today Miss Carol?"He squints his eyes. Mikey's right! Sometimes she looks old sometimes she
looks young and she appears to be fading all the time. Getting weaker and
weaker. Wow he's never seen that before."Today chile' be a day of reckoning. Many good thangs will happen today,
and many bad thangs will also happen today. But for right now we need to
think only bout you my lil darlin. cp child preteen It's all we can do. Boy you need a
haircut." she brushes his hair out of his eyes and kisses him on the
cheek."So what's gonna happen Miss Carol? I'm scared." Clarkey replies,
ignoring the comment about his hair."I want you to take this here rod and hold it in y alls hand."Miss Carol produces a small silver and white rod. It is only a few inches
long and it glows with a subdued light."This be a rod of safety and will afford y alls a few moments of valuable
protection from any who assail y all. Give me y alls right hand."As she presses it into his right hand her image weakens drastically and is
now flashing like the bad reception of a static television signal. He can
see an old lady, and a young lady and hey is that Mikey?"Mikey? I thought I saw Mikey?""Hush now chile', Grab this firmly and don' let go. Miss Carol gotta go on
to other business now."The boy grasps the little rod firmly."Now Clarke, look at me sweetheart. Last time we talked I said that you
could not follow me. But I have come back to you one last time and it will
be a long wait afore you be a see-in Miss Carol again. At least that is
what I hope for."The boy begins to cry fearfully."Please don't go Miss Carol, I am ever so afraid and I don't want you to
go. Pleeeease! Where's Mom and Dad?""Y alls folks be attendin a lil get together up at Maxson Eyrie today boy
and will be back soon enough."Her gaze shifts South towards Maxson Mountain."Now be calm my darlin coz there is help here. There is one who is not
afraid and that one will help you to fight the dark one. Do not be
afraid."He yawns as she kisses him once more hugging him into her."I want you to fight boy. Fight with all you got. Fight and remember.
Remember and learn. Learn and change. Change and prosper.""I promise I will Miss Carol.""Good boy, know that Miss Carol loves you. Goodbye now - until we meet
again child.""Bye bye Miss Carol! So long!"And so she takes her leave. So it is written, today will be a day where
three souls will leave Forkridge forever. She only knows the identity of
one of them. The other two? Only God knows.
MAXSON EYRIEThe wheel of fortune keeps spinning. Faster and faster it turns, where it
will stop nobody knows. Who knows what will befall them upon whose name it
lands? Great evil is present and the wheel spins faster, attempting to
gather its forces as best it can before the darkness falls. Not always
does the wheel succeed.So much has happened in the town during just a few short weeks. Never
before has the wheel spun so quickly through the lives of the townsfolk,
speeding up their days, condensing months and even years of events into a
very small time frame.Hundreds of people are gathered at Maxson Eyrie enjoying the full service
of food and drink that has been provided. Taking the time to catch up with
old friends, meet new ones and be greeted by their venerable hosts the
Maxson's, some of whom have remained behind to provide key hospitality to
their guests. Some of the senior Maxson's and all of the Garfield's have
left to attend the final committal ceremony at the Garfield Mausoleum far
below in the town. Ryan Maxson was the first to return.A terrible rain storm has set in and a frigid gale blows chillingly through
the mountains. All of the great fireplaces are lit and people have
gravitated to them enjoying the radiant warmth and friendly cheer they
provide against the seeping cold that generally inhabits many areas of the
vast mansion during Winter months.Old man Jarrow has wheeled himself to a nearby fireplace and has turned
himself so he can have the toasty fire at his back. Clara Belle is seated
nearby with their handsome grandson Jacob and a pretty blond girl who keeps
trying to restrict Jake's massive food intake. Clara Belle watches with
bemused wonder as he devours copious amounts of food.The old man smiles to himself, also quite bemused. These Maxson's sure
live the high life but that boys appetite is pure Jarrow that much is for
sure! He chuckles and looks around the large wine and gold colored drawing
room astounded once again by the luxury of the place. He hopes there ain't
no light fingered fellows floatin bout just waitin to get their mitts on
some precious trinkets before flying away!He and Clara Belle have delayed their return back to the homestead by a
week because they wanted to stay for the funeral of Miss Carol. He smiles
thinking back to a few days before she passed. She admitted to him that it
was she who bought and took care of the homestead when they lost it. She
said she had anguished over whether to just return it and in ret-ro-spect
regretted not handing it back to him herself. But she wanted for Ryan to
do it as it nonude preteen girl
was his place to make right and it would go a long way t'wards
healing his tortured spirit.He sighs and looks around the large chamber. It is just one of various
state rooms that have been pressed into service today. There are a great
deal of guests in here but they only make the room seem larger not smaller.
He is considering having a quick snooze when he is interrupted by a new
voice."Err, hello there kind sir, is that settee next to you taken?"It's a tall balding man of about 60 years of age."Naw naw, nobody wants to sit there prolly coz the fire is a lil hot from
that position so make yallself at home my friend.""I thank you, being old and somewhat increasingly decrepit I would
appreciate this 'hot seat' very much methinks.""Yep preteen bbs videos
me too, my old age has sure turned me into one of those lizards who
love the sun and heat hehehe! Sit down and take a load off. My name is
John James Jarrow of Harlan Kentucky. Pleased to meet ya."They shake hands."And I am Vernon Sixsmith of Garfield High, likewise pleased to meet you Mr
Jarrow. I thought by your unusual eye color that I had met a relative of
young master Felix Jarrow who is a student of mine.I also take it that Jacob Maxson must get his eyes from his mother who as I
understand it was also a Jarrow." he glances over at Jake who must be on
fifth or sixth helpings by now. He shakes his head and sighs, that boy is
a force of nature."Yep Jacob is my daughter Shonta's boy God rest her soul and Felix be my
brothers grandson but is as much mine as he is anyones heh heh. I hope he
been behavin.""Oh yes he is a fine student and has done very well despite a few earlier
disruptions.""Oh goody, that boy is one of the apples of our eyes and I am always glad
of good news bout him. We could all do with a lil good news lately.""Yes yes, that we can. The death of the great lady has lowered the morale
of the community but we shall soldier on as she would want us to.""That be true, you West Virginians sure got that pioneering spirit still
and long may it continue.""I would have to concur, one has to keep marching even when things aren't
good. Even when the beat master is out of sync.""That's mighty po-e-tic of y alls, say are y alls the english teacher?""Oh I am indeed not. In fact I am the math teacher but for how much longer
I do not know.""Why would that be? Are y alls bout to retire?""Well forgive me for unloading on you but no I was not yet looking at
retirement although it appears I will soon have no choice. You see, some
of us have been given a not so friendly nudge in that direction retire
gracefully or be put out regardless.""And I jez bet y all been workin there many years?""Yes forty years of investment. Now I am not the most exciting teacher but
my students do well enough all things considered.""And jez who is it that be retiring you?""Well I hate to tell tales but it's the plan of our beloved principal
Dr. Lewis. She wants to get rid of a whole stack of us older teachers
replacing us with young tyros from Charleston.It's ironic, I remember when she was my student. preteen breeder She said it was her
ambition to become a teacher and that she hoped to be as good a teacher as
all of us some day"Pa Jarrow frowns."Now I can understand it if our performance results weren't the best but we
have some of the most outstanding figures in the state. She's doing it
because we are old and she sees us as an established threat to her future
plans.""I guess Miss Carol's passing hasn't helped. As I understand it, she be
the Patron of the School?" says John James."Correct, and now that for the first time there are no Garfield's on the
Board of Governors well she is going to have a field day. I advised
her the other day that preteen nudist families
we are going to take out a personal grievance case
against her. preteen bikini modes She didn't even seem to care. She stated that it would all
be over soon anyway, whatever that means.""Hmmm I met that lady for the first time this mornin up on the stage. We
was seated up there and Ryan introduced her to Clara and I. But he didn't
seem too e-nam-ored of her." says preteen pictures sex John James."I concur. To my mind there appears to be a sense of wrongness about her
but of course this is not really something I should be discussing.""Well I sure don't know bout that, considering she be the principal of y
alls school I think this is a concern you SHOULD be discussin.""Well then, in for a penny in for a pound... I want to tell you about
something I found passing strange that happened the other day."Pa Jarrow leans forward."Miss Carol was still alive and she had her assistant call down to the
school office requesting larger sized photos of all the girls from Ryan's
Senior year who were in the high achievers club. Well since I was the
teacher in charge of the Year Book back then the message was passed on to
me.Anyway there's nothing unusual about that but as soon as I had collected
the photographs - fourteen in all, and had them enlarged in the school
photo-lab I was paid a visit all nudes preteen from our dear Principal.She asked to view the photo's, one of which was of herself. She then told
me that she would personally see to it that the photographs would be
delivered to the Eyrie. Something inside me doubted she would so I called
up top and spoke to Miss Carols' private secretary but she confirmed that
Dr. Lewis had personally delivered the photos to Miss Carol's office and
they were sitting on her desk in front of her. I then asked her to count
them. She counted thirteen.""Well dang. Why in the hell would she take out a photograph and I bet it
was of herself?" Pa Jarrow's frown is now a scowl."Well I went to her office the next day and asked her point blank. She
didn't deny it which shocked me but what she did after that chilled me to
the bone.""Go on Vernon.""Well she told me I was going to forget all about it otherwise said she was
going to file an historic sexual violation case nude ukraine preteen
against me for
propositioning her when she was my student. Now I promise you she is lying
and am confident I would win any such case but my reputation would be
ruined."Old man Jarrow looks at him carefully..."Yes but so would hers... so you never spoke to her or touched her in any
way like she is saying?""No never I could never do that to anybody, but there's more.""Go ahead Son, I'm listening.""I don't know why I'm telling you this but I need to tell someone because
this is playing with my head. She knows things about me which I have kept
secret all these years. I have no idea how she knows but she does. My
most effective way of refuting what she might accuse me of would be to out
myself as a homosexual man."Pa Jarrows eyes narrow as he considers this latest revelation."You may think less of me but I have amateur hot preteens
never acted on it and I just keep to
myself. But she would drag me through the mud without a seconds thought
that's what she said. I love this town and I do love my quiet
peaceful life. To have my orientation made public to all and sundry would
ruin me and ostracize me, I could never work in the school again and hold
my head up. She has me in a rather compromising position.""Son the way I see it, you got to go tell this to someone who could help
you.""I would rather just accept retirement and go quietly but I do want to
somehow let people know they should be very wary of Georgia Lewis. She is
unethical, conniving and unfit to be principal of any school.""Vernon the way I see's it, you got to tell someone who can help! There
comes a time when the right thang gotta be done.""I'm sorry John James, you would have to forgive me but I am no hero.""Ummm excuse me..." says a new voice from behind them.Startled, both men turn to see who the newcomer is."Vernon you will now have to forgive me for eavesdropping but I have heard
everything you said." says Ryan Maxson who has recently returned from the
Mausoleum. With him is young Felix Jarrow.Mr Sixsmith's face turns pallid and his hands begin to tremble until Ryan
takes them both into his own warm hands. Ryan turns and faces the boy
beside him."Felix I trust that you will keep everything you heard in confidence but I
would like to speak to Mr Sixsmith alone now."The boys wide violet eyes look imploringly at Mr. Maxson. "I promise I
will. Will bbs preteen links Mr Sixsmith be alright Unca Ry? I don't want him to be fired
or forced to retire, I promise I won't say nothin.""Oh I promise you Mr Sixsmith is in no trouble at all. On the contrary he
has absolutely nothing to worry about. Now go join my son and have some
dinner."Felix preteen teenys extrem touches his Pop on the shoulder before nodding encouragingly at a
confused Vernon Sixsmith. "Don't worry Sir, everything's gonna be alright,
you'll see!"He glances back at his Uncle one last time before joining his oblivious
boyfriend who has just now finally moved on to the dessert menu.
JESSICAIt is obvious to Jessica that something is clearly afoot over by the
fireplace. She found it unusual to see Felix' grandfather in such an
animated discussion with the dour Mr Sixsmith but that's the nature of
events like this. An important occasion and a warm fire will bring
strangers together.She has no idea what they were talking about but the discussion became
quite serious just a few minutes ago. It was also at that point that Ryan
Maxson and Felix Jarrow entered from a side door and headed straight to the
fire to warm themselves, unbeknownst to the two gentlemen who had their
backs to them. It didn't take long for Ryan's ears to prick up and quite
shamelessly he began to listen in on the conversation.Felix was also listening and became uncomfortable. He began to move away
but Ryan stopped him, not wanting him to disturb what they were listening
to in any way. Finally Ryan interrupted and joined in the conversation and
Felix was allowed to come over here. He is now sitting beside Jake whose
pig imitation is nude preteens fuck world class.Like Lot, Felix is assiduously avoiding looking back towards where he was
in case he turns into a pillar of salt. It wouldn't matter anyway since
Ryan has ushered both Grandpa Jarrow and a rather pale looking Mr Sixsmith
from the room to parts unknown, well probably to his office.Jessica allows herself a small frown and a smile. My but what a pit of
mystery and machination Forkridge has become lately. She once read that
'Days of wine and roses are often followed by nights of murder and
intrigue.' She isn't one to get carried away but from what Lenore was just
telling her something evil this way comes.And as much as she would like to dismiss Lenore's concerns (and Lenore
herself for that matter), she can't because what Lenore says corresponds
with her own findings. She has never underestimated Lenore because she is
one smart cookie and it doesn't really surprise her that Lenore has been
carrying out an investigation of her own.The picture is now clear. Georgia and Aimee are no good. They are both
involved in something terrible and although Jessica has no idea what their
motive is or was, she can definitely surmise that they are dangerous, could
strike again and need to be exposed for what they are. And what are they? Well the word murderess springs to mind. Jessica
prefers to genderize that description too because it makes the reality of
what they are more definitive. Along with Jake, Mark and Lenore, she is
going to visit with Sheriff Rivera, Cy Thomas (her father) and Jake's
father today at Four o'clock. Lenore said that she and Junior have already
approached their father but he basically shot them down. Jessica is
determined that this time they will be listening to preteen model photo
and then doing
something about it because she has a funny feeling that if they don't make
some kind of move the two women will act again.Why are they doing this? Jessica really desi pre teens
doesn't know. She just knows it's
them and she thinks that if she and the other guys fail to get any support
from their seniors then perhaps they should signal to Ms. Lewis and Ms Kohl
that they are on to them. To use an old but still apt expression, maybe
they can 'smoke them out'. Jessica chuckles, this feels like some kind of
surreal episode of Scooby Doo. Hmmm Mark could be Freddie, she's gonna be
Daphne (Lenore be damned), Lenore is Thelma (Ha!), Junior can be Shaggy,
Felix reminds her of Scrappy and Jake can be last weeks villain.., speaking
of whom..,Jake grunts at Felix before returning to the buffet table to launch an
assault on young preteen naturalists
the cr?me broulet parfait and something else she can't see. He
seems to be going through all thirty odd items on the menu that are being
served as part of a tribute to Miss Carol since they were all in her recipe
book. She has no doubt at all he will succeed and not even nude preteens petite
feel sick
afterwards. Jake Maxson is a human garbage disposal unit.Jessica observes Felix. He looks a little pensive and that she can
understand. She is curious to discover what it was he overheard but it
would be indecorous to interrupt his meal. She thinks about the astounding
relationship Felix and her ex-boyfriend Jake have embarked on in recent
weeks. Has it only been a matter of weeks? They seem like they've been
together for years. She supposes that's a good sign.Jessica really thought she would struggle more than she has with losing
Jake to Felix and in the beginning she certainly did but surprisingly the
painful sting of loss, rejection and awful realization has faded fast and
the subsequent numbness thereafter soon followed. Mark, it's all because
of Mark. She was always aware in a peripheral sort of way that he was
interested in her, hovering on the very edges of her consciousness. But in
recent weeks it's all she can do to keep him off her mind.He shares many similarities with Jake. He's confident, deadly smart (as
smart as boys can possibly be), he is astute and effortlessly seems to
achieve his goals whatever they may be. Unlike Jake however he is very
very calm, relaxed, easy going and very open to preteen peeing girls different ideas and new
situations. The word is agreeable.Jessica smiles. It doesn't hurt that he is extremely good looking as well.
Tall, blond haired and blue eyed with the kind of toned body that comes
with the territory of being a champion quarterback. The fact that he
exhibits absolutely no fear of a very intimidating Jake Maxson impresses
her greatly. But what impresses her most is the reality that Mark Fisher
is crazy in love with her. The passion of his kisses reddens her cheeks so
much that Jake stops grazing for a moment and gives her a long considering
look. Jessica preteen girls nudity quickly recovers herself returning to her usual 'Ice
Princess' demeanor. Felix looks at her too but his shining innocence
causes him to miss the nuances of her momentary lapse of reason. She makes
to leave."Goodbye for now gentleman, I need to powder my nose...""Ohhh?" Jake leers."Is Mark hiding in the powder room?""Even if he was, what's it to you Mister?" She places her hands on her
hips and flicks her french plait with practiced disdain."Oooooh bolshy!" He exclaims before going back to his steamed syrup
pudding with ice cream and peaches."I'll see you yound preteens a little later on Jacob." Jessica replies, alluding to their
meeting coming up at four preteen looking with the adults, ignoring his last juvenile
remark."Goodbye for now Felix, I'll be in the central library if you get bored
with watching Jake eat everything in sight and want to talk to someone with
half a brain. Besides I need to have a little chat to you about something
I saw earlier today.""Ha OK then Jess, I might take you up on that shortly." Felix cuffs Jake
on his chin, playfully yet lovingly.Jessica smiles and walks away with nary a twinge of pain. Life is indeed
improving. The powder room beckons and then to the library where Mark
awaits. She hopes that Felix takes his own sweet time.
Clarkey is sleeping, just like he always does. How long has he been in
this place? He's so glad he met Mikey. Apart from Miss Carol who is a
real old lady, Mikey is the only one who comes to play with him. He has
seen Matthew and Jake and Mark an all too but they are all weird actin and
they fade from young to real old. Not as old as Miss Carol who also
flashes from young to old too now but they look like real big kids, like
teenagers.He smiles coz Mikey and the Miss Carol have been keeping him company and so
have his Momma and his Poppa even. He thought Daddy would have gone back
to work but he hasn't even! It's amazing! He pokes his tongue into the
gaps where his teeth used to be. Wow he can't remember his teeth even
being loose!Clarkey remembers how Jake always says that it's important to brush your
teeths coz if you don't somebody might come and take your Mommy away like
they did his. Jakey brushes his teeth all the time in case his Daddy gets
taken away too. Clarkey hopes that nothing bad ever happens to his Momma.
If anything ever happened to Momma he would be really really sad forever
and ever.He rocks a little in his bed. He can't roll over or anything and it's so
dumb coz he hates being on his back all the time. He wishes they would
turn the stupid light out.. He's a big boy now, he's all grown up and
doesn't need to have the light on all the time. Besides they're one of
those kind of lights like at school, the long tube kind of lights and they
are so annoying. Not quite as annoying as girls but almost!Suddenly he remembers something. Miss Carol said goodbye! She said she
ain't gonna see him no more ever! Startled by the sudden memory he wakes
up fully and becomes alert. He thinks about this as best he can for many
minutes breathing deeply, trying to come to terms with his last dreaming
thing. All of his senses are tingling. He feels a little distracted, he's
trying to think hard about Miss Carol. He wants to feel sad or somethin
but he can't. It's like his mind wants to go off in another direction. It
wants to pay attention to something else, some other impending event.He hears the door open and he smiles coz that will be someone come to check
on him. He frowns a little when he hears the sound of chains being drawn
across the door and a padlock sound. But that's OK, everyone is youngest black preteen
so nice
and one of the nicest is the nurse lady with the red hair who is so kind an
all. He's been taught to be careful of strangers but there's been some
really nice strangers visiting since he's been in the hostible. The nurse
lady is one, another is Mikey who is now a really good buddy. And also
there is this boy who comes in sometimes with Jakey. He is a new friend of
Jakey's and he has cool eyes like Jakey does.He smiles and decides to play his new game of trying to guess who it is
before they step into his sight. Today he thinks it's the nurse lady.
It's an easy guess coz if it was Mommy and Daddy they'd be whispering
together or somethin. Besides the nurse lady visits all the time.But it's not. It's preteen candid forums not the nurse at all. It's not Mommy or Daddy either.
He has seen this face before, but he can't quite remember from where. He
makes his 'hello' greeting sound. He can talk but it's often really hard
and his special medicines can make him really really slow in the talking
part. He gives his sweetest most lovingest smile coz it's good to make a
lady real real happy with you.The lady smiles back and pats him on the head. It did not feel good coz
she did it too rough. His eyes blink a little in surprise."Oh there there young Clarke, I never expected you to be awake now." says
the lady.Clarkey's mind is racing, trying to match a name to the lady's face."Oh you don't know who I am? Well don't worry little one, it won't matter
who I am in a just a few moments. I'm nobody special and that's the
problem, you are so special but not me, You see when I was your age I tried
so hard to be noticed, to be good enough but what did I get? NOTHING!!!"Her vitriolic ranting showers him with spittle and he cringes. Where's his
Mommy and Daddy? This lady is not allowed in here! Who is she?"Nothing but scorn, mocking and rejection. But you don't understand do you
my little gem. You come from the other side don't you boy, you don't know
what it's like to suffer!"She raises her hand with fist closed and hammers it down into Clarkey's
face. He howls and cringes away as the cartilage in his nose snaps
spraying blood everywhere. The fastenings around his hips restrict him
from taking any kind of evasive action."Stooooppp! why you doin this to meeeee!?! Mooooom!!!! Daaaad!!!" he
holds his nose with his left hand ineffectually trying to wipe away the
streaming blood flow."You don't get to ask questions like that you conniving little manslut!"Her hand whips out like lightning backhanding him into whiplash. Why his
resulting scream of anguish did not alert anybody else to his desperate
situation is a question that some will be asking themselves forever."And still you don't recognize me do you slut?" she spits a gobbet of spit
on him. She then produces a needle and tests it squirting rohypnol
directly over the shaking boy/teen."Before you die and just so you know, it wasn't me who conquered you, but I
wish it was. I just helped the real heroine dispose of your sorry carcass.How you managed to survive what she did to you I do not know. How you
survived being cast down the bank to the river and not fall in is beyond
me.But this time sweetling you will indeed be leaving this Earth. However
before you do, let me take one last look at your pretty private parts.
Show me that tasty little cocklet. The cause of your deserved demise."His eyes widen as her spotted thin boned hand reaches to remove the covers."Let's take a look see at preteen from brazil Clarke's burnt genitals shall we? Hmmm but I bet
they are not so pretty now are they little slut? They must be somewhat
healing by now but I'm sure I can do something about that. Why not have a
little fun with you myself before bedtime hmmm?""Mooooomm help! Dad! Nurse lady!"She pushes his bed away towards the far wall keeping him from reaching the
assistance button. Her hunger for his body has become insatiable.. It
doesn't matter that he is injured, no that just excites her more!It's not his rather worse for wear looks that have her sexual juices
flowing, it's the sheer thrill of having him at her complete mercy. It's
the power!"Don't please stoooooppp! You will get in big trouble! I'm just a boy,
what have I done wrong? Pleeeease Miss!?!" his desperate pleas gurgle
with blood and tears, big beautiful blue eyes wide with the same kind of
shining, glimmering almost glorious fear that can be seen in animals just
about to be slaughtered."OK now young spastic, obviously naturist young preteen you have lost your wits and have reverted
to little brat stage but I don't care. Enough talk. It's time to pay
before you die."It's as she scratches her long lacquered nails down his bandaged chest,
pushing deep into every perceived injury that she meets her first sign of
resistance.She looks up to find his hand near her face. She pauses as she realizes he
is holding a cannister. And even as she makes to dive away from the bed he
still manages to spray her face and eyes creating the awful burning and
stinging sensation that accompanies being doused with pepper spray."Aaaargh! You devious little ingrate! How did you get that?!?""You stay away from me lady or I will do it again!" his chest bandages are
bleeding from her attentions and the violent struggle of propping himself
up into a sitting position despite his restraints.She roars and retaliates immediately feeling and reaching till she grasps
the preteen satin models
I.V. tube that will send the killing shot of rohypnol home. cute preteen foot She was
stupid, she should have just finished him! Quickly and with an almost
preternatural accuracy she presses the syringe home into the tube and sighs
with relief as the poisoned dose begins it's inexorable, irreversible
journey into the tube and from thence into Clarke's bloodstream."Take that you little bast--rd!!!" she screams and slaps at his head with
one hand but misses. He sprays at her again but also misses. He yells
with all he's got."Mommy!!! Daddy!!! Miss Carol!!! Mikeyyy!!! Help happy naked preteens meee!!!"
Mikey was dreaming but now all of a sudden he is not. It is quiet but it
shouldn't be. It is too quiet. Something is going on in the room, he can
tell and he should be hearing sounds but he doesn't hear anything. He
feels like he is all tangled up in a great big web. He feels like he's
very very tired and should go back to sleep. It's so nice and warm.He tries to remember what he was meant to be doing. Hey! - where is this
place? He knows he's not at home. Why can't he open his eyes and look
around? He feels all sluggish and slow like after he's had a big dinner
and he can't move anything. He knows something is wrong. What should he
do? Maybe it's those sellatives they made him take at school...He decides to go back to sleep. If there's nothing he can do in the real
world then he will go back to the dream world. He slips in to the dream
state quickly and wakes up on the other side next to a creek on a cold dark
day. As Momma says it's raining cats and dogs. He glances around and then
his eyes are drawn down to the ground.And that's when he sees him. He's a tall teen kid like a high school kid.
He is really badly hurt and is breathing funny. He's got no pants on!
Mikey frowns, he looks real familiar. The boys head lolls sideways and he
stares at Mikey with almost dead eyes. Then in a really scary voice he
screams..,"Mikeyyy! Help meee!!!"And it all comes rushing back to Mikey. Listening to Miss Carol, looking
after Clarkey, building his nest beneath Clarkey's bed coz Miss Carol said
a sorcer was comin!"I'm coming Clarkey!" he reassures the older boy."I gotta wake up!" and so he does.He sits up immediately under the bed. He can tell the bed preteen bbs elwebb
has been moved,
shifted closer to the wall. He can see the shoes black shiny, pointy shoes
of a lady. Sorcer shoes. She is saying nasty words to his friend Clarkey.
She ain't allowed to say bad words like that! Those are sorcer words! He
sees a magic wand is in her hand and she is gonna cast a spell on Clarkey's
body by touching the wand to the tube thing that's sticking out of Clarkey.Just as she's casting her evil spell Mikey pulls the hose thing out. And
the foul magic potion dribbles all over the floor with other stuff that
runs through the tube. That'll learn her for messin with preteen virgin defloration his buddy! The
familiar sound of the machine alarm goes off. Good that will bring Momma
and the others! He turns to confront the sorcer.
The sound of dripping liquid alerts her blurry, still stinging gaze to the
floor. Surely she must be seeing things but there is a little boy standing
next to the bed and he has pulled out the intravenous tubing from Clarke's
body. And now the f king malfunction alarms are preteen sven going off!This cannot be happening! Where did he come from? This then will be the
end game.He turns and faces her fully, looking her up and down. Appraising her in a
way that no child should be able to do. The voice whispers to her. 'This
boy is dangerous. Kill them both, then kill yourself!'"Who are you and how did you get in here? You filthy little beggar!""Hi my name is Mikey and I'm gonna blanquish you now."It's a curious thought but she rages at herself for flinching away from the
look in the boys eyes. It must be the pepper spray, it simply MUST be!
But in his eyes she only sees doom. Doom, doom, doom. No promised
victory, no martyrdom no great honor at the table of unrequited souls as
promised. In that boys eyes there is only emptiness, devastation and
separation from any and all sentient lifeforms forever."Who are you boy that you should stand in judgment over me?""I'm Sir Mikey and you are a underground preteen art sorcer and a dragon lady and I hafta blanquish
you but the old lady told me to let you say sorry and save yourself first.
Do you give up?""Do I give up oh ha ha. Well 'Sir Mikey' this is no children's game and I
will never lower myself to that old b-tch or to some overblown way out of
his depth little child either."Sudden banging on the chain rigged door signals the arrival of the
'cavalry'. Her attention returns to the boy who has not moved."Don't even bother remonstrating with me because I just don't care. I know
it's over for me. You will not win though because I am going to kill you
before I go on to my own reward."He just looks at her, saying nothing, giving her nothing. His chocolate
brown eyes remind her of someone else..,"Oh my beautiful Ryan! It was was all because of you my love. I did it
all for you! My dear sister Aimee, I will not make it home after all but I
shall see you when we feast together with the Master at the table of
unrequited souls. Do your worst sister, do your worst!"Slowly and with resignation she pulls out her gun.
Mr and Mrs Griersen did not remain behind for long after the funeral. They
were overwhelmed by the honor of being invited to sit with the Maxson's as
their guests on the stage. They spent most of the trip back up to
Charleston discussing how amazingly beautiful the service was. They've
never seen anything like it and probably never will again. They drove
carefully through pretty preteens naked
the storm and arrived in Charleston in good order. After
a quick stop at a local burger joint they find themselves back at the
hospital. preteen innocent girl
Both of them very ready to be back beside their beloved son
again. His reconstructive surgeries begin in a weeks time and they have
appointments scheduled for most of this afternoon and tomorrow.As always they look up towards their sons room. It's an instinctive
action. They are surprised to see the figure of a woman outlined clearly
in the window."Why that looks like Georgia?" says Jebediah."She must have driven like the devil to get here.""That's funny." says Dina."I don't recall her saying she would bikini topless preteen be visiting?""What the f-ck!" gasps Jeb. Georgia Lewis' raised hand can be seen
beating downwards on an unseen position that would house Clarke's bed."What the hell is she doing to our son?"He grabs his wife and yells. "She did it! I think she is the one."He races for the main entrance sprinting the years away, the protection of
his son the only thing on his mind. Dina meanwhile is much, much calmer.
Walking swiftly after her husband she gets on the phone and dials the
nurses station on her sons floor. After that she will call the police. In
her mind she hopes she gets to Georgia before the police do.
The moment she mentions the name 'Aimee', it all comes screaming back into
his mind. All the memories, her picking him up, the drinking, what must
have been the spiking of his drink, being raped and tortured by preteens young naked her, being
discarded by her and her helper Principal Lewis. He remembers every
single detail. He begins to scream.
The infernal scream that escapes Clarke's mouth pops the ear drums of both
little Mikey and Georgia Lewis. The nurses vainly attempting to gain
access to the room are taken aback by the incredible howl of anguish, pain
and anger. On Jeb Griersen it has another effect however. It makes him
run faster reaching the door like an avenging bird of prey."We can't get in, someone has chained the door from the inside! I think my
son is in there too. I can hear a womans voice in there." says a
desperate sounding red haired nurse."Bring me an axe from the fire cabinet quickly!" he commands. Another
nurse rushes to comply.Meanwhile in the room the young man in the bed fixes his eyes on the woman
with the gun."You f---king b-tch! Look what you and your b-tch friend did to me!"She laughs and fires her gun. She misses and makes to fire again when the
lights go out. The dull light from the window and a patch of light from
the curtain filtered door cast the room into a very dark shadowy gloom."Where are you little boy? I know it's you who turned the lights out and
it won't help you any. I can still shoot him, watch!"She fires three shots in quick succession at her target and a sudden scream
of pain indicates a clean hit. She exalts in the pure adrenalin rush of
power and sexual release that explodes through her body. She hears the
bathroom door close and lock. She walks over to the en suite door and tries
the handle."Oh you disappoint me 'Sir Coward.' You've left your little friend to the
vultures a ha ha!"The other boy lies motionless in his bed. She takes aim at his mid
section. She's better make sure of things this time. An axe starts
chopping and smashing at the door. She can hear someone calling out that
he is a police officer. No matter, it's too late for them anyway.She registers a clicking sound behind her. It's the bathroom door being
unlocked again. She turns to face the little knight who is not so cowardly
after all but no less stupid."That little room will become your tomb boy." she calls.The door is unlocked but he won't open it. This is no time for Mexican
stand offs. She reaches for the handle and opens the door. She is greeted
by total darkness. She fires into the room regardless hoping to hit him.
A mirror smashes and so does the porcelain of a basin or commode. She
reaches for the light and switches it on. The tomb is empty.Like most victims he is probably hiding in the supply closet. She fires a
couple of bullets into the closet for good measure and hears something
slump and fall over inside the cupboard. She opens it up but it too is
empty. It's at this point in time that she gets an awful feeling that
someone is standing directly behind her.She stands up straight and slowly turns around to be greeted by a face full
of water straight from the fawcet. For a moment she stands still. Like
all people who get splashed suddenly with water she pauses, frozen with
incredulity. But unlike most people she hasn't been doused with just any
kind of water. This water like most hot water in hospitals is close to
boiling point. She doesn't feel it at first, she is numb.And then her face, her neck her eyes begin to burn. Incredible,
indescribable searing pain begins to seep through her cosmetically altered
flesh with an almost deliciously slow progress. It wasn't meant to be like
this. What kind of kid is this? She is even robbed of the soul rending
scream she was about to release because he hits her again with yet another
payload of unbelievably hot water, this time all over her formerly
perfectly coiffed hair. He's standing on a chair this time right next to
her. The audacity!Her head literally sizzles with the pain, her nerves throb in agony as
clear fluid begins to leak from the white blistering that is rapidly
appearing all over her face and neck and now in her hair. She begins to
stagger out through the door gun lying useless, long forgotten on the
ground. Now she can scream and she does as she begins to run holding her
her head in her hands, racing straight for the double glazed windows and
the cold fresh air on offer beyond.The glass panes of the window shatters at the same time as the door. A man
rushes into the room with several police officers and two women close
behind him. He switches the lights back on then he goes straight to his
boy who is motionless but still breathing. His son is bleeding profusely
from his side where he has been shot."Dad is it over yet? Is she dead?"Medical staff rush in and begin the process of immediately trying to assess
and stabilize his son. His wife quietly sobs while models nn preteen holding Clarke's hand."Mom don't cry, I won't die, not for that b-tch!"A little boy comes sauntering out of the washroom whistling tunelessly."Michael! Baby are you alright!" a frantic nurse exclaims."Yes Momma can I have this gun please Mom? I really like it!" he whines."Woah there son, I'll be taking that gun now!" a police officer carefully
collects the weapon from the reluctant boy with his handkerchief."Hey" exclaims a still very alert Clark Griersen."This crazy kid saved my ass!""Clarke, language!" chides Dina."Oh come on Mom I learned it from you haha."Mikey grins at Clarke before returning his attention to the police officer."Hey Mister," says Mikey to the officer."Can I go for a ride in the police car with you?""Sure thing son, I was gonna ask if you and your Mom would join us for a
chat down at the police department. It seems like you're the hero of the
hour!""Gee wow! I can't wait!" says a muffled little boy voice who is now
bundled up in his mothers loving arms.He smiles shyly at Clarke who smiles back before passing out. It's
fortunate that Clarke's pain has finally caused him to pass out. Little
Mikey is the only one who realizes that it marks the final touch of Miss
Carol's guiding hand upon the life of Clarke Griersen. What he decides to
do about the rest of his life is now totally up to him. His parents
anxiously move aside as their son is rushed out of the room toward the
emergency department.Dina and Jeb Griersen glance quickly through the shattered preteen hot leggs window, looking
down upon a broken body four levels below. She's still alive, her limbs
moving pathetically like a crab stuck on its back. Finally she stops
moving. His arms go around his wife and they sag with relief as they trace
their sons path to ER.It's over.
***Georgia Claire Lewis finally stops moving, it will be over soon. She can
hear the voices of shocked bystanders and unemotional trained professionals
around her. What a way to end, her dress up around her waist, boiled head
blistering, body battered and bruised and bones broken to pieces. Bested
by a little boy and his invalid friend. The ignominy of it.Her broken heart shudders in her chest. The end has come and she has
failed. May her sister do better with Felix and Jake. She looks through
her souls eye at preteen nonude gymnastics what awaits her. She can only laugh at what she sees. A
gurgling sound rises up out of her ruined chest."Ah so you lied to me all along Master, I should have known, Just like all
males you offer a paradise and deliver a pit."The voice answers her. She hears it reprimand her for failing to
understand its nature as her master and ultimately her final resting place."You betrayed me Master, you said it would be a place of victory and
eternal satisfaction."That would be last Earthly thought of Georgia Lewis, unloved daughter,
unrequited lover of Ryan Maxson. One time principal of Forkridge High.A majestic presence looks on from above."I gave you a chance girl. I let you come home and entrusted my babies over
to y alls hands. But you could not appreciate the gifts videos porno preteens that were before
you or the blessings that you had."
They've decided to have the meeting a little earlier coz Unca Ry wanted to
get Mr Sixsmith's input and Mr Sixsmith has to preteen panty galleries
pick up his dog from the vet
soon so they shifted it forward to accommodate him.Sure is weird havin this free day off school for the funeral. I ain't
tryin to paint any bad pictures bout the funeral, I'm just sayin how weird
it is not to be in school right now. Dr. Lewis originally gave us only
half a day off and expected us all back in school by at least One o'Clock
but she changed her mind yesterday afternoon and let us take a full day
off. Jake saw this as a very begrudging move on her part. I chose to view
it as a positive overture. I guess it's the ole glass half full thang.Jake did ask me if I wanted to join in on the meeting he and the guys was
about to have with his Dad and Jessica's Dad. But I passed because I
really don't know what to think or how to react to some of the things I've
heard today. Especially about Principal Lewis. I wouldn't take ole Mr
Sixsmith for being one to shoot off at the mouth and his claims about her
appear to be from first hand experience so I got to accept that maybe she
really is kinda crooked.But I still don't think they should make the jump over to Miss Aimee like
they are tryin to. At least not until she's been given the chance to
explain herself.I went and spent a lil time with Jessica and Mark in the library. I wish I
hadn't. Jessica told me that she saw Miss Aimee standing up when she is
meant to be wheelchair bound. OK I accept that it's a lil suspicious on
the face of things. stories preteen gangbang
But just because she's in a asian preteen magazine wheelchair doesn't mean
she can't actually stand! Not all wheelchair users are totally incapable
of standing or even walking short distances. Jessica tried to tell me more
but I had tuned her out by then. She will have her preteen adolescent nudes chance to run both
Dr. Lewis and Miss Aimee into the ground at this meeting thang.I know that's what they are gonna do in this so called 'meeting' that's
goin on right now in Unca Ry's study. I sigh and get up to find a seat
that's closer to the fire. I shiver. The one I've been sitting on is right
on the edge of the warm zone and the temperature outside is dropping to the
point that it can be felt inside. Jake told me that vast areas of this
mindbogglingly cavernous mansion go unheated during the Winter virtually
making it like a freezer depending on where you go.The family spend most of their time in the Southern Wing which nn preteen topsites is closed
off and more self contained and more convenient to 'normal family living'
than the 'State Rooms' of the Eastern and Western Wings because it is
centrally heated. They also have their own 'Quarters' too which can
contain any number of rooms needed for Adam knows what.I moved from the Red and Gold Drawing Room of the Eastern Wing a few
minutes ago coz Mom was telling Grandmaw Maxson and Ma and Pa Jarrow
embarrassing stories bout me. That I can kinda handle but there also
people from school listenin in like Kim and Betsy Lee Meredith Lee who
thankfully left me alone coz she was busy trying to get her hooks into one
of the ROTC guys from WV State.There are people all over the place. Dozens and dozens of them all
chattering away, standing near fireplaces. Sitting at tables eating and
helping themselves to the amazing buffet that has been put on by the
kitchen. They just keep bringing hot steaming favorites out and placing
them on specially heated warmer benches for folks to select. I shiver
again. I would sit at the tables coz there are overhead heaters in the
ceilings radiating warmth down to the diners. But I would only start
eating again and I'm full. There must be eleven or twelve of these state
rooms chock full of people. And that's not including the atrium hall that
they all spill out on to. The biggest fireplace I've ever seen is in the
Atrium and many of Miss Carol's family are gathered around it talkin away
to Unca Ry's Grandaddy and his older brothers who are pretty hot for older
dudes I gotta say!I met some of Jake's cousins too and they are like real nice and I can see
the family resemblance too. His male cousins would have been hot catches
back in the day but I gotta say that the catch I got is by far the best
lookin of the lot. Yeah I'm biased but it don't make it any less true.
Besides they alls way older than he is. I spent a few minutes hangin with
Elroy and some of his cousins. It was kinda funny watchin him act all
homey an all, getting down with some of his brothers from 'Da hood' hehehe.He don't usually act like that but he don't usually got many of his family
with him either. I have noticed two different sections to the Garfield
dynasty. There is a more refined, well spoken and very relaxed section
mainly from California who seem way more comfortable in their suits an all
than I do for example. They also have no qualms in mixing and mingling
with Jake and the older Maxson's either. It's clear they see themselves as
somin akin to Jake's relatives and I think it's mutual from Jake's side
too. For example xxx inocent preteen
Jake's Uncle Bryce has his arm slung over the shoulder of
one of Miss Carol's grandsons who looks about the same age as Bryce. They
are talkin animatedly bout their navy days.Then there is Miss Carol's Georgia and Louisiana family who don't quite
seem to be in the same comfort zone as their California cousins. They are
a lil bit more circumspect and reserved around the Maxson's and around this
place. They ain't as refined as the California lot. Even their looks are
different but I can't exactly put my finger on how that is. I think it's a
comfort thang. They just don't look as comfortable here and I can
empathize with that. I would guess that they are well taken care of coz
the Georgia and Louisiana Garfield's are wealthy too but they just don't
look as comfortable as their West Coast cousins who appear to be the main
branch of the Garfield family. I can tell the Californians are also the
ones who have visited Maxson Eyrie more frequently through the years.
Unless you were born here or have a stake in this place that you feel
secure about, you can never quite overcome the feeling that you are
somewhat out of your depth. I think that if Miss Carol was still here,
some of the Garfield's would feel much more comfortable bout visiting.And so would I but that's not to put down Jake's family coz they are
amazing hosts. Very warm and very approachable perfect hosts and
hostesses. The Maxson's are great at this kind of stuff and they genuinely
want us all to feel real welcome an all but Miss Carol was so much larger
than life and her persona was big enough to stop this massive palace of
luxury from totally short circuiting your mind. I never thought of this
place as scary but since that telephone booth incident I gotta say I am
glad there's all these people about. I know that if Miss Carol was still
alive I wouldn't be afraid of nothin.I'm feeling kinda morose and I don't really know why. I don't even know if
I want to know why! See I told you! I feel sick but I'm not sick. I
wanna be alone but I'm kinda mad at Jake for not being here when I need
him! I guess I'm feeling kinda blue, a lil bewildered and a lil afraid.
Of what I don't know, probably my own shadow. I helped Momma take the kids
to the nursery almost naked preteen earlier to take their naps. I was surprised at just how
many kids were in there but I guess I shouldn't have been with the number
of people visiting today.This place has a baby cr?che, a romper room and nursery for toddlers like
our two and a large play area for older children. I never really noticed
all this until now. I can happily report that this area of the mansion is
completely centrally heated YAY! Jake was meant to have given me the grand
tour but he still hasn't preteen fucking blog gotten around to it. I've only received the
nickel tour so far. I'd estimate that I've only properly seen maybe 35% of
this place max. Shaun and Abigail have probably seen more than me.Speaking of the kids, it was interesting listening in on some of the things
Grandmother Maxson and Miss Dee Dee Garfield was discussin with Grandmaw
Clara-Belle Jarrow and my Momma. They all came down to visit with the
children which was real nice and I tagged along. Grandmother Maxson was
sayin that Miss Carol saw the spark or flame of somin called the 'fifth
dimension' in our kids.Like what in land sakes is that all about? I have been watchin the kids
lately and I gotta admit they sure been coming up with some pretty strange
behavior! Miss Dee Dee said that she has a grand daughter who has the gift
of 'discernment' and they discussed how some people seem to come by these
gifts only at certain times in their lives and other people like Miss Carol
seem to possess these fashion nudes preteen
gifts with great power, all the time.The kids have been clingy and irritable since Miss Carol's funeral service.
They were so well behaved this morning and I was so proud of them. They
were among the very few kids whose parents decided not to leave them at
home with carers or in the Eyrie nurseries with the nannies. I had to wait
till they both fell asleep before I left coz they didn't want me to go
anywhere. I hummed songs to get them to sleep and that's when Miss Dee Dee
said I had the special gift of singing and music jez real preteens virgins like my Aunt Shonta.
I blushed pink and quit singing for a while. preteen teenie nude That's when they began
talking bout psychic preteen nudist fuck powers an all. It was all very intriguingI guess it's been a day of eavesdropping for me coz I've been on the
outside lookin in, listening to all these interesting conversations. I
feel like all my senses have been placed on high alert. I can hear
conversations all the way across littletop xxx preteen
the room, conversations that usually I
wouldn't hear. I can see with more clarity than I have ever experienced,
everything seems so much larger than life and crystal clear. Everything is
so colorful so beautiful, I have never seen such vivid color in all my
life. Wow! imagine everything looking like this on a wonderful Summers
day!I can feel waves of something washing over me and pulsing through me. What
is that? What's happening to me? I have felt this waving pulsing
sensation only one time before when I had a fever. But I don't feel
feverish, I just feel incredibly aware, alert and anticipatory.. My soul
is bursting with the desire to do something, to shout, to run, to jump or
sing! I want to sing. I can hear snippets of song rifling through my
mind. Beautiful untouchable songs that slip past the utmost edges of my
consciousness.The Jarrow clan is well known for its songwriting and singing gifts. Two
people who could definitely have helped me through this situation, Aunt
Shonta and Miss Carol have died. Maybe I need to go find somewhere quiet
to sit down or lie down and rest? Maybe I'd be best to go to Jake's
quarters.A sonic boom that only I detect blows through my mind and I'm nifty star preteen left seeing
stars. What's going on? I look around me trying to discover if anybody
has noticed all this weird stuff going on or at least my weird behavior but
nobody seems to be giving me any funny looks. Nobody notices lil ole me.
I chuckle to myself and hang my lip.My minds made up. I'm goin to lie down on Jake's warm inviting bed. Maybe
a quick nap will do me the world of good. I don't feel like mixing and
mingling no more. I look up to the Heavens. I'm sorry Miss Carol for not
bein at my best this afternoon and I don't wanna be cranky around all these
good people. Many of these good people will be here well into the dark
time hours and of course all of the Garfields are staying here. I ain't
gonna tell nobody where I'm goin. They'll find me if they need me. I
quickly slip away into the service corridor that leads to the back service
elevator. I get a chill up my spine, it's cold but I'm also just bein
paranoid coz everything seems kinda scary right now.I comfort myself by remembering bout how Jake carried me up to his lair in
this here elevator the first time. Ding! I stride out into the well lit
but cold service passage and walk down to the door that enters his
bathroom. I'm just about to enter the access code when my phone pulses in
my pocket. It's been switched off most of the day for obvious reasons. I
had it on pulse but it hasn't rung until now. I don't recognize the
number."Uh hello?""Felix?, Is that you Felix darling?""Uh yes, umm Miss Aimee?" (I forgot that I had given her my number just in
case we needed to quickly confer bout our projects)"Oh thank God Felix I got hold of you! Thank God!""Wha-why Miss Aimee? What's goin on? Have they caught Clarke's attacker?
Has Clarke remembered who did it?""Oh goodness no, at least not yet. But what I have to tell you is related
to that Felix, it's terrible terrible news for me!""Terrible news? Bout what Miss Aimee, are you crying? What are you crying
for?""No matter about that Felix. I need you to do something very important for
me. And I need your absolute confidence, that is to say you must not tell
another living soul about this. Please Felix it's deadly important and I'm
devastated enough as it is.""Uh OK, yeah I won't tell nobody but I still ain't sure whether I should
help you until you tell me what this is all about?""Oh you can help me, it's a very simple task it's just that time is against
me that's all. Felix, I left my camera in the disabled persons bathroom up
there near the ballroom and I NEED that camera right now. You are still at
the mansion queen nude preteen aren't you?""Yes I am still here, why do y all need that camera right now for?""Felix I just need you to return my camera to me at Principal Lewis' house
immediately, I need that camera and you're the only one I can trust who
will bring it to me.""What? What is on it Miss Aimee? What's going on? ""OK listen very carefully Felix, What I've got to tell you is crucially
important. I've been involved in an undercover operation all this time and
I have discovered who tried to kill Clarke!""WHAT?!? I don't understand, what do you mean?""Oh my God Felix it's preteens young handjob my own best friend Georgia!""WHAT!?! We gotta call the Sheriff! OH MY GOD!!!""No you must not tell anybody!, I don't know how deep this goes. Something
is very wrong in this town Felix and the Sheriff and Georgia are at the
center of it. She and the Sheriff are in on this together!""No that can't be possible, I don't believe you! Jessica told me that you
can really walk....""Yes I really can walk Felix, it was just part of my cover.""What did you need a cover for?"So that people would let down their defenses around me and it has worked
Felix!""Huh?""Look please just bring my camera to Georgia's house before she gets back
from Charleston. She said she had to go to Charleston. I need to upload
evidence of what I have found here before she a nd the Sheriff return.I fear that he will take my camera and all my photos before I try to leave,
so it's best to upload everything. All you need to do is drop it off and
then you can go. I think they are on to me Felix! They might kill me!"
she begins to sob hysterically."Oh please Miss Aimee don't cry! I will help but I'm scared Miss Aimee,
can I tell Jake?""No don't tell anyone else Felix! Do not be afraid sweet boy, you have the
protection of the Maxson's, The Sheriff and Georgia would think twice
before doing anything to you and besides if you hurry they will never
know!""But why don't you tell Grandpa Maxson or Uncle Ryan or why don't I?""No Felix, you know they wouldn't believe me, they are against me but only
you know all the facts. Please Felix, come over and help me and then once
I have uploaded the info to the net, nobody can destroy the evidence and
then we can properly convince the Maxson's."Why don't I just upload it from here then Miss Aimee?""It won't work, because the password to the upload site includes voice
activation and won't accept a feed from two machines trying to use the same
pass code."What all she just said goes blowing over my head and finally, I acquiesce."OK I am coming and I will bring the camera.""Thank you so much Felix, you have no idea how much this means to me...""It's alright Miss Aimee, I am on the way.""Fantastic, remember don't tell anyone, they might inadvertently tip off
the Sheriff.""Don't worry Miss Aimee, I'll see you soon, I'm hangin up now. You can
count on me!"She hangs up the phone and turns towards her confidant."He said I could count on him, but that's not the only thing I will be
doing on his beautiful young body."The voice congratulates her on her cleverness and reminds preteen vouyer pics her of the
rewards that await her."Oh thank you Master, although I will have to be a little faster. Once
they discover what Georgia has done to the Griersen boy, they will be
surrounding this house before we know it.Aimee thinks about Jake Maxson. She and Georgia decided it would be a
little too hard to trick him into being anywhere alone with them so they
concluded that they would have to make do with the apparent love of his
life. Sometimes it's better to let people live. The suffering they have
to endure afterwards is exquisite all in it's own special way isn't it?
Besides there is still a great chance that they will banned preteen nudes be able to lure him
into the house as he tries to come to the rescue of his lover, which no
doubt he will. Either way he will suffer greatly."We'll just have to make the time won't we Master? Why not go out with a
bang? Tonight after all is our last night on Earth. Hahaha!" she
exclaims into the darkness surrounding her, encroaching on her."Tonight will also be the last night on Earth for the young Jarrow boy.""We may have been thwarted the first time round by that old black crone,
but we won't be tonight. Once that door is locked, he will be ours and
nobody will be breaking in anytime soon - a ha ha ha ha!" she bellows."Oh yessss, we'll have our fun with brazilian preteen nudist
him and then by time they get in here,
all three of us will have l eft this world." She pours herself a drink and
sits back to await the arrival of the boy and then the return of her dear
friend.As the little blue Toyota Echo pulls into the yard, Aimee quickly steps
away and hides behind the reinforced bedroom door, her gun at the ready."It's show time darling." she murmurs to herself.He knocks on the open front door, "Ummmm hello? Miss Aimee?""Oh Felix I'm so glad!" she calls."I'm in here, second room on your right.""OK I have y alls camera just like I promised!""Oh goody, just step into this room and I will set everything up to be
transferred."And so he walks into a chamber of impending death. And as he enters a door
begins to close on the room and on his life.***JESSICAI've always found it curious how certain people, some of them being my
friends like to joke about going to Hell. They seem to think that they
will enjoy it down there. They even believe that they will be able to
choose what kind of Hell they will exist in.This is a dangerous assumption. To my mind Hell is a place where things
will eternally be whatever you do NOT want them to be. Personally, I could
not think of anything worse.And one other thing. The devil won't be their jailer. He is in fact, just
another prisoner. Albeit for some, he was also the bait.Please join me again for the final chapter~
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