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Related post: Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 17:19:12 -0400
From: Scott Westwood
Subject: Butch's Story- Chaper 3WARNING:
This story contains sexual acts between boys. If this is not to your tastes,
and/or is illegal in your area please do not read any further.The story is copyrighted. Please do not distribute it to any newsgroups
and/or web-sites without permission from the author. little pedo nymphet
You may, however, send
it to your friends in any form you wish, as long as no changes are made to
this file.This series of stories is true to the best of my recollection. The events
actually happened but some of the names and other identifying information
have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.Constructive comments and suggestions are appreciated. Flames will be
cheerfully (and totally) ignored.Butch's Story- Chapter 3
(True, BB, b/B, bb, discipline, spanking, oral, cbt, bd, sm)
Copyright © 2004 by Scotty Westwood*********************************************Chapter 3- Butch's Secret BoxSo, there we were.It was late Sunday afternoon and Butch was standing in front of me...
naked... with his hands behind his head and legs spread wide. His athletic
body was glistening with sweat and, that damn musky smell was still
everywhere.Needless to say, I was still in the grips of that "warm" feeling that had
been leading me on all afternoon.I also knew that we didn't have a whole lot of time. Butch's parents were at
some church thing with his two brothers and they would be back soon... and,
I would be called in for supper soon.Yet, there it was, Butch's wonderful naked body, right in front of me. Oh
yes, and, as incredible as it may seem, youngest nymphet sites
there was the fact, that he once
again had this huge boner! Dang! Butch always korea nymphet seemed to be boned when he was
naked in front of me... even after he had just shot.My own little boner pressed hard against the white briefs under my shorts. I
smiled at Butch, then leaned back on the bed and smiled."Okay Butch-man, nymphets 10 years I think I want to watch underage nymph chill
you play with yourself for awhile,
the way you do when no one can see you."Butch blushed a little then lowered his hands. He started rubbing his chest
with one hand while he gently squeezed his cock and balls.I sat there wide eyed, as he continued.It didn't take long for his deep breathing to start. He seemed to forget
that I was right there as he dropped to his knees and increased the speed of
his hands on his chest and on and around his cock and balls.I couldn't help myself, and started squeezing my own cock through my shorts.Though he seemed totally lost in the feeling, Butch raised his head and
looked at me. He had that same pleading look I had seen when we had done the
slow tortures on him that always ended in him shooting."Hey, Scott-ster, do you want me to jack-off?"Now, as strange as it may seem, this was actually the first time I had heard
that term and understood what it meant. I had heard some older guys use the
term "jack-off" before but nymphets land pics had not yet made the connection. Up till now, the
way I had heard it used was... "You jack-off!" Like the typical boy, I, of
course, laughed when I heard it, and acted like I knew what it meant."Yea!" I smirked.Then, I watched, in total fascination as Butch proceeded to "jack-off!"He took hold of his cock with one hand, and started to stroke it. His other
hand moved around. One moment he was rubbing his nipples... then rape asia nymphets his inner
thighs... then his balls... his pubes... his stomach... and so on.He spread his legs wide, and then leaned back as he increased the speed of
his stroking. His breathing came in short deep breaths and he began to moan
loudly.I was completely mesmerized by Butch's little show and almost let it go to
far.Fortunately, for me at least, I snapped out of it and fell back into my
special role.I looked at Butch and declared, "Okay Butch... STOP NOW! No shooting unless
I say it's okay!"I jumped to my feet and pulled Butch's hand away from his cock.Butch sat back up and looked me in the eye. It was a look, I will never
forget.There he was, "Mr. Jock"... "Mr. Quarterback"... naked... on his knees...
with a huge boner.Staring at me with these imploring begging eyes.Man, talk about feeling "the power!" It was a power I'd feel many times in
the years ahead. A power that came when I managed to get a guy in that
situation. Gay or straight, get a guy to that point, and he'll do just about
anything you want. And I do mean anything.I patted vombat nymphets bbs Butch on the head and said, "Awww, my Butch-man, would you like to
shoot again?"Butch looked up at me and said pleadingly, "Oh yes.. please Scotty!"
I smiled, lover of nymphets wrapped my hand around his neck and forced his face up sharply."What did you call me slime ball?"Heck, I have no idea where that came from, it just did.Butch swallowed and then stammered, "Oh, sorry... Scott-ster.. sir... can I
shoot again?"Gosh, looking back, it seems so clear now, and I am blown away by how
quickly my instincts came into play.I looked at Butch and laughed in a nasty way."Sure Butch, but it's gonna cost you!"I took a few moments to pass my eyes around his kneeling naked body. His
hands were now resting on his thighs and I sensed they were just aching to
get back to what they were doing.He looked up at me, and whimpered, "Come on Scott... Sir... lovely nymphets login you know I'll do
ANYTHING you want... so name it... and I'll do it!"I stepped back and looked at him again.Man, that hot feeling came all over me, and I gave in completely.I opened the closet door, rummaged around and pulled out some pieces of
rope.Butch's eyes grew wide."Put your hands behind you back... NOW!" I shouted.He snapped his hands behind his nymphet naked fuck back and I quickly proceeded to tie them
together. I was getting reading to move from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts,
and had already learned some good knots.When I was done, I stepped back and took yet another moment to admire my
work.Butch really looked great like that. On his knees, with nymphet top sex
his legs spread
wide... his hands tied behind his back... and, with that ever present boner
of his... sticking almost straight up.I decided it was time for me to tease him some more.I winked at him, then forever nymphets
I took a "dramatic" stand right in front of him. You
might say it was a "seductive" stand, but I didn't know it at the time.I smiled and then slowly pulled off my shirt and began rubbing my hand over
my flat chest as he had down to himself.It produced the reaction my instincts were looking for... Butch's cock
twitched and bounced.So, I continued.I kicked off my sneaks... and pulled off my socks.Butch's eyes grew wide as I held onto one of my socks and smiled at him.His breathing seemed to grow faster and so I went with my "feelings."
"Hey Butch, are you liking what you see? You like my socks?"Butch lowered his eyes in embarrassment.It was a sign I recognized then... and one that would stay with me.So I took my sock, stepped closer to Butch and held it right in front of his
nose.He took deep breaths and looked like he would feint.Damn, I filed that in my memory and stepped back."You like that smell Butch?" I demanded.Butch thought for just a moment and nodded.I laughed and said, "Well, maybe you should show me just how much you like
it."Butch quivered.Like I said, I was totally caught up with those instincts now...
I extended my bare foot and said, "Go ahead Butch, smell my foot... better
yet... taste it!"Butch looked at me with wild eyes, then, leaned down and stared smelling my
foot.It took almost no time before he was licking my toes.Now, at this point, if I was old enough to shoot my own sperm, it probably
would have happened. I mean really, how many times does a little squirt like
me have the junior varsity quarterback... naked... on his knees... hands
tied behind his back... licking his toes!Somehow, I resisted the temptation to let those "warm feelings" reach their
fruition. I wanted even more.I let Butch lick both of my feet, and stepped back yet again.The feeling of power was incredible.Butch was sweating once more. And I mean really sweating.What's more, his cock looked like it would explode and had that great purple
color all over again.I laughed and teased."Well Butch, you know, I guess it's not fair that you are the only one naked
here..."Butch looked at me and shook."So, would you like me to be naked too, Butch-man?"I didn't wait for a response.Butch's eyes were all over me as I slowly unbuttoned the waistband... and
peeled off my shorts.As soon as I tossed my shorts aside, and stood before him, wearing just my
white briefs, I could tell his adolescents teen nymphet
eyes were locked on my little bulge.Again, I felt the power."So Butch, do you want to see my little boner?" I chuckled.Butch blushed and nodded.I laughed and declared, "That's going to cost you too!"Butch stammered, "Come on Scott!... just do it!"Well, I was so excited that I didn't care about the "right" thing to do.I grabbed hold of the waistband of my tight white briefs, and pulled them
down.. very slowly.
Needless to say, Butch's eyes popped about the same time as my hard little
cock bounced free.I watched his face as I pulled my briefs down and stepped out of them. His
eyes never left my cock and balls.So, there we were.. both naked.. both excited as hell.My mind was racing like crazy.I really wanted to see Butch finish "jacking himself"...But nymphet illegal
I also knew... somehow... that I had to make him earn it by doing
something...Well, it didn't take me long to figure it out!I stepped back... reclined on my back on the lower bunk... and declared,
"Okay Butch, give me a tongue bath... NOW!"I turned my head and watched as Butch crawled over to me.It was a little
awkward with his hands naked nymphets jpg
tied behind his back, but he managed.
And, then it began! Butch started licking me all over.He started with underage nymphette my feet.. licking every toe.. then ran his tongue all over
my legs. DAMN, it felt so good. Oh, and he really was a tease too!He'd run his tongue up one thigh.... Make me think he was gonna do my
"privates" next... And then he'd do the other thigh!After that.. he ran his tongue from my thigh... asain nymphets across my leg joint and all
the way up to my chest. Hell, it was like he wanted to eat me.Anyway... after he got done licking my chest... and armpits... he ran his
tongue down to my navel and licked it like mad.I, of course, was going crazy. I could barely speak.And THAT, is when it happened!Butch ran his tongue from my navel... all the way to the base of my cock.He started to lick my cock and balls and then paused.I managed to look down at his face as he inquired, "Do you want me to suck
you?"HELL.... My mind whirled!Until now we had done licking and kissing! But never anything as gross...
and or daring as "sucking."And yet, as excited as I was, it was, a dumb question."Yea, Butch, SUCK me!" I stammered.The next thing I knew, Butch was all over me.First, he licked my little balls.Then he sucked them.Then, he licked my cock up and down...And finally, to my surprise and delight, he leaned over and took my hard
little cock into nymphets naked girls russian
his mouth!I remember how excited I was as he sucked my boner like it was a popsicle.And it seemed more exciting by the fact his own hands were tied behind his
back.I started shaking as the warm feeling grew stronger. Butch must have sensed
it, cause he started sucking harder and faster. The next thing I knew, it
seemed that all the muscles in my body were getting tight. I held my breath
and felt an explosion of pleasure deep in my groin."MUUUU...AGGGHHHH... EEEEH!" I moaned as the feeling overwhelmed me. I
wanted it to last forever. Sure I had felt something similar before after I
had played with myself for awhile. But this was different. It was much more
intense.All too soon, the feeling was gone and I caught my breath.I looked over at Butch. He was grinning at me."Man, Butch, that felt so good!" I panted.Butch laughed and said, "Don't worry Scott-ster, it just keeps getting
better. Just wait until you're old enough to shoot."It took me a few minutes to recover from the intense feelings. Butch sat
back on his legs and waited patiently.My mind was a jumble of thoughts. Though I was pretty young, I was very
bright and it didn't take me long to make a sudden and important connection.
As I indicated, I had managed to achieve similar feelings before, but never
as intense as this one. The obvious difference was the fact that this one
happened when Butch was sucking me.Though that seemed important, I realized that the fact I was MAKING Butch do
this stuff excited me too. In fact, the most intense feelings came as I was
dreaming about some rather tough tortures to use on Butch.
I looked over at Butch... kneeling with his hands tied behind his back and
with his cock sticking straight up. It was like we had not done anything
yet. Those warm feelings returned, and I was anxious to do more.I jumped out of the bunk and stood in front of Butch."Bring me my underpants Butch-man. Right now!" I demanded.Butch looked around the trailer and spotted my undies laying on the floor
near the closet door. It didn't take long for acrobatic nymphet top him to figure out how I
expected him to bring them too me.He crawled on his knees, bent down, picked up my briefs with his teeth and
then crawled back to me.Once again I took a moment to enjoy what I was seeing. It was so teens under nymphettes neat seeing
Butch kneeling like that with my briefs hanging from his mouth. It was
pretty obvious that the whole thing was exciting for Butch as well. His flat
muscular chest was heaving as he breathed deeply, and his cock was
throbbing.I laughed and pulled my undies out of his mouth and started twirling them
around."Wow, Butch-man, it looks like you really like my underwear!"I reached down and tapped his super hard cock with my hand as I waved my
undies in front of his face.Butch dropped his eyes as he blushed.I sensed I was on to something important.I laughed again."You know Butch, come to think of it, it appears that you like underwear in
general. I mean, you really seemed excited when we put that sweaty jock
strap over your face. I mean REALLY excited!"I tried my best to deliver a nasty laugh."Muhahahahaha!"Butch glanced at me quickly, and lowered his eyes. He looked like he was
afraid to speak. Of course, he didn't have to. His cheeks were red with
I smiled, reached down, took hold of his chin and forced him to look up at
me."That's okay Butch. I understand. Admit it!"He looked into my eyes and then muttered, "Yea Scott-ster, you know I do...
and it does scare me a little that you know that."I looked back and squeezed his chin."Yea Butch, I understand... but there's something else too... isn't there?"He looked a little confused.I grabbed his hard cock and squeezed."It excites you so much that you want more of the same!" I whispered.His quick glance said it all!I glared back at him for a moment, gave his cock a nasty squeeze and then
let go.Now, like I said, I was pretty bright and it took me no time at all to
recognize that teases and threats were all part of this exciting thing I was
doing with Butch.I held my white briefs in front of Butch and said teasingly, "So Butch,
should I stretch my stinky underwear over your face... or make you wear them
for awhile?"His eyes grew nymphets small top wide.I thought about both possibilities.My under shorts were clearly several sizes too small for him, and I pictured
how much fun it would be to see him squirming in them. Especially when he
had one of his big boners.
But, I figured that could wait.I smiled, spread my undies wide, and pulled nymphets lollipop them over Butch's face so that
the part that covered my cock and balls was over his nose and mouth. He
started breathing heavier again, and of course his cock was twitching.I reached down and forced his knees much further apart. Kneeling like that
with his knees spread so wide, was clearly a little bit of a struggle. I
patted the inside of his thighs and slid my hand up to his balls. Then, in
one quick motion I grabbed hold of his hard cock and squeezed."Damn, Butch, looks like you really like my undies a lot!"
He trembled and mumbled something that was like a puppy dog's whimper as I
felt his cock throb in my hand.
"Go ahead Butch-man, have you cock show my hand just how much it likes my
hand!" I chuckled.He started breathing deeper and began pumping his groin back and forth, so
that his cock would slide through my hand. I loosened by grip just enough to
allow his nice boner to slide in and out of my hand.It was a little bit of a struggle with his legs spread like that, his thigh
muscles were strained, but he kept on pumping."So, Butch, nymphets mpegs just how often do you jack-off?" I snickered.He took a deep breath and managed to croak a response, "Uh... almost every
day... huh... huh...."I tightened my grip a little and asked, "When do you usually do it Butch?"Again, the panted response, "Oooh... uhhh, usually in the moment when I...
ahhh... wake up... and... ahh... ohhh..."He was pumping faster now and I felt a desperate throbbing up and down his
boner, so I pulled my hand away.Butch moaned loudly and kept pumping his cock in the air, desperately trying
to find my hand.I demanded, "And when else Butch?"He sounded like he was ready to cry as he blurted out, "Ahhhh... usually
right after football practice, when I get home... uhhhhhh."I waited."Ahhhh... and sometimes late at night as nymphets pic 9 I fall asleep..."Man, was on in fine form or what. The more I did with Butch the more I felt
the "power!" So much of it just seemed to come from my instincts which were
now on fire.Again, I paused to consider the model nymphets galleries whole situation. Years later, Butch would
confess to me that he thought I was the "Master of the Pause", and how
excited he became during those moments when I said nothing, or did nothing.
He said his mind raced through all kinds of thoughts about the nasty things
I was planning for him, which made the whole thing even more exciting.For the moment though, all I was doing was enjoying myself. Once again, I
eyed that great naked jock body, kneeling with his hands bound and my undies
over his face. And of course, his huge boner, begging to shoot. It was
incredible.If I had any fears, it was that I would push too far, and have it all end.
With Butch, that was never really an issue, though it did take me sometime
to fully accept it. Hell the more I tortured him, or humiliated him, the
more he seemed to want. That included fooling with his mind as well by
threatening him nudes nymphets models with all manner of things.Looking at Butch, in that desperate state, it occurred to me, that this was
one of the russian young nymphet pics
best times to clarify and fine tune our little contract.
"You know Butch, nymphet picture collections I have been thinking about our contract, and I think we
need clarify one little thing," I bbs nymphets index gallery whispered as I grabbed his balls.Butch took a deep breath."As I recall the words of the deal... 'The only real limitation is that I
can not make you do anything that would get you in trouble at home, or cause
you to be embarrassed publicly in school or in front of friends or other
guys who know you'... right?"Butch managed a nod.I squeezed his balls and tapped the tip of his throbbing cock."But you know Butch-man, I don't think that should include members of our
After all, they've already seen you do... you know... 'stuff' anyway... I
would never tell them the full deal... of course... and just tell them you
lost a strip game... or a bet... whatever, you know they can keep a secret!"
I whispered louder.I ran the tip of my finger around the tip of Butch's cock. He started
pumping again.I smiled and said, "So I guess it's a deal then?"Butch started breathing really hard. I can only imagine what he was
thinking, but I am sure that his mind was filled with images of him being
made to do tiny girls nymphets all kinds of things in front of some of the other guys."Well?" I almost shouted.Butch sucked in a deep breath and managed, "Ohhh... yes... whatever you
say!"I laughed and grabbed his hard cock."You sure Butch-man?"He immediately started pumping my hand and groaned through clenched teeth,
"YES! YES! YES!, anything you want!"I smiled and said, "Then it's a deal!"Butch nodded quickly, "YEA!"
I leaned closer, and squeezed his pumping cock a little harder as I
whispered in his ear, "Of course you know Butch, Skippy and Mikey are both
members of our club!"MAN, did I have the feel or what.Butch's body trembled violently as he rammed his cock in and out of my hand
really fast. Before I knew what was happening, I felt that rush in his
aching hardon."AHHHHGGGH... SHITTTTTTTT!" he shouted, as once more the white stuff spurted
from the tip of his throbbing cock. It wasn't a lot, but it did seem to just
keep coming in little bits and Butch was jerking his body like a wild man.Once again I smiled, as it occurred to me that I had stumbled onto an
important, and useful piece of information. It was pretty darn clear, that
the Butch-man got extremely excited by just the thought of being humiliated
and tortured in front of his two younger brothers.Needless to say, I would make use of that.I let Butch catch his breath, and then pulled my underwear off of his face.
I looked into his eyes. I guess I was still afraid I'd see anger, but there
was none. There was just this sort of dreamy look.I figured we had better wrap things up, got dressed quickly and the untied
Butch.He asked me if he could get dressed, and I said yes. So he did.Once we were both dressed, we cleaned up the trailer, and then just sat
around for awhile and talked about dumb stuff. Though my insecurities called
to me to get Butch to confirm everything was okay, I some how managed to
resist the urge.The next thing we knew, Butch's family was home and it was time for me to
go.As we walked across the back yard, Butch gave me a pat on the head."Good job Scott-ster," he teased.I smiled and then turned to head home... but then stopped and stared back at
Butch.[PAUSE]He looked at me and giggled, "So?"[PAUSE]I gave him the most devilish look I could muster and then delivered yet
another "inspired" command."Uh, Butch... no jacking or nymphet tiny teens shooting until I say you can!"[PAUSE]I smiled. "Got it?"Butch's eyes widened."I mean it Butch-man! NONE! Unless I say you can!"Now, looking back, once again, it appears that my instincts were smarter
than me.Butch smiled broadly... snapped to attention and said, "Yes Sir!"Then he turned and trotted off.I headed towards the fence between our back yards and considered the last
few moments... and was it possible that I had seen yet another rise in
Butch's shorts.And so, the real fun with Butch began.THE ROUTINEWell, I guess it's time to explain what the routine was like in the
neighborhood.During the fall football season, Butch had practice just about everyday
after school. As long as the weather stayed somewhat warm, the "after
practice routine" remained the same. One of the team fathers who lived down
the street
had a pickup truck. So, he'd swing by practice and pickup his son Todd,
along with a couple of other guys from our block. Butch was one of them.The guys road home in the back of the truck, dirty practice uniforms and
instead of showering and changing at the school.I remember those days fondly.The truck would stop next door, and Butch would hop out of the back and wave
goodbye.I was usually rushing to finish my homework, or just hanging out waiting for
the sound of the truck. As soon as I heard it, I'd rush to the window.I'd watch young nue nymphet as Butch walked towards his house, still wearing that grungy
football uniform and carrying his illegal nymphet nue helmet. Damn, he looked so great.This was one of those typical days and was also just two days after that
special meeting with Butch and David. I had a music lesson the first day,
and didn't see Butch.Now, as luck would have it, on this day I was done with my homework and was
therefore free to rush out of the house.I hurried over to Butch's house and was pleased to see there were no cars in
the driveway. That meant that his parents were both still at work. So, I
didn't even bother to knock and just ran inside and upstairs to Butch's
room.When I got there, Butch had just finished taking off his jersey and shoulder
pads. He was wearing just his uniform pants teens nonnude nymphet and socks and was in the
process of unlacing his pants.I laughed and shouted, "Hey stop that!"Butch looked up in mock surprise. I know he had heard me coming up the
stairs.He dropped his hands pedo nymphet profiles and stood there looking at me.Man, he looked so great.His hair was plastered down on his head and his chest glistened with sweat.
His pants were spattered with mud that also showed on the bare part of his
legs, between his knees and the top of his socks.[PAUSE] Hahahaha.I glared at him, and then said sternly, "WELL?"Butch shrugged his shoulders, then, to my reassuring pleasure, turned fully
towards me, spread his legs, put his hands behind his head and said, "Yes
sir!"I looked him up and down and gave him a nasty smile."So, Butch-man, you home alone for awhile?"Butch swallowed and stammered, "Uh, yes! My dad's working til midnight. Mom
and Skippy are at some band parents thing for dinner, and Mikey is still at
his practice but should be home in about a half hour."I laughed and said, "Take off your socks and pants, Mr. Butch-man!"Like the wild-eyed young boy I was, I watched in nasty anticipation as Butch
stripped nymphets y o links
off his socks and pants, tossed them on the floor and returned to
the position with his hands behind nymphet art photography his head and legs spread wide.He was, of course, still wearing his jockstrap and I could tell it was
pretty sweaty. I took my time looking at him. It was great seeing him in
just a jock, all sweated and worn out from football practice, and standing
like that. My mind was of course going wild with thoughts of so many things
I wanted to have Butch do, and/or do to him.Butch watched with wide eyes as I walked over and stood beside him."So, Butch, did you follow the orders I gave you about not jacking off? I
whispered."Yes, SIR!" he announced sort of proudly.I patted the front of his jock and was pleased to feel that he had a huge
boner. I pulled the waistband out and looked inside.Sure enough, Butch's cock was standing up like a flagpole and was pressing
against that every growing bunch of pubic hairs. I let the band snap back
and whispered again."Hmmmm, isn't this about the time you usually jack-off Butch-man?"He responded with an enthusiastic "Yes Sir!"I could tell that even this little bit of talk was already getting to young little nymphet toplists him,
his breathing became a little deeper."You know, Butch, I think it's about time you shared some things with me!" I
laughed and patted him on the front of his boner filled jock.He quivered.Looking back yet again, I realize that what happened next was an exploration
of yet another way to use humiliation to further control and fun too. As
I've said many time, I did not realize that at the time. It just sort of
came to me and it felt OH SO GOOD!"So here's what I want you to do Butch-man!" I said raising my voice for
effect."You show me how you usually jack-off after football practice... and
everywhere you do it... and, oh yea, just keep that jock on for now, I
don't want you to actually jack just yet... just show me exactly what you
do!"I stepped back and glared at him. Boy was it great.Butch was blushing like crazy and was shaking. He looked at me with this
most imploring look.
"Oh man Scott-ster, ... do I really have to? It's... uh... pretty
embarrassing... you know?"I smile at him and felt a jolt of power... not to mention that warm feeling
in my
own groin."Hahahaha, come on Butch, a deal's a deal... we have a contract and all...
unless you are wanting to back out already!"I tried my best to sound threatening, and then held my breath. child nymphet models
I sensed,
that if Butch did this, the contract would be even more solid, and, my power
over him would underage nymphets free
just increase.I was so scared he wouldn't do it, but tried very hard not to show it.
Butch looked at me and considered.[PAUSE]He looked desperate for me to say something else.I didn't.[PAUSE]I looked at him. His face was really red now. Finally, he managed a sheepish
response."Uh... every way, and every place, right?"I nodded.He thought some more, and then it came to me."Uh, Butch... have you jacked off after practice at other places besides
ones here at home?"Butch's eyes said it all.I laughed."Hahahaha, well, okay, we'll get to those... for now, let's deal with the
ones here! Got IT?" I half shouted.Butch could only manage an embarrassed nod.He just stood there for a moment, then he turned his head to me and
inquired, "Ah... images nymphet should I go ahead and start?"MAN, that "warm feeling" was almost too much.I smiled and said, "Yea, Butch, go ahead... show me how and all the places
you "jack-off" after practice!"I was really starting to like the term "jack-off."Butch looked back at me and swallowed.He was really, really blushing, and yet I could see his cock was really,
really hard in his sweaty jock.And so it began!Butch lo nymphet gallery
snapped to attention and then ran over to his bed.He knelt on the bed, lowered his hand to his jock and made a "jack-off"
motion."This is one way," he announced illegal incest nymphets somewhat defiantly.I smiled and let him wait.It occurred to me that Butch really wanted to rip off his jock, grab hold of
his cock and jack off right now, with me lovely nymphets info watching.I felt the power... smiled and said, "Okay, where else?"Butch shrugged, thought just a second, then jumped off the bed and laid down
on the floor on his back.He stared at me and considered for a moment.THEN...He spread his arms and legs wide in this huge "spread-eagle" fashion...
waited a second... and then moved his right hand down to near his jock and
did the same "mock" jacking motion.Damn!That warm feeling came to me in a big way."Uh, Butch, tell me more about this one.. cause it looks sort of like you
are tied spread like that..."He blushed some more, then mumbled, "I, uh, sort of imagine that I am tied
up... and being... you know... uh..."I gave him this teasing look, "You mean, tortured, Butch?"He looked up at me at said sheepishly, "Yea."I sat down on the floor next to him and asked, "Do you try to torture
yourself Butch?"He gulped and nodded.I smiled and said, "Okay, show me what you do."Butch hesitated just a little then proceeded to explain the things he did to
himself while in that position. In fact, it sounded like he really did want
to tell me. The more he explained, the more excited he became.He got up long enough to pull a box out from under his bed. He put in on the
floor and sat down next to it. Then he took four 7 15 nymphet pieces of rope from the box
and tied two to the two bottom legs of his bed and the other two to the legs
of his desk. He laid the ropes out on the floor and it was pretty clear what
he was planning."Uh, Scott, do you want me to do it, the full way? Cause if I do, I should
take off my jock strap."I didn't know what the "full way" was, but it did sound very exciting."Yea, Butch, I want to see it all, and I mean all! Exactly russian nymphets art like you do it."I tried to sound bossy.Butch shrugged his shoulders, blushed some more, then continued as I watched
in fascination.He positioned the box on the floor, about halfway between his bed and desk.
He pulled off alfasex acrobatic nymphets
his jock and laid it next to the box. Then he sat down on the
floor. There was no question he was excited. His cock was sticking straight
up and was looking painfully hard.Next he spread his legs out and extended them towards the ropes that were
tied to his desk. He leaned down one leg, just like one of his football
stretching exercises, grabbed the end of the rope, and quickly tied it
around his ankle. He did the same to his other ankle. It was a little bit of
a struggle and he grunted as he tied them.As soon as he was done, he slid himself back and sort of crawled on his but
away from the desk, so that the ropes were very tight and his legs spread
wide."Now comes the hard parts," he said as he took a deep breath.I smiled and asked, "You like doing this... I mean, like this?"He looked a little embarrassed, even after all we had already done and
looked down.
"Yea, Scott-ster... he gets me really excited. I know it's sort of bad and
all... and please don't tell anyone, okay? You're the only one who knows,
except for Mikey. He caught me doing it once. But please, don't say
anything," he leaded."Of course, not, Butch-man. It'll be our total secret."He breathed a sigh of relief then proceeded. I, of course, filed the fact
that Mikey knew away in my memory. I wanted to hear more about that.At this point, it looked like Butch just put me out of his mind, and
continued like I wasn't even there. He reached in the box and pulled out a
crumpled pair of white briefs. They seemed pretty small and had been used
more than once. He balled them up and forced them in his mouth roughly to
make a gag.Then he picked up his sweaty jock and pulled it over his face, with the
pouch covering his nose underage nude nymphettes and mouth. He was land nymphets underage
breathing real heavy now.He made a slight adjustment to the box's position, than laid down on his
back and extended his arm towards one of the ropes that were tied to his
bed. That's when I noticed, that those online naked nymphets
two ropes had these loops tied at
their ends. He twisted his body, reached over with his other hand and
quickly slipped his wrist into the loop and tugged until it was tight. Then
he twisted back and laid their for a moment catching his breath.I must admit, he did a good job and it was clear that with just the one hand
free, it would take him some effort to free himself. And what a sight this
was. The naked Butch was now spread-eagled on his back, between his desk and
bed and about to torture himself. I almost feinted from the excitement as I
looked at
his stretched body, still glistening with sweat.Butch took a deep breath, reached the box with his free hand and fumbled
around for a bit. When he pulled his hand out, I could see he was holding a
couple of clothespins. He laid them nymphet ring on his chest, then reached down and
started squeezing his balls. He squeezed them had a few times and started to
moan. Then he flicked his finger against one of his balls. He moaned and
pulled against the ropes.He nymphets taboo move his hand to his cock and stroked it for a little while.Then, he slid his hand back to his chest, and picked up a clothespin. He
fiddled around with it, and managed to get it clipped onto one of his
nipples. It must have hurt pretty bad, cause he moaned loudly and thrashed
his head back and forth.Again, his hand moved to his cock for some fast stroking.Then it was back to his chest and after several attempts, he managed to get
the second clothespin on his other nipple.At this point, he extended his free arm to the used rope and grabbed it.He pulled on all the ropes and squirmed and moaned. I was pretty sure he was
imaging more tortures and wanted to jump in to help, but I managed to
control myself.After a little while, Butch once again, reached down and stroked his cock.
He did it for awhile and got himself really excited. When it was clear he
was close to shooting, he stopped suddenly, reached into his "torture box"
and pulled nymphet galleries pussy out this little stick. It was a small branch from a sapling and
he had stripped all it's bark off.He took hold of one end nude little nymphets of the stick and gave his throbbing cock a real hard
lash."SWISHHHT!"He screamed into his gag ls nymphet previews and pulled at his ropes."MMMMuuugHHHHH... ANNNNN!"My own eyes grew wide and my cock harder.He raised the little stick whip above his cock again."SWISHHHT!"Another loud scream into the gag as he jerked at the ropes."MMMMuuugHHHHH... ANNNNNGHHHHHH!"He set the stick down, grabbed his tortured cock and started stroking real
fast.It didn't take long for the signs to appear. His breathing grew rapid, his
toes started to curl and all his muscles tensed. I thought for sure he
would shoot this time, but he stopped short.Once again he grabbed the rope with his free hand and pulled on it as he
body squirmed and shook, like more tortures were being applied.Then he laid still for a gentle angels ukrainian nymphets
few moments, finally, he raised his head and looked
at me and mumbled into his gag. Obviously he wanted to tell me something.I knelt down next to him, stretched the jock away from nn nymphettes his face, and pulled
the underwear gag out."Uh, Scott, we probably should stop soon, cause it won't be much longer
before Mikey gets home," he panted. "I can show nymphets bbs cgi you more some other time."I smiled, as a nasty thought, popped into my mind. They did that a lot,
especially when that "warm" feeling was going at full blast.I gave Butch a sad look, then snickered, "Come on Butch-man, just a little
more. I get the idea anyway, so, I'm gonna help ya."I reached down and gave his hard cock a pat and started breathing faster."But... uhhh... mmmmm... come on... uh Mikey is," his protests lost in his
own excitement and need.I reached over, pulled his free arm to full extension, slipped his wrist
into the loop at the end of the unused rope and pulled it tight.Butch took a deep breath and struggled a little."Oh man, Scott-ster, he's gonna catch me again!" he pleaded.I glanced at Butch's cock. As usual, it revealed the real truth as it
started throbbing all over again.I took a few minutes to make some adjustments to all the ropes and made sure
he was totally helpless and spread wide.He watched me as I moved around him and his eyes widened once more as I
balled up the undies and forced them into his mouth behind his jock strap
mask. I went to his desk, found a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a short
note. I knew what Butch's writing looked like. Since I couldn't duplicate
it, I printed. When I was done, I walked over to Butch, knelt down and held
the note in front of his face.His eyes grew really wide as he read the few words."COME TORTURE ME NOW!"I smiled and said teasingly, "Be right back!"Butch jerked at his ropes, and mumbled as I scampered out of the room.It took me just a minute to put the note in the middle of the floor in
Mikey's room, where there was no doubt he would see it.Then I went back and sat top sites nymphet
on the floor beside Butch and started looking
through his "torture box." It had a pretty odd collection of stuff.There were more clothespins, some long thin pieces of leather, a bag filled
with these little prickly pine cones (solid ones about the size of grapes),
pieces of string, yarn, twine, a roll of masking tape, rubber bands of all
shapes and sizes, candles of different colors and sizes, matches, more rope,
feathers, a hair brush, a couple of whipping sticks, some kind of rubbing
cream (Ben Gay, I think it was), a kitchen model nymphete timer, some balloons and a
curious little box.Butch strained to watch me rummaging through his stuff. When I pulled the
little box out Butch trembled and started to whimper.Of course that made me even more curious. I popped the little box open and
looked inside. It was full of little folded pieces of very little amateur nymphet paper.I glanced at Butch, pulled out one of the papers, and unfolded it.Butch's head dropped back to the floor and he took a deep breath.There were just a few words on the paper, but they revealed what the box was
for.This one said, "5 STOMACH LASHES."I held the paper in front of Butch's face, long enough for him to read it,
then said, "Well, Butch, guess we should follow your own directions."His eyes widened again as I picked up one of his little stick whips and
raised it over his taught stomach.SWISHHHT!"The first lash landed just below his navel."MMMMuuugHHHHH... ANNNNN!"Butch pulled at the ropes and then sucked in his breath as he saw the whip
rise again.SWISHHHT!"The second hit a little higher."MMMMuuugHHHHH... eeeEGGGH!"Once again, he thrashed.I took a moment to examine my work. There were a couple of red marks across
his stomach. I didn't want to leave ones that would last too long, and hot nymphette
I was
sure these wouldn't.SWISHHHT!"SWISHHHT!"SWISHHHT!"I delivered the last three in rapid succession, all around Butch's tight
tummy."MMMMuuugHHHHH... AHHHH... AHHHH... GHHHHH!"He screamed into the gag as he pulled wildly at his ropes.I waited for him to settle down, then I ran my finger down his chest, across
his sweet nymphet stomach, through his nice pubic hairs and then grabbed his cock and
squeezed it hard. He started bucking and moaning.I laughed, "Well, Butch-man, I wonder if I should just go ahead and make you
shoot?"He whimpered into the gag and started pumping in my hand.I released his cock, grabbed his balls, and chuckled, "Then again, I am sure
there are a lot of fun things to do to you on the rest of those papers."Butch trembled as I shook the little box hard enough for him to hear the
papers rustle.I let go of his balls and took a good look at his cock. It was really hard.
I mean really, and the tip was looking sort of purplish.I folded up the open paper, dropped it back in the little box and then set
the box down beside Butch's head."On second thought, I'll just leave the box here. Mikey just might want to
use it I laughed."Butch groaned.The rest of my nasty little plan came to me quickly.I pulled down the window shades to make the room dark. Then I lit a couple
of candles and placed them on Butch's desk.I ran to Butch's closet. photo nymphette youngs
As usual, there was a big pile of clothes, blankets
and stuff on the floor towards the back. I rummaged around for a bit, then
crawled into the pile to hide myself. I kept the door open just enough to
see out. It was a great sweet nymphets net
hiding place and from this naked young nymphets angle I had a great view
of Butch.And, so, we remained like that for maybe fifteen minutes. I pulled the
clothes off me a few dark nymphets tgp times to keep cool. Butch moaned on and off during that
time. Finally, I was rewarded by the sounds of the downstairs door opening,
and bouncing footsteps coming up the stairs.There was no question it was Mikey. The steps went right to his room. I
covered myself up and waited. I could see Butch's breathing get heavier. I
heard some banging and thumping through the walls which I was certain meant
Mikey nymphette 3d changing out of his football practice uniform.Eventually things grew real quiet and I heard the sound of soft footsteps
coming down the hall. Butch's door swung open and I watched as Mikey padded
into the room.He victoria model nymphets looked a lot like Butch and had the same developing body, although it was
not as far along, being two years younger. He hadn't showered yet of course
and was wearing just a pair of old gym shorts.I could see he had the note in his hand.What a sight this was for Mikey. To come home and find Butch, spread on the
floor, naked, completely helpless, clothespins attached to his nipples, a
box of torture items next to him, and with this huge throbbing boner.I held my breath as Mikey knelt beside Butch and giggled.Butch's chest started to heave."Wow, Butch, looks like you have been up to your old tricks," he laughed as
he ran his hand over Butch's stomach and then squeezed the clothespins on
his nipples."And, it also looks like you went ahead and started with out me!"Butch moaned."So, is this your pay back for what you did?" Mikey asked.I made note of that too. I could just imagine what that was all about.Butch seemed to shrug and then nodded.Mikey laughed, and then said, "Okay, big brother, that sounds good. I'll
torture you for awhile, just like you asked, but you're still going to owe
me a little more."Wow, this was getting real interesting!Mikey reached in side his shorts and played with his own cock. Even from
where I was, it was clear he had a nice boner."So, let's see, where should we begin, 'Butchy'?"Butch trembled. I knew he hated being called that, and Mikey knew it too.Mikey thought for a moment, then picked up the little box."Well, what have we here?" he smirked.Butch started breathing real deep.Mikey looked in the box and rummaged through the folded papers."Looks like that little box of tortures you made me have to pick from
Butchy!" he snarled."How convenient. That will save me some time!"Another wow! And even more information for me to use."So Butchy, how should we do this?" he said smartly.He thought for a moment and then said, "I know, we'll use the dice. I'll get
them."He jumped to his feet and scared me. For a second I thought they might be in
the closet. But they were in Butch's desk drawer and Mikey got them quickly."Okay, Butchy!" he snarled. "I'll roll the dice and whatever comes up is the
number of papers I'll pull from the box!"Butch moaned again.Mikey laughed and rolled the dice."Ahh, what luck Butchy! It's a three and a four. So you get seven tortures
from the box."I was so excited I could hardly stand it as Mikey pulled out a slip of paper
and read it out loud."MASKING TAPE TORTURE - 5 PIECES!" he announced.I was really intrigued.He didn't waste any time and moved quickly, as Butch moaned in anticipation.Mikey tore five nice sized pieces of tape from the roll and placed them on
Butch. The two went on Butch's inner thighs. free nymphet samples
Though he wasn't real hairy,
he did have a fair amount of hair on his legs and a bunch of little soft
ones on his thighs.The remaining three were spread around, one on his armpit hair, one on his
lower leg, and the last, across his pubic hairs.Mikey took his time and patted each piece down really well.Finally he was ready."Okay Butchy, here we go."He reached down and took hold of the tape on Butch's lower leg and began to
pull it off real slow.Butch started moaning into his gag as he felt his legs hairs being tugged
and pulled out.Mikey seemed to be really having fun. He ran his fingers up Butch's body
took hold of the armpit tape.Again he started a slow pull and Butch resumed his moaning and started to
tremble as the tape was pulled from his pit, along with quite a few hairs.I was beside myself as Mikey moved to the last three.He let his fingers glide to the inside of Butch's right thigh and began to
pull the tape back, ever so slowly."AGGGHHHHHHHH!"Butch screamed into his gag and began bucking wildly as he felt those little
hairs being pulled from his inner thigh. I knew that had to hurt a lot, and
so did Mikey.He didn't wait to finish the right thigh and took hold of the one on Butch's
left and began pulling it too."EEEEEEEGHHHH..... AGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!"Butch pulled at his ropes and screamed some more.By the time he was done with the thigh tapes, Butch was covered with nymphetsphotos sweat.Mikey let him catch nymphet panty pics his breath, then moved his hand to the tape on Butch's
pubic hair.He grabbed Butch's cock and pulled it down and out of the way. Then he
grabbed the tape and pulled it in a slow but steady motion."AGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH...UHH...uhhh...OOOOOGGGGG!!!"Butch screamed even more and pulled violently at his ropes.As soon as he was done, Mikey let Butch's cock flop back up against his
pubes as he laughed."Don't worry Butchy, we still have six more papers to go!"He pulled another paper from the box and read it."PINE CONE COCK TORTURE - 15 MINUTES!" he laughed.Butch's moan was a clear "OH NO!" one.Mikey rummaged through the box, pulled out the little bag with the prickly
pine cones and went to work.>From what I could see, he tore a piece of masking tape off and laid it on
the floor with the sticky side up. Then he laid about five of the little
cones on the masking tape and tore off a couple more pieces.Butch was whimpering now as Mikey stroked his cock until it was really hard.Then, as I watched in total fascination, he held forced Butch's cock down on
his pubes, and carefully laid the prickly pine cone rape on the underside of
Butch's cock.Butch trembles and moaned, as Mikey worked quickly. He wrapped the other
pieces of rape all around Butch's cock. When he was done, the five prickly
cones were held firmly against the underside of Butch's cock, and he was
feeling it.Mikey set the kitchen time to 15 minutes and leaned down to Butch's ear as
he patted the pine cones through the tape, forcing the little pricklies
harder against that so sensitive skin."AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" screamed Butch as he started bucking."Come on Butchy, your time just started," he laughed viciously.Butch was thrashing wildly now and was throwing his head back and forth.Mikey let him struggle for a bit, then said teasingly, "Of course there
might be a way to get out of this one much quicker."Butch nodded his head violently.
Mikey smiled and said, "Okay big brother, I'll end this torture, if you suck
me right now!"Butch shook his head, and Mikey patted the cones on his cock again."AGGGGHHHHHHHHH... eeeeeeeEEEEGHG!"Thirteen more minutes Butchy!" he laughed.
Butch thrashed for a bit, then nodded his head wildly.Mikey laughed and took quickly removed the tapes and cones from Butch's poor
cock.Butch breathed a sigh of relief, then moaned, as Mikey, rose to his feet and
pulled off his shorts.He had a real nice body, and a great boner.He looked down at Butch, then knelt down with his knees on either side of
Butch's head.He removed the jock from Butch's face and pulled out the gag.Butch sucked in a lot of air and then said whispered imploringly, "Oh please
Mikey, I'll promise I'll do it, just not right now, okay?"Mikey laughed."Come on Butchy, a deal is a deal, I said right now. If you want to back
out, I'll just put the cones back on."Butch considered for a moment and asked, "Uh how long do pretee nymphets
I have to suck
you?"Mikey laughed very very young nymphet again and said, "That's easy... for the thirteen minutes that
are left."Butch nodded and opened his mouth expectantly.Mikey smiled and said, "Hold on a second, while I set the times... and
besides, I'm sure Scotty nasty nude nymphets would like to get a closer view!"He glanced towards the closet and winked.I froze for a second, then slowly climbed out from under the clothes and
walked over to Mikey."Uhhh, how long did you know I was there?" I mumbled.Mikey, laughed and said, "Oh I guess from about halfway through the tape
torture. I sort of figured Butch had some help getting tied up this good...
and you're the only one who Butch would trust this much. So when I saw the
clothes move, I figured it was you!"I didn't know exactly what to say.Mikey sensed it and then chuckled, "I don't know how you got him like this,
but that doesn't matter. Not like we've all never done this stuff. SO how
about this Scotty? We'll make it a Club thing. Just between us. I'll finish
Butch's tortures while you watch and even help. And maybe I could get a
promotion?"That snapped me out of it. There was a rapidly evolving rank system in our
secret club anyway and the guys would just assume that Mikey had earned his
promotion, if I said so.I smiled and said, "Okay Mikey, do it. But if you want a good promotion,
you'll have to do some other stuff of your own too!"He knew what that meant, nodded his head and we slapped hands.Boy was I quick on my feet, or what?Mikey set the timer for thirteen minutes, looked down at Butch, then
extended his cock towards Butch's mouth."Go ahead, big brother, do a good job now!"Butch tilted his head up nymphets angels bbs and took Mikey's nice cock into his mouth. It
didn't take him long to be sucking and slurping like crazy.Mikey was totally lost in it.I, of course, almost feinted again. It was that exciting.The thirteen minutes were up all too quickly.When the timer dinged, Mikey climbed off of Butch and quickly put the gag
and jock back hymen nymphets
in place over underage nymphets fetish Butch's face."I like seeing him like that, don't you?" he chuckled. "And I know the jock
smell drives him crazy.""Yea, I know that!" I laughed.The two of us quickly agreed to take turns drawing papers from the box, and
also to take turns doing the tortures on Butch.Mikey made no move to put his shorts back on, and I didn't complain. I liked
seeing him naked.I nymphets lol nude sex was really excited by this great turn of events. It was so much fun, and
not only that, it was clear that Mikey had more advanced knowledge of the
bodies of older boys and some tortures to use on them. Oh, and I did want to
see how more of the objects from Butch's box were used.I pulled a paper and read it out loud."5 LASHES ON CHEST!"Mikey smiled and handed me one of the larger whipping sticks and said, do em
fast so he no time to relax!"Butch sucked in his breath as I raised the whip.SWISHHHT!"SWISHHHT!"SWISHHHT!"SWISHHHT!"SWISHHHT!""AAAAAA... OOOOOGGGG... GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGDDDDDDDD!"Butch's screams roared into his gag as he thrashed wildly at the quick
succession of lashes. I moved around his chest and the last one caught one
of the clothespins and knocked it off his nipple.We watched as he slowly got hold of himself.I thought for a moment, a little worried. Mikey seemed to sense it and then
said, "Don't worry Scotty, he likes it... really."He pointed at Butch's cock. It looked like it would explode and there was a
little bit of clear fluid oozing from the tip."Mikey pulled a paper from the box.He opened it and laughed."Oh good, this is one where we can do other things while it is going on."I was intrigued as he read, "RUBBER BAND AND STRING TORTURES - 30 minutes."Once again Butch trembled and started breathing deeper.Mikey pulled a bunch of rubber bands nymphet galleries bbs from the box and started working on
Butch's bbs nymphets forum cock and balls. It took a small wide one and slipped it over his
balls and then carefully looped it over again. It the tight band was
squeezing the top of Butch's ball sack and making his balls really stand
out.Then, he slipped another rubber band over Butch's cock, he looped that over
again, but kept it stretched open as carefully slid it to the bottom end of
Butch's poor boner. He let go, and the doubled over band snapped tight
around his cock, which started to throb.Of course Butch winced and moaned.Working quickly, Mikey placed two more rubber bands over Butch's hard cock.
One halfway down, the other near the tip, just below the mushroom head.I could see that the bands were biting into the skin, and that his cock was
really throbbing.Mikey laughed as Butch's breathing started coming in short rapid bursts."Now for the best part Scotty," Mikey exclaimed as he pulled some string
from the box. I, of course watched in total fascination as he wrapped the
string around Butch's ball sack, over and over again. By the time he was
down and tied it off, Butch's ball sack was stretched tightly over his
balls.Mikey turned to me and continued, in a sort of "mock teacher's little nymph models tone."You see Scotty, once a guy is old enough to start shooting, this can be a
really nasty torture."I smiled. I loved hearing this.He continued."First of all, the bands around Butch's cock hurt, but they are also going
to help keep him really hard, and make it tough for him to get softer," he
laughed."And you know, a guy's hard boner is more fun to play with and torture."I smiled again and nodded.Mikey laughed and then chuckled, "Hmmmm, I wonder if I should be telling you
all of this... especially since I'm gonna have to do some stuff of my own,
for that promotion."I chuckled too and noticed that Mikey's boner was twitching."Well, whatever, " he laughed."Now comes the important part. When you tie a guys cock and his ukrainian nymphets free galleries balls like
this, it makes it really tough for him to cum."I looked a little confused.Mikey figured it out, a laughed loudly."Ahhhh, Scotty, I forgot you are still a little young. When a guy cums, it
means he shoots his sperm. And, in fact, the sperm stuff is called cum."I smiled taking it all in. I assumed that Mikey had learned a lot of this by
being a jock. You know locker room talk and all.Mikey seemed pleased that he was able to pass on some of this worldly
knowledge.Butch moaned loudly and Mikey laughed."Oops, we forgot to set the timer."He grabbed the kitchen timer and turned it to 30 minutes."Okay Scotty, we've got three more papers to pull, and there are some pretty
cool tortures in that box. So, go ahead, it's your turn."I pulled a slip of paper from the box.I reached into the box and pulled out a paper as I looked at Butch's
tortured cock and balls. His cock was so incredibly hard and his balls
looked great, all stretched out like they were.I read the next torture, "COCK PROBE!""What's that?" I inquired as Butch started thrashing.Mikey took the paper from my hand and said, "Uh, that's one we can't do
right now, so just pick another one."Though I wanted to know more, I went along and pulled another paper."5 COCK LASHES" I read.Butch growled into his gag and tugged at the ropes.Mikey laughed, "Oh neat, that's perfect for right now!"He handed me one of the whipping sticks and said, "Use this... and aim for
the spots on his cock between the bands."Butch was whimpering again. I looked at his poor hard cock. It was turning
purple and there was nymphet sisters this bright blue vein that was throbbing.I raised the little whip above Butch's cock.He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.SWISHHHT!""AAAAAA... OOOOOGGGG... GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGDDDDDDDD!"Even with real nymphetpussy pics the gag, Butch's scream was loud and he jerked violently.The lash had hit his tortured cock, right on the head.Mikey laughed, "Nice shot Scotty! Do it again!"I raised the whip and lashed out.SWISHHHT!""OOOGGGGAAAAAA... OOOOOGGGG... GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGDDDDDDDD!"
That one hit the base of his cock.I didn't wait for him to stop thrashing.SWISHHHT!""GGGGGGGGDDDDD... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPP!"Right between the middle and top rubber bands.He bucked wildly, moaned and screamed. Sweat seemed to come from everywhere
and I noticed his eyes were getting watery.Mikey egged me on."Go ahead Scotty, two more hard quick ones."SWISHHHT!"SWISHHHT!""EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGHHHHHHHHH... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"I thought for sure Butch would break the ropes as he screamed and jerked his
legs and arms. Those last two lashed had landed near the bottom of his cock.I stared, totally fascinated as he bucked. His cock did look like it would
explode at any second, and was he clearly trying to shoot... er 'cum'. I
was starting to like that new term.Mikey and I both sat back and watched as Butch slowly child pedo nymphets toplist
settled down. The
kitchen timer was ticking and Butch still had 15 minutes to go with the
rubber bands and string.After a couple minutes, Mikey pulled another paper from the box and started
laughing."Well, it could be better. I was sort of hoping for a cock or ball torture,
cause I know Butch has a lot in there, but this will do," he sighed."ARMPIT HAIR PLUCKING- 5 HAIRS!"He rummaged around the box and pulled out a small pair of tweezers that I
hadn't noticed before.As before, he wasted no time getting to it.I watched as he moved the tweezers around Butch's sweaty arm pits.He'd stop every now and then and do an experimental tug. Butch quivered with
each one. Then he'd stop, pinch a hair firmly and give a sharp tug.Butch reacted much the same way each time... "AAAAAA... OOOOOGGGG!"It was fun to watch for sure, but not quite as young nymphet xxx much.I eyed the timer when it was my turn to draw the last paper. Butch still had
6 minutes left for the rubber band torture.I reached into the box and silently wished for a cock and/or ball torture.I quickly opened the paper and was rewarded, at least I hoped, cause it
sounded pretty good."HOT WAX TORTURE- 15 MINUTES!" I read out loud.Butch moaned and Mikey exclaimed, "Great Scotty! I think you'll like this
one."Butch moaned in protest and Mikey laughed."Come on Butchy, I know you have a lot of worse ones in your little box, so
just accept it!"Butch settled back and just waited.Mikey pulled a candle out of the box and handed it to me."Well Scotty, this is going to be a lot of fun. Let's wait just a few
minutes. When nymphet underage thumbs the timer rings, we'll take the bands and string off of
Butch's cock and balls. I think he'll stay boned for this one," he chuckled.I nodded and waited as the last few minutes ticked off.When the timer dinged, Mikey carefully removed the bands and string. He had
to use a scissors on a couple of them cause they had become so tight. He
also took the last clothespin off of Butch's nipple.He patted Butch on the chest and said, nude teen nymphets "There you go Butchy, now you are all
ready!"Butch's chest rose up and down as Mikey said, "Go ahead Scotty, light the
candle."I reached towards the desk and lit my candle from the one on Butch's desk as
Mikey reset the timer.When the candle was lit, I looked back at Mikey nymphet teens bbs and he explained, "Okay
Scotty, this is what you do... let the wax start melting, and then move it
around over Butch and let the drops of hot wax drop on him wherever you
want."He winked at me.I got the picture, raised the candle over Butch's chest and tilted it.A drop landed next to his left nipple and he winced."MmmmmPH!"I moved the candle down and tilted it again.A drop landed on his navel."MMMMpHHHH UH!"
Wow, this was a great torture I thought and it didn't take me long to get
really caught up with it and develop my skills.I'd hold the candle straight up for a bit, and then, as I saw some wax build
up, I'd tilt the candle and let the burning wax drop onto Butch's body.It was fun finding his most sensitive spots.Of course, his cock and balls were the best. But there were also the spots
on either side of his groin. They were white spots that were covered by swim
trunks and undies, right at the top of his thighs.The inside of his thighs were great too.So, I moved the wax drops around.By the time the clock ticked down to 2 minutes, I had decided I would finish
with a quick attack on his cock, balls and pubes.I lowered the candle, waited for some wax to build, then tipped it over his
cock head.Several drops landed on the slit in his throbbing head."AAAAAA... OOOOOGGGG ... GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGDDDDDDDD!"He started going crazy.A couple of drops landed in his pubes."EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!" he screamed.And THEN, it came to me. The final torture.I moved the candle very slowly, allowing drop after drop to land on his
cock.He went wild."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!"I glanced at the clock.There euro nymphets was one minute left.So... I grabbed his cock and started stroking as I let the wax build.Butch started pumping his groin in my hand desperately.Mikey sat back wide eyed and started stroking his boner.I snarled at him, "HEY, you want that promotion?"He nodded.I snarled again, Well then, stop that and just watch!"Mikey stopped stroking nymphets 12yo
and sat back.I didn't think about it, but figured it was the right thing to do.Butch was going crazy as I stroked his cock.I looked at the candle, it was dripping wax again and I made my move.I held it over Butch's balls and started stroking his cock faster and faster
as the first few drops of hot wax hit his balls.Butch went nuts."EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGHHHHH... AHHHHHHHH!" he screamed into his gag.DING!The timer signaled the end of nymphets toplist tgp Butch's torture, so I blew out the candle,
pulled my hand from Butch's cock and sat back.Butch continued pumping his cock, aching to shoot...er.. cum.Mikey moaned, "Hey, come on Scotty, make him cum!"I looked at Mikey and said, "Sorry Mikey, the time is up!"Mikey didn't know what to say.Now, as much as Butch seemed to prepubescent nymphets think of me as the "Master of the Pause", I
know now that I was more the "Master of the Moment" or even "Master of the
Opportunity!"And this was latvian nymphet one of those dream opportunities and I went with my instincts."So, Mikey, you ready to start earning your promotion?"Mikey seemed a little confused. He was really wanted to see Butch cum.He looked at me and stammered, "Uh, what?""Come Mikey, you heard me! Are you ready to start earning that promotion?"Mikey thought for a moment, then made the most wicked smile.I smiled too... cause I knew I had won. Mikey was ready!He looked at me, gulped and said, "Uh yea, what do I need to do?"I snickered, "To start with, bring me a piece of rope!"He grabbed a piece from the box and handed it to me.I took it and commanded, "Now turn around and put your hands behind your
back!"He was really worked up and did as I demanded.I tied his hands firmly nymphets guesbook bbs and then led him between Butch's spread legs and
said, "Kneel!"Man, it was so exciting. All three of us seemed to know what was gonna
happen.Mikey resisted a little but dropped to his knees."Okay, Mikey, you wanted to see your big brother shoot.. er cum... so, you
make him do it!" I laughed.Butch started shaking.Mikey, turned his head and looked at me, "But my hands are tied Scotty," he
muttered.I laughed again and said, "SO?" and I pushed his shoulders down so his face
was over Butch's cock.Mikey turned his head and pleaded, "So, what, you want childsex nymphets
me to suck him?"I giggled orbita nymphets and smacked Mikey's bare butt."You know it Mikey, now skip the crap and do it! Now!"Mikey sighed and bent lower.He took a deep breath and then started licking Butch's cock.I smacked his butt again."Come on Mikey, SUCK IT!"He took another deep breath and then started sucking Butch's hard cock.Butch was now going crazy. He moaned and started pumping his groin wildly. I
grabbed Mikey's cock and started stroking it.Both brothers moaned and jerked.The next thing I knew, both were screaming.Butch thrust his groin up and deep into Mikey's mouth and started pumping.Mikey managed to pull his mouth off just as Butch shot.And BOY did he shoot.Some of it hit Mikey in the face and the rest seemed to go everywhere.Mikey shook too and I felt his cock pulsing in my hand.I looked down and saw a tiny bit of "cum" spurt from his hard cock.I was so damn excited.I sat back and watched as Butch and Mikey shook all over and finished their
spurting.After a bit Mikey sat back and smiled."So, am I closer to a promotion?"I laughed and the we both giggled for a bit.Finally Butch tilted his head up and moaned at us.We laughed quickly to release him. Then we gathered up all the stuff, put
everything in the box and slid it back into hiding.When we were done, Butch and Mikey looked at me and shrugged.I looked back and said, "Uh, what?"They looked at each other and Butch said, "Uh, can we get dressed now?"I laughed and nodded.I had to get home anyway.Butch and Mikey pulled on pairs of shorts as I watched.I turned to leave.Butch said, "Hey Scott-ster, you did good!"Mikey, nodded."Uh, thanks guys," I said.I reached the door and Butch reminded me, "Remember I have a game on
Thursday afternoon!"I smiled and headed home.Needless to say, my mind was whirling. So much had happened in the last
couple of hours. I needed to absorb it all. As if the discovery of Butch's
secret box wasn't enough. Now there was the fact that there was sop darling little nymphet
more to Mikey... and Mikey wanted to "earn" a promotion in the club. Oh, and
then there was the weekend. I was going to a family wedding. My cousin
David was going to be there. Butch owed him, and I had a lot to tell David.Ahh yes, things were getting very exciting.TO BE CONTINUED-------------------------------------STORY NOTE: Well, there it is! Chapter 3 in Butch's Story.Once again, I've also tried hard to capture as much of the drama, awe,
confusion and mystery that I felt at the time.If you enjoyed the story and would like more, email me at:
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