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Related post: Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 04:19:52 -0500
Subject: The First SeasonTHE FIRST SEASON
Forward: This is a story about coaching a senior league team and although I
will take every opportunity to identify and help you keep track of all lead
characters, there may be times when things get confusing because we are
dealing with many players and several coaches and lolit japan
staff. Therefore if
things start to get out of hand please email me at my address and I will
gladly put things in order for you. If it becomes apparent that many people
are getting confused I will add a list of all main character to the
beginning of this story. Please note that this is sexual in nature at may
become graphic at times either sexually or with injuries. If this offends
you please preteen lolity girls leave now. (Plus what the hell are you doing here to begin with
if this type of story bothers you?)Chapter 1, Meeting the players
Well I guess this was it, another midget baseball season has come and
is almost over with except for a few championship games left on the
schedule. Football practice has been scheduled. I had coached for many
years before this, but in a different town. It is 1998 and with fifteen
years experience to be exact starting way back after my completion of high
school sports this would continue the fun I had enjoyed in the past.By now, I guess you might have an idea that I am in my lolicon movie forum download
early thirties. My
name is Jeremy, Jeremy Ryan Scott most people call me J.R. for short and
this is my story about my first season in a new town coaching on the senior
league level of our local team. The age group was 12-14 with mostly 12 and
13 years olds. loli extrem hardcore
I know most of the kids from past years of umpiring in
their japaanese loli baseball league, but I had grown tired of this and wanted to get back
into my first love which is coaching. Not much was expected from this group
of players mainly because they hadn't performed well at the junior
level. Our practice schedule was a basic one. During the summer before
school was back in session, Monday thru Thursday from 6pm until 8pm or dark
whichever came first. We adjust accordingly as the season continues on so
practice can go the two hours required by head coach Fergus. Normally as
coaching staffs go they can consist anywhere from two which is rare to as
many as eight or bbs loli teen
ten coaches. We had three, and 19 kids with them. This is
a small town and not many volunteers were available I was told. So
equipment had already been handed out with signups and was one less thing
we had to deal with. I was in charge of anyone new that signed up
late. Suiting them up loli little bbs from head to toe in equipment was time consuming and
usually held to groups of players at a time. This was nothing new for me I
had done this plenty of times in the past. Plus it was always great to get
a quick glimpse of these boys in au' natural. Coach Fergus was young loli cuties pictures latin loli bbs
a bit of a
hot head and had a son on the team. I got along just fine with him during
baseball season never having to even raise my voice in confrontation once
but I was definitely serenaded by his barking at his team if they lost or
played sloppy ball. I had seen him throw players out of his dugout and sit
them for not doing their illegal loli cp job but never humiliate or strike them at any
time. He was well respected and I didn't know if it was because of his
loudness or his winning coaching record in sports. In a loli pic young way I was leery of
him but glad to be coaching with him at lolipop kids the same time. Our other coach was
one of the players fathers his name is Eric and his son Eric jr. Eric was
an excellent coach but his job took most of his free time. He showed up for
practice, but usually towards the end. So here we are first practice and
time to learn new faces and probably a new defense, which was my specialty,
besides special teams. I could punt a ball 50 yards easy on any given day
and this had always impressed the kids so I came down early to get my
punting practice in."Hi coach JR ready for practice one kid asked. This was Nick. He was the
one that was always early and seemed to go the extra mile to prove
himself. He was there with his shadow Tommy. They were both 13 and in their
last year of this league because next season would bring them to their
Freshman year in school and that was the limit for playing in this league."Hey guys you're early, I said, I was just going out to loosen up and kick
the ball around for a while.""Need someone to shag those balls coach," Tommy asked?"Sure, besides your probably going to do this during the season anyway, so
go on down and bring Nick with you."As I kicked, more and more kids showed up and I soon had an audience. We
practiced behind the High School loli nude models and all three teams were scheduled to be
there suck the loli pop so the crowd was growing by the minute. By now ten others had joined
Nick and Tom fielding my long blasts."Nice kicking coach, some foot you have there", Eric and Danny said as they
walked by."Thanks I said, hang out I am going to start practice now"."TWEET""Okay loli model inc top
guys come on in there's free porn pics lolit the whistle and it time to loosed up. Helmets
on and everyone sweet little lolit
two laps around the track." This illegal teen lolit sex brought out the usual
moans and complains of 'coach that too far' and 'its first practice can't
we start slow?' But that was how we began and everyone was off with a slow
jog as it was still quite warm out. Just as lsm loli ru they left Bill Fergus showed up
with practice balls and equipment."Hey kinder loli Bill ready to get things going, I just sent them off to loosen up, two
laps okay?""Sure JR, that fine galery loli when then come back have a few go to my car and grab
the gear.""Fine, I'll send four or five over." I just watched then preteens loli forum
fumble and drag
their asses around the track with one lap down and the second one started,
the stragglers were showing up. Always one loli hardcore galleries
or two late shows loli tgp movies and I sent
them off to try to catch up."Good job Eric, Danny, Sebastian, are you guys always first?""Usually coach, Danny said between breaths. But when Matt gets back from
vacation tomorrow he will probably lead the pack."The rest of practice was uneventful and ended just after 8pm with another
lap and a promise for more tomorrow.I got there early as usual and Nicky was sitting on the bench alone and
looked upset."Nick cp loli hentai doujinshi its only 4:30 what are you doing here so lolipop i am fool early and what's wrong, I
have known you through baseball for two years and I have never seen you
look upset. You know I am here for all you guys if I can help""I'm okay coach I naked lolitta pussy just , well I am ok, thanks for asking.""K, pal I won't push you but if you need to talk its early yet and I'll be
out kicking you might want to get it off your chest before kids start to
arrive, you sit and relax."I went out and he just sat in the bleachers and hung out until others came
and he appeared for the moment to be all right, so I let things be. I was
done and we still had about half an hour before practice began so I legal nude lolits
went to
towel off by my car. Bill arrived early with Matt in tow and although I
never met Matt before he reached out and shook my hand as Bill introduced
him to me."Nice to meet you sir." Nice to meet you to Matt and please call me Coach
or JR.""Okay coach," he said."I turned to Bill and commented on his manners. Wow, Bill you don't see too
many today that kind and sincere, How is he on the field?""From what I hear just as good as he is polite, ah, would you take him over
and suit him up he's new in town last month and just got back from summer
camp last night.""Sure Bill you start practice and I'll check with the others to see if
anyone else needs equipment too, be right back."I walked over to see Walt and lolicon hentai free
Wylie, they underage models loli
were the junior and pee wee
coaches and I told them I was going to the room to suit one up."Yeah, JR could you wait for a few, there's a set of twins coming down and
its their first time ever playing.""Sure no problem, I'll be over by Bill."I went over to inform Bill about what was up and that since I had three to
take care of I probably wouldn't be back before 7pm."That's ok I think Eric is coming today and we will start setting young lolit 16 years
up the
offensive line so don't worry about it. We'll do defense tomorrow night, I
probably will be late anyway, I have to go somewhere before practice.""Alright it shouldn't be a problem I will be done at the station by 3pm
anyway so I will be here. Dark studio loli
Look its getting close to start of practice , I
am going to loli board paradise
grab Matt and walk over to the room have Wylie send over the
twins when they show up.""K, JR no problem.""Come on Matt lets get you ready for practice.""Sure sir, er, I mean coach, Right behind you."We headed over to the building and pulled out lolicon passwords tgp my key to unlock the main
door. Things were kept locked around here to keep the kids from playing african loli pussies
the building without adult supervision and they had a case of vandalism a
few weeks ago. They just refinished this place last year with all new
interior and more room than we might ever use, but the free space was
slowly starting go with all the new equipment that was purchased. I
unlocked the inner door and we were at the helmets."Okay, Matt try sweet loli 13yo on a helmet and I will go grab your girdle and practice
pants inside. If you hear banging let me know I can't hear inside this room
and I am expecting the twins any minute. Do you know your size?""Sure coach, I have grown since I played last year and I don't know what
size preteen lolitos I am now.""All right let so yuong lolis free loli photos me get 15 loli gallery
the tape measure and I'll be right back. Strip down
to your underwear so I can measure you correctly if you need privacy
there's a private room over there."I pointed to the dressing area but hoped he wouldn't use it. I needed some
eye candy and he was definitely sweet. As kids go he was an average sized
12 year old about 5'2 and 105 lbs if that, he had dirty blonde hair that
was short and streaked like loli panties spread legs it was colored at one time. He had shorts on
(for now) and since he decided to undress in from of me it was obvious he
was too young for any pubic hair yet. What little lolits peach fuzz he did have was light
and loli vid golden in color on his arms and very fine on his back. It appeared like
he did some light weight lifting because signs of muscle development were
showing in his chest and arms."Okay, Matt, let me check your size so I can get you cg lolicon properly dressed."I sat down on the bench and called him over to me. He was now underage loli porn
in just his
underwear and nothing more. This apparently was no shy kid. I took it
slowly so I could enjoy the show and looked him square in the eyes as he
approached the bench and smiled. I decided some small talk might make this
go smoothly."So Matt, I hear nothing but good things about you from others. Apparently
you have a good reputation to go with your nice manners.""Thanks coach, I have played since age 6 in pee wees where I used lolilta models new to
live. I love football and baseball too, but I don't know how good a team we
will be.""You let us worry about that, I smiled back at him. Now let me get a size
here before the twins show up and probably raise the roof and make me rush
to get you done."I had heard that 'these' twins were on the wild side for ten year olds but
I wasn't about to let them get the loli toplist bbs best of me, not right away.He didn't have much of a bulge in his under pants, but it was fine from
where I was, which was about three or four inches from his groin as I
checked his length. Normally I needed to get right up under the loli cp sweet top
balls to
get loli bbs info the length exact. I didn't want to cause a scene with him or make him
too uncomfortable. I needed to get an exact measurement so he wouldn't have
equipment problems and if anything else happened along the way, so be it. I
started by his feet and slowly ran the tape up his leg not touching him
until I got to the top. I knew contact would be made so I tried to be
careful but I guess curiosity got the best of me and made me wonder if he
was special or not, I caught him looking at me a few times earlier in the
day, but he quickly turned away when I looked back at him which made me
think he might be more special than he already appeared to seem. I
carefully raised the tape into his balls and unbelievably he spread his
legs so I could get a better measurement and didn't say a word. I ran my
hand up into his crotch making contact with him and he gasped a little but
he didn't appear to be upset at all. This made me even more curious because
nearly all kids either jump back or yell something if contact is made. I
don't move toward these ideas or anything close to this but the signals I
thought I got from him earlier and being alone made lolit sluts fucked me wonder if he was
looking lolitta free porn to start something or he was just along for the ride. I had a
feeling about this kid and wanted an answer right away. I looked up into
those cute brown eyes just to see if I was in trouble and he unbelievably
smiled at me. I said sorry and of course I wasn't but I had to keep things
as underage teen loli normal as possible."That's okay coach I know your just doing what you have to do so I get
properly fitted. Besides I am used to it."I didn't have the slightest idea what that meant but I was sure going to
find out soon, just not now."Okay pal I got what I need and I will have your stuff in a minute." I got
up and gave that mop of hair a good rub and headed to get his things. I
have a feeling this is going to be models lolit porn
a great friendship if nothing else but
that's up to him.
Chapter 2, Getting to know Matt.We were just finishing up as the door started to rattle. Matt ran over to
open it and in came the twins with their mother. I answered her questions
filling her in on what to expect and what time to pick them up and she
left. Matt was done and sat down to wait for me as I started on the
twins. Normally I would send players out to practice or they would be
anxious to start and leave on their own, but he just hung out for some
reason and I wasn't ready for him to leave so I said nothing."Okay who do we have here?" They both chimed almost together, "I am Brian,
and I am Brandon," they said."Right well I am not your coach as you probably know but I will horny loli
get you
dressed today and hairy lolit coach Wiley will take things from there. Do both of you
have your cups and mouth pieces?""Yes we do" said Brian."Who's first," I said and Brian stepped forward. "Both of you need to get
undressed so I can measure you for proper fit, the dressing room is over
there." I pointed to the same place as I had for Matt. Brian just started
undressing right in front of me but I guess his brother was the shy one
because he headed off to the room. Either way it didn't matter to me doing
this for this long I have dealt with both types of children and was used to
all of it by now.They appeared to both be the same size which made things easy for me I
wouldn't have to check the shy one and it was getting late anyway. Brian's
clothes just flew off of him and And he almost took his underwear down with
his shorts, but caught himself just in time sweet lolitta movie as the only thing I loli nymphs naked pictures saw was a
quick view of his cheeks before they were adjusted back to his waist. I
turned to see if Matt was watching and he was and gave me another smile. I
though I could read his mind for a second but I let it go and returned to
business at hand. I quickly ran thru sizing Brian up and estimated
everything because I wasn't confident of these two one bit. Before we knew
it we were done and headed out to practice, it was almost 7pm like I
thought it loli pussy kids would be."Matt, please go take a lap and stretch out so you don't get hurt.""Sure coach," and off he went."Hey, Bill how does it look so far?""Better than I expected for day two, its way too early to know more but we
might do something this season.""I sure hope so I never really had a bad season when I coached over in
Roddenfort, but lolicon usenet we were twice the size of this town and some."We went back to drills and things really did look good. Just then one of
the kids went down. I ran over to check out the situation and it didn't
look too bad probably a strained knee it worst. I am a fireman and trained
EMT so injuries are nothing new in my line of work. I have been doing this
since I turned 18 right out of school into the fire academy. A few of my
friend always bust me wanting to know why I never went on to be something
more than a tiny loli girls
firefighter. I always shrug it off telling everyone that
doctors don't have 3d loli sex
half the fun I do and those resident hours were not for
me. Anyway, I helped up Sebastian and aided him as he hobbled to the bench."Am loliat mpegs porn I going to be ok coach?" "Yeah I think you'll be back on it in a few
minutes just keep it up on the bench for now and the ice on it. I'll be
back in about five minutes to check it.""How is he JR." Bill asian bbs loli
asked?"He should be fine, in a little while I'll go back over and let him put
some weight on it.""Good we can't afford any injuries this year lolits sexy child gallery not if we want to make the
playoffs."I strolled young russian lolits back over to check out Sebastian's leg and have him put some
weight on it."Come on Bastian, get up slowly and lets see how you are." "It feels better Jeremy, honest, can I go back in?""Just a second pal, I want to make sure your fine, yeah it seems to be ok,
jog in and take it slowly.""Right coach," he lolite free videos japan said. Bastian, as he was nick-named was a neighbor of
mine so we were mostly on a first name basis except when others were around
then he would politely nude 14 loli
call me coach like most of the other."K, Bill we're back to full staff I yelled as I jogged back over.""Good practice is just about over anyway, Okay everyone two laps and back
in here, Bill said."As they had told me yesterday, Matt was the first one back, followed
closely by Tommy, Nick and Eric, then the rest of the team. I notice
Bastian trying to run but not getting too far so I yelled over for him to
walk it in and not to run anymore tonight. lolicon erotica Bill then went kids litle lolits porn over the
highlights of today's practice and dismissed everyone. Then after a quick
five minute coaches meeting we parted ways. I was sure Matt had found his
way home and I didn't expect to see him until tomorrow's practice. I took
my time getting back to my car, stopping to chat with a few parents and the
coaches at the other levels. I got into my truck and revved up the engine
and the next thing I knew there was a knock at free hentai lolicon clips
my passengers window I lolit turk was
shocked to see it was Matt."What's up pal,? I figured you to have left with everyone else twenty
minutes ago. ""I was going to walk home but I was hoping for a lift since I live on the
border of the next town and it's a bit of a hike." I didn't care what his
reason was I just yelled for him to jump in."Well Matt, what do you think of our team?""I think we will be all right sir, loli sex 12year but it's way too early to tell.""Hey Matt what did I tell you about this sir stuff, its coach or JR, Kay?""Sorry I forgot."I thought it was cute that he was so well mannered but I just had this
thing about formality. We approached his house and it was dark without a
light on of any type."Where are your best loli pics
parents Matthew," I asked?"Well I guess not home, Mom might still be working, her hours are weird and
that would mean my sister and younger brother are probably still at the
sitters house.""What about your father?" For the first time, even loli hentai bbs in this dim light I saw
the smile drop of his lolite tiny titties face that I had become so accustom lolitta hentai
to today. He
swallowed hard and with a slight stutter said, "Dad doesn't live with us
since we moved, something happened and my mother won't talk to us about
it. She just says we are better off without him and changes the subject all
the time, it's been almost six months and I darck portal loli haven't heard from him or
anything." "We were never real close but I loved him and respected him, he
never hurt fucked loli cuties any of us kids and I guess he must be sending mom some cash
because I see an occasional lolicon pregnant
envelope with his name on it but never a return
address."I reached teeny bbs loli
over and gave his knee a gentile squeeze and asked him if he was
okay and if he needed to go somewhere else."No, I have a key and my brother and sister are at my aunt and uncles house
a few blocks away, that's why mom chose to move here so she could work and
we could have somebody to take care of us after school and stuff.""Well what about your dinner and things?""I really ain't too hungry now anyway and if I get hungry there always food
in the frig.""Okay then pal, I'll let you go shower and do your thing and see you
tomorrow night. Thanks for letting me know and being so honest with me. A
lot of kids would just clam up in your situation and say nothing, I hope we
become friends. I reached out and shook hands with him and got ready to
leave."Aah coach, never mind, I'll see you tomorrow.""Did you want to ask me something, Matt?""Well I was, oh all right, I was going to ask you to come in for a while
and spend some time with me. There I said it.""Does this have anything to do with our little incident in the club house,
Matt?""Not really coach I just like you a lot and wanted to spend some more time
with you.""Well I am flattered son, but what would your mother or you aunt say if
they came home and found japanese porn loli me a total stranger in your house and you japan loli photo
in the
shower to top it off?""I can call my mom and aunt if it makes you feel better.""Well Matt if it really means that much to you I guess lolicon free hard we could try."He smiled and said, "Thanks coach come teen child bbs loli on in."I turned off the engine to the truck and slowly walked into what, I didn't
know, but after our little event in the club house my mind was full of
thoughts. He went right to the phone and dialed his mother. After a quick
pause I hear him ask for Julie Myers on the phone and without knowing
assumed that was his last name too,"Hi, mom, its Matt, I am home, coach brought me here and I asked him in but
he wanted to check with you first before accepting, is it okay? She wants
to talk to you." He handed me the phone."Hi this is Jeremy, is this Julie?""Yes, hi Jeremy, I hope he isn't being too much of a fuss, he is just so
friendly and I don't want him to put you out or something, its fine with me
I don't know when I will be in from work tonight, his siblings are already
asleep at their aunts house a few blocks away." Sheesh, I though all this
and in one breath, I guess I know where he gets nude loli pics it from, she sounded really
pleasant on the phone."Sure Julie I guess it will be fine and maybe I will meet you when you get
in, talk to you later, bye.""Okay pal its you and me, so why did you ask me in? You have questions
about practice or something?""No sir, I just didn't want to be alone tonight and I don't really like my
uncle that much so I figured I would ask you if you wanted to come in for a
while.""Well that's okay with me then you go shower loli nudity and I'll watch TV for a
while."Starting at the couch, a trail just followed him up stairs to his room,
right from his helmet to his shirt at the top of the steps. I had to laugh,
typical 12 year old stuff, I don't know how his mom kept the place so
nice. It was spotless and with three kids to boot. I heard him stirring
upstairs and then the shower water come on. I looked up out of curiosity to
see if I wound get a treat but nothing, just the bathroom door slamming
closed. I sat to watch the news, apparently there had been a bad fire a
few towns over and one or two firemen had gotten hurt, but they didn't say
how bad. I called dispatch to see if they lolicon underground knew anymore and Charlie was on
duty. He said one was going to be released tonight and the other was in
surgery. I thanked him and went back to the news. I heard the bathroom door
open and Matt yelled for me to come up for a minute, it wasn't urgent
sounding but still them same it peeked my interest somewhat."What's up, " I yelled though the closed door? The door opened a crack and
he popped his head out and asked me if I would go to the closet and get him
soap. I couldn't help but ask what he had been doing for the past ten
minutes before he noticed the soap was shy loli non nude empty?"I was ah, he seemed to be blushing a little but with a head full of
shampoo I really couldn't tell. I was, um, masturbating.""Oh Matt, you really didn't have to explain," I laughed to cover over my
embarrassment. "I don't know what to say to that, I hope you were having a
good time at least, I guess.""Could you get the soap, please and bring it in?" "Sure, I'll be right back, the closet at the end of the hall right?"Yeah, how did you know that, coach?""It's really not a secret, there is only one other small door on this
floor, and that's usually the closet where all the stuff bbs loli free pics is kept.""Oh, yeah, please, the soap, I am going back in the shower it's getting
cold free lolicon comic on my body."Sure, be right back."I ran down the hall and looked for soap, all I could find was Ivory and
hoped that was good enough. I knocked and he yelled for me to come in. It
was steamy and warm and smelled like baby shampoo, but all the same I was
just dying to find out more about his little session he just had."All I could find was Ivory, hope that's all right." He slid the shower
curtain back to expose his upper body and said, "Yeah, that's all we use
here."I turned to leave and was shocked at what I heard next."Would you please loli free movie stay, Jeremy?" I turned to see if he was for real and he
had the shower curtain pulled all the way back now so I could see
everything. His cock was still red from him beating it and he had rinsed
the shampoo out of his hair. He just stood there in all his grandeur and
shocked the shit out of me. I didn't know what to do but my cock was slowly
telling me. I cleared my throat."Um, Sport your giving me quite a show there are you sure you want to be
doing this." His circumcised four inch cock was at full attention and he
motioned for me to come closer.He whispered in a sexy voice, "I not only want you to come closer I would
like to suck you." Well, this was more than any human could take
especially one as horny as I was at lolitta gallery
that moment. I just hoped for the best,
that nobody would come home. I ripped off my clothes and jumped right
in. Before bbs loli pussy I could get my feet secured on the tub floor he already had my
cock in his hand and was gently stroking it. I placed my hand on his face
and got his full attention and tried to say lolit sex porn something. Finally I found the
words."Matthew, I love you for wanting to do this but, this is wrong and I could
get thrown in jail and you, God you would be humiliated if this ever got
out." His answer was simple."I guess we can't get caught then!" With that he went down on his knees and
put my cock and put it into his mouth. Within seconds I was fully erect and
moaning in pleasure. I grabbed the back of his head and forced all of my
six inches into his mouth which he took after gagging only once. I had
questions galore, but all could wait until he was done. He continued to
suck me harder, his free hand came up and started massaging my balls and it
wasn't going to top loli porn tgp be long before I was ready to giving this 'love' a present
for all his hard work. I told him I was ready and it was now or never. He
tightened his grip on my cock and continued to suck for all it was worth. I
erupted into his mouth the first shot gagging him but every one after that
he swallowed like it came natural to him. He continued to suck me until I
became soft and he got up and smiled, pulled me down to him, kissed me on
the cheek and game he the greatest hug I had ever felt up to that time. I
though I was in heaven. I came down off my natural high and said to him
that lolicon non nude this deed needed to be repaid."Okay honey it's time to see how hard your little member can get."I assumed the position and took his stiff tool into my mouth. He had just
came minutes before from what I could tell but I was sure this Adonis was
already prepared for a second firing of his cannon. I knew just what needed
to be done and slowly started to suck his cock. I wet my finger and spread
his butt cheeks and found his small warm hole and slowly pushed into
him. This caused him to groan and quiver slightly and louder, the faster I
pumped his butt hole with my finger. I was going hot and heavy back there
and I could tell between his ass tightening around my lolicon anal finger and his rapid,
now loud moans that he was close to cumming. I pulled out of his rectum and
stopped sucking him all at once. This easily got his attention as he opened
his eyes and started questioning and complaining about being so close to
shooting his load. I sites porno kids lolicon promised him this would be the orgasm of his life if
he just would hang in there with me for a while. He shut up and I began to
suck him again. I did this three more time before he begged me to finish
him off. The next thing I knew he yelled and almost fainted as he was
cumming. He squirted in my mouth at least four times and I was wondering
where he was getting it from. This kid must have had some reserve tank in
his sac. He slipped as I pulled off of him and I caught him in my arms and
we embraced for the next few minutes until I told him we needed to finish
up or we were going to get caught. We washed and dried ourselves off and
headed down loli thumbs free
to the couch. No sooner than we sat did his mother got home
from work.
To be continued....If you like this or would like to read any of my other stories they are
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