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Related post: Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 21:00:20 -0500
From: "lionclawbellsouth.net"
Subject: Justin & Brian (37-39)Brian & Justin (Part 37)
By JM Justin entered his room and saw Brian laying on the bed.
Brian's eyes were fiaxted on the ceiling and he laid comfortably. "Brian?"
Justin whispered, believing Brian didn't want to be disturbed. awmhost virgins Brian
didn't answer. Justin frowned and placed his key card on the desk by the
door. Justin looked around the room and could tell kevin had been inside.
He stood still for a moment. "Brian, are you okay?" he finally blurted
out. "I guess." Brian shrugged from on the bed. Justin knew better. He
flopped on the bed and looked down at Brian. "Did you guys talk?" Justin
asked. "Unfortunately, yeah we did." Brian frowned. Justin laid back on
the bed and placed his arm across Brian's chest. He just listened to
Brian's breathing. "We should get going." Brian whispered. Justin's head
popped up in astonishment. "We're going to go?" Justin asked in surprise.
"Why not? I know you want to spend some time with the guys." Brian
shrugged again. "But not if you don't want to go." Justin added. "As long
as I'm there with you, it's no problem. Besides, I'll have to get used to
being with the guys again." Brian frowned. "Why?" Justin asked, wondering
about Brian's last comment. "Because I told Kevin I'd go back to the group
under certain virgin porno tgp
conditions." Brian said. Justin now sat up, wondering just
what Brian and Kevin's conversation was about. "And what are these
conditions?" Justin questioned Kevin's motives. Brian sighed and sat up
also. He wrapped his arm around Justin's shoulder and rested his head on
the headboard.
"Well Brian..." Justin waited patiently. "One of the
conditions is that no one is to interfer in our relationship for any
reason. Another was that Nick and you spend less time together due to the
obvious dislike. Also, I don't have to be on all the tour dates if I feel
the need to be with you." Brian smiled. Justin still wasn't content.
"What did you have to give up?" Justin asked. Brian knew that was coming.
"In the studio, Kevin wants me working more with swedish virgin thumbs the guys and less with
you. He also wants the Backstreet Boys to tour seperate from 'N Sync and
he wants me to talk with my parents about this marriage thing." Brian said
softly. Justin quickly got out of little virgin free pics the bed and stood. He didn't bother
responding to Brian's words. He walked into the bathroom and slammed the
door, making his feelings known to Brian. Brian knew Justin's reaction
wouldn't be pretty.
He heard a knock at the door and was unsure about
answering. attorney david virgin il
"Who is it?" Brian called from the bed. "It's J.C., Brian."
J.C. said from outside the door. Brian rolled off the bed and stumbled
towards the door. He pulled it open slowly, not opening it all the way.
"Hey J.C." Brian smiled. "Hello Brian. Uhm, can I come in?" he asked
shyly. "Sure." Brian smiled back and pulled the door open. J.C. slowly
walked in and stood next to the door. Brian backed away and stood. "What's
up J.C.?" Brian asked. sandra virginia ella
"I know Justin's probably told you about what I
did." J.C. mumbled out, his eyes staring at the floor. russian virgins nude
"Uh no, me and
Justin haven't had much time to talk." Brian responded. "Well then let me
be the first one to break it to you. I'm the reason everyone found out
about you two being here." J.C. finally got the nerve up to look at Brian.
"Oh, so that's why they're here." Brian nodded. "Yes, that's how in a way.
See I told pre virgin nude Lance and I guess he told Nick about it." J.C. said, feeling
real guilty. "J.C., it's okay. Me and Justin are dealing with it." Brian
sighed. "I can see." J.C. said as he gazed around, not seeing Justin.
"It's how we spend our typical days when we're around the guys." Brian
frowned. J.C. took no offense. "That's why I feel so bad, Brian. I don't
want you guys to sepnd your vacation being miserable." J.C. did his best to
apologize. "Don't feel bad. I think me and Justin can get past this."
Brian said. His eyes drifted towards the bathroom door. "Are you guys
still coming with us?" J.C. asked. "I think so. When are ya'll leaving?"
Brian questioned, his eyes still fiaxted on the door. "In about half an
hour." J.C. didn't bother trying to get Brian's virgin sex amateur attention. "Okay, then
we'll virgin porn picture gallery see you downstairs." Brian nodded. J.C. let himself out and Brian
stood in the middle of the room.
"Justin?" Brian asked as he tapped on 1st time sex virgin the door. Justin
didn't respond to Brian. Brian placed his ear to the door and could hear
whimpering from inside. "Justin, are you okay?" Brian asked with concern.
Justin still did not answer Brian. "Please, please just go away Brian."
Justin could barely speak. He felt a huge lump in his throat. "But
Justin, we have to talk." Brian insisted. Brian turned the knob and
noticed the door was unlocked. He opened it and walked in. Justin sat on
the edge of the bathtub, his head in his hands. Brian could tell that
Justin was crying. He sat down enxt to Justin and tried to place his arms
around Justin. Justin jerked away and blackberry virgin mobile
kept crying. virgin nude photo "What's wrong with
you?" Brian asked. "I don't feel like talking right now. It's
easy... it's easy to see that Kevin has got you to do what he wants."
Justin cried. He accused Brian with no hesistation. Brian sat there
stunned and quiet. "But I didn't agree to anything with Kevin. I told him
what I wanted and I told him I'd think about the things he asked of me."
Brian did his best to make Justin understand.
Justin stood Mature virgin pussy
and walked towards the mirror. He opened his
eyes to see them filled with tears. "Justin, I love you." Brian said as he
stood. He grabbed Justin and wrapped his arms around his chest. Justin
let the tears flood from his eyes.
"Please don't cry babe." Brian begged. Justin turned around and Brian
wrapped his arms around Justin's waist. Justin knew in his little virgins sex pictures heart that
Brian wouldn't hurt him. Justin laid his head on Brian's japanese virgins neck and began to
cry. Brian cried also, his warm tears falling onto Justin's cheek. Justin
wrapped his arms around Brian to comfort. "I can't lose you over this."
Brian sobbed. Justin felt sorry for Brian. "I just can't go back to them
if it means I'm going to lose you again." Brian thai virgin porn
cried, his knees getting
weak. "It's okay Brian." Justin tried to calm Brian. Justin held Brian
tight, making sure that Brian felt safe. "I'll, uhm, I'll be okay." Brian
sobbed. He backed away from Justin and wiped his tears away. "Maybe we
shouldn't go with the guys?" Justin suggested, wiping his own tears away.
"No, let's go." Brian said softly. "Then, uh, let's get ready to go."
Justin laughed quietly. "Okay." Brian responded in a low tone.
The guys awaited Justin and Brian in the lobby. "What adult teen virgin sex
taking them so long?" Joey asked, becoming very impatient. "Maybe they're
having a fight and breaking up." Nick gleamed. "It's not likely, Nick."
J.C. argued. "Well whatever it is, I wish they'd virgins nude 15
hurry." A.J. said. As
soon as A.J. closed his mouth, Brian and Justin walked off the elevator.
"Sorry we took so long." Brian said. "It's okay. Let's just go." Kevin
said. "The limos are out front and we've got the whole park to ourselves."
Chris said happily. He rushed outside, followed by Joey, J.C. and A.J.
Kevin watched Brian and Justin carefully as they walked outside. Howie
limped behind him, glaring at Brian. Nick grabbed Lance's hand and they
walked out together. They all piled into the two limos and headed for
Great Xskape.
Brian & Justin (Part 38)
by JM As the guys rushed out of the limos, they all stared at the
huge theme park before them. "Oh my Lord, I've finally gotten to Heaven."
Chris chuckled as he ehaded for the gates. "Aren't we in a rush?" Lance
giggled as he tried to usher Nick along. "Okay Lance. I was just making
sure everyone was okay." Nick smiled as he looked back at Brian and Justin.
"You two okay?" J.C. whispered to Justin as they walked. "Yeah, we'll be
fine." Justin responded. He gripped Brian's hand as they got closer to the
entrance. "Will you slow pokes hurry up!" Chris shouted from in front.
"We're coming goldie locks!" Joey yelled at him. Chris laughed as he
waited on them. All the guys stood in front of the park as the manager
came out to greet them. "Welcome guys to the Great Xskape. We're happy to
have the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync stopping by here. And we do hope you
all have a fun time." the manager said. "We're hoping to have a fun time
too." Kevin responded in a polite, mono tone. "Well then, go ahead in and
remember to watch for the New Years fireworks tonight." the manager
The guys cheered and ran into the park. "Where do we go
first?" J.C. asked as he looked around. "Let's hit every rollercoaster in
the park!" Chris shouted. That made Brian's stomach turn. sex naked virgin
"Well there's
one over there called the Lion's Cage!" Lance yelled as he pointed towards
it. Brian looked at it and felt his stomach flip. Justin gazed at Brian's
twisted face. "Something wrong?" Justin asked Brian. "Didn't Brian tell
you? He's afraid of heights, so he rarely rides rollercoasters." Kevin
commented. "Well, your lose." Chris said as he looked at the ride. "Well
then I'll sit with you while the child forced virgin xxx
guys go on." Justin gave Brian a fake
smile. "No, that's okay. I'll be fine down here by myself. We're here to
have fun." Brian insisted. Justin smiled at him. "Are we going or not?"
Joey said in anger. "Okay, okay Joey. We're going!" J.C. said. Justin
gave Brian a quick kiss on the lips and all the guys ran for the
rollercoaster, minus Brian. Brian sat on a bench outside youth gangs in virginia of petite virgin
the ride and
watched the guys go. He listened to the screams and cheers of the guys as
they rode the ride. He laughed to himself, thinking about how much fun
they were sex russian virgins having.
All the guys came running up to Brian, laughing and still
screaming. "Now that's what you calla rollercoaster!" Chris said as he ran
around with excitement. "We have to go on that one again." J.C. laughed as
he watched Chris. Justin sat next to Brian. "It was real cool." Justin
said casually. "Man, let's get going to the next one!" Joey hollored as he
ran for the next rollercoaster. "Yeah, I'm right behind you!" Lance said
as he followed. "Coming Nick?" Kevin asked as he began to follow Lance.
"Nah. I'll catch up with you guys on the next one." Nick said. Kevin
nodded and strolled over to the next ride. "Well I want to go to the
arcade." Howie said. "I'll join you." J.C. said happily. They both walked
towards the arcade. "What do you want to do?" Justin asked Brian. Brian
thought for a moment. "Come on, I'll show virgin fucking free pics ya." Brian said as he stood. He
grabbed litel virgin tgp Justin's hand and Justin happily followed. "Well I'm not sitting
here and waiting on the lovebirds. Let's go get free pics of virgins
something to eat."
A.J. suggested. Chris shrugged and they headed for the Burger Hut. Nick
stood for a moment, then slowly began to folllow Brian and Justin.
Brian held Justin's hand as they came upon a water ride
called 'Ocean Of Love'. "Isn't that the perfect title?" Justin asked,
nudging Brian in the side. "I might not like rollercoaster, but I can deal
with the water rides." Brian smiled. "Well I'm always open fr getting
wet." Justin grinned. "In more ways then one, no doubt." Brian smiled
back. They both got on the ride and awaited it to start. "Hey, you guys
gonna leave me?" Nick said as he jumped in the seat behind them. Justin
rolled his eyes in anger. "What are you doing here Nick? Isn't there
another ride you prefer be on?" Brian asked in obvious disgust. "Not
really." Nick smiled at them. Brian just wrapped his arm around Justin and
awaited the start. Just as soon as Justin got comofrtable, the boat they
were in began to move. It jerked forward, causing some water to splash up.
"That's what I'm talking about!" Nick free virgin pics
shouted in glee. Justin and Brian
laughed as the water splashed on both of them. The ride was a long and
tidious process for Nick as he watched Brian and Justin make-out off and
on. "Oh this shit sucks now." Nick complained as he watched Brian kiss
Justin's lips again. "Funny, I like it." Justin turned his head around to
look at Nick. Brian smiled and kissed Justin's neck as water splashed on
them. As the boat came to a stop, Nick cheered with glee. "Thank God, I
can get away from you two." Nick shouted as he got out. Brian hissed at
Nick as Justin stepped out. "Come on Brian, let's go grab free naked virgina video a bite to eat."
Justin suggested as he helped Brian out. "Already hungry?" Brian
questioned as he leaped up on the deck. "It's not like we ate breakfast dad fuckes virgin girl or
anything." Justin said sarcastically. Brian raised his hands in question
and Justin laughed.
Brian grapsed Justin's hand and they both walked out into
the main area. "Hey Justin, we're about to go on this ride called Posion
Ivy, foto virgin russian
you wanna come?" Chris asked as he walked by with J.C., A.J. and Joey.
"Err, we're about to grab something to eat." Justin replied. "Okay, well
meet up with us at the next ride." J.C. said. "Okay." Justin smiled as
they walked off. "Are you sure you don't want to go with them? I can
always wait to eat." Brian anal virgin huge cock reassured Justin. "I'm positive. I'm here to
spend time with you, Brian." Justin grinned. Brian threw his arm around
Justin's shoulder and held him tight. "That's all I wanted to hear." Brian
smiled as they walked.
Justin and Brian walked into the resturant that was near
the Lion Cage. "So, what do we order?" Brian asked as they walked up to
the register. "I feel like virgin sluts
a burger and fries." Justin said virgins dvd free as he looked
at the overhead nude kids virgins menu. "Hmmm, I think I want some fried chicken." brian
said as he pulled out his wallet. Justin reached for his wallet, but Brian
grapsed his arm. "It's on me babe." Brian said with a grin. virgin sex passwords "Then I'll
have to remember to repay you when we get back to free virgin defloration pics
the hotel." Justin smiled
back. As the girl came to her register, her mouth dropped as she admired
the two hotties before her. amateur virginia
"No way! It can't be!" she screamed as she
looked at them. "In the flesh baby." Justin smirked. Brian rolled his
eyes at Justin and looked at the worker. "We need a #2 and a #6 please."
Brian said in a low virgins photo
voice. "What.... what?" the girl finally snapped out
of her trance. "Can I have a #2 and a #6." Brian repeated, winking at her.
"Uhm, sure Brian baby, I uh, I mean Mr. Littrell." the girl stuttered out.
"Thanks." Brian raised a brow at her. Justin frowned and turned away from
the girl. Brian then smiled and paid for their food. As the girl walked
away, Brian turned around also. "She had the nerve to call you Brian
baby." Justin hissed silently. virgin sweet orgasm "Well is she the one who's going to have
sex with me tonight?" Brian asked softly. "She virgin teens sexe may be, because I may not
be in the mood." Justin pouted. "Well then let me get her number right
quick and see what's she's doing tonight." Brian faked turning around.
Justin grumbled and walked to a table. Brian frowned and awaited their
Justin pulled virgin top 100 nymph
out a chair and plopped down. He rubbed his
hands through his hair quickly and stared at the table. He placed his left
hand over his right and admired his ring. 'This is the one thing that
makes me know Brian and I will be together.' Justin thought to himself.
"Can't take your eyes off it? Can you?" Brian asked as he placed the tray
of food on the table. "It's okay. I guess?" Justin shrugged, doing his
best to faze Brian. "Yeah right." Brian wasn't buying it. Brian pulled a
chair next to Justin and put his arm around him again. "Can I eat in
peace?" Justin laughed as he grabbed his burger. Brian pulled his arm away
and grabbed his Coke. "I was kidding." Justin apologized. "Well it wasn't
funny." Brian replied, taking a quick sip from his Coke. Brian grabbed his
basket of chicekn fingers and began to enhale them. "I love you." was all
that Justin could whisper into Brian's ear.
Brian stopped eating and raised his ehad in Justin's
direction. He didn't say anything, but he grabbed a fry from Justin's
tray. He placed his finger under Justin's chin, to get Justin's attention.
Justin turned in Brian's direction and looked his in the eyes. "What?"
Justin asked softly. Justin as Justin's mouth opened, brian slipped an end
of the fry in his mouth. Brian then moved closer to Justin's and took the
other end of the fry in his mouth. Brian quickly began to eat the fry,
bringing his lips closer to Justin's. Their lips touched, Justin closing
his eyes in shock. Brian began to kiss Justin's lips virgin coed teen sex passionately,
forgetting the fry was between their lips. Justin returned the kiss,
parting his lips greatly. Brian moved quickly with his lips, his tongue
darting through their teeth. Justin accepted it, letting his own tongue
roll upon it. Brian's eyes were shut tightly and his mind spinning. Lance
and J.C. grinned at Justin and Brian. J.C. cleared his throat quickly,
causing Justin to jump. His lips parted from Brian's, causing the french
fry to slip into Brian's mouth. Justin blinked his eyes quickly and looked
at Lance and J.C. "Uh, we were just, uhm..." J.C. stopped Justin. "It's
okay Justin, we just came to check on you two." J.C. said with a laugh.
They sat down and looked at Brian and Justin. "What?" Brian asked, trying
to avoid making eye contact. "Nothing." Lance shrugged, doing his best not
to laugh.
"Where's everyone at?" Justin asked. He was doing his best
to change the subject. youn virgins "Most of the guys are at the arcade. Joey and
A.J. are getting on the Poison Ivy again." J.C. answered. "Oh, well porn blood virgin sex maybe
we should head over to the arcade?" Justin suggested. "Yeah, we can go."
Brian smiled at him. "Then we'll meet you guys down there in like twenty
minutes?" Lance asked. "You guys aren't coming now?" Brian questioned.
"Uhm, I don't think they are Brian." Justin said as he grinned at J.C.
J.C. quickly raised a brow at Justin to warn him. "Huh?" Brian was
confussed as Justin yanked him up. lola virgins tgp
"I'll tell you later." Justin whispered
to Brian as they walked away. Brian shrugged as they walked away.
Just as soon as Brian and Justin nudes virgins walked out of the
resturaunt, Lance snatched J.C. forward. "I can't believe I stayed away
from you for three whole days." Lance whispered as he began to kiss J.C.
J.C. grabbed hold of Lance's head and began to force his lips on Lance's.
Their tongue's slithered into each other's mouths, tasting their sweetness.
J.C. pulled away. "God, I wish I could sleep with you everynight."
J.C. whispered as his hand ran up virgin sex porn
and down Lance's thigh. "Ugh, me too."
Lance panted. "Tonight?" J.C. questioned, his hand moving dangerously
close to Lance's crotch. "I don't know. I guess it depends on things go
over with me and Nick." Lance said softly. Just the sound of the name
caused J.C. to back away. "Why can't you and Nick just quit playing this
foolish game. He wants Brian and you want me." J.C. grumbled. "I don't
want to hurt Nick's feelings. And if you want me so bad, then maybe you
can help Nick with his quest to get Brian. Nick gets Brian, you get me."
Lance said slyly. J.C. sat in shock. "I couldn't do that to Justin."
J.C. shook his head. "Oh, like Justin won't get a hundered guys later on?"
Lance said sarcastically. "Look Lance, I don't care if Justin fucked
everyone he defloring virgins pussy pics virgin sexvideos saw, I'd never hurt his feelings like that." J.C. said in
disgust. He stood and Lance grabbed his hand. "I'm not asking you to do
anything. It was just a suggestion." Lance pleaded. teen virgin porn video "It was a lousy
suggestion." J.C. replied, keeping his desirability for male virgins eyes virgin porno land away from Lance's.
All the virgins pussy gratis guys ran around in the arcade like little kids.
Chris leaped into the bin of plastic balls, his face filled with cheer.
Howie watched with laughter in his virgin vid eyes. Joey and Kevin battled it out on
a race car game, while J.C. took his aim at Mortal Kombat 4. Lance stood
in a corner with Nick, their hands slowly gropping each other. virgin porno child free Justin and
Brian took their aggressions out on Darkstalkers as A.J. russian virgins extreme porno looked on. "Hah!
I win!" Brian cheered. Justin glared in anger after losing to Brian. "Ah,
don't be a poor sport." Brian said. he wrapped his arms around Justin's
waist and held him. "I'm not illegal virgins sex
a poor sport. If it was basketball, I
would've won." Justin grinned. "Okay, it's my turn." A.J. boasted as he
pushed them aside. "Let me kick A.J.'s ass real quick and then we'll go
play some real basketball." Brian whispered. Justin nodded and pulled
Brian's hand from his waist. Brian pecked Justin on the cheek quickly and
hopped in front of the game.
"You'll never win!" Joey screeched as he desperately tried
to beat Kevin. "That's what you think, Joey." Kevin barked back as he
raced him. "You guys suck!" J.C. called as he walked over to them. "Well
that's only because we can't all get into car accidents like you." virgin hardcore free tube Joey
teased. He kept his concentration on the game. "Well we can't all get our
girlfriends taken by a Backstreet Boy either." J.C. fussed back. "Awww,
shut up!" Joey said humorously. Nick paid no attention to Joey or
J.C. remarks, his eyes were on the growing lump in Lance's pants. "I see
someone needs a little personal attention?" Nick said as his hands slipped
into Lance's jeans. Nick stepped in front of Lance so no one could asian virgins sex illegal
them as Nick jacked on Lance's dick. Lance moaned softly, rubbing his hand
across Nick's neck. Nick leaned in and began porno virgin girl
to nibble upon Lance's neck
as he jacked harder and faster. Soon Lance let his inhibitions go and came
in his pants. He sucked the air in through his teeth to keep from shouting
out in pleasure. Nick smiled and backed away from Lance. "I'm glad I'm
wearing your breifs." Lance teased Nick. Nick punched him in the arm and
grinned at him. "If we weren't in such a rush this morning, maybe I would
have some underwear on?" Nick teased Lance back.
Justin virgin illegal teenage sat next to Howie and watched Chris hop around in
the plastic balls. "He seems to be enjoying himself." Justin pointed out.
He knew it would be hopeless to get a coversation going with Howie. "Yeah
well, Chris always does." Howie commented. Justin knew he had to let his
past differences go with Howie. "Looks like you're not enjoying yourself
too much?" Justin questioned Howie's happiness often. "Maybe I would be if
I didn't have to sit here all the time." Howie said, pointing to the brace
around his ankle. "Well that's not my fault." Justin argued calmly. "I
didn't say it was Justin. All I'm saying is that I can't do much anymore.
Touring's going to be pretty tough for awhile." Howie complained. "Well
I'm sure the guys will help you out." Justin tried to comfort him. "I
doubt Brian will, though Nick got over the whole, well you know..." Howie
said softly. Justin sighed. "I doubt I can do anything about the Brian
situation." Justin responded in a low tone. "Hey guys, you need to get in
here!" Chris shouted as he leaped around in the ball pit. Lance quickly
ran over and leaped in. "Ah, Jaws!" Chris yelled in fun. J.C. and Nick
joined them as Justin and Howie looked on. Brian came behind Justin and
wrapped his arms around Justin's neck. "Come on, let's go shoot some
hoops." Brian whispered into Justin's ear. "Otay." Justin whispered back.
Justin stood and virgins pussy
pushed his chair in. "Chat with you later Howie?" Justin
asked politely. "Sure." Howie shrugged.
"Why so friendly to Howie." Brian asked in a low tone.
"Because you said I should put all my differences aside with everyone."
Justin answered. "Whatever." Brian giggled. "So, where are these hoops
at?" Justin asked with a happy tone. "Right here!" Brian pointed to the
miniature basketball game in front of them. Justin laughed as Brian set
the game up. Justin waited for the whislte as a gauntlet of basketballs
came rolling down the ramp. Justin and Brian quickly began to nubile virgin teens shoot the
balls, doing their best to rack up a high score. They shot countlessly,
not missing a single one. As the buzzer rang, Brian shot the last ball in.
"And he scores!" Justin shouted to the others. "High score baby!" Brian
boasted as he grabbed Justin around the stomach. "Remember who got them
all in." Justin laughed at Brian. "Get real." Brian laughed back. They
kissed happily, no longer caring who's eyes were on them.
"Guys, it's around 10 o'clock. Let's go to the resturaunt
and get some food before it's 12." Kevin suggested. "Yeah, I'm hungry."
Lance said as he rubbed his stomach area. "Me too." J.C. grinned. "Well I
want cute teen virgin sex
to ride the Lion's Cage one more time!" A.J. protested. "I wanna ride
it too." Joey agreed. "Well I'm going to that water ride I porn clip virgin girls
saw earlier."
Howie said. "Oh, you don't want to get on that. little virgin child clips There's a bunch of love
bugs movie sex teen virgin that get in the way." Nick teased Justin and Brian. Justin rolled his
eyes free virgins xxx and hugged Brian closer. "Well we're going to get something to eat."
Brian said. "But I want to ride the Posion Ivy girl loosing virginity videos
before we go." Justin
complained. "Well then go. I'll eat by myself." Brian prentended to be
upset. "Oh no, you're coming with me." Justin argued. "Uh, uh. No way."
Brian portested the idea. "Come on bri, I'll be there with you." Justin
begged. "Well I'm getting something to eat. Maybe Brian will join me?"
Nick added. "Uhm, I think I'll get youn virgin sluts on that ride." Brian assured Nick.
"Your lose." Nick smiled. "Look, everyone just be at the resturaunt before
11:30." Kevin interupted everyone. All the guys agreed and headed their
seperate ways.
Brian & Justin (Part 39)
By JM Justin yanked Brian into the rollercoaster, Brian's hands
shaking with fear. "I'm not real sure about this Justin." Brian stumbled
over his words. "I'm here for you Brian." Justin did his best to calm
Brian's fears. Brian got into the seat and awaited the ride to start. As
the ride jerked forward, brian felt his stomach drop. "Just close your
eyes and enjoy." Justin suggested as the rollercoaster began to climb it's
hill. Brian shut his eyes tightly and squeezed Justin's hand firmly. free sex picture virgins As
the ride began to spiral down the hill, Justin screamed in joy. Brian kept
his eyes shut and felt his stomach do flips. Brian began to enjoy the
sensation and yell with laughter. Justin threw his hands up as the ride
came sex pussy virgin closer to the bottom. teen maiden virgin
"This is crazy!" Brian hollored as they went
faster. he realized virgin cherry
he was beginning to enjoy himself, all because Justin
was there with him.
Brian and Justin stumbled to the main area with laughter.
"My God, that was crazy!" Brian hollored as he and Justin headed for the
resturaunt. "Hey Justin, we're gonna get on one last rollercoaster. You
want to come?" J.C. asked as he and Chris headed towards the ride. Justin
looked at Brian and Brian nodded a yes. "Okay, I'll be right there."
Justin called out. Justin quickly leaned in and licked Brian's lips.
"That's until midnight baby." Justin smiled devilishly. Brian Gay anal virgin grinned with
shock free nude virgin pics and watched Justin run off. "Hey Brian, get in here. It's almost
midnight." Howie called from the resturaunt door. "Okay, I'm coming!"
Brian yelled back. He happily galopped towards the door.
The guys were all partying around the resturaunt. Music
was blaring through each speaker as Brian stepped in. "Hey, what's going
on in here?" Brian smiled as he saw everyone dancing. "It's almost New
Years fella. We decided it was time to party." A.J. said as he danced with
one of the waitresses. "I'm sorry, did I see Amanda just walk by?" Brian
said sarcastically, causing A.J. to back away from the waitress. "I hate
you." A.J. whispered to Brian. "Ah, but I love YOU MAN!" Brian laughed.
Nick grabbed Brian by the arm and pulled him away. "Whoa buddy, is there a
problem?" Brian laughed. Nick stared Brian in the eyes and then took a sip
of his beer. "Just wanted to see who you were going to kiss at midnight?"
Nick asked slyly. "Uhm, let's see. You or Justin? Judges!" Brian
giggled. Nick asian virgin teen
ran his hand over Brian's chest and looked at his bright
smile. "Well I'm glad to know I'm still in the running." Nick slurred out.
"Well by the sound of your voice and virgine girls the stink upon your breath, I'd say
you've just been disqualified." Brian backed amateur virgin away from Nick. "Besides,
where's Lance? Aren't you supposed to be with him?" Brian asked, feeling
awkward with Nick all over him. "Oh, he's somewhere around ehre. I don't
care." Nick shurgged. "Hey guys, the countdown's about to start!" Kevin
shouted. As the countdown began, Brian searched for Justin. He frowned as
he teen russian virgins
looked. "Three... two... one..." Brian heard the guys shout. As they
hit zero, Brian was shocked to feel a hand grab his shoulder. "I knew you
wouldn't leave me hanging." Vrian smiled as he turned around.
The guys all cheered as the clock turned midnight. Joey
gladly kissed one of the waitresses as Howie watched on. "Excuse me snior,
but I'm waiting for a kiss at midnight." one of the waitresses smiled at
Howie. "Who am I to disappoint you?" Howie shrugged. he gladly kissed her
upon the lips. "I wish black cock virgins
that Amanda was hree." A.J. frowned. "Ah, kiss me
baby!" Kevin shouted as he forced his lips on A.J.'s. A.J. jumped back in
shock and Kevin laughed at him. "That was not funny!" A.J. laughed back.
Brian caught a glimpse of who was before, before he felt Nick's lips press
hard on his own. Nick grasped Brian tightly around the back, making it
hard for Brian to pull gratis sex by virgin away. Nick slipped his tongue in Brian's mouth,
making Brian gag. Justin laughed as he walked back into the resturaunt
with J.C. and Chris. "Oh man, it's midnight!" Justin barked as he looked
around for Brian. "Oh, let me go find someone to kiss." J.C. ran around
looking. J.C. found Lance in a corner and smiled. "It's midnight Lance."
J.C. smiled evily. Lance smiled back and jerked J.C. in his direction.
Their lips made contact and sparks went off. J.C. forced his mouth on
Lance's, causing them to fall into the bathroom. J.C. quickly got up, shut
the door and pulled a condom out of his back pocket. "I think it's about
time we had a little talk, dick to dick." J.C. smiled at Lance.
Justin forced through the crowd to see Nick and Brian
kissing. Brian finally yanked Nick off of him and spit on the floor in
disgust. "How the fuck could you do that!" Brian shouted. He looked
around and saw Justin standing in front of everyone. "Justin?" Brian said
in shock. Justin shook his head and disbelief. "No, Justin, I virgins didn't kiss
him!" Brian already knew what Justin was thinking. "Stay the fuck away
from me!" Justin hollored as he ran away. "JUSTIN!" Brian hollored as he
ran after him. Just as Justin got out the door, Kevin stepped in front of
Brian. teen angel virgins "Kevin, man, get out of the way!" brian hollored at him. "No
Brian. You have to let him go this time. You have to let him be." Kevin
protested against Brian's actions. "Are you out of your mind?" Brian asked
Kevin in anger. "No, but I think you are. What makes you think that
Justin can keep breaking up and getting back together with naked virgins photos
you?" Kevin
asked Brian truthfully. "Because I love him. That's why!" Brian barked.
"Soon enough, he's going to stop feeling the same way about you." Kevin
fussed back. "And when that time comes Kevin, you'll be the first to
know." Brian said as he pushed Kevin aside. "Let him go, Brian!" Kevin
yelled as he grabbed Brian's arm. "If you don't get your hands off of me
Kevin, I'll have to make you remove them." Brian turned and looked at Kevin
in anger. "Brian, don't be stupid." Kevin boasted.
Brian refused to say another word. He pulled back and
swung on Kevin, hitting him swuare in the eye. Kevin slipped back and
Brian pulled away. Kevin regained his balance and grabbed Brian before he
could get out of the door. Kevin pulled Brian back, causing Brian to fall,
head-first onto the floor. brian grasped his head in pain, crying out.
"You're not going to fuck up little virgins links Justin's life because your's is already fucked
up." Kevin yelled at Brian. Brian laid on the floor, grasping his head in
sure pain. "Leave him alone Kevin!" A.J. said as he and Joey did their
best to pull Kevin away from Brian. "Do you think he's going to love you
when all you do is hurt him?" Kevin continued to holler at Brian. Chris
and Nick did their best to get Brian up. Brian stood to his feet, bending
his knees virgins ukranian
in utter pain. "You can't expect Justin to love you when all you
do is cause him pain." Kevin kept his anger flowing. Brian refused to
speak to anyone. He lazily walked out of the resturaunt. He walked to the
middle of the park and sat down. He cried loudly as he grabbed his head.
He couldn't stop himself as hard as he tried.
He tried to stand, but his head throbbed too much. His
tears soaked his face as he cried. He felt someone help him get up and
pushed them off. "Nick, go away!" Brian cried still. "I'm not going away
Brian." Justin protested. Brian was surprised to hear his voice. Justin
helped Brian stand and he wrapped his arms around him. "Come on, let's get
you to the bus." Justin said, his voice filled with no emotion. "Why are
you helping me?" Brian sobbed. "Because I love you." Justin commented.
He and Brian stumbled towards the bus, Brian still crying.
Justin helped Brian into the bus and to the back where the beds were.
Brian laid down on the bed and Justin crouched on the outside. Brian tried
to open his eyes and look at Justin, but they were stinging too much from
his tears. "Justin, I'm sorry." Brian teenager virgin sex whimpered. "It's virgin cunts okay Brian. You
didn't do anything wrong." Justin said quietly. "I don't want you to pitty
me if that's what you're here for." Brian said, his voice trembling. "I
told you why I was here. I love you." Justin responded. Brian began to
cry once again. Justin sighed and pulled Brian closer to him. "I know it
hurts, but you have to stop crying." Justin said as Brian laid his head on
Justin's lap. "I'm so, so, so sorry Justin, I really am." Brian sobbed.
Justin rubbed his hands across Brian's face and listened to his cries. He
had never seen Brian cry so much. "Lay down and get some sleep." Justin
suggested. he pushed Brian towards his pillow and let Brian lay down.
"Are you leaving me?" Brian asked. virgin analsex "No, brian I won't leave you. I just
have to go do something nude girl virgin really quickly. I'll be right back." Justin
responded in an angered voice. Brian rubbed his head in the pillow and
tried to control his sobs of sorrow.
Justin stepped off the bus and watched the virgins girls defloration guys
approaching. "Where's Kevin?" Justin asked as A.J. began to step on the
bus. "He's coming. virgin panties Look Justin, don't go off on him. He got enough virginia nude beach
me and Chris." A.J. pleaded. "Don't worry about me, A.J. I can handle
myself." Justin said bitterly. He watched as Chris and Joey came forward.
"Is Brian on the bus." Chris asked. Justin nodded and awaited Kevin.
"Justin, man don't do anything stupid." Joey said. "Don't worry about it
Joey." Justin said. Kevin approached and sucked his teeth when he saw
Justin. "Look Justin, I'll apologize to Brian. But don't try interferring
in this." Kevin said coldly. "Look Kevin, I don't care what the fuck you
say to Brian. It's not going to make things better. You're the one person
he virgin teen porn
could always depend on. But you go and fuck it up for yourself. I hope
you're happy because I doubt Brian will ever come back to the B.S.B. now."
Justin hollored. He did his best not to punch Kevin. Kevin rolled his
eyes and got onto the bus. "Hey, where's Lance and J.C.?" Chris yelled
from the bus. Nick and Howie approached and Nick looked right at Justin.
Justin clenched his fist and got on the bus. J.C. and virgins russia 15
Lance came running
up to them, looking as if they had been in a war. "Where have you two
been?" Howie asked as he looked at them. "Uhm, we had to ride another
rollercoaster." J.C. chuckled as they stepped on the bus. "Yeah, another
one." Lance laughed. Lance quickly grabbed J.C. "You're wearing Nick's
underwear." Lance giggled.
Justin sat on the bed where Brian was. Justin flicked his
shoes off and rolled onto the bed with Brian. Brian was silently sleeping
on the bed. Justin pulled Brian virgin nude boy
close to him and wrapped his arms around
him. "I love you." Justin whispered as he kissed Brian on the head. "I
love you too, Justin." Brian whispered back. Jusitn smiled and hugged
Brian. "Thank you." Brian said softly. virgins russia
Just as Justin was drifting off to
sleep he heard Nick shout "Who's boxers are you wearing!" to Lance. TO BE CONTINUED...*** Well I know it took gay virginia beach me a LONG TIME to finish (of course the constant
reminders helped me remember too!!!), but here it is. I hope you enjoyed
this LONG instalement. Look for the next one, hopefully, soon. And thanks
to David Mark for the idea he wanted in the story. It was fun to work
with. ***

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