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Related post: Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 02:19:30 +0800
From: tazmania
Subject: Bus Stop 4First of all I wanna thank all of you for taking of your time to write only
to tell me that you have (or haven't) enjoyed this story. There would be no
reason to write if it were not for the thousands of you who love to
read. Thanks a bunch. Really!
AndreMy body was on fire. I could even feel the heat emanating thru my pores and
almost consume me. Sometimes I would wake up this way, horny, my nipples
sticking out, forming small tents in my t-shirt, an indication that I was
oversensitive, aroused, my balls aching and the cock in that state of semi
awake ness, not really hard nor soft either, but rather swollen, restless,
the lightest anetta model touch bringing it to a state of readiness, forming a bulge
like a coiled cobra. Amazingly it was the first time I felt this way in a
long time. I had awaken other days feeling horny like many times before,
and I would go directly to my ewes and fuck them first thing in the
morning, sometimes even before having breakfast since it gothic sex modell helped to clear my
mind. But this kind of horniness was almost gone from my memory because it
had been a while now since I last fucked a woman; since I had wanted to
feel the touch of another human being.Two weeks had passed since that first talk with Mr. Ferguson about
introducing me to his boy Lucas, and during this time he told me everything
that was going on between the two of them. Once young playtoy models
he decided to open his
heart he lost control of the flood models pics russian and he spit everything, beginning with
their first time and how it all began, describing in detail what they
usually did together. And from what he told me I was almost scandalized, a
mix of incredulity with interest, and also a stirring in my loins as I
formed the images in my mind, listening to Mr. Ferguson's narrative of how
the boy could suck a cock and also take it up the ass. But what was yuong models more
interesting was to know that Lucas not only accepted my boss doing that to
him, but he actually begged to be fucked raw, hard, to be filled up with
his cum, in the mouth and in the ass.I don't remember ever having fucked a fag before, and since I don't see
people very often I thought I would never be in contact with one someday,
but what blew my mind was to think that Lucas was too young. I always
thought they would be all grown people, shameless sissies who had nothing
better to do than to give their asses around. I told this to Mr. Ferguson
and he said that he used to think culos teen model the same way and even had some resistance
to the idea of screwing the kid. But then, amazingly, he gave me the same
reasons I had told myself to convince himself why he'd fuck the boy. He
would never get pregnant, he was a virgin and there wasn't any risk of
getting a disease since he was the only one who fucked him. And here he
stopped to ask me if I was clean, and I am clean even having been fucking
my animals all these years.I was impressed with nude 16yr models
what I heard. I had no problem going for the kid in
the first place, the only problem was that I thought my ewes were better
than him. And being a kid he would certainly complain about pain and even
refuse giving his ass to me. But I have to admit that I felt horny when
Mr. Ferguson described what he did to the boy. If what he said was true,
and I don't think he was lying, the kid was a slut! Images of a young boy
with his mouth full of cock, his ass being split by a large penis
(Mr. Ferguson's penis, which I assume must be a big one), cum running down
his face while he flicks his tongue out and scoop some and swallow... I was
having a hard on.Finally Mr. Ferguson told me that Lucas said 'yes' to his proposition and
they would be coming next week. I even asked him to tell me what he
expected from me since it was his fagboy and not mine, and what I was
allowed to do. He said that the game was on and that they would do whatever
they had to as the situation presented itself. The only thing he wouldn't
allow was to hurt the kid in any way, physical abuse, that is. As for
sex... straining my ears I could hear the roar of an engine approaching and
it was then that I realized why I was so horny: it was the unconscious
notion that I'd be fucking an ass again after a long time in my life.
Mr. FergusonI was having the typical case child models 13
of 'blue balls'. They were hurting in a way I
had not felt in a long time. A constant, almost unbearable, pounding that
made them sensitive to the touch. I wasn't complaining because I knew it
would go away soon, it's just that I young thai models
was crazy to spew my cum. The way the
kid had blown me minutes ago had taken me close to paradise. For me I would
have filled his mouth with my spunk right there, but I decided to try
something different and so I made an effort to hold back a little more and
wait until we left town. The only problem was driving with a hard cock
between my legs and a pair of throbbing balls. As we crossed the city we
talked about Andre and the new experience ahead. He seemed quite relaxed,
almost anxious, to meet Andre. He asked a few questions about his looks, if
I trusted him and what he should do when we got there. I told him that we
would all follow our instincts and have fun. That's all! "And since we're
talking about fun," I told him, "why don't we do something new? Why don't
you come close too me? Maybe you'd like to make me feel good, ughn? Nobody
ever sucked me while canada top models I drive". We had left the city behind and had just
entered my property. He came to me almost in a jump, eagerness and
happiness showing in his face. His left hand fell on my lap and I no nudemodelschild felt it
climbing up my thigh, approaching my crotch. He fumbled with my clothes,
unzipped my Jeans, unbuckled my belt and pulled out my cock. I helped him
to get my pants down and he unbuttoned my shirt, I was overexcited, all my
neurological system in full alert. The hair all over my body stuck out when
his hand rubbed over my nipples and I sucked air thru the teeth. In the
sequence he glued his mouth to one of my tits and began sucking on it, his
tongue running in circles around the hard nipple, while he stroked my large
cock that was hard like a piece of wood. I was about to stop the car and
fuck him right there, I wanted to put an end to that agony centered in my
throbbing cock.His emmie child model
tongue started to descend and reached my belly pit, and suddenly I was
impatient, hungry. I didn't want to play this game just then. I wanted to
fuck him, to cum inside his ass or his mouth. I cupped strapon models
the back of his
head, forced it down towards my cock as I thrust my hips to meet him, and
he engulfed the red, swollen, throbbing head of my cock. "Oh, yes!" I
shouted. "Yeah, let innocent tiny models me feel those lips around my dick, get down on that
thing, show me how good you are". I felt when a long rope of cum erupted
and he licked it eagerly. "That's good boy, ahhhghh, get all that cock in
your mouth." I ordered and he went down on my dick all the way and gagged a
few times before being able to get his movements right, bobbing up and
down. "Yeah, suck my fucking cock". I usually don't swear much, but I was
horny and I had learned that a few dirty words could be arousing too. He
began to massage my balls and then let go of my cock, which slapped against
my belly, and went down trying to suck my balls, but he couldn't do it preeteen images model due
to my sitting position. "Ok, Lucas, suck on my cock, keep sucking," I said
and hissed when his warm chemical compound models mouth encircled the bloated head again. It was too
much, I was about to cum and I had to do something.
LucasIt is not easy to suck on a cock in a moving car, but I was so horny and
wanted so much to touch Mr. Ferguson's body that I'd do anything just to be
in contact with him. I could not help but admire his hairy chest and strong
neck and my hand moved easily towards his nipples as I leaned against his
chest and sucked on his tits. He was in a frenzy and I knew he would not
last much, but that was OK with me 'cause I would not either. His cock was
fully erect, the large veins bulging, the huge knob flared out... his cock
was so hard and so taut that it had lost its velvet quality, so familiar
and so contradictory in a piece of meat. I loved the feel of that velvet
head in my mouth; loved having it buried up my ass. I knew he wanted it as
much as I did. The tip of his cock was shining with the precum that had
oozed out. As I tried to lick his belly slowly Mr. Ferguson simply took a
hold of my head, hunched a little and shoved his cock into my mouth,
causing the knob to touch the top of my throat. I stretched my mouth open
and his cock slid in. I bobbed up and down, knowing young girlies models that we would have to
make a stop soon. "Oh, yeah, good boy, get that cock in your mouth!" He
gasped. Now I was deep-throating him again, my nose touching his pubic area
each time he hunched.Just then he stepped on the breaks, startling me a little, and stopped the
car where we were, in the middle of asian models xxx
the dirt road, apparently in the middle
of nowhere and nobody would pass by. And boy model videos besides we never cared if that
happened such was our despair to fuck one another. "Get those clothes off
Lucas", he said and I obeyed waiting for his next command. Mr. Ferguson
opened the glove compartment and got a small can of something and lubbed
his big tool, his smeared hand sliding hurriedly up and down his pole in an
erotic dance, making me salivate. Then, with one arm he encircled my waist,
sat me on his lap as his fingers worked up my ass. He worked them around
inside as he had done many other times, seeming to know exactly where to
go, stretching me open. After wiping his hands, he lifted me, held me in
mid air as he aimed his cock between my cheeks, the head slipping between
them, pressing against my greased hole. Then it was stretching me open as
he youn modells
sat me down slowly. I was gasping, gritting my teeth as my ass felt like
it was being torn open, burning and stinging at the same time. My belly
jerked in and out each time I gasped and wrapped my arms around him in a
bear hug. Then I was completely impaled on his huge cock, still gasping as
the pain began to subside slowly. His strong arms were wrapped around me
and my eyes were closed. It was then that I felt his lips touch mine, his
beard pressed against my face. He had never kissed me in the mouth before,
but in that moment he was so horny and it was the first time we were
fucking in that position in a so compact space, that he simply gave himself
in to any restrictions he still had about really making love to another
man. "Ahh, Lucas, you drive me crazy. Your ass is so hot and today it is so
tight that 4play gay model I can't take it anymore. I need to cum, I need to fuck your
sweet ass real good now and cum", he said. He hunched slightly and then my
ass swallowed the last inch of his cock as I held onto his neck. "Hang on
to boat 3d model my neck Lucas", he said as he placed his hands on each side of my waist,
lifting me up, then down slowly, his cock making love to my hungry ass,
thrusting his cock in and out of my hole. "You've got such a good pussy
Lucas, real good pussy", he said panting and began kissing me again. Then
he grabbed hold of my waist and began pounding my ass down busty model pic
on his cock
faster and faster now. He was moaning louder and louder and I knew he was
getting close. Then I felt my climax arriving, beginning in my balls and I
grabbed my cock and pumped it. I was so hot I couldn't wait any more and
shot blast after blast of cum all over Mr. Ferguson's belly. I was moaning
and writhing "Fuck me" I pleaded. He did it, but this time the pace was
much harder. He jammed his cock into me with all his might, in and out, in
and out. I could feel his foreskin going back and forth as he pushed that
monster into me. He was starting to really moan and I could feel his cock
enlarge with a load of cum on the way. "Ohhh God, I'm gonna shoot" he
screamed, continuing to drive his cock into me. He gave it one last push in
as far as he could, and screamed with pleasure as I felt cum rush out of
his cock and into my burning hole. "Gonna cum boy!" He threw ls nicky model his head back
as he groaned and pounded my ass hard and deep and I felt his body shaking
as warm cum began blasting up my ass hole and ooze out as well. architectural models
I thought I
would pass out and simply rested my head on his chest that heaved up and
down while he tried to collect his breath again, slowly sinking prettens nn models
on the
seat, our bodies finally relaxing, mixing our sweat, tension being washed
out. We just stayed there, quivering, his manhood still inside me, slowly
shrinking. I tightened my cheeks around it, trying to milk the last drops
from it. Slowly he removed his cock, leaving my ass feeling like it was an
empty cave. He groaned as his long tool slid out of my hole and part of his
sperm escaped and landed on his pubes.
AndreAs soon as they got out of the car I knew they had done it already. The boy
was shy and seemed all right, but Mr. Ferguson was disheveled, the shirt
opened, and because of that I could see the hair glued to the skin, forming
crusty board model spots and I knew exactly what they were. Every man knows what
happens when you jerk off and cum stick to your hair. So they had already
started the party. Looking at the kid I noticed that he was too young and
once again I felt awkwardly disoriented with the notion that he was there
so that Mr. Ferguson and I could have fun with him (and he surely would
have fun too, although I didn't understand how he could find it funny
having two men plunging him in the ass with their cocks). I was introduced
to him and could tell by his reaction that he didn't dislike me. We shook
hands and Mr. Ferguson asked, looking at him, if we wanted to go inside and
do something. He simply shrugged and we got into the house. Once inside
Mr. Ferguson threw himself on one of the couches and told me that he had
already helped himself and suggested that we felt more comfortable with
each other while he rested a little. But he added that he would like to
watch the two nina model tgp of us if we didn't mind, of course.Since it seemed something more than agreed between them there was no reason
why not to act. I invited him to sit next to me and I put my arm around his
shoulder when he teen model snadra sunk beside me in the couch. I was excited, but my cock
wasn't hard hot preeten models yet. I looked over to Mr. Ferguson and he nodded at me,
signaling that it was OK. "I heard that you're a hot piece of ass boy,
let's find out just how good you are", I said and pulled him against my
chest. I confess that goosebumps grew all over my body and I shivered as
soon as his hand landed on my belly, trying to hold his balance when I
pulled him to me. "Have you had fun already with Mr. Ferguson? Wanna play a
little with uncle Andre here? How about showing me how ls models pi well you can suck a
cock? Here, let me get it for you..." I was still saying and reached for my
fly when he said "wait, let me do it" and I stopped momentarily. He began
to slide his hand on my belly, caressing me awkwardly, trying to find his
way, a little unsure of what to do since he didn't have time to get to know
me right. "Yeah, my little puppet, christina model biography that's it. Do to me what you do to
Mr. Ferguson, give to me what you give to him". He reached inside my shirt
and I felt the tip of his fingers rub over my right nipple and I moaned. He
got more confidently and widened the area of exploration, his hand moving
down towards my asian model child belly pit and further down until it met my belt. By then my
cock was already rock hard and I could feel it pulsing, pushing against the
fabric of my pants, forming a live bulge. He put his hand over it and
squeezed; he couldn't see it nor could I but I felt precum leak and glue to
my underwear. "Fucking shit, I'm so horny that I'm afraid I won't be able
to be gentle to this young boy when I have the head of my cock ready to
enter his chute" I thought to myself and let out a long and hoarse moan. He
was now running his tongue from one nipple to the other, making little
circles around them, causing them to stick out like two oversized warts,
while his fingers still clutched my hard meat. I decided to find magazin models
a better
position on the couch and brought him easily with me, his body entrapped
between my legs. Now he was lying completely on top of me while my head
rested on the arm of the couch. I closed my eyes and gave myself in to that
dual unexplainable new experience to me. Dual because it was the first time
I was having sex with a man, a boy, and also because I had never in my life
made sex with another person watching me. But interestingly, I was enjoying
both of them. The kid now was drawing a wet trail across my belly and I
could see that he loved it because he licked me, kissed my hairy belly and
gave little nibs here and there while he kept going down until he reached
my belt again. This time I unbuckled it quickly but left it to him. I
wanted him to take my cock in his mouth child web models but there was no need to hurry. He
grabbed my pants with both hands and pulled them down. I hunched my hips to
help him and he threw them on the floor. There I was in my undies and my
cock gave little twitches. I looked down at him as he nibbled just above
the waistband of my underwear. Then he lowered his head sheer nude models and buried it
between my legs, under my balls and inhaled deeply. The little prick was
kinky, I was becoming hornier by the silvia model teen minute. I felt his nose poking beneath
my balls and he began to climb up again, like a dog sniffing somewonderful
scent on the ground. When he reached my cock he took it in his mouth,
trying to eat it with my underwear and all and he kept biting on it,
chewing the head still entrapped in my precum smeared underwear. I grabbed
his head and pushed it against my hard cock and he let me scrub it all models kidds porn over
my throbbing ewe-fucker.On a given moment my cock simply jumped out of its cage and he downed on it
hungrily, taking almost all of it in one single gulp, burying his nose in
my pubes. I sat up reflexively and fell back on the couch at the feeling of
his mouth sliding down my cock. I thought I was strong and was in control
of sandi teen model the situation, but the boy was almost making me child model swimsuit cum only by blowing
me. "Jesus", I thought, `Mr. Ferguson was right. The kid was a pro and he
really enjoyed sucking a man's cock". I looked to the side and saw
Mr. Ferguson rubbing the lump in his pants. He must have had his share a
little earlier, but he was ready for another finger in the pie
again. Meanwhile my cock had become a lollipop for Lucas. He used both
hands to hold it while his head bobbed up and down my shaft, the purple
head disappearing each time he took me in. My cock was rock hard and
standing straight up as Lucas chewed on it, savoring the precum. "Ah yes,
suck it darling! Oh, that feels good." prteen model I moaned when he deepthroated me. My
cock was slick with his saliva now and I pushed his head again down on my
cock and the head hit the top of his throat, stretched it open, then slid
on down a little more. He gasped for breath and I let preeteen asian models
him go after a while;
he was driving me nuts. My body was shaking all over and I knew he was
gonna make me cum in no time at all with his down, short strokes, never
allowing the tip of my cock to escape his throat. "Oh hell, boy! You want
some of that cum? Want to taste my cum? I'm about to give it to you. Here,
back off a little, I'm going to blow... aaahhh, hhhuunn, hhuunnn!" He
pulled back just enough to catch my sperm in his mouth. And there was a lot
of it, which the boy swallowed all. My whole body buckled with the
intensity of the spasms as jets and jets of cum spurted in his throat. He
then sucked and licked my cock, leaving it clean while I went limp. "Oh
shit man, where the hell did you learn to do that? Was it with
Mr. Ferguson?" I gasped and thai models looked at Mr. Ferguson who had a smirk on his
face. I knew the party had just begun, but for the moment I was content
enough to give it a break.
LucasThe man was totally different from what nude models teens
I had expected, but on the opposite
way. I had been worried, thinking that maybe I would not like him, but when
we arrived at the ranch I had a sweet surprise. He was different from
Mr. Ferguson, but he attracted me at first sight. He had a lot of muscles
stretching from his thick neck into his broad, hard shoulders. They stuck
out, showing the pain kasumi model from his work, outlining his body. He also had thick
hair on his chest, belly, and into the darkness of his crotch where his
cock hid like a huge club, forming a round bulge in his pants. In that
moment I became the slut Mr. Ferguson must have wanted me to be and I had a
clear vision of his meat bouncing out in front of me. I wanted to clutch
it, feel its hardness, its thickness, its heat. I was hungry for dick even
after having had one inside of me less than an hour ago. I was discovering
the physical pleasure and joy that men could offer to me, I was beginning
to understand their role as well as my own. For men who needed a boy, I 15 yr teenmodel was
a boy to satisfy their urges. My ass existed free modeling
to satisfy their demands for
exploration, to receive their semen over my face, to taste the flavor of
their discharge deep in the back of my throat (which seemed to arouse them
tremendously), to let them plow my photo models bondage
tight little ass, to leave them gasping
while filling me with their thick sperm.We didn't have much time to get to know each other because soon we found
ourselves inside the house and Mr. Ferguson was offering me to him who made
me sit by his side on the couch and pulled me against him. And when I less
expected it I was sucking on his nipples, inhaling his man earthly scent,
the scent of a man used to hard labor, animal labor. I loved the feeling of
his hairy stomach, my fingers seeping thru the dense hair. He was horny, I
could tell it! I could feel it! When he opened his pants and we got rid of
it I wanted him to leave his erotic model ultra
underwear on because I thought it was
extremely erotic Celeb nude model a man in his undies. And also because I wanted to smell
his funky smell between his legs, under the balls! He lay on his back, his
underwear pulled down a little, just below his balls and his cock was fully
erect, the large veins bulging, the huge knob flared out, I loved the feel
of those knobs in my mouth. As the knob touched the top of my throat,
stretched it open and slid in I felt him stir and lay his hand on my head,
hunching his ass, almost choking me. I bobbed my head sex model up and down, not
wanting the head of his cock to leave my throat, knowing full sexy modeles well it drove
any man nuts. "Uuuummmm, aaahhh!" He held my check teen model head with both hands now,
hunching a little faster, but I held my mouth over the cock, my lips
kissing his jeans models tgp
pubic area each time he hunched. He was babbling words like
"I'm gonna give you my cum, bitchboy" and then he raised his ass, held it
there and groaned, as his tick cream shot down my throat. By now I loved
the taste of cum, I could not seem to ever get enough. I got christinamodel pic nude on top of
Andre after he finally finished cumming in my mouth, facing him and he
said, "Boy, where did you learn to do that? Was it Mr. Ferguson who taught
you?" My mouth was clogged with his spunk, which I found rich and
delicious, and I knew that the source still had much more for me. Being the
first man I sucked besides Mr. Ferguson, I felt I had overcome my fear and
now I was ready to really start my day. Up to that moment I have to confess
I was nervous, but now that we had been introduced properly to each other I
had a better perspective for the day.A 'Hard' (and 'long') Working DayMr. FergusonI won't waste words and your time giving you an exact account of what we
did in the ranch that day after that initial blow job Lucas gave Andre. I
will simply say that we didn't really do all the things Andre and I usually
did around the ranch on tempting young models normal days concerning rural activities. But that
day was one of the hardest day in my life. By hardest I mean having my cock
up and ready three times that day. I wasn't that young anymore and zoeymodel nude that's
why I brag about it because I performed a task you can only achieve when
you are young child girl model
and full of energy. But that day Lucas made me cum three
times (the same with Andre) and after that day I don't remember ever being
able to cum like a teenager again. Of course Andre and I enjoyed Lucas' ass
many other times together after that, but cumming three times on a single
day...Andre was impressed by the kid's ability of sucking his cock and I got hard
again just by watching the way the boy had taken care of my caretaker's
log. He had a good sizeable tool, as fat as mine, slightly curved to the
right and the boy had chewed on it with gusto, making the poor man cum in
less than half an hour. But I knew how hot Lucas can be with his mouth and
ass, and that day we both took advantage of my boy, giving him no rest,
turning him into our whore, our little slutboy, satisfying our most
primitive and dark desires. That day we fucked Lucas like animals, driven
by pure lust and depraved feelings.After lunch we even attempted to behave like working men, but we never got
beyond the barn. So we decided to head back to the house and take a
bath. The day was exaggeratedly hot, our clothes glued to our body that the
cold water of the shower seemed lukewarm. We undressed unashamedly in front
of each other and got under the running water. Of course we were crushed in
the small brunette model space, but that was exactly what we wanted. Our wet bodies
touching each other slowly created an atmosphere of promiscuity, intimacy,
and it was impossible to remain limp when your cock is touching wet
skin. And Lucas put himself purposefully teen underwear modelpics
between the two of us, his body
causing the same sensation on both of us. Even if at least five hours
hadn't elapsed between our first fuck that morning and now, I would be
ready to fuck him again due to that sexual environment surrounding us and
his small, round ass rubbing against my cock, which lengthened
appreciatively, thickened and bounced young tiny models
as it slowly raised up to point
horizontally. He reached timidly for my dick with his hand and I saw how
much he wanted that big fucker. Truth be told, it made me feel damn good to
have him wanting my dick that bad. He grabbed it and pumped it slowly,
watching the foreskin slide over the head. Leaning forward he took hot indian model
the head
into his mouth. alexis teen model Andre grabbed his ass cheeks and squeezed them as he
drooled on my dick, nibbling at the foreskin like I taught him to do and
slurping that fucker like it was a big fat Popsicle on a hot day. He'd
gotten so good at taking sveta teen models it deep in his throat, and I heard him moan when
Andre's fingers prodded into his ass as he blew me. He moaned around my
shaft and the sound drove me wild. He was getting me hot to plug his
ass. Andre's cock cma teen models
was up and throbbing too and he took position behind
Lucas who moaned in anticipation.
AndreI was fucking hot again and crazy to fuck that boy. Seeing him swallowing
Mr. Ferguson's cock the way he had swallowed mine, and feeling his lust,
made me move and go for his hairless ass. His asshole was hot and
receptive, not showing much resistance to my jojo model nn probing fingers. His moans
told me that he was ready for my fucker and I crotched him. Locating my
objective I pulled down my foreskin and placed the rounded-shaped head of
my now boy-stretcher at his opening. Although I knew I should go slow, my
urge was overwhelming and I thrust the upper portion inside of him. He let
go of Mr. Ferguson's cock and cried aloud at my entry. I was momentarily
startled and wondered if I should pull out, but he apparently had learned
how to take my boss' well because he quieted again and resumed sucking on
Mr. Ferguson's again and my cock kept sliding down his chute, in spite of
our awkwardly position. But Mr. Ferguson said that we'd better go to bed,
saying it would be better for everybody and we all agreed."Come my boy, keep doing what you were doing and let Andre have a taste of
your ass", my boss said and lay on the bed as Lucas got between his legs
and brought my boss' fat poker fully back to life by working on it with his
mouth. Once again I lined my cock with the boy's ass sticking up, little panty model after
spitting on my hand sharon model young and grease it from head to base. He let out another
cry, indicating that it hurt, but I knew better and waited for him to
adjust to my meat forcing entry. Sure enough he quickly quieted and my
insistent, punishing thrusts began to bring wails of pleasure from him. He
lifted his ass to meet my strokes, pushing back into my groin eagerly, and
in this way we were able to completely insert my manhood inside of him. His
breathing was quick, and the ring of muscle around his hole gripped the
base of my shaft tightly, twitching frequently. I continued like this for a
few minutes, opening him up, and then I buried my cock to the hilt inside
of him. He gasped as I pulled completely out of him and then plunged back
in to the deepest capacity. He cried louder each time I repeated this until
he was no longer sucking on Mr. Ferguson, but hovered upon him with his
cock in his mouth without really sucking on it, but my boss did not seem to
bother because he knew that I was having pleasure and so was the boy, and
so was him in a different, dark way. I slowed my movements to a more gentle
rhythm, partially out of courtesy to him and mostly because I was close to
my ejaculation, my shaft continuing to push his hole wide open. I withdrew
my dick long enough to reach a sitting position and he crouched over my
lap, engulfing me as our bodies come together again. He began to ride me,
aided by my arms wrapped around his waist as I lifted him up and down on my
cock and he moved his tight sheath over my pulsing dick. I allowed him to
set the pace and oriental nude models
I could feel each ridge of my shaft moving through his
tight opening, the head reaching some undetermined place inside of him. The
sensations were exquisite. Mr. Ferguson, with his hands behind his head,
kept watching us, his cock giving little twitches by itself. I was ready to
cum again, this time inside the boy's ass, but I wanted to pound him
hard. So I pulled him to me and made him lie on his back and got quickly on
top of him, shoving my dick in one single, long thrust into his ass and
began to pound him relentlessly. His cries drew me closer to the edge but
still I held off. By then Mr. Ferguson ultratotty pictures models had stood and waited while model youngest gallery I drove
my fucker frenetically into his boylover's ass, ready to take my place as
soon as I finished. We were free to enjoy ourselves and I reveled in the
sounds we were making. He was well-fucked at this point so I did not
hesitate and plunged deeply inside of him, his ass muscles clutching around
my engorged member, which felt so big and huge as it plunged up inside of
him, who twitched and moaned loudly, mingling with my own high-pitched
sounds of ecstasy. It was then that I came, thick ropes of sperm rising
from my nuts into a deep eric winter model
roar that filled the room, and my rod squirted
inside of him. I felt my milk passing in thick spurts from my body into
his, coupled with explosions of pleasure that I thought I could only find
with my ewes. I rode him all the way to the end, not holding anything
back. My cock throbbed inside of him, recoiling over and over as I seeded
his little ass. Slowly I removed my swollen, abused cock from his
overstretched ass and gave room to Mr. Ferguson to make use of the little
slut too.
LucasI had taken bath with Mr. Ferguson before and I always loved it because the
touch of a wet skin is delicious, but I was discovering that it is much
better when you have two men sandwiching you. I knew how that would wind up
and so I did what I could to rub against their bodies, their cocks child models pictures
and to
make them feel mine as well. And when I saw Mr. Ferguson's cock begin to
swell I couldn't resist and took hold of him and proceeded in sucking
him. The taste of his cock is something out models bikini
of this world because it was
the first one I had in my life and still is the one I always compare the
others with; it seemed I could never get enough of it. And then I felt
Andre's hands grabbing my cheeks and his fingers began to probe my
asshole. His wet, soapy hand was trying to explore my backdoor and he did
not hesitate to bury one finger up my hole. I moaned and gave him the green
sign, which he understood and brought his amber geddes model cock, hard and strong (I hadn't
seen him grow hard because I was busy with my lover) and pressed it against
my asian models calendars hole. I shivered at the contact yo nude model and anticipation. He pushed and the head
slipped in. I arched a little and he gripped my little naked models
thighs with both hands and
completed the job by burying his big cock in my asshole. I cried out aloud
but he was there already and I stood my ground. But, of course, it was not
a good position for none of us and Mr. Ferguson suggested we moved to bed.I was horny, completely and feverishly horny. Seeing my children model dildo
man, Mr. Ferguson,
lying on the bad, hands behind the head, legs spread and his cock resting
to one side, strong and powerful, inviting me to teens model toplist take it in my mouth, to
handle it, to take hold of it and use and abuse it, was a dream to me. And
looking behind me and seeing that other fine specimen of man lubbing his
cock with saliva, waiting patiently for his chance to plug his iron tool
inside my ass was making me loose control. As soon as I positioned myself
between Mr. Ferguson's legs and began to worship it by sucking on it, by
caressing it, by making it fuck my throat, Andre got hold of my thighs
again and shoved his fucker into my waiting hole, extracting another yelp
from me, only this time he got much deeper due to the better positioning
and his grip on my ass. I could feel him digging inch by inch into my hole
until his corona touched my prostate. Then asian male models it was only waves and waves of
pleasure. I have said this before and I repeat it now: pain is pleasure's
best friend and they walk hand in hand and one helps the other. I was
hellishly in heaven!I chewed, sucked and gagged on the length of Mr. Ferguson's cock and he
began to writhe on the mattress, bucking his hips and driving his cock
deeper and deeper into my hungry mouth. Between moans he grunted, "Oh yeah,
Lucas, suck that dick!" But Andre was determined to have his way with
me. pretten sexy modells
After he used my hole the way he wanted he made me stop sucking
Mr. Ferguson and turned bondage male model
me around, making me lie on my back and open myself
for him. He, then, stepped forward between my legs and I wrapped them
around his waist, his cock sliding easily up my throbbing asshole. I
wrapped my arms around Andre's neck as he pressed his crotch against my
hole and got right to it, pounding my ass fast and hard, panting and
heaving. "You like being fucked?" "Yes" I answered him. "Goooood" he said
and looked down, watching his monster punish my ass, maybe amazed at how my
ass had stretched open to accommodate his large fucker. I moaned as he
pounded me and rolled my head from side to side and gritted my teeth. My
ass felt as thought it were ripping wide open, burning like there was a
fire inside. Andre was enjoying it, I could tell it by the way he had
abandoned himself to the feeling soaring thru his body. And latina model scandals
he kept pushing
deeper inside, making me feel him all the way in, making me feel as though
there was a log up my hole. When I russian pretee models
thought he would never cum I felt when
his cock began to hunch and torrents of semen gushed inside my male
pussy. His body shook violently in spasms of ecstasy. Andre then removed
his cock dripping with his cum and Mr. Ferguson came into my field of
vision. He was holding his hard, fat tool in his hand and I could tell that
he was more than eager to fuck me. And I was ready and waiting for my lover
to drive me to another world of pleasure, even though I had just returned
from a different one with Andre.
Mr. FergusonI didn't like when Lucas stopped sucking my cock when I was almost
cumming. But Andre was way past his point of return and I decided to let
him have his way with my boy. And besides, it was damn hot to watch him
shove his cock wildly up Lucas begging whole that I stood aside, eyes
transfixed, seeing the long cock of my caretaker disappear to then reappear
and then hide itself again into the confines of Lucas butt, that I didn't
mind being left for last. I saw them progress from gasps and shoves to
moans and grunts and hard slapping sound of flesh against flesh as Andre
drove his hips violently between Lucas' stretched legs. Soon I heard them
grunt louder and noticed when Andre approached to his climax. His powerful
legs made one last shove into the boy, his asscheeks went taut and amt models sold
he dug
deeply inside of him and I heard him moan and grunt as his load was
deposited superchild pussy model in the end bella teenage model
of Lucas' rectum. I had a major hardon, my cock
throbbing in my hand, and got near the bed when Andre removed his still
hard, dripping cock from an outstretched, abused hole.Amazingly I had no problem putting my cock in an ass full of another man's
cum. Down deep I think that it even turned me on a little more. Actually,
there would be no need for a lube and the head of my fucker was already
lubbed with my own precum, which I smeared on the rest of my tool. I asked
Lucas if he was alright and he said yes; I could have given him some time
to rest if he said he needed some, but he looked at me with adoring eyes
and told me that he was all mine and that I could do whatever I wanted to
him, that he wanted to feel me inside of him. That made me even
hornier. Once again I felt Macho inside, I was his man, his owner and he
was my little whore who loved my cock buried deep inside her cunt. Andre
had already gotten aside and I put myself into motion.The bed was soaked with carol model teen
Andre's cum so I asked him to child models bikini be on his skye model board knees and
hands that I would gay model search fuck him dog style. I spread his cheeks and saw the
damage Andre had done to him. His hole was loose and goo was trickling down
over his nutsac. I was so aroused that I couldn't believe it was me. How
could I be feeling that horny when I had already gotten my rocks off not
many hours ago. But the truth was that I was consumed by lust. Taking liittle young models my
cock in my hand I rubbed the head in circles around Lucas' ass, collecting
and lubbing my cock with the cum oozing out and the next minute my cock was
partway pussy model
in his ass! He looked back at me and grinned. "You OK?" I asked him
and he shook his head affirmatively. "Ok, I'm gonna feed you some cock now,
let's see how much you can take". I knew how much he could take, but the
sensation that engulfed my cock was so intense that made me want to bury my
cock completely inside of him and talk dirty. But that wasn't necessary
because he pushed back against me and the next thing I knew my pubic hair
was scratching against his hole and my whole cock was buried inside that
furnace of his! There was no pain for him because he was more than ready
for me, but he certainly felt full with my rod blocking his backdoor. I
groaned and leaned over him, resting on my hands. "I really missed your
ass." It was so cool to feel him underneath me, my large body covering his
smaller one, breathing heavy against his neck and I just stayed that way,
elated by the feel of my huge pole rubbing the walls of his male pussy,
letting his hole savor the feeling of my cock buried up his ass
profoundly. He relaxed and I started pulling out and then pushed back
in. He groaned rate bikini models from the intense feelings that I was provoking in him and
hunched his ass to meet my thrusts, his asshole stretched open to me. I
pressed forward and grinded my hairy pubes against his cheeks and waited a
little. I was holding his hips tight and began again to hunch in and out of
his ass and then I speeded nn teenage models up because I felt my load was about to spurt and
fill his ass, and also because he began to cum himself. His body began to
tremble and convulse as he thrust his ass backwards harder to meet his
invader and I endured the squeezing of his ass. I did something then that I
really never stopped to think about, but surely brought me a kind of
perverse satisfaction. I reached around and took his cock in my hand in
time to collect some of his cum and, without missing a stroke, I fed him
his own cum, slathering it over and into his open, gasping mouth as I
pumped in and out of his hot ass, my beefy balls slapping against him.
"That's it boy, wiggle that ass. You like your old man's cock huh? Yeah,
hell, yes, you do. black porn models
You also liked Andre's cock up your ass, didn't you? Now
I'm gonna cum, gonna cum up you ass boy!" Then my whole body shook and I
cried out, my cream spurting from my cock. "Oh baby, I'm filling your ass
up with my spunk. Take my load, aahhghh..." I said, panting, as I held him
pinned to my cock, which seemed to cum forever, draining my whole being of
its force. When nude models 21
my cock came out after what seemed an eternity it made a
popping sound and we both modelsets teen young collapsed on the bed.Andre got in bed with us and we remained there, three spent bikini model texas
bodies, waiting
for the next turn, which happened later that day, just before I drove back
home. Nobody really noticed when we fell sleep, sprawled on that cum soaked
bed, until we woke up two hours later, rested and hungry...tazmaniabolt.com

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