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"I'll leave you two to clean up when you've finally finished, I'm going to
Uncle John's to shower."
We parted as he left the room and Jack untied sexy dressed preteens my arms. I was uncomfortable
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over what had gone on. Jack looked down at me and chuckled.
"Christ Paul, you look a right mess! Bet you enjoyed it in the end?"
I didn't trust myself to speak, so I half smiled and nodded yes. Jack offered
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"Come on, let's go preteen model cindy and get cleaned up."
I let him pull me up off the bed, he was very strong for his size, and
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I guess
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that before, um, preteen underground porn the pissing I mean."
Jack giggled then pulled me to him and kissed me tenderly as he squeezed my
arse cheeks.
"I really enjoyed myself, and Jeff did too, we'd both preteen glamur models like to see you again.
Tell you what, think about it, you've got our phone number, call any time
between 4 gallery nymphet preteen
p.m. dirty preteen nudity and 8, there's always someone here then."
"OK Jack I will, now I'd better get dressed and go home."
Jack kissed me on the cheek, broke our embrace, and handed me my clothes.
"OK Paul, I'm going to start cleaning, let yourself out when you're dressed,
and ring soon, please."
He blew me a kiss and was gone. I dressed quickly and drove home in a daze.
That was Sunday, today's Wednesday, 7:45 p.m. and I'm topliste preteen bald
sat by the phone as I
was Monday and Tuesday, and I don't know what to do!
Copyright 2006
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