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Related post: Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 13:39:09 -0700
From: Joe
Subject: I LEARN TO TAKE IT 20(Adult/youth) I LEARN TO TAKE IT
(Chapter 20)For the next week or so, I bbs dorki preteen
spent most of my days at Jeff's. He asked
me to help him build a shed for storage in his back yard and even
offered to pay me. I did accept the money but mostly I just wanted
more opportunity to get to his cock. He knew it and when we were
working in the his back yard, he would wear only those tight swim
briefs. He new it turned me on to see him like that and I loved it
for sure. I liked being able to work with him and preteen nude angel at the same time,
feel his hot sweaty preteen models nudest
body. That first day, after we had worked for an
hour or so, were both sweaty and he went in and got us each a coke.We sat on his patio and I couldn't take my eyes off him. I had removed
my shirt as it was too japan sexy preteens wet with my own sweat but 10yo preteen baby
he was getting me
hotter. At one point, he looked preteen loita images at me and smiled and asked, "You preteen model land
the taste of sweat Joey?" I licked my lips and said, "Yeah, sometimes
Jeff. Why?" He smiled and leaned back in the chair and asked,"Want to
lick it off my body baby!?" I didn't need anymore invitation as preteen nudist films I
moved over to him and knelt by the side of the sexy preteen women
lounge chair. I leaned
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other one. Since he didn't have much hair on preteen littles models
his body, his pits
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I moved my lips over to his chest and swiped my
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the head of it. When I started to go down on it, he let me suck up
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I still have sweat on my body."I smiled at him as just then, pussy preteen cp he underground preteen sex moved and rolled onto his belly. I
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He gasped, "Aw shit, yeah, do it Joey, do it you sweet fucking little
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rock his hips russian preteens pictures from side to side as I slurped into his hole again and
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little hurt, preteen model diectory
and I guess I preteen real nude
preteen nonudes was. pageant preteen naked He reached down and ruffled my sweat
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O.k.?" I grabbed his briefs and slid them up his long legs and he
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and balls in the tight material and hugged his body to youtube molested preteen
me. He laughed
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today Joey." I put the hammer down I was using and turned to look at
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pointing at me as he smiled and asked, "Is my little whore hungry!?" preteen topless galleries I
smiled widely and slid over to him, kneeling in front of him. I took
his cock in my hand and stroked it slowly as I looked up at him. I
said, "You're little whore is more than hungry stud! He wants to be
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bitch!"I stood up and followed him to the patio and he stood next to the
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here on your hands and knees!" It sounded so hard and sexy at the same
time, and I was getting goosebumps as I slid out of my shorts, moving
to the chair the way he wanted me. I knelt there, in the open air,
knowing that anyone looking over the fence could see us. I looked back
at him as he slid his briefs off preteen sisters nudists
and walked towards me, stroking his
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pointed his cock at my lips and said, "Suck Joey!" I slid my mouth
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into my mouth. He pushed it in further, still holding my head.I moaned in pleasure on his cock as it slid down into my throat,
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way his cock bush would crush into my nose and face, his big balls
hitting my chin as he fucked my mouth. Then, he pulled it out,
dripping from my saliva. He held my head and asked, "You want this
Joey!? You want me to fuck you with my big dick bitch!? Do you honey!?
Want me to show you what you are good for cunt whore!?" I gasped,
"yes, yes, oh Jeff, yes!" He chuckled and pushed my head down between
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gasped, "Yes Jeff, I do, oh I do! Use me Jeff, preteen wet panties
please, use me Jeff!"
He slid the finger up into me all the way and my ass jerked as he
wiggled it inside me. I moaned as he pressed his finger tip to my
prostate, stroking it as he watched my body shiver and shake in want.
He slid a second finger into me and began to scissor them, spreading
my hole as I groaned and began to hump my ass back a bit. He moved
in behind me and I felt him move the head of his cock to my hole along
with his fingers.I groaned as he spread me with his fingers and then, pushed his cock
into me. I groaned and shivered in want as he slid in slowly, teasing
me wildly as that big cock of his took possession of me. When he was
all the way in he grasped eastern preteens my hips and jerked me in harder to his
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uh, legal preteen pic
uh, oh so good to fuck! Your hot little pussy is so good, so tight
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feel ever hot inch sliding in and out. Then, he pulled me up against
his sweaty chest, his hand sliding down to my crotch. He slid his
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in pleasure as it allowed him to go into me even further. My head was
against his chest and I gasped, "Oh Jeff, oh Jeff!" He asked, "Like
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enough of that big hard cock in you, can you honey!?" I moaned, "Oh
Jeff, more stud, more,please, preteen teenies young please, give it to me more!!" He
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fucking me, loving it, wanting more!!"In and out his cock pounded to my nonnude preteen blogs
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arms and worked my body like the bitch in heat I had become. He knew
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them, making me moan. He grabbed my cock and squeezed it, feeling my
pre preteenmodel art cum oozing out the uncut head. He squeezed it harder as he thrust
into me over and over and I knew I was going to cum. My head flew up
and back, my body arched and my cock shot as he held it, pointing it
towards the grass.Ropey strands shot from me, and he held his cock inside me hard,
punching the head against my prostate, making me cum more and more.
Then, he pushed me down and onto my face, his hands holding my hips,
as he drove into me hard and deep. I shivered preteen lesbian bbs and shocked as my body
accepted his cock inside me over and free stories preteen over. Then, he reached down and
grasped my head by the back of the hair and jerked my head back. He
drove into preteen nudity videos
me even hard, his lower belly slapping my butt cheeks.
Then, as he held me like that, he shouted, "Aw shit, take it Joey! Oh,
uh, aw Joey, you hot little faggot bitch cunt whore, oh, oh, oh!!" He
buried his cock inside me and I latv an preteens felt it shooting in me. That was all
it took and I was cummming again!!!He pushed me down on my belly and lay on top of me, preteen russian 16
keeping me under
him as he tried to preteen video board
get his breath. We lay like that for a bit and
then, he pulled out and moved over to the other chair and sat on it,
leaning back, his body heaving as his legs spread and he slumped into
the chair. I watched him and he looked over at me and said, "Man, you
are one hot dutch nude preteen fuck Joey!" I smiled at him and looked down at his
semihard shaft and said, "Well, you are one hot fucker preteens nn galleries stud!" He
looked at me and said, "Come over here and sit between my legs." I got
up and though I felt his cum oozing out of me slightly, slid in
between his legs.I lay blog videos preteen against his still hot, sweaty body and looked up at him. He
said, "Man, I can't seem to want to get enough of you baby! I want to
keep my cock in you all the time! Shit!!" I kissed his belly and slid
my hand innocent nude preteen to his cock and little preteen galleries
caressed it lightly and said, "I love it when
you're inside me Jeff! And it never matters whether its my mouth or
my hole, I just love this big thing in me!!" He chuckled and asked,
"Yeah, but if there were another man here, you want us both, right?" I
smiled up at him and kissed his belly again and said, "Uh huh! If that
would make you feel good stud!" He laughed and said, "No, it dolly preteen model might
not, but preteen sex 100 then, you'd be getting another dick in you and you'd be in
heaven, right cunt!?" I giggled and pressed my face into his belly and
said, "Uh huh!!"We stayed like that for a bit and then, we got up. We went in and took
a shower together and I sucked his cock one more time. We got out and
got dressed and I left to go home. For that next week or so I was in
heaven. Every day I'd be working with him, touching youngest gay preteen
him, smelling him
and then, taking his cock into my mouth and ass. He seemed to really
like to fuck me and I loved it and used my ass to please him. Some
days, his wife, Connie, would come home and I"d get to spend some time
in their bed with them. Connie wanted to have me 3d preteen bbs fuck her, but the
only way I could keep my cock hard enough was if Jeff had his cock
inside me. It was o.k., but I knew, it was the cock in my ass that
made babes preteen only me do it. Connie was nice, but Jeff's cock was pink preteen
what I wanted.Towards the end of the week modelling preteen or so, Connie had to go to her mothers who
lived in Illinois. After the first night, Jeff asked me to spend the
night and I agreed. When I came back over later, there was a strange
car in his drive. I went to the door and he invited me in preteen pedos sites
and then,
introduced me to his father, Ray. Ray was an older version of Jeff.
We had dinner anya preteen pics and talked and then were sitting on the couch watching a
tv program. Every so often, I felt Ray staring at me and would look
over at him. His eyes foto preteens were darker than Jeff's and seemed to bore into
me. At one point in the show, a commercial came on and Ray asked, "So,
Joey, Jeff tells me you have been helping him with the shed out
back." I smiled at him and said, "Yeah, but he is paying me for it
Ray. So, I can't really call it just helping."Jeff chuckled and winked at me and said, "Well, Joey has some special
talents Ray and those have made the job go a lot easier." Ray frowned
and looked from me to Jeff and back again and then, asked, "Special
talents? What kind of special talents Jeff?" I blushed a little as I
knew what Jeff was talking about, but he laughed and said, "The kind
that can make it a lot easier to relax and have some fun with work."
Ray frowned again and asked, "What the fuck are you talking about
Jeff?" Jeff looked at me and it was like some unspoken communication
passed between us. He winked at me and said, "Well dad, you see, Joey
here is a cocksucker. In fact, he's actually a little slut whore
faggot sometimes, and that seems to help the job along!" Ray looked
shocked and stared from me to Jeff and back again.He started to say something, but took a drink only preteen pussy
of his beer and then,
asked, "Are you telling me lollita preteen pussy that you and he, are, well, are, you're
having sex with him!?" Jeff smiled and moved over to me and put his
arm around my shoulders crazy top preteen and said, "Oh yeah, and its pretty good Ray!
Real preteen thongs tgp good in fact!" I blushed as I looked up at him and Ray asked,
"Does Connie know about this!?" Jeff laughed and said, "Not only does
she know, she approves, and, has even has shown Joey here how tinie preteen to keep
me happy when we have sex!" Ray looked at me and I thought he was
going to burst. He asked, "I can't believe this Jeff! Are you queer
too!?" Jeff laughed and slid his hand up my tshirt so that Ray could
see him playing with my tit and said, "No way Ray. But, Connie
thought I needed a little excitement in the sex area and this was one
of her suggestions. She told me to find some little queer that would
suck my cock and that way she wouldn't have to do it all the time!!"Ray stared in disbelief at the two of us, but I could see that his
crotch was mounding a bit. I looked at Jeff and then, stood half nude preteen up and
walked over to Ray and stood in front of him. I asked, "Would you like
to have sex with me too, Ray!?" He stared up at me and then, looked
over at Jeff. Jeff said, "Why don't you dad. I mean, I know you were
in the navy and didn't mind letting a guy blow you, or fucking a guys
ass! And believe me, once you get your cock into Joey's ass, you'll
want to keep it photoshoot preteen wrestling
there!" Ray seemed really flustered as I stood there
in video preteen nude front of him. My shorts were tented with my hardon as I stared at
him and then, moved to my knees in front of him. I slid my hand up his
leg and put it on his mounded crotch and said, "I can help you with
this stud! If you want me too!"He gasped out, "DAMN!", but he didn't push my hand away, so I began to
caress the hard mound. He said, "DAMN!," again and I slid his zipper
down. He stared at me as I heard Jeff chuckling behind us, as I
reached in and began to pull Ray's cock out of his pants. It was long,
like Jeff's, but seemed a bit fatter. I smiled up at him as I moved my
mouth to his cock and circled preteen modles naked
the head with my lips. Then, it was like
he just woke up or something. He pushed me backwards his cock sliding
from my lips as he rose up over me. I looked up at him and I couldn't
tell if it was rage, lust or what!He looked at me and I began to feel a little scared. I looked at
Jeff, but he was just smiling as he looked from his dad to me. Then,
Ray came up to me. He grasped my head by the hair and pulled me over
sort of on my knees and asked, "So, you little cunt! You want to suck
my cock!? young preteen picture
You want to be fucked!? You little fucking cocksucking
shit!" I stared up at him, frightened as he jerked me around by my
hair. He looked over at Jeff and said, "So, you fuck this little
cocksucker!?" Jeff said, "Sure do dad! Got one hot mouth and ass on
him too, and he seems to like it a lot and always horny for it!" I
looked at Jeff and he seemed to be excited as he stared at his dad.Then, Ray, slapped me across the face and said, "You little fuck! Get
those clothes off bitch! You want to be preteen hungary samples
fucked! Well, I'll show you
what fuckings all about! Get naked cunt!!" He cute preteens legal
slapped me again and I
could feel my tears forming as I moved to do as he asked. I slid out
of my clothes as he watched and Jeff sat there, watching me too. I
shivered as I got naked and then, Ray ordered, "Get up on that coffee
table!" I got up on it, a bit shake and then, he said, "I want a
dance whore! I want to see you wiggling that tight little hot ass of
yours! Do it cunt! Move your ass boy!!"As he said this last he slapped out at me ass. I almost jumped off
the table, but then, I began to move my body. He sat back and said,
"Yeah, dance for me you fucking little bitch cunt! Show me that boy
pussy of yours bitch! Spread them legs, hump it, yeah, dance for us
you little whore! Want to be fucked, well, you got to show us you want
it boy! Move it whore, move it!!" He slapped my ass a couple more
times and though the tears were running down my face, I danced. As I
did, humping and thrusting my ass out as Ray got undressed. Jeff did
too and came over and sat next to his dad, watching me display my body
to them. I felt degraded, excited, scared, wanton, and began to dance
and move my body suggestively.Then, as I bent over and wiggled my butt rhythmically, I precious preteen photos spread my
cheeks. Jeff asked, "What do you think dad? Want to fuck him!?" I
heard Ray laugh and naked ebony preteens
say, "Oh yeah, I want to fuck the little cunt! But
first, he's gonna show us how much he wants it!!" I heard Jeff
chuckle and then, Ray stood up and jerked me free preteens gallery off the table. He pushed
me to my knees and held my head back and shoved his cock to my mouth,
ordering, "Open wide you cocksucking bitch! You want cock faggot,
you're gonna get it all and don't let me feel any teeth!!" I moaned as
he forced my mouth down on his cock till it shoved into my throat and
he ground my face in his pubes.With tears streaming down my face, I sucked. He fucked my mouth hard,
never holding back as he held my head in place and shoved every inch
of his hard meat to my mouth. I was frightened, scared and, for some
reason, turned on too! I looked up at him and he laughed and said,
"Yeah, look preteens land
at me cunt! Look at the man you're servicing! You like
that big dick bitch!? Like having a man fuck his cock to that slut
mouth of yours boy!!?" I moaned on his cock and he laughed and said,
"Guess you were right Jeff, the bitch does love cock!!" I heard Jeff
laughing behind me and then, he was rubbing his hand along my crack.I eagerly pushed my ass back and pushed it up for him as he shoved two
fingers up into me roughly. Ray pulled my head into his crotch and
slid his hands down my back and spread my butt cheeks. He said, "Go
for it Jeff boy! Yeah, preteen index of
put that big meat to that hot male pussy!
Show him what he's good for!!" Ray had my head locked between his
thighs, his cock fully down into my throat, my face crushed into his
hairy belly and pubes. I could barely breath, but, just then, I
groaned and my body jerked as Jeff shoved that hard cock of his up
into me all the way! I tried to pull of Ray's cock, but he wasn't
having it!He grasped my head by the hair and jerked my mouth back onto him
fully. He asked, "Where the fuck you think you're going you fucking
little cunt queer! preteens asians forum
I told you to suck that dick and I mean suck it!
You fucking slut bitch whore! Yeah, suck that cock bitch and get
fucked! Shit, that's all whore's like you are good for, having a hard
cock shoved into you! preteen rape picture Suck bitch, suck my cock!!" I groaned as he
pulled back a bit and began to fuck my mouth wildly. At the same
time, Jeff had slid his hands up to hold onto my shoulders as he
plowed that hard shaft up into me over and over. Then, it was like I
became what they wanted and submitted to them! I pushed my ass back
hard into Jeff's crotch and my mouth sucked harder on Ray's cock in my
mouth.I don't know where it came from, but all of a sudden, my throat was
milking on Ray's cock. He groaned and shouted, "Oh shit! Yeah, yeah,
milk it honey, milk that cock bitch! Oh shit, what a mouth!!" I heard
Jeff chuckle as little preteens porno he felt my ass hole squeeze and release on his cock,
as he said, "Yeah, that's one hot mouth ain't it dad!? Yeah, he loves
having it deep and filling his throat!!" I moaned as daddys preteen pussy Ray angled my
head up and watched every fucking inch of his cock filled my mouth
again and again. He said, "Oh shit, with a mouth like this one, I
could make a fortune! Yeah, bitch boy, that's it, oh yeah, please that
man cock you fucking queer cocksucker! Take it all slut!!"I moaned and moaned as the two of them filled me over and over with
their cocks, pounding them to my mouth an preteen flowers models ass with abandon. I was
being used roughly, but I didn't care! I was getting dick and oh yeah,
I was REALLY getting them both! Suddenly, Ray jerked my head into his
crotch hard and growled as his cock exploded deep in my throat. My
throat muscles milked that shaft as it pulsed and shot his cum to my
throat. He held his cock in me for a bit and then, preteen lokita vixen
pulled it out, and
rubbed the oozing head over my face and cheeks. I tried to get it
back in my mouth, but he laughed and said, "Shit, he really is a
fucking cock whore Jeff! Look at this bitch trying to get my cock
back in his mouth!!"Jeff laughed as he lunged up into me harder and harder and said,
"Yeah, and his ass is going into overtime dad! Keep it up Dad, make
the whore want cock!!" He laughed as he watched his dad whip his cock
back and forth across my preteen ukrainian girls face as he held my head by the hair. Then,
Jeff groaned and said, "Here it cums Joey baby! Shit, oh man, all, uh,
uh, for this hot pussy baby! Uh, uh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, I'm
cumming!!!" Ray held his cock at nix preteen the base and continued to slap my
face with it as he shouted, preteen girls webcams
"Yeah! Yeah! Take that man's cum bitch
whore! Take it all you fucking cumpig slut bitch!!" I groaned in
pleasure and lust as I felt Jeff's cock filling me again and almost
passed out as my cock shot down onto the floor as his cock punched
into me as he filled me.Then, when he was finished cumming, he jerked his cock from my ass and
slapped it and said, "All yours dad!!" He laughed as he got up and
sat in one of the chairs as Ray jerked me over towards the couch. school preteen galleries He
pushed me back and said, "Get that fucking ass of yours up on the
couch cunt! Yeah, now, lean back, that's good baby, you know what I
want! Now, spread 'em, spread 'em wide honey! Yeah, gonna give you
this big dick honey, so push it out deflowered preteen movies for me!!" I pushed my ass down and
towards him eagerly as I stared at his still dripping cock. He moved
towards me and slapped my the backs of my thighs and said, "Reach down
their pussy! Show me where you want this big cock honey!!" I moaned
as I grasped his big dick little latina preteen
and little preteen teen pulled the head to my hole and shouted,
"Right there Ray! Please, please, give it to me Ray, please!!!"He laughed and lunged into me, shoving his cock all the way up inside
me, as my body arched and I shouted in pure lust!! That big cock of
his pressed into me hard and I thought I was going to cum right then
and preteens fashion pics there! He leaned over me, his hands on the wall over the back of
the couch as he began to fuck me! He fucked me in full longdicking
strokes, giving me illegal child preteen every inch with each thrust. I groaned and tried to
grab out at preteen images bare his body, but he slapped my hands and shoved me down
further onto my back. I groaned as I wrapped my legs up around his
waist and he chuckled and said, "Somebody's been teaching your right
cunt! Yeah, wrap them slut legs around me honey! Yeah, that's it, hump
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