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Related post: Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 19:52:44 -0800 (PST)
From: nude teens flashing tits Mark Wild
Subject: Boys in Control, pt. 2Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read
materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story
contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys and is for
adult eyes only. The acts are consensual and are a result antigua teen porn of their love or
lust for one another. This shaved teen pussy story is completely fiction, and all
descriptions and names are also made up. Any similarities are purely
I would love to hear from you, so negative as well as positive feedback
is always welcome! Please write: markwild082yahoo.comThis is for my dad, Conner.I love you, man. Mark
"Boys in Control," pt. 2Parker calls
Kevin made his way back to his buddies, and Jim rejoined Robbie in their
booth. "Damn, buddy," his friend said as Jim slid in beside him, "drink
up! I was starting to wonder what happened to ya. And--hoowee! buddy,
who was that fine stud free webcams teen porn you was chatting up just now? I could see that
fine ass from here!" Jim laughed, reached out and squeezed Robbie's
nipple playfully. "That's Kevin Riley. He was my starting quarterback
six years ago. Didn't even know he was back in town." "Well, he sure
is a looker, Jim." Jim lifted his glass to drink, and said simply,
"Yeah, he's a handsome man." Robbie looked at his pal, then snorted,
leaning back. "So what's on your black white teen sex
mind, buddy?" Jim looked up like he'd
been caught out. "Huh?" "Don't bullshit me, buddy," Robbie said. "You
ain't been yourself all night." Jim looked guilty. "Aw, Robbie, I'm
sorry, man. I guess I just been thinking about the team and next week's
game and..." "Bullshit," Robbie said, flatly. "Why ain't you over there
talking to Kevin and his buddies? Look at him, Jim. He's looking over
at you like every couple minutes. Look dog fuck teen porn
at him, buddy. That fucker's hot
for it, man. nude teen model factory He misses his coach bad." Jim looked over, and saw Kevin
in fact looking their way. "Well..." he said.
"How long's it been, buddy?" Jim looked up, trying to act innocent.
"Huh?" Robbie laughed. "Since you had some, pal." "Oh." Jim shifted
in his seat. "A couple days, I guess." Robbie's jaw dropped, and he
clutched at his chest. "A couple DAYS, buddy? Good god almighty, man,
no wonder you ain't yourself--you're all backed up, buddy! Two days!"
He snorted. "Shit." Jim pushed playfully against his friend's shoulder
and laughed with him, but he knew it was true. He needed it bad. It
must show, too, he thought. Probably why Tommy had come on to him in the
lockerroom, why Kevin was being so friendly. Jim looked over again to
where Kevin was standing comfortably with his buddies, and the young man
gave him a grin and a thumbs-up. Jim flashed back to those weekends up
at the lake, when he would take Kevin on the rug for hours till they
couldn't tell whose sweat was gay teens pictures whose. His dick twitched.
"So who was it, buddy?" Robbie was laughing. "Whose ass web cam teen porn
was it that
wore you out for two days?" Jim looked at his friend, embarrassed.
"Damn, Robbie, we didn't even fuck!" Robbie clutched his chest again.
"Two teen titans porn comics days without? And then the last time you didn't even fuck?!! Jim
boy," he looked suddenly grave, "this is more serious than I thought!"
Jim shook his head, and then a light went off in Robbie's brain. "It was
that boy, wasn't it?" Jim looked at him and smiled. "Huh?" Don't play
dumb with me, fucker. That boy. Parker Nicholson." Just hearing his
name made Jim tingle. "Nicholls," he corrected. "Nicholls," Robbie
repeated. "Him." Jim looked at his beer. "Yeah. teen porn vidoes So?"
Robbie laughed and slid over to where Jim was sitting, grabbed him
around the neck, punched him in the shoulder. "Look at you, buddy." His
eyes were bright. "You got a soft spot for him, man!" "Aw, fuck,
Robbie," Jim said, pushing his pal away and laughing, too. "I think
about that hot little fucker and there ain't a soft spot on me!" He
grabbed his crotch, and growled. Robbie leaned back, at ease with the
world. "And you ain't fucked him yet, buddy?" teen porn trailer unzensiert Jim shook his head no.
Robbie whistled. "Well...but you've sucked his cock at least, eh, bud?"
Jim looked at his friend. "Well...yeah, I sucked it..." Robbie leaned
forward. "He like his coach down there sucking on his dick? He got a
nice one, Jim?" Jim was openly cupping his crotch now. His mouth was
open a little, and he wasn't even looking at his friend anymore. "Aw,
Robbie, his cock, man...fuck!!" He shook his head and Robbie giggled,
and they snapped out of it and nodded their heads, pay gay teen videos
"Well," Robbie said, after they'd settled down. "Parker Nicholls is
one tough jock stud, and that's the truth. You could do worse than have
him around, for sure, if you ever get tired free italian porn teen of playing the field."
"Shit, Robbie," Jim laughed. "That fucker can do better than me, man."
A beer buzz of annoyance suddenly darkened Robbie's face, and he leaned
forward, took Jim's chin in his hand and turned his friend's face firmly
toward him. "Now, that won't fly, Jim boy. Don't matter to me if you
got the hardest hard-on in the world for that kid, I won't have you
talking like that. Could do better than you... Shit. I'd like to know a
finer fucking man he could hook up with." Jim was unfazed, but his eyes
smiled. asian sluts teen porn "He could hook up with you, buddy," he said. "Then he could
fuck you AND your daughters!" Robbie let go of Jim's chin, leaned virgin teen pussy back
surprised, his annoyance passed. He smiled. "Well, yeah...I guess that
could happen...and you're a dirty fella for even suggesting it."
Robbie's eyes were bright. "Fuck, buddy," he laughed, "that would
rock!... But if that DON'T happen, then wouldn't be no one better than
you, fucker."
Jim was about to reply when his cellphone beeped. He looked at the
number and his fuck a teen heart rate was already elevated when he said, "Hello?"
"Hey. Hey, coach. What's going on, man? It's Parker." "Hey. Hey,
Parker." He looked over at Robbie, mouthed It's him. Robbie grinned,
then leaned back and surveyed the room while his friend talked. "Damn,
coach, where are you? filthy porn teen It sounds noisy, man." "Uh, yeah. I'm downtown,
Parker. I'm with a friend of mine having some beers at the World
Series." "Yeah? Who you with, coach? Who's your friend?" Jim started
fiddling with his beer glass. "Just a friend, Parker. A buddy of mine
who teaches over at Bishop Hannon." The boy laughed. "He a cocksucker
too?" Jim glanced over at Robbie. "Parker..." The kid laughed smooth gay teens again.
"Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, sounds like you're busy, man. I'll let you
go." "--NO, man, I'm not busy," Jim said quickly. "Was just having a
few beers, is all." There was teen first time sex a second or two of silence on the other
end, then ebony porn teen pics Parker said, "You know where I am?" "No," Jim said. "Where?"
"At home. In my room. I was a good boy today, coach, came home right
after practice." "Yeah," Jim said. "I noticed you cut out early."
"Yeah," Parker said. "Had some shit I needed to take care of with my old
man." "Oh," Jim said. "You get it worked out?" Parker laughed. "Yup.
All taken sex teen girls care of, coach. Anyway, like I was saying, too bad you're
busy. I have some free time this evening..." Jim took a swallow of his
beer. His stomach was taut, his dick bulging out his crotch. black teen porn links Just
hearing the kid's voice made him hard. "I'm not BUSY, Parker." Robbie
looked over, paying attention for more or less the first time since Jim
had picked up. "Uh...ya wanna hook up later then, maybe?" he said. teen porn sensation There
was free xxx teen porn
another few seconds of silence, then Parker said, "You know what I'm
thinking about, coach?" "No," Jim said. "What?" He was fiddling with
his beer glass, and saw Kevin looking his way again. "I was thinking
about that stuff you do with my jockstrap, teen anal videos coach." Jim licked his lips,
boned. "Yeah? You like that, Parker?" The football jock laughed. "Not
as much as you do, gay teen brother sex coach. Damn, you really get into it, man. teen vids porn free In fact,
you know what?" "What?" "I got a hard-on laying here just thnking about
it." Jim groaned, thinking about Parker's thick cock, and Robbie looked
over quizzically. "Yeah?" Jim said. "You do?" "Yup. And you know
what? I bet you do, too, doncha, coach?" "Yeah," Jim said. Two seconds
later Parker said, "Yeah what?" Jim lowered his voice. "Yeah, I got a
hard-on, too." "Shit, coach. You gotta speak up, man. All that bar
noise in the background cute teen porn
is making it hard for me to hear you..." "Uh,
Parker," Jim said, "my buddy is sitting here right next to me, man."
"Your friend that's the cocksucker, coach?" ... "Yeah," Jim said, "him."
... "Well then..."
Jim felt his body flushing all over. Shit, he and Robbie had been
through stuff that would straighten yer pubes, so it wasn't that he was
embarrassed. Maybe it was the beers again, but his dick was rock hard in
his pants, just listening to teen non nude models this kid. Parker's voice alone young nude teen boys
made Jim's
nuts damp, and the throbbing in the root of Jim's cock rippled in waves
to the rest of his body, making him want to relax and just go with it, do
whatever the football teen porn vids watch jock said. He teen bald pussy
cleared his throat and looked over
at Robbie. teen porn pictures free He was sweating, leaned back, big cock teen porn
wondering what his pal was
thinking. "Yeah, Parker, I got a big hard-on too, man." THAT got
Robbie's attention. He laughed, and his eyes got wider. He saw debbie teen porn Jim
listening at the receiver, then heard him teen porn pic gallery
say, "Yeah, son. I'm sitting
here thinking about that smelly jockstrap you wear, about asian schoolgirl teen porn
how it smells
when you let me sniff it after practice...yeah it's boning me up... Fuck
yeah he can hear 16 jaar teen porn me, Parker. He's sitting right here, listening,
grinning at me." Robbie watched as Jim continued latian teen porn
listening. Then,
puzzled, harcdcore teen porn Jim said "Okay," and handed the phone to his buddy. "He wants
to talk to you."
"Me?" Robbie said, also surprised. "What's he wanna talk to me
for?" Jim shrugged, made a face and looked around while Robbie took the
phone. In five minutes everything had changed. The businessmen free teen midget porn
rolling up their sleeves and loosening small tit teen porn
their ties, jocks in their late
twenties were pinching each other's abs, then heading back to the Dugout
for some situps. A couple of guys were high-fiving at mega teen porn the pool table,
and the waitress was fixing her hair at the bar. The junior execs who'd
been watching tennis were deep in conversation, grabbing each other's
knees, leaning in and blowing smoke away from each other. One of Kevin's
friends was sitting on a barstool, his back against the bar, his legs
spread wide. Jim could see his beefy thighs even from where he was
sitting. cheating teen housewife porn Fuck, he was horned.
"Hello," Robbie said into the receiver, breezily. "Hey, man. Hello.
This is Parker, Coach Pierson's friend. How ya doing?" Robbie had seen
Parker before, of course, but had never heard him speak. Even as he
laughed and said, "Robert here," he was surprised at how rich the lad's
voice was, not exactly deep, but resonant and baritone, and it cut easily
through the ambient bar noise. "I'm doing fine, Parker. And yourself?"
"Oh, okay. You have a nice voice, Robert. I bet you're a hunk just like
Coach Pierson." Robbie laughed, winking at teen animal porn
Jim. teen porn huge cock "Ha, Parker. I do
okay. But I ain't even close to being in the same league as Jim here.
No way." "Shit, man. That's what all the hot fuckers say. You must be a
fucking stud, too, then." Robbie laughed. "Well maybe someday you'll
find out, eh?" There was another couple seconds' silence, then the kid
said, "Yeah, adult teen grils porn who knows?" He lowered his voice, though Robbie could still
hear him perfectly. "So... you got a big dick, too?" Robbie had just
picked up his glass, but set it down. "Like fgree teen porn I said, son. I do okay."
"Coach Pierson's teen xxx videos got a big dick," Parker said simply. "Yup," Robbie
chuckled, "that he does." Jim was looking at him. "Bet you've seen it a
lot of times, huh?" "Yeah," Robbie said, busty innocent teen porn "a fair number," smiling at
his buddy. "Played with it?" "Yup."... porn cartoon teen titans
"Damn, Robert," Parker's voice
was low, "I bet you've even had that monster in your mouth, huh?" Robbie
picked up his beer, took a swallow and said, "You looking for an exact
number or a rough estimate, kid?" Jim's eyes were questioning, but
Robbie wasn't really looking free teen porn gallereies at him anymore. Fuck, the kid was a ballsy
one: no wonder his friend was all worked up. Parked laughed. "Aw, come
on, man. I was just having fun. You like to have fun, gay porn stories teen
don't you? filipina teen porn pics young teen porn pics I
know Coach model teen porn Pierson does. We, uh, even have sex, you know."
Robbie waited a second, then said, "Look, kid. There's some things
you don't need to be--" "I know, I know. I'm sorry, dude. It's
just...look, I wanted just to ask you a question, okay? And I can't ask
Coach Pierson." Robbie hesitated, fee teen porn then said, "Well...what?" "Well,
look, dude, you're his friend, you know? And he's, well...kinda special,
you know?" Parker's voice had lost some of it's teen group porn pictures bravado, and Robbie
relaxed a little. teen gay slaves "Yup. He is." "So...like, does he mess around with
other guys?"
Robbie thought for a second, then said, "Well, look now, son. Maybe
that's something you should ask yours--" latin teen sex "DUDE? No I can't. Look, I
know he likes me--I mean, czheh teen porn tgp
I hope he does..." --Robbie smiled--" ...so for
maybe that reason he wouldn't tell me the truth. I never met anyone like
him before, sir. I just wanna know if I got competition, is all. I'm
not looking for details, man, really. I just wanna know where I stand."
Robbie thought about the kid sitting at home, thinking about teen titenis porn
his coach.
Man, he'd seen this before. Every hot stud in the world seemed to hit on
his buddy at one time or another, and Jim was only human, wasn't he? Jim
had his hands out, looking at him in a What the fuck? gesture. "Well,
yeah," he said. "Some..." Parker teen anal sex
was silent for a few seconds, and
Robbie wondered if maybe he sould have just lied. But then he said,
"Thanks, sir. It was nice talking to you. Can you put Coach Pierson
back on? teen vote porn "Sure, kid. We'll talk again, okay?" "Yeah, sure. Okay."
He handed the phone back to Jim and said, "I gotta piss, buddy. You
talk. I'll be back," and then slid out of the booth and was gone.
"Hey," Jim said. "Hey back." "So...what were you two talking about,
eh?" "Oh, nothing. The usual bullshit." "Umm," Jim said. "So what
were you gonna ask me?" "What?" "I heard Robbie say that you would ask
me something." "Oh. Yeah. Nothing. He kind of answered it anyway. It
wasn't anything important." Jim said, "Oh, okay." ... "So I can come
over, coach?" Anyone looking, like Kevin was, would have seen Jim's face
light up and his posture improve, and he said, "That would be nice,
Parker." "I mean, I can't stay too long. I got a hellacious football
practice in the morning." Jim grinned. "Yeah, boy, that you porn teen big do."
Parker laughed. "Yah, I better get you tonight before you're too worn
out tomorrow and all..." "Shit, Parker," Jim laughed back. "You gonna
wear me out, son?" "Shit, coach, that's exactly what I'm thinking,
man..." "Yah, cowboy," Jim growled. "Wanna see you try." Then Parker
said, "You still hard, coach?" "I sure am, son," Jim answered, reaching
down and feeling his shaft hard in his chinos. "Play with it for me,
will ya, coach?"
Jim blinked and said, "Huh?" "Squeeze it for me man. I'm laying here
all boned thinking about my own coach squeezing his big dick while he's
talking to me." "Parker, dude, I'm young teen nude movies
in a public PLACE, man." He tried to
chuckle, but his hand was feeling his dick anyway. Shit, he was even
leaking. The blond jock laughed. "Shit, man, you're at the World
Series... And you're teen tonic porn in a booth, right? You're kind of private,
right?" "Yeah," Jim said, "pretty much so." His hand was flat on the
bulge in his pants, and he could feel himself pulsing while he palmed the
shaft of his dick through his pants. "So... you doin' it?" "Yeah... I
am." Parker laughed. "Me too, coach. I'm on my bed, and I got on this
old pair natural nude teen of jeans that're hot teen porn clips way too small for me now. I'm rubbing myself
too." He paused for a second, then, in a lower voice, said, "Ah, coach,
this is so hot man. Us feeling ourselves while we talk like this. Shit,
it's almost like phone sex, huh?" The kid laughed. Fuck, Jim gay teen porn stories thought,
his dick drooling, looking around, seeing that Kevin had gone to the
bathroom, This WAS phone sex! "I'm gonna unzip myself now, coach. You
wanna?" "Uh..." "Come on, coach. Pull your zipper down, man."
Parker's voice was low, and Jim realized he was sweating. "Remember the
other day, coach when you said you'd do just about anything to suck my
cock?" free teen fucking porn Jim's thumb and index free british teen porn
finger were fumbling with his fly. He was
thinking this was CRAZY, but he could feel his heart thumping, now, and
all he said was "Yeah, I remember." "So do it, then. I will too." Even
while the jock was talking, Jim had found the tab of his zipper, and was
working it down. He felt the pressure in a line sex teen porn movie
down the length of his
cock as he opened his fly, and his dick sighed and leaked some juice.
His fly hung open and Jim eased a few fingers into the gap, through the
flap of his boxers. He could smell himself. His fingers were damp, teen gay sex and
his cock was sweaty.
"You there, coach?" "Yeah," Jim said. "I got my cock out, coach.
Fuck, you should see it, man. You got me so turned on it's just sticking
up fucking hard and...I'm leaking, coach." Jim's breath was coming in
little spurts, now. Maybe Parker could hear him through the receiver.
"Pull it out, coach." Jim saw Robbie coming out of the bathroom as he
wrapped a couple fingers around his cock, virgin teen porn
hunching forward a little,
easing it out of black porn teen
his pants. He looked around, then down. Half his cock
was sticking out of his fly, precum leaking mom teen porn
down the shaft of his dick.
He felt the cool air on his leaking meat, and moaned. "You wanna cum,
coach?" Jim was pawing at his cock, and his voice came out short.
"Parker. teen sex story Fuck. Robbie's coming back, man. He went to the bathroom, but
he's walking--" "You wanna cum, coach? early teen sex porn Think about my big dick xxx teen video sites in your
mouth and blow a load for me, man?" Precum was leaking over his fingers
staining his pants. "Oh fuck... I ...Parker..." He felt his nuts pull
up, his voice ragged. The jock laughed. "Put it away, man." ggw teen flash tits "WHAT?"
"Save it for me, big guy. I'll be at your place in forty-five minutes,
okay? And I want you hard, sexy teen porn pictures coach."
The line went dead, and Jim had just enough time to stuff his aching
cock back in his pants. Precum was all over his fingers. Quickly he put
them in his mouth to clean them, then drank. Robbie slid back in beside
him. He noticed Jim's flushed face. "You alright, buddy?" Jim looked
at his friend, half smiling, a hardcore teen rape porn little dazed. public teen porn
"Yeah," he said. Robbie
glanced down and saw Jim's fly still half open and something wet on the
front of his pants. Jim saw him looking, and reached down and pulled his
zipper the rest of the way up. Robbie whistled. "You didn't." Jim
blushed. "No." Robbie smiled. "But, fuck, buddy... I was THIS
close..." puppy teen porn Robbie howled tiny teen girl porn and slapped his pal on the back. "He leave you
with blue balls, buddy?" Jim swallowed some beer. "He's coming over to
my place in half an hour."
Robbie gripped his friend's neck, and looked at his watch. His eyes
were probing, but bright. "Guess you're gonna leave me here, then, eh,
bud? All by myself, porn free teen my wife gone, all lonely..." "You ain't mad at me
are ya, buddy?" Robbie pouted. "Naw. Guess I'll just go home,
microwave some leftovers, maybe throw on 'Shy Bi-bangers 2.' " He
sighed. "Don't you worry bout me, Jim teen and adult, porn boy. I'll be okay." Jim pulled
the flyer out of his pocket, waited while Robbie took it and read. He
looked up at Jim, mollified. "Jockstrap armwrestling, free teen tranny porn
huh?" Jim
finished his beer. "Well," teen xxx tryouts Robbie said, "Armstrong Little League's a
good teen sex videos free cause." Jim grinned back at his friend. "One of the best, buddy."
Robbie took Jim by his shoulders and looked him right in the eye. "You
fuck that boy. Make him moan for ya, buddy. gay as teen sex
Make him cum with yer dick
up his butt, you hear me, coach?" teen porn samples Jim was trying to tuck his shirt back
in. He smoothed his pants teen porn action and looked over at Robbie. "They don't japanese teen sex look
too messed up, do they?" "Naw," Robbie said, chuckling. "Not in this
light." Jim slid out the side of the booth. "I'll call you after
practice tomorrow afternoon." "You better."
He was a few steps outside the door when he heard someone calling his
name. He turned and saw Kevin walking toward him. He was smiling.
"What? You don't say goodbye anymore?" Jim stopped, sheepish. "Aw,
sorry, Kev. I jsut realized I was pressed for time, man." "You got a
hot date, coach?" "Aw, naw, Kev, it's nothing like that...." Kevin
smiled and stuck his hands in the front pockets of his jeans. "Shit."
He laughed. "You don't lie any better than you used to." He ran one
hand along the back of his neck and down along his jaw, then put it back
in his pocket.. "So. Is it still okay to call you?" Jim crossed his
arms over his chest and grinned at the boy. "Damn. teens geting fucked hard
You better!" But
Kevin's eyes stayed free crazy teen porn quiet, and then he just said, "Okay. I will, then."
He turned to go. "You have a nice night, Mr Pierson." amatuer lesbian teens "You, too, son."
And then he was porn hmong teen gone.
Across town Parker Nicholls put down his phone and continued checking
his email and downloading music files with an almost abstracted face. He
was fully dressed, as he had been the whole time he was talking to Robbie
and Jim. His pants were not tented, his zipper had not been lowered. He
looked at his watch, saved a few things and emptied the trash. Time to
go see what his brother Matt was up to, and if his dad had dinner ready,
yet. He stood up and stretched, hopping to the door while he pulled on
his trainers. He looked himself up and down in the mirror, then feinted,
and threw himself a couple quick jabs. God, he loved weekends.
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