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Related post: Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 13:29:03 +0200
From: A.K.
Subject: Finally Together 6/7 (Adult Friends )----------------------------FINALLY TOGETHER
by Andrej Koymasky © 2006
written on July 21, 1994
translated by the author
English text kindly revised
by Brian-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"FINALLY TOGETHER" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic
scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family,
opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to
read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or
because you think you really want little boys tgp bbs
to read it, please be my welcomed
guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 6 - A DOUBLE CONFESSIONMarco was not refusing Lorenzo or Sirio advances, at work, even though
now he didn't desire them as before - now he had Luigi who totally
satisfied him. He was more and more aware that Luigi was really giving
him very much. And not only on a physical level. He liked, in Luigi, the
long preliminaries and the similarly long love making afterwards,
besides the passionate unions. But he also loved talking with him in a
sweet and intimate complicity. Luigi was the most complete personality
he'd ever met. At first unconsciously, but then more and more
consciously, he started to compare him first with Vera, then also with
his ex-wife, and became gradually aware that Luigi always came out as
the winning figure.And yet, Marco still didn't feel to be in love with Luigi. He was fond
of him, certainly. But he wasn't ready to renounce everything for him,
not Vera, for instance. But, to be sincere, he would not even renounce
Luigi for Vera. Was he not possibly able to love? And yet, he loved
Rita. For her, possibly, he would have tried to renounce any other, if
she asked him. Because Rita was the mother of his daughter. Who knows
how, Giulia was now? Certainly the child wouldn't even remember him.Vera didn't want children, therefore she always took her petite teen bbs pill and pictures pedophile boys bbs
him offhost bbs terra
to wear a prophylactic. He agreed. Sexually, Vera was more free and
easy than Rita, bbs pantys
she also agreed to suck him, but was not nearly as
skilled as Luigi. She did it only because she knew he liked it, but
without putting the passion of Luigi into it.Marco and Luigi spent three weeks together, and they were all splendid
days. It was so good falling asleep together and then waking up
together. Usually Luigi was the first to wake up. He slipped away from
the bed and prepared breakfast, then went back to bed, awakened him and
they uk preeteen bbs
ate together. elweb bbs gallery And at times, afterwards, they made love again,
before Luigi had to go to work.They were sleeping together, naked, their limbs intertwined. It was five
in the morning. They didn't hear the key turning in the door. It was the
two sisters who were back five days earlier young bare nudists bbs than planned, as they had
finished their money faster that they thought. They entered without
making any noise, so as not to wake Marco up. Vera's bedroom door was
open. Tina german teen bbs was the first to notice the two enlaced bodies on the bbs hantai bed.
She didn't understand at once they were two males bodies. She emitted a
short exclamation of surprise."What's up?" Vera asked in a whisper, putting her luggage on the floor."There arkan bbs list
is... Marco...""He's not in bed?" Vera asked quietly."No, he's in bed, but... not alone..." Tina whispered."What? Not alone?""No... look..."Vera went to the door and was dumbfounded. Then she entered the room and
saw that the one with Marco was a male. Tina, who entered after paradise bbs gateway her, saw
who the other was and recognized her colleague at once."Luigi!?" she exclaimed.The boy woke up right at that moment and looked with wide eyes at the
two girls."What are you doing in my bed with Marco?" Vera asked, her voice
strangely calm."What is he doing? Stark naked? Sex, it's evident." Tina said,
mockingly.Luigi was speechless, he didn't know what to do, what to say. His head
was aflame, unable to put his thoughts together. He shook Marco's
shoulder to try and awaken him. Marco uttered a low moan and with a
drowsy voice asked, "It's already time to wake up?""I would say it really is!" Vera answered, curtly.The sound of her voice awakened Marco completely, who sat up on the bed,
trying to cover himself with the sheet as soon as he saw the two girls."Oh God... you're already here..." he murmured."Right. You didn't expect us so soon, I see.""I... I'm sorry...""I am sorry too. Marco, your sexual tastes are your own business. But
here, on my bed! Get dressed, now. Later we will talk. Come, Tina, let's
wait for them in the other room." Vera said curtly and the two girls
left, closing the door.The bbs young index
two boys, bewildered, dressed in a hurry, in silence. Then went to
the other room.Vera spoke at once, "Marco, I'm fine bbs dark nymph
asian breast bbs top with you. The problem is yours, not
mine. Now Tina and I will go downstairs to have breakfast at the bar.
You decide - him or me. But if you choose me, I don't want you to have
any other person, be it a male or a female, is that clear. If you decide
to choose me, make him leave before I get back. If you choose him, you
can take all your belongings at once and go with him. Without any
performance. But you have to make your choice, that's final. And you
have to choose once and for all, seriously. I don't like sharing you
with anybody.""Vera, let me explain..." Marco started to say, embarrassed."No. If you choose me, we can talk about it, later. Right now I'm not
interested in explanations. I only want you to make an honest choice,
honest for yourself and honest for me.""I..." Luigi said."As for you, it will be me to settle adolescent pics bbs with you, later." Tina said with an
aggressive tone, and the two teen bbs info tgp sisters left, leaving them alone.Luigi was trembling and, inadvertently, said, "Oh shit! This time I've
got nothing to do with this, it's not my fault, this bbs 13 year porno time.""Eh? What? What do you mean?" Marco asked, stupefied by the statement."I... nothing... I..." Luigi stammered, becoming aware of what he just
said."Eh no! Don't say 'nothing'. What were you saying? What did you mean
that this time you've got nothing to do lola child bbs
with this? That it's not your
fault, this time?""I... oh, shit, Marco, I..""The anonymous letter... you meant that! You sent that anonymous
letter?" vombat bbs board Marco asked, upset, becoming aggressive."Marco... I repented a thousand times...""So it was you... it has bbs porn list topsites
been you..." Marco yelled, more and more upset,
his face red with rage, elweb bbs ls shuddering with anger."Marco..." Luigi implored."You wretch! You swine! You piece of bbs fucking movies turd! You... you!" Marco yelled
hurling himself on Luigi and starting to hit him with his fists,
striking and kicking him. elwebbs pedo Luigi didn't defend pics bbs boys
himself, he just tried his
best to avoid the fury and cried."Why? Why did you do it? You wanted to destroy me?""No, I didn't want... if I did it... I love you...""You love? You love me? And that was love?" Marco screamed continuing to
wildly thrash him."I wanted you all for me... I was wrong, I didn't think it would end
that bad... I hoped Rita would accept... Really... And I didn't want girls beach board3 bbs
to suffer so much..." Luigi said all in one breath, falling on the floor
under the tempest of kicks and blows of Marco."You disgusting, raped japanese bbs loathsome bastard, I'll kill you!" Marco yelled and,
taking a chair, he swung it at Luigi with all his might. He hit him and
grazed his temple and the boy dropped, with an anguished yell.Marco became still at once, the top models bbs chair high again ready to take a second
swing. He looked at Luigi's lifeless body and turned pale. He let go the
chair and knelt near him."Luigi... oh my god, Luigi... oh my god, I bbs asia kids porn really killed you! Luigi,
answer me... Luigi... it's not possible..."The rage, the fury rika bbs had vanished. He was looking at the lifeless body of
his friend, his waxen face; the rivulet of blood from his hair was
running down his forehead."Luigi... Oh my god, Luigi! What did I do? Luigi..." he yelled squatting
near him and taking him in his arms. "Tell me you're alive... Luigi...
Oh god... what can I do, now?" Marco said in a whimper, crying and
gently caressing the waxen face of the boy. He wiped bbs girl lol
away the rivulet of
blood with his handkerchief. He leant over and kissed him and felt he
was cold. He burst in tears. Then he stood up, went to the telephone and
dialed 112."Hallo... I quarreled with a friend... I'm afraid I killed him. Please
come quickly..." and gave them the address.Then he sat on the floor near Luigi, sobbing."I didn't want, Luigi... Luigi... God, I didn't want... I... I love you,
Luigi. Yes, I do love you. Come back to me... you aren't dead, are you?
God, how can one understand?" Marco wailed. He tried to feel his pulse,
but felt nothing. He tried to feel his breath, but was not able to
detect it, not even a light breath."God, what have I done? Luigi... Oh god... I've killed you!"He heard the sirens. After a while they rang at the door. He went to
open the door. Carabineers entered, followed by men with a stretcher.
The paramedics leaned over Luigi and said, "He's still alive." and put
him on the stretcher to take him to hospital.Then a non-commissioned officer asked Marco to tell him what had
happened. Meanwhile the two girls, alerted by the sirens of the
carabineers car and of the ambulance, were back in the apartment."I argued with him, I hit him with that chair... I didn't want.... I
lost my head...""Did he attack you?" the non-commissioned officer asked him."No, it was me... I attacked him...""The reason?""I was upset with him for something he did..."The two girls were dismayed. But Tina said, "Marco, you are not bound to
answer. You have to engage a lawyer.""Who are young girls posting bbs you two? What are you doing here?" the officer asked, frowning."We are the landlords. Marco is our guest and Luigi one of our friends.""Were you present during the altercation?""No, we went downstairs, to the bar, for the breakfast. When we left
them they weren't quarrelling at all." Vera said."Well, give your name and address to the corporal. You, mister, have to
come with us to headquarters. If your friend has nothing serious and if
he doesn't vombat rompl bbs links charge you, we can possibly release you, but for the moment
you are under arrest. But if, on the contrary... Yes, it will be better
you call a lawyer, anyway."Marco followed the carabineers. While he was going with them, he
recalled the words he had just said to Luigi's lifeless body: I love
you... Only now, in this tragic situation, Marco became aware he just
admitted the truth. He had always been in love with Luigi, from the very
first time he saw him. But, even though he had accepted his bisexuality
without any problem, he had never been able to accept the thought he
could be in love with a man. That's why, after all, he always looked for
a woman - in order that he could feel he had "normal" feelings. In fact,
surely, he could make love with a woman, feel right with her, but there
was always something missing. On the contrary, great lolta bbs he had to be aware that,
with Luigi he never wanted for anything.Why didn't imageboard 9 teen bbs he realise that simple truth earlier? It had been only him,
Marco, after all, who made everything difficult because of his fear of
accepting he could be gay. If he had accepted Luigi's love at pyccekc guide bbs once,
there on the ship, and had been able to give him his love, now they
could have been together, happy, for five years. But on the contrary,
they were taking him to prison and Luigi to hospital. He was still
alive, the nurses said, but how was he? Was his life still in danger?What had he done, out of his fear to acknowledge he was in love with a
man? Had he, then, got it wrong all his life? Evidently yes. He would
have liked to be near Luigi, now, to ask his forgiveness, to tell him he
loved him, to repeat that until Luigi recovered bbs japan teen
consciousness.If it was not too late.For the sexenigma klass bbs first time in his life, Marco prayed.Luigi recovered consciousness in russia naked bbs the hospital bed. He was aching all
over. And he had a severe headache. The nurse, when she saw him open his
eyes, smiled at him."Where..." Luigi started to say, in a faint voice."You are in the hospital. Doctors say you have nothing serious, just
superficial lesions. I have to call the policeman on animal porn bbs links duty, to take your
statement to charge...""Charge? I don't want to lay any charge." Luigi said with a tired voice."But why? Your so-called top kds bbs lol
friend beat you so, and you...""I deserved it. No, no charge. No.""You deserved it? Nobody deserves a beating like that. He could have
killed you, aren't you aware? If he just struck a centimeter higher, you
would be dead now. And he bbs gallery tgp would serve a good bunch of years in jail, as
a murderer. Beating you so! You have bruises all over your body!
Personal uncalled for injuries... it's not fair he comes out of it
without consequence!""I deserved it, really. Where is he now?""How should I know? The police must most certainly have arrested him. I
have to call the policeman on duty anyway. You can sort it out with
him." The woman said, tetchy, possibly because Luigi had no intention to
lay charges - her sense of justice felt offended.She left comics sex bbs
and was soon back with a policeman. Luigi was adamant - he
didn't intend to make any complaint.He was asking himself what Marco must be feeling kds sex top bbs at this moment -
possibly still anger towards him. He could never see him again, now that
he confessed it was free old plumpers bbs he who sent that absurd, cursed, anonymous letter.The doctors came and confirmed he had no permanent injuries, nothing
serious, but they would keep him under observation a couple more days,
then he could be discharged from the hospital. He got authorisation to
call his work to notify them of his condition. teen bbs directory He asked for Tina. She
told him that at work they already knew he was in hospital "because of
an accident". tiny bbs free
She had decided it was better to say simply that. Luigi
thanked her. Tina asked him if he could receive visitors. Luigi answered
yes, even though he felt somewhat ashamed to see her. He asked where
Marco and it was confirmed that he had been arrested.When Tina went to see him, Luigi said, "What must you think of me, now.""I didn't guess you are gay. And fozya bbs guestbook
even less that Marco is also. I must
confess I was taken aback.""Marco isn't gay, he is bisexual...""But... I cannot understand why he beat you so. I really cannot
understand. It's not you who forced him to come to bed with you, right?
What's the matter with him?""It's all my fault. He felt fine with Vera. I... as soon as I heard you
were going on a trip, did everything in my power to...""All right, I see, but bbs girl pix he accepted, didn't he? He's not a kid anymore!
Was it the first time, for him?""I don't like talking about his affairs. I... I'm in love with him. I've
known him for five years. I always bbs links desired angels
have been in love with him...""Five years? You were just a boy, then.""Yes, I was doing my army service. We were on the same ship.""Oh. So, it's true that sailors do it amongst themselves!""Very few of them. Sailors are boys like any other. Marco already had a
girlfriend, at that time.""And you were in love with him...""Yes. And I still am. Even though I think I've lost him forever.""So, bbs forum boylove
then he had chosen Vera?""I don't know. We didn't have time to talk about that. But I think...
probably he did.""Vera doesn't feel so sure she still wants him. She was really shaken -
first she found him in her bed with you, then, a few minutes later, he
thrashed you like an old rug. No, Vera is not so certain anymore...""I deserved it. I'm sure I would have done the same thing, had I been in
his position. He is a good boy, the best boy that could exist.""Totally in love, eh?""Yes... he is a really extraordinary man.""From how you talk about him, you don't intend to report his aggression,
right?""Absolutely not. So, at least, they will free him soon.""I think there is the ex officio charge, or how do they call it,
assault. Anyway, if you don't press charges, they will possibly give him
a fine with a suspended sentence. It all depends on the judge.""But they will not put him in image board bbs forum teenie bbs jail, right?""Possibly not.Anyhow, how long xxx pass bbs do you have to stay here?""I will probably be discharged in a couple of days. Then I'll need a few
days convalescence. I presume. What did you tell them, at work?""You fell down the stairs...""You did right. Thank lol to bbs
you. Will you do me one more favour, Tina?""If I can...""Can you get news about Marco? Let me know something?""I'll try."When Luigi could leave the hospital, he tried to see Marco, but as he
was not a relative, he was denied the permission. He could only see him
again when at the first hearing where he had attend as the fotos bbs porno injured
party.Marco had his head lowered. When Luigi was called the witness box, he
confirmed he didn't want to press any charges and, at the request of
judge, he explained he had two reasons for his decision. The first being
that he very seriously provoked Marco's anger, and the second being that
Marco was absolutely not a violent person, and even less a bad person.The counsel for the defence, appointed by the Court, as Marco didn't
want to choose a barrister for his defence, made a good case and as
Marco luckily had a clean record, he got the minimum fine and the
suspended sentence. Therefore he was freed at once.When he left the courthouse, he saw Luigi was waiting for him."Marco...""Hi, Luigi...""I... I wanted to ask you... to forgive me.""You ask me? How, I almost killed you and you ask me to forgive you?""Sure... it was all my fault - if I didn't send that letter... I hurt
you so much, even though unwillingly...""Luigi... I reflected a lot during these days in the cell. It has been
good for me to be there. Because I understood that it's me who has to
ask for forgiveness, not you.""You ask me? But why?""Well... for a lot of things... Also for how I thrashed you, of course -
I had absolutely no right doing that. But above all... for not having
been honest with you. But I couldn't be honest with you, because I
wasn't even honest with myself...""Honest with me? I don't understand... what are you talking about?""About five years ago...""Five years ago? little porn bbs
On the ship?""Yes, then. When I persuaded you to come to my cabin, that first
time...""I still cannot understand...""After that first time... I didn't want to acknowledge something
important to myself, and so I've ruined your life, first of all, then
also that of Rita, of Giulia, and also my own life... And now... here I
am...""Sorry, Marco, but I still cannot understand...""Poor Luigi, you are blind with love, love for me, a love I don't
deserve. You cannot understand. The reason why I have to ask your
forgiveness is that I didn't want to admit that I am gay. I have hidden
behind the bisex mask, to feel... 'normal'. Thus, not wanting to admit
that what was attracting me towards you so strongly, was nothing
different than... than the fact I was in love with you.I didn't understand it, because I wouldn't admit it to myself, because I
would not accept being gay. That was my first error. That's why, when
your army service ended, I let you go. An error that I made even worse
when I decided to marry your cousin... and to have a child - just to
feel... normal, in spite of the fact that I continued making love with
you. Then, when I agreed to stay with Vera... she wasn't enough for me,
so I was making love with other men, but they weren't litlle pussy bbs enough for me
either, because it was you, in reality, whom I needed... And I knew I
needed you... And I nearly killed you... Can you ever forgive me?""Marco... are you virgin bbs free pics
saying that... that you love me?""I always loved you, even though I've only understood and accepted it
now... Too late, I'm afraid.""Marco, but I... I love you. I really love you so much!" Luigi
exclaimed, careless of the glances of the people entering and coming out
of the courthouse, who heard this, almost shouted."Even though I don't deserve it?""One can deserve a salary, an advancement, a prize, but not love. Nobody
deserves love, lol bbs imageboard
as it is a gift, not a payment. And I simply love you.
And you?""I love you too, but...""There is no 'but'." Luigi said in a murmur, with a sweet smile, moved,
taking Marco's hand and squeezing it tenderly between his."So then... you forgive me? ls guestbook bbs You still love me?""I never stopped loving you. Never ever. And if you love me too... what
could be better? We can at last be happy, can't we?""Five years lost...""We will make up for those lost years.""God, how come that it's taken me so long to realise I am in love with
you? I should have realised at once, boy model bbs on the contrary... Did I need to
almost kill you to accept it? How can you be in love with someone so
stupid as I? Oh, Luigi, but I'm really in love with you, believe me.""And, being close to me, always has same effect on you the?" the mummy sex bbs boy
asked slyly, looking at him with a provocative smile.Marco smiled shyly bbs flash angels ls and in a low voice said, "Do you want to check?""I think I will. But it would possibly be better to hurry along
somewhere, where we can be safe. You have the same effect on me, you
know it, don't you?""I don't even have a place anymore. My belongings... I don't know where
they are, possibly still at Vera's home.""No, I told Tina to send everything at Lorenzo's home. He is waiting for
you. little bbs nude He says that your job is always there, waiting for you, if you
want. And until you decide differently, you can continue sleeping at his
place.""Now... I no longer feel like free bbs pussy pics
doing it with Lorenzo, or with anyone
else. Now I want to be yours alone.""Lorenzo seems to be a good man. If you tell him truthfully, I'm sure he
will understand and will never ask you to do anything with him again.
Would he?""But now I'd really like to find some place with you. Our place, only
ours, at last.""Yes, I also do, Marco. But where can we go now? We cannot possibly stay
here...""Well, I know a sauna where..." Marco started to say, with a cunning
expression, looking at him with evident desire.Luigi laughed, "Do you need to wash? Let's go, then." he said with
shining eyes."Yes, also to wash myself, but after." Marco said while they were going."After?""Don't you remember that first time in my cabin?""Yes, I do...""Let's free sunbbs start from there, let's start again from elwebb biz bbs
zero. But this time in
the right way.""Sure, Marco, I like the idea, I like it very much."They went to the sauna and had a long shower, washing each other. Marco
saw the bruises all over Luigi's body and caressed them, filled with
remorse."They are hurting, aren't they?""No, hardly at all, little teens models bbs now.""Will you forgive me?""That depends. Take me to a cubicle, russian nude bbs and later I'll tell you if you
succeeded in obtaining my forgiveness." Luigi answered with litle bbs tgp archive
a smile.They girded their loins with pedo kids bbs
the towels and top bbs cp looked for an empty cubicle.
They shut the door and Marco pulled the towel off his companion's body,
spread it with his own on the small rest bed.Then bbs fuck photos
he said, "Lie down there, go on.""You want... to fuck my ass?" Luigi japan teen models bbs asked, like five years before."I want you to feel pleasure. I want to make love with you. I young ls bbs want to
make you really mine and to be really yours. Because I love you, Luigi,
from the first moment I saw you. Because you are the only one who
counts, for me".Luigi lay on the small bed and Marco leaned over shock bbs sex
him and started to
caress, kiss, lick all over his body with skilled art and passion. Luigi
was all kds bbs on line
aquiver. He pulled Marco to himself, forcing him to lie on top
of him, and kissed him deeply."Oh, my wonderful, aroused man. Let me feel how much you want me.""I love you, Luigi, I love you to die for - do you japanese adult porn bbs
want to be mine?""Sure, Marco. Take me, make me yours.""You know you are very beautiful?""I know somebody kds porn bbs
a yung bbs
lot more beautiful than blog adult tgp bbs me.""Impossible! Who could he be?""You, Marco. Take me, go on." he murmured, filled with desire, offering
himself to Marco," let me feel how much you want me."Marco took Luigi's legs and raised them, putting his ankles on his
shoulders, then he assumed the right position and bbs pedo child illegal pushed his beautiful
rigid sun bbs ls magazine
rod in the fold between Luigi's cheeks, rummaging with it until he
found the greedy, palpitating hole.Luigi shivered and smiled happily, "Go on, take me, let me feel all of
it, make me yours, Marco. Push, go on, put it all inside!""Here I am, my love, do you feel me?" Marco whispered, starting to push
and sink inside him with tender vigor."Yes, oh yes... so, how good. My male, you are my man. God, what a hard
rod you have.""Luigi, I adore you.""You like taking me?""You drive me crazy. But later, you will also take me. I also want to
feel your beautiful stake inside me. Do you know that now you are even
more handsome than when you were nineteen? You were a handsome boy, now
you are a beautiful man. And you are my man.""You like me?""Yes, you are so virile and so sweet at once. And so beautiful." Marco
said, pushing his tool into him to the hilt.Then he gathered his strength and started moving back and forth with
moves filled with tender vigor, while bbs nn kids caressing all his body. Luigi
abandoned himself to the firm penetration, and brushed Marco's tits,
caressed his sides and belly, passed his fingertips over Marco's tense
back. Marco brushed his tongue on Luigi's lips, continuing to slip in
and girls bbs gallery out of him with long pelvic movements. Luigi opened his lips and
their tongues tenderly played, their mouths free bbs teen pic united, their kiss became
deep, intimate, 16 yo bbs and passionate.Luigi felt that this time Marco was not only giving him physical
pleasure, but also all his love. He could feel his tool inside himself,
massaging him in a rhythm, giving him incredibly good sensations. He
looked at Marco's bright eyes, at the expression of his face, suffused
with pleasure, and the consciousness that he was the source of all that
pleasure, rewarded him top best kid bbs enormously.Marco, who for the first time was experiencing sex bbs cum
and love inseparably
united, was felt in seventh heaven. Being united to the man he was in
love with, was a splendid young beauty bbs experience. He could feel him shudder under
himself, and he felt at once desired, welcomed, bbs young girls and he read happiness in
Luigi eyes and he knew he was the cause of that happiness. He asked
himself how come that he wasn't aware, before, about how much he was in
love with that anna abbs essex young man, so strong, beautiful, sensual, who was able to
accept him so totally. This young man who for five years had accepted
anything from him, even pain.Marco felt the pleasure becoming more and more strong, intense, and
became aware he had never lol nymph bbs felt so vombat teens bbs strong and beautiful emotions. Never,
with teen russian bbs erotic anybody. Luigi was transforming him into a real man, at last, and
Marco felt grateful.He perceived the orgasm approaching, the pleasure increasing, and when
finally he started to unload into his mate, he murmured with emotion, "I
love you... I love you... I love bd ls bbs you... Luigi... my gooood... how mu...
how much... I... Loooo... ve... youuuuu!"Luigi pulled him to his chest and kissed him, embracing him tightly
while Marco was trembling from the last, intense spasms of his orgasm."That's so beautiful, too beautiful, Luigi. But now, you have to make me
yours. Get on top of me, take me." he whispered, moved.They exchanged positions. Luigi penetrated him with a few, good strokes
and felt bbs sex hard Marco opening under him, welcoming him and quivering. And he
felt that his lovers member was regaining it's hardness and was pushing
against his belly. He entered all the way, filled with passion.Marco was shuddering, full of happiness, and murmured, "Oh, my beautiful
male! How much I like you - you, so strong and beautiful. Oh, Luigi, my
love!"They made love for a long time, filled with reciprocal desire that
seemed to calm down only when they reached another orgasm, but that woke
up again, strongly, while they were relaxing, half-embraced, enjoying in
silence the beauty of their closeness.They went to wash themselves, but only sex child little bbs to go back to a cubicle to again
start making love, this time united in a long, passionate sixty-nine,
unmindful of everybody and everything, dedicating themselves only to
give each other the utmost pleasure.When they left the sauna, it was already dark. They went to eat at a
small restaurant, then went to Lorenzo's bar, tenderly holding hands.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 7-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to
read them, the URL is
If you want to send me feed-back, or desire to bbs boy japan help revising my English
translations, so that I can put on-line more of my stories in English
please e-mail at

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