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Related post: Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 20:19:55 -0600
From: dnrockrock.com
Subject: Boy Model Coop 8Boy Model Coop
by: dnrock(dnrockrock.com)
EightMark was sure it was authority that was doing some kind of undercover
investigation. We all agreed but offered no suggestions tiny top preteen as to why. The
Davis twins suggested child porn as a possibility, saying in the past month
they had three different inquiries. The first two were direct and just as
directly rejected. The third one started out straight forward enough but
turned to the child porn at the end. Balt preteen download free
said he all but physically
through the "ass hole" out of the office. I have no doubt that, they love
us so much skinny preteen sex that even if the money was needed they would not put us or the
team at risk. Vic thought it best to play the industrial aspects and just
bolt the lid down on everything. Force authority or who ever to come
forward or back the hell off.Legal prepared all of tai preteen model us for what ever was to happen. If it is commercial
and we can find out who, they would be in court so fast everyone's head
would still be spinning. porn guestbook preteens
If we could not figure out who, they thought a
good news story about thwarting the "spies" would send them, who ever,
running for cover. If we discover communication monitoring they would
force authorities hand, if it is them, by demanding to see the warrants.
If it is commercial or illegal on the part of the cops, they should just go
away. If authority and we can't prove they acted illegally, since they
would get nothing, they may step forward and ask top russian preteen their questions.Vic wanted to hold off until the security boys reported their findings but
the way the discussion was going he had to speak, I guess. He told us that
when he got home some one had dropped the match. He thought if it was the
cops they would have just come with a search warrant; however, the fire
vault at the office had not be tampered with and the security tapes in the
hall showed no activity on preteen oral games the floor after the cleaning staff left which
was about 8 p.m. He told us the black cube van was moved but still in the
neighborhood, just now around the corner at the end of the block.Mark preteen females models
had called the Coop and one of the computer techs to take a look
around the neighborhood; if the van was still around, photograph it and get
a license number. It only took him 10 minutes to do that and email a copy
to us. He hacked the DMV for the license number but young preteen hymen found it "did not
exist", counterfeit or protected, he did not know which. Since the van was
visible from the windows of the Coop they put a surveillance camera on it.
You want to watch us then we pre teens stripping want to watch you.Anyway if the cops showed up with any kind of legal search warrant or what
ever, they were to be told you can search only in preteen underwear naked
the presence of our legal
council and call. If they want to talk to adults, call them first and no
one talks to anyone under 18 without them and their guardian present,
period.Security phoned to tell us they had found bugs in the apartment and the
land lines had been taped the cells might be. They documented the bugs and
removed them. They secured the land line and advised we use special
scramblers, which they were installing. Don't use the cells or blackberry
for sensitive information period.They also removed the spy ware from all the computers at the condo and were
now at the office. got preteen models In addition, they put new locks on the doors, made sure
no tracking devices were on the cars and installed a hidden security camera
in the Condo hall. They would put in a fancy alarm system later that day.
Mark preteensex porn went to sweet preteen teen the condo to supervise and learn.When we got home the Coop techs told us, someone very sophisticated had
been attempting to hack the system, they kept them out so far. The
security firm found no bugs or taps at the Coop. The office turned up
bugs, taps and attempted brake ins but the fire vault had not yet been
breached. The security taps in the hall showed people had been in two days
ago during the night but they could gay preteen pedo
not be identified.Legal called the local police to complain about the illegal wire taps and
the brake ins, making all of Securities' evidence available to them. They
sent out people to investigate. Right after lunch the Coop got a call from
the local middle school that a state police officer was in the office,
demanding to interview the twins. Bert told the principal to make the
officer comfortable until we arrive. He called the lawyer and headed out
the door, with us right on his trail. Richie and I were not letting our
"little brothers" face anything like this alone. We knew they would be
intimidated by a cop. I didn't think Bert could move as fast as he did but
he ran the three usenet pedo preteen blocks to the school right with Richie and I. We knew the
lawyer was on the way. So now was time to stall.The Principal met us in the hall and indicated which class room the officer
was in. "Principal Edwards please reverse the PA in that room and if you
hear me mention a red button, push it please." The principal knew me and
Richie, we were former students here so I was sure of his cooperation.
When I saw the twinkle in his younger preteen eye I preteen cp pic knew I had it too. This was not normal
procedure and I suspected the officer flashed his badge and made demands,
which did not sit well with Edwards.We entered the classroom, the fellow looked up. "Who the hell are you?""I am Principal Davis of the Boys Modeling Cooperative, Peter and Paul's
legal guardian, these are two of my students, who the hell are you and what
do you want with my students?""I am Sergeant Metres, State Police," he stated flashing a badge quickly
and replacing it in his suit coat breast pocket.I held out my hand. "I didn't catch that sir, may I have a closer look?"
He reluctantly handed over the little leather case with his badge and photo
I.D. The I.D. was fake, the leather case looked new, the badge looked
real. I said, "badge number 714, sounds like a number I should recognize.
Its a good thing. I won't need the preteen stripping story red button, I guess." I handed it back
to him. (I knew that badge 714 was one of the names of pic preteen real an old cop and
robber TV show from the 50's or early 60's. Set in L.A., as I recall the
main character was named Joe Friday.)Richie eyed him and I could see was positioning himself for defense, if
needed. Richie and I both did marshal arts as part of our BMC schooling,
not that we are black belts or anything like that. Anyway, Bret sat on one
of the student desks. "Well sir, you must know that it is not permissible
to interview a minor child without his guardian or parent present and very
often the child advocate as well.""Well I thought it wasn't necessary since I only need some questions
answered."Richie why don't you and Carter find Peter and Paul and wait in the office
with them until their pre teen penetration lawyer arrives. We started to go, when the cop or
pseudo cop interjected. "I don't think we need to get lawyers involved
here.""I do," Bret said, waving us out the door. We did not get far when the
real boys in blue, swat team in fact, showed up. I told them what I
thought about the fake ID. and that he had a shoulder holstered fire arm
and which man was Bret. They pointed to the office and we went in to
listen. The cops burst in the door and demanded everyone on the floor.
Bret did just that and fast to, from the sound of things. 714 was a bit
slower prompting and few shouts from the three real cops. They arrested
him for impersonating an officer, a concealed weapon and what ever else
they could think of and departed. Peter and Paul knew nothing of this
until they got home from school. By then it was on the news. I guess the
press listens to police scanners. Principal Edwards was interviewed,
saying nothing exciting happened and so on. The big thing was, "no
students or teachers were ever in any danger".The evening news then reported that 714 was really some official with a
vigilante, anti pedophile - anti child porn organization. In a separate
incident the police also arrested several others of the same org., for
stalking, breaking and entering, electronic snooping and so on.Vic didn't think we were out of the wood yet but at least things would be
in the open. Sure enough several days later we met with some real federal
investigators and our lawyers, Richie, Vic and me.They were incredulous at first and kept asking us preteen model boards about making pornographic
films and photos. Finally our lawyer got just a bit hostile, demanding
some kind of explanation for all these questions; since his clients keep
telling them preteen ebony xxx they do not know what you are talking about.That is when they opened an envelope and showed us some of the digital
photographs, our naked parts subbed in."This is you is it not," the agent said point to me. It was one of the
pictures of my standing by my drum kit with the drum sticks lifting my
scrotum and my erect penis glistening with precome. It was marginal porn
but illegal since I was under 18 when taken or supposedly taken, I knew
that. It was one of the Indian subs for sure."That is my face and it looks like most of index preteen photos my body. But I never posed for
that picture. In the picture I posed for, I was wearing a SA bright red
swimsuit model preteen nude latex A0275, men's size small. I posed for it in Amsterdam, about
two years ago. You can see the whole series on my web pages.
BMC.com/Carter_Cartwright/. It is one of my most popular series."He looked at Richie. "I suppose you didn't pose for this one either?" He
showed Richie one of his, he was playing with his shiny brass horn and
using the mouth piece to lift his scrotum."Yes, in fact Carter and I did those music series on the same day, same
studio, same photographer and director. My series is almost as popular as
Carters, model preteen topsites
same URL. We all knew his next question was, is that your
genitalia? Vic to the rescue."Let me look at that again," he said pulling the photo over. Do you have a
blow up of this or some other?" The agent reached in the preteens in sexe envelope and
pulled out an 8 X 10 of Richie and I, arms locked, looking at each other
with our erect penises crossing.I commented to Richie, "I didn't know we looked so sexy together did you?"
Richie blushed."Do you have a lens?" The cop nodded and went preteen ls passes
out coming back in a few
seconds with a good quality hand lens."Look here, see the tone range is the same but notice the slight offset in
the upper leg and here just below the navel?" The cop preteen cutie fruit looked, we looked,
the lawyer looked. We could all see it. It was obvious in this one, for
sure harder to see on the 4X5's, but easy on the 8X10's."I think you already knew that didn't you," our lawyer said?"Yes but...""But nothing, Vic interjected, you are wasting all of our time here on the
supposition that Carter and Richie must have posed for these obvious
frauds. I expect you to give all the help you can to Mr. Simmons here with
his copyright infringement law suits on behalf of the BMC and the Dutch
studio. It wouldn't surprise me if we find those vigilantes, arrested the
other day, are behind this. You realize Richie and Carter are under
exclusive contracts to the BMC.""But they claim that their are many more like these and that two Dutch boys
are also involved. Do you know anything about that?""We worked with two Dutch models at that time. Olivar and Caspar, Cart and
I know them quite well. In fact, they are our friends and we have worked
together several times since those pictures were taken.""What was the nature of that work?""Same as this time. Individual set and duet set with small props. You
know shake you ass for the camera and show off the clients swimsuit or
shorts or whatever. That is the nature of the business.""It would seem to me that you people have been wasting your time and you
should be looking for those bastards that produce the real kiddy porn, you
know the stuff your press releases say shows little kids being raped and
things like that," Vic matter of factly stated."I can't comment on any investigations that are in progress. You
understand. Any help you can give us with this will help with others I can
assure you.""Unfortunately we can't add much more, but I assure you we will be acting
to protect our copyright and good names, as well as the Dutch models and
studio. Were these things real my clients would be in difficult positions
with their clients and studios. Not to mention the off camera
professionals. Non of them are prepared to jeopardize their incomes or
future earnings. I know, you know, the BMC is beyond reproach.""I think you people should try and follow the money on this."Simmons added, "where it goes, not who paid it.""That may lead to the source of the product preteen big pictures and rip off artists who are
making it. Carter isn't, as his guardian I see his financials as do his
parents. Every penny of income and expense is meticulously recorded and
some very substantial taxes are paid. Carter and Richie as part time
models have net disposable incomes, more money annually, than most families
with two incomes gross. Fortunately most of that cash goes into trust
funds or I would have spoiled rich kids instead of just spoiled models,
working for my company.""We checked you out Mr. Stone and you seem to have a lot of unaccounted for
income.""I guess you checked me out as thoroughly as you checked out this so call
hard evidence. Had you done you homework you would know that I am not only
a vice president of SA but Chairman of its' board and the second largest
share holder, after my father who founded the company. I make more money
than I could ever possibly spend, why would I risk it, my companies'
reputation and my reputation for a few dollars of illegal cash. I think my
accounts would take umbrage at your statement by the way. Have you even
bothered to check with the IRS or just listened to the patter from those
unreliable sources.""I think this desnuditas preteens
has gone far enough agent, this fishing expedition is over.
I trust none of this foolishness will find its way into the press. If it
does you know the drill. Oh, one more thing, before you go running to the
DNP, make sure you have all your facts straight. I can assure you the
Dutch will have far less patients with the misinformation and suppositions
of the vigilantes than we have been. Remember Texas."After that was over Mr. Simmons told us the bureau was backpedaling fast,
since they had been using the vigilantes to do stuff they found more
inconvenient ... but the local DA and police saw this situation as an
election issue and were going after the vigilantes full force. He said the
Feds were so desperate for any kind of news on the kiddy porn stuff babysitter preteen that
this was not the first time they grasped at straws and made wild claims,
that proved useless or far less valuable than claimed. He would get a
court order forbidding the vigilantes or anyone else from making any kind
of public statement about what they thought they knew; and if any of this
gets leaked to the bigoted, teen fuck preteen government friendly press, it is law suit time
and he was just spoiling for that fight. To proceed they would be forced
to present what evidence they have to a grand jury and that is secret. The
boys, that's us, being minors preteen banned modeling could preteennon nude not be named or charged. They have no
one nn preteen legal to charge and apparently only a copyright crime. He was not even sure
if pert preteen
the pornography thing would stick, since the pictures were not real. In
any event it was up to the BMC and Dutch studio on the copyright side,
since all the models were under contract at the time.The Brits found out the hard way, how unreliable some of their information
was, and are now facing lawsuits and much embarrassment because they acted
on it in haste. Many of the people accused of purchasing the kiddy porn
were names from stolen credit cards. They had the wrong people. That was
the Texas reference. At least this time it didn't get into the press or an
over zealous prosecutor.It seems to me that this is all perhaps just a bit misguided. The idea
that if you eliminate titless preteen galleries
or restrict the market the product will go away,
sounds good in the news but the reality is something else. Also a lot of
what they were calling porn isn't. free preteen puffies
It isn't even exploitation of children,
well all of us that are being well paid, that is. In fact for some of
those young Russian models, a few years ago, they lost a lot of income and
opportunities with these new rules. Sure many young and older models are
exploited. So go after the exploiters, do something about working
conditions and pay levels and other social things and let us boys and
girls, that like showing off our bodies, alone. I know I would be sickened
if I ever saw a child being raped or forced to have sex with an adult or
another child. I think some of the adult stuff I see is gross so I don't
look at it. Okay Carter, get off your soap box. One more thing it isn't
black and white like people say; it is gray, gray, gray. Like my maternal
grandpa keeps saying "a simple answer to a complex question, is an
oxymoron".Richie and I raced home to tell Mark all about it, preteen model secret yes a good plot or maybe
a sub plot line for a novel, I was sure of it. We talked about everything
with Vic later that night. Richie and I had fun doing the shoots and we
made a lot of money too. I don't know how much, neither does Richie, but I
know I have all I want to spend off shore, just for the asking. We don't
feel exploited. Sure we would have made more if the second digital step
was not in place, but not that much I figure. One sexy preteens teens thing Vic brought up,
but I don't know for sure, was what role if any, porn preteen x pthc has in child
molestation or the prevention of it. The data seems to be mixed and Vic
thinks most of the studies are flawed. Sure many molesters use kiddy porn
but preteen gymnastics
given the amount that is out in the world and the relatively few hard
core molesters, one wonders if the cause and effect is real or imaginary.
I can't say but I know I look at lots preteen disney modles of porn, all types and so far anyway,
I have never preteen japanese nude
forced myself on anyone and I don't think I even seduced a
partner either. Sure I tried to seduce Wilma but I think she tried to
seduce me at the same time. I don't think she looks at porn either. I
just don't know.I'm two weeks preteen caught naked
from being 18 and Richie is 18 and Vic he tight preteens is, my god, 32. I
guess we are not kids anymore but we still fuck like we are and I'm sure
glad of that. Tonight we, Richie and I, put Vic in the middle. Richie on
his back and me pumping Vic's butt as he pumped Richie. Yes it was hot,
sweaty, full out lust and we loved it. Richie and I are as tall as Vic and
almost as muscular. Since we are all shaved also mostly hairless. Vic and
Richie have a little treasure trail ending in a mustache of pubic hair.
Me, I'm clean all over. Richie and I are about equally endowed with preteen fuck adult large
low slung balls and good cock length in the 7"+ range. Vic is just a
little longer. He is cut but Richie and I are not. None of us have big
veins or bumps on our penises. We are both very flexible and graceful, Vic
too for a guy of 32. Mostly, all of us know how to control our
ejaculations and stay hard for long periods of foreplay.The Coop's sex education is, shall we say, a imgboard preteens little unorthodox in what is
covered. Sure we get all of the biological and social basics. A good dose
of humanistic morality too. It is unorthodox, in that it also covered how
to satisfy your lover and how to be satisfied in the process. By the time
we are 14, all of us are proficient in giving and receiving oral, anal or
vaginal pleasure to our partner. We are perfectly trained bi sexuals, that
know how to make love to any human being we encounter and choose to share
with. We know all the tricks of sedition for either gender and any
orientation. We are not all over sexed but I think all of us are close to
it. I learned only last year why sex is so ramped among the child models preteens
Coop student
body. Well not all the euro models preteen
reasons, just one I didn't know about before. The
soap we use has a large dose of a powerful female scent that is pre teen topless drives
males to desire sex. It is a kind of natural sex drive stimulant. Now
lots of things drive males to desire sex. I think we men desire sex with
no external stimulus and those external things just add to it. Seeing
naked or near naked boys all the time, helps. Seeing photographs and
movies of naked preteens gone wild
boys and girls, helps. Seeing your buddies and associates
kissing and fondling, helps. Having permission to just let it hang and
play with your own at will, helps. Being touched, kissed, fondled, sucked
and fucked at your pleasure, reinforces pleasure.As models and actors we are all tiny preteen russia taught to use our bodies as a singer uses
his voice or a drummer his sticks. Controlling our sexual activity is big
part of how we use our bodies, preteen blowjob gallerys or allow them to be used. You can't look
seductive if you have never been seduced or seduced another. You must be
able to control preteen pussy movie
your preteen nymph messageboard eyes, mouth, angle of the head or butt muscles and so
on. Sure photo presence is partly natural but that can only take you so
far. Learning how and when to move each muscle group, independently or
together, on demand, is critical. All the sex stuff goes along with that.I think the biggest benefit of all the boy sex, that goes on between the
Coop members, is the absolute loyalty and comradeship we all share. Many
of us are highly competitive, and motivated to succeed. We fotos preteen sexy want to be
looked at and we want the recognition or celebrity that go along with
success. We all want to be the best or the top, therefore we are all in
some form of compaction with each other; but like a family, our membership
and shared love, keeps it friendly and in positive. If you fuck your
competitor and he preteen model latina
fucks you, a bond is formed. That way we are all willing
to share in someone else's success or nude preteen naturalists defeats. That way we share freely
with each other, what ever is needed, value each other and each others
contributions equally, regardless of what they are. I may be today's star
but I shine only a brightly as the background people shine. Vic is fond of
saying what goes around comes around. Simply if I want a good fuck given
to me, I have better give a good fuck in return. We learn that early on
for sure.Since the young boys don't ejaculate yet they spend a lot of time giving
head to us older ones. preteen fantasy rape I know the better job I did with my mouth the
better job they did with theirs and their cocks and their hands. I also
know I made sure the younger ones were well looked after by me, remembering
what a good motivator it was when I was prepubescent.The EndEpilogue:We were married at Fritz' estate in the Netherlands. Don and Klass got
married at the same time, it was a double wedding. The twins came with us
and stood up, one with each couple. Richie want on to be a real porn star,
one of the most popular ever. He stayed in the Coop's adult division.The twins' father came to work for new preteen porn SA as a logistical specialist, after his
military hitch ended. They live in NYC close to preteen modelos t us preteen lesbian babysitter and dirty preteen tgp use our Western
Condo for part of year, when the boys are studying. They went on to be our
featured boys. Jenny found a set of girl twins who also live in NYC. The
boys and girls were fucking each other almost from the first time they met.
Fortunately their mother is also divorced. Dad and mom seem to like
fucking thai nudes preteen
as much as daughters and sons.Peter and Paul are frequent visitors at our home and in our beds too. I am
still their mentor. I went to Columbia for my engineering degree and am
now working on my MBA. Vic is working on his too. We are both at Harvard.Wilma litlle preteen pics stayed with modeling and is one of the tops today. She has had a
string of lovers but still not settled. We get together off and on, as do
Vic naked preteens tgp and Jenny.Zeyde lived for about tight nude preteens three more years and passed in his sleep on a March
night. John stayed on in the Long Island house for another year, until the
other boys found places for themselves. He is now living in Washington
state and we don't see him much. We closed the house when John left and
will reopen it soon. When I finish my MBA I will take over as VP Male
Clothing, that is in a year more or less. The President/CEO is due to
retire in another two years and Vic will do double duty as CEO and Chair
after that. Another President will be found from preteen stories free
internal ranks I am sure.My sisters are now in university and my underage hot preteen parents are looking forward preteen bbs forums to them
having children soon. They both have boyfriends. Mark is still looking
after our Western Condo. His last two books had record sales. He did use
the little spy incident in one of them too. He has had several book tours
and stayed with us in NYC when he came through.Fritz can no longer travel due to health but we see Klass and Don 4 or 5
times a year and him 2 or 3 times. That is always one hot, hot get
together. I learned just last year I am the only boy he ever gave a
diamond pendent to. I know he is in his 70's and had been a boy lover
since he was young. That has got to be one big number of boys. I guess he
truly loves me, just as he always claims. I am more than deeply touched
and truly honored. Yes, I still ware the pendents and Vic his.The big news is Vic and I are sponsoring 2 boys, orphans we adopted, at the
BMC. My parents are just esthetic and will have them completely spoiled by
the time I finish the MBA. We brought them to NYC for about three months
and them spent the summer in the west at the condo with them. I know that
is not long enough to make a dad son relationship. With two dads it must
be even harder but they seem to doing okay. Mark makes sure to see them
frequently and the Davis twins are giving them a little extra attention for
us. They told me the other day the boys moved into the same bed, a mutual
decision, so I guess some family bonding is taking place just as I planned.
Peter and Paul will be their big brothers and their dad offered to play the
uncle role. Even better than I planned.About eighteen months ago I had a brain storm. incest preteen underage Vic and Fritz gave me a
good but not extravagant budget and I ran with it. Vic didn't say
anything, except for business and commercial advice, about my staring role.
It all came about while I was meeting with one of the older BMC former
models. I didn't know him all that well but after we spent a few days
together, mostly in bed, I sure did. We were in his hotel room parading
around in our undies and just preteen corset model getting ready to go our separate ways when I
noticed that his undies, and mine for preteen models cute
that matter, toons preteen sex did not flatter our
assets to the extent I would have liked. The model I had was not even videos preteens porn all
that comfortable, his bagged to much in the butt. They were just boring to
look at too. We talked about this a bit and after trying on sever others
he had in his suitcase we concluded a market opportunity was open to a
couple of cleaver models come designers.Both of us webring preteen bbs
wanted back on the runway again anyway, even for just preteen upskirt videos a few
appearances. This was a great way to achieve that. Design our own and
then show them off. Within preteen extreme portal six weeks we had the Carter Collection young preteens fotos
and prototypes prepared. These would be in bright colors and interesting
patterns. The materials were new micro fibers that has a good stretch
quality. Tobby did the basic designs and selected the colors. We chose
the fabrics together. preteens modls
The Carter collection would not only be sexy but
would make a fashion statement.I won't get technical with you about our unique manufacturing techniques preteen young illegal or
my industrial engineering methods. What we did was use the companies
computers to scan our bodies, his a mine. Not our preteens models youngs
whole bodies just the
middle part. Next we applied our designs to those images and developed
prototype patterns. What came out was something that fit our bodies like a
second skin, in any style we tried and we tried them all from thongs to
boxers. The results were perfect. This process does have some
interactions. They were reduced to about half the usual number.Tobby and I were delighted. Now don't get me wrong, this was a true team
effort and that team was about 25 people. We settled on the Carter's
Collection name early on, since neither of us had designer name recognition
but Carter and SA had industry and marketing recognition, manufacturing,
distribution and advertising in place. We launched it in the spring and
included several shorts, swim suites and Tee shirts to fill out the undies
line.To get the sizing right we had the marketing people do a statistical study
of who the demographic was and what the average body characteristics of
that demographic was. Once we identified the group we paid hundreds of
them to be scanned in preteen boys model
several population centers across the country. That
gave us data needed to properly set the sizes. One thing we learned was in
different geographic areas the size range averages changed. model nicholle preteen This
influenced things like rise, leg cut and pouch. preteennude model photos We also found different
demographics desired different styles. That means slightly different
marketing to different young preteens ls age groups by subculture.SA formed alliances with an Asian and a South American firm, who did the
same kinds of studies in their markets. Tobby and I recruited models in
each of these markets and our own too. He and I would headline but in each
market we would also have locals as well.I was documenting everything as best I could since this project was a
natural for my thesis case study. Fitz was just a bit skeptical at first
but once he saw the product and business plans he not only gave his
blessing, he rolled up he sleeves and got right into making it a success.Tobby's patterns, colors and style by model designs were applied to boys,
young men and older men. Our marketing people used the internet in
addition to most other advertising venues. I got to say, getting on the
runway again was photo nymphet preteen
absolutely great. I was in my glory and I know Tobby was
too. We even got Vic on the stage and in some of the photo shoots to
represent the more mature gentleman. The design I liked the best was a
very low rise bikini brief that tucked into my cleft like it was made for
it. Surprise! The pouch had lots of room and easily stretched to
accommodate my erection. This model left no doubt as to the assets it
covered. I like his thong too but preteen gymnast erotic
with so little material the patterns
were not successful and we went for mostly solid colors. His greatest
success with the low rise boxer brief. It comes in two sub styles. Low
and very low. The main point of this style is the legs are almost non
existent but still present. They do not ride up. The pouch has upward
support but still accommodates any size and the ass cover has a hidden seam
that pulls the material into the cleft to define the cheeks without being
the least bit uncomfortable. The low rise comes about half way between little preteens panties the
navel and the penis the very low rise waste band is just above the penis so
that part of the cut scoops down from the hips.I just love preforming for an audience and I really like seeing my sweet
ass displayed: in print, film, internet and on billboards. Since this was
so successful I called Wilma and she accepted my offer to have a Wilma's
collection produced as well. I set the pattern so our VP of ladies preteen 3d toons
girls knew just what she had to do.Enough of this. All I want to do now is get to know my sons. I don't
think either one of them have the camera presents Vic or I have. I doubt
either one of them will even want to be models when they grow up. Vic and
I talked about it just the xxx preteen paysites other day. It is not what they do or decide to
do it is the doing and dedication we are most interested in.That is how I got to where I am today. What the preteen models dress future holds is another
question. We will all be spending the summer at our Long Island home. We
all, is just the four of us. Not that we won't have visitors like
grandparents. It is that Vic and I will only work two hours each day preteen candid girls and
that we will only do by electronic means. No travel, no meetings.It will be very strange not to preteen seductive model have a tight schedule regulating our lives.
Somehow Vic and I need to reset ourselves and our boys too........................Thank you for reading Boy Model Coop. cute preteen mpeg Carter and I hope you have enjoyed
the journey. He enjoyed tell the story and I enjoyed writing it. As
authors we create characters to populate our stories. Some of those
characters are not even likable, others are adorable. Charter is one that
is not preteens glamour top only likable but became my friend. He still lives in my head and
from time to time tells me what he petite pussy preteen thinks of this or that model's
performance or how he would do it differently.I have written a number of other stories that appear on Nifty. If you
scroll down the intro page to "Information for Readers" and under that
"Stories by Prolific Net Authors" and then DnRock you will find a hot
linked list.I will be replacing Boy Model Coop with tpreteen tits tgp a new story in week or two. I have
several ready or almost ready and have not selected which one or the
category yet.
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