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Related post: Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 16:19:07 +0100
From: Gary Cutter
Subject: MUDDY MONKEY - 2WARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and
probably will involve male on male sex of various ages. Also note that my
characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL.ALL MY CHARACTERS, PLACES AND archive tori model SITUATIONS ARE FICTIONAL AND THE EVENTS
PORTRAYED TAKE PLACE ON amateur models 16yo
PLACES, ETC. ETC. IS TOTALLY COINCIDENTAL. The author recommends 'safe' sex
in real life. You must be above the Age of Consent in your particular
geopolitical area to read this sort of stuff and you should NEVER allow
minors access but you knew that.I normally prefer to write in First Person (frowned on by the more
technical authors) but I write as I like. I do like to try and approach the
tale from the boys point of view... get into their tiny minds but you must
realise if they sound a bit smartarse and over world weary at times that is
me coming through. If they sound nude peteen models as thick as a plank... southern belle models teen model beth
that's them.Enjoy. If mashas young model
you have spare please donate a little cash to NIFTY. Keep NIFTY
free and keep NIFTY alive.GCutter66gmail.com
THE MUDDY MONKEYPart 2 - Robin CowlesbyG. Cutter'You awake, Cal?' I nudged my sleeping partner but he just mumbled and
snuggled into the 15yo bikini model
warmth of the bed and I don't blame him. It was freezing
but in the end I russian model ass plucked up my courage and slipped from the bed to light
the bedroom fire. After that I went into my living space and flashed up
that one. One glance from the window was enough, it was still snowing very
lightly but the back garden and nearby woods were a pristine white and
going by the bins and garden stuff the snow was around eighteen inches
deep. From the front window my van was like a snowball and the roadway was
marked by just one set of car tracks, the car they belonged to was
abandoned across the road. and probably just recently.I went to the kitchen and made a pair of mugs of tea and took them back to
the nonude kid models
bedroom. After a struggle I managed to wake Cal and informed him that
we were in deep shit and deep snow. The council were probably already
working clearing the main roads but were unlikely teen sxy model to come on the estate as
it was private land. Football was a no-no although the usual suspects would
roll up... the usual idiots I should have said.'How am I going to get home?' He asked cradling his warm mug in his hands.'Dunno,' I grinned. 'We'll phone up your dad later and see what he has to
say.''No school Monday,' he sat up a little. 'I could make a weekend of it, stay
here.' Music to my ears hairy nude model that one but it needed thinking about.We were having a simple breakfast around nine o'clock when the phone
rang. I answered and it was his father asking after his one and only. They
had a brief conversation and Cal really piled top european models it on, snowdrifts, blizzards,
the works and in the end fashion teens model
he passed the phone over to me.'Good morning, marissa teen model Mr Stewart,' I tried not to sound too cheerful. The long and
the short of it was that he asked me if I could look after Callum for the
day and the night and we would 'review' the situation Monday morning. I
assured him that was no problem and that I had plenty of food, I reported
that Callum was behaving himself and I was told to make sure Callum did as
he was told. Satisfied at last he signed off promising to phone in the
evening to make sure everything was alright.'All right?' Callum grinned. 'He can't models preetens rusians
be bothered coming upto collect me.''No probs, he probably can't get his car started or it's snowed in.' I
laughed and grabbed him pulling him into my arms. 'We'll walk over the Club
in a tanya ls model
bit and see what's going on.''Aw... why?''Fresh air, you wally.''Like this?' He pointed down to his track suit bottoms and trainers. The
outcome was I lent him a pair of my jeans and dug him out my working
wellies and a furry model 8418 parka. After that we were ready to sparkle model explore the great
outdoors. It was still snowing very slightly but the sky was leaden, there
was a lot more on the way. No doubt after that would come the thaw and the
flooding but no big deal, the estate was up on naked teens modeling what passed for higher
ground in that part of Surrey.We crossed the bridge over the pond and saw that the ducks were looking
rather put out by the ice covering and the snow on top but some early
morning dog walker had broken the ice either for their feathered friends or
to warn the kids off and as we rounded the corner and saw the italian model
field a group
of kids were there. Some but only a small collection of cars were parked by
the Club and the kids were making merry around the goal mouths. There was
already a rudimentary and malnourished looking snowman perched drunkenly by
the door and there was activity inside.Alan was behind sammijo child model the bar dishing out sweets and crisps and there was one of
the mums brewing tea. I had a look around and it was the usual clowns or
maybe just those who wanted to get the kids out of the house. I tuned in
and there was talk of pileups here there and everywhere but the good news
was that the main road had been gritted and traffic was moving. The problem
they had was that once inside the estate gates or any of the side roads
there was no gritting and the snow which someone had measured at just under
two feet at a minimum was getting packed down solid as each car came
in. Anyway, to get away from it and back to my little circus I saw Robin
Cowles huddled by a radiator and Callum went over to talk while I bought
three mugs of tea and said hello to Alan.I teen model topless wandered over after a while and gave them their hot drinks, Robin looked
rather the worse for wear which is the posh way of sylvia model teen saying he looked
hungover. It seemed he'd stayed at a mate's in Herham overnight and had
hitched a lift up to the Club this morning after being thrown out. He'd
puked up in their bathroom which made a second night's invitation unlikely.'Won't your parents be worried about you?' I asked vaguely bemused, he was
only sixteen after all and still at school.'Nah, I remembered to phone them,' he smiled wanly. 'Just about... dunno
how I'm going to get home though.' He looked at Callum. 'Maybe hitch ls model sites
a lift
with you.''Not with me,' Callum grinned. 'I'm staying at model teen sandra
Mick's... again. I stayed
there last night,' he made sure Robin got the message. 'Nice and cosy, a
few drinks and you junge models 16 know what.''Alright, alright,' I waved him to silence. There were heavy hints and
spilling the beans, he was going over the top. 'Cal's dad is sorting him
out tomorrow so you're welcome to stay,' I dived in head first, this was a
heaven sent opportunity and I wasn't going to let it go.''I don't want to be a nuisance,' Robin bleated sounding far younger than
his sixteen years. 'I'd have to phone my dad.''No probs,' tammy modelcom I declared. 'You can phone from my place and you can also tell
him Callum's staying.''Yeah, good idea,' he finally agreed.'Come on little tiffany model then, drink up. This place is like an icebox.'I bought a dozen WKDs from Alan on the quiet before giner model we left and set out for
the trudge back, the snow was getting heavy again and the kids outside were
delighted. We survived a barrage of snowballs and got safely home, the
whole trip had taken an hour and a half and Callum and I had a new
playmate. Well, he wasn't a dead cert but certainly a 'project' at that
stage. I suppose I should try and describe Robin. He was around the girl model polska
height as I was and that was just under six feet, panties models young blond hair like my own
but whereas mine was cut short in what they used to call a crew cut his
just grew wild like a haystack, in the local parlance he was a 'scruffy
sod' but all the same a popular boy and a good footballer by all accounts.I could see Callum giving him the once over and if I didn't know better I'd
say I had a little predator on my hands. I flashed back imagining him as a
little raptor snapping after a bigger animal, given half a chance he'd be
inside Robin's dirty jeans... It was upto me to provide that half a chance
unless I got in first of course.'Jeez, I'm soaked,' I played to the audience and removed my working boots
and tugged my jeans off finishing up standing in my boxers. That little liota models
gave them
food for thought as they both watched me as if I was insane. 'No point in
sitting here in wet trousers,' I added.'True,' Callum played along and sitting down asked Robin young model nn to tug the wellies
off and then took bikini indonesia model
the loan jeans off and his track suit bottoms which were
wet as well. He spread them in front of the fire and I saw Robin blatantly
ogling him. Mind you Callum in his tight red briefs was worth an ogle and
he wasn't shy, he crouched by the fire rubbing his hands and glancing over
his shoulder at Robin who seemed to be in shock.'You'll get 'flu. Rob,' I prompted the older boy. 'And you'd better phone
home E.T. to litttle models let them know where you are.''Yeah, I suppose,' he stood up like one of those old time martyrs and
slowly removed his soaked trainers, socks and finally his jeans. He had
boxers on which had seen better days and drooped as if the elastic had
gone. He had fine blond hairs on his shins and self conciously sat on the
sofa and held his hands in his lap. At least I'd got them over the first
hurdle.'Relax, kids. Turn the tele on Cal. I'll sort out something to eat.' That
brought a flicker child model tits of interest and I realised that neither of them had eaten
a decent meal since Saturday if then. Callum was making a big deal mucking
around kids naked models
with the TV bending over so that his tight little arse was
uppermost. Poor Robin didn't know where to look.In the kitchen I looked out and the snow was coming heavily again so there
wasn't much chance of my pic sandra model little gathering getting disturbed. After
surveying the food situation I decided on a massive 'mash and mincey',
probably not the classiest of meals but just fine for a couple of hungry
teenies and one of my staples. I liked eating but was pretty indifferent to
cooking. I also called out to Callum to spread some booze around, Robin
needed relaxing big time, he looked a bag of nerves and probably was.'Phone home,' I told Robin and left them to it.I'm not running a cookery programme so it's enough to say that my meal was
just well mashed potatoes with a mince (including nn vip models
the grease) incorporating
tinned veg, some tinned mushrooms, the lot well boiled and thickened with
gravy mix. I laid magazine ls model the kitchen table for three and called them in. They
hadn't got to the groping stage yet alexandra model com but seemed more comfortable in their
semi nudity. As they walked in with Callum leading I chanced my luck and
patted Robin's boxer clad bottom and took a quick sqeeze. He did a girly
shriek and hurriedly sat down. He gave me a reproachful look but didn't
seemed to worry too much.'He does that all the time,' Callum sat opposite him and sniffed
appreciatively. 'Smells good.''It'll put a bit bohemia models of meat on you.''That's not what you said last night,' Callum retorted causing Robin to
blush a little.'What did he say last night?' Robin chipped in probably trying to put me on
the spot.'Not a lot, he had his mouth full most of the time.' This time Robin really
did blush but I'd had enough.'I wasn't the only one,' I retaliated at last and Callum giggled. If Robin
was in any doubt about what we'd been upto he was clear now. I dished out
the food and that gave them the chance to eat rather than talk. It was
quite pleasant now and modeling nude super
both were down to just their t-shirts and boxers and
briefs respectively. I saw the food was going down well and I was
determined to male nude models
score over the afternoon. I guessed when model photos young
I saw Robin look
across the table that Callum was playing footsies or legsies under the
table. Robin's moment of truth was nearly on him... well, not his moment of
truth but you know what I mean.'Sorry about what I said last night,' Robin finally spoke up. 'I was
drunk.''What did you say?' Callum asked as teen model 07
if he didn't know.'Nothing,' Robin mumbled.'Had to be something otherwise nude juniors model you wouldn't have apologised,' Callum
pressed the point.'Never mind, we can have a lark this afternoon,' I grinned. 'We are all
boys after all.''Come on, what's going on?' Callum spoke nn ilegal model
out again still playing the
innocent. 'A lark like last night?''That's upto Robin,' I grinned. 'It's a pretty dreary afternoon's
television.''That's for sure,' Callum backed me up. 'I could use a prereens models
shower, you too,' he
looked across at Robin. 'You niff.''I can't help it, I haven't had a decent wash since Saturday morning.'
Robin probabably felt he was of the hook but he'd just talked himself into
corner. Talk about opening your mouth and putting your foot in it.'Great, you can share whilst I wash up and then you can have a nice
relaxing drinkies.''Yeah, excellent,' Callum grinned. Poor Robin was wrongfooted and just sat
there looking bemused. He had two options hot models nudes and one was showering with Callum
the other was washing up with me... I suppose he was selecting the lesser
of the two evils.A little later and after a little hassling I got them to the showers,
Callum led the way but I delayed Robin. 'Don't turn your back on Cal,' I
advised with a grin.'The way I feel, he'd better not turn his back on me,' he laughed and
sauntered after his new pal.I left them to it, Callum was hot and I think Robin was up young russsian models for a game but
time would tell. I did the washing up and tidied up the kitchen, after that
I went into the bedroom and stuck the heater on and sorted out the bed
making sure the lube young oby model
was parked under the pillow then it was back to my
living super latin model
room and wait. The shower had started off with a bit of argey bargey
but had quietened down, presumeably as they got more friendly, at least
that was my assumption. All the same they took their time and I was sorting
through my DVDs when modelo argentinas desnuda
Callum appeared first with a damp towel around his
waist and and another around his head drying his long hair. He sat by the
fire and fluffed his hair in the heat.'I looked at him raising my alex beck model
eyebrows in a question and lsmodelyoung
he just grinned back
and gave me a thumbs up. A minute or so later Robin appeared only he'd
grabbed my bathrobe and sat on the sofa watching Callum working on his
hair.'I'm shagged, I could use a good kip,' Callum yawned carrying out his part
to perfection.'You know where the bedroom is, my turn for a shower,' I looked at
Robin. 'So what do you fancy doing quite little models for the afternoon, Col?''What's the options?' Colin looked a changed boy, he actually grinned at
me. 'Watch TV, watch the snow... go to bed?' He glanced at Callum.'Wash cindymodel teen model my back,' I suggested with a smirk really chancing my luck.'OK,' he laughed. 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained.''He who dares, wins,' I countered.Callum still drying his long dark hair by the fire giggled but otherwise
kept out of it for a change.'I'm off to the bathroom,' I stood and looked at them both. Two delicious
boys, one fourteen and one sixteen, both mine for the day and the
night... maybe.I was in the shower no more than a minute or so and I heard the bathroom
door young brazilian model
creak. 'Callum's gone to bed,' Colin spoke nervously. 'He said to join
him but I told him I had a job model agency babies to do first.' I could imagine him the other
side of the plastic slider blushing like a beetroot and decided to put him
out of his misery.'Come and do my back, Spanky the Monkey.' I heard him small model railways giggle again and a
second later his naked form squeezed in with me and I felt his bare flanks
against mine. I span around and turned him so that we were facing each
other. A pleasant surprise indeedy, his semi hard penis touched mine and I
wrapped my arms around his waist so that we were belly to belly. I could
feel him harden as I did and as we slowly moved together just boys modells free rubbing up
and down against each other.'Callum got us both hard,' he whispered and I felt his soft lips on my
neck. It was perfectly clear that bikini pregnant model Callum had done a little more than that
and I ran my hands down his back soaping and finishing up on his high
riding tight boy's bottom. He was taller than Callum and much better
standing and I wondered what he'd be like prone between myself and
Callum. This afternoon was certainly a time for games.'Of course you did nothing,' I kissed his ear. 'Callum got you hard and you
did nothing?''Well, g strings model just a little,' he moved asus model cg5275
against me and I felt his buttocks clench
and his stiff cock slipped up and down against my belly. 'He told me all
about last night...''I thought he might,' I clenched his firm bottom binding us in tighter and
I felt his hands on my arse probably doing what most boys do... he was
indicating modelindonesia
that he wasn't a one way street and there pearl teen model and then I decided his
first artistic modeling nude
fuck would be with Callum and I'd be a close second. little nudist model I'm a great
believer in having a plan.'I never thought Cal was, er... gay,' he continued to move against me.'I never thought I'd be in a shower with you and thinking denmark teen models
about going to
bed with two young footballers for a threesome,' I countered.'True,' he looked at me and I saw it in his eyes. My lips neared his and he
closed his eyes and puckered up. I kissed him lightly and then harder until
his mouth opened to admit my tongue, Callum had taught him something
else. 'I wanna fuck Cal.''He wants to do the same to you.' I grinned. 'I'll suck him whilst you fuck
him,' I offered.'Sounds good,' he grinned.'But it's swings and roundabouts,' I reminded him.'I know that,' he giggled and sexwith models
squeezed my dick running my foreskin over my
soapy glans. 'Cal already had his finger in my bum... he's such pre models nude
a pervo.''Wait until you get the real thing,' I pulled amateur model gain apart as much as I could and
let the water run between us rinsing us off. 'Time for a rest.''Or not...' He laughed as we stepped from the shower. It was time to go and
see our not so little Callum, time to give both these kids what they
wanted.We dried off with much messing around and this time in the privacy of the
bathroom I got my first taste of his erection which was circumcised which
made a change. He was so hard that I didn't waste too much time, I dried
him off but did part his cheeks and have a taste of his little brown pucker
before Callum got there. He got a fit of the giggles again but I eventually
got him into the bedroom which thankfully had warmed up. Callum was already
there and girl little model they went into a love struggle as I took my final peek out onto
the darkening world outside. The snow now was nude modelnudist videso really heavy and we'd
probably be snowed in by daybreak but that was a problem for tomorrow. For
now I had these two to keep amused for the rest of the afternoon and angela video model the
evening. I slipped into bed alongside Rob so that he was sandwiched between
Callum and myself, the scene was set. Let the fuckery begin.I pulled Rob away from Cal and turned him to face tiger teen model me, I super model bambi
think he was a bit
miffed but soon got the idea when Cal also turned and snuggled in behind
him. I could imagine Cal's hardness nestling model nudist pix
between Rob's cheeks and my
boy could obviously feel it as he wriggled and submitted to my kissing
before I went South. Rob knew what little brazil model was happening now and Cal had also got
the message especially when l reached under the pillow and produced the
lube. I passed it over Rob's head and Rob calmly told Cal quite plainly to
smear chan child model
it here and smear it there and Cal set to, so much for the
unspuspecting virgin bit. From their moans and grunts Cal was soon onto
the finger stage and then there were a couple of false starts before there
was a long moan and sigh from sweet Rob... he'd been pronged. He groaned
again and pushed back and then forward into my mouth as I now had his thick
young cock although I trapped the neck of his scrotum. I didn't want him
cuming, that was reserved for sweety Callum. Robin's first babies
(supposedly) would be Callum's although his second litter would be mine.Robin seemed to be in some modelling free 11yo sort of models 12y
personal heaven, he lazily prodded into
my mouth whilst Callum to the rear shagged his heart out. It wasn't going
to last too long and it didn't, Cal gave a quivering groan and his arms
came around the taller Rob holding him tightly. I could see from the smile
on his face that Cal had taken Rob's assumed virginity or his frontal
virginity to get technical. Cal slipped free and flopped onto his back
breathing heavily, he was done for the moment but Rob certainly wasn't. He
rather roughly rolled Cal over and attacked his fine arse with oily hands
and I actually saw Cal's oily pucker for a moment before Rob lined up his
meaty circumcised cock and thrust in.That caused some hooting and hollering on Cal's part but he soon settled
down as Rob got himself comfortable and started to fuck. He got the shorter
and very eager Cal onto his belly and between his legs in the good ol'
'missionary' pumping away merrily as Cal lay underneath grunting tall bikini model and giving
an occasional squeak but it was soon over, Rob had lost his virginity both
sides and it seemed he'd live through it.'Jeez, that was something else,' Cal flinched as Rob finally slipped free
and fell to the side. Poor Rob was now between the two of us and I was as
hard as a rock just ogling his lanky fair skinned body. In spite 2chan young models of, or
because deluxe model nude
of his fucking his circumcised cock was once again at full stretch
laying up his belly giving the odd twitch now and then. 'I am worn out,' he
declared staring at the ceiling.'You're alright then?' I lay on my side looking at him.'Just about,' he grinned. 'You're looking at me like a rabid sex starved
wolf.''He is,' lea model child Callum spoke from the other side of the bed. 'Don't move,' he
leapt from the bed and scampered for the door. Five minutes later he was
back with a bowl of warm water and a handcloth and washed off Robin's
sticky cock and pubics and then turned him over giving him a good cleanup
between the cheeks. 'There you go... all ready.''What?' Colin looked startled but then giggled as I got between his legs
and hoisted his knees to his chest. 'You're a pair of perverts,' top lia model he
bleated.'That's for sure,' Callum sat in the chair with the bathrobe wrapped around
him and prepared to watch the action.'I dunno about this,' Colin protested but I was in heat now and placing my
drooling erection at his freshly cleaned hole gently pushed in. He opened
up easily and even gave a little sigh as I got half myself in him and gazed
down at his flushed face.'Just wrap your courtney model
legs around my waist,' I instructed and started to move
slowly as bdsm model gallery
his legs came down.'I shy pretens models could get to like this,' he murmured as I 38dd bikini models gained depth and felt his
tight little hole clamp on me. He still had Cal's load inside him so didn't
need any lube and, after all, the first time is always the
hardest. 'Yeah...' he sexy blond model breathed as I continued to fuck sinking deeper and
deeper into his sweet bottom. top teenage models Once I felt my pubics up against his body I
ducked infor a munchy kiss and we were away. This time he wriggled and
squirmed and also started to play with his own penis which was now full
stretched. 'Go on, go on,' he grunted like a true wanton as I rammed and
thrust into his yielding body.Callum jumped onto the bed and waved his freshly activated cock at Rob and
a willing enough Rob grabbed it and took it carrier model 58mvc
to his mouthHe was good, I don't know if Callum was his only experience, I rather
doubted it but if so then he was a damn quick learner and as good a bottom
as a top. Ther was no doubt about it, he licked Cal's cock and I fucked
myself to female adult models a standstill before letting fly with massive climax that had gundam models him
whining and wriggling on my spurting cock like there was no tomorrow.As I finished and slipped free Callum and I both ducked onto Robin's kosher
cut boy meat and sucked and played with him until he finally let fly with a
weak cum. He was worn out and so were we.We snuggled together in the funky bed with him still in the middle but not
before I took one last look from the window. The snow was coming down in
big flakes settling onto what latina petite model was already there.'Still snowing, girls,' I told them as I slid back into the warmth victoria's secret models of the
bed.'What we doing later?' Callum snuggled into Robin.'You and Robin can rape me, I am feeding you after all.''Sounds good,' Callum giggled and Robin just chuckled as I squeezed in
tight. Sweaty and messy sex was a damn good way to keep warm and it seemed
I had two converts to my point of view.
I over extended this one and should have kept it as just a Part 1 but I
didn't, so there you go.GCutter66gmail.com
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