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Related post: Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 16:59:04 -0500
by Cameron Brock III
NOTE: I'm only porn preteen video
19 so don't expect a bunch of fancy writing from me.
Yeah,this really is my real name and email and all this shit really
happened. I know it sounds weird but it's all fucking true pics preteen sexy because
people really ARE like this. A guy couldn't make up all the freaking
stuff (LOL). Don't read it if you can't stand the truth about adults.OF COURSE YOU SHOULD spank a fag often, too.Fags want to be smacked preteen artistic bbs around just as much as they crave being
laughed at--and you can laugh at 'em at the same time you hit them
anyway.I generally don't recommend using your hand except find preteen for the
occasionally improvised slap or smack because it can end up hurting
the Master as it does the slave.No, better use a yardstick, a whip, a ping-pong paddle. Get your fag
to buy you an assortment of pain-and-discipline-inflicting products so
that you can have preteen model delight your choice of fun toys. Keep your fag from knowing
for sure just what's coming next.
While I've been talking mostly about the mental mindset of your
faggot-in-training, I have to talk about the absolute importance of
pain as the "Open Sesame" into the faggot's mind.Often a faggot gets into a haze of lustful enjoyment when he is
sucking and serving a real man. This sometimes causes said faggot to
get lazy.
Best thing to do is surprise him frequently so that his mind is truly
never at rest. So that the fag doesn't know the difference between
fear and friendliness, between pain and pleasure that comes from its
Master. This keeps the fag always on its toes--both mentally, nn preteen forum preteen model michelle
frequently physically.Pain, therefore, is an preteen ukrainian
essential component in the training and
disciplining of preteens s
your faggot, and the fag is to learn that perpetual
pain will become an ever-present ingredient in its life, a part of the
everyday texture of his existence, part preteens young pics and parcel of his servitude to
you. To keep him well-heeled, model preteen kiss your fag must always be aware that acute
agony could be awaiting him even among the most minute slip-up.Or hell, for no reason, whatsofuckingever.I said last time that in addition to complimenting and assuring your
faggot, you also citi hot preteens have to make sure that every time he inconveniences
you, or preteen nudist gallaries gets cold feet or stalls, that he gets punished. That
punishment takes many forms.It should be the punishment of not allowing him access to your
superior male presence and your alpha male cock. Or reminding him of
the uselessness of his own faggot cock by locking it up in a chastity
device. Or my personal favorite is simply not giving him the choice to
jack-off. He's not allowed to orgasm from a dick so pitiful. I even
start this by giving him so drug like an anti-depressant that also has
a side-effect of dulling, delaying or totally deadening his orgasm.
That way, after awhile, he's not at all interested in his own penis,
but more and more addicted to his master's cock.Also periods of isolation are shown to work wonders for behavior
control in penitentiaries, and you'll find that it helps control your
faggot. Soon he is craving any way to be near the aroma of a hot
mancock, or just the merest sample of your pre-cum. So isolation is
one type of punishment.But then there is physical pain.Training your fag must also take the form of excruciating physical
torture. The faggot must get the sense that every time he bridles at
some command or breaks the slightest rule, he may receive an
excoriating punishment that sears his brain so insideout with that
there can be no consideration of disobedience ever again.Of course this must be enforced and re-inforced. So as a Master, you
must let your faggot know that you can and boys twinks preteens will inflict this sort of
punishment on whim. When you walk through that door and he is naked on his knees with his
mouth open and his tongue out, the stupid bitchboy can never be
completely sure whether he's going to get a blissful mouthful of hot
hard cock superior male cock or be strippped to his rawest nerve of
excruciating pain administered sometimes for your merest
entertainment. The ideal slave should always be kept living in this
perpetual state of boiling anxiety. Trembling with the ultimate
mixture both of lust AND anxiety.It is not up to him to think anyway. He's only a malleable dues-paying
hole in which to dump your cum.I mentioned that it can elite preteens tgp be most helpful to take a slow and patient
approach by helping your fag to see that its being a faggot is
something that is simply in his true nature (see the last chapter
about FAG TV) but a little later on, once you have calmed him down
again, comes the inevitable. And he should know it is inevitable. You
also have to punish him for being such a stupid cocksucking
good-for-nothing chickenshit pussyboy.He has to know that there is the heavenly bliss of being able to serve
you and your cock, but he also has to know that if his not obeying you
in any way is also going to be met with stern punishment and
discipline.Like when I first did it with Mr.Gifford. Like I said, I like to hit
Mr.Gifford, but I girl preteen picture especially like to hit Mr.Gifford in the wallet. So
he BUYS all the things I beat him with. Sometimes it's an especially
nice leather belt. Sometimes I smack him with one of the shoes he
bought me. I have a nice collection of leather belts hanging on the
walls of his walk-in closet where he now lives. Plus all my shoes.
Plus my dirty laundry which he now uses preteen nude vids as a bed.There's something totally satisfying to know that your slave has
bought that belt for you, that you wear it around your waist all day
long (people even compliment you on it), the instrument of his
torture. It's also one of the first things ls modles preteen
the fag sees when you walk
through the doorway because he's supposed to be naked on his knees
anyway. So he's eye-level with my belt, his instrument of torture.Then when you beat your slave within the last inch of his life.At least that's how you want him to feel. Make the fag feel like the
pain ranchi preteen pics it's in is soooo fucking excruciating that it can't take any
more. Then tell him to stick with it for 'just a little bit more'.
First time I really pain-trained my fag, was that I suddenly I hauled
him out of his walk-in closet cell, pinching him so preteen twink models
that he crawled
backwards with a yelp by his little nutsack.Before he could even begin to ask the perpetually stupid fag question:
But what did I do wrong? (The answer is: being a fag.) I gave his
little fag butt a lightning-fast crack with the ping-pong paddle he
bought me. (The preteens legs spread entire ping-pong set he bought me is set up in the
playroom in my downstairs basement.)Mr. Gifford let out a long frightened bewildered high-pitched and very
girly-faggy scream."You made a noise while little preteen fuck
I was punishing you." I grinned down at him
flailing all over the floor in aftermaths of agony. "That's gonna cost
you 10 bucks on the coffee table."I hit him preteen naked bbs again.He screamed again."That's another ten bucks.cuntboy."? hit him again.He screamed again."Ten more bucks you stupid fag."I hit him again.He screamed again."Ten bucks.pussyboy"I hit him again.He screamed again."That's ten more bucks, faggot, queer, cocksucker, cumbreath."I hit him again.He screamed again. Really high-pitched, faggy yelps followed by
mewling howls and uncontrollable tears and desperate squawks of
spanked-fag bewilderment.Poor fag Gifford finally settled down a little bit and through his
tears I could see him looking up at me pleadingly.I said, "See, twatface, I can do this any time I feel like preteen custom shoots
it. I can
do this when you deserve punishment. I can do this just because I
fucking WANT to! The reason I can do this is because I am a superior
male and you free preteens pedo are a cunt-faced, tiny-dicked, ball-slurping
cum-drinking, pussyboy fag anal sex preteen and you DESERVE to be treated this way."I looked down model naughty preteen at this grown man, a total fag, groveling at the feet
me, a fifteen year old superior man."Don't you agree?"He looked up at me in total bewilderment mixed with awe and respect
and agony and the confusion of fuck black preteen
his fag brain, putting it all together."Fag, I said, Don't you agree?"Through an effusion of red-faced tears, Fag Gifford came face-to-face
with his complete preteen girls horny and utter fagginess, his true top100 preteen bbs inner-cocksucker, and
managed to model super preteen shake his head yes through his sobs."Good. I'm glad you agree."So I whacked him unrelentingly a few more whacks. He screamed an
inferno of screams, guestbook preteen porn and it looked so funny seeing him try to crawl out
of my preteenz rape way, curl up in a ball and hide from the punishment he deserved
just for being born a preteen puss nude lowly cocksucking, cash paying fag.Of course, with every scream, we chalked up another ten bucks for my
takings on the coffee table.His butt was practically raw hamburger before he figured out that if
he didn't make a sound when I punished him, it would cost him less.
Hard to do when your butt and balls hurt like nymphet preteen sluts fucking hell. But he was
learning.Gradually, I could tell he was just sort of entering his fag space
where pain whereever I decided to inflict it was just a fact of his
life. There was no escaping it.Somehow he managed to stop preteen masturbators his pansy-assed screaming, and maybe it was
the fact that his eyes were concentrating on the bulge preteencuties child matrix in my pants.I saw him looking towards my crotch and said, "You like my belt? You
wanna get to know my belt? Remember you BOUGHT me this ukrainien preteens
big leather
belt. You bought me this belt with your fag cash. Hm? You wanna get to
know it better? You do? Just shake your preteen downblouse gallery head yes. Sure, of course
you do. Fags like you really like the belts of real men. Everytime
you see a belt you like to imagine a guy taking it off and whipping
you with it. Why don't you take it off for me? Yeah, get up on your
knees, undo the buckle. That's it. Undo it, and take the belt off for
me."Poor fag Gifford was struggling and fumbling and crying and snivelling
while his trembling hands tugged my leather belt through the loops.Stupid fag KNEW what was coming. He tried to nuzzle the big bulge in
my crotch, but I slapped his face hard for his puny attempts to divert
me from giving him what he deserved.Finally, the sobbing cuntface presented the belt to me in his mouth as
he knew he should, and I doubled it over in my hand and slapped it
once loudly in my hand.He flinched and trembled, naked on all fours. "Why do you deserve do
get hit with this belt as many times as I want to hit you?""Because I'm a fag, Sir.""That's right. Good boy. You ARE a fag. You're not on the same level
as me. Fags get whipped and punished and used regularly. That's just
the way cg galleries preteens things are. You're inferior. You're meant to suffer. teens thong preteen You're
supposed to get pain. I'm free preteen chats superior, I have to administer pain to
faggots. I deserve to watch a fag like you suffer as part of my
entertainment. I have to put you in your place. It's all part of your
inferiority, and showing your inferiority and servitude to me."I cracked him a good one on his buttcheeks with my leather belt. He screeched."Let's make preteens naked clips
that twenty more dollars."I belted him again.He screamed."Twenty MORE ass lick preteen dollars."I belted, he screamed."Faggot, don't you get it yet? Everytime you make a sound while I'm
having fun punishing peeing preteens
you, it's just costing you more and more money.
The more you holler, the more you pay! Now if you can somehow manage
to keep your faggot mouth shut while I flog the shit out of you, all
you're going to have is a sore backside, but if you keep yelling, and
distracting a superior male like me from my pleasure, then you're
going to end up owing me all your retirement savings. so," I belted,
"SHUT" wHACK! "THE" WHACK! "FUCK" WHACK! "UP!!!!!"Poor fag was red-faced and crying like preteen top ls a baby, preteen natrual models
and I really enjoyed
watching him recoil and flinch, and sometimes I'd just pretend to
smack him just to watch how he'd cringe in reflex.Stupid cocksucker was nothing but raw nerves now. It particularly
entertained me to see that in the midst of his little dance of pain,
how his anus would dilate in spasms of fear, how his tiny crinkled
ballsacks curled up so that they almost disappeared in panic, and how
his little dickie wobbled frantically between his legs as he tried to
scrambled for cover.Some of you Masters might prefer that your fags are tied down somehow
or immobilized, but I find I prefer to watch them scramble.I like to see nude preteens studio
what the do when they try to hide from the inevitable
flailing I'm giving them. I like seeing them crawl into corners,
scramble over couches, try to hide behind footstools.Hell, that day, I flogged fag Gifford from the livingroom, to the
kitchen, to the patio, to the bedroom, the kitchen counter, to his
daughter's bedroom; hell, even made him stick his head in the toilet
while I peed on him and whipped him a few times.Poor faggot didn't know where to turn. Couldn't even express his
agony in screaming everytime I waled the bejeezus out of him. With
every lesbian preteen girls zap of my belt, he jolted, jumped, crawled, bawled.And I kept wracking up the charges whenever I heard the least little
whimper. Beating faggot Gifford's fag butt was just like hitting the
jackpot at a slotmachine. Hit it once, and a loud rush of money just
kept pouring out.I swear the fag was sooo ready to go hide in the attic for the rest of
his life after I got done shredding him into little pieces of fag. Of
course, I kept track of our preteens girls pee
accounts every time he made a sound so I
pretty much paid for a semester of college that day.Of course, when you're finally done with that, after he kisses your
belt and thanks you for whipping him, you order him to get you a beer,
be your footstool, and kick back while he sucks on your cock and you
watch football on TV.Believe me, the well-whipped fag is so grateful that he's not getting
whipped any more that, he's more grateful than ever to give you the
best blowjob of his life.Of course, somewhere in the back of his little fag mind is some
pathetic idea that russian preteen virgin the better blowjobs he gives you, then somehow
you're going to go easier on him next time, or that he will be getting
these whippings less often.This truly is pathetic, because what the fag doesn't know is that
there is no equation here that says Better Blowjobs=Less Whippings.The fact is, fags just get whippings period whenever and wherever and
however I fucking want.After that particular punishment session I made sure Fag Gifford got a
similar session if not worse every single day for a long long while.I loved feeling the effect on his cocksucking and servitude.Everyday, the poor stupid little fag must've been thinking, "If only I
served him better. If only I webcam preteens free
lick all his toes clean, or make sure his
bath is warm, or I drink his piss before he even asks, or gives his
cock an extra suck even after he's cum his last cum, maybe if I do all
that he'll lighten up on punishing me."Of course the stupid faggot never does figure out that there really is
no secret.He's born to give a superior male like me that best service possible
no matter what.The excruciating discipline I give him WILL happen no matter how
perfectly totally obedient a faggot he tries to be, no matter how
abject his servitude.This is just all a natural part of preteen lesbos
a born-faggot's errotic pic preteen life.For underage preteen latina the first few months I'd make it a point to pop in unannounced,
whip chinese girls preteen the hell out of the fag, take his money, then throw him back in
the closet where the fag could continue watching his FAG TV. Just
being able to focus on those pictures the little perv had accumulated
off the internet must've been a blessed relief compared to my
blitzkrieg of punishments.For his FagTV I usually give fag Gifford a quota of having found 100
pics per week of pics that particuarly turn him on. (It keeps him
busy.) bbs preteens models He can naked nudist preteen add them to different "channels" if he wants, like pics
of guys getting fucked hard where he tells me he imagines that he's
getting screwed real good by me, or pics of guys getting sucked.Of course he loves to point out that he likes the hot model preteens obedient way that
fag is really slurping on a cock the size of mine, or just guys
looking down at the camera who seem to be saying, "C'mon faggot sex pictures preteen
for me to feed you your cum." type of pics.Sometimes I make Fag Gifford tell me what he especially likes about
them, make up little stories about the hungry little fag who finally
found a cock to suck, or soft preteen videos got lucky and sucked two superior straight
males at the same time, something like that. sometimes I just make
him add the pervy pics to his collection so he can keep watching
regularly.Mr.Gifford has no regular television now. I have removed it. It is in
my bedroom (formerly his bedroom) but he is never allowed to turn it
on.Now, whenever he wants something visual to fill his spare time it has
to be FAG TV or nothing at all.It's funny, but it seems the fag actually PREFERS FAG TV, watching all
those pictures of cocksucking flashing in front of his eyes. Drooling,
imagining himself doing it to me. It's the same pics, mixed with some
new ones he's added to the collection each week, but it seems he has
gotten to a point where he gets more enjoyment out of that than any
kind of regular television. He likes catching new details, interesting
juxtapositions of the pics, even seems to make out a little drama in
his own head about what is happening each time he watches it. Amazing
how a fag can focus on cock.Of course all day and all night, even while he's asleep he HAS to
listen to FagRadio, that's the recording I made that is put on
perpetual repeat of me pounding into his head what a worthless
cocksucker he is, how he needs to suck more and more cocks, how links preteen video that
is now his only purpose in life, and that as a cocksucker he must pay
and obey.Anyway, over the few harcore preteen videos years ilegal preteen naked I've broken him in since I was fifteen,
I've enjoyed seeing the project of his burning all those cocksucking
images into his retina and thus into his cerebral neurons. At this
point he's pretty much a hardwired cocksucker. Now I know sex ru preteen he even
DREAMS about them and always strives to make his life constantly like
what is happening in the pics.One day I came into the house early just to be sure he was indeed
watching his shows as I had commanded him. Sure enough, I
half-snickered, there he was, a full-grown man, crouched on the floor,
tiny little dick drooling, eagerly absorbing the flashing images. His
brain shampooed with cum."Cocksucker, crawl in here." I'll say, interrupting his regularly
scheduled "programming".It is even important to always use words like crawl when you address
your fag, so that it always understands that crawling is all that he
is able to do.The faggot crawls in, knowing he's going to get his usual
screaming-to-the-rafters, crawling-the-walls fag thrashing. Now preteen russia fuck the
expectation of it, just makes his little clit-dick ooze a puddle of
pre-cum on the carpet.
Sometimes I just walk out after I finish. Sometimes I flower models preteen
make him blow
me. Soemtimes I fuck him. Sometimes I bring a friend over to watch.
Sometimea I bring a new slave-in-training over so he can see what a
real preteen nn hotties slave is sposed to do. Sometimes I give him a little lecture preteen 13 models on
how he could even be a better faggot.
For awhile I was a little bothered that since Fag Gifford did indeed
have sexy pic preteen
to go to work in order to keep paying me more and more money, girl preteen model his
mind had opportunity to be a little distracted from serving me, but
since american preteen forum
he mostly had a cubicle job, I created a version of preteen pussy party
FAG Radio,
where there ass preteen boys were some repeated recordings of me telling him what a
stupid fag he was, how he preteens tiny pussy
was born to young sexy preteen suck cock, how he didn't really
feel preteen sites models comfortable until he was taking my big dick up his ass, how he
really wanted to sit on my cock all day long, how he craved my cum,
how he really loved being whipped by me and being put in his place,
and that it was important for him to feel pain, lots of pain, pay
money, lots of money, so that he would ls torrent preteen remember his lowly role in the
world and to always obey me. This recording was put on an endless
loop, and I even preteen virgins top
dubbed in sounds of him sucking me, and me whipping
him, so that in his cubicle he love preteen nudist was constantly listening to Fag Radio
all day long. He even listens to it now as a sort of 'soundtrack'
while he preteen party activities
watches Fag TV.The world would be a better place if more cocksuckers, (even though
they can't spend all their hours in total servitude to superior men)
were at least better trained in that fucking preteen sister
mindset, and thus more prepared
to be ready and receptive and automatic cocksuckers dorki preteen bbs
when superior men
demand to have their cocks sucked. So I'm making a regular CD to sell
to faggots who want to show their appreciation to me and prepare their
minds to be the subservient fags they really are. Of course, Fag
Gifford has to pay for Fag Radio like everything else.More and more, there is a charge for EVERYTHING he does.
I tell the cash-paying fagboy: "There's always a price you have exploited naked preteens to pay
for being a fag, fag. Whether it's having to suck lots of cock, or
being a pussyboy, or washing my clothes, or getting a whipping."Nowadays, even for the privilege of watching his own FAG TV or
listening to FagRadio, he has to pay an extra quarter to me everyday.And, just like cable TV, I'm thinking about raising my rates just for
the fucking helluva it.Anyway, whenever I visit Mr.Gifford I've even subtly added an extra
penalty. And that is he has to PAY for the privilege of PAYING me!!LOL! Yeah, it sounds unbelievable, but on top of all the other money
he has to leave on the coffeetable, one day, after an especially
severe beating, I tell him he has to pay me an extra dollar just for
the privilege of paying me. I call it some gobbledy-gook jargon like
"Right of Access Fag Charges" -- and he pays it.Well, credit-card companies do it all the time, right?
I've been reading through my Psych 101 textbooks, and practicing
subtle techniques that I've been learning upon the unsuspecting fag
who turned out to be my roommate this year.Like, I NEVER do the dishes. Does he complain? Does he have a little
talk with me about doing my share of the housework? No. That's how I
know he's already a submissive fag. Because he just sort of rolls his
eyes and washes all my dirty dishes at night.Gradually, I''ve even subtly introduced pain into the mix.I've done it subtly and erotically and playfully. Like preteens bare bottoms
smacking his
naked ass with a towel when I'm getting ready for class. Or playfully
grabbing his head under my biceps and giving him a hard noogie. Or
pinching his tits when he happens to pass by, or sticking out my preteen photos free foot
so he trips and falls so I can laugh at him sprawled on the floor. He
says ?w!" or complains a little but doesn't do much about it.Sometimes all I have to do preteen chineese is say something like, "This place could
sure use a good cleaning but I don't know when I have the time what
with all my studying and all. Plus I've got a meeting over at the
frathouse today."And the geek fag automatically offers to do it all for me, saying that
it's no trouble at all and that his own studies can wait. And by the
time I come home that evening the place is spic and span. Yesterday
when I came back from the frat house where I have been conferring with
some of my alpha male friends about using some willing and paying fags
as part of our initiation program into the frathouse, he was standing
there expectantly as if I were supposed to notice and appreciate how
clean preteen erection pictures he'd made everything, but I just made like usual and just
propped my feet on the coffee sexy preteenz table and asked him if he could bring me
a beer. If free bbs preteens
the geek fag even expected me to THANK him for the work he
was naturally supposed to do, he was gree preteens pics
going to soon learn otherwise.I might even throw a fit about something that was moved around in the
dorm without my permission. The geek fag gets really nervous about
that. Can't even stand up under heavy verbal confrontation. I've
already got him apologizing for stuff that's not his fault. Then the
next day I might bring us both home lunch from a fast food place just
to confuse him a little bit with punishments and rewards. I still eat
most of it, though I make sure he gets a small portion, and he doesn't
even complain.And lately, I've noticed, when I hold off for a few days, the geek fag
actually seems to yearn to walk preteen japanes modeling by me, drops something and bends over
naked preteen nymphet modelling
to pick it up, sort of almost offering his nude nubiles preteens butt to smack, or
nuts to kick, or nipples to pinch.He even seems a little disappointed when I DON'T do it, so I know he's
getting addicted to being bullied around now.
Speaking of clueless cocksuckers, some fags who have read the previous
parts still write me saying they want photos or jockstraps as proof of
what they are "buying". They are so uppity as to ask for something in
return for the money they pay me. preteen image galleries They don't get it yet. It's all
about ME. They're not BUYING anything. Their function is just to PAY.If you have in your little fag head that you're sending money so you
can get a phone call, or cyber-sex, or my used jockstrap, then you
just don't have it in your head that your ONLY purpose is to support
real men like me--period. You deserve NOTHING in return, except maybe
the humiliation and pride of knowing you've paid your fag tax, and
therefore justified your otherwise useless fag existence on this earth
for another few hours.Any fags that wanna show their appreciation to a $uperior alpha male
like myself, feel free to $how me your appreciaton at paypal
(cameronbrock3gmail) and/or show me your gratitude by getting me
something too young preteen from my gift list at amazon under cameronbrock3gmail.com.If you send me an email at cameronbrock3gmail.com just remember I
don't wa$te time just playing with fags preteenboymodels xxx
who don't know how to show
their immediate and con$tant appreciation. Hell, even send some
donation to Nifty.org for even preteen kiddie sluts
giving you the ability to fantasize
your sicko fantasies like Mr.Gifford's.FagRadioI now got a copy of a new improved FagRadio which was inspired by Fag
Gifford, but now I use on a lot of other fags to keep them under
control. They even beg me for a copy of japanes preteens it. It's part of their
training but also part of their punishment. So I made a CD which is a
sort of guided meditation CD of 45 minutes ME brainwashing YOU as a
constant reminder of what a lowlife cocksucker you are! It's sort of
like sleep-learning and cognitive therapy, but a kind of guided
meditation for cocksuckers to learn to accept the fact just being fags
is what they were born for. Fags report that it already makes them
more submissive in everyday 18ban jp preteen life interactions with superior men. And
Masters report that it makes their cocksuckers even faggier than ever.That's available for 30 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping and manhandling
and fagtax at my paypal account of cameronbrock3gmail.com. Later!

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