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and I had so much fun in a while, bangkok escort model I to thank Tony. " " dad, I can ask a favor ? "Joel asked. Tom kisses her elder son. " What is model nude zoey clear in the mind of the child" n " is a real sexy model kind of father a big favor," says Joel shame. " If you ask me the question can not, I will not answer, son. " " OK," says Joel, and breathed deeply. "Tony can go with us to on vacation this summer? His family was not going anywhere. " " Who is your role in the path" " Kenny said I would, " says Joel. " Tony Did you ask? " " I do not want him to do hooters model nude his hopes. " Kissing Tom and his son hugged him. "How happy I am to that great guy to have a child ? I'll talk to Tony's parents. If they tell you cago n , you can go. But do not tell everything, so when his parents tell him No, he will not be disappointed. " " Really? "Says Joel flexible teen models
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time today, thanks for letting me "Tom starts the engine and then put the car in gear. " We had a great time to be a dad. Thank you!" Joel says. " Yes, Mr. C. Thanks for everything. " Tony adds. "What 's toplist nonnude models
wrong with that Ricky? Did you have fun ? " Tom asked, looking back Ricky to find that the child was asleep with his head car seat next. Tom laughs. "I think I wore out," Tom the truck starts moving in the direction of the mountain before he had to come down to import models fucking get there. "How did this thing here, Mr. C. ? " Tony asks. Tom makes the truck four-wheel drive, then it hasTony smiles and says : " Brute Force", and then gradually driving the truck from 1 to 100 meters long from the 55 degrees. " Geeze... this thing going anywhere, right? " Tony says. " He's doing well," said Tom with a smile after reaching the street. Tom then put the truck back in two-wheel drive and heads home. The trip home is 20 minutes in silence. at the entrance there are three bundles of papers Joel retire and expect to deliver. " I'm going activcard model out of their way to Mr. C. " Tony said as he strapped his seatbelt and opened the car door and exit. " Thanks Tony, " cried Tom. " we are at home, Dad ? " Asked Ricky, you just wake up. " Yes, we Squirt home," says Joel, as he begins to unbutton his younger brother s. " Do you have nude celeb models a son of a good nap? " Tom asks how everything in the trucks. " Uh -huh," replied the child when rubbed the supermodel nude photo sleep from his eyes. " I can help, always with Joel papers? " " Squirt Sure, but we need to get in first place," answered Joel. Ricky gets a StraiNed to see on his face, then squeezes the penis through his short, "I have to pee daddy! " " OK, wait," says Tom, as obtained from the truck and takes his minor child at home and in the bathroom of the entrance floor. Once the feet Ricky hit the ground in front of the toilet, he drops his shorts and underwear, and then grabs his small penis and pointed it at the water y start to urinate. Ricky sees his father and smiles as she pees " I do not pee your pants, dad!" He announced buck model 526
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garage. " Hello Tony. Want a Coke ?" I asked Tom, as he turned to look at the twelve years of age. Tony 's penis is clearly on the front of his store thin nylon Umbro soccer shorts. mature model pics " Sure," says Tony. Tom models dasha opens the fridge and takes a new box and hands it to the boy clearly excited. " Thanks," said Tony acceptance of the can. "Really that come , where Joel and Ricky left ? " " Are you alone here with me ?" I asked Tom, as plump Tony to step. Tony nods : " You said I model vary nude would, nude fitnes models if it was serve the papers. " Tom smiles: " Why not go to my room and will wait on me. in a few minutes. " " OK, Mr. C. " Tony responds and goes inside the house.
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